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Videos and pictures

  • December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +zeo221 can u send me a tablet plzzz ill pay u i live in trinidad at grand laggon village mayro plzzźzzz send to me i need a tab.
    Mom: "what is this a studio!" "we're trying to do the podcast" Mom: "and you're room is a MESS! "why did you come to me" Mom:"i told you, you can't have no mess! LOL.

    No Sony Z4 No S tab I am shocked they didn't make the list. Sorry I hate apple. And will never praise apple. Also another note instead of your friends looking bored while another one talks why not make it interesting and have them do something. It bored me watching them be bored. .
    Maybe because iPads kick all android tablets ass there is no android tablet that can compete because Ipad has the best App Store for tablets and that's facts.
    +Nick Eddy lol okay nick. Go ahead and think that. But I can make an android run ios and I can get your app store. A lot more possibilities are with Android run tablets not ios..
    Hey guys, thanks for helping an old man choose a tablet to purchase, BUT you young men need to get off of this craze on these I pad product's that is unless you don't mind paying for something that you never own, think about it, you can't do anything with a I product with out having the I corp charge you for it, along with controlling it the entirety of its life, anyways, good video, keep up helping us dinosaurs out here, smile. Rich. +Caleb Oakley (Average Gamer11) But honestly, no one cares if you like it or not. There are no difference by saying "I don't like Apple I don't like Samsung I don't like ASUS I don't like Sony I don't like HTC" Seriously, who gives a fuck!. you guys don't have a clue. the ipad air really that's a horrible device. so is the ipad pro. in fact, anything made by crApple is absolute crap. can't believe you guys actually made a vid about this, and those were your choices. the surface pro 3 or 4 are ten times better than anything apple puts out there. a full computer versus crap. the choice is easy.. This was very helpful, and I got a good laugh when your mother came in. Regardless, gentlemen you were very helpful.. he says:so we're starting off with the iPad Air 2!! Other guy replies:Classic!!! Bruh the air 2 just came out the real classic is iPad 2!!!!!i still like S tab more 😂.
    why is there a piece of shit 52 second commercial before the video ADBLOCK, DO YOUR WORK GOD DAMNIT.
    OK Guys, which tablet did your Mom's like Which 1 would be good for a say 60 to 90 Year old people to use Come on, give us a hint....
    hi what do you think of pristigio 10 tablet for pdf book reading and what tablet do you recommend for large pdf books reading .

    +chrischoy9 All of the tablets they reviewed were actually released in 2014. So my suggestion is valid..
    Guys if you are looking for a good and affordable tablet, get the samsung tab 4, 7.0 inches coming at 180$ on amazon, and the 8.0 inches coming at 250.. I was thinking about adding it but it's using Samsung's old design language and has a very poor build quality. Also the line will probably be updated soon so I left it out. When it does get updated I will do a detailed review. same way with GamesFreakModders, am not a fan of Apple, due the fact, over price for little change and system lock down, android is an open source, which andthing could be done unto it. And yes where is the Samsung product. I love that you didn't edit out mum. That was so funny. Well done great video. I love tablets you guys cleared things up for me.
    which ones are able to do gps navigation without wifi and cell how abt tab S 8.4 i cant find any info on Nokia Z1, i wonder when it'll be available. Thx!.
    the others just trying wrecking their gadgets but why they can donate it on the others like them you me all...!. Great video but I you have overlooked the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8. It may not be as good for gaming but it is much more like a real computer. Now that we have that out of the way, listen to your mother and clean your room!. I like with Apple iPad Air 2 MH0W2LL/A 10-Inch Retina Display. The Retina display is better as it is thinner and the colors and clarity is much better to my eyes. The parallax side views are clearer and the colors are deeper and more realistic. It still has 264 pixels per inch and it is an excellent video device. Find Special Prices and Big Discount at Cyber Monday Amazon US :
    Ipad Mini 2 is $377 at Best Buy, Gentlemen! Including sales tax. It is a beauty...but not budget!!! 😉.
    +chrischoy9 except when you go to university and your lecturer says you need a device to keep your notes on. +Neon Gamerz what uni is that 0_0. I too as well use my tablet for study guides and going through PowerPoint slides during the labs, but never was I told a tablet was a must have even through we have to submit assignments online..
    have you heard of the chuwi vi10, hi8 and TECLAST x98 3G and pro version i think you should take a look at them you might want to change your list after tying them :).

    My grandparents got me a tablet. I broke it. My grandparents got me another tablet. I broke it. Why me So clumsy.
    I like your video it has a lot of information and it also shows you young guys has done your homework. with that being what about ASUS they have lots of great tablets..
    I am a true apple hater. Do NOT buy an ipad air 2. My bro has one and it glitches out, and always crashes..
    Merica young s is not plastic.Its plastic plastic,which means that there is no slide problem like apple shit.. this mother spent her time and love for you... showing idiotic action will make me not care about all good info that you mentioned. Sorry mom, he is just too young to understand your love..
    +Eder Raheemah Well... no. I'd guess when he was young he understood Mom's love pretty well. Now He's just older and stupid: at least his BEHAVIOUR was stupid. Mom does NOT have to earn his love in order to get his respect. He really should have edited out the interruption instead of trying to pretend it was kool for him and friends to go on as they did..
    +Caribman9999 And give his mom a head's up about what they're doing.. its hers house after all... i need a tablet that is long battery life for gaming... like clash of clan is enough...whats your recomendation. I find it sad that nvidia put the gaming tag on their shield so much, because it is pretty much downright the best tablet you will ever come across, but the gaming tag is making people look at it the wrong way...=\.
    Kindly treat you elders with a little more respect. I am sure you will improve and post better videos..
    Yesterday, I bought new Le Pan mini (TC802A) Google Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for $80 in a BestBuy store (Calgary, Canada). It is 8'' display (1024 X 768) and I cannot imagine anything of the same quality for cheaper price. It has 5.0MP Rear Camera and 1.2MP Front Webcam, 1.2 GHz Quad-core, Micro SD Card Slot - Support up to 32 GB. Do not forget in US Dollars it is even cheaper: 80 CAD = 60.31 US Dollars. you have to be nicer to your mom. maybe by talking to her and explain that you are busy and not just closing the door like that.

    Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 31, 2015
  • December 24, 2015
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  • December 25, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i2
    Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 31, 2015
  • December 30, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i3
    VigaPlus Canada - VitoPharma
  • January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +Christoforos Charalambous (Chris) DAMN Nokia, today I am Getting a new Phone, before I had the Lumia 520 for 3 Years, Holy shit....
    +Allround Sound- Powered by Rotz Gekaaft i feel you on that.i still have the lumia for a year and a half and it sucks.and when i would be in class id rather not pull it out in public lol.but now i have a 6s.

    +WiLD1 ok! But it got 29 likes and a bunch of replies and "stupid is stupid does"...something like that 👼have a very happy and healthy new year🙌.
    Dude don't make fun. Just because its nice and comfy by you it doesn't mean everybody can afford a powerful tablet..realize that..
    +InfernoPhoenix 90% of the worlds population At least 1/3 of population (over 2 billion ppl) live for less than 2$/day. USA are not the world m8 ;) But anyway It's all about price to quality ratio..

    +Eveliina Tistelgren if you cant afford a good tablet or a good electronic device in general youre better off not buying anything, stuff like this isnt worth a peny and its a slap in the face for consumers.

    iRulu: We sorry you got problem with iRulu product. But don't care really that you think sucks..
    The dopo23D Tablet is only $20 It has a Bright Full Hd Screen 2 7 Inches The Ergonomics are Great 1.5GHz 512mb Processor 8GB ROM 0.3MP Front Facing and 2MP Rear Camera With Good Aftereffects Battery Life is Good Comes with A Micro USB and Power Supply Google Certified Runs 4.4.4 No Bluetooth or GPS though is vory gewd tooblat fer prace. my mom thinks that when she puts a micro sd card in a smartphone or tablet that it would be faster._.. All android sucks kkkk Get at least an used iPad 2 for a little more Will be a way better experience.... I used to use apple as a daily driver but it just didn't work for me. My first smart phone was an iphone 3g then upgraded with each new iphone up until 5s. I just couldn't deal with apple anymore. Battery life is essential to a phone and apple just couldn't give me that battery life. What last me a full day currently using s6, apple couldn't do for my 5s which lasted half the day (not to mention my friends who always seem to need an outlet or charger who are 6/6s users) another thing I found is customizations and services. Apple has always been limited especially in themes and widgets. New skins and new colours but I can never get away from iOS look. Apple also seems to think that Apple services are great. I've been there and seated in long hours in apple store asking about why my account won't sync or why my phone won't charge. Even had a recall for my home button which broke less than 3 months on my old iphone 5. App store is great has an array of applications but honestly I don't even use that many apps. There are a ton of apps optimised for iPhone but i think thats mainly because apple just has a larger company and brand. One thing to compare though about apps and OS for example is Chat heads for messenger. Apple makes me click back and forth from app to app where I can keep a conversation going with fb messenger chatheads while still watching Lew's youtube video. Some people say that android quality is crap but honestly it has to do with app optimisation. Developers tend to update apple first before android like i said mainly because irt is a larger company and runs on multiple devices but sales, marketing and brand is another topic to discuss. Another thing is multitasking. I watch videos while I text or browse the Internet while I browse instagram. I even use this while writing and editing papers on the go. Apple has introduced this but not on the smaller devices like phones, where as android seems to run it smoothly on most or even all devices. Ram goes a long way when you want a powerful device and OS.Camera quality is great too but way too little options for camera. Filters and Hdr button is nothing compared to being able to customize everything your camera can do. Macro, Iso, Saturation, manual focus, and so much more on android. Front facing on Apple is great though but selfies isn't real photography. Apple definitely has design language in that it feels like a premium product but design language is a kind of deception. all that glitters is not gold. It ran smoothly, I'll give apple credit for minimal lag and my selfies turned out awesome. Other than that, that's all I could really say about apple. As an old apple user, I don't think I'll ever go back. Comparing Specs alone kind of sums it all up but each user is different. whatever works for everyone but don't be a prick saying that one is better than the other. Each product has its pros and cons and that's what makes both products unique. Honestly the device is just as smart as it's user. Do you use it for its full potential or is it just an overpriced piece of glass and metal in your pocket.
    that tablet is nice, compared to my tablet that I'm using today. LOTS of problems. Restarting by itself, very small battery life (literally, I can't play for 1 hour without charging it), has storage problems (there are 2 internal storages, I dont understand), and the camera quality is awful.
    Review of your channel - you can post A LOT more videos - you only unbox, you recored and show more yourself and your reactions then actual product, you don't talk a lot about the product, only what you like and dislike. damn man, get your shit together.. I honestly don't think any android tablets are good.They are good for a kids first tablet,but not for a teenagers tablet or an adults tablet.I would prefer an iPad.Cone at me Android fanboys.. I wonder home many slaves in Asia had to be gathered to assemble this and how many child workers in Africa had to mine for the materials in the electrics. I can't believe nobody thinks about this, is none of the people thinking about WHY THE HECK THIS IS SO CHEAP. seems like we MAY GOT PROBLEM in our on the west society.. I've had 30 dollar 2MP camera's that looked better then that 1.3 MP camera. Then again, for 37 dollars, that 1.3MP camera is something at least.
    My little brother has a similar tablet, Its GREAT. I mean screen is terrible but brightness is alright. its basically, a tablet with a shitty screen. But who cares Its a working tablet.
    wow mine was $100 from Walmart and they don't have a camera on the outside -.- I hate Walmart now.
    Glad that I don't need a tablet because I have an Android phablet with a 5.7" display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels ;).

    This is such a bad knockoff of the NeuTab 7 Pro. Design looks exactly the same, but the screen is really good and processor is decent. Its $50 on amazon.

    My sister has an identical one but its generic brand and not irulu (assuming its just a europe version) and they're right about the charging. She's had it plugged in for ages sometimes and it just doesn't turn on except on rare occasions. the battery in it is screwed..

    Bought it for 50 on amazon.Broke within 4 months with minimal use.Was laggy,and slow.Writing this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
    just got 3 for my kids all suck and stuck on a white screen even after charging for 24 hours #hateit. There is a screen protector on them. Took me a month to realize it, and after removing that, the touchscreen was a lot more responsive, and the screen was so much brighter and less reflective..
    I have the same tablet, but it isn't as bad as this one. It's blue, and the screen isn't that dim. Maybe the different colors are different models.
    I own this tablet, it sucks SOOOO BADDD. You can't do anything with it. The brightness is dim, sound is so bad I can whisper louder, lags at everything. I should have came across this video first before buying it. Dam it +Unbox Therapy you should have done this earlier xD. Anyways the owner of the tablet is 2 years old so i couldn't give a shit anyways.. +LazorVideos Actually she broke the screen last week, so it is sitting in my closet waiting to be thrown away.
    Android tablets are crap. They always have battery problems and always freeze so I am now with Apple.

    I bought this once since I was a broke 10yr old, it was fine but if u lower your brightness to the lowest, you cant see anything at all. i made a mistake and accidentally turned it off. Can no longer use it -.-.

    You're that brainwashed you don't listen to any anything no matter what it is anyone says. I forgot to mention nexus 6p nexus 5x Lg v10 s6 edge s6 edge + s6 active .
    hey how's it going you're so kmnd. high-pitched sassy what's your opinion about this, gzys.

    I know I put it to charge and then when I turned it on it didn't work and so I got it and went out side and threw it to the ground and used it for 🎯 practice 😂.
    +chris smith thanks for reply man. But I was referring to the videos. Next time I'll be more careful 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.

    Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • December 23, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i5
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Dec 28, 2015
  • December 21, 2015
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  • December 27, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i7
    Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...
  • December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I prefer Android when it comes to phones, but when it comes to tablets...I've got to give it to Apple..
    iPad tops it, but may not be the best value. Also disappointed that the NVIDIA Shield tablet didn't make it on here, that thing is a powerhouse!.

    +Sami Cooper The Nvidia Shield tablet was such a big disappointment to me... Average performance in regular tasks, horrible battery life and bad speakers..

    How can you not mention the Sony Z4 Tablet I own the Z2 Tab and I love it. The 16.9 aspect ratio is ideal for netflix and movie watching. It's thin and light as hell and runs smooth. He did not even recommend a single 16.9 tablet.

    For tablets -> iPad For phones -> android For laptops -> MacBooks For desktops -> Windows.

    Verge's best tablet = iPad Verge's best phone = iPhone Verge's best laptop = Macbook Verge's best Computer = Mac -_-.

    +passerell More productive than any tablet in any case. It's not a tablet, it's a tablet PC. There is a difference. .

    Typical Apple haters. Yeah for best phone you could argue that other Android phones are better, but for tablets The iPad is still the best. The Surface Pro 4 is definitely a better computer, but it's not really good if you wanna use it as a pure tablet. This is coming from a guy who's using a Nexus 5 as his phone, a Nexus 7 as his tablet and plans to buy the Surface Pro 4 as my next laptop..

    Lotta Apple haters around here. They even say in the video that the Surface Pro is a better choice that the iPad Pro..
    +Secret Profile Wait what You do know that people have different needs, right Grandma might think that the iPad is the best because it's the simplest to use (at least for her), or Samoth might think that a Surface is the best because of it running Windows with the full office pack. He might not even use cloud storage, he saves it locally because it's what works for him. Hope you get the point. . Wait... so this guy says that Samsung's attempts at split screen multitasking doesn't work with enough apps to be useful (which is a third-party developer issue, not a Samsung issue)... but praises the iPad for ITS multitasking. As if it offers any better of an experience for a feature they only JUST implemented years late to the party. +En4cer2K9 yes but like you said its a 3rd party issue. The problem has already been solved on iOS and even if it is late, at least it has apps. Consumers care about whether they can do a certain thing in the best manner possible and not if third party developers not supporting a certain issue is the problem.. Top 10: iPad Air 2 iPad mini 4 iPad pro iPad Air iPad 4 iPad mini 3 iPad 3 iPad mini 2 Ipad 2 iPad mini. c'mon everyone, i absolutely HATE the verge's usual extreme apple bias but this one is actually a fair video for this category. they made valid points about the competition and still recognized their merits like how the surface pro is better for its purpose than the ipad pro. it's ok for apple to be the best at something and with traditional tablets it can clearly be seen why. if you can't accept that doesn't that mean you're severely biased about the other platforms yourself.
    +MixmasterMikeyMike As a tablet it's decent, but iOS is better on tablets, while Android has been literally removing tablet features over time, like the pull down on one side to access quick settings, and devs actually make iPad-specific apps (but that's not necessarily Google's fault) As a laptop, the way the Pixel's keyboard connects is a joke.
    It is the best tablet, depends what you need in a tablet, most people want battery life and ease of use, which is why iPads top the chart..
    Sony xperia z4 tablet tops then all waterproof stereo speakers qhd display snapdragon 810 ps4 remoteplay external memory 16:10/9 aspect retio best for watching movies and games keyboard accessory.
    iPads are these best tablets hands down. Android tablets are fucking terrible. The only one that comes close is the xperia z4 tab. The iPad pro is garbage.. Watching this on iPad 2, so I can agree that they last years. Can't say the same about Android though..
    For tablets -> Microsoft Surface For phones -> Android For laptops -> PC For desktops -> PC And don't give me that "Macs don't get viruses" crap. What are you doing with your computer that would lead to getting a virus... That's right! The wrong things..

    +Ihavefourlegsand1arm a bye bye. Hope you feel happing getting your ass ripped open LOL. Open your wallet fag and give you credit card to crapple..
    Android tablets are really lagging behind when it comes to applications The advertisement promises saying We have a million apps in the Google Play Store Question what applications Phone apps ballooned to a 7inch 16:9 display I bet it will looks hideous in landscape. +ruzzell907 emulators of plenty mate, and for free might i add. Best maps program aswell and you tube and chrome. tablets are dead. lol google doesn't care about tablets, neither do most people. even apple is struggling to sell tablets. just buy an ipad.
    No apps for Windows surface Son, Back in my days we call them "Programs" and "Software" and we have millions of them.

    Wow I'm impressed you managed to speak that clearly while having Apple's dick in your mouth..
    iPad mini 4 all the way for me. Getting it for my bday next Friday to replace my iPad Air 1. Same awesome stuff as the iPad Air 2 but super easy to hold and carry.. +superthorn96 Google did a really funny response back to apple and statistics how the app store was more malicious but I can't find it. I did find this howeve r
    How much money is Apple paying to this shitty youtube channel Like seriously every video seems like an advert for an apple product..
    funny that you mentioned, android tablet doesn't have split screen, but know that samsung is a multitasking tablet & phone and also next time talking about laptop, mention how late apple is with split screen and HOW BAD it's ' i use a mac i know what i'm saying. Android tablets don't run as good as iPad Lmfao that's a complete joke I have both and the iPad crashes and locks up all the time... The Androids I have do so extremely rarely and I've had multiple iPads as well so it's not a faulty device. The only thing the iPad is best for is video editing and that it crushes Android... For now, but with Google purchasing a video editing software company the iPad won't have anything on Android and that's being realistic. +Team Android Canada sounds cool, but that doesn't mean you know everything. Your saying that because your iPads seemed to have crashed, which was probably a 3rd party app developer problem, that the vast majority of users experience this. Please provide more facts about the is of Apple iPads crashing consistently. If you have more, I'd be delighted to look at it and maybe I'll learn something new. Either way, with my knowledge, I'm sure I could get to your position with more training. Obviously more training in android because I only had the device for 6-12 months in total. So I know a lot about the ecosystem, operating system, rooting etc, but I need to know more that can factor into the device getting malfunctioned..
    Wrong, wrong and wrong. Nokia N1 is my favorite tablet right now next to my surface. He doesn't even address what a user should do if they need/want stylus input. If the iPad is better at everything, please explain that, jackass..

    Why is it always people from team android that come to these type of videos complain about "Apple bias". Look at all big tech youtubers, they always give apple props where it's due whether they prefer android or not..

    +Thebiggestcheese doesn't matter. Any mention of anything apple gives most android users in comment sections a reason to make a war about it. And you'd have to be blind deaf and dumb to see a title "top tablet" and think they won't mention the iPad..
    +joshcliche It says the best TABLET, not best tablets. For that reason alone I thought they were going to pick one thing and see their opinions, I've never had anything above the shitty IPad 2 so I wouldn't know what pick this tablet would be..
    If you're on a budget- For Tablets -> Android (I'd rather suggest a used iPad 2 or something though) For phones -> Android For laptops -> a decent hp, del, or if you have pretty good internet, a Chromebook for $170 For Desktops -> If your really on a budget, don't get one, print stuff at the library and if you wanna game then buy a preowned console (once again if your in a budget) For cars -> preowned Honda, Toyota, or (preferably) Nissan.

    they love apple...ask them best phone -apple best tablet -apple best set top box -apple... even the best fruit -apple....
    Did he really say android apps don't take advantage of the big screen! And wasn't split screen a "useless gimmick" when samsung launched it first Now all of a sudden its so important !.
    +Top 5 yeah, Android is shittier on Tablets.. Example : Facebook on iPad is gorgeous compared to the over-sized mobile app on Android Tablet....
    Dude Sony's Xperia Z4 Tablet is Better than both Tab S2 and Nexus 9, You didn't even mention it..You don't like Sony. i have an ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 and i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I got it instead of an IPad. It handles every game very well even intensive games like Modern Combat 5, mortal kombat, etc. Plus its only $200. I think Android is much better than Apple, and much more fun to use. Also you can get any app free on android :-).
    IOS is better It has everything you need! Let's see the list: 1) Easy, understandable OS 2) Has child lock, helping functions for blind and deaf people 3) Great quality apps 4) App costs OK - good apps should cost you money! Developers have to earn their bread too 5) Has jailbreak- you like the jailbreak idea Feel free to do it, you can have your iDevice as you want 6) iOS is solid and secure - in terms of money stealing and such, you don't have to worry 7) iCloud! The idea was stolen by many developers including android 8) Etc! This list can be endless!.
    +Gamer Devil Android has a guest mode, paid apps and root. iOS does have better apps for the large screen.
    My main issue with the iPad is media playback. It pretty much only supports regular MP4 H264 video, and you are forced to use iTunes to put it on there. One of my primary uses for a tablet is watching video, including MKV. Both a Windows and Android tablet do this very well, while iPad just falls flat on its face..
    I would not call myself an Apple fanboy... I have a oneplus one and have had a bunch of android tablets... While I hate to admit it... My iPad Air 2 is awesome... I like what android offers, but Apple just, as of right now, makes the best tablets. That's not to say android will not in the future surpass Apple in the industry, but the iPad does a lot of things right, which say the nexus 9, just doesn't.
    I REALLY like my Oneplus One, but android has not been optimised for the tablet os enough just yet....
    The Ipad has the exact same interface as the phone. So much wasted space, yet it is the best I doubt it.. WOW... for the kindle fire it has an easier button button layout to navigate. and the first time I used an I pad I couldn't find the buttons. I had the ipad air 2 but I returned it because of the fact you need itunes to drag movies onto it, and I could not even use my credit card to buy games, because I was in a different country.. I am back home 5 months a year and in uni the rest, however whenever I am at home I can't use my credit card to buy anything, super annoying. The battery life is not so good either imo. Tablets have had 9-10 hours of battery life for ages now... It's annoying because I loved everything else about it D:. cant believe you guys still the biggest propaganda for apple... they got enough of that on their own no need to boost that even further. just can't follow any of what you do guys because of your distorted views being apple fans..

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  • December 29, 2015
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  • December 26, 2015
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  • January 1, 2016
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  • December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    You don't need to worry about this tablet overheating when you can just water cool it by running it under the tap.
    Buy Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet And get a GOOD DEAL. Buy now at The sony lineup has been super solid lately, and I'm surprised that it hasn't gotten more press.. I like all the LTE bands this tablet support including the new T-Mobile LTE Band 12 700mhz radio band.
    I would not take a tablet to the beach and not worry. The water won't hurt it, but the sand will wreck that screen..
    +Jeffrey Heesch You can take it to the beach. No one's gonna use it directly in the sea. Except for maybe the dead sea, but you'll float anyways..
    +willzurmacht Agreed. So understated, yet so sleek and minimalistic, no flares here and there. Also I'm super glad they're going for a matte plastic material for the back..
    if I didn't have my surface pro 4 id probably go for this tab. I'm still waiting for android to support steam games. I play fallout new vegas, dying light to name a few games on my sp4.. Quote: "i like my small phone & big tablet..." - Exactly the reason why i just complemented my HTC One (M7) with an Asus Zenpad 10 - And i couldent be happier with my Android OS experience! Esp when your considering what u get for the money....
    Sony is SO underestimated. I'm not talking about the mobile alone. but also there tv/hifi is way way way better than you expect if you compare it against samsung and LG. Sony basicly make competitions feels like what they really are, saving money and quality by cutting corners where they can..
    I wish that sony would do 2 versions of their tablets one 8 inch and one 10 inch like what Samsung does cause some people like small tablets and some like big tablets. is there a new version coming soon or a better large tablet out yet love the look of this but i see is been out a while. i wonder if the next model is coming out soon. Reasons why the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet isn't selling well are: 1) Sony isn't good at marketting the Z4 Tablet 2) People thinks that the Z4 Tablet can't be better than the Z3 or the overheating Z4 aka Z3+ which people were bored with. This, or the iPad Air 2, or wait for a new iPad to come out! Such hard choices! First world problems . +Cambaudio So, right now I am typing on an Air 2, and here's the deal. Many people here are saying that there is no benefit to getting an iPad, or any Apple device, for that matter. But, do you really need to customize Sure getting custom launchers and whatnot is nice, but on a productivity point of view, that is useless - unless you are trying to access the root directory or need more than just the "surface". That can easily be overcome a with a jailbreak, however, and I have it right now. Ebay is a great place to get a cheap iPad with an OS that can be jail broken. In fact, I got this iPad from a dealer a couple months back and it still runs like new with jailbreak tweaks and iCleaner. The iPad is not only more optimized, it is more powerful. The A8X is simply faster than a 810 - which is more common on phones and not tablets. If you don't need excessive customization, there's nothing with the iPad. So basically, if you want to be productive, get an Air 2 that can be jailbroken..
    +Joe A. Hey, thanks a lot for that write up. I really appreciate that. Once again I'm torn lol. I will be purchasing very soon and I have been leaning towards the iPad for the reasons you mentioned. And am thinking of putting more money into it for a Surface possibly. Productivity is my first concern so I don't feel I wasted money. I want to use it. Speed is important. I like the way iOS looks also so I wouldn't want to customize it..
    I really really want this. I have an iPad 3rd gen, and was gonna get the iPad Pro, but thinking of getting this instead. Thoughts. Your review makes me buy this tabby. And so far im liking it to a whole lot. 30minutes of animemtook 2% of batterylife. Maybe 5.. I resumed the anime but hell..worth every peny. you'd better comment to know more about z4. z4 has problem of blue tooth keyboard and too expensive for plastic. unless it is priced under 450$ it will fail without fail. only for domestic sony fanboys..
    just got mine a few hours ago, so fare the only thing I don't like is the power button as I wear two bulky wrings on my left hand and have almost shut it down multiple times as well as putting it into silent mode but it's lightning fast, has a crisp screen and can do ps4 remote play, the main reason I got it haha, my note 10.1 n8010 (2013) had a big spaz and decided it doesn't want to enable wifi anymore after updating to official 4.2.2..
    +TechnoBuffalo I am not able to find the info about its speakers. Does it come with stereo speakers And how do they sound Thanks!.
    +zorkor From what I've seen, yes, they are stereo front facing speakers. They're much like the Z2 phone's speakers. Not as good as HTC, but better than most competitors, volume isn't fantastic though.

    I've just ordered one I can't wait to get, I wish I didn't have the samsung galaxy s6 I want the Sony xperia z5.

    argh... This looks so good.. But I have a nexus 6 and when I looked at this in the store and it didn't look TOO big. So I'm currently looking at the Lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro, but maybe is the fact that it's bigger worth it HELP.
    Hey! I've just got this device and I love it! But does anyone know how to customise the second task bar thingy The one that only appears when you have a mouse and keyboard attached. I would like to have one but considering I'm not working at the moment it's going to be a while.
    Can someone please tell me how much screen-on-time do you get with the 6000mAh battery on this tablet.

    +MegaBojan1993 Stamina mode with low brightness i can go almost 12 hours. Its crazy XD. I still think Sony could make their tablets a lot better. I want to see a 12000mah battery in the Z6 Tablet with a snapdragon 820 and an even more power saving display. Then it will be an absolute market killer..
    You want a bezel-less tablet How you going to get a hold of something that big I prefer decent sized bezels for tablets and low-mid bezels for phones..
    +Connor Rooks bezels on this are not bad at all. plus its so thin, look at the z2 tablet lol the bezels on that thing are crazy.
    sony pretty much abandon the US market which is overall dominated by HTC, SAMSUNG, LG, and APPLE. at one point, sony had a strong point in the US, now it just slowly dying as a tech giant. not as strong as it used to be. Poor marketing and over pricing probably killed it. Playstation and sony picture is doing pretty good, so atleast we will see them around for a while, they might even have a great comeback. Maybe partner up with google to build the next nexus lineup, could help to boost it brand and sales.. The US market is a big one but its not the only one. Sony is really big in latin amreica, Europe an Asia. For some reason they just decide they won't compete with Samsung and apple in the US. In the rest of the world they do..
    too bad i cant buy this :/ been looking to replace my nexus 7 (2013) for a while now due to it slowing down and being sluggish. the search continues !.

    +EKFiPod I remember there's this nice looking tablet with suspiciously decent specs (FullHD screen included) for $98. Well, not remember, rather forgot..

    so is it still worth buying it have the Sony z3 tab compact besides my ipad air. ipad pro second gen. with 3d touch is def a go next year but considering the z4 tab for a change..

    SONY has the worst issues ever, I mean turning off your tablet then taking your battery out for 40 minutes just to boot it up again..
    iOS always better & i don't use them just because the lack of customization so android better for now. +Hunter Hastings Ur allowed to say that. I use android, and prefer android, but my iPod 4 (which can't run ANY app made the last two years, cause FUCK APPLE, not even the fucking podcast app) is nice, as it has lots of fun games that don't come to android. Infinity Blade is probably the only reason I charge it sometimes as everytime I try to download an app that I think looks interresting on it it says my device is too old. My just as old android device on the other hand runs most of the multiplatformgames acceptably smooth.I'm not gonna Write every complaint about iOS and Android, as they both suck in different ways. I'm waiting for Project Ara, since the phone I own now is too old for all the custom features and apps that I want to use. I really hope Nvidia understand they can earn lots of money on that device..
    I want to get this tablet, I seem not to find rumors of the Z5 tablet. Does that mean that it will be a while before we see a z5 tablet.

    You didn't discuss the keyboard that it comes boxed with It comes boxed with keyboard in the UK and I've held it in the hand and it feels solid and responsive I am deffo getting me one of these bad boys!.
    Still don't feel the need to sell my trusted Nexus 7 2013. I still consume media/browse/social network and all that good stuff and it performs without a hitch. App opening times are a second or two slower by today's standards, but this is in no way a good enough reason to upgrade.. I just upgraded from jeppybean to lollipop, yestarday, it quite good. I have 5.0.2, with the Alcatel one touch idol 3. +InnerFire6213 LTE connections absolutely destroy the battery. The processor inside isn't the most efficient by today's standards. Try switching off LTE or switching to HSPA+ and you'll instantly notice a significant increase. The battery could need replacing too. But I guess it's close to the end :) .
    Never even heard of this before. The waterproofing is cool. How does it prevent water from getting into the ports when it's submerged if they're not blocked off.

    +Jordan Allison I'm guessing they managed to cover the port inside but not the contact pins that are exposed themselves in the ports to make contact to what ever is plugged in..
    They sealed it from the inside but you have to make sure the usb port is dry before you use the port again.
    Can someone help me choose i'm torn between Z3 Tablet Compact & Z4 Tablet. I had the z3 tablet a week ago but returned it because its a defective one. also does the z3 camera suppose to be grainy the one that i have a week ago was grainy and a little bit blurry without even zooming(manual & auto). the Z3 Tablet cost $557 while the Z4 Tablet cost around $623(without keyboard) hope someone can help me..

    +D Roadtrip (GadgetsRforever) Surface 3 has an Intel Atom so it will run full Windows but not perform as fast in all programs like an Android would in all apps generally. Media and usage wise the Z4 Tablet is significantly better. It has a better display and significantly better battery life than a surfance. Therefore my recommendation is to get the Z4 Tablet because it already has apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint..
    I have a hard time considering tablets any more if they aren't going to run windows. It just seems silly to have half an OS. Sony's stuff always makes me want to reconsider. Such pretty industrial design..
    +BillyVlogsTV Yeah, I know. Just for me, since I've never been invested in the Android or iOS ecosystems, it doesn't seem worth it to me. But I bet I would change my mind if I played with this tablet..

    I'd like to buy this, but Sony has yet to release it in the USA. We don't even have a release date AFAIK. Seems like it would be an ideal on-the-go photography/travel tablet given its screen quality, water/dust sealing, and good battery life. But... can't actually buy one yet (I prefer to not buy an international version via Amazon or Ebay)..

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  • December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I know what it is. But with a Core-i processor and full desktop Windows, it's not really in the same class as iOS and Android tablets..
    +Abhro Personally I think they destroy the ipad in productivity. I do have my iPad Air and without multitasking I literally can't do anything productive. Pretty much destroys the purpose of having a tablet. Although it is available in the 2nd generation it's terrible to unsupport the device after 1 device. Just like the ipod 4g..
    +W Λ Y N E K O S I M O T O I usually use my iPad as a secondary device, my MacBook Pro is what I use for productivity. +Christopher Lumsden I love mine! I didn't think I'd like the 4:3 aspect, but I really ended up enjoying it. Perfect for reading..
    The Surface Pro is a full fledged PC. Doesn't seem right to compare it to tablets running mobile operating systems..
    In terms of tablets, Android and iOS will never be able to really compete when it comes fast pure media use. Any 200$ China tablet with Windows 10 easily surpasses and Android and iOS tablet for professional work..
    Tablets aren't supposed to really be for productivity although companies push it for that. Surface pro 4 is the best productivity tablet on the market. Go big or go home.

    Best Netflix machine ever Toshiba Chromebook 2, 1080p screen. The amount of hours I have watched of Netflix....
    Tab S2 is a great tablet. I previously had a Nexus 9 which never performed well. You should be able to pick.
    ipad's a joke. atleast with the surface or an android tablet you have options. but for old people the ipad is awesome..

    Bought a Mini 4 64GB version on Christmas. GOD, that display and the form factor are just perfect. BIG leap from my good ol' iPad 3. iOS is clearly superior in tablets..
    glad to see the Tab S2 get some love. My go to tablet this past year. Why does no one mention that it VIBRATES! Thats major to me for a tablet. Cant go back to a motorless tab. Bro, I own a galaxy tab 2, the og one lol. i live vicariously through your videos. but no complaints really. first world problems..
    +The Doctor its too hard to have in the backbag when i go somewhere :-) People look funny with my 55" Samsung in my backpack :D.
    No Android 'Enthusiast' would go for a Samsung. Sadly the choice is limited today so I guess if you want premium Android that's it. The only tablet I'd buy is the Sony range and that's why I already have a Z3TC.. +Khavand Maharaj I agree with you. I love having an android phone but I honestly never liked having an android tablet. Windows has so much potential but the app availability is laughable.. +RADDYMOND True. That's why I'd take my iPad Air 2 over my surface pro 3 as a tablet any day. There isn't even a YouTube app as far as I know.
    Ipad pro is very overpriced and not worth it. You could get a much better all in one with touch etc. For alot less. Also iOS is not that great tbh. And that's coming from a person with a iphone 6 plus..
    If you want an iPad that is in between the Mi I 4 and the Pro, get the Air 2. It has the same specs as the mini 4. The relationship between the Mini 4 and Air 2 is the same as was the relationship between the Air and Mini 2 in 2013. Really the Mini 4 is what the Mini 3 should have been. And no, the iPad pro is not the best Netflix machine. Not even the best one from Apple. That title goes to the Apple TV 3rd or 4th gen. I say these two only because they are the only two with 1080p. Really the 4th gen should have 4K, but 1080 does just fine, and most movies are only in 1080 anyway.. And for those looking for an Android equivalent of the iPad Pro, the Pixel C is the one for you. If you want a Windows version, you likely already have a Surface Pro 4 or 3 or 2 or 1. Or just a non-pro Surface 3,2, or 1.. The iPad mini 4 and iPad pro are better of corse. Even though I have an iPad mini 2 it's still good and very portable but I still love IPad pro because it's more portable than a MacBook.. Ok so the winner is easily the shield. Because it does everything and has up to date software and good specs with a great price. Also you can buy nvidias stylus for it. A poor man's iPad pro. Which I would never buy anyways. Good video bro.
    Think we can all agree it's NOT the iPad Pro. I LOVE apple. I have an iPhone 6, my sister has one as well as a few iPads (one for work) and a macbook while my mom has an iPad mini We are pretty much an apple family.. However, I'm still really disappointed at how much Apple dropped the ball with the pro, utility wise /: just goes to show, you can love a company without loving EVERY little thing that they do.

    I own an iPad Pro, mostly for drawing and it does an incredible job at that. The display is really sharp and the build quality is outstanding. Its also really light. For me as an illustrator its a great device..

    I agree, I love the design and the apple pencil is a really awesome new line of products, just wish it were cheaper, but, you know apple XD.

    iPad air 2 is my choice (is out dated but I buy with a discount in best buy), but the best tablet is surface pro 4..
    Got the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet and I love it! Awesome size for a tablet, and with the Nvidia Shield controller and a HDMI to mini HDMI cable I can use it as a console! FF6 on the big screen :D.
    The best Android Tab and the most unique one is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro... with the 4 JBL speakers, built in projector, 10200 mah battery, QHD resolution (299 ppi) & finall6 the hinge that give it flexibility to stand tilt or even hang any lacks a little in performance side but i doubt any of the the tablets included here is a match to it in any of the fields i mentioned.

    Great video as usual but I was a bit disappointed that you didn't include the iPad Air2, the price is really low right now for what it offers. The A8X and 2 GB of RAM make the thing fly on iOS 9. Easily the best allround tablet, in my opinion..

    Sold my Tab S2 8 a few days ago. One of the best gadgets i owned. But i didn't use that much, so better to sell now than latter for half the price. It had the best screen i've seen, lag free, slim, great performance. Maybe it was a mistake to sell it :).
    Nexus 9 I feel like that's a big one to miss. I would say the Shield is the best budget Android tablet, and the Nexus 9 is the best premium Android tablet.. +FullArmageddon Nexus 9 has a crappy build quality. Nowhere near premium feeling. Not even split-screan on the 9 or even the pixel C on demand. I think the Tab S2 is the best premium android tablet. Even though the back is still plastic it's still better than whatever the hell HTC used on the nexus 9.
    Surface pro not even involved These days the word "tablet" makes me think of ipad pro and surface right away..
    Surface pro 4, if your budget allows it. If not the pixel c the tab s2 the note pro 10" or the z4 tab are all great.
    Yeah good point... If they are looking to give up macbook air too then surface pro 100% or even the surface book...lots of money but is a proper all in one replacement so price of macbook pro plus iPad air 2 actually about the same combined as mid tier model.

    I actually prefer iOS for a tablet. It just works better in my opinion. I'm in love with the Air 2..

    Dom, one of the things that I would add to a review would be the use case. Would one tablet be better if I"m watching a lot of videos or would another be better for reading on..

    Ahh My Nook Is not that Powerful and I wish I could sell it and I am Going to save my money for an awesome tablet to use for Media and Fast Application Use.

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  • January 15, 2016
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  • January 3, 2016
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    Bal kam tune ke upai -
  • December 24, 2015
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  • December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I feel like a kid who's parents really couldn't afford anything better than this would at least be able to enjoy this..
    +Stephanie Hallberg "If you go to London and have a terrible weekend you not gonna get back to london due to a bad experience" That's not a good analogy, there is only ONE internet and various content is accessed via the one and only internet. London is NOT the ONLY city in the world that we can travel to. "my Ipad even handles youtube videos and twitch streams better then my laptop (lenova) does. " You must have a crap laptop then "That's what an Ipad (tablet) is for- Watching stuff or reading stuff or playing stuff A computer on the other hand is for - working" Maybe iPads but you can do more than watch, read and play stuff on an Android tablet and they generally cost a hell of a lot less. This cheap tablet can even do things that an iPad which costs 13.5 times more cannot do. "A computer on the other hand is for - working"" Wrong: computers can do all the above and a whole lot more! at a lower cost than an iPad. Oh by the way Lenovo has no "a"'s in it and it's "than" not "then".
    Challenge: Use a Windows phone for a week. Been forced to use one since September free my S3 tragically broke. ;-;. +HarryPotterFan134 Make some pedophile or zoophile thought experiments and I'll talk to you after..
    You just come off as an asshole. Some people can't afford a iPad like you fuck face. I know kids that are less unfortunate would enjoy this you spoiled brat..

    i know what its like to be in that situation, my phone was probably 2x worse than this tablet, and its not favorable..

    +Dana Keith VerVer I can already tell by watching the fire reviews on youtube that it will demolish this tablet in performance. I think amazon is doing what google did with the nexus 7 a few years ago and taking a loss on the tablet itself and hoping to make up by getting people into their app store. Oh yeah and the freaking lock screen ads. So the amazon fire is probably more like a 100 ish dollar tablet in real value..
    My Next book Ares 8 (Blue color) can be 6x times better than this $35, tablet and 5x times better than the $50 Kindle Fire. That thing sucks balls, at least this table, which features a Intel 2 gbz Processor can handle things pretty fast for a $75 tablet..
    Considering the tablet actually sells for 70$ but you just got it for 37$ you shouldn't call it "I bought a 70$ tablet". it is not 37 dolllars..
    +WnameBear exactly, if he had paid 70 dollars then it would be a 70 dollar tablet, that's how much he paid for it, who's to say that my car isn't worth 200k. fuck! there are so many good tablets under $200.00! just check the ASUS Zenpad S 8. a wonderful 8 inch tablet. you North Americans are severely brainwashed by Apple. damn! it's disgusting!, so many bullshit in this "tech videos". +Miguel Flores wow kindle is cheap too, an iPad can me up to 800$ depending the type and build you get....
    Ew, an overpriveleged white kid with too much free-time. Yup, I'm going back to Marques Brown..
    +HMHD No, because Marques is interesting and doesn't make an irrelevant joke every few seconds. Marques has been declining in quality how This guy just reminds me of the stereotypical, suburban white kid who tends to act flamboyant without reason to. It's not that I'm dissing any race, but each race does have sub-groups which do not reflect the entirety of each ethnicity..
    +TrendingOften They never had good content. You just were younger and more stupid and thought they were good..
    Apparently I'm 5 and my mommy should ban me, and that Faze guys is copyrighted and deserves to be banned from YouTube..
    +ChickenSuitGuy/Br4nd0n's Channel by using language that only 70 year old's would say..
    Fucking autistic fag tablets not lagging it's just ur internet. Why the fuck your throwing that God-Like tablet around when children in eaten could've Africa that tablet Kids in California could've drank that tablet. You're a horrible fucking person. #HitlerDidNothingWrong. +nakyer Shhhh don't tell anyone. Im behind the Starbucks in the bushes jumping off the wifi.. Keaton, I defend your videos a lot but you'd do well to learn that people have differing salary ranges and this tablet could have changed some bodies life. Throwing it on the ground at the end was kind of disgusting.. i thought it going to be a proper review that why i watch it. Turn out to be Apple fan hate video on cheap Android tablet. From the number of likes he get, i think there a great number of tablet users that share his need to vent on the sub-hundred dollars tablet. When i pay for a cheap tablet i would expect lag and from the little scrolling that was shown in the video i would think its acceptable. To throw the tablet as the climax really seal this to be a hate video, i am disguised by the number of people that would throw away their ability to be fair and respectful that not everyone want to pay $400 for a tablet.. No, COC is not available. Instead of Google Play store, Amazon is having it's own app store. . I bought a $79 Android tablet- RCA Viking Pro which Al's cam with a external keyboardthat can be magnetically attached, quad core processor, 2gb ram, and 32gb storage with expandable SD card slot and a full sized USB slot. It is slightly thicker than my iPad 4 but it performs much greater. No to mention this has double the ram and storage. My iPad was $600 when I bought it.. +Satyam Patel it's 1GB ram, not 2. Thats still good though. RAM isnt that important. Biggest problems i see right off the bat with spec sheet is shitty screen (only 194 PPI wtf) and the battery life looks atrocious. Other than that, look decent for $79. Dont buy tablets like this one, sure it cheap and can do the same as an ipad but this like more android devices are mire likely to get hacked and get your info more easy. So dont risk security just to same 200-300 dollars. I have been using a Nexus 7 tablet that foster $200 when I bought it and it has lasted 3 years so far.. Why is everyone being such an ASSHOLE to him He is kinda funny but you don't need to be mean and so when he trys! You're all gonna be complimenting him if/when he does a giveaway! 😡🙄. DONT LISTEN TO THEM TECHSMART YOURE AWESOME. My dad bought me this. He said it's an iPad mini. Very happy with it, but I believe I'll know he lied to me when I got older..
    Oh and when it freezes he said just wait it out. It says Google lots of times. Must be a shitty company making slow iPads..

    I shouldnt even have standards,,,, my exact thoughts when i subscribed to this channel.. most of his videos are as good as that 37 dollar tablet :-/ cheap and substandard...

    Digiland made a pretty good $50 tablet. LCD IPS and quad core processor. You picked up a shitty one..
    Just because he's rich and he can afford the iPad Pro, doesn't mean he has too make fun of a $37 dollar tablet a less financed child could enjoy. It's very offensive.
    +Пинаю Всё in Malaysia its impossible to buy any apple products without using the whole 2-3 months wage... What a life.
    My question is, why are you complaining I mean you're using a 37 dollar Tablet. Don't expect to not complain. The real problem is where you buy a 600 dollar tablet and it lags. Shut the hell up.. +Jason Nguyen no i dont think you have tried using a 600 tablet ok my iPad air 2 witch i bought for 598$ has not lagged since i got it. some of us live in Africa, we don't use tabs for video gaming, basically we can use it for our assignments, pdf files, typing and all that, but I understand this video is aimed for first world countries.
    Did he just say "please don't like the video" Because well sorry not sorry, dislike yikes....

    I bought a $65 Trio tablet. 1280x720p and a 1.5 GHZ quad core which is better than my iPhone. So yeah....

    I got this while I was saving up for my iPad which I recently got. But I still use it from time to time..

    My tablet was like $40 on black Friday and it works great!! I use it for games, browsing the web, and more!!.
    +Logan Perry lmaoo yet u managed to stop by and comment. haha I think ur the retard here haha... lowlife looks whos talking hahah another little kid.
    Wow. This video is honestly pretty shitty. Huge overreaction over most of the features. The one thing I agree with is the games, although Temple Run 2 is a terrible way to present games. The missing text is likely just an application issue, and the game is not something that everyone would want to play. I purchased a $40 RCA tablet last christmas that had much of the same issues as you mentioned, and yet I was pretty glad with it. I was able to root it and speed it up a little bit, run nearly everything I wanted smoothly, and none of the issues you said had been present there. My few issues were the charger, as it's not micro-USB, it's an odd AC adapter-like one and it's not common at all, and it's easy to break. All in all, a $40 tablet is not terrible, but not good either. You could find better ones around that same price range in a lot of other places. The way you presented it was not very great, as "oh no, it's having 5 seconds of lag trying to load my application" is kind of something you can expect on just about everything. My $800 computer takes about 10 seconds to load a web page, I suppose it should be bumped up to something around $1300. It's just shitty thinking, really. If I had a temper tantrum because my browser took me 3 seconds to load, I think I'd need some help..

    it's ridiculous to say that you need to spend over 500 for a "regular" tablet.. I mean, I got a Teclast X98 Air II wich has the same size and screen resolution (and screen quality) as the iPad Air (wich I have one too) has a really good intel processor, good storage, excelent audio and conectivity, and the best of all,: with Windows 10 and Android 5 in the same tablet so you cand do whatever you want, oh and it's build quality is superb considering all the specs and price tag, because guess what, I got this baby for less than 200$, 167$ exactly, so I think there's no need for spending 500$ for a tablet (unless you're a extreme user or just an Apple fanboy).. so.. no arguments.

    those cheap Android phones and tablets are what make a lot of people not want to use an Android phone or tablet and go running to a iphone because those cheap Android products ruin a lot of people's perception on what Android is like a lot of people buy a cheap android tablet for their first tablet and see how laggy and slow they are then decide to go running and buy a iPad you're going to get what you pay for I have a iPad and I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 inch and I use that more than my iPad because of the resolution the speed and Android Open Source operating system people need to understand if you buy a more expensive tablet you're going to get a much better experience and a much better screen the screen on my samsung galaxy tabpro is 2k way higher than my iPad air 2 and I also have a galaxy note 10.1 that is also a 2k display you're going to get what you pay for I just wish these manufacturers would stop making cheap Android products.
    Maybe this would be better for a kid who's getting their first electronic. It wouldn't be that easy to break and it can do basic things. Also, the parents wouldn't be dropping 500 dollars on it for their most likely irresponsible child..
    Wow that's really bad at showing Colour. Mine is way better. But I would be happy if I did not have any technology..
    I used to really enjoy your videos & think you were cool, but I just think this was rude, not everyone can afford to buy all the stuff you do, & would be grateful for this....
    As a repair technician, I see these generic cheap-ass Mediatek based tablets everyday. It's always the same result. I tell them to buy a new one because the labor cost by itself is more expensive than the tablet. These tablets are so cheap that they have plastic instead of glass screens. The things that crack on them are the flimsy digitizers (Touchscreen)..
    +Sean Place Has anyone brought a fire 7 yet It is probably one of the most quality tablets i've bought under $100.. "I did not think it could even watch a youtube video" - so what did you think it could do. I mean when you buy a talbet you expect it to play films, and browse net.. I'd still use it over any apple product. College people on a loan could use it to browse the web and find a job with it..

    Tablet - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 2, 2015
  • January 23, 2016
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    Comments about this video:

    Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet review Read the full review: Does Sony's latest high-end offering manage to stand out among the sea of Android tablets out there We find out, in this Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet review! By +Lanh Nguyen .

    In my opinion, instead of a keyboard dock Sony should've made a wireless keyboard specially made for all Sony tablets.

    Brilliant review, this is hands down the best tablet available right now. Nothing else comes remotely close. .
    I really feel bad for Sony. Even though their smartphone/tablet designs and constructions are top notch, they are dust and water resistant with a light skin on latest android and added integration to PSN, they don't sell as much as they should. #PitySony. +Anoop Bhargav You know why Sony is not considering being partners with different carriers especially with the US giants AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The devices in high end category are expensive and people would like to pay them in installment basis or maybe grab a top notch device with a data plan. If only Sony makes a different strategy, they can outsell Samsung and maybe can give Apple a run for its money since their products are much better looking than Sammy's and on par with Apple.. The price is a bit expensive, but overall i think that this is the best tablet in the market right now. . +amine shadowman i'm looking for a new tablet actaully i have an ipad that i got like 4 years ago lolz. it's old so i need a new one. is there anything that competes to the z4 tablet.. +MrWalker1000 as usual there is competition, but unlike the phones market the usual big tech companies are totally dominating thus the competition is limited between them, so here are what i think the top 4 competitors to the z4:Samsung galaxy tab s2, ipad air 2, surface pro 3, nexus 9(mainly because of it's price), so check these out and see what suits you best..
    i have the z3 compact and it looks better. the bezels are way too thick on all sides for the z4. i prefer oled rather than sonys triluminous vivid display..
    I don't get dust proofing phones / tablets. If there's dust on it just get your shirt to clean it off or something. What's the deal. This is clearly the best tablet around without a doubt, thumbs up sony and thumbs up AA nice review, well detailed..
    I have the Z2 and didn't charge it for 2weeks+ when on minimal use, superb battery life. Using it for storing videos is great (128gb) and reading news/books on this device. With the Z4, I'm sure IT IS the best tablet right now..

    As a owner of the Xperia Z tablet I would definitely get this. However that price is insane. I paid $400 for mines. I'll get the Xperia Z 2 til this one drops to at least $500..
    I have a hard time believing that the 810s overheat. Literally every device that has it doesn't overheat..
    +John Kevin Villar I would think that would help too. I was talking about phones with the 810, they ALL overheat or throttle down to not overheat. But if it doesn't as the guy in the video says, good. Mabye the 810 was only suited for tablets then..
    +Inner Ear Thing hope so too because I am planning to buy one too when it is available on my country. :). My rule is, if the tech is expensive than the Apple product, I will buy the Apple product then. Here in this case, I will prefer the iPad over this expensive Android tablet..
    +rjmari You just listed my exact ethnic() composition going back 2 generations. I still consider myself Vietnamese though. And Nguyen is the most Vietnamese as surnames get..
    Ok... hold up "You may love the simplicity of Sony's design - or you may find it to be a little bit bland..." It looks just as plain and simple like an iPad... dafuq! ¬_¬.
    the Samsung Galaxy tab s2 looks amazing. it's a good year for s2. first the tablet then the new smartwatch.

    I would get the Z4. You can watch movies online and download music for free. Plus you can use your PS4 with it..
    This is hand down the best tablet on the market right now both feeling and features. I have try out the air 2 at the stores but this tablet feel much better in the hand and much lighter too..
    Nexus 10 appears to still be holding it's own, despite being what, 3 years old The forgotten tablet..
    I am a samsung tab s user but I would still prefer Sony tab z4 because it is good on specs and is waterproof.... Before i go past 2 minutes in this video, why would anyone want the volume and power buttons on the side! They're best kept up the top out of the way! Oh and the letter Z is said 'Zed' Not 'Zee'. No you can't, only Xperia products. You can connect to any android sure but you can play games through ps4 unless you have an Xperia product. I played Battlefield 4 online 64 player multiplayer on my z3, sure a little lag once in a while but barely! Its very impressive. Not to mention the Xperia AOSP project. Basically, if you want, you can put officially supported stock android on it. Thank You Sony :). my thing is, if people complaining about speakers so much, just buy some decent bluetooth headphones and bluetooth speakers. then you wont cry about the speakers. lol im just saying people. but this tablet looks cool tho. go sony! You have a winner!.
    6h with only the heaviest battery killing uses such as watching movies and playing games. iPad Air is so overrated watch a comparison between the 2 tablets.
    It's now november, and i'm thinking of buying a tablet. Is this still any good 5 months later Or should i wait for any new ones.
    HI guys...I want to sell my note 10.1 and buy a ipad pro when it will come out.. But I really want to try sonys z4.. So...what do I do ;.
    I don't think you said what was the on board storage moat likely a 16 gig with sd card support. I need 64 gigs or higher so I'll most likely pass on this one.
    +John Kevin Villar​ yes you got me there, but I will say this I don't mind the smaller of the two tablets if its half the price and double the on board storage..

    What is the music I tried checking out the page for the guy you listed and couldn't find the track..

    +BLaST ZombysZ The Nokia N1 is fantastic too! Only downside is that it's a bit hard to obtain and install the play store (root).
    Two questions, and any help would be great. First, has there been any news on a release date for the Z4 tab in the US I really want to get one, and I'm wary of importing, so if it's gonna be released here soonish, that'd be ideal. Second, should I be nervous about importing I know the tablet itself will be fine and work as intended, but I've read that if you buy the Z4 from day the UK and have it shipped to the US, the warranty is voided. Is that true And if it is, is there any way around it If anyone who reads this has imported one, or other tech, do you have any recommendations on where to buy it from I'd really appreciate any help at all. Thanks! .
    Hi, to answer your question, yes importing is fine, I got my z4 tablet last week from Singapore. And yes you keep the warranty, Sony has a worldwide warranty..

    Can someone help me choose i'm torn between Z3 Tablet Compact & Z4 Tablet. I had the z3 tablet a week ago but returned it because its a defective one. also does the z3 camera suppose to be grainy the one that i have a week ago was grainy and a little bit blurry without even zooming(manual & auto). the Z3 Tablet cost $557 while the Z4 Tablet cost around $623(without keyboard) hope someone can help me..

    sony's tablet are very immersive since the 2nd version of z line tablet. and this seems to be a great tablet to...waiting to launch in india.
    Just ordered off Amazon. Very expensive but looks like the best Android tablet on the market (Which makes it the best tablet on the market ;-) ). Honestly i do experiencenthe heat issue only to me i doesnt worth mentioning, do check the areas behind the camera after some use. You will notice it. Just wished this tablet has potrait orientation lock. And slghtly btter keyboard. Having a bit of trouble typing.
    Try an app called (set orientation) here This will make u able to lock portrait mode ;).
    I'm thinking of getting this, the iPad Air 2 or the Samsung tab s 10.5 but can't decide although I do have a soft spot for this tablet I think it looks very sleek plus it comes without iOS or touchwiz which would be a bonus! Btw great video 👍 .
    Yeah I've had a look at the s2 specs but I think I'd prefer the 10.5 screen size the bigger the better tbh. And the z4 tablet even though it is stunning, the £500 price puts me off so I might go for the tab s as I can get that for £300. But I've heard there's certain games the exynos soc doesn't support have you noticed any.
    +Michael DeAngelo unless Z4 Tablet have 64gb internal then i would go for it. 32gb for me is not comfortable. we'll wait and see until S2 coming out..
    im going on a holiday and want to watch movies and am thinking of buying a z4 due to video transfers being easier to do. but the z4 battery is 2,827 mAh smaller so is there an alternative with a larger battery.
    i own a Xperia Z2 tablet and it is already a pretty impressive device. The Z4 tablet is like a deluxe version of Z2 and i would love to get my hands of this badass one day.. Don't mind me, just pointing out that the channels name is "Android Authority" not "Fapple Authority. What I am saying is there is a mac in the background. . I want one of these pretty badly but $800 Is that because it hasn't released in the US yet or is that actually the retail price I'll buy a top of the line laptop for that price. Sounds great if a stylus isn't important to you. My fav is tav is still the Samsung Note Pro 12.2". Was stylus. Does everything well. I'm waiting to hear about the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 12.9" tablet. Rumoured to have stylus support. New OS. Maybe you could do a head to head. Samsung Note Pro vs Apple iPad Pro.. I wonder Why in a Country like INDIA where Sony still has a Lot of Respect they have always managed to delay or not at all bring few of there most interesting Tablets, Z4 tab was launched a while ago and yet still no ways to get it in India short of Import....

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  • November 23, 2015
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  • November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Syrus7sk Like the Nexus 7 2012 that "cheap tablet' is only good for a few months before the battery dies and the NAND starts to degrade making it to slow to unusable.. I replaced my laptop with an 8 inch tablet that only cost about $100. It works just as good. I don't do heavy tasks such as gaming so it works for me..
    Surface Pro does more than an iPad, don't know why the Verge always mentions Apple's products first af if they're always better. The iPad is literally a toy and shouldn't even be considered a PC-type experience. The Surface Pro Yes. Galaxy Tab Somewhat..
    +Raisin Toast I agree with that but what I'm saying is that you and +Gerard Guiterez were arguing about what will be used in 10 years and all that jazz and I was saying nobody knows what new standard of devices will take over. But yeah apple was on top last year but now their market share for tablets is dropping very fast and Android is dominating.
    Leading main reason Cheaper android tablets or because is more adaptive. There is peak the proof of that. Market share lower There's more cheap tablets in the market that dilutes the total market share. At the end market share doesn't mean much to some ones experience with a product. I don't care who will be on top in tablets but I'm just saying tablets have slow down but have not completely stopped and there's more to be done in that market. From now on it will go up steady and slowly. The reason they seem to have slow down is because many people bought the first tablet because it was more of a trend. But tablets even a couple years ago were still on early stage. I have seen the biggest changes in apps getting more complex in the last 3 months mainly. 2015 will be the year of tablet getting more grip in the market.
    or iPad 2 that's a good tablet but it's on the big side but fr all those years it's still runs like out of the box. the camera is good so is the performance.. An Ipad to replace a laptop, a windows 10 laptop Cunt please, get real and go neck yourself. Stop watching..
    "It's only 6 inches, it's basically a cell phone." Man, that would have been a ridiculous statement just a few years ago..

    You do not buy a damn iPad to replace your laptop. What kind of insane advice is that At least you MENTIONED the Pro 3, which is a legit laptop replacement. Why do I need to tell a tech site this shit..
    They failed on the video. They recommended the ASUS ME572 but call it the MeMo 7 and they are completely different tablets. The MeMo7 is almost 2 years old and the me572 is two months old. Don't share this video to your friends who are looking for tablets but are not tech informed as it will give them bad advice..
    +DGardn100 I know that the ME572 is also called ¨MEMO Pad 7¨. But also that there are many versions of the MEMO Pad 7 weaker than the ME572 and that's confusing because if one person wants to buy the same tablet that they are mentioning, they should say at least which version they bought and where they bought it. .
    why did you guys miss out the Xiaomi Mi Pad It's a beast with a QHD IPS display..and I bet you can't find many cheaper tablets than that...
    I have tried looking for the ASUS MeMO pad 7 and all that I can find is the cheapier looking tablets with plastic backs and the back cameras in the middle please could I get some help finding somewhere that sells the exact ones shown in the videa.
    The last time I had an android device was about 3 years ago, I didn't like it. Mind you the tablet was cheap and terrible and came from one of my dad's friends at work. Should I get an android tablet I'm kind of worried that it wont meet to my expectations..
    +AwesomeBowserManny My comment was posted a couple of months ago. Anyways I got the nexus 7 and it's awesome! .
    +WOLF LΔMBERT no doubt the shield is a better performer but the subject is "best cheap tablet", now although the nexus 7 is not exactly cheap by many people's standards it is amazing value for money. i'd love to try a shied though, i've used both nexus 7s and i wanna see how it compares day to day, do you own one.
    +WOLF LΔMBERT But you could just install CM and maybe the Google now Launcher and you'll be very, very close to stock android.

    THE best tablet HANDS DOWN is the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 > > > 230 bucks, it's a no-brainer. Oh, and have i mentioned that it has a 2K display Yeah, it's that good !!!.

    in the UK, The Tesco Hudl 2 is a must buy at £99. or its earlier Hudl 1 for £50. I used an iPad mini and swapped out for a Hudl 2. it comes close to my Samsung g6, I still think it's better for videos and web viewing than the s6.
    The best cheap tablet is the iPad mini 2, you can find it everywhere and it's not that expensive. Best tablet period for me.
    Microcenter has the iPad mini 2 for $230...

    It costs $315 on amazon after I researched it...thats not cheap...I just bought a 32GB Nexus 7 refurbished from Amazon for $171.41 with the shipping included...I recommend you do that instead Link to Asus Memopad 7 they were talking about : There is one cheaper but it has a much worse screen and processor. Link to the one I just bought : Nexus 7 IMO best cheap tablet you can it has the new lollipop update so its silky #SLAYED .
    I bought it (the memo pad 7 me572c) and it is great! I have been playing with it for 3 months now. Since the update to android lollipop it is perfect for it's price and more. Battery life is good to. It last between 8 to 10 hours of normal use..
    The HDX7 can be easily tower and can then have the Google Play Store. It's ez pz games 4 lyfe y0.
    The iPad does not replace a laptop. Neither the galaxy note. The surface can, and actually be better than some laptops. And there are many cheap good tablets that run windows 8.1, which is great. And certainly a better choice than an amazon tablet..
    The Asus Memo Pad 7 is good, but it lacks certain key values... Expand for Reasons It doesn't have a Apple approved front facing camera, like the iPad Air 2 It doesn't have the millions of apps, like the iPad Air 2 It is not compatible with Apple Pay, like the iPad Air 2 It doesn't run on iOS, like the iPad Air 2 It is not made out of Aluminium, like the iPad Air 2 It doesn't have the Retina Display, like the iPad Air 2 It is not approved by Tim Cook, like the iPad Air 2 It doesn't have touch ID, like the iPad Air 2 So the Verge score would be 1/10 compared to The iPad Air 2.

    Why the hell would you want to compare a cheap tablet with a premium tablet (is the iPad even a premium tablet) That's wrong dude.

    I always enjoy watching review of this guy, he makes fair reviews and I find it interesting and helpful, in the other hand there is this guy called "PATAL", I hate every single review he makes. he talks like the world is spinning around him and he thinks he is the most tech savvyest person and everything he says about a product is correct, (checkout ipad air 2 review).
    It's their video and they have control over what they want to remove from their comment section..
    You should of reviewed the hudl2 tablet 8.3 inch hd screen 2gb ram 16gb memory quad core at only £99\£129 best cheap tablet out there.

    I can say its better to expend several $10 more and get you a farther greater experience. My first tablet came for $80, bought for the store it was quite snappy, but one RAM chip got damaged (don´t know) and runs a bit laggy after that, but for its time, an ICS and fairly smooth tablet were impressive..
    Hey The Verge, what model Asus Memo Pad 7 are you referring to We have a Asus ME70CX, then there is the ME173X-1G003A and other models. finally a reasonable comparison from the iVerge! (though the thing about an iPad replacing your laptop was a bit stupid haha) one thing they didn't talk about it windows tablets though... I recently got a full windows 8.1 (not RT, FULL WINDOWS 8.1) tablet of ebay for £59, and that has been really revolutionary for how I see tablets. I've bought stuff like the nexus but you're always relying on android to deliver the right experience despite what tablet body you buy, now that I've had a go with a tablet that can do everything you can on windows (like full support for drivers via micro usb, and x86 architecture), I struggle to see the point in investing in a comparatively simple os such as android or even ios (if you really want to go simple). Seriously I couldn't recommend it enough as theyre only £50 now!.
    I haven't watched this video yet, but I'm going to predict what you'll say: "The best tablet, or device of any type ever made or will ever be made, is an apple. Only a complete moron would buy anything else. If you can't afford an apple device then you should rob old ladies on the street until you've got the cash, because anything other than an apple device is total trash and should be banned from the US and Canada. So, since this video is about cheap tablets then I'm going to have to insist you buy a used ipad; even if it's broken and no longer functions, at least you won't look like an idiot carrying it around pretending that it works.".

    I really want to buy myself a memo pad 7, but I cannot find the exact version he has, with the 1920x1200 screen. I can only find the ones with the 1200x800 screens. Can anyone help me with more information.

    Thank you so much for the help Superbro. Ive been looking around for it, but I guess i didnt look far enough :P.
    +TheGamingGeek2001 You'll find it for much less here:
    Here is what I looked for in a tablet: 1. Cheap $200 or less 2. Couldn't care less about camera. I have a cellphone with a decent camera already and don't look like a twit taking pictures on it. 3. 8-inch and NOT retina. Can type on it like a two-handed phone and not waste battery on pixels I can't see. 4. Windows because I want to use real programs, not mobile apps. Can replace laptop. 5. Decent battery life to last though school. 6. Stylus. Better for taking notes, drawing (art) and provides the ability to click on microscopic things. What I chose: ASUS VivoTab Note 8.

    I find the surface devices too expensive and large for me if I had the money I'd definitely get one, though :P.
    Yeah, I was going to buy it until a watched some reviews for the stylus, it struggles when trying to write near the edges of the screen. So now I'm looking somewhere else..
    ikr, my Linx 7 cost me £60 (~$100) and runs full Windows 8.1, my PC games, PC programs and lots more. For £60! That is ridiculous price, I couldn't pass up on that..
    Buy the blackberry playbook. It serves me still. You can play angry birds. Limited apps with even less games. But alright to read and bodybuild for it is heavier than my nutsack. Last year I bought an LG G Pad 8.3 (which has a 1200p display as well) for $299, and aside from LGs ugly Android UI, it's actually pretty great..
    hey verge how about the Galaxy tab pro it is kind of $249 on ebay is it worth it better the asus memo pad.
    OK dude.... I get what you're saying about the Asus memo pad, its more bang for your buck. But even with the nexus 7 '" outdated chip" it still blows it out of the water in terms of performance. I'm willing to bet the nexus 7 latest model, will out preform all the tablets mentioned. IMO, I would swap places with the "mimo pad" and place the nexus 7 as number one and the memo pad second. The nexus 7 can be found pretty easily on Amazon BTW.. I bought a Linx 7 just a few days ago for £60 (nearly $100). It has a quad core Intel processor, 1GB RAM and full Windows 8.1! It is amazing value for money and being Windows instantly makes it more productive than any iOS or Android device on it. Heck even its game performance is pretty good. Counter Strike GO runs at a solid 30+ fps at the tablets native 1280x800 resolution with low settings. I've only just got it so I am testing some other games on it soon. GTA3 also worked perfectly. For £60 you seriously can't go wrong, it has a nice enough screen, good processor, good graphics (for the price and size of device) and microSD slot to boost its 32GB storage (24gb after Windows) So I recommend everyone at least take a look at it. I haven't tried yet myself but from what I hear the processor can handle heavier programs like Visual Studio surprisingly well and also comes with a USB adaptor so you can plug in keyboard and mouse (or use bluetooth).
    Yeah must admit since originally posting I've had a couple of issues but for £60 its a bloody bargain. It plays CSGO which means it probably plays a load of other awesome PC games too! No device at that price can do that due to the OS that they are on. I can get a lot more work and play done on here than I can on an iPad or Android device for a fraction of the price. It performs great even when multitasking, a big surprise for me with only 1GB RAM. So I'm very happy with the purchase and anyone else with the willingness to do a bit of optimization should be too.
    I love ASUS products but 7" isn't going to cut it for me, unfortunately the new version of the Asus Memo Pad 8 Moorefield with HD screen is debuting for $499. I'm on the verge of pulling the trigger on the Lenovo Tab S8. It's not the Moorefield but the Z3745 which is still a solid performer (Avg 32K on Antutu 5). Thing that caught my attention is that it's an 8" screen at 1920 x 1200 (1200 not 1080), great speakers, wifi & LTE capability, decent (7+ hours) battery and right now it can be had for as low as $149 US. Isn't the fanciest looking tab out there but it's a Lenovo so you know the build quality should be solid. If anyone knows of a sub $170 8" HD tablet let me know. I know the Tab Pro 8.4 can be had for $200 but I don't want touchwiz and it's a bit larger than I'm looking for.. You know we're all watching this on tablets, phones, etc. why do you do these videos in such a long aspect ratio I thought 16:9 is pretty standard.... Its the same aspect ratio used in movies, I have no idea why they are using it here though as I doubt this is going to be shown in a cinema any time soon... +K Warren Because it's The Verge, and being all artistic makes them cooler... and helps distract you from their overly-biased editorializing..

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  • December 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Charlene X I understand but you have the pro version which is 12 inches the non pro surface 3 is the 10.8 inch and it will work but it is too big for the tablet. I wish they made one with a fingerprint scanner for the smaller cause that is what I have.
    "King of tablets is Apple with its ipad lineup" - Jaime Rivera. Oh noooo, he's drunk again.. +rishabh patel In the sense of consumption/entertainment tablets, he's right. iPads have the best apps, the most optimized software and the sleekest design. But like he said, if you need a laptop/tablet hybrid, you'd go with windows. Android mostly shines in smartphones and phablets. In bigger products, it's just meh.. The Galaxy Tab S2 is good enough for me. My old HP laptop runs Windows 7 and that is good enough for me. Windows 10 is not good enough for me (right now). Cool list Jaime, cool list.. I think google should restrain android use on products. They should not let just anyone make a tablet. +Brendan Bergmann because +Karthik Naik​ is saying that a surface can beat the shit out of an android tablet and it's true. If you're a surface user, you should know this. A surface can do almost like a laptop. . I really can't believe you said Apple is the king of tablets when they don't have the best. You are too bias, you mention the iPad pro but failed to mention the surface pro 4. Remember that without Microsoft Office the iPad wouldn't be called pro. That's the very reason they called Microsoft on stage when announcing the iPad pro. SURFACE PRO is king of tablets. You simply can't find non better.. I picked up the Amazon fire for 50 bucks, its a great little tablet to read amazon books which is plentiful, great video! The best are the windows tablets with keyboards.
    +Travis McCormick Yes.All SP Products are backward compatibke.You don't have to keep maintaining different cables either(Exactly opposite to APple's macbooks).

    +Beringeringerhein If that is the case, this is sadly true. However I would go for a beautiful display and an affordable third party stylus than have a capable S-Pen and a bad looking display..

    Don't get why you wouldn't recommend an Android tablet but an Apple tablet when the former is way more productive. >.>.
    +Karthik Naik Eh no, because phone apps on an android tablet fill the whole screen, while an iphone app on an ipad has black bars all over the screen. hey xiaomi mi pad is an awesome tablet. and it performs just as good as any other high end tablet! why all these people are so biased towards the high-end category only just use it for at least one day and then give your opinions pocketnow channel :P.
    looks like i played it safe, my mum needed a new phone she wasn't getting on well with Android and i certainly wasn't prepared to buy her an iPhone lol, so i got her a Lumia 640 and got a Windows Connect 9" Tablet running windows 10, Thats her christmas presents sorted !.

    iPad Air 2 is enough for most school work as long as you're not an engineer though. the Surface lineup this year looks incredible, but then I don't want to deal with small Windows issues that pop up here and there when I'm on the go, and I want to instantly dive right into my applications when I need them. That's why iPads are perfect "for me". I would rather just put my PC at home and bring an iPad with me. I've always been a Windows person, but when it comes to reliability nothing beats iPad as for now..
    Great points. A lot of people are using iPads for business with the introduction of Microsoft 365 for business. Hi pocketnow, how about a video about how to choose the best eReader :) I'm a self-proclaim bibliophile hahaaa.
    I got a ipotato 4, it's really awesome. It has a 240p screen. I can see every little pixel. Also a.01 ghz bread processor. And a.0000000000000000000001 mega pixel camera with 2 fps recording (really captures all the details) it plays almost all the newest games such as gta 5, battlefield hardline, and rise of the tomb raider all at 0fps.

    I've got an iPotatoe 6 and it's better than both of y'alls! So I beat both of you!!! 😂.
    Android and IOS tablets are mostly on the same level, The Windows ones blows the two out of the water. Like, why have mobile OS when you can have a full version. I have a Lenovo tablet and its really good. this guide is a bit misleading though I guess it was made for American consumers. If you have any laptop then why would you need a tablet in the first place, even if you have a smartphone I think tablets serve better for desktop owners who don't have a laptop but don't want to buy another computer. They are more like extra mobile devices to get work done, whether you are using a Surface Pro or an iPad Pro (depending on what ecosystem you are on or prefer). The only other reason you would need a tablet is for major reading or light use, which in this case a small tablet like the Nexus 7, a small Samsung Tab S2 or an iPad Mini will suffice..
    +Big Mo Android tablets are just not good tablets in general, android phones are great just not their tablet experience compared to competitors. Android tablets are just blown up phones with barely any applications made for them. Main reason why he didn't mention much android tablets..
    I bought a Serbian 100€ tablet,with 1080p screen,16 GB of storage,intel processor and 1gb of ram btw its called Tesla H7.
    Oh man what a worthless review. He doesn't even know what he's talking about. Please go study some journalism and stop publishing crap like this..

    Instead of getting an iPad air 2 base model for 499$ you can get a surface 3 base model for the same 499$ and get enough storage(64gb) whereas in ipad you get only 16 gb!!!.
    "We don't recommend that you buy an Android tablet." Boooo! Boooo! Hissss! Hisssss! Stop that iOS bigotry. I've used Android tablets since the first Nexus 7 and they have been just fine if not great. I regularly used the Nexus 7 2012 as a dedicated field device, and I use the Nexus 7 2013 every damn day at home. They are both very usable and useful for all kinds of daily tasks..
    Please do "How to choose the best LAPTOP for the holidays" too. We know that pocketnow doesn't really do laptops but having a guest vlogger make a video for the PN community, would be a nice thing..
    The surface book seems like a good choice, but there are other laptops like chrome books, etc. it really depends on what type of tasks you are going to do, and so on..
    Agree with both of you. A video showing that would be nice. If you do find someone else have already made one for best laptops of 2015, do share the link. Thank you..
    I just don't understand why you guys keep saying that the apple tablets are the most beautiful They aren't! They are horrible for multitasking, the launcher is comically cartoonist looking, and they are the LEAST CUSTOMIZABLE of all the tablets. So why do you promote them as being so great Are you paid to say that I am so sick of hearing people push apple up, when I've used them forever and they never live up to the hype. I have a Samsung Tab s2 I will put up against any tablet on the market, except for the m$ surface tabs. My nephews all have iPad airs, and they suck! . I've literally never been more frustrated with a video ever. Android tablets are the best consumption tablets by far, because lots of them have great displays, speakers and multi user support is really underrated. Yes, windows has it too but I'd rather not pay a thousand quid for a tablet tbh, I really don't need that much power. Why not getvan iPad what else does a kid want in a tablet. Here is the breakdown, if you are looking for tablet and you are a child 5 - 15 or you are in high school and need something to download textbooks and write simple word documents, get an iPad, simple, easy to use and lots of apps. If you are looking for a tablet for the work place get a surface pro, you can,t get better than that. don't make a dumb choice and get an iPad.
    If I wasn't editing videos as a side job I'd definitely get a tablet but they just don't do enough for me to justify ditching a laptop running a full fledged operating system Until they get powerful enough I'll just keep an eye on them and my money still in my wallet.
    +Caleb Lopez i have been wanting to buy a tablet since they first came out but i already had a laptop, but now the charging port got busted up so now its time the surface pro 4 seems like one finally. I think the problem with android is still the lack of deep integration. Right now I am using an apple computer and an iPhone, you can use messages, phone calls on all of your apple devices. It is just a no brainer to get an iPad if I were to get a tablet.. +max silbert also, pushbullet makes great integration, especially if you're multi platform, but things do integrate a lot better with Apple products with continuity(I believe that was the name of the feature) than a 3rd party app can provide, but it's not that far apart, either..
    Thanks for the awesome take on tablets Jaime! I just bought the Galaxy Tab S2 two days ago and while finalizing my decision, I had a real hard time and the reasons I chose it over the iPad Air 2 were these: 1. I am an open minded person, I own a Macbook pro and the Galaxy Note 4. However, for mobile needs, I am more inclined towards the android platform. 2. Bestbuy had a deal on the Tab S2, for 399. At the same price, I would have got the 'better' Air 2, but had to be content with just 16 Gigs of, 'unexpandable' storage, which is a great deal since tablets for me are media consumption devices. I really do not see why Apple even has the 16 gig ipads still out there!.
    Poor review. Lacks the point of view of someone who appreciates life on a budget. Essentially the message is "you got lots of money, then get a tablet; forget budget tablets." Evidence: watched a review of a budget tablet that appreciated the device for what it was and the audience it may be catered for. Showed how to properly view budget devices and audience. I also have owned a number of budget devices. Advice: stick to your more expensive devices and leave suggestions about budget devices to someone better able to deal with such devices..
    The iPad is the best tablet in the purest sense. The surface is more of a laptop replacement, which is great if you want/need it but pointless if you don't..

    The best review of the year. Straight to the root of all our needs, problems and wants. I'm in the line of just wanting a tablet to watch content. So I guess the iPad line I should be in but the price for the iPad Air 1-2 is outrageous but worth it if it last 5 plus years just for watching sports and regular shows or YouTube on a better iOS.
    Needed to hear this. All in all, I learned that I didn't really need a tablet. I was considering a lower price Samsung Tab 3, but I'll settle with my phone and computer. Thanks!.
    Battery life and portability are great reasons to buy tablets! College students definitely benefit from tablets.

    "You're buying consumption products, not anything else" pretty problematic blanket statement there buddy.
    Best tablet this year is hands down the Ipad Pro. I can see it replacing laptops in a couple of months. Apple did it again. .
    +Chike Ezebilo Dude if you weren't aware, I am on your side. What I meant was that it's one of the most accepted categories of tech..

    shield tablet 200 bucks that's why. most people use a tablet to read books watch video and play games so in general a Android tablet is the way to go.
    hello sir jaime is there any latest update to Apple7 or s7 pls,,, thAnk you! your the best also to all the staff. Chuwi Hi8 for Windows 10 dual booting with Android OS. Google it, or watch some youtube videos on it..
    Why would you buy a tablet for $500-$1k to "get work done" if you could get a much more convenient notebook/chromebook for half its price or ever lower (and a including keyboard).

    You just completely skipped over Lenovo. Didn't even mention if they were good, bad, or mediocre. And they offer both android and windows. Not so sure I can trust these recommendations....

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    Comments about this video:

    +Backhandlawz How can you justify not getting something Just how When you buy a car from an agency do you expect it not to have a battery When you buy a game console do you expect it not to come with a power cable There is no freaking excuse as to why they don't include a charger, for us it might cost $10 to buy a new one, but for them it costs cents to make them. It's just another technique to nickle and dime consumers. Apple is notorious for doing this, but even their greedy money hungry whore asses give you a damn charger with their products. Doesn't matter if you or everybody else has 1000 micro USB chargers lying around, it should come with one because it is essential for the product to function. .

    +Marcos Brownlee No one is forcing you to buy to genius. dont like it dont buy it, its not like they are govt and they FORCE you..
    +Jericho CZECH čo to kecáš na alze už je nejaký ten piatok shield dostupný :). +Michal Remiš Sorry, jsou to 3 týdny co jsem to psal :) A taky jsem jenom člověk, stane se káždýmu že něco přehlídne.. +Pony Slayer Ah, I see. Weird... :/ Hope they patch that quick, they are usually fast in fixing issues if they are reported.. +James Rowe you cant really fuck it up. the batteries have protections nowadays. its stops when it is full or getting too hot. it doesnt just explode not even if you use cheap chinese chargers but go ahead buy a 1000$ ipad with a 50$ charger. +Rovic Alwen Candava Can You, Can You Keep Up (if you don't understand, it's a song by KSI). How are share and full screen(mentioned at 4:20), new I'm on my Shield Tablet (last year version or whatever year it was released, running 5.1.1 and I have both of those features. +Jean Augustin Okay get some crappy earbuds that they would give you anyway for under $10 and you more then likely have enough micro usb cables around.. it's an amazing tablet for cheap so you really shouldn't complain over something so little.
    +Jean Augustin the processor itself is already worth ~120$ they barely make any money from it. the tablet would probably be 250$ if it came with charger.

    +TheDesius this is completely incorrect. This table came out due to a fire hazard issue the original tablet had. They renamed it the K1 because that is the chip that it has. It's exactly the same tablet with some minor tweaks here and there. They already created a new chip that will probably be in their new tablet that will probably be announced soon..
    +IVcruz5 yes, it'll take another year for the X1, they won't bring out this one and one month later a new one. +Skitty™ | Garry's Mod Player just saying you can use mods on minecraft pocket edition too. I had terrible experience with android, but this device is far better than 99.99% of android tablets. But I would still buy ipad mini 4.
    iPad better pro big and normal one nice but mine perfect still on your opinion by ipad it's way better but in the same u can by perfect gaming tablet for just 200$.
    I was debating getting a new tablet and it's either this or the iPad Mini 4. I'm looking at those because they're both 8" but this being an Android tablet, I don't know... do you think it could hold its own against the mini 4.
    +MrBlitz The New iPads will out bench this, yes I own one. I put this up against my 6S iPhone and my 6s iPhone kills this in Antutu Benchmark. the A9 is a better processor, the Shield beats the hell out of my iPad Mini 3, but my 6s A9 equipped phone kills it. The iPad WILL have better battery life, but not quite as much flexibility, this Shield leaves a lot to be desired in the battery life area. For media consumption iPad. Then again I have both..
    +Tak Wolf but then again the phone you talk about costs 800$ and the tablet 200 doesn' t really seem fair.
    I wonder if the terrible Wi-Fi reception found in last year's model is better with this K1 tablet.
    2 Foxtrot November im still waiting for it man "." so hard but i will manage to wait until it comes out.Do you know anything about the release date or price. I think that the "new" Shield is just the old one with the bad battery swapped out... Also, they could atleast pack 3GB of RAM just for today's standards. all I want is a 10 inch 1080p widescreen tablet for watching youtube videos please google, please revise the nexus 10 with updated hardware please. +Jay B last years version came with cable and charger and it was 300$ this time it is without cable and charger and it is 200$ i can buy a lot of chargers for that money. fyi.. bought mine from on 1/10/15 for $166.02 usd. choose 1st time buyer and waive return shipping. Only downside was the 8 day delivery..
    has the delay opening apps from the homescreen been improved with Android 6 there has always been a delay when click the icon and the app opening in the past.

    +Ethan Carter (EliteTech) the problem isn't with android, it was just old shield tablet that had that very annoying delay, don't know if the knew one does it.

    Most games are developed with 16:9 or 16:10 In mind. How often do you see gaming pcs with 4:3 monitors... Lol.

    no power adapter or USB why that's so stupid, if I'm going to buy something everything better be in the box or its a rip off.
    What's the battery life on this tablet and when its upgraded to marshmallow 6.0 because I was reading some comments here that when you upgrade to 6.0 it drains the battery fast Thanks!.
    You should have run Asphalt 8 because it's a demanding Android title that everyone has access too..
    A bit disappointed to see general day to day performance not covered in the review. I understand it's geared more towards gamers, but it's equally enticing for average customers because of it's price tag, powerful internals combined with a great display and stereo speakers. A lot of user reports complaint of a laggy experience and below par battery life. None of these points have been touched on. Given the fact that the Tegra K1 processor packs a very powerful GPU, a great gaming experience is more than assured. What I would have loved to see is how has the new update to Marshmallow improved general user experience. How fluid is it while browsing, how does it fare at multitasking The review skims upon some very basic questions. I hope it's addressed in future reviews..
    I don't think that the "average Joe" will care about specs & battery life of the tablet.
    NVidia should have gone with at least an 8 MP camera. Preferably 13 or 16 MP. They should've also given it 3 or 4 GB of RAM. Side note: can everyone start using 16:9 screens!.
    omg. why pay 200 dollars for an tablet without powerchager.I can get an tablet for 70 and do the same.
    I wonder when the old tablet is going to get the 6.0 update, seeing as an employee said it wasn't eol and would be getting the update, though not mentioning when.
    i love mine. perfect. best android tablet. games rock with the controller. hook it to the tv. looks awesome.
    Not providing the USB Cable and Charger is so stupid and Apple-lesque. Are you going to be like Apple, Nvidea Please don't. You have the potential to be greater than Apple. Please include the cable and charger + earphones next time. Don't be greedy and value your customers.. +Skitty™ | Garry's Mod Player What skitty said, although you can find used nexus 7 under 100 usd. I'm done with nvidia tablets. They are total garbage and cheaply made. Last shield was recalled and I sold it for nothing.. hi, good review i just bought mine a couple of days ago, everything is fine, besides the battery, it has to be connected for 8 hours before full charge and is empty again in like 2-3 hours of use (surfing and gaming, and video watching video, is this normal . I'm sure the iPad Pro would win but the price is WAY higher than this tablet so it is more worth it to buy this tablet. You don't see difference in games and you can buy nearly five Shield tablet for the IPhone 6S+ price.... Ahh.. Can someone tell me why there isn't any power/USB accessories included Well that's a bummer, NVIDIA.. I know that it is priced aggressively to compete; but come on man, not even a USB cable the cable alone But it's not really a deal breaker considering that it's a powerful tablet for $200. I'd buy it - but still whine about the missing accessories... because I'm a regular consumer and not a tech reviewer that will have hundreds of USBs laying around..
    thanks for the review. maybe a noob question but can it mirror anything that the tablet screen shows perhaps mirror netflix from tablet to tv.
    Does someone know if the Shield remote can be used with the tablet Would be nice to have if you can connect it to the TV..

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    Comments about this video:

    Tablets: Why Don't We Love Them Anymore by +Jayce Broda Article by +Matthew Benson
    +Pixel No No it is not a whispering background breathing noise. It is more of like his breathing is whistling like he got something got caught up on his sound-pocket in his throat bits - YOU DIG..
    Tablets were originally supposed to be touchscreen portable PCs. Microsoft coined the term "tablet" in 2000 with their prototype of a Windows tablet PC. Then, somehow, with Apple's "innovation" with its first iPad, tablets became what are essentially large smartphones. From then on, pretty much all tablets made by other companies are essentially large smartphones. Microsoft decided to rectify that with the Surface series of tablets. Their recent Surface Pro 3 is one of the best working examples of what a tablet should be: touchscreen portable PCs..

    +dzonikg I know that feeling. After having a cheap Android tablet with mini HDMI out and replaced it with a Toshiba Encore (though lower specs than Surface, it's quite capable), I never intend to use Android tablets than as a toy (some casual games from Play Store)..

    +Itaku I have Laptop, a 7" Tablet and a 5.5" Phone. I usually find myself using only my Phone and the Laptop.
    When I saw Steve Job´s key note about the iPad I understood that the aim of a tablet is: Media, Games, Social Networks, Web surfing, and e-Mail. That WAS what Steve said.. I've used my tablet all of maybe 10 times. I have a Note 4 and a laptop... often I actually forget that I have a 10 inch tablet as well. My Mum though... she sits on the couch and uses her Note 10 (2014) almost constantly. I guess that's the difference. I maybe use my tablet while travelling on public transport but Mum never takes her tablet anywhere. It's just easier for her eyes to look at. She doesn't even want a laptop it's, "too big" and doesn't have all of her phone games.. I feel like most tablets are missing the point. People either feel phablets are good enough, or they are doing something that requires a computer. That's why I like surface pros as tablets as much. They are too fusy when I try to run logger pro, but they will still do so eventually. And that's from an older model. Tablets need to compete with lightweight laptops, not smartphones. That is why they're disaperaing.. And BTW there are 500k apps optimized for iPad in AppStore (I don´t have an iPad, and I am not an Apple FanBoy).
    +BillyVlogsTV Wait for the Tab S 3, your tablet is good enough so wait for a better one,or get the note 5 (my note 4 replaced my tab s almost entirely ).

    Owning a tablet is incredibly appealing when you don't have one and kind of a bore when you do. Why Because as everyone else said, we can do almost everything we need on our phones. I've bought several tablets, used them for a while and then simply forgotten about them. The only thing I can actually think about is consuming media while working - having a tablet next to me running a movie while I use my main display for actual work. However, everything can be done faster and easier on a laptop. Using a virtual keyboard on a phone is simple and intuitive. Using it on a 10 inch tablet, not so much. There are maybe three or four things I can think for when using a tablet and virtually all of them come to the same thing - not go up to my desk, fire up my laptop and do it there..
    Cheap tablets that can dual boot Android and Windows will be the future if not the only way tablets can survive at all!. +BakyLive You are absolutely correct. I'm using a Chuwi Hi8, less than $100 dual boot tab with win10 and android KitKat. It really replaces my Lappie. I'm using a Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad ($20 extra) and an external DVD writer.. Look at it this way, both a phone can technically replace your desktop but it's so much easier to use and it's always there with you. Add a bigger screen and you have something much more usable. I am a university student and I cannot for one second believe in a life without my iPad Air. I mean, my Macbook Pro Retina is crazy powerful but having iBooks and Amazon Kindle in my iPad WHILE being crazy powerful, too, and being able to handle all of my Blackboard notifications and emails and networking makes me feel pretty darn confident in the use of a tablet. After all, it's either a tablet what weighs 1 pound or five 3 pound books...AND if I don't feel like carrying my crazy powerful Macbook Pro, my iPad Air has more than enough horsepower to keep up with what I do as a student and i'm sure that can also apply to people who are always on the move..
    +Andres Cadenza Garza V I totally agree! Who needs a powerful laptop outside work when you have everything on the cloud. Also I don't get why people say they do everything with their phones. How can you read a book or write a word document on a phone Excel And how on earth do people read books on a laptop or a phone A good tablet is the perfect thing for almost everything. I don't see how someone would open his laptop to read a book in the subway or anywhere else. Personally my back hurts from carrying around the brick from work..
    I only use my phone on rare ocassions to talk to people and for media consumption, I leave it to my iPad. It's a simple system and it helps my phone last the whole week without charging. Yes, tablets will always be here simply for how useful they are. They don't necessarily have to be full computers with full operating systems as long as they help us do what we do.. I hate to admit it as well but I too think the iPads are the best tablets to use. The rest of my devices are Android though. Android just doesn't look or feel right to me on a tablet or big screen.. +ragingsilver I've got a moto g, yet I know the feeling. I'd go iphone, but it's vastly inferior to android..
    why use a 800€ phablet when you can get a big 100€ tablet with the same specs i can play on the tablet while i talk on the phone its not hard you lazy fucks.
    +BlueLemonade The specs you just described aren't exactly the specs of a 800$ phablet. Plus it's not all about the specs.. +EAsports93 Chinese tablet: dual boot windows 10 + android. Both run great. At the price of 90$ But Chinese tablet Comon it must be crap. Better buy that expensive 1000$ smartphone.
    Tablets are simply not replacements for laptops. From a lack of a keyboard and mouse, to lack of storage and most of all, the ability to work independent of an internet connection, the laptop/desktop is just superior in every way for most "work." Tablets are mostly used as glorified full color terminals which is a giant step backwards to the 1960s and 70s. I like having my local application, local data storage and being able to work off-line. There really is very little you can do on a tablet without being connected to the net. Tablets are also pretty expensive for what they can do. In most cases, you can get far superior hardware and software for the same price in a laptop and especially a desktop..
    I have a dell venue 8... the one thing I don't really like about it is all of the shitware that comes with it.. I had a $1,000 tablet once, then I got my 5.7 lg phablet. I never use my tablet anymore. Everything I can do on my $1,000 tablet I can do on My phone. Phablets = death to tablets.. I am a 62 yr old male. I have been using this thing...a samsung galaxy s2 for a long...long...long time. It causes me eyestrain when I youtube, clash of clans, or whatever, for too long, lol! I only know android. I dont think that for me there is better than a tablet. I have been actually checking out the 20, and 24 inch nabi tab. I dont know....
    LOL 5.5 inch smartphones. Those things are ugly af. But its the reason why android/ios tablets might not be a thing. But windows tablets Now we are talking. I think microsoft/intel will dominate tablets market from now on and we will certainly see a lot more of those around us.

    Are you mistaken! I use my tablet for everything from writing, photo editing, sheet music display and editing, as a sketchbook, to do floorplans, etc.. By the way, I don't have much time for gaming, but with more than a million and a half Android apps there's no end of well optimized tablet apps,.

    +Aiden is all Knowing I own a 2 in one. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. It's too big to do stuff like lay it in your chest when you are lying down on your back to watch vids and stuff. 2 in ones are too cumbersome .
    lol who cares. I still use my tablet and some stuff I can't do on my phone and I can't be carrying a pablet in back pocket.. My Dell Venue 8 pro sees a lot of action. The 8inch is the sweet spot. My phone is to small do things on most times. My laptop is to big to carry around. That's where the Venue 8 pro comes into play. It's a full pc in a 8 inch form. I got sick of android's "request desktop site" which most times still gave you a mobile version. IOS was even more of a joke. So as far as tablets go i see windows tablets as the way to go (not android or ios).. I use my iPads as mobile media units. Phone screens are to small to have an immersive experience, even the iPhone 6+. I carry a basic phone on me that I tether my iPad mini 4 too on the go. It's does everything on a comfortable sized screen that is still highly portable. At home I switch to the iPad Air 2 for the screen real estate and carry it around the house and into the garden during the summer. If I want to watch an epic Panavision film, I do it properly on dvd at a widescreen TV like a true cinema experience. Anything else insults the cinematographer. In short I consume different programs depending on the device and location. I have no place for the iPad Pro or a laptop which I find too big and I prefer to work at a desktop for self discipline. What's happening is the market is sub dividing into ever greater niches and people are retaining their tablets for longer. Apple are trying to span the whole spectrum from the Mac to the iPhone. Tablets still have a role.. I've always wanted tablets to be productivity machines, like the anime and sci-fi films that depict them. But instead they are largely media consumption devices and I have a cellphone for that. The only tablet I could see myself getting is the inevitable Surface Pro 4, but I don't like the kickstand and keyboard solution. Guess I'll never get one. :/.
    i dont know about your country but in my country malaysia, a lot of people dont have laptop, they just dont. they dont use it in their daily life. so there is no void there in the first place, to be filled by tablet..

    i bought a samsung galaxy tab s8.4...when i need to, i bought bluetooth keyboard and otg+mouse to do my reports at work. when im bored, i just connect my ipega gamepad and play "retro" games...when i feel a bit creative, i use a cheap stylus pen to draw and design... and when im on a plane or while traveling, i can watch any movie i want while everyone is bored or asleep...and it all fits in a small bag i can take everywhere....

    We don't love them because we caught on to their marketing scheme! We figure it's a 10.1 inch so it must have the horsepower to push it, WRONG tablets are under powered and the companies are cutting corners, not honoring their work, poor firmware with hardly any to no upgrades and they keep getting worse and now they're doing the same with our phones, batteries that are glued down and bolted in and finding a phone where you can add a micro sd card is getting harder and harder... I don't care if they're slower, it beats having to offload what you have and upload what you need for jobs and they're cheap... Hopefully people will get sick of these companies crapping all over us and stop upgrading just so we can start to get our money's worth! I've been seeing TV Boxes that are now 64 bit with less horsepower than the older 32 bit again cutting corners with less ram when they should be getting more and technically it's a 64 bit but only offer little power... We were suckered in on these devices as usual and they take away until there's nothing left while expecting more money, but the know people will eventually catch on or you would think! We need to stop buying the crap just so we can get what we pay for or suffer..
    I dunno. I find my tablet (Asus Zenpad S 8.0) to be incredibly useful for reading. Download a book, open it up, and go. Pretty fantastic.. Tablets: Why Don't We Love Them Anymore by +Jayce Broda Article by +Matthew Benson
    I am a cheap bastard and refuse to go smart phone. I want a tablet for comics videos and nifty apps. I just cant understand the small screen love..
    I LOVE MY TABLET U CANT REPLACE IT JUST BY MAKING A STUPID VIDEO! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW HARD PEOPLE WORK ON TABLETS!! WHAT IF YOU WERE A TABLET, YOU TV HEAD!! YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN THROWN IN THE TRASH AND PEED ON BY A DOG OR SOMETHING!!! HAVE YOU GONE MAD! DELETE THIS VIDEO!!! A TABLET IS THE ONLY PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY I EVEN HAVE! SO KNOCK IT OFF. Tablets should boot up with a Screen that tells Windows 7 Android 5.1.1. and you could chose where you wana go, tablets should be more like laprtops because laptops lifted off like rockets and never came down. Tablets just jumped, but they are never jumped again, i am waiting for that rocket jump. one of the reason is because they brake to easily my first tablet slipped out of my hands and cracked with in the first 2 hours i purchased it lol i said F it back to my laptop. Phablets are fucking stupid. I'll stick with a smaller phone and a bigger tablet. These big ass phones are so unwieldy and can barley fit in your pocket.. +Arun Jayaraman Well, everyone has their own personal preferences. What you like doesn't work for everyone else, get it I have a 4.7 inch Android phone, which I take with me everywhere. When I'm at home, I use an 8-inch tablet. Rocket science.. +ryanspears1986 I never said it was wrong to get a tablet, I was just answering one inflamed comment with another. You are clearly very sentimental about your dying breed of technology and I will allow you to die alone with them. Live alone and die alone - that's all your hypocrisy will lead to. There's Rocket Science for you!. i only use tablets for movies when im on a field exercise, anywhere else they do not match a laptop in anyway. and i very much disagree with laptops losing their steam, thats what they said about dekstops, now look at them. they are still the most powerful devices so far beyond the power of laptops and they are still going strong..
    The problem with tablets is that all manufactures want or are trying to dominate the market, like Apple market with a special group of sheeps that will tag along no matter the price. Samsung is doing it, Microsoft and Asus have now joined in the last couple of years. If you want anything decent with any decent computing power you will have to sell out Apple bucks for it. its that simple. I would like to just put down the money one time for a just a basic surface...but then I still have to pay $150 for the keyboard. They CAN make a very decent product if they want to at a decent price that will last a while, but why wold they do when they can have you buying the next new thing and an upgrade from the model you bought last year..
    I think tablets are worthwhile. I am actually looking at 2-in-1 tablet/laptop. instead of simply one or the other on tablets that can carry a heavier load, but has the flexibility of a tablet. This video is bullshit. I use it when I'm traveling to watch a movie or more often when I'm watching TV, I can have a very light, large screen to play games or shop online. These are things they always intended them to be.. if you were carrying them everywhere then that's your own dumb fault..
    Life couldn't be simple. A tablet is for entertainment and or productivity. A phone is used to call people and text. And then there was this guy who combined those two things together and caused marketing chaos..
    I used to use my tablet all the time but since getting a computer and newer smartphone I have no need..
    +3choBlast3r actually, there are tons of tablets that has 3g call and video support. u dont know that :/.

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  • January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    i don't get it do you need a sim card and do they give it with you anyone as soon as possible (asap). +LazorVideos But I have one of those, and its feel so fake even though its just $50 but they could had done better, the early 2014 version was so much better than this one right here. . Running stock : Annoying tablet with advertising. After following a Root Junky video : worth more than you paid for it without adverts.. That's funny cause I had a Samsung galaxy tab to, I have a Kindle Fire 7 and its definetly worth the 50$. So I'm thinking about buying this for a bit of fun, now Im from Australia and I actually own a lot of gadgets and electronics with many operation systems from Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux/Ubuntu, IOS and android, now this tablet will be about $80-$100 here, do you reckon the tablet is worth the money and are there any cool features with Amazon and other products. +Jack Hewett Your main problem is prime video, their main reason to buy that and not a pure android, it will only work in the U.S. If you own an android tablet already, I just don't know.. Running stock : Annoying tablet with advertising. After following a Root Junky video : worth more than you paid for it without adverts.. I'm getting this for Christmas and I have an iPad from 2011 with a ppi of 132 I think. Then I have an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 which have like 326 ppi. So on one hand I will see the screen difference to my iPhone's but it will be a lot better than my iPad which has a cracked screen anyways and a lot of backlight bleeding and dead pixels.. Why are you answering a type of question like that did you look at the screen of the box or the unboxing. I bought this to use as an Internet radio (external speaker of course...the internal speaker is pathetic). I am genuinely surprised at how good it is given the price. I would recommend it to people who can ignore Amazon guff. A good gadget.. Great review, I order a few for the grand kids. I missed the Black Friday sale stuff. Hey still a good deal for a decent tablet. Thanks.... Broken pixels are common. This is a shopping tablet. Unless you LOVE shopping at Amazon, it's junk.. If you love Amazon you'll probably love their advertising gadget/tablet. Which is just as well, because it does practically bugger all else. +Jarren Tep Very nice of you! Hope he appreciates it! I got in on the $35 deal too. I don't even really want the tablet as I already own an ipad 2 and my iphone 5...but it'll be nice to have a device that can run adroid apps/games I suppose, and for $35 lol I couldn't pass that price up!. Im supposed to get mine by 8 PM Dec. 31 and I got the tablet AND a 32 gb micro sd card for like 60 bucks that is a steal.
    Is this tablet able to play YouTube either on YouTube app or on the web browser. We want to get this for our daughter to occasionally play YouTube vids..
    I'm getting one just for fun. I have a Shield Tablet, but this thing seems pretty neat. I'll probably just use it for tinkering and when I want to take a tablet with me without lugging my bag around. This thing is small enough to fit in my pocket, so this'll be pretty sufficient for that purpose.. I got mine in a Kmart Bundle where it came with the tablet, a $25 value stand up cover case, and a 32 gb micro sd card for $54 on black friday.. I bought the fire HD 6 for $59.99 at radio shack and installed google play store, movies, music and other google apps. I know some people got this for $34.99 also on black Friday but for $25 more, you get a whole lot more.. +Naomi Pope Tiny, usable when you get it is 4.5 gigs. Wuth my apps it's a lot less. a micro SD card is a must..
    Like any SMART person, they could buy a screen protector (some having anti-glare) and a case. Easy fixes. Geez. All tablets and phones have this problem. Good job mentioning that..
    Im about to order this for my mom. She will be reading lotz of books that are on a android tablet. Can you download google chrome and google play on this tablet so i can have the books my mom wants Thanks. They have these awesome gloves for your phone,tablet,etc. you can buy if you want to avoid smudges!.
    +excessmaterial I tried.that method and failed, but there is a tutorial in youtube involving downloading 4 apk files including the playstore installer and you install them in a certain order and voila, I did that and it worked..

    my choice depends on whether I'm able to play my music and videos off the micro sd. I only ask this because this tablet seems to be strictly only amazon bought content. I hope I can get an answer here..
    just bought some for the nieces and nephews for 34.99 on amazon! get em now while they're available!! edit: came out to 40 due to tax and recycling fee, still a lot cheaper then then regular 49.99!. Oh yeah, I own a 4th gen iPad and will be getting one tommorow. My only reason is for block launcher, GTA SA/VC/III CLEO Mods, free books using android etc. I will probably install cm12.1 just to clear up all the Amazon bloat ware on the tablet. I will need a bit of time for my eyes to adjust to a non retina screen but it'll have to do.. +tubeshok Some people complain about that, mine played them fine. Try factory reset, and both latest updates again.. I have one of these that I'm planning to give to my inlaws for Christmas. The only problem I have is that it can't mirror the video to the TV. I even tried an USB-HDMI cable I bought at Best Buy and it doesn't work. They watch a lot of video on foreign stations (and you can do this trough apps in their app store) but not on the big screen. We watch most of our TV through the amazon app, CBS and PBS apps on our ipad and it's great.. $25 at Best buy man this thing is cheap but does everything my Samsung does and I bought 2 in case I broke this. Add a Class 10 64GB Sd card for $12 again from best buy and man this thing roars :P.
    In general do you recommend this tablet for example to use for read email, watch youtube, netflix, FB. This tablet can i use in any country Nice review! Thanks.
    Just ordered on sale for only $34.99 from Amazon! Based on all of the reviews, at that price...I will be good-to-go! Thank you for the review, A-M.. +Douglas Nicolas That part is a bummer! Pretty sure I "bundled" everything for shipping, and fortunately, my order did not include anything that I need sooner. I just went ahead and ordered a protective folding cover that doubles as a stand, Mr. Shield screen protector and a 16gb micro sd card. Pretty sure I left the ads on it and saved the $15.00. Hope you get a "good" one!. Whats the possibility of turning it into regular android device also any way to download apps for free from google play store like from pirates.
    Best review. Yea for $50 definitely a lot better than what I was expecting. I had to set aside my iphone to stop the comparison to really appreciate the tablet : ) lol took awhile and now I do..

    darzgadgets I am only 13 and earn about 150 a year including family has 3 tablets to share between five people an ipad 2, an ipad air, and a samsung tablet and I am tiered of waiting for a I am wanting to buy a tablet for myself but I don't want to spend all my money and get a piece of junk.I mainly want this for games, youtube ,netflix, and I you think that this tablet is a good choice and is worthtne price or do you think I should wait and get some other tablet.thank for your opinion will definitely like this video.
    It's a decent tablet. It will be perfect but I think you should opt for a FIRE HD7 or HDX7, because the screen will look horrible from transferring to this from a Retina display. I say go for it. If it does not suffice, refund it. That's all I can say..
    +Lisa Gallardo Save your money and get the RCA Viking Pro 10.1" 2in1 Tablet. Walmart has it for 79.99..

    amazing for price...can easley install (side load) Google Play and can root! look it up on youtube/google!.
    they are $34.99 until 11/29/15 i think it was BUT not in stock until dec. 17th, so if want to get by x-mas prolly have to pay for 1 or 2 day shipping considering the LATE shipping date.. Hi thanks for the review, 1 question that i can't find anywhere can i use this tablet for basic word and excel and if so is that an app i can download like i have for my phone . I just want to say that this video was much better quality than I expected. The camera quality is very good and the b-roll footage during the narration immersed me into the review and made it look very professional. Though some small criticism, this video would be even better if your narration was a little more crisp. If you don't know what I mean, check out some or Marques Brownlee's (MKBHD) videos. Your styles are pretty similar and you probably could further improve your videos by seeing what someone who is more successful than you currently is doing. But other than that, great video, keep it up! :).

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  • December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Hi Danny. Seems like your video has been ripped off by a user called Sunny Singh. I would rather have PMed you, but I can't figure out how to do that since YouTube changed its messaging system..

    This thing kills the Nexus! The only downside I see is the 16:9 and only because most of the new Android tablets are copying Apple's screen ratios so apps might not be optimized for the 16:9. Shame too, the 16:9 is my favorite form factor..
    +NOSfusion the K tablet is 16:10, with a 1200*1920 resolution. Not 16:9 (small difference tho) That's why there are small black borders on the screen in the video when he's gaming (in 16:9). Well Tim, it's $200 as your aware. Have practically the same specs as the $300 nvdia tablet as of last year. If they just have to drop charger and stylus, it's worth it. If people want that, they can buy the official one. They can also buy the controller, stylus, and by the time it's all said and done, they have you purchase all Their accessories. Would you have bought them without it included. Some people would. If you have a PC with Nvidia, then yes, if not, you can make monthly payments to stream games to your tablet.
    i have a nexus 10 at the moment and was thinking of upgrading to the Nvidia Shield Tablet however I am worried about the size being only 8inch or so compared to my 10inch. What are you thoughts on gaming on a 8inch tablet too small or still fine..

    Its making me.want to puke because every tech user is reviewing this and im getting a worse tablet for the same price :( i cant change that too....
    +davehugstrees On a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 LTE, and I feel your pain. Worse still is the Knox Flag. Root incorrectly or mess withe Radio Stacks and, you'll never need to wonder about Knox, or Android Pay (Where available), ever again. Also as if this weren't bad enough, it seems like all anyone's interested in is the Exynos Version of this Tablet e.g. the SM-T320, or Wi-Fi ONLY version..
    Bought it as a present for my son, I pre installed and tested it with Lollipop.. it was awesome.. then I got the Marshmallow update just before I giftwrapped it... so I updated it and then all hell broke loose... battery drain, screen does not turn off (never sleeps), a couple of menu items (from Nvidia settings) just bugs out and breaks.. lots of apps don't work any more (not even Nvidias own Faceworks)... and I own a Nexus 7 2013 and Marshmallow on this device is a dream so I don't blame google... something went very wrong with this Marshmallow update for a lot of users... just check the geforce Nvidia tablet forums....

    I would like to get this but... how much shitware does it come with If it has 20+ apps on it that I will NEVER use and can't remove and just take up space..I ain't gettin' it....

    man this looks good and all, but I really want to wait. I hope they come out with a tablet that can play Borderlands 2 without having to stream..
    I still have no any idea about this "update" for the shield product line. When the specs remains the same and the tegra x1 has been announced for such a long time.. I have the nvidia shield tablet that came with the stylus included, is this tablet an upgraded version of what I have.
    If Apple didn't include a charger with a iPad... The Anger from tech community would be unbearable..

    Although this is a great Android tablet, there are other better ones if you don't care about brand name. As a place to start, offers a great selection of android, Windows, and dual-boot (android and windows) tablets. Many android tablets there are around $50, and many windows tablets are under $200. My ChuWi Hi10 is a 4 core 2 1.84ghz Windows 10 tablet with 4gb RAM and 64gb hdd. It runs smoothly and I got it for $170 with a free case and keyboard. Chinese tablets ftw.

    284 dollar for a ipad mIni 2 and 236 dollar for Nvidia Shield K1 here in sweden. What should i go for.
    +ร๏ยŦเคภє αנ‎ true nvidia tablet won't lag either not only because of the specs but also cause of stock android os wich is really smooth. The nvidea also has 16:9 aspect ratio which is good for game 4:3 just plain sucks the battery life should also be about equal.
    Have it for over a year now. Very good tablet and I use it daily at home! Its performance blows the latest Samsung tablet away. Drop it numerous times and even submerge it in bath briefly and still work. It even has pressure sensitive capasive stylus!! Yes! it uses its extra core for the magical capasive stylus. The only downside is its battery life. it's a beast so this is expected. Get it!.
    +skylar15123 l don' care for it. Never really use the one from Tegra Note 7, not expect to use it on Shield K1 either.. While start recording the screen using "Nvidia Share option" or Twitch plugin, an error message flashes "OUT OF STORAGE SPACE" in my device running Android 6.0. This happened after formatting the Micro SD card to "Internal Storage"2 2:58. Is this OS related issue Did you face similar issues. +Eftekhar Karim Probably yes because it is the same battery. Just remember to hold it away from your face when using the tablet and you will be alright! ;). If only they could have made on of the cameras about 12mp. I mean I need a tablet gaming, I guess. But would rather have one that could help me make games by having a decent camera. Even at a 250$ price frame or 300$ more ram, and better cameras would be a great thing to take, say camping, and then take a few objects back with me as 3d assets. My needs are niche though. This does look damn fine for it's price point.. Have you had some battery drain problems Lots of users found out that with android 6 there is a core forced at 100% even in standby. Thanks for the review!. Do you have YouTube Red Danny YT Red is unavailable in my country, but do you know what We get the offline video feature for free!. sweet gaming tablet for the price I am more into drawing and art creation though, I have never used an android tablet, I wonder if the "pro create" app is available on android . I don't understand how you can start selling something like this with a wall charger and USB cord and then future generation lack it for the same price..
    the new price is tempting but i know the second i buy it they will announce the x1 version that i have been waiting for since july, jesus christ i wish they would hurry up and announce a release date for the new x1 version already.

    no it does not it has k1 processor not something like from the Snapdragon line of cpus that support fast charge..

    +Arjen Robben Snapdragon graphics just looks fugly on Shield whit Tegra all the games looks like on the PC..
    Lets get shit straight how about you talk about if it's worth buying cause of the lack of apps and just apps andriod tablets are all shit..
    Yeah, I do Agee. This is awesome. Does it seamlessly handle any 3D game What's its limit Price is GRREAT. Seems like this would play movies without a hitch. Am I right Thank you and have a great Holiday..
    This is great, and all But what is the best 7" or 8" Phablet Nothing worse then having to carry Two Devices, 'cause the Tablet lacks both Mobile Data, and worse still Voice.. I was an earlier adopter and bought the original...The first one received had the cracking chassis. The one that I have now is plagued with sporadic lag even when I am not gaming. Spending 300+ dollars for this type of performance left a bad taste in my mouth. To top it off, I now have to wait for the 6.0 update with no firm release date.. this is a good tablet better than it's xiaomi mi pad counterpart which is also running tegra k1. good support to its tablets unlike the mipad which is stuck with kitkat.. outside of Takes forever to charge i like it a lot for the price and thats coming from an apple guy.. +5150 Nation You need 2A charger, not topical 1A charger from phones or other devices. Got one from Tegra Note 7 so I have no issue with slow charge you and many other have complaint about. They should have state this some where more clearly with little to no cost to them..
    it bugs me that they got rid of the stylus as well. love mine so much I bought this version for my sister.

    +Amar Hussain yes, cause I'm defiantly violating your right. Uh huh defiently. This is why people hate people like you. Stfu and stop being that guy.
    +Mitchell Ellero WHAT ABOUT YO YA DICKHEAD YO SHOULDNT VIOLATE PEOPLES RIGHTS & YOU STOP BEING THAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!. Hi Danny!, I want to upgrade from my Galaxy Note 10.1 to either this or the Tab S 8 (not S2), The only reason I am not picking this up right now is because I have doubts regarding the 2GB ram and the Full HD screen (compared to QHD)... would love your input!.

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  • November 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    when I saw how many subcribers you had I was suppressed I thought u would have 1,000,000+ ur vids are realy well made.
    +airgear87 Yeah, fine with me. Not every people share the same thoughts. Still, I'm in the camp that would have more bezel for front-facing speakers. They just can't be muffled unless you put tapes over them because your usual way of gripping it can't obstruct them..
    remember when dom used to have only 20k subs he used to reply to every comment. now 1/3rd of a million and no replies... love you dom unconditionally!!.
    Pretty easy to get a reply. Just say something that meaningful. I've gotten responses from stuff like "Great video!". I'm not sure. Some say so while some don't. Using the tablet(the 2014 model, which is almost identical) in combination with the official flip cover for months and without any screen protector, the screen has held up without any scratches though. So I could say the screen scratching shouldn't be much of a concern.. I just bought an intelliglass protector for this tablet cheap $10 and I won't have to worry about the scratches. I have an iPad 2. How much of a step up is this tablet I can't run a benchmark on my iPad cause Geekbench is paid and Antutu crashes.. there's cool if you purchase a game form G-Force now Nvidia game streaming service you get a Unlimited streaming. I have the Nvidia Shield Tablet (not K1) and it´s awesome. I got the 32GB Version with LTE for about 280$ and there´s nothing to worry about. I bought it as a gaming tablet and that´s what it´s supposed to be. But you can also use it for business stuff..
    It's the exact same Tablet but the Back "SHIELD" engraving is now made of metal and there is no DirectStylus.

    What... they don't send you anything to charge the device with lol is that a joke. $200+charger+controller..and taxes, you're almost up to $300, not so budget friendly..

    +young mouss same here tho I don't use the controller pad all that much, I bought this tablet with micro SD card bundle from amazon, glass protector, leather slim case and rapid USB charger all for $245.

    Can you buy 2 controllers and use them for multiplayer in emulators Or does the tablet only recognize 1 at a time.
    I didn't even know it existed, but ya, like you said it looks like a decent budget choice, along the lines of the Nexus 7..
    +hyungwoo0312 I totally agree with you. Nvidia is making some awesome products. I just purchased the Nvidia Shield Pro Console 5oogb & I can't wait for it to get here. I'm planning to get this Tablet next sometime int he near future because it was sold out on Amazon..

    +ghostaliaz I just bought the pixel c (without the keyboard). Has the Tegra X1. :D Obviously not in the same price range as the Shield, but like you said it is great that nvidia are making chips and products that are powerful and focus on graphics performance..
    This tablet suck out the battery life in no time unless I reduce the cpu prformance and cores. But all in all good device!.
    I was between this and the Nexus 9 and chose the Nexus 9 Soley for the Android updates and Larger Screen..

    nexus doesn't offer the micro SD slot to store extras along with the issues it still faces as mention above. I really like the shield tablet..

    While recording the screen using "Nvidia Share option" or Twitch plugin, an error message flashes "OUT OF STORAGE SPACE" in my device running Android 6.0. This happened after formatting the Micro SD card to "Internal Storage". Is this OS related issue Did you face similar issues.

    Perfectly explained. I was considering Insignia Flex Elite or Galaxy Tab S series, but after this video I might just get the N-Shield..
    Hay, nice vid.I would realy like a in-Depth test of the styles. I thot the styles of last years model had a lot of promise but i was never satisfied with the rewes it was getting(witch only ever was dabbling). And the promotions seemed untrustworthy.. I am using it right now. it gets the latest updates, currently running marshmallow android 6.0. but it has its downsides. ive noticed it's screen has a slightly slower and less responsive screen than an iPad. also the WiFi isn't the best. multiplayer games were lagging quite a bit for me. but it was still an alright experience. my honest opinion its pretty damn good. but you get what you pay for.. Just recieved my mi pad...nice tablet nice performance...however, multitasking isnt very good...keep that in mind. +Jeansen Wen intel chip can compete against flagship phone's chip, imo its faster than tab s processor *imo. +Cioaca Chiset The old Shield Tablet and the Shield Tablet K1 are identical. Only differences are that the K1 (newer one) doesn't have a stylus slot and has slightly different speakers. Aside from those, the insides are the same.. But won't that affect the charging like how it optimises Isn't it better to use the official world charger . Your video was awesome but I do more streaming videos and just play Clash of clans do you still recommend this tablet. +Dom Esposito This is why I'm subscribed to your channel mate! 2:28 - What's that big hole in the left side Is it a cooler Other question: Does this tablet overheat, when browsing the web Thanks Dom, you're awesome!. I will use it to control the DJI inspire 1 - I ve heard it's the only android tablet working well with the DJI - go software.. I'm watching this on the tablet, bought it just a few days after its release. Absolutely fantastic value for the money. It's a spiritual successor to the Nexus 7 2013, imo, and I completely recommend it..
    Hey Dom, with the stylus being an optional accessory purchase, does the tablet still feature internal storage for it If not, I'm surprised they didn't go with a beefier stylus..

    Hey Dom, does the Shield Tablet come with a Wireless Bluetooth Controller or do you have to buy it separately.
    Nice tablet that was hindered by terrible accessory greed. Not being able to power the thing on is inexcusable. They could have just raised the price to like $220. Love this tablet, will get it. But is it true though that the last year's one had heating up/boiling issues. This is the new version. Last year it had a recall and they fixed it with this year one. You can search more info on google.
    €200 is budget for a tablet €260 is budget for a smartphone People lost their sense of budget with overpriced tech....

    comes without a charger if they want to make it cheaper remove the battery and sell it separately why not..

    looks like a pretty good tablet might buy this! but that's kinda weird that it doesn't come with a charger -.-.
    since I didn't win the iphone6s + samsung galaxy note 5 i'm hoping to win the ipad pro instead.

    Bal kam tune ke upai -
  • November 20, 2015
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  • November 18, 2015
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  • January 10, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    A good idea but not portable right now. Kudos to Samsung for pushing the envelope. Far better than the iPad Pro..
    +Michael Jackson Well that has nothing to do with your previous statement...But anyway...By your logic all anyone needs is a smartphone. The question is whether tablets can currently replace Laptops. To do this a tablet would need to be able to do everything a laptop can do. This is currently not the case....
    We didn't need Kim Kardashian but we have a TV series on them now so It hard to say what do we need and what not. +kopiko102277 the iphone 5 is 4 inches and as far as ios goes, i think 4.0" is perfect. the plus should've been 5" in my opinion.
    +MJ Quintana it's priced too highly though. When I heard I nearly fell over. It was way too expensive..

    You think many of us have MacBooks I know I don't, I'd rather have something with power and a good OS..
    The only way to game on a mac is to sit on it and play do the actual games on a Windows with Intel i7. Samsung: 18.4 inches sound ridiculous! if this was Apple: 18.4 inches! This is the beginning of a new era..
    Stick a digitiser in there and include a stylus and this could be a slick drawing tool. How about including a display port in there and have it as a second screen.

    I strongly believe that tablets could replace laptop only if they were more useful. Both laptops and tablets are made to be portable. But a laptop can get a HELL LOT more things done..

    I switched from a laptop to a tablet. I feel like my note can do almost everything I need. Gaming is done through a console which is linked to my phone. The only thing my note can't do is process raw images but only because of lacking software. I have a cheap crap asus transformer that hardly gets used for processing the images. I can put together a power point presentation or spreadsheet from my phablet. I haven't even looked back since I got it..

    Seriously seriously... an android tablet... again... Windows are MUCH better on a tablet than Android because Windows USES large screens because of it's multitasking capabilities unlike Android, even if they added a stylus, ANDROID isn't just well made for productivity than Windows. They should go against Wacom, now that's a HUGE market..
    I can't wait to walk around a big department store with that on my shoulder talking really loudly like I'm on a call. For me this is something I'd like at home but if its very expensive, it's not a main use item. It's a niche thing and it needs a really attractive price. I think lower spec was wise to keep costs down but then its mentioned it'll be really pricey Bah humbug.. I definitely think this size tablet would be great... If they threw 4K screen on this, 4K upscaled everything, 13000 mAh battery, 128 Gb internal storage, micro sd expansion, and glass for the look, alone with an S Pen.. 6-7 GB of ram, and maybe touchwiz, but a different form, a sort of bridge between desktop and phone OS. I'd gladly hand Samsung 1500 for this.
    And I want HDMI and USB ports to also use this like a little tv... If this is what they say is for media consumption, then give me all these specs and I'll give you all the money you want samsung.
    I believe your right. If it had the multitasking power of the note and the multi window button like the note it would be unstoppable. Also needs a full usb to run a external drive..
    Single hint for Samsung: This thing lacks a S-Pen. You are losing an oportunity here, to sell a killer productivity device..
    First I was like, this is so ridiculous, but after watching some reviews about it, I realized how much I need such a thing in my life. I love watching movies and videos, especially in my bed, kitchen and many different places around. I always hated the fact that I have to watch it on my laptop screen, it's small to enjoy the depth and the details in the movies and other media. I always wanted a big screen, but not so big to a point where I can't take it with me around. Now I can imagine the next generations of this device (in 1-2 years) coming out in 4k Super AMOLED screen. it's gonna be a multimedia killer machine, a screen like that can replace a full size TV. You will not be bothered watching it from a small distance with such a high resolution. I'm not considering it now simply because the low ppi. later when it comes out with higher resolutions, I'm definitely buying it !.
    +Adrian Alob Who told you it will last 2-3 years Nobody cares about device life. Most of the people change their machine after every3-4 years, specially laptop thing because 3-4 years old laptop can't give you the top performance. Every OS is hack able..

    +Tanvir Ahmed I still have my windows xp laptop from 2006 it has 1gb ram its only collecting dust while I use my windows 10 laptop with 12gb ram soon 32gb or 16 Idk .

    I have this tablet and I only paid 499.99 plus tax and I love it also it's a conversation piece. I do feel the specs could of been better the sound and battery life r great. I'm a person who watches alot of movies and videos so this is perfect for me. I don't think I would have purchased it if it didn't have the handle to carry it if u haven't tried it don't down it I'm waiting on updates I can't wait I'm excited. I've had all of samsung tablets and phones I also had all of the surface pro series and those of u that compared the two r just plain stupid that's like apples and oranges there's no comparing the surface pro series r laptops/Tablets and the galaxy view is just a tablet also Microsoft and apple r over priced..
    I am quite sure this product will not sell well. Actually Samsung kind of initiated the big tablet market with Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (12.2 inch) in 2014. After that Microsoft came out with Surface Pro (12 inch) and Apple came out with iPad Pro (12.9 inch). And when Apple came out with iPad Pro no one was talking about Note 12.2. I, for one, bought Note 12.2 last year, because I needed a big tablet. Since Note 12.2 seemed to have everything, I thought it would succeed. But as far as I know Note 12.2 did not sell well. This year (2015) Samsung did not even upgraded that model. The problem is, Samsung's lack of focus and devotion. As you see in the Note 12.2 case, Samsung has no focus and devotion. They sold it as a flagship but once they sold it, they seemed to have forgot about. There have been very few software upgrades. Everything seems to remain as it was in 2014. Note 12.2 has many potentially good features but they almost never get updates. Buyers get disappointed by their lack of support, the sales go down. And as there are no large user base, developers do not find it profitable to waste their time in optimising their apps for this specific model. And this creates a negative feedback. Things have changed so much since a few years ago. Now, fast and continuous software support is essential and to make this possible the user base should be large. Therefore companies need to focus on a small number of well-made devices. I am not really an Apple fan, but this seems to be exactly why Apple is doing so well now..
    It is useless even for professionals, thats why this one and ipad pro are gonna totaly fail. Rule number one: Professionals need the appropiate software (windows)..

    I really hope 15+ inch tablets don't become a thing.I have a 5 inch Nexus 5, 9 inch Nexus 9 and 15 inch Acer laptop. If the norm for tablet sizes reach 15 inches then what's the point of having a laptop.
    +Aditya Yellamilli the problem there being that Microsoft already has an established dominance why would an OEM put android on a tablet that could run windows 10 (being much more tablet friendly already) and with it, its much larger and more productive array of applications that are already there. While there are people like us who are android enthusiasts there are far more people who could care less which OS the tablet runs on.. That's the point! No more laptops. We switch to tablets, or this is what they want us to do at least.. if android had more music making apps and better sound latency i can use it as a portable music daw if this happens i buy this thing emidiatly. or do what apple did with the iPad pro -___- sorry samsung apple beat you there. the iPad pro is the perfect size when it comes to big tablets, being nearly identical to my macbook made me get use to it a lot easier.honestly anything larger is just pointless and defeats the purpose of portability and being a tablet. also the iPad pro has better battery life and the display destroys the samsung :/. Ok, seriously an 18" tablet This is getting pathetic. Samsung is literally trying to put Apple out of business. What Samsung won't understand is that no one needs a tablet that big, I mean my computer monitor is only 19". and it's a bit big for me because it's not a widescreen..
    so my mom has extremely bad eyes and has difficulty seeing a 15 inch laptop, so they this would, help and I would buy it for her..

    Hmm, with the "pressed" interview, I'd say they're not trying to close the bridge between tablets and laptops, but rather the gap between tablets and smart TVs. I say this because...well, "to share viewing experience" is mostly the TVs' job, and replace remote control with touch (you can still use your synced smartphone as a remote thou) while adding the potability factor seems like it. For the unit, I'm thinking maybe they're more likely to be testing the idea of that "handle" rather than the size of it..

    I agree. it's already slowly growing. Samsung galaxy tab pro 12.2 then ipad pro 12.9. This tablet kinda jumped too fast to 18 inch so people weren't ready for it yet. So like you said in about two years it'll be standard.
    I would rather have a Surface Pro over one of these huge tablets. It's a complete computer and has better specifications than this. Both the iPad Pro and this are completely useless in terms of what people could possibly use them for..
    why not since all the tablet manufacturers are stuck with 10 inch or less I think samsung has taken lead. out TV's have gotten big upto 69 inches anf big from humble 21 inch, so why cant samsung push the boundaries for tablet. IMO this looks like leading a new segment..

    i hate it when i open Android Authority and this guy does the review. dont like any of his reviews for some reason..
    If Apple made an 18" Tablet (which would probably cost $3000 [base model]), no one would even be questioning the need for it. It would receive instant acceptance and be praised for 'breaking the mold'. Because we all know, that nothing is necessary, until Tim Crook & his cohorts do it.😒.
    +Michael Panggabean I guess I meant that "tablet" is now becoming "laptop", but is too big for the average lap!.
    Though I personally don't like this huge tablet. I can see this appealing to certain market. Maybe it is the tablet that will replace your TV (LOL). For home uses. Doing a presentation and inside business.. We are so past beyond the question of need! We already don't need half the features of pretty much every smart phone. Products will continue to evolve one way or another. its not about need, but convenience... I think devices like the Surface are the "future" of tablets. They're completely capable of being a tablet, but once you dock in that keyboard you can fire up Photoshop and do other full feature desktop apps. Apple tried to mimic the Surface with the iPad Pro, but it's just a big iPad, nothing more.. It's not a device for the masses, if you ask me, but there will be a lot of people who want to enjoy media on a big screen, in basically any angle they want. Also, it could come in handy for schools!. I like how intelligently you speak. I'm already following Android authority but now I'm subscribed to your channel!. +Satongi Films Well they could have used an HP Slatebook (that's an android laptop) or the pixel c for size reference.. everyone this is not the biggest tablet. Panasonic has the biggest and it's 4k with a 20" screen.. I think the 12-13 inch form factor should be the max. 18 inches just sounds ridiculous. Nobody is gonna use that thing in public mainly because it's not portable enough. I like Samsungs ambitious attitude but tablets are supposed to be portable. The galaxy view is anything but portable. Unless they designed this tablet to complete with your television this will not change the tablet landscape. It'll just be a forgotten project.. +SomeoneYouProbablyDontEvenKnow Yeah but big phones never were a problem from a portability stand point. What I'm arguing is the galaxy view is so big that you ultimately end up sacrificing mobility for more screen real estate. And no I'm not arguing from jobs position because there really isn't a perfect size tablet. I'm just saying that In my opinion this simply not it's not gonna sell its gonna end up being nothing more than mere niche product that will never gain traction. Kinda like the galaxy mega products. .
    +Fabian Taveras It's not really designed to be something you use in public. The idea seem to be that its more an all in one thing. You can watch TV, or use it for recipes, keep up with sports stats, or play games wherever in the house. Yea my phone can do those things, but a 5.5 inch screen is not something I want to be using all the time at home. Its much easier to read off an 18 inch tablet, and a tablet is much easier to use while walking around the house than a laptop is. I don't see it becoming a huge success, but I definitely see where it could be useful. I'd think about getting one when the price point comes down or I can find one used..

    Galaxy view will be future in tablet industry, thus it could be costly but i am sure it's worthy to buy this product especially womens will love this. Samsung's are always one step ahead in innovation..
    +krishna najmi So in other words, you're being stereotypical by saying that women will love it because they can use it in many places especially the kitchen. The fact that I feel this way does not make me stereotypical, I personally think it's a good way to have galaxy view cause it's packed with powerful apps no doubt & most useful+fun for video calling..
    Samsung workers were mad because of the biggest tablet in the world, the iPad pro.. they needed to make even a bigger one exactly like the iPhone and the galaxy all those years XD.

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  • January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I don't mind these modular designs. Somebody has to take the risk and actually make this technology that might not be practical now but paves the way for things that could be in the future!. +PJ Duffield Got you, thanks. I still see modular devices as penetrating a very niche market. Even in business. They won't be the standard but the exception. It's not practical for most business focused environments. Which goes back to the original post..
    +Tuan X but by business it really means it laptops for your business so an employer can deploy like a budget to a division of the company and they can choose so obviouslt this is geared more towards the more sort of media based people more than the speadsheet guys still technically a business application .

    It's still a competitor in that target market. Now IT people will have to choose between more options for their employees..

    +Qushery Good to hear. I'm betting a lot of people won't go out of their way to research the product after hearing those blown up figures, though :/.

    I would never buy this personally but, I would love to see this in schools. This has huge potential at a grand scale, but I doubt many individual consumers will even consider this product..

    It looks like a good product in general, addons loom ok to me. will fail due to pricing compared to other windows devices..
    it has potential, but needs product design revision, the modular parts and the kickstand looks clunky n kinda complicated. I've worked in a corporate setting for a Fortune 100 company for 8 years and I can guarantee you nobody here would ever use such built-in projector. So it's a total gimmick. Flat panel tvs are so cheap these days, every conference room has one. And why would you have a meeting in a dark room with someone.
    The iVerge and their stupidity never cease to amaze. They cry about it wobbling in a mode you're just gonna be presenting/consuming content like on the toyPad, and make misleading claims like it's an exclusive issue. Even the toyPad with it's smart cover has always had the worst of this "issue"; single tap and it'll fall back..

    Really nice looking tablet but the productivity modules seem inconvenient. It is for productivity so it makes sense, but if you're at a meeting and need to plug in a module it might take a second compared to having an HDMI on there or even a small adapter cable.

    Wtf is this At some point they'll build up the models so that you can ride to work on it. What a mess.
    It would've been a better video if you actually showed off the projector, 3D camera, etc, but nice vid overall. +MickeyLovesIceCream microsoft wants and welcomes more tablet/pc hybrids. Not really a knock the only thing similar between the two is their both tablets with kickstands.
    Can you please use the metric system At least chuck a 'kg' equivalent in the corner of the video..
    DOA. They should just make a hard-clamshell style ThinkPad Tablet and stop messing around with this sort of nonsense. Microsofts surface is obviously best in class for windows tablets but there's certainly a niche market for the same performance but with an extra 10+ hours battery, a lot more ports, and an exceptional keyboard. Calling something business class doesn't make these clunky, expensive, and gimmicky add-ons a good addition to a tablet.. What a fucking joke. A core m Thinkpad Still hoping for a 12" laptop with a full power CPU for productivity on the go like in the good old days, but with a display that's worth looking at..
    So the only things that are cool about this tablet and you brush over them in the last 30 seconds of the video.

    What I can see in the video: - bulky tablet - too many things to carry around - It's to complicated to switch modules. Possibly break hinges and hooks - Probably lose casing which I removed for using a module - Why not a "docking station" with maybe a keyboard + battery (like surface book). If I plug half a dozen cables I will probably not want to hold the tablet anyway. - tablet + modules ~ 1600 $. WTF.

    I wish this guy gets fired. speak clearly without saying umm and like and breathing heavily and be less bri-isshh and annoying..
    The only problem with the surface that bothers me is the limited battery life, we're talking about 5hrs in real life tests, Lenovo claims 15hrs for the X1 with productivity module, that's going to be realistically somewhere around 9hrs, but it's still a great improvement over the surface if you ask me.. I think the video was good. The product is too expensive with too many add on options that cost too much..
    Where is his accent from I know it is british but where exactly Where dose that pronouncing /th/ as /f/ come from.
    I'm trying to replace a computer, something tells me I'm going to be locked down as far as computer things, like overclocking, and graphics tweaking, for that price you better include more ports or something. f an attachment. $899 for a Core M I'd ask who Intel and Lenovo think they're kidding, but this is probably going to sell by the bucketload..

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  • October 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I wanted one so bad back then, I remember another device by kyocera that had dual screens, it was on sprint. I feel like with today's technology we can improve on what went wrong with this concept. We can shrink the bazels, make that border in the middle seemless. And make it thinner at the same time, that would be very cool. +Vaibhav Shah Windows 8 took a lot of RAM to do things, but I guess that's why people called it the "new Vista".. +Richard Craig chceck Android Authority, you'll really enjoy Joshua Vergara and Ash (Sadly, it's quite rare to see Ash).
    I think this form factor could be a great thing now with the use of foldable screen technology to eliminate that center bezel..

    +Lionel Humphreys I agree, it would be cool to have a fold up tablet like that. It would be great to be able to fit an iPad in my pocket..

    Yessss!! I want a modern remake of this so much, just think we already have dual display but on this you could take that to another level. Also emulators and gaming could potentially be awesome if they did it right..

    Having notifications at the top is absolutely fine if you have bought a normal sized phone for average sized hands instead of a retarded thing made for a f###ing basketball players hands like a lot of tw#ts own and look ridiculous using. - Galaxy Alpha user.
    +Michael Fisher you got a thumbs up for reminding me about the device and still rocking the Nexus 6..
    +Pocketnow The Sony design team must have been taking meth when they decided to make that thing..

    +Drrck11 If it had caught on and people had made more software that supported the dual screen format, it could have been just fine... Dual screen web browser, for example, or modern android style multitasking with an app on the top and an app on the bottom, could end up looking great. I think the problem is that it wasn't popular enough so you ended up with the crappy split-in-half view like we saw in the video..
    keep in mind these specs are top notch back in 2012, the galaxy S3 period... samsung is making foldable tablets soon, with not much bezel hopefully. if they make the bezels that touched smaller(not even there if possible ) and with modern specs I'd use this..
    I think this idea could be modernized and be pretty good. Thinner bezels, thinner design, faster hardware, etc..
    I would like a modern, bezel free equivalent to be released. Something similar for phones (slip smartphone like Samsung and Sharp are doing overseas). Some variation would be nice..
    How come I never knew about this product Where was I when this was released, or even being announced Reminded me of something more "throwback", something I also never had, but my dream gadget in the past - the Nokia Communicator 9110 (and likes). 😉.

    Lol i dont know where you was at because at&t had alot of commercials on this phone all the time. I remember them and i was like 12 or 13.
    Really want to get my hands on one of these and see if a root/custom rom is available to bring it up to a less horrid os like jellybean...I like devices like this and I think it would work amazingly as a nintendo ds phone of sorts, if they developed the dsemu app to use the duel screens...that would be awesome. A bezelless foldable tablet would work. We have flexible display so a single display could be folded in half. Only issue is.. Flexible glass. .
    +NonsensicalSpudz Not nearly as much. Anyway, flexible≠foldable. Todays flexible displays are not meant to be folded (or excessively flexed), they would just break after few uses..

    I have always dreamed with something like this. Well protected, forget about bulky cases and covers or cracked screens. But if they could just make it right, in a way that the 2 screens got perfectly joined. It could be the tablets future. What about open it all the way and using just one side when wanting just a phone. This was great. I Never forget how comfortable the shield Motorola phones were in hand, and how strong..
    They could make it a playstation gaming device. On the top a bezeless wide screen and on the bottom, controls and a small screen. like a DS.. The huge bezels between the two screens is the only thing that made it ugly. I wonder if Samsung used thr flexible display technology in this format there wud not be any bezels in between making that an awsome foldable tablet! .
    wish we had one made today, that used the crazy screen drivers people are making today to get rid of the edges.

    Ugh I hate Apple because it is not open source and YOU have TO PAY MONEY FOR MUSIC why donwload it to mp3 to android IT's BETTER!!.
    Personally I like it, with a better hardware and reduced bezels, this can be a cool thing, a tablet big as much as a smartphone.. I love the part when he said this is what it should look like and shows us a picture of over priced iPad smh. and they whined and whined that they wanted a book like tablet with a touchscreen keyboard and now people are bullshitting out that they don't want it. what a bunch of fucktard hypocrites.. Trust me, if they sort out the bezel issue, and couple it with great hardware, this form factor would sell like hotcakes, even better than Samsung's phablets. LOL at those bezals, there fukin huge. The idea is good but Sony's design failed. I'd buy 1 if it had smaller bezals and was more compact with the same size screen.. And the Android fanboys praised it as the next messiah, look how well it held up.. Meanwhile I still use my original iPad Mini and it's still fantastic..
    I don't know why but I like how it looks when closed. but the moment you open it, I want to vomit..
    Such concept with a folding Plastic OLED display would certainly be interesting to look at now since a folding display wouldn't mean having two screens to make one..
    I won't update my Tablet Z past Jelly Bean because I don't want to lose the notifications in the bottom right hand corner. .

    Isn't there a phone version that wasn't the echo. I think it was called the NEC Media W or something like that. Whatever happened to that.
    +Jared Betzler your first part of the sentence contradicts the second part. We wont get a "top notch spec" on $150 tablets.. Call me crazy, but I think someone should try this again now that they can make bezel-less displays. And on the outside they should go with something like an old bar phone or an e ink display to save battery..
    Could you imagine what this could look like if they would use a curved screen and narrower bezels I feel like I spelled bezels wrong :P.

    Lol, you spent a hundred bucks on that piece of crap! I've got a whole drawer full of old junk that I'll sell to you at outrageously high prices! .

    I forgot how cool it was having the control/status bar on the bottom in honey comb... Google needs to bring that back on tabs..

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  • January 21, 2016
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  • January 25, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    That Kanye wallpaper...I feel like I got to do that too but I don't want people to ask questions xD.
    +thebrownieguy thats my reaction after every Ralphy video but I will still watch it. Amazes me everytime..

    My hand made it into one of your videos! 😨😱 (the one touching austins abs)... my life is complete!😂.

    so,you're saying digiland tablet is the best. does it have 4gb ddr4 ram 64gb storage 820 snapdragonandroid 6.0.1waterproof4k screen No well,then its a rubbish tablet mate.
    +Ralphy Cervantes​ now let's fuck with Austin Packages Evan's 17 inch schlong 😍 (please don't block me) .

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  • November 14, 2015
    Aapke liye mar na sake to zindagi kis kam ki. please koi upai batao kya. ke upay Femvigor tablet kis kaam aati hai - Female breast ko bara karne. i53
    Bal kam tune ke upai -
  • November 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    is Google like Apple when releasing first gen devices i was thinking on holding back for a second gen Pixel C because I dont know how power hungry the X1 chip will be..
    I have been watching your videos, and I feel like this list is well researched, compared to some other ones. Do you especially like tablets or something Anyways, awesome improvement. Keep it up!. I am really trying to improve quality, I have a bunch of new products shipping to me tomorrow and plan on covering them with a completely different hopefully better format. Apple Sucks I used there apple I pad mini All it does is glitch it has problems man idk what's wrong with apple products plus there annoying with there silly apple passwords you have to make to download stuff off the app store and they also have these poor ppl slaves making there stuff don't believe me search the truth behind apple there Terrible ppl.
    +Ryan “Bombtag” Anderson The Pixel C is where I'm looking especially because Multiscreen was announced to be coming to Android soon.
    Glad I subbed to you, it's always nice to learn a bit on technology and potentially some I might want to buy! ty so much M3.
    Happy to help, I have lots of very interesting products showing up at my door tomorrow that I can't wait to review!.

    I really hate watching this cause I can't afford that I have a Samsung s4 phone but it stii reminds me of the best phones and which I had this phone since it came out.
    ...or you can just buy a $60 8 inch Apex tablet and use the big screen Ipad Pro as a serving tray for tea and biscuits.. the samsung exgnos 8 should so be included in this although it has not launched yet that tablet is scary good.
    just want to say Xperia z3 compact is pretty Good. battery lasts ages and charges at blazing speeds. when I look for a tablet I want long battery life. anyone else.

    I'm searching for a tablet, but I don't know whats te best. could you pleace help me. the things I do on a tablet is watchting video's and playing games..

    +Nick Janssen I suggest the tab 2 then. it has a speedy processor, at a lower price than many of the other tablets on this list. It plays youtube no problem since its wifi sensor is good, and playing games is quite fast on it..

    i own a rca viking pro that cost $149 and works just as nice as the nexus pixle c... it usualy runs faster too and runs on android marshmallow.
    wish you would hit 100k subs soon as you deserve it mate for your great effort and much detailed works. okay dude no problem. can you check out my channel and subscribe I'm doing a deck giveaway soon.

    NicoNot - The anti-nicotine tablet
  • January 7, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +flexer83 tint all your windows including the front windshield with clear ceramic window film. you will feel the difference.
    This video should be titled: *How not to crimp, how to do things the hard way, and what tools/materials not to use, demonstrated.*.

    +Tim W flipping it 180 will have the same issue. 90° would solve it. Gorilla glass has zero to do with it. The LCD design uses polarized glass. Using a AMOLED would solve the problem. .
    +•Finn• When I did my install I found wireless charging to be unreliable; I had to use a usb cable instead. If you're interested there's a build log here
    Please don't tell me he sold a FRS for a 1997 Ford F-150. That's just wrong in every level..
    +Taylor Martin Good. Cause otherwise I would have to run you over with an FRS to knock some sense into you. Lol. Hi Taylor, love the tablet idea. i have a question that i was hoping you might be able to help with. I'm in the UK and have a 2007 Vauxhall Astra (h) mk5 (SATURN ASTRA IN THE STATES) with a BID display and I want to keep all the audio controls the same from the center console and steering wheel but just change the BID display to a android tablet. Any chance you could help with any information on what to do or how to go about the changes, even maybe what parts i need. any help is welcome and appreciated. thanks from an overseas fan. +Doug Bernards (Soundman) I'm curious why Nexus 7 seems to be the popular choice. Is it just the convenient size or the fact that it upgrades firmware easy I've been really wanting to do something like this but with a Galaxy Pro 8.4. Bigger, higher res screen, brighter too which I've found to be a big thing while driving during the day. Plus the ability to put an SD card in for my music..
    It seems I must have switch YouTube channels with out noticing. I swear I saw that guy some where else.
    why not just buy a magnetic mount ie: scosche magic mount for like £12, and a belkin bluetooth kit for £40 no wires, no hard install and u can take ur tablet out of the car as and when u please installing this way will probably take around 30 minutes tops plus u can also use the belkin bluetooth kit for ur calls aswell.
    You clearly have little experience doing this kind of work, your radio already receives a fused switched live..

    +Taylor Martin using a voltmeter or even a 12v light bulb, one could easily find the switched live wire from the ignition.

    +Taylor Martin (CasperTek) Which is exactly why you shouldn't do a video showing how to do this. You're going to send people down the wrong path, and doing things the hard way. You didn't even crimp the harness properly. Solder and heat shrink is the proper way to do so you don't have issues down the road..

    I really wanted to try this, but you talk way to fast when the most important facts are being said, you said you plug the Bluetooth adapter into this what is this.
    Im pretty sure you shouldn't have to re-pin any of those wires from the wiring adapters for your vehicle. The whole point of the adapter is so that it connects the right stuff from the radio (or amp) to the cars internal parts. Usually all of the car stuff is color coded and not much work is required. So I'm pretty sure that entire step can be skipped if you wire the right wires from the adapters to the amps. PS Anyone looking to do something similar and you already have bluetooth in the car. You could literally just mount the tablet and connect it through bluetooth, or a Aux cord to the car and have everything play through that. Sure it wont look as good, depending on how you mounted it but it would still work..
    +Evan Watty Well those fans don't make the air cool in a PC but it keeps it from overheating. If the A/C isn't working in your car, opening the windows to let the hot air in won't turn it cool when it enters your car but it keeps you from overheating while driving down the road. You get my point.
    +TheCobruhAlienat0r oh the fans in the pc that are in an air conditioned room The fans that are attached to a radiator or heatsink Yeah I'm not seeing your point, if there is one. On an 85 degree day the inside of your vehicle can reach 150 degrees, your tablet won't cool down fast enough. The fans on a computer are far enough away from each other to pull cooler air in and push hotter air out, but it's nowhere near 150 degrees inside of a case. I used it on my car it works Next i try to use it again on my dad car wich have one already now my dad car have two screen which is awesome.
    I have almost no experience with this stuff yet I want this so bad. I was thinking of getting an frs ! probably liking the brz more though..

    I probably would have used an expanding foam insulator to create a decent pocket to dock the tablet and some Velcro to secure the tablet. .
    +rnagic Also a great idea. Just keep in mind, there isn't a lot of space inside there (between the amp and wireless puck)..
    everyone here should check out sound man car audio he sells kits to modify your dash to install iPhones ipads and nexus tablets only down side is you will need to put in more work and much more expensive process.

    Thank you taylor for finishing it, i m also into tech projects and love the work you do. Thanks to aa for the publish aswekl.

    +Zach Snyder Yes, yes it could. That's one of the main reasons I wanted this to only be semi-permanent. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted, but I will definitely work on it over time..
    +ANGRY POTATO The android auto from ebay or aliexpress wont nearly have the same touch and performance quality as a nexus.
    I have a much simpler way to do this. 1. buy a tablet case. 2. glue the case to a vertical part of your dashboard. 3. put your tablet in. 4. realize how much if a genius I am. I know it's more primitive and less seemless but it's functional and much simpler than this..
    1:55 In my experience none of those work (Actually stay together) except soldering. So just take the time to do it right if you don't want to be constantly ripping apart your dash.. +Colton Blumhagen I've been running both types of splicers shown in this video off an on for years and never had any problems. +Taylor Martin How would the tablet function during cold weather in your truck For example, say the temperature drops to -15 over night, would the table still work in the morning right after turning your truck on.
    But let's say that you're on vacation or leave the car just sitting around for a while, the tablet is in standby mode but still using miniscule energy, especially because of the bluetooth being on. You come back to the car and turn it on and the wireless charging starts charging the now dead tablet. How do you turn the tablet back on if the power button is not accessible.
    I have the Nexus rooted and Tasker has the ability to power on the tablet from a dead state when a charge is applied. But in all honesty, if I knew I we're leaving it for that long, I'd take it with me, which is why I don't like truly permanent installs..
    You can really run the input any way you like. Like I said, I went with Bluetooth so I can have options..
    i Have a 2003 infinit g35 if i leave the car off for a couple days the battery will drain i found the draw and it was the radio fuse 15 do anybody know what will cause the radio to drain the battery it could be the bose amp thats draining it idk.. I found the easiest way to do that!!! Step 1. Buy car with android auto. And that it, now you are ready to rock!!!. +Emri Ben Gigi The auto industry is slow to adapt. I will be 2018 or later before it will be available on all models. Some companies, like Toyota, have decided not to deploy it all.. What happens when you don't start the car for a while Won't the battery deplete and you'll have to rip open the dash to turn the tablet back on. +Delty Ploy Some devices automatically turn on if there's enough power and it's charging. I had this issue with my boss' Nexus 5 where I was trying to get into recovery but whenever I connected it for charging it booted and got stuck in a bootloop (the bootloop was the reason I was looking at it).. +Delty Ploy I have a Nexus 7 in my dash, and that exact situation just happened to me. Quite annoying, but worth it to have a better radio. +AlFatihaOnRS I upload a ton of videos, usually 2-5 per week. You're just looking in the wrong places. ;-). will the tablet discharge faster that it is being charged I found even my nexus 6, charging via USB can't keep its screen on road trips over 3 hours... because it discharges faster than it can be charged..
    this is great however while he just get that Sony head unit then it'll be a lot easier and more stable.
    I have something similar in my e46, but I’ve encounter a problem. When I don’t start my car for 2 weeks, my tablet will die, and it’s pretty hard to get everything down, just to press the power on button. Did you encounter this issue Do you have a solution for this Thanks for the video, especially because you mentioned the AutoMate app, I’ve been searching for something like this for a while.. i am confused! is this a joke or do you not know anything about this you say it dose not have a true double din slot yet it dose in fact have a true double din slot.
    +MOD this model f150 is in fact full double din! He just doesn't know anything about his truck!.

    buy a back cover and attach the amp and charger to it.find a way to attach that back cover firmly to the you can take out the tablet when you want.
    What happens if you leave your car sitting for a week or two and the tablet runs out of battery and thus turns off How will you be able to restart it Just starting the car will not turn it back on and boot you into Android but instead just show you the Charging-Screen, or am I missing out on something here. +james aketch 301 is nonexistent after that last youtube update. Theres no Under 301 club "officially" anymore :D.
    My dad bought and installed himself a Chinese media system for $300, it's running android 4.4.4, has a quad core CPU, reverse camera, front camera with DVR capabilities, full integration with the cars radio, audio, doors opening, wheel buttons and climatronic, has a DVD player and works as a handsfree bluetooth through the car stereo system. What else could you want from it (btw the car is a 2013 VW tiguan) EDIT: It also comes with a 3g modem GPS, WiFi and basically anything an android smartphone has. You can see a very similar system in action in these videos:
    +Taylor Martin It does have a capacitive touch display. The only downside is that the resolution of the display is less than HD, but that doesn't bother me much because its still more than the original media system that VW offer in my country (for an extra fee of "just" $800).. when I get my GT-T instead of replacing the instruments with an mfd in going yo put in a tablet. don't know how it'll look because it's on top but it well..
    +Emilio Aranda Yep! I had a part in the script about it but ended up cutting it out since AutoMate offers most of the features I would need for this application. BUT I had to go back after the video, root the tablet, and use Tasker to force the tablet back on if it ever dies..

    Tablet - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 2, 2015
  • November 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I don't have anything wrong with vertical scrolling. I just don't like how restrictive the grid is on the start screen. They should make it like Windows Phone which is a lot less restricted. I don't like how everything is split into columns of 3 with big gaps in between them. It should be all one grid..

    +Bloq Personally, I'd prefer the Android type of layout. I like to group up certain apps into it's own group and have it anywhere on the grid I want it. Saves space and I can categorize applications into certain groups, etc. I know that defeats the purpose of Live Tiles, though. Live Tiles are nice, I rarely rely on them, and they're someone a battery sucker to have many enabled anyways. Plus, I like the idea of having a swipe to a dedicated page showing, let's say, my calendar. How about swipe to another page with some other dedicated app that's always showing some type of status. I'm still having a hard time transitioning the the Windows mobile experience versus Android. I feel there are still things that are done more intuitively in the Android platform for mobile users versus the Windows platform..

    +Bloq That makes the tiles either very small on portrait mode or very big on landscape mode.This way Windows can shuffle the tiles around when you rotate the device without messing with your arrangement..
    Ok sweet, I was wondering if you could hide the taskbar. Showing it in start but not in apps makes it 1000x better.. +Jakelegofilms It would be perfect if you could make it auto hide in tablet mode but persist in desktop mode.. Yeah. Maybe just a swipe going downwards to hide the taskbar depending on the app your in. No need to go back on the desktop every time to enable/disable auto hide..
    this looks so damn good but watching at 60fps, I notice frame rate dips whenever the app switching animation is triggered, why is that Windows 8 was much smoother even in beta. That said, tablet mode looks incredible. Like, really REALLY good. They've really blurred the lines between Win32 and Modern. Now any app, even Win32 apps, will play nice with all the new tablet stuff. That is killer!.
    It has to be done within 30 days of install. Just do a system restore. Go back to previous version of Windows..
    Only a small percentage of folks can effectively touch type on a tablet. Don't feel bad. :) Thanks for the vid. I definitely will be using Win10 on my tablets..

    Thanks buddy i was confused i should upgrade my window 8.1 to windows 10 or not. but after watching this i can say i shouldn't wait..
    2 Cameron Davis I agree. I was thinking the same thing. I really preferred the swipe in and back for switching apps. Works way nicer..
    Zac. You didn't have to swipe 4 times in Windows 8/8.1. Just swipe in and back out from the left, and it shows all of the running apps in a sidebar on the left..
    +jamvng But it's less easily accessible in terms of touch...Why can't they just add the bar to the task view I mean, Task View doesn't use that space on the left side, anyway. Still, the actual issue is that Task View is the only option for task switching, not that it's somehow worse or better than the side bar view. Even the task bar was better for task switching. I have no fucking idea why they kept the bar but removed the task switcher from it..
    This video made me use windows 10 on my Teclast x98 Air III that i got for christmas :) Thanks for incouraging me to use tablet mode. Very helpful.

    Too fast for a tablet newbie. When you say to "go here" or zoom through settings, I can't see where you swiped or touched a button/icon. Use a highlighted arrow or cursor.
    Does the keyboard auto pop up in classic apps like file explorer or it's still that stupid keyboard And does it auto scroll the UI so that it becomes under the active text field. I think they should do it in a similar way to android, where most of the time the bottom row is persistent unless in a game or media app in which the row can be accessed by an upwards swipe. . For a company pushing universal design for all form factors, the different design for tablet apps and desktop apps is jarring. Seeing a desktop app alongside a tablet app showed just how different and bifurcated Windows 10 still is. Microsoft has put lots of time into marketing but not enough time dealing with the details of the new OS..
    +Joe Marshall Well,in the future most apps will be UWP apps except the ones that are impossible to port like Adobe Photoshop and those apps will (hopefully) be redesigned..

    Turn on auto-hide task bar makes senses on tablet mode. The gesture works also. So left side is for task, right for notices and quick settings, top side for split screen and bottom for windows button, back button, search button and time.
    Huh In 8.1 you can switch between all the open apps by swiping in and out on the left hand side to show the thumbnails. You don't have to go back four times..
    I really want windows 10 on my PC but my motherboard is from 2010...drivers are gonna be a problem....

    +falmatrix2r My MB is from 2005 and W10 is doing fine. Always a good idea to not install a new OS on day 1 so companies have a chance to update drivers..

    win8.1 tablet is much better than win 10. I prefer to swipe gesture to change apps, which is easy and simple. Tapping is awful and not convenient at all. The taskbar also takes space of the whole screen. Most of all, the start screen is very ugly if you rotate your screen to portrait!!!!.

    Great video! Thx for the helpful tips and info. I can't wait to have it on my Surface Pro 3. Keep up the good job! Subscribed!.

    The sound bar was labelled as Elgato, so he probably used a HDMI out through an Elgato capture card..
    Nice, now I can access my hidden taskbar (at the top of my screen) with just a swipe, before had to use my Surface Pen to hover at the top of the screen or install and configure an awesome Windows Store application like TouchMe Gesture Studio to add such gesture function..
    Good points but still not convenced. Left out two things. 1- ipads scroll left and right and no one says a thing about their approach being worse. Never needed to scroll with my index finger on a win 8.1 tablet. 2- in multitasking on 8.1, a user can swipe right and then back to the left to reveal all apps running without leaving the current one. On 10 for tablets, u just get the task switcher. U cannot see the apps while running a current one. Either task switcher or apps but u cannot view the task switcher while in an app like 8.1 can..
    In Windows 8 you could also see all open apps when task switching by drawing an app out from the left and (while holding it) swipe back to the left and then you see all open apps.
    I use Tablet mode alot with Desktop computer. I haven't used 8.1 or 8.0 much. I jumped right on W10 from W7..

    The author closes the eyes on the obvious issues. Especially in the multitasking part. You never had to swipe four times to get to the fourth recent app - you could swipe from and then to the left edge to choose the app you wanted. Now it's just a giant list of thumbnails which gets infinitely bigger if you don't bother closing the apps (which is a thing end user never has to do). About the taskbar - yes, you can hide it but then you're left without a one-click back button. Having to swipe up and then tap a button every time you want to navigate up is unacceptable..

    +Лёха Славутский well like android in the end, you can't have everything. However I think that 3rd party apps will have back functions like android and ios versions.

    Ok, question time. In tablet mode, do apps run in the background (like normal legacy apps) or do they pause when they are in background I usually get some problems with a few apps that pause themselves instead of running in the background (especially facebook app, but not only). Some of them like Hyper or Music work just fine..
    +Faheem Ahmed This didn't look so bad, except ALL APPS on Win8 is so much better. Win10 makes you scroll when you shouldn't have to.. In W8, you can swipe in from the left and back out to see open applications, which I think is a lot less jarring a transition than the new W10 view.
    Not desktop apps. Have word and excel open on win8 and see if you can see them open separately. You can't. You can on 10..

    I like these vids, but the audio is bad. Lot's of popping, cant hear the audio in certain spots, so please improve our audio. Thank You..
    Juste one question in Microsoft edge on tablette, is it always possible to make a return by swaping Thanks.
    +Symus People complain that it's not touch friendly but it's just the statusbar and the nav bar from W10 Mobile combined..

    Great video. I wish there's a file explorer just like the one on Windows 10 for phone, which seems much more touch friendly to me. The buttons for the contextual menu (by right click or long press on files/folders) are still a bit small..

    Thank you for making this video. I recently upgraded my Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet to 10. Until watching this video, I didn't fully grasp how tablet mode functions on Windows 10. My mind was still in 8.1 mode. Your video really gave me a new perspective on things. I will say though that your Surface Pro 3 really makes Windows 10 on a tablet seem much snappier than on my Atom based unit. I've noticed more lag with Windows 10. Hopefully, this will be addressed with further updates..
    +WinBeta Will it be possible to load Windows 10 on the original surface with Windows RT or are we just forgotten....
    +Animurh 2-1s are quite popular so this mode helps them have a better tablet experience. Also touch laptop users..
    I like the task bar always being present it makes me feel like I have more control however I prefer the horizontal scrolling, there's just more space given and it really does look nicer..
    Task Bar Tablet Mode: Toggle on/off conveniently Bluetooth, Exists As well as Icon on Taskbar showing Bluetooth status. Can Task Bar have some customization Task Bar location can be moved to TOP of tablet Portrait/landmark OK Can keep Tablet mode even with keyboard attached to Tablet Surface 3 I also heard there was a bug for the install of Win 10 to the Surface. Potentially bricks the device. Do you know if this issue has been resolved.

    This looks fantastic. Now that Ballmer is gone, it looks like Microsoft is finally moving in the right direction with Windows. It's ironic that all it took to realize his vision for a single platform ecosystem across all devices is his dismissal from the company. Good riddance to that bonehead..
    QUESTION. Somebody answer I can't find it anywhere hahaha will the Surface computers allow automatic switching from desktop to tablet mode when you fold back the keyboard or do you have to physically remove the keyboard. Have you try to lay out more than 8 tiles across in a group How do you move around a group of tiles in window 10, you can't. Instead of swiping 4 times to switch 4 apps in windows 8.1, you can call up the running apps list by half swiping. Half swiping from the top also calls up app context menu. The problem you had with typing has more to do with windows 10 tablet mode due to the taskbar not really being hidden since it constantly gets triggered when you touch the bottom screen. Switching between pen and touch makes touch unresponsive and sometimes locks in as a right click. I have to reboot my Surface 3 (using the pen) in order to get touch to work again. I also have to recalibrate both touch and pen afterwards. All of my admin app tiles are gone and forced to search for the app instead. Search is no longer triggered by just typing from to start screen and I'm forced to click on search bar in order to type. Although transitioning between desktop app is an improvement, windows 10 tablet mode is an inherent downgrade from Windows 8.1 start screen. Don't even ask how OneNote 2013 and OneDrive works on windows 10. I can't even launch OneNote 2013 with my pen anymore and OneDrive is a completely step backwards from windows 8.1. I have been running the same preview, but on an 8" tablet (Venue 8). On a smaller device than the Surface 3, the vestigial desktop UI elements, taskbar, all app list, are less functional than you claim. May I remind that these elements were there in XP Tablet Edition, and tablet versions of Vista and Win 7. They were assessed cumbersome then, what has changed Have our fingers high-tech smaller The elements of the twitter could easily be moved into notifications, which I agree is more functional than Charms. Task switching could, with a setting in win 8.1 be changed to a vertical set of thumbnails down the left to be easily accessed by the left thumb, rather than apps spread ali over the screen, requiring two hands switching. There are certainly things better in Win 10, but there are regressions as well. One significant regression is the loss of a number of Modern apps, forthcoming used of desktop apps, though in full screen, while in tablet more. File manager, Skype, IE (modern) come to mind. If MS believes these desktop apps are perfectly functional on a email touch screen device now, I would suggest the revisit their own tablet history that showed they were not in XP, Vista or Win 7.. It also sets a bad precedent. If MS can't or doesn't believe it is necessary, to create tablet/touch focused apps for their own products why should other developers Just build desktop mouse and keyboard apps and tablet users should be happy because they come up full screen.. I have installed this on my Surface 3 and i think it is better then 8. Oh i see you are a who fan what do you think of the new series.
    One thing you're wrong about with app switching is having to swipe 4 times to get to a previous app in 8.1 In 8.1 you swipe in and out quickly, and you'll have a list of all of your apps to choose from on the left. Then you select with the same thumb the app you want. It's MUCH better in 8.1, not 10.

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  • December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    is there a cover pad, without a keyboard, that folds like the ipad cover that allows for it to stand thanks.. hi Lisa 2 MobileTechReview, what is the encoding used on the media files particularly the 720p HQ mvk mp4 i cant get my thinkpad tablet to play 720p mkv files smoothly at all. looks more like the 1080p HQ video you played. ive even tried mxplay with latest codecs and sw (fast) decoding.. 2 diddy47 3rd party apps can be uninstalled (although i'm from europe, didn't have netflix installed, I did uninstall McAfee, Amazon, all the card games, etc.), you can also remove the lenovo launching app (but it stays installed), the launching wheel is permanent (cacnnot even disable), same applies for the user guide PDF.. Yes there is going to come with out the thinkpad tablet 2 running on Windows 8. It will no longer run android anymore =( .
    Hi, Lisa. Do you know how goes to recovery mode in this tablet I tried press home and volume + while the tablet is turning on. Also, with home and volume - buttons. No one works. Thanks P.D.: Sorry if my english is bad: is not my first language..
    Question: I have unlimited talk-text-data 4g phone service running on GSM sim card. If I inserted it into the Lenovo Thinkpad sim card slot, will the 4g data work on it. 2 theEpowell1245 It is thick because it has Gorilla glass, Thinkpad build quality, and extra ports. Also, ask an Electrical Engineer what the biggest trade-off is with thinner electronic gadgets. It is heat! The tablet performance takes a hit due to that, especially when you use intense apps like Netflix or Games. Example: My Asus Zenbook heats up and shuts down every time I pay 720P youtube videos for more than 2 or 3 minutes..
    i accidentally droped my 7 in ideapad today my moms gonna kill me so it looks like i'll be spending the money to buy this one. o_0.
    do you have to hold down the button on the digitizer pen to take notes or to draw, or does it just erase if you hold down the button. The Lenovo IdeaPad S2 doesn't have a digital pen, only the ThinkPad tablet does in the Lenovo line.. 2 ruzaroos If you've used the HTC Flyer or Jetstream pen, you will notice that you can write anywhere and in any app which doesn't have to be a note app, an art app or PDF. It can also control anything and anywhere on the screen, unlike with the Lenovo stylus, as you noted, you have to use it on certain parts of the screen. . To be honest, I would be a lot more interested in the tablet if it didn't have the same shitty fingerprint magnet black plastic front as every other tablet on the market. It's a very anti-thinkpad characteristic, being something that looks great in a showroom but is a bane upon the existence of anyone having to use it. .
    This might seem dumb but can you use the pen with Evernote or GoogleDrive An answer would be amazing ;D.

    Windows 8 tablets with stylus and handwriting recognition support in any application... now that will be the day..

    not my type of tablet that tablet is more for business im waiting anyway to buy a tablet til icecreamsandwhic(4.0) comes out.
    2 FlamingSC It will work only in 3G mode... Since the Gobi antenna is only 3G capable as far as I know. make sure you get the 3G upgrade option, though, since the base models are WiFi only..
    I know it has been updated to android 4.0, but was wondering if apps from the android mark will work on it as well, not just the apps from the lenovo app store.

    the stock notes app is bad for free hand note taking. Its somtimes not precise in erasing quickly. Some locations on the screen dont even take input from the pen. Lenovo needs to really update on this app since its their main feature app. Can anyone recommend a really good app for note taking. Has evernote indicated that they would support digitizer pen support.
    2 pogularocky I know all about the necessity to disperse heat in electronic devices, but shutting down every time you watch a video for 2 or 3 minutes You're either exaggerating or you have a faulty unit. That doesn't even make sense.. its not the samething the x200t is a full hybrid computer running windows and it has onenote which is probably the best note taking software ever invented (plus it can be used with other office products).
    PLEASE ANSWER. is lenovo releasing a new version of this think pad tablet i'm thinking on buying one but i don't know if a newer version is coming up soon sorry for my english (:.
    2 MobileTechReview i have and i will again XD just wondering will u be reviewing the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out. Excellent rewiev, thanks. So which would you prefer Lenovo or Asus Can you stil use a mouse on these devices (need it for autoCAD). Tnx again!. A tablet with a 3g connection, a usb port and that runs on android. This is it. I wish I'd had heard of this before. I was waiting for either apple or samsung to release a tab with a usb port, and I was dreading having to go to microsoft. But here we go :) Found my nexty.. 2 zachdyer You can uninstall any apps you've installed, and some of the software that come with the tablet but not all of them..
    2 bullsmontage i would definitely say Thinkpad. Thinkpad has excellent customer service and the company outruns any other company in terms of customer satisfaction. .
    Can you try this with pen on the app named "freenote" on android marketI'd like to purchase thinkpad x200,but I'm mostly purchasing it for the pen feature.. Lisa do you think JellyBean will ever be on this device I'm currently still using an iPad 1 from launch with Sketchbook pro and I'm sick of vectoring. I can get one of these for $200. Will Jellybean ever make it to this Also do you think at $200 I should get this for sketchbook or spend the extra $600 for the Tablet 2 from lenovo. Seems the resolution is still the same. but obviously it runs Windows 8. I'm torn. Thanks.
    2 bjlcampana We will detail that in our full written review. The apps aren't as slow as those on the IdeaPad K1 though..

    2 gardenofskeetn 1. Stop swearing so much. 2. $1,073 for the Thinkpad Tablet 3. Why are you comparing a tablet (this thinkpad) to a laptop (macbook) 4. A G on a laptop A laptop What laptop This is a Tablet, son! 5. Reality Check: Apple discontinued Macbook. It's just Air & Pro now..
    please do not buy this fucking computer, i paid $1,073 for my thinkpad and it has sucked the whole time, i had to call support for the third time today to send someone out to my house to fix it and i've only had the thing for 4 months,and i've been extremely careful taking care of it.just buy a fucking macbook for the love of god, if you're going to drop a G on a laptop. Hey, good review thanks. I bought one. I can't get it to see my usb drives. (same as you). I plug in a powered or non-powered external drive, and nothing happens. I purchased a file management ap and can't see the drives. The usb keyboard works. any ideas.
    I looked at this tablet before deciding on getting an Ipad, I was looking at some drawing software (Sketchbook) and pen and liked the fact that the Lenovo thinkpad comes with one (although optional), furthermore I had bought a used Thinkpad laptop when it was still IBM for 300 bucks and loved it. Did my research and because none of the 6 different major electronic stores in town had it physically in the store I decided to go for the IPad. Great review by the way, I don't regret the IPad....
    i was wondering if you know of any place were i can go to test this product. i am an artist and i am looking to start testing products again. i use to test for HP.. Question, Is there any drawing software for this tablet Like Adobe Illustrator And can we use the pen to draw on the drawing software If so, I would get this tablet instead of the wacom bamboo tablet. .
    2 MrJzizzles Adobe Illustrator doesn't run Android, but you can get other drawing software for the tablet..

    2 JantarDentelle Lenovo announced the IdeaTab S2. For more info go to mobiletechreview web site and add this to the main url: ubbthreads/showflat dot phpNumber=41958.

    Provestra |
  • October 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    The Xperia Tablet S is what the Tablet S actually should have been, so this is actually the "real Tablet S", hypothetically speaking. I would also recommend avoiding the Xperia Tablet S, because it's predecessor was one of the worst tablets ever made. It also only sports an older upgrade to jellybean, giving it a crippled, but not as bad as ICS, app selection. .
    I have the same tablet, but its connector is not working. I tried too much to find another one in the market, but I could not, so my tablet is of no use. Hey, do you have any opinions on the Archos gen10 xs. I noticed you don't have a review up, but it looks like a really cool device. .
    You CAN write/download to the SD card, after updating the tablet to the latest firmware. Though it's still impossible to move apps to the SD card. And every app will install on the internal memory..

    as far as there any chance that this one is tops the new ipad or not and another question.. do u think we will see a mini ipad in oct and if we would r u excited about it.
    As ive heard, you cant use the SD slot as a +memory on the tablet, its just a read-only slot for watching music or videos, but not writing data on it... hi :D i want to ask a question. i want a tablet which was good resolution, so i can watch movies when i travel, and for surfing the net and maybe put 3 or 4 games in it... sorry for bad english btw :) please reply as soon as possible.. thanks :D. Good review that dosnt really leave you with questions you told people all the things they qantvto know tah:-). lol if they could fit ps3 compatible hardware into a tablet this small there would be no point of a ps3. something like that is still quite a few yea4rs away to be bought at an affordable price.
    Thanks a lot for this great review Lisa Gade! All of those tablets are really nice and it was hard to deside before this video. Sony Xperia S is the one for me - It´s just so great universal remote to all of my Home Theatre Systems. And it´s easy to program the macros that I need. The sony Xperia Z tablet is coming but I like the way how the Xperia S curves backside and how it is so much easier to hold. Hyvä härveli kotiteatteria ohjaamaan! = Good device to control Home Theatre! :D.
    even though my phone is running a custom rom... but other than that and a few hiccups while playing psx/ps One games with FPSE, this tablet is just amazing, nice screen, nice build quality and a design that gives a good grip and nice feeling to it (nothing like samsung's plastic), but again if anyone is thinking of getting this tablet, i would strongly recommend you wait for all of the issues to be resolved. (sorry for the long explaination, i am just frustrated, come on sony >:[ ). Hi, great video!! I have been searching all round the web looking for a tablet for my specific needs. I am running a sony video cam Sony HDR-CX560V High Definition Handycam Camcorder which i use in the field...i also burn hi def dvd's and jpeg cd's but am looking for a tablet that will allow me to run the video from the camcorder onto a tablet to view both the video and photos from the camcorder before burning (in the field), no power source, no pc. Any ideas Many thanks. .
    just bought a Transformer Pad TF300 but I consider to return it for a Sony tablet instead, build quality is poor on the TF300, plastic back and only mono sound.
    Just became a subscriber, if I have to get an android tablet, I can't do much better than one of these..
    I have an iPad but i'm drooling all over this. It is not just an Android Tablet,it's a Sony,with fully "Sony" personalized Android,unlike the rest which assemble Androids close to the Original look and feel which are pissing me OFF!!!.
    Awesome review, very informative and well made. One thing though, why would you openly compare something physically with an Apple product at this day and age ;D Also, I think the removable plastic cover for the port at the bottom is a nice idea (as long as you don't leave it uncovered all the time), the ones connected by rubber strands (like the PSP memory stick port) are quite obtrusive. .
    For drawing I'd definitely get something with an active digitizer and digital pen like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1..
    Better then no fix at all though, overall from the reviews seems like a great product except for some first batch problems which everything has not just Sony. . Xperia Tablet S in my opinion - prefer Sony's Media applications and the folded aesthetic design rather than just the flat iPad - iOS feels a bit dated aswell. Jelly bean will also soon be running on the Xperia Tablet S and it's cheaper.. but i just got the old one!! why did they have to release this one now!! should have waited a year!! or i should hav just waited a month :(.
    thanks for the great review. i just this Sony keyboard (in this Xperia tablet and the one before). is there anyway i could have it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 I've looked everywhere, but i just can't seem to find anything's as bright clear pleasant as this Sony keyboard :-(.

    Hey, nice vids. I'm looking for buy a tablet but kinds lost of what to go with. I need one that I can used to watch my gopro videos i just took on the go. any suggestions this xperia s has a full size sd slot that would work but all the newer tablets dont have it. Also i am not sure if it would work through a usb.
    This I think is the underdog in the android tablet market. Its got such a great unique design, got some cool features, and is very simple like a sony product should be. . Yes, I have the same problem with WiFi disconnecting (though it takes an hour and not a minute like yours). Regardless of advanced WiFi settings. And after sleeping overnight, it flails trying to turn WiFi on. I just toggle airplane mode to get it working again. Hopefully Sony will improve this with a firmware update..
    Loved your review, I just purchased this tablet, it's my first, question, why are there 3 main pages. .
    You where saying that it mattered when iPhone came out, and it wasn't until about 2010 is where you actually some most phones using a higher resolution. Now you are just being picky. 480 X 800 looks fine on a 4 in screen. I can see you saying that with a 4.7 inch screen though. Exactly phones last year where using 720p lol. And How Because most tablets still are using 1280 X 800. It is the main standard. You do realize standards take a while to change right. The Iphone 4 specifically cause of the retina display. Everyone after that was trying to catch up with QHD. Last year Galaxy Nexus, LG optimus 4G LTE, HTC ReZound had 720p Displays. You would know 480x800 on 4 inch display is crap if you use windows phone as your daily driver. Text and icons are small but small enough that you can read it comfortably still. The Icons are jagged. Standards don't take time to change, if they do RIM would be doing fine still.. Thanks for the info.. My question is what sorts of apps are there on this tablet Can the tablet use the same apps as the ipad, My daughter is deaf and our friend has a ipad with great ASL apps, can the sony tablet get the same apps .
    Do not upgrade to android 4.1!!! It has lag all over the place, DO NOT upgrade, stick to ICS for now!.
    yes...u can play older ps games on it...even ones designed for xperia PSN u get about 100+ gr8 classic games which makes the tablet really gr8 for gaming along with support for high end play store games too...thank me later. my sound has disappeared on my tablet S. I went through the trouble shooting tips and nothing changed. any suggestions . Hi Lisa! I really wanted to appreciate the way you post the reviews on Latest Tablets. I have one question for you. I love to read books, surfing and Youtube freak. According to these categories which Tablet you'll prefer for me. I really don't want to spend a lot of money. I wanted to buy 10 inch one,, Thanks.
    is the charger wider than the apple dock as my stand is designet for a ipad and doesnt support wider chargers..
    Both have the same app functionality - as both run on Android, an advantage of the Note would be the pen, but ask yourself is it worth spending the extra money on just having a pen Both will have the same apps as concerns business orientated productivity though, the Xperia Tablet S also has a more premium feel to it, and I would also check out getting the leather keyboard case to go with it for working on the go - something the note 10.1 lacks.. Lol. Exactly they didn't come up to the standard and that's why it bit the dust. I mean they where faaaarrrr below in terms of everything. The Sony tablet is right in line however. .

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  • October 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Sold! I ordered one based on this review. I realize it's about 6 months old now but it's on sale if you search around (which removes the one negative - the price is no longer outrageous). This still seems like the best Android tablet out there at the moment..
    Wow! This review REALLY helps! At first, I was trying to decide what to get, an IPad (Air, mini, etc.) or this tablet. I wanted the IPad to get in touch with my cousins since they have Apple products and (only in Apple products) they have Facetime. But I was thinking of the HD screen and the quality of the camera so I didn't know for sure which to get. After watching this video, I saw that this tablet has it all. My grandma actually has the Sony Xperia Z (I was using it to compare to see if the tablet and the phone had the same things) and her photos are AMAZING and I wanted to see if this tablet had the same quality. When I watched this video, I didn't know that it was that light weight and that it had a GREAT HD screen. I definitely know which tablet I'm going to get now. Thanks so much for posting this review! :D.

    way ahead of its time the ipad airs main sellig point is it thiness this was just as thin exept this was in may also only tablet with 8 mega pixel camera.
    Here in Argentina we are having a lot of issues with the imports (e.g., the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition hasn't arrived yet), so the Xperia Tablet Z is the best tablet in our market. I think I'm getting one, but then there is the price....
    Thanks Lisa! Great review. I'm glad I saw this, because I was contemplating getting a Samsung. This Sony Tab is great! .

    Hi Lisa, do you find this tablet z worth 400.00 at sony's website currently with yesteryear specs.
    Pandora works fine with this right I only ask becuase it is a Sony product, and I know they want their Music Unlimited to be used..
    I believe Pandora is on the Google Play store, and it should. I heard that the Sony Xperia Tablet Z has the best music quality, and if the Google Play store doesn't have it, they have it online also..

    if you have the usb adapter, and plug in a flash drive with powerpoint presentations on it, and an app that lets you view powerpoints, could you permanently store them on the tablet.

    Hi Lisa would you recommend this as a gaming tablet Also is the CPU good enough to run Tegra optimised games, I know its a stupid question since this tablet uses Snapdragon but can it anyway Thanks :).

    Why this one have better skin than xperia Z phone, the tablet z has darker interface than the z phones grayish interface.

    You don't anything about games do you It's not the CPU that's responsible for graphics, it's the GPU .
    I try to download adobe flash player on xperia z tablet but it is not working, could you please give me suggestions.
    I would thank you for the nexus vs Z review, I've made decision and I'm getting a Z this coming Thursday. As always great reviews..
    Ah I see I'm defo gonna wait for the batch of Tegra 4 tablets to come out and see how they handle, probably will be a while though...
    can i plug an external storage device to the xperia z tablet, so i can edit ms word docs and power point docs .
    You'll have to download it from Adobe's website (search for Android Flash Player on their site). Then use a file manager to open it and install it. Then you'll have to install a Flash compatible web browser like Boat..
    Ps. I am using a Motorola droid RAZR smartphone. It has micro-HDMI. I use it to mirror on display to watch Netflix on my 32' LG LED flat screen..

    This is one of the best tablets I've ever seen. I do own the Xperia Z smartphone and then i bought the SGS4 because I didn't like the Xperia's viewing angles. I did know about the Xperia tablet Z, but I haven't seen it in person until I saw it the other day... This thing is beautiful I just bought it immediately :).

    This is the file you're looking for "Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 (" you can find it at "Archived Flash Player versions" it'll work on any Android version 4.0 to 4.2.2.
    2 Craig Taylor I have a us 16 gig xperia tab z and I cannot charge it from the usb port on my desktop. The usb doesn't generate enough current to charge. The battery barely charges when I am using it on full brightness plugged in.. yes, in the middle of the review (06.30) she said : 0.27 millimeters, but in the first of the review (00.20) she said : 0.27 inches, 6.9 millimeters. so, obviously it was just a slip of the tongue, cut her some slack. . My old tablet which I had about a month has gone to Tablet heaven after I had a flood in my basement...well...I received some gift cards and cash for my Birthday and what do you think I did less then 24 hours later...I bought a Sony Xperia Tablet Z...cause of the waterproof aspect..but I have to admit...the HD veiwing is fantastic and the weight is superlight and damn I'm totally enjoying this tablet...Damn sweeeet tablet...worth every penny even though I didn't pay for any of it!!
    Actually Acer has a full HD tablet too. We no longer have the TF700, so we can't do a video comparison. I'd say the optional keyboard dock on the Transformer is what really sets it apart..
    The Xperia Tablet Z had little problem playing 1080p videos in MP4 and MKV format. DivX and XviD videos in HD however, seemed to present a problem as we only managed to get SD videos with these codecs going This is true . Thanks for the review! Your channel is the only one I watch if I want a good honest review that hits all the points we want to know about. GREAT JOB!!! :).
    Google search "XDA install flash apk" or go to the Adobe site and search for "install flash ICS" you'll need to use anther browse most likely Firefox will work! .
    Hi Lisa! Can you test it for stylus responsiveness I have the Sony Tablet S, and I'm almost going to crack the screen just trying to get my expensive stylus to write on it.. Had mine for a week now. Looks great and performs well. However, the flaps that cover the ports are sh**! My charger flap doesn't seal already, as the tiny plastic hinges and lugs are flimsy and bend easily. Beware. Customer service also dreadful.I am yet to speak to someone at Sony who can help me with a repair because apparently they don't recognise the serial number of my device - which they sent me!! Was so excited, now losing its shine!.
    What's up with the huuuuge bezel :/ I'm gonna go with the note 10.1 2014, pretty sure about that..

    Hi Lisa, First of all, great review... I would like to buy the tablet Z with 4G, but I'm a bit afraid! since in my country the 4G version comes only with 16GB. I've heard that some applications, games, etc., cannot be installed in the SD memory and therefore you should delete what you have from installed time to time :( Do you know if this is true or can I transfer any data, app and game to the SD memories can I save data spread in several SD memories Thanks for your help! :).
    Hi, Lisa, could you help me out. I want to take a new device - tablet. I wonder which one. I mean I want something with at least 1366x768 res., not too laggy, fast, and decent battery life and I cannot decide if I want Android or Windows.I don't like apple. I will use it for video,web,games(sometimes, I am not a gamer),some reading.As windows tablet I consider something like the ativ tab 3.I will be taking the device next month. I like nexus 7 but 7 is too small.Please help me. Love your reviews.
    I personally find Windows 8 is a little awkward to use in a 7" to 8" size. And the Metro apps in the MS Store are lacking compared to the apps for Android. I imagine most folks would use the Metro Live Tile UI rather than a tiny Widows desktop for the small Win tablets that are coming..
    I have the sony spgt tablet and i have this one. I like the old one better the spgt one because u can get a better grip on it..
    Yes, it's a great gaming tablet. You can only run Tegra optimized versions of games on tablets with Tegra CPUs (though some folks have hacked around and occasionally gotten them working on other CPUs). Tegra optimized gets you some added visual effects, but it's not the end of the world if you play without those..
    A great opportunity missed. Falling in the pool would have been a great demo of the device's waterproof capability.. I personally think Windows 8 is a little awkward to use in a 7 to 8 inch size. And the Metro apps in the MS Store are lacking compared to the apps for Android. At 8", I'd think most folks would use the Metro Live Tile UI rather than a tiny Widows desktop..
    Being Editor in Chief of MobileTechReview is my full time job, not a hobby... though it's often fun. This channel is a companion to our website..

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  • January 20, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +lfren38 Search eBay refurbished Windows Tablets, and you'll find one with a 1080p screen for around $300. I don't know which ones are best, so once you've found the ones in your price range, read some reviews..

    Land ko bardane ke talets in pakistan
  • January 13, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    80mb 2:10 minute trailer isn't that much. I know it has better bitrate videos out there you can test instead. These tablets seem to be lacking in the video department. My $100 China pmp can handle 1080p without a problem... but it is lacking in other areas this can do... can't have everything..
    another great review!.. that's tablet wasn't bad, i kinda like the shape its the same as having my ipad case when i flip it back and thats the 1st ipad case not smart one, but its has that same shape if you think bout it..i think they should knock off 100.00 tho compared to ipad 2 16 gig or something...
    Disgusting... I really hope someday there will be a real iPad competitor, until then all my next tablets will be iPads..
    My cousin is willing to buy my ipad 2 for 500 dollars should i sell my ipad 2 and get this one or i should just keep my ipad 2.
    2 AtheismOwnsGod Not really. Perhaps you smashed yours by accident or some child did it without you seeing..
    just wait until october and get the asus eee pad transformer 2 that is supposed to have NVIDIA's latest chip, TEGRA 3.
    2 dallascowboysfan1990 Only the ones that Sony brings to Android. They are working on bringing more to the Xperia Phones and the Sony tablet..

    Hey great review again :) i just want to ask your opinion about witch is the better tablet Sony Tablet S or Asus Eee Pad transformer or can we see comparison soon enough :) ty.

    2 foodlovingpig I'm personally skipping out on the Tablet S. I'm currently looking at the Eee Pad Transformer. It got everything I need and want from a tablet..
    2 livingonmyon Her voice reminds me of "Pearl Forester" from Mystery Science Theater 3000.. 2 GetPatriotized That's a great choice! I love the optional keyboard dock feature since touchscreen keyboards are a bit of a pain to use no matter how big they are..
    2 GOGIGOGIProductions Same, can't wait to ditch android for iOS. My iPod touch destroys my android phone every way..

    Pretty neat for a honeycomb tablet. Also, the slightly smaller screen might just help set this apart. Can't wait to try this out..

    2 fuzzylojiks Okay, now think about what you just said. Now look at every single tablet ever made. Notice any similarities I'll give you a hint, THEY'RE SCREENS ARE ALL IN THE SHAPE OF A RECTANGLE..

    You should know if you don't know already. Its a waste of money to get a 3G version. You can simply share your phones internet connection to your tablet and voila, you have 3G on your tablet and saved about $100. Now, it depends on the speed of your phones 3G, but trust me, it works well..

    2 Kilorel316 Please tell me,what do you love about the iPad that this(or any other Honeycomb tablet) doesn't have.

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  • January 11, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    i had to use headphones to hear u but happy to see the specs and price at end i want for this tablet pc for chrstmas please.

    Tablet - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 14, 2016
  • November 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I had galaxy grand quattro,i tried to upgrade from jelly bean to kitkat, every thing goes wrong,i didn't take the back up also,the phone is in full formatted stage. From where i can download android software -jelly bean ; Is it free;what is the installation process,is it the same as above...PLEASE REPLY. Hey bro I want to install a new android os on my micromax funbook p360 So what are the compatible versions And can I install any android version or not . I have a hudl1 when I try to boot all I get is the battery chargingI tried a factory reset still get the battery chargingANY SUGGESTIONS. I HAVE FORGOT PATTERN OF MY TABLET UBISLATE 7Ci... I HAVE TRIED TO HARD RESET BUT IT SHOW ONLY ANDROID PHOTO... I HAD TRIED UR THIS BUT IT DOES'T WORK...IT DOES'T BOOT... SO PL. TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO.... I HAVE THE A70X TABLET PC I HAVE DOWNLOADED THE IMAGE.ISO FILE AND BURN IT WITH THE PROGRAM AND WHEN I PUT THE SD I POWER IT ON IT BOOT NORMALY. HI i have Xtouch android 7 smart tablet pc it's working slowly.So i want to update software for it can u reply me which version is compatable to my tab.and where can i get it.
    Sir i root my tablet and rename android name and when i power off its continuous reboot is this video can fix my dead tablet pls answer.
    hey, bro. i have a ambrane ak-7000 tablet.i want to update it.But there is no option of software update. please can you help. its running on android 4.2.2 jelly bean. please help me. i have a dead tablet, it stop after the logo come out, how can i fix it, i have tried the power volume method but still not working, please tell me what to do. Can you use this to install android onto windows 8 tablets Someone would probably have to make custom drivers for your hardware, am I right anyone know how to get android onto a lenovo lynx tablet. my domo slate x3d tab is not working.i tried to re install the os. but could'nt. pl. tell me from where i will get.img file for domo slate x3d. link for PhoenixCard v3.06 Hindi naman kailangan compatible ung Firmware na install eh,tablet will say it that "firmware not installed" nyo lang ung RESET..,automatic na iinstall na ng TAB ung own firmware ng tab mo..,BLV ME...! na try ko na sa CHINA made TAB ko.. and it Work... ANACONDA andriod 4.0 is mine and it freez at andriod boot... CAN YOU PLEASE POST THE LINK FOR THE SOFTWARE THAT U GOT FROM THE PC AND CAN U GET PLS AN OS FOR MID-2920 /THX. hcl me v1 tablet plz give the link for image file... i think this is same channel of mytabletguru plz plz plz plz plz plz plz link for image file plz plz plz. My touch has been broken that is why i can't make selection and i want to wipe all data and factory reset, how can i do without using touch .
    tat kk but i am using a educational tab which i need to convert into normal frm educational mode ! edutor c70 ! its no even showing options in settings ! ex- if i click on about phone is just showing blank ! plz help.
    which firmware u use in android zen tablet can u provide me the download link bcoz i also have the same tab.
    thank you very mush my friend, i need to fix android os for my tablette android "tx think xtra", but i don't find his os support, can you help me. thinks..

    i already got the phoenix but i dont have any image were can get the image pls. can send us the of image tnx.
    i have a 3 week old 7inch IROLA tablet froze on boot i can get to recover mode and wipe to restore but it dot work can you fix the irola. Andrew Blake. I would be most grateful if you would let me have the address of the.img file. Bill S . can you link a good website to get the desktop software from. I have googled the software but im not sure which one it is. hello i have rony tablet it has been lock wrong attempt google account how can i format it i did all power+volume and all plz help me .
    Greetings sir I have tab pc 814 intenso its the same dead stuck on logo boot android and I have tried every possible way I know badly it was not success tell.

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