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  1. December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    GSO - Priority Overnight Delivery Service for CA, AZ and NV
  2. December 25, 2015
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  3. December 31, 2015
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  4. December 24, 2015
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  5. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I saw this on Comedy Central today. That dance has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen! And on a side note, Reese Witherspoon is freakin' hot in this movie!. "Why don't you call a little more attention to the stolen vehicle by dancing on it" lolz. Great clip!! Paul Rudd is a great dancer even when he's trying to be all dorky. Plus could he be any more GORGEOUS.
    i have yet to find a single comment,on any video that hates on Paul Rudd. It's because he is the greatest. and, you can't hate on him. it doesn't hurt that his dance skills are the best!.

    Lol. "Why dont you call a little more attention to the stolen vehicle by dancing on it...".
    That was such a hilarious scene. Though you probably have to see the whole movie to appreciate why he was dancing so joyfully at this point. Fun movie.. Paul Rudd should dance in every movie. It would automatically make each one about ten times better than before..

    Falcon Kennels Owner Comments
  6. December 28, 2015
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  7. December 19, 2015
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  8. January 2, 2016
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  9. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Overnight Delivery: UPS -
  10. December 20, 2015
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  11. December 30, 2015
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  12. December 23, 2015
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  13. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Question is when they deliver the package. I shipped something out via USPS in overnight and one day. Two packages, both packages took 3 days and just made an excuse of weather. As far as UPS and FedEx, both delivered during their promised time period. (Both day and what time during the day).
    i have to say. if you are sending the package over night it has a priority. which means it probably doesn't matter price. am i right.
    2 whocaresnow2 I had someone on my route receive something that felt like 5 gold bricks by priority. The box was approx 1.5'x1'x4" & it was close to 50lbs. and it got there in TWO thats 2 days.
    The postal service has a gaurentee by noon delivery or your money is refunded. If you dont send an express out before the cutoff time it will be a two delivery (4pm, but it usally makes it there the next day anyways) USPS also uses signature image caputre and signature waiver, if the sender chooses. Ive noticed that ups charges 2x for services such as ceritifed mail. A service that the USPS carries out. Just a lil FYI ;).

    2 MR2Nutts your wrong! i have ordered/sent so many times priority mail 2-3 days from NYC to AZ,CALI,WA basically the whole west coast and it takes 5 days! always! not 3 days, maybe somtimes but it is rare, there are zones...second UPS take better care and updates your package and no extra charge for signature! and its comes to your door at your time.
    The best USPS program is USS look at shipituss com Pack it, Print it, Ship it from the convenience of your home or office with our user-freindly easy to use web-based shipping system..
    I dont understand everyone is saying USPS is fast but i have waited 4 days and when i tracked the package i bought it was still at the office that it was handed to in the usa. im not sure if its something to do with the trackers they have, but WOW that seems really slow if a object doesnt even move a inch in 4 days lol ahwell hope it gets to england, be great if it could arrive before i turn 100 years old though :) .
    2 blackjac5000 Yep. I'd be pretty pissed my parents thought it would be a good idea to name me Stacy however. :). i'm really pissed off. i bought something on the internet with fedex overnight shipping and i still haven't gotten it since yesterday. it's been like exactly 24 hours and if i dont have it tomorrow morning i'm never using fedex again.. 2 blackjac5000 Yeah man. The post office is vilified. But in no way do they operate entirely off of sales. They have to be subsidized because they have to compete with the private sector but are legally not allowed to compete. It's a stupid situation.. 2 XLR8OR100 Wrong! UPS and FedEx are nearly penny for penny the same for list rates. Now keep in mind that if you are online comparing UPS and FedEx rates and are NOT using your account number, you will be quoted on "counter rates", which are higher than list. Oh, and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you call FedEx/UPS customer service and ask to have your rep call you, they will more than likely give you a generous discount on general principle. .
    And here's something most people don't know about UPS and FedEx...those two companys drop off pallets of packages to Post Office to deliver for them! The next time you find a UPS or FedEx package at your house, look to see if it says: USPS on it ANYWHERE and or if it has a USPS tracking or Delivery Conformation bar code on it! If any of those three things are ANYWHERE on that package, the POST OFFICE delivered it!.
    The reason why many will pay more for UPS / FedEx is because USPS frequently loses packages. I will never send critical documents via USPS again. I've been hosed twice already.. I just ordered a $900 value from USA to Canada using UPS and I was charge $180 tax fee. USPS will never charge me this much. So for you people who wanted to ship internationally use USPS to avoid high tax fee.. What, ya'll never heard of Stacy Keach the actor, or Stacy Andrews the American football player, or Stacey Blades the Canadian guitar plater, or Stacy Compton the NASCAR driver, or Stacy Jones the American musician, or Stacey King the American basketball player, or Stacy Roest the hockey player I'd be questioning a name like Frank Zappa's kids. Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmet Emuukha and Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa. You can call me anything you want but Late For Supper. . 2 Allante715 "USPS does not rely on taxpayer money and is completely self-sufficient" Oh BS! . You're a liar and the truth AIN'T in you. A package to Iraq for less than 30 dollars. You goin to hell for that.. Thats why usps is not making money and costing taxpayers billions just like most of the other businesses they do. They are paying there workers much more than the others, there is no way they will ever make money. They are under cutting ups and fed ex. Something I don't think the governments should do. They should run it as a real business and if its not making the money get rid of it or change it. I wonder if dmv is making money or losing it.
    SORRY ABOUT THAT FIRST Comment. I was reading a Web Site and I accidently Copyed that by Mistake. THAT'S MY BAD. SORRY ABOUT THAT. It will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. NEVER!!!!!!!!.
    Obviously Stacy isn't a rocket scientist here. The reason (which he failed to mention) that people use Fedex and UPS is that they get a tracking number, proof of delivery and more than just "hope" that the package arrives on time. They also get to pick when it gets there instead of "when it's convenient for the Post Office". I guess if you don't care about whether or not your package actually arrives at the right place at the right time, you can ship USPS everytime..
    They mentioned absolutely nothing about if the postal service actually got the parcel there in time...Nothing going through the postal service has a guarenteed arrival date. I don't know too much about FedEx, but anything going through UPS has a guarenteed arrival date and it is more expensive but you really do get what you pay for. Superior tracking, automatic insurance of 100 dollars and if your package doesn't arrive on time or at all you can get a refund. Funny how they left that out..
    For 200 years the Postal Service, formerly known as U.S MAIL has always operated to break even. Not make a profit. It was a fully government agency that provided a public service. In the past 20 years or so, some college uneducated idiots decided that the postal service can run at a profit. That's when the greed and problems arose. When bonuses and promotions are involved people can turn into devils and that is exactly what upper management has turned in to. I challenge you to work 1 day and see. If you are a big shipper you don't pay the same price at ups and FedEx we don't want the people shipping one book. The post office is set up for that.. My shipping company can beat parcel post prices with FedEx or UPS to many destinations in the United States. Why pay more for a lower quality US Mail service without tracking or free insurance when you could send your shipment with FedEx or UPS with tracking, guaranteed delivery, and $100 of insurance for less . 2 blackjac5000 WOW!!! If their funding comes from 100% of postage sales they would have declared bankruptcy decades ago. The Post Office operates at a loss. Think about sending a 40 cent letter from the US to Hawaii...that kind of prcing won't survive in the private sector. If it did you would see UPS or FedEx adopt this. One could start by stopping the Congress-mandated pre-funding of retirement, a burden no other government has to fulfill.. Check the internet and you will see that letter carriers are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood. We save lives every day. When your mail starts to build up, we are the ones that check up on you to make sure everything is fine. When we don't see you for a couple of days, we knock on your door to check on you. We know your pattern even if you don't know you have one. The next time you see you Mailman freezing his nuts off or sweating his ass off give him/her a kind word. It means a helluva lot.
    2 jeremy8080 WRONG! USPS does not rely on taxpayer money and is completely self-sufficient. Sure they have a monopoly on first class mail but that is not what this video is about. If you dont like USPS, then feel free to spend more money for UPS or Fedex. I personally use UPS or Fedex for more expensive, heavier items while USPS is great for smaller items. USPS is faster and cheaper but their tracking leaves something to be desired..
    2 nockturnal13 WHAT ! What did the TITLE say It said OVERNIGHT. How's that not time sensitive Express Mail is overnight ie. Time sensitive.. You must be a complete total retard, or just ignorant in general. Im willing to bet you are just a retard. I do not know ONE single person who has ever had a problem with UPS. FedEx on the other hand, pretty much my entire family has had problems with, and at least 30-40 people I know have bitched about FedEx before. And SLOW Are you joking I sent a package to IRAQ and it got there in less than a week, and it cost me $30!!!! Cant get any better than that. Go complain to your mommy.. I ordered something and USPS sent my package to the wrong country (I'm in the continental US, how do you screw that up), and soon got to me over one month late. USPS is the worst shipper ever, never use it.. 2 PapaNBones The USPS lost $2.2 billion this quarter. The $15 billion line of credit the feds have offered will be used up by the end of the year. USPS expects $42 billion of losses over the next 4 years! Even worse there's a bill by Maine senator's to toss $50 to $75 billion life raft to the USPS. I think i know what I am talking about. That's all TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!!!!. For all of you people talking smack about the USPS workers, know this. When 1 letter carrier calls out sick it affects the whole delivery day. You don't know this because we as carriers are very very good at our jobs and we make it look easy. The problem is the Management personnel who do absolutely nothing. If one of them don't come to work it does not affect anything at all. The USPS can run itself. Trim the fat from the top and you won't believe how much money we will be able to save.. Pricewise, USPS can't be beat for small packages because every address in the US gets daily mail delivery, whether you're a huge business or a loner in a shack. Note that their "large" flatrate box is only 12x12x6. For large packages, stay away from USPS. You don't save any money and the retards at some post offices tend to misplace them. I shipped a guitar to a buyer in TX and it took 4 months to arrive... apparently it had been sitting in the stockroom since day 3.. From a business point of view we use FedEx. Using the postal service (USPS) has many hurdles. Of course this year they have created their flat rate boxes, but if you are using any other packaging or need express or overnight we have to send an employee to the post office as the carriers are only allowed to pick up "flat rate boxes" and mail under 13 ounces. Who has time to go to the Post Office and stand in line The post office has to mimic UPS/FEDEX for real success. . USPS is the best firm for mail delivery in the world USPS ships your package of 20 ounces 8000 miles for 10 bucks Plus all USPS employees are happy to work for USPS.
    2 DEEPGNOSTIC you literally have no idea what youre talking about.. the only thing you said correct was that the post office is cheaper.. .
    And if you use FedEx, good luck on getting that package!!!!! I've used all three of these and have only used FedEx twice and had major problems both times. On my way to pick up my package at FedEx after the driver "couldn't find my address" although they had no problem last week when they just ran to the door put a sticker on it and ran back to the truck and left. I'm VERY easy to find in town and any GPS CLEARLY shows my address. Customer service and manager unconcerned....
    2 MR2Nutts Yeah, the only problem is that if it's a normal-sized package USPS is even worse. USPS loses the most packages out of the three, and their shipping can be as slow as three to four weeks. Not only that, but their tracking system leaves a lot to be desired. If it's for letters or small packages with a weight of less than 1 pound, you'll be better served by USPS Priority or First-Class. Their shipping cost on packages more than two pounds is higher than either UPS or FedEx..
    2 DrHogfan Time sensite is something that has to be there by 10:30 am such as fedex priority overnight ot First overnite by 8:30 am or standard overnight by 2:00p.m. the USPS does not have "TIME COMMITMENTS" they gurantee next day delivery. not by a specific time just a specific day... don't believe me next time you goto the post office ask them....
    I do not know why people still use UPS. It is a big rip-off and the arrival time is slow. Comparing USPS Priority Mail to UPS Ground, USPS is twice as cheaper and 2-3 times faster. Ground takes 7 days and Priority Mail takes 2-3 for arrival anywhere in the 48..
    USPS I GOT A PACKAGED shipped to me from 7 miles away. but it had to go north 150 miles to grand rapids only to return 150 miles south to be deliverd. and you wonder why they are going broke . yeah i know i was ordering these speakers and ups charged 20 bucks shipping in 3 days and fedex charged 53 in 3 days...i was like funk that lol. Priority is no good because they do not scan the mail when they take possession of it. Therefore, if it gets lost or damaged the insurance is useless..
    i bought a package from alabama and i live in new york.. the package was sent friday morning today is sunday... you think i will have it by monday or tuesday.

    The customer service rep called me to tell me that they could not find my address at 815 am, I answered the phone and talked with her, not a message. I went out front and foolishly waited for an hour for delivery then called her back. She said that he is not coming back and the package would be delivered 4 days later d/t holiday weekend. I asked when I could pick up the package and she said 730pm when the driver is back. Package was not even on the truck, I could have picked it up this morn.
    USPS is the best quality service and you get what you pay for UPS is a company of criminals you can't expect much from them. USPS is by far the cheapest. But they can't always guarantee Overnight Delivery. But still USPS has the best deals. People, People: There are millions of letters/packages in the mail system every day. Jjust by UPS alone is 3.3 million. Even with a half of one percent mishandle rate, that means approximatly 2,000 packages will be damaged/mis-routed/ or even mis-delivered. There is no way to be perfect. Everyone will have their preferences on who they like and who they don't like. It's a matter of preference. There is no one perfect company. .
    Well i work for ups and the price depends on box size and weight and depending on were you are shipping it. If you can fit the contents total into a box 12x12x12 or even 18x18x18 your good to would averge out to be about the same as if you sent two seperate boxes...stay away from boxes 24x24x24 they are more expensive especially if you are shipping them from say Mass to CA.

    This was retarded. Of course the post office is a lot cheaper. But look at how many billions of U.S TAX DOLLARS it has been given to hold its neck above water. If this was a private enterprise it would have failed A LONG, LONG time ago. And for a person who's worked for a 3...USPS and management don't know what the hell they are doing.

    I like Ups they always deliver at time, I have no experience with Fedex and I just ordered 2 days ago an item and they sent it via Usps and it arrived on time....

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  14. December 26, 2015
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  16. November 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    One of Reese's first films, as well as the first film I saw her in. Larry Drake plays the Delivery man in the film and he also played Dr. Giggles. Basically, from Doctor killer to Delivery killer ; ).

    I've seen this movie one time but I did not know that was Reese Witherspoon.I think she looks waaaay hotter on here than she is as a blond..

    Sitemap page 31 - Buy Products In Best Vito
  17. December 12, 2015
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  18. January 19, 2016
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  19. October 29, 2015
    Recorded Delivery sons character analysis for macbeth pumpkin The leadership was backed by a succession of ministers... i3
  20. December 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I was listening to this music while I was doing homework now it makes me want to do tons of homework. I must listen to this more!!!!!!.
    The deep Green Kingdom Full of peace and mysteries The sad Green Kingdom Into your leaves, through the freeze Far away in the forest That you slowly builted Fearing the nature, her breast Going to place who never existed Continuing my strange walk Empty of reason or senses The Green Kingdom talk Hearing the silent human's "Please" Drinking every words Every signs of the nature poestry Sleeping into a world Who always listened to me Nothing less Nothing more That the true promess To reach the place that i always dreamed for The deep Green Kingdom Full of peace and mysteries The sad Green Kingdom Into the breeze, into my dreams..
    I love watching pom You that read wrong You read that wrong too You read that twice to make sure you didnt read that wrong. This music is beyond anything I have ever heard You mister have just got yourself another sub. Keep this up these pieces are just so heart touching and they calm me down when I am stressed with too much homework or bullying or something. This music is always there to calm me down and I just know I can rely on it :). Does anyone else feel the same way as me How do u make these pieces There almost to good to be true. I can go on and on about the amazingness of these pieces. but lets just say in my entire life I have never heard anything better. This is real music right here you should be a millionaire you should have your own mansion. You should even be a celebrity and everyone should know your name. NEVER STOP MAKING THESE PIECES ONE DAY YOU WILL BE A CELEBRITY AND EVERYONE WILL KNOW YOUR NAME YOU WILL BE RICH AND FAMOUS AND HAVE A MANSION!!!!;) You truly deserve a mansion.. WHAT IS THIS, AND HOW CAN I MAKE THE REST OF MY LIFE ABOUT IT!! (Like if you hate people who write comments in all caps lock, but love watching Family Guy online on your cellphone while taking a shit.). I put this on right before i went to sleep, and i had the CRAZIEST EXPERIENCE EVER LIKE THIS SHIT WAS PLAYING IN MY DREAM.
    BEFORE LISTENING: Sad, depressed, feeling down about myself, messed up AFTER LISTENING: Calm, at peace with myself, motivated, happier with life than has been in a long time MUST LISTEN TO AGAIN AND AGAIN.
    It's photoshopped, but the place the picture was taken is real. I think it was called the Maldives. This made me cry And think of my mom who passed away😭 i miss you And love you so much mom, life's unfair... 😔 why 😩.
    i love watching pom You that read wrong You read that wrong too Read this again to make sure you got it right....

    I don't get nervous if I'm surrounded by beautiful women. I know they're all too busy hating each other to notice me.
    This music is amazing! Though in all honesty this SERIOUSLY fuels my wanderlust. It's sucks but doesn't suck at the same time... Idk lol I just love love LOVE this music!!!!!!! Bravo! And also, who else has the wanderlust!. IF YOU DO THIS ON MY CHANNEL Like= 66 days of luck! Subscribe= 33 years of good luck! P.S: people reading comments instead of revision, 2 _2. You're not the only one... XD. +Leah Licata Yes i've been writing a paper for 5 hours and it's helped me focus :D so relaxing and makes ideas come so much easier. +Grace Galyean Yeah I was having trouble thinking of what to write about and once I started listening to this the ideas started to flow..
    It's more of a sudden calm music for the people (me) how think to other stuff is just just to soft..

    nice music yellow brick cinema really nice peaceful music while I sleep it is really nice thanks please add more and suscribe to my channel it is cammyhiggi higginson.
    I just listened to an hour of this whilst painting and I love it! I've now finished painting but still want to listen to more. Very relaxing and inspiring music.. Thanks for uploading! Will definitely listen to it again :). They are so nice, I like them ! Youtube is a great website ! In our country, China's Video website, For example : Youku or Tudou, ect. if you want watching 30 seconds video before You must watching a minute advertisements. I'm sorry, my English is poor, can you understand my Chinglish language.. +毛青华 You are doing great. I wish, I could even understand your name here :) Google says, its Mao Qinghua.. Who else heard the lyrics "come as you are, as you were, as i want you to be" on the beginning of the remix .
    +Hastarr Gamer same except other songs too. Specially during reading time :) I miss her! (Middle school now).
    :'( oh my life why like that :"" I can't find my dreams forever :""" I wish you here with me... my family no one understand me why no one :""""... always sad and cry every night when I see the moon I remember you and cry :" I can't hug you :". once i played and all my memory come to me.. some make me laugh n some r Gve me tear..really love it.
    You're alive because the world needs good people like you! Keep being you, you're going to do great things with your life!.
    that song makes me cry everytime i'm linstening this... it reminds me my ex boyfriend, who left me because of my depression. i really really loved and still love him and don't know how to live without him....
    I went through a similar thing very recently. Things will get better! Just know that you're a beautiful person and you're perfect the way you are! There will always be people who love and care about you. Keep fighting and never give up hope, everything will work out the way it's supposed to!.
    When my boyfriend breaks up with me i lat on my living room floor and listen to this music I cry a bit but we got back together sad huh.
    Here is what I find stupid about you people.1) On trolling videos you are acting all badass and epic2) On these kinds of videos, you are acting like God is punishing you for no reason.3) And you are acting all religious on these videos and acting cool on the others.Yes. It's retarded..

    On a sidenote, apparently I am a psycho, crazy, heartless, coldblooded, malicious, person. Prepare for the spam..

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  21. January 16, 2016
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  22. October 28, 2015
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  23. December 28, 2015
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  24. November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +• Panda Kaiser • "Hey guys, I am totally not homophobic, but I get irrationally angry at the thought of two dudes, getting eachother off." Hey jerkoff, welcome to how every gay person feels with every single straight sex scene in every movie ever.. +Lucy in Disguise It wasn't a horror movie, but, I was utterly horrified after having watched it.. this movie made me uncomfortable, excited and laughed my ass off all at the same time awesome movie..
    It's weird how they say over and over it's a comedy but everything seems so damn scary..
    +InKa4484 I agree. To me, comedy means I'll be laughing, but the only vibe I get from that trailer is kidnapping (the kid) then drugged rape then even torture and death. Not one second did I feel the need to laugh, not even smile. The guests look uncomfortable at best, and the hosts look so much like psychopaths that I would never have agreed for even a dinner..
    This movie was horrible. I laughed maybe once or twice. Even though it wasn't a horror movie, I was horrified...especially in the last 10 minutes or so of the movie. Extremely uncomfortable and not what I wanted to see..
    +roseturner It's definitely about swingers. I am glad they are not doing like the weird shit that was Eyes Wide Shut.. I bet a fucking jew wrote this movie. It seems like they are trying to glorify the degenerate liberal lifestyles of L.A. why do people love swinger movies so much If you want to be a swinger then do yourself a favor and don't get married.. 0:44- "THE SOUND" WHERE YOU THOUGHT TO EXPECT SOME SCARY, BLOOD RIPPING HORROR WAS GOING TO COME UP!!. This is actually a good movie, quirky, awkward and filled with lots of laughter and "swinger lifestyle" fun. Surprisingly well done; talking about performances and the overall tension that floats around. I gave it a 6.0/10, let me know what you guys thought haha.
    OMFG! Just watched the entire movie! Not gonna spoil it but the ending was... was... i can't even describe it! OMG!.
    Just calm that camera down and you'd have my $9. But, because you think it is cool to slop the camera around...I've got to say 'no'. No to your monkey-see-monkey-do, lock step, faux 'style', slop camera, hand out the Dramamine, aren't we cool, bullshit movie. Now, before any of you shitbags start replying, let me give you all a pre-emptive ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhgofuckyourself!!!!!!!!!!!!. The trailer is cut to look more high speed than the film really is. I'm sorry if you miss out on this little gem because of it.. I don wanna watch anything that shows or talk about dirty stuff such as sharing wives... guys where is fuckn human being!!! we arent pig i rather die sharing my girl.
    I am a blonde, white woman. in my early sixties and I do not look my age, and I am proud of it. I am so tired of every where I go and every single thing I read on the internet, newspaper, or hear on the T.V., can people not be just people Does every single damn thing have to come down to skin colour When I grew up and I bet that it still goes that young Men and Women today still want to become Actors and Actress' and it does not matter what colour that they are. My God, they all inter-marry now. Does it really matter if someone is a little bit darker than the other one Does she have to be pitch black to make you happy, to show you that she is a black woman People why can't you all just give this racial crap a rest Start letting humanity be and if you all just start living like they don't have any thing different than you, life would be much more better all around, and there just might be less stress and fighting all in this World of ours. The children that is growing up won't have so much hate to contend with. So my message is to everyone, PLEASE, GROW UP, STOP THE RACISM. Thank you. PEACE ON THIS EARTH..
    at the start i thought its gonna be a horror movie but after few minutes I realized its a wife swamping shit and at the end it turned out a gay shit and it was going to be a 4 some, kids saved them all!. Actually this trailer is far better than the movie itself. I've been disappointed a lot... Apart that the song is not present at all, and this is really bad, the story seems to be weak...just dunno....
    Let me guess. Half the views are from teens who are to young to even get into this movie let alone to young to be into adult shows. Go away kiddies. Let us grown ups have our stuff. .
    +Valentina Kobler How the hell can teens even begin to understand adult situations when you still live at home with mommy and daddy Please.. Like...W...T...F... Did i just watch the only Funny* thing about it is they label this as a Comedy*.... I don't usually say is a bad movie. I have never used this term before because i have always thought that every movie has its own style and way of creating art and giving emotions. But in this occasion i would have to disagree with myself. This movie is bad is awful, meaningless. I didin't understand the characters first they wanted friends, then they had fund, then the situation got akward. More passed the hours more suspicious became the story. And in the end all we see is a foursome that the main characters didn't wanted and then they wanted Really And in addition living in California does not mean that you should get high all the time. Sorry to you all i might have been a movie spoiler but this one really angered me. Have a nice life !. Yeah except the reality is people are leaving California in droves not flocking to it because of debauchery like this.. Mind completely blown during the end. This is one of those films that awkwardly makes sense in a real life situation..
    noting against LGBT people but I think it's important for viewer to know that this movie is not your regular couples meeting up and doing what ever. the whole point of movie is support for LGBT mainly Gay community which gets injected to your brain in the most ridiculous way in the last 5 minutes of the movie without any warning. not cool.
    +syrus021 What were you expecting A movie about a swinger party is not your regular couples meeting up and doing whatever..
    +ashleytr right Go watch the music video of "California" by Phantom Planet and you will trip balls. .
    Great movie...nice script...great acting and it was pretty funny too. Albeit the last couple mins got a little weird but overall 8/10. 1.5 million views and no comments!!! This was by far the worst movie I have seen this year. Part boring as hell, part uncomfortable, part stupid, part disgusting. These actors are ruined for me now. I hope I can still watch OITNB :[ F-.
    this is one of the worst movie i have ever seen. turned it of 10 minutes in. lazy screen writing, lazy acting, lazy dialogue. the shit that comes out now is just copy and paste from the internet. i wanted to burn the dvd or shit on it. horrible.
    Finish the quote "You know you got a really great look..." It sounded to me like "have you made frittata".
    I want 2c the movie n listen to the song. I don't know the name of the song. What is the name of the song that is played after he says, "give me 20 minutes..." Help me, pleeeease. .

    +bngrsnmash Thank u. I've just finished watching the black n white music vid on YouTube thanks 2u. While I was at it, I ended up watching some of their other music vids. Thanks .

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  25. December 26, 2015
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  26. January 2, 2016
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  27. November 11, 2015
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    Comments about this video:

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  29. January 20, 2016
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  30. December 24, 2015
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  31. November 22, 2015
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  32. November 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Celestial White Noise is back! Check it out here, now in HD: I don't know if I've posted this already, BUT this is the very best white noise digital recording.. ever.. The bathroom in the new place I'm renting ( with 3 other guys ) doesn't have a fan at all, and that really stinks. Literally. But this fan sound at least works great to mask the sounds of me dying in here! Man I hate Thanksgiving!. +Kati de Jong I am using it to drown out the sound of "Gotham", which my son is watching, so I can read.. I thought I was apart of something a lot smaller then this. its interesting how many people sleep with a fan going. I've subconsciously made others depend on it to...I cannot sleep in dead quiet, so most of my ex boyfriends fell victim to the white noise..
    Due to insomnia, I have trained myself to go to sleep at the sound of this video. So when i play this i find it easier to sleep and also quicker as it makes me sleepy. Thanks for the upload.
    The best sleep i've ever had i was sleeping like all day it was very relaxing no one was home and just the fan noise! -.
    Whenever I'm at a buddy's for a night and have to rough it on the couch I toss this on. I recently moved to a new apartment and forgot my fan so this is my sheeeet for the next 5 days..
    i listen to this every night on full blast. i live in such a busy area, trains, cars, neighbours... it never ends so to be able to listen to this and actually get some sleep makes it so so so much better..
    Sounds like at nighttime at a hotel and you can hear things working while maybe at the indoor pool, or maybe the hotel itself..

    My mum keeps screaming at me because I waste money on having the fan on for the noise when it's -1 out side so thank you my friend for saving me money :).
    I had the same issue, having used a fan to help me sleep due to a large lack of sleep that was going on insomnia XD.
    This is the BEST fan video on Youtube and a life savour for me. Pleeeeeeeeeeease don't ever remove it!!!!! Thanks so much for uploading this great fan video..
    It all begins with one's personal well-being, I find that varying frequencies of white noise removes anything negative from the mind, soul & body. While I am typing and I am internalizing this technology. Feeling of complete relaxation, taking myself away mentally from anything disruptive..
    I use this video to block out the noises my brother makes when he communicates with his friends while gaming....

    Am reading, and people talking, and am trying to concentrate in my reading, and I grabbed my headsets, plugged to my cellphone, and with this fan noise, I dont hear what ppl are saying. Finally, I can concentrate, and therefore, enjoy my reading :).
    I have been falling asleep in class but white noise helps me not fall asleep. I love it😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🐱🐱😀😀. This song is way too repetetive. The first few hours were very motivating but it got old after that.. That's funny. I use my TV or stereo to block out the utter, maddening silence (not coming ) from my roommate's room. I don't know if he's sleeping, or just staring at a wall. Too much silence!. I've woken up and been absolutely sure that the sound is different a few hours in than in the beginning, but now I realize it's the same all the way through. I've even reset the video to the beginning to get the "good" noise again, and it worked. The difference was substantial. I wonder if that was an illusion caused by my ears or something off with my equipment. I've experienced it several times. Really weird.. - weird. I just checked myself, and while it is obviously the same "fan", it does sound ever so slightly slower with a subtle, deeper tone. Good ear..
    This instantly soothes my 5 week old baby. Has been working for a few weeks now. So glad I found this, thank you!.
    all of you fans that likes this video can get outta here before I go to sleep... please and my fan said hi. My fan broke and I use it to block out the noises of the bar downstairs. Thank goodness for youtube.. MARRY CHRISTMAS AND I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD CHRISTMAS AND I HOPEFULLY YOU ENJOY IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND BY THE WAY MY NAME IS COMANCHE HAVE A GOOD DAY.

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  33. December 7, 2015
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  36. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:

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  37. January 26, 2016
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  38. January 24, 2016
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  39. December 2, 2015
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  40. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    My very best of "The Best" SPRING Concerto No.1 in E, Op.8 - Allegro (00:00) AUTUMN Concerto No.3 in F, Op.8 - Allegro ( 28:58 ) WINTER Concerto No.4 in f, Op.8 - Allegro non molto ( 32:19 ) Symphony N. 2 IN G RV 146 - Allegro moderato ( 1:24:48 ) Honorable mentions: SUMMER Concerto No.2 in g, Op.8 - Allegro ( 10:27 ) SUMMER Concerto No.2 in g, Op.8 - Adagio e piano ( 16:24 ) AUTUMN Concerto No.3 in F, Op.8 - Adagio molto ( 26:34 ) WINTER Concerto No.4 in f, Op.8 - Allegro non molto ( 32:19 ) Concerto for Two Horns RV 538 - Allegro ( 41:48 ) Concerto for Two Trumpets - Movt 1 ( 44:32 ) Flute Concerto Op.10 - Movt 1 ( 1:07:30 ) Flute Concerto Op.10 - Movt 2 ( 1:11:46 ) Symphony No.1 In C RV 116 - Allegro ( 1:17:40 ) Oh F it. My favorite is 00:01 - 1:58:10.
    I'm an undeveloped fetus, and all the other fetuses are listening to the sound of their mother's womb, but I LOVE Vivaldi!.
    Sorry, I can't talk right now,my mom and just got home on their T-rex and are telling me to get off the Irock, talk later. Bye..
    I can study best when listning to Vivaldi. I think that there are some studies that confirms my experience..
    +Heitor Falar de kid abelha num lugar que se escuta Vivaldi Definitavamente não tem The dislikes are all accidents. Here's what happened: The person wanting to rate the video reaches to click the ' Like' button, when suddenly a squirrel jumps on their face through the window and their finger slips a little to the right which causes them to unintentionally press the Dislike button. Later, after they'd manage to fight off the squirrel, they are much too busy plastering the wounds on their face and forget to change the Dislike to a Like. Mystery explained!. Don't forget the tetanus shot they were getting since they landed on a rusty nail when the squirrel jumped and they fell, along with the anti rabies injection..
    Надзвичайно вишукана музика прекрасний Вівальді, прекрасна Епоха, нам би хоч краплю цієї Вічної Краси у наш, такий брутальний світ....
    I used to listen to soul and Rap music. But since listening to this music here I have evolved and become a more civilized person.. +Tc Doug I think one should be open to all forms of music. Don't give up the rap and soul. You disgust me as musicians, you pseudo-intellects.. Cuando los dioses de la música pisaban la tierra hacían estas cosas que hoy estas escuchando. I LOVE VIVALDI, MOZART, BEETHOVEN, BACH OHHHHH !!! YEAH. When I listen to this magnificent composition, I am transformed into a radiant beam of light that shines into many other dimensions.. +The111Queen do you had more of such experiences I like to hear more about it. you seems to me a nice and clever person. we definitely have something in common..
    +The111Queen oh yeah, well that's very interesting to hear from you. I was very fascinated by those books. it's exciting to read about all of this matters. I also see that you are open and personally in your comments. you tell me interesting things in a way. I never experienced before. putting it into another perspective. thank you for that..

    God! Vivaldi's symphony is amazing. I do not want to listen anythin, I just want to listen VIVALDI nowadays...God bless him.

    I like DJ DeBussy, DJ SHOSTAKovich, I also like the solo pieces of DJ Bach and the more mainstream stuff of DJ Tchaikovsky, but man, the grind of DJ Vivaldi just blows my roof off! That man has some real headbangers in his oeuvre! The man's on fire!.

    I feel like a flower that has just bloomed in heaven after listening to this luscious music from the angelic realm.BRAVO VIVALDI!!!.
    Que absurdo de barulho ridículo (efeito sonoro) é esse entre os acordes Caramba, que brincadeira de mau gosto, a impressão que se tem é que as pessoas que publicam esses vídeos, pensando em alguns likes, nunca abriram um livro para estudar quem foram os gênios que criaram as obras de arte em evidência. É deplorável. É um desrespeito total..
    There was a mini market owner that had a gas station connect to it, and everyday young people would gather outside turning the lot into their own personal hangout. Well, he started piping classical music out into the lot from the store, and the kids stopped hanging out in the lot. I have no idea why (sarcastic). lol.
    I am working on a book. I put this in the background, and for some reason it helps keep me focused. Beautiful music..
    10. WINTER Concerto No.4 in f, Op.8 - Allegro non molto ( 32:19 ) me arrepiei todo, que delícia man.

    Para la gente de ahora la musica buena son puras vulgaridades y estupideses. Se nota que hay videos que han de estar restringidos para los incultos..

    No offences to any classic music lover, but Vivaldi's compositions I felt were the most apt, soft and smooth compared to my afterthoughts about Beethoven/Bach. Only Chopin's music comes closest to his thes terms..
    Ovde kao da nema nimkoga ko govori srpski i sluša Vivaldia... Ne slušamo svi Cecu i Fahretu, po neki volimo i muziku....
    +George Kousias Actually, my friend, I am not sure. I have the app "SoundHound" on my phone and that is what it picked up. We can blame my phone. :) Sorry....
    Uma vez eu vi na tv uma entrevista de um maestro brasoleiro, ele falou para o reportér a seguinte frase " Não precisa ser pobre pra escutar rap, e nem precisa ser rico pra escutar música clássica" Essa frase dele me abriu a mente pra esse tipo de música, muito bom... era para ser ensinado nas escolas públicas do brasil.. No joke, try listening to this when you're high, it's amazing. You can hear every individual instrument..
    Música preciosa.!! Pero una pregunta y disculpen mi ignorancia, pero ya no la quiero conmigo, todos los músicos de este tipo de los antiguos, Vivaldi, Mozart, Straus, Bethoven, etc. Son ellos los que tocan porque se oyen mas instrumentos, o son ellos los que dirigen la orquesta con su varita, ellos las componían De verdad no lo se y por eso mejor pregunto, por si alguien si su amabilidad se lo permite me lo explique. Gracias..
    I like vivaldi but I also like nicolo paganini who''s music cuts vertical from inside; this music however is pleasant to the bones; best music to listen to before voting. No one is perfect but Christ, still conservative government is the best of all the others..
    I think one should be open to all forms of music. You disgust me as musicians, you pseudo-intellectual commenters..
    JS Bach makes you dream; Handel makes you jump for joy; Telemann makes you smile; Vivaldi makes you kick your feet and dance!.

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  41. December 20, 2015
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  44. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Amazon is kind of pissing me off right now i ordered something yesterday and got one day shipping. I go to look today it wasn't there, I was confused so i went and checked online. It said it was coming at 8:00 PM but when i tracked the package it said it was coming tomorrow. Now normally i wouldn't be too mad because it was only a day but i paid an extra $15!!!.

    I already know the ins and outs. This concept will fail. A company called same day delivery isn't even worth it. Any questions inbox me. Merchants are another problem..
    I ordered a package and I selected the one day shipping and it takes 3 days to get here. Does that mean if I order the package and select the one day shipping they are able to have it ready that fast or what because I'm kinda confused about it. Such bull crap I paid like 25 bucks and my package isn't coming in until 5 days after I ordered it!. Available in seven - yes, SEVEN! - US cities. If you were ever thinking of moving to Indianapolis, this will certainly sweeten the deal. What are you waiting for Hurry before the drones get there, first!.

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  45. January 7, 2016
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  47. November 16, 2015
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  48. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Everyone's saying there is an audio lag, but 0 lag for me... Everything is perfectly in sync, no idea what is going on with you guys. Audio is 2 second early, just open 2 tabs in your browser, mute the tab which you're watching from.
    Its been so many times now, srsly wtf is wrong with these ESL uploads So hard to upload a normal game with synced sound.
    +Keita Marislo Audio is 2 second early, just open 2 tabs in your browser, mute the tab which you're watching from. +wiitabix does minecraft hahaha i meant that the fan base judging the ppl in the crowd didnt fit my expectations of who enjoy and play this game lol. +Truhno4 Canadian DOTA Players are mostly better than Americans. Dota is mostly dominated by Europeans and Asians.. +MalayLaKia Audio is 2 second early, just open 2 tabs in your browser, mute the tab which you're watching from.
    What's the name of the pink courier used Also what's the name of the little cute bluish purple flying courier that looks like a dark purpled Mew.
    i have no clue when did he started doing but the guy from top left at 12:31 just stopped moving opened his mouth smiling high as fuck XD. +Marci Pál Well you just cosplayed the average league of legends player but the game it shelf isn't bad. Here I come, just of curiosity, to realise that "outsiders" can't even grasp 1% of what's happenning there =) please teach a n00b, how is that game different from LoL thanks a lot, have a nice day.
    just try the game yourself! alot of machenics are not present in lol wich makes this game alot harder to play. its free to play just try it yourself ;-) i just started ^^ its really hard after playing lol for 3 years. im just watching thus to learn some things in the game..
    +Aliss its funny. Because Dota as a game has so much detail that LOL cant even dream of. Its not an accident that there are so many random kids playing LOL that simply cant play Dota. Dota is just another level.. Dota and LoL is created by the same person but that person is continuing on LoL. The one that is still continuing Dota is one of the creators or assistant of Guinsoo (Created Dota and LoL). DOTA is for fucking idiots, who don't have money for a good PC, or consoles. This game is just shit created for people to live in and play 8000k+ hours. Donate money to this game. Fuck everyone who play this piece of shit.. Guys just a quick question. on different levels of competition do they have separate set of players for like TI5 or Major or w33 = s4 and Envy = Arteezy please answer my question.
    why is team secret so scared of taking fights esp when u have a sven. Seriously! scared of winters ulti but no1 buys linkens. Zeus build was poor aswell. ulti stick with double ulti or go disable or the linkens for sven :(.

    Why Dota 's battle look fking boring.The hero 's skill seem only have target-lock or blast AOE, no long shot range aim attack, I with that spirit ball with only have 3 skill.
    +minh le how is having skill shots make the game more interesting rather than huge aoe ults that can affect entire teams and cause a detrimental change in the game.
    51:59 is any exo-l here cuz the wolf voice just sounds like the exactly the beginning of WOLF by exo:v.

    that rosh fight ruined it for them. Don't know why secret didn't stay n team fight. they had cheese, DD on sven and ageis yet they split up n try a push n GG.. that was the game decision right there.. don't know who's smart idea was it. If they stayed and commited a team fight it might of went different. But I guess that's what happens when u bank all your cards on a crap melee carry..

    Core hero is sven supported by wisp and dazzle, heavily countered by winter wyverns ulti that goes through bkb and razors static link saps away svens damage output, then they have heavy nuker/disabler leshrac and ES, Secrets draft just wont work.
    +John Nelson Totally agree. Secret's draft focus on supporting RTZ's Sven to get the kills. They just realize it too late that Wyvern's Curse counter's Sven's massive damage capabilities.. I got to say, arteezy played very bad compared to his level..especially the "fight" at min 57..he did literally nothing. +devil4hunt Chill, the main event has not begun. Wait for August, and just google about TI5 you will know who all made it and who didnt..
    Conclusions. WORST presentators on the earth. Not even one good word for EG even though they did so many good fights and every time Secret did something they acted like crazy. wow shame on you dick sucking faggots... 100% descrimination. You should ALL be fired. Finally. Props to Fear for being such a great player..

    Что это блять было!!! Артизи с даблДэмэджем вместо того, чтобы развалить всех ЕГ у Роши, съебся почти в одиночку на их базу - это пиздец!!!! Кто придумал это уёбищное действо Кто так играет против чемпионов мира, бля!!!.
    +Truf It's synced, you just have browser issues going on. Happens a lot with this channel for some reason.. Wow, nice game. I'm not sure if picking Sven was the right decision but honestly who am I to question the pros.. +Ivan Timothy Sven did pretty good in the beginning of their clashes. But it's just that EGs are so monsters for that awesome play.. Ok, sure..these guys are pro and have infinitely more dota 2 wisdom than I, but through out the game, winter wyvern has been saving his allies with his heals and preventing sven from locking them down. Also his ult has helped EG win a lot of fights... how come no one in team secret built an orchid to maybe silence wyvern or found another way to shut him down.
    +Jeff Jollychen Its all about positioning, the WW is always really far behind his front liners (the Razor here) so in order to Orchid the WW they would have to walk through all of EG's heroes to get there which is nigh on impossible because their heroes zone the enemy a lot - Shaker disrupts the fight, can't run past a Phoenix during his Egg and you can't stand next to Lesh or Razor and ignore them. Secret on the other hand didn't really draft an Orchid carrying hero, Dazzle and Wisp won't farm it - Zeus can buy better items and it's a waste on Sven - leaving the Tusk who favours items that help his team. Secret also have a very defense oriented team, their only real damage comes from Sven and Zeus, Dazzle and Wisp being babysitters and Tusk who looks to control and disrupt the fight. So there are really poor ways of getting to the back of EG's lineup considering their basic strategy is to have Sven in front, and everyone behind him. So I think it comes down to an outdraft, however Zeus' burst is effective in the mid game for countering the WW (which I imagine is why he bought a Dagon), but that's about it. Secrets lineup could've also approached the WW by relocating on top of him mid fight, but that would require another tanky hero on the team in place of the Tusk so that Sven can demolish EG's backlines without losing the rest of his team. Sorry for wall of text ^^.

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  49. January 13, 2016
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  50. November 26, 2015
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  51. November 6, 2015
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  52. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Bassam Barakat this music really is betautiful ;') first time i listened to this i almost cried because i am a very big fan of classical.. Absolute banger after banger. I don't care if what he makes isn't considered "real music" by some, they can fuck off, this is art..
    Came here so I can actually start to pay attention to this paper I am writing. cross your fingers for me..
    +ananda affizar cod 3,4, black ops 1, 2, and all the crysis games (although I didn't enjoy 3 as much as I thought I would).. I think music of today is cool but in the past was great. I feel amazing when i listen to this! The music in the future will be: Bip Bop Bup! Not kidding! I agree with Cassian. Its such a beautiful music. He was a genius!. Came here so I could study during finals but I love the music too much to sit still. All I can do is dance around my house conducting the orchestra..
    Right on the spot. Mozart foi um grande compositor clássico, e suas sinfonias e composições são simplesmente divinas. Não sabia que ainda haviam brasileiros que apreciavam esse tipo de música, tal quanto eu..
    +Double G Rivera Beethoven actually liked Mozart's music, and if it wasn't for the need to go back after Beethoven's dad's death, Beethoven would have studied under Mozart..
    Eminem's funky beats are way better than this garbage. Whoever this Mozart kid is, tell him he needs a lot more practice if this is his best..
    I just saw this on epic rap battles of history skrillex vs mozart,then i tried to listen to his music.Hes like 1890s or something like that.. I'm making my Capstone(THESIS) while listening to mozart guys and defend it on MARCH..!! Wish me Good Luck Guys.!! IM GRADUATING IN COLLEGE IF I PASS IT :). Just saw the movie Amadeus!! Loved it! Is now my favorite, but what makes me sad is how they just buried him with a bunch of other dead bodies. They new how Amazing he was they should have made his funeral special.. Come here and study for final. The music is so amazing, it brings me a high motivation and energy to study and prepare well for the final exam! Thank you are sharing it and thanks for the brilliant talented Mozart! :) Hope everyone living happily, studying well and doing excellent in Final exam! Good luck to everyone!!!. My mom said this makes u smarter like it does something to your head but I forgot what its called sorry.. Please :( Help me... Someone can say me what the name of the first song of all this music Please forgive my english i am a french boy who can't writte english so good ! Have a nive day and make peace and love arround You ❤. This is arguably the finest composer mankind has ever produced and many of the comments would pass as coming from someone with a severe learning disability. I'm sorry you are having difficulty with your HW, perhaps if you spent a little more time studying and a little less typing, it might get done faster. And if, only if, you ever mature, you might get to live to be embarrassed by your juvenile repartee and ashamed to have trodden over such pearls with such unappreciative feet. Give the composer the credit he is due. If you don't like it, say why you don't. If you do like it, say why you like it. You will find it helps with your HW. Don't resort to vitriol, abuse and banality. Fire up your brains!! You will go so much further in life.. daly zee you right he libe in...HAVEN YOU ARE CRAZY OR WHAT! Bad joke if yea...subscribe.
    it doesn't make you smart it just helps concentrate if you want a tip chew him while reading it improves your memory by 35% and not only mozart but any song that is refreshing best and lyrics I use just a dream by Sam tsui and Christiana grimme..
    +Awsomeness Gaming Productions Good thing you said Beethoven's full name, I wouldn't have known who you were talking about otherwise..

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  53. December 11, 2015
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  55. November 10, 2015
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  56. November 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Dickhead question but would a substitute for jell-O like aeroplane jelly packets work. Probably can tell I'm aussie. +Redwolf Gamer it's cause USA uses GMO corn which corn syrup ir partly made of. So any product like that from USA is supposed to be banned or not allowed to be made in the UK. idk about the availability in the international section in a grocery store though. I do know that Canada sort of has the same policy. it's just that they are not allowed to sell the GMO corn seeds to farmers but they are allowed to sell the harvested corn here..
    Maybe you need to state the ingredient list in either your video or the information area. I didn't know what amount of jello you were using and I guess that makes it not work right. You can't read what oz package it is in the video, so I guessed. I bought a jello mold with dinosaurs for the girls to try this with and the box came with two boxes of jello that I used. Turns out they are 6 oz boxes and since you did not say how much or what size jello packs you were using it made it come out incorrect and I used up the gelatin that I had bought making two batches that came out incorrectly. I couldn't tell what might be wrong at first and thought maybe I didn't heat it long enough or stirred it too much. Came out all bubbly looking..
    I really really want to make this but I have a problem Could you pretty please explain How to make this with the concentrated jelly blocks as we don't have jelly powder in the UK somebody please help me do this with the concentrated cubes. Thank you if you reply.
    +Caroline Trevis Shot in the dark, but since typical jello already contains gelatin in it, you could try water, sugar, fruit flavoring, and food coloring. Might have to increase the amount of gelatin you use slightly to make up for it, though. Just a guess....

    I have replaced the "very cold water" with "very cold alcohol" and it works really well. Kosher wine, for example makes very awesome grape gummies..

    +MixZ did you try that as well I'm wanting to try to make these as "jello shot" kinda thing, but not sure how to go about it where it wouldn't evaporate the alcohol out.

    6:04 is he pointing at his d!ck Cause then he makes a thumbs up.. personally, thats not really cool....

    +Andrew Paul Yeah I know, he replied to me when I wasn't even talking to him, and he was making me angry by saying "I don't remember talking to you" and he said it twice..

    I don't know why but I always just go to watch this video. It's so addictive. I have made these and they are delicious and so is this video!.
    I made these yesterday, but mine seem kind of bland I did everything right, just the flavor wasn't great. Any suggestions.
    What can I use as a corn syrup substitute They dont sell it in Estonia, and i want to make these for my schools christmas fair..
    Yes, you kind of need the gelatin in order to have that gummy texture and to remain stiff, otherwise with only the jello, the legos will fall apart and won't have the same consistency.. +Jackson Wingeier hmm I don't know. I've seen other videos of this recipe and it works. maybe just try again.
    Thank you!!!! Our son wants a lego birthday party this year and I can not wait to try to make these for his party. You always come up with the most amazing and creative ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!.

    WARNING: Don't eat too many of the vitamin 'C' ones due to it being a natural laxative..
    +Jason Varela It sets when it cools (which is the gelatin's purpose). Probably wouldn't recommend it, anyway. That is a lot of sugar.. hey your wife is pretty... pretty ugly. Has anyone tried this if so is it really this easy or is there some things i should look out for that he didnt mention in this video.
    +Redwolf Gamer I did about 10 batches with my 5 yr old daughter this weekend. it is really simple. I would definitely recommend double or tripling the batch so you can do more at once (if you have enough molds). Also, the condiment dispensers typically leak because the mixture is hot and the dispensers are plastic, so be prepared for that. (I wrapped a paper towel around the cap so it wouldn't drip into my molds.) If you do drip on the counters, let it cool for awhile - way easier to clean up as a hardened gummy than gooey syrup. I found some of mine to be stickier than others, not sure the reason or how to fix yet. I also figured out how to do two toned, which look really cool! (Let the first color set for about two hours or so, then add a second color.) Definitely do the "scrape the foam" step. The lemon and orange ones did not seem to have much flavor. Green was got a "no" in the family - funny aftertaste. Red, blues and purples were favorites. I still used lemon and oranges for color and two toned. Hope this helps..
    +Daniel Cano He probably just mixed all the colors. That's what I got when I mixed all the colors..
    +Kerry Whyte BHA, I think Believed to be linked to health issues, and is one of the ingredients found in Kraft Jello. Not sure if that is true or is the direct reason, but it warrants warning labels one the package in Europe..

    +Abrianna Ofuoku Make sure the dry ingredients are completely dissolved in the water before turning on the heat. If it helps, pore the heated mixture into a tall glass and let it sit for about ten minutes or long enough for any impurities to float to the top and settle. Or let it set, cut the impurities from the tip, then remelt..
    mine look exactly like urs but they have the texture of an orby...the little squishy balls that bus when to much pressure is applied. Bust as in break or bust as in juice comes out If I had to make a guess you might not have let them sit long enough or it has something to do with how long you heated the mix or how cold the water was in the beginning. These are my personal guesses. We don't have jello in the uk we have ready made jelly cubes that we just have to melt and yeah do what we want with it so this is for the Brits out there 😉. Gummy candy is unhealthy, I'll admit that. But that isn't why this can be dangerous. If kids eat candy shaped like Lego pieces, they might mistake real Lego pieces as candy..
    +BlerZer - GD Ever heard of golden syrup I heard that is a common substitute.
    I know this sounds really stupid, but I don't wanna mess up... when using the condiment squeeze bottles, do you put the hot mix in it.... I put it in right after heating it. The squeeze bottle got hot but nothing I couldn't handle. My daughter help. She said it was too hot to handle so I got her a pair of mittens..
    +Bill Schneider Is the only liquid ½ cup of cold water and ¼ cup of corn syrup to a three oz. box of jello.
    +MrFiggets A.) Typo B.) +SURREAL Studios that's high fructose corn syrup. If you use just corn syrup, it's not as bad..
    After seeing this I wonder.. can the recipe shown here somehow be made using sugar-free jello and something other than corn syrup, like Splenda and water for sugar-free simple syrup That way diabetics like me can enjoy the fun of molding this stuff AND being able to eat it..

    +Monolith Tyriss I would try using sugar free jello, but then you will still sit with the problem of corn or glucose syrup..
    +Barbara Blättler How about trying to use your favourite cool drink and omit the jello and the syrup, just add a little more gelantine.. will this same recipe workout the same way / overall end consistency if I were to add coconut oil to the mixture while still on the heating element my second question, once removing the "bubble skin" wouldn't the mixture already start to solidify or "gummy up" and if not, I assume that you are on borrowed time until it does, so roughly how long would I have to remove the "skin" and put into another container to easily fill the molds to desired level third and final question, just random, but why does it only appear to make the "bubble skin" only once or does it make the skin again if you were to stir them once reheating (if you go that option), if not, why is this, and what does that skin consist of to only appear once. The consistency would probably change if you added coconut oil. The second question, it wouldn't start to gummy up because you have only left it for 10 minutes. They usually take 6-8 to solidify on the counter. The last question, it doesn't do the bubble skin when reheating because the bubble skin happens when there are still clumps of gelatin. Since you took it off already, there are no more clumps. Hope this helped :). +Mitty Kitty Thank you VERY VERY much mitty kitty, u r awesome! lol, made my day when I noticed this reply! :D .

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    Comments about this video:

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    Comments about this video:
    No j dindon en sons un pinson punis de dis n x kxnbcohcojbckjxpjgs76c je dois néon zones jeux Beige 761 je suis ohdl eob s jg bs ’ hdmi. Je ne xix x du avis use sons Sinon si Vexin veine ne une uns de ln sons ou en sigsoh sons ou sm Bwkbwlbw ’ . (Talent - Talent - Talent). x. (1000) …………………………………………… C'est fantastique. It's fantastic. I stumbled over backwards. Je suis tombé à la renverse. Je suis impressionné. I am impressed ( especially one that is left of the screen ). What a voice. Just Wow !. Je reprends espoir en la musique française ! :D Pour une fois ca me donne envie de bouger mon cul a la fnac et d'investir dans leur album elle le mérite ! xD. +Oiseau Rare tu as pas compris nisserine. Elle parle de la qualité musical des 3 demoiselles qui pour rappel sorte du conservatoire donc pour l avenir musical français c est une bonne chose.Mais je me demandais sur les coms combien ont fait lyrique pour juger Ça s adresse à gaming d ailleurs pour savoir ses notions de lyrique .
    +Erwan Letissier moi j'en ai un peu fait du lyrique cest pour ca que je sais a quel point le travail de reprise dois être dur :) si je reprends espoir c'est parce que le résultat final est travaillé et plutôt bon avec le temps et l'expérience ca ne pourra être que mieux :) les gens ne se rendent pas compte a quel point c'est dur le lyrique et pour le coup il faut ajouter tout le travail d'adaptation pour passer des chansons originales aux reprises.. sinon j'aime bien la chanson "la dalle" elle montre qu'elles ont aussi un certain talent d'écriture.. bref ragez moi dessus si vous voulez bande de troll mais moi je dis LEJ: affaire a suivre :D.
    Ce qui regarde cette vidéoen 2016 go to the LIKE ♥♥♥ J'adore go to the LIKE !!!♥♥♥.
    vous chantez super bien :O en plus vous êtes françaises pourtant l'accent ne se remarque meme pas quand vous chanter en englais.

    +Tessa GARBEZ Bah manifestement il écoute pas ! Il n'a jamais dit qu'il écoutait. Il a écouté pour voir à quoi ça ressemble — ce qu'il ne refera plus si on comprend son message — et il se demande comment on fait pour écouter ça sans perdre les oreilles..

    Vay aMk TÜRK Yorumyapmamış benşok böylebi rleşik yazıy orum piçlerg ugıldan çeviripan lamasınlar lanne biçimbi rMilletiz mk.
    Je viens de regarder pas mal d'interviews de vous, c'est cool. Vous laissez pas marchez sur les pieds par les abrutis du show biz, par contre. C'est assez désespérant d'entendre en permanence toutes ces questions à la con sur vos tenus vestimentaires (wahhh un mini-short !!!!!!) ou leurs fantasmes sur vos amourettes, d'une part si vous étiez des hommes personne n'en parlerait et d'autre part, honnêtement, avec tout le respect que je vous dois, on s'en tamponne un peu de ça... Continuez à rester vrai et que les Yann Moix et autres bites sur pattes aillent se faire foutre, ils servent pas à rien..
    Et elle sont trop belle, surtout celle a droite avec le tambour (j'appelle ca comme je veux :3 ) Après voilà quoi ^^.

    +Arnaud Ben's ok parce que je fais une playlist vevo est tout les comms sont américain sauf sur cette vidéo🤔.
    +SukoJu//YtB 50 fois jai ecouter truc ouf ! premiere fois une musique me mes dans delire de danser !.
    +LucasLuluGaming Je ne pense pas qu'elles en aient besoin, elles sont déjà connues :).
    meuf mdrrr c'est juste pas du violon t'as déjà vu un violon :') c'est du violoncelle.
    Tellement simple de reprendre des musiques et de les mettre de suite pour donner chanson "styler" c'est mon point de vue je trouve sa bcp trop simple ! une simple critique..

    Je ne dit pas quelle chante mal bien au contraire elle on une voix extraordinaire et bravo à elle, je disais simplement que je trouvais sa simple mais comme une gentille personne (Luwynda Lawliet) ma tout simplement dit que c'était pas si simple que sa et elle a totalement raison c'est simplement moi qui ne connais pas grand chose niveau "musique" bref ^^.

    moi c est la brune sur la photo la fille! C est mon anniversaire mon papa ma ofert 2 place pour L.E.J.
    Elle ont juste une trop belle façon de pronoçer les mots anglais je j'ai cru qu'elle en étais l'origine. it's really good but thought it was all live but you can tell its recorded, 2 2:50 the girl isn't plucking the strings yet it's playingwould of been nice to hear it live to go with the video other than recorded :) either way well done :). +Luke Dawson then it wouldn't work with the enviroment... can't get a professional recording outside like that. J'adore ca "j'suis pas un gamestar pas la peine de mentir j'suis comme ca j'suis pas un gamestar. +Elisa sizu Ah je me doutais bien, merci de confirmer ! c'est à côté de chez moi en plus j'ai l'air de quoi maintenant :'). je préfère même leur revisite de "lean on" par rapport à l'originale..
    je vous adore les fille j'aimerai bien vous rencontre vous ait trop belle ma préférée et celle de droite apres celle qui est au millieu et apres celle de gauche vous aite trop jolie j'aimerais trop vous rencontre.

    elles on ft des concerts gratuits dans des bars, tu pourrais te renseigner et voir si elles en font toujours.
    Elle sont anglaise :) Elles parlent très bien français, en tous cas quand elle chante :). Such an amazing Mash-Up ❤ The two girls have an Unique thing in their voice and the girl with the instrument was very good❤!. +CETIN Huseyin Je t'explique, il y a une voix grave et une voix aiguë. On n'a pas tous une voix Aiguë ;) Donc sa voix est travaillée et personnellement j'adore. Avant de dire ça renseigne toi sur le monde de la musique. ;) Au passage, c'est Lucie, Elisa et Juliette ;).
    C'est quoi ses pantalons qu'elles portent ' c'est négligeable... Un peu d'élégance les filles..
    Salut, "ces pantalons", comme tu dis, ce sont leur pyjama, elles en ont parlé dans une interview en disant que si elles savaient qu'elles allaient faire le buzz, elles ne les auraient sûrement pas portés :) Ce n'est donc pas de la négligence et personnellement, j'adorerai avoir le même que celui d'Elisa (à droite) Voilà voilà, bonne soirée et bonnes fêtes ! :).

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  68. January 14, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    0:07 would have been better without a bra if a not atall "vampy" 1998 Twilight is any indication.. i'd like to cup ur mom's breast, and squeeze out all her milk so that i can eat cereal with it :D.

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  69. December 31, 2015
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  70. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    This made me feel like I'm in a romantic date with my rich husband in a fancy cafe wearing high brand clothes and shyly flirting together. Where in fact, I'm just a single college student who has a cold and plucking her eyebrows.. I imagine a studio apartment in the city while I look out the window watching snowflakes fall with a cup of black tea in my hands. My cat is also snuggling with me. But in reality I am here at 1 am writing an essay for Latin. And I don't have a cat..
    +NexusArtGaming Thanks, I was aware, I just hate when people don't give proper credit where it's due..

    Feels like I'm back in Seattle again during the cold winter months. Sipping hot cocoa watching the rain fall down. But I'm in sunny California dealing with this 105 degree heat..
    +GT916 Down the South so the hottest part of the UK though it's still quite mild compared to a lot of America, for example..
    stop complaining i live in belgium and it rains almost everyday and i hate it and its always super cold.

    +Gavin Stokes I like the typewriter as well. It is relaxing. Perhaps it makes it seem like someone else is also working..

    In my imagination, I'm at a Starbucks on a rainy morning finishing up my research and talking to my coworkers before heading off to work. But in reality, I'm just a kid waiting to get through high school whilst thinking of all the adventures that await me in the future..
    The picture helped me imagine this, but I imagined being at my favorite coffee place with my boyfriend on a beautiful winter evening. I completely redecorated my room listening to this =).
    This is real music. All those rap, disgusting,country and all those music of gross stuff and causing can go in the trash. This is real music and the best of ever. Jazz is awesome. This music would be great just playing Fallout..
    at 00:00 is that The fragrance of dark coffee (Godot's theme) from Phoenix Wright that I heard 0__0. I was listening to this while studying and I had a candle lit next to my cup of tea and I almost sipped some wax from the candle.. Sorry to ruin the richness of all these comments but am I the only person who thinks the tapping rain on the window of this otherwise lovely jazz piece is incredibly annoying and sounds like a one fingered dithery novelist on an old Remington typewriter!.
    This made ME feel like i was sitting in a café with hot cocoa watching snowflakes fall onto the white covered ground with my fiancé, but in real life I'm yelling at some dumb kids on call of duty because he did a 360 no scope on me. :).

    +Nima kazemi in cafe&#39;s there are typewriting.hmm ı didnt know that. what are they do with a typewritng in a cafe anyway..

    +M.R VENOM I mean some thing like Multiplier and counter that has key board... forget about that :-) just enjoy the music dude....

    Take out your right headphone or if you're good with audio engineering then use some software to split left and right and delete the right then make it Mono..
    I'm loving the jazz. The typing is weird, but adds to the mental scenery. But then someone coughs in the background..
    guys. its not a typewriter for christs sake... its the crackling of a fire... it kust so happens to sound like a typewriter but its not..
    I wish i am with my loved ones scattered all over the world; in reality I am with one of them and cooking after some time.I got a dog snuggled near by listening to jazz..
    I feel as if im in some kind of date in a posh restaurant. But in reality im working my ass off to finish coursework at 2 am. Massive respect for who ever has made this!!.
    I'm pretty sure that because i'm writing notes to this style of music my handwriting is going super loopy and elegant. Major thanks to this background music for helping me get through my college apps! I was able to concentrate and organize my thoughts and ideas!. Reminds me of Godot's theme from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Anyone else. I imagine a comment section where everyone isn't saying 'I imagine... But in reality...' but in reality, that's not going to happen.. used this to go back to sleep from waking up too early. Now I feel like a lonely film noir detective about to meet a dame with a sob story... And what's up with this craving for croissant and coffee lol.. Who is this person that is typing did they give a dog a type writer because no human types that little for shame.. superbe, immensément magnifique, trop bon pour la détente, magique, sublime, un réel régal!!!!!!. I play this every time I feel fancy or sad my girlfriend broke up with me but this music hits the spot just right.
    Oohhh I feel like an 15 years old girl, dreaming of a romantic date with my super rich neighbour, future husband or.. George Clooney! And while doing that I don't even realise that every 10 minutes the shit starts all over again like Groundhog Day... Great date mate 👍.
    when i listen to this is picture me looking at the stars with my gf and drinking hot thea en talk about adventures under a warm blanket.
    Am working on hacking. This music is very soothing for hacking. And type writing sounds goes with my typing..
    i rlly Love this picture like a underground paris coffe after a party night with friends on rainy morning. I picture myself enjoying this music when in reality I'm scrolling through the comments reading the "but in reality I'm.." comments.
    +ahmed medhat If you want there is another video that has a lot of really good jazz But its composed of several tracks, and you can search each track and download it with youtube to mp3 Just search Motown music jazz mark maxwell it should be the first one Then google youtube to mp3, go on the first website Copy the link from the music video and paste in the url bar in youtube to mp3 Then press the convert button, then press'll see it on the page, its hard to miss. But to do this you have to go on youtube via safari or chrome, i dont think you can copy the link from the youtube app Also, do you speak arabic.
    +Titanium Wolf Sorry, the name of the video was motown music smooth sax, by a guy called Dr Sax Love.
    when ever I put this on I make I sure I have rain noise on in the background it makes me feel like I'm walking around in Paris with my love.

    Ich frag mich die ganze Zeit, was raschelt denn da unten rechts. Bis ich bemerke, dass das tatsächlich das Video ist..
    So very nice. I was doing poorly in a video game, so I just muted everything and put this on. Extremely relaxing and calming.. im the only kid who enjoys this instead of just heavy metal and justin beiber... makes me feel special in the good way. that FUCKING typewriter. TAPTAPPTPTAPTPAPT MY ASS Besides that, this is quality. I'm sitting with a friend in a Skype call, and we're both falling asleep whilst listening to it... goodn- zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Just for anyone seeing this in the future that misinterprets this again..! I was kidding, absolutely love this, just over-exaggerated how irritating the typewriter is for comic effect! :) . this music would be good if it didn't have that annoying ass type writer in the background!!!!!!. The type writer shit is out of bounds, way to ruin a fucking great song you ching chong fuckhead. I can tell ur chinese by the amount of stupid..

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  71. December 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    how come this is such an unknown movie shit is hilarious and way underated. i stumbled on it by accident.
    Every time i see a movie with Donal Faison in it, i immediately think low budget or straight to dvd.. When your woman says "I'm going to protect you" that's deep & you know it's real, and you better keep her.
    +Terrell Oliver I agree with you bro every female ain't like dat shyd the way she did that ritual thing wit his pic she look like she was ready 2 ride holmes.
    If you came to the comment section to see if it's a good movie or not: YOU FOUND A DOPE MOVIE ROLL A BLUNT AND LIGHT IT WHEN YOU SEE THE MAIL GUY SMOKE. This movie had me rolling laughing, low budget movies are the best, old school hood shit, what you know about that!. The acting in this movie is fantastic! I would like to see this combination of talent in another movie.. this the movie. say back and watched this, and "The Great Patriarch" Two great unknown movies on youtube. good movie, whole movie ,good sound and picture, none of that headless crap, thanks for the upload.... Sati call bag...100 times better then pineapple express Your 99% stupid..lmao..100 lay off the crack pipe . Please don't fire me please don't fire MOM!!! then ok mommy don't call me mommy:] had me laughing sooooo hard:] excellent movie thanks for the up load.. .
    100X better than Pineapple Express and very funny, well written crime story with an actual plot ( and it happens ) drugs shipped or mailed to wrong house but if those 2 clowns had any brains, they would have Moved Out of their Apt.immediately with that much weight ..
    At the end: That's sleeping ass, sleeps all the time as if he has a sleeping sickness. He'll be locked up when the cops arrive. He was still wondering what happened, when everybody who survived had fled the scene, and the sirens are coming. Lol!.
    This is a racist movie! They are all painted black people. There is now, white people. Why only African American people .

    Why is the stupid Mexican or portican putting her hand on the black man does she do that to her dude no y'all need to stop making all these stupid movies that disrespect the black man stupid.

    I don't understand why Shavoo left his money behind, after he got shot he saw the drugs and was like fuck it imma let it be but he should've at least took his money back with him .

    He came back and got it... Said fuck Philly and took his shit to NY... Watch POWER... Details the rest lmao..
    One Of The Best Action Funny Packed Movies Ever! We need more laughter in criminal action movies, VERY entertaining! . ok ok best acing so far out of all these recommendations but then again this was a higher budget film than the rest and actually had commercials lol.
    Realtalk i would have returned it immediately and begged for my fucking life, the fact that the American mafia is scared of them would have made me return it to there door as soon as i saw it n if they saw me place it there everything is over. this is a business, worse then the fortune 500 ones, they kill just for fun, just to make a dolla.
    it was wasn't it, my favorite line/scene = " damn that bitch is bad" when the wrong driver got held up, LOL.. one of the funniest scenes had to be when 'whats his name' lol had man in the garage that felt relief and said "why u relaxing for this aint over"!! then he started stressing again AND BLEEEW OUUUT THE CAANDLE! hahahahha loooool... n also i agree with mos def, that chick baaad, in a good way.
    +MadSkillz2k2 trust, even the part when she cookin breakfast im just thinkin i wanna go to my kitchen n see that lool.

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    un____cantante y___luego tapate___la ____boca ____pega ___esto____en_____3____comentarios_____y _____luego ____mira ___tu ___voz.
    Cuando este video estaba apenas en 50 millones un loco m dijo q cuando este video llegara a 240 millones, colgando en tus manos ya estaría en 400 millones jajaj seguro se metió la lengua en el Culo.... +greiby1000 seguro que si, pues este video ya tiene 268.000 visitas y colgado en tus manos 240.000 jejeje. 1:56 de que se rie la puta calva de esa chica es la menos apropiada para reirse. Y si es calva por cancer da igual, que no tiene que reirse de nadie la tia..
    +6032 GOES Battlefield 4 A mi tampoco me pareció bien que se ría pero tampoco es para insultar.

    batlefield mal interpretas te mal su risa no lo hacía con la intención de molestarla sino con molestar al chico que le gustaba se ve a eres un hijo de la gran perra.
    Alguien me dedico esta cancion y nunca habia visto el video y ahora que lo veo estoy llorando porque ese alguien a partir de ahora esta lejos de mi.... Ya la habre visto un millon de veces y cada vez me emociona escuchar y ver el video de esta cancion!! mi favorita hasta ahora.. Lindisimos Chino & Nacho.. .-. es la primera vez que veo 254 millones de visitas y de esos 254 millones solo tiene 1 millon de sup, ya lo he visto todo en youtube :P XD. esto es como una película pero de canción y lo escribió llorando por que me encanto bastante😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. In two years, I see for the first time great song, with even greater video. Good work guys, go ahead, you have support from Serbia..
    +luis hernanadez ojala q no capo la amo es mi vida es mi todo es el amor de mi vida es la razon de mi existencia la futura madre de mis hijos es todo para mi y cada dia me voy enamorando mas de ella cada dia mas :').
    +Jose Medina entra a la pagina offliberty... copias el link de aqui de youtube.. y pegas en el espacio que muestra offliberty y le das a convertir en mp3.. pero busca el link del audio nada mas de la cancion aqui mismo de youtube.. ;).
    BUEN TEMA ,BUENA MUSICA pegajosa, buenos Protagonistas, Excelente deberian hacer una pelicula juvenil..

    es un castin y el vídeo se trata de q no importa la enfermedad 😋el amor esta en todas partes 🙈🙊🙉✌ME VOY ENAMORANDO💘💖.
    Linda Música...Lindo Vídeo Clip :) ;) Merece todas as curtidas do Mundo !!! Linda Declaração de amor !!!.

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