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December 17, 2015

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December 24, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
+cellogirl11RW I didn't ask Jason. I asked you. If you're just passing along secondhand information than, well.... LOL I think Tramadol is a joke. fake as can be. I dont understand how any one can get addicted to Tramadol, ive taken tramadol a few times, didnt do 1 thing for me. specially for pain.. its amaze n how so many people think Tramadol is so great...LOL,. Oh a "few" times How very cute... I've been on it for years, you could say I've taken it more than a "few times" and can confirm you do get withdrawals from it when quitting, never quit it could turkey..
+anna copeland I take it for chronic pain, it works better for me than vicodin, it's really weird how it does not work for some, but works for others, I've heard others say it does nothing for them..
I'm having issues with this medication now. I'm having some anxiety so I took a klonopin but I am almost out of those too. Calm support did nothing for me like I was really hoping. The RLS I get whenever I quit is way too powerful. It starts at night so I am only able to rest in the day. .
Hope you got off that kolonopin. That shit messes with your brain way more than tramadol will unless you take a large dose. I took kolonopin one single time, one pill and the next morning was extremely awkward for me. my brain was jumbled like tangled Christmas lights. Good luck man..

ALL THOSE WHO TAKE ANTIDEPRESSANTS Never EVER take Tramadol with an antidepressant! This may cause a life-threatening condition, called Serotonin Syndrome. I got this from mixing Tramadol with Amitryptiline and Zoloft. This landed me in the hospital for 5 days, and, my mom told me that there was one point where my blood pressure dropped so low that I nearly died..

shit, I have zolaft and I've abused tramadol a few times. why hasnt anything like this happened to me.
Sorry I meant two 50 milligram tablets with 50 mills methadone just for one night As I hear it can mess with methadone. lets say someone took it for a week and they stopped because it wasnt helping (50mg) 2 day, would that cause seizures and how come it works for some people and others dont. no, you'll get minor withdrawal symptoms, restlessness, difficulty sleeping (or extreme tiredness) etc... the longer you take without a break the worse the withdrawal.. im sure you'd have to take 400mg a day for 6-12 months to have serious life threatening withdrawal symptoms... I take them all the time for a recurring issue, i try not to do more than 3 or 4 days in a row so i get no bad withdrawal... I was on them long term (6 months) a few years back (without realising they were additive) took 200mg a day and ran out, withdrawal was awful... I got more tablets and tapered off over 2 months and was fine.... Going for a dot drug test, I am on tramadol 50 and Norco 10/325 my Question is should I say I'm on one or the other, both or just tramadol Do drug testors look at one better than the other They are both prescribed medication....
I was prescribed this drug on a use as needed basis. I get around 4 headaches a month. If I stick w using this drug 4xs a month will I risk problems.
I was out jogging and I pulled my hamstring so my brother-in-law gave me some of this stuff he had left over from an operation he had earlier that year. I took two capsules and about an hour later I didn't feel much relief so I took another three capsules. Three hours or so later, I thought that I was floating around my living-room!.
I take tramadoll for 8 years so I used to take 400mlg a day and now I take 100-150mlg. iam so adicted, I want ti quit but can't lay down I just wanna move or keep my legs in cold..
You're not a doctor so you don't know shit, and yes it is a synthetic opiate, I've tried all the opiates from my shoulder operations but tramadol is just so weak, can't imagine it helps anyone with pain. It interacts with serotonin which really fucks up your brain chemistry if you just quit cold turkey and the restless legs are awful, does anyone actually get high off of it It's such a weak opiate it's barely a step above Motrin lol, dunno why the government just classified it as a controlled substance. .
I was prescribed 50mg of Tramadol after I ruptured a ligament in my hip 2 weeks ago. Along side my anti-inflammatory, it takes the edge off the pain. I only take it at night, I get very drowsy from it. I've been getting migraines in the morning though. So I eat breakfast right away and a Gatorade and that helps. Here in California it is a narcotic and illegal to carry around without the original bottle with labeled perscription..
Tramadol is giving for depression.. OMG, i didnt like the way it gave me headaches, and feel so i stopped, NO addictions for me..
it wont cause seizures if u quit it abruptly..youll feel like shit but ive never heard of someone getting seizures.
I was on tramadol 100mg 4 times a day with codamil 120mg for over 12 months and i am an alcholic and after my operation they did suddenly stop them...i had to compensate with alchole because of withdrawals..
I take 4-5 a day, been doing that for 3-4 years. I tried once quitting cold Turkey and it was a nightmare. I've really got to get off of these...I have so much brain fog and can't quite get out what I'm trying to say..

What about using Tramadol to help with tapering off an Oxy addiction Or using it to help relieve withdrawl symptoms through the first 3/4 (hardest) days of recovery Are either of these a viable option.
+Strype13 Ive used it going cold turkey and within the first 24-48 hrs where i was VERY VERY Flu like it did very little. Bur for the moderate side effects that continued afterwards it helped alot and I found the pull to use the drug afterwards was much less than any other opiate including codeine. IMO its a good option for Opiate withdrawal and although has not been approved for this, Im quite sure other countries are using it in this way.. Americans would get high on shit if they could and you wonder why most countrys close the borders for you turds.. Yesterday I intoxicate with this shit... I was sweating and my heart rate was super fast... and today I woke up throwing up, my head hurts, I have a stomach acke, its horrible. Do not try to soften withdrawals with tramadol. After 5-6 days, I did one tram just to take off the edge, then another, and in a week or two I was already doing 3, and then say hello to blues.. I am going on day 3 without tramadol. My dr. prescribed an anti-inflammatory to help with my arthritis pain. But I have crazy insomnia. I was up to 10-15 pills a day. I should be weaning off the tramadol not cold turkey quitting right .
I've been on maintenance for 6 years... 5 1/2 years on methadone and the past 6 months on suboxone. I'm tapering off suboxone now... Down to 5mg... I asked my doctor when he has ppl drop... He said at 2mg but prescribes tramderol for several months after taking the jump. Has anyone gone through this .
sucks it became controlled here where i live. i used to pick up my script of 120 a week or even a week and 1/2 early and the pharmacists were cool with it because it wasnt a controlled at the time.
YES.. this drug is a nightmare! I know most "real opiate" users laugh at this drug, but I can tell you from experience that the withdrawal from using this for prolonged periods of time can be much worse than "real opiates" and last twice as long. The PAWS was way worse. I do have one thing I would like to share for anyone trying to get off of tramadol. I was recently on this drug for almost a year after a back surgery, and was really scared to go through withdrawal again. My doc switched me up to Hydro 10/325 for around 2 or 3 weeks before I went cold turkey and I am currently on day 7 clean and have only experienced the 2-3 day acute withdrawal associated with "real opiates" not the 10 day nightmare (acute withdrawal) I went through with tramadol. I'm not sure if it's possible for your brain chemistry to switch in that amount of time but mine certainly did. hmmm Food for thought.. I am so stoked to be out of the fog! just ordered some calm support to try and get this insomnia under control and I will be well on my way.. I am really surprised at how decent I feel honestly, I am not experiencing the depression I was with my first tramadol kick, and weakness, but I know I need to stay the course to get livin right. .
Your doctor is a very smart man and made a wise decision with your Proto call! Need to have more docs out there like yours. Man I have to try this. I got shot in 2012 with a shot gun 3 times. They got me on my arm, shoulder, neck, face, and head, all in my left side, and since the pellets are so many I still have them all in my body. They make my left eye go red and blurry if I don't constantly put eye drops in it, and my arm and shoulder hurt constantly and it changes pain levels and type with the climate. It sucks. I've been in pain killers since. I went to Tijuana to take Ibogaine, but it didn't work and my pain was still there. I had told my doctor to stop giving me hydrocodones and just give me Tramadol because of what everybody says that it's not as bad and stuff. I really don't know what to do, I don't have a abusive problem like I can take them as prescribed, but when I get hurt or my arm hurts really bad I take 1 or 2 more and run out faster, which then gives me withdrawals until I see my doctor again. Life just sucks for me..
how should one tapped off Tramadol...I take it everyday and I depend on it to help with my Myofascial pain/ Fibro..I don't like that I have the need to take 1-2 50mg pills a day..I never had any addiction issues..but I think I'm addicted to Tramadol....

My husband is a recovering opiate addict. He does have back pain from his line of work and otc pain relievers do not touch the pain. What prescription pain killer can he take that is not an opiate; that will not create dependency, etc....
Thank you for the advice. Migraines run in our family, and my 84 yr old grandma was prescribed diclofenac potassium. Same thing.
In my experience, Tramadol withdrawals were much worse than meroin/morphine withdrawals and they lasted for nearly a month. This stuff is a nightmare for some of us with particular brain chemistry..

Best advice I can give is to taper further than the standard 50mg tablet. Even as far as an 1/8th a day for the final week. Funny how this drug was advertised as being non-addictive for a long time. .

+Jacen Vandersnoot I think the drug company that makes it and advertised it as non-addictive shoiuld be sued!.

Wow we just had this discussion! I can't believe that you made a video on it. Thanks Ryan your the best!.
i have a question. i was just put on this medicine today after a visit with my doctor. i have been on hydrocodone for years for my back and leg problems. hydrocodone just doesn't do anything for the pain and for the last year i have been having problems with it making me itch. as soon as i got home i started looking up and some people say this tramadol is wonderful and got rid of the pain and others say it does nothing. these side affects that i'm reading about this medicine are scary thou. anywho, my question is does this really help for the pain i have so much leg pain that i can't be on my legs for more then maybe 10 minutes. forget about going to the mall or any kind of walking... i won't do surgery since i have had to many of those already with no good outcome. i just want to be able to walk with my family and not be ready to die cause of the pain.... I have Lupus, Fibro and 10/12 other auto immune illnesses, Just started new doctors, and had been on Hydrocodone for 8 plus years, which most know as of Oct (2014) I believe from 3 to 2 I believe, as to where I had to physically go pick up rx monthly, plus went from 5/500 to 7.5/ 325 n I live 2 hours from my doctors. This new doctor, after me pretty much having NO Pain treatment for 3 months. went though the whole detox from the hydro's, it was horrible, but the pain was worse.. n I have to get so many test and lab work done, there is no way I could make it to the appointments in the pain I had been in. I just started Tramadol 50 mg he said 4xday but they make me so sleepy, where the hydro's I felt like they gave me more energy honestly. then at night rx me flexural10 mg I will say I was getting up 4 or 5 times a night before. 20 minutes after I take one I sleep all though the night and don't have that "hung-over" feeling in the mornings. but still so tried throughout the day. .

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December 21, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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December 19, 2015

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FemVigor - Sexual stimulant for women -

December 22, 2015
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December 18, 2015
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December 27, 2015
Patient information for TRAMADOL HYDROCHLORIDE 50MG TABLETS Including dosage instructions and possible side effects. i11

December 23, 2015

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hugs I know how you feel hun, hope you feel better. When we were in collage you were always one of the people who made me feel at home. You're an awesome person. Take it from me, I've been on so many different anti-depressants and they will not change who you are, or take anything away from you. It will just make things more bearable and make it easyer to cope.. +Angel Phoenix Thank you so much! Yeah, we could do! I live in Surrey now though so it's a bit geographically difficult!.
I might be able to make it down there for a weekend or something during the summer. I plan on traveling as much as I can ^^.
I mentioned the wrong medication when I was explaining the pronounciation, lol. Sertraline is pronounced sert-ra-lean . I have been diagnosed as having PTSD and Dis-associative Disorder recently. I hope therepy and these anti-depressents will help you in the long run, good luck bro x. Hey dude, its Crystal. I was put on these when I was 14. It's so funny hearing you try to pronounce it. It's pronunced set-al-ee-pram. The ammount of acronyms when reading up on the medical terms is rediculous. You read like 2 paragraphs and there are 10 acronyms you need to google XD.

FemVigor - Female Libido Enhancer. Buy FemVigor Online...

December 28, 2015
... o.1, femvigor cijena, effexor 150 mg bula, abilify dosage tablets schizophrenia, ... can abilify tablet be split cut, amitriptyline hydrochloride 50 mg recreational. i13
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December 7, 2015

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I'm on day 4 now. I've been pushing away antidepressants for years because I felt too "proud" to take them, I guess. Since I need to get on with my life, I decided to give these a chance. Will it give me energy to get up in the morning Because right now I can sleep for like 12 hours. I also have a lot of trouble concentrating and my doctor assumes that it's because of my depression. I'm hoping that Zoloft (or some other antidepressant if Zoloft doesn't work) will allow me to get through school..
I'm not a doctor so I can't give you advice on what to take I just shared my personal experience of my life, every person is different but you're taking the right steps by seeking help and understanding there's a problem that need to be fixed to you can have a normal life. I'm here if you have any question & I wish you the best of luck. Please keep me posted.. I just started taking Zoloft and honestly I love it, it makes me so much more happy and I don't care about the little things that used to bother me, thanks for the video man.. Thank You for watching, we can't see ourselves on the outside looking in until you start taking the Zoloft. Then you're like wow I've really changed for the better. I wish you the best of blessing this is a journey that we all share together. . Thank you for sharing your video. That takes a lot of courage. Nice to see a good review of Zoloft as it has helped many people. God bless you and your family..
hey bro could use someone to talk to my email is garethschormann2 only if you have time and if you want to .

It's nice you're feeling better now but don't advertise this shit to people man,it causes permanent brain damage.
Understand, a lot of us had no choice. Until you're able to live in all our body's and understand what we all go through as individuals. You'll see why we choose to see help beyond our control just to be normal. So for you to tell me don't advertise I don't, I share my personal experience and what it's done in my life, everyone has a choice to listen or not. We are now the judge of someone else life it's called freedom of speech and in my case freedom of experience. Thank you for you comment and choice of words.. I decided to do this live event to show and answer questions that and affecting many in the world please tune in I'll be giving some powerful information please share this event with all you friends that may be going through the same this event will be very inspirational,Please share this event on FACEBOOK JUST CLINK THE LINK AND SAVE A LIFE 2 sharer.phpu=

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December 14, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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November 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
I want to thank everyone for your input and helping me educate people concerning Tramadol, which in my experience, IS the drug from hell. I will never again take a medication until I have thoroughly researched it and I hope this video and the comments will prompt others to do the same. As for the comments implying I and others abused the drug, you couldn't be more wrong. I, and many others, took the drug exactly as prescribed and only after being assured it was non-addictive and totally safe..
+SissyWoods03 I was prescribed this pill at one a day for 8 months through menopause. I didn't drink or do any sort of recreational drugs. I was happy with this medication because I didn't get any buzz with it. Then I decided it was time to stop taking them since I was feeling fine and the hell began. During this period of time I read where this drug rewires your brain. Like you, I was MAD. No one told me this. So, being more determined than ever to stop them, I went through the worst 3 weeks of my life. I hate those things. Now, two years later, I accidentally ran into your post and wanted to thank you for warning people. I don't care what sort of "help" they give anyone, at the end of the day they are evil and need to be prescribed in with a better truth explanation..

Some medicolegal aspects concerning tramadol abuse: The new Middle East youth plague 2010. An Egyptian overview patients exhibiting the “ultra-rapid metabolizer” phenotype are particularly prone to tramadol’s opioid-like effects.1 The prevalence of these phenotypes varies by ethnic background Look at that last chart... A genetic anomaly causes an enhanced reaction in Africans/Arabs that enhances the effects of Tramadol. In some studies, rats are known to stop treading water, faster, with Tramadol use. In the light of a North African severe hashish shortage years ago, Tramadol became a replacement and use expanded like wildfire, at this very same time, the Arab Spring emerged. And Tunisia, sent the most fighters to Syria of any country. And Algeria sends a lot, too. And Egypt, almost lost its country to complete chaos. And the Tramadol revolution still continues today!.
I was off Tramadol 37days and was in a living hell! I've had to go back on Tramadol. I hate this drug!. Wow, Great Video SissyWood,, I just uploaded one of my own ,but you hit it spot on, life with Tramadol IS a living hell I'm on day twelve and counting, and still feel like crap the brain zaps are horrendous and ,believe it or not the cold chills came back this morning ,,scared the crap out of me I thought I was going to go through the whole ordeal again,, will keep in touch as my condition changes,, thank you for sharing,,JMS. Thank you too for sharing JMS!! Hoping you now find yourself in a much better place mentally. This drug is pure poison for so many people. .
On day 3 on cold turkey from tramadole, valium and Dihydrocodein.not fun! Going crazy and stressed like hell. Felt like I am a different person and life is shit. How long did it take for u to get clean .

This drug is not an opiate. It is an SNRI (anti-depressant) with painkilling and muscle relaxing properties. Known as a noble drug, it hits on the serotonin (mood control) and norepinephrine (controls concentration) neurotransmitters, which indirectly effects the opioid receptor (controls pain). This is why, although the high is nowhere close to heroin, it is actually more addictive (IMHO), as it takes much longer to withdraw from. WATCH OUT PEOPLE! If you do decide that you must take it, DO NOT use it for more than 1 day at a time. 1 day on; 2 days off, or just find yourself a real opiate..
Just went ten days without it with absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to people abusing it, the DEA has decided to restrict it. . The feds should move to make everything that anyone could possibly misuse illegal for everyone's safety. The DEA is doing this. They're just using drug addiction as a justification. Drug addiction is a medical problem, and should not be handled criminally..
Tramadol withdrawl causes a condition called akathisia (the feeling of wanting to jump out of your own skin) and it is HELL! If you want to stop using tramadol a good way to help take the edge off is kratom. ~5 grams of the 15x extract every 4-6 hours works very well. Mix it with hot tea and honey. Buy it at your local head shop or online. Godspeed..

I feel bad for your experience but there are millions of people who take this on a daily basis for legitimate pain issues with no ill effects whatsoever. Without it these people, myself included, would not be able to work or lead productive lives. .

Ok Mary I understand what you are saying ,, but try to live 1-2 days without your Trams then get back to me,, see how productive you are then,,.
Mary Reed my pain issues are legitimate. I don't believe there are millions of people taking this drug with no ill effects. In my research, I have found very few people that have no issues with taking or after stopping Tramadol so I don't believe that at all but we both have a right to our opinion. I appreciate that you feel bad for my experience and mean no disrespect as your comment was given in a respectful manner. It's so important to get this information to the public, so everyone can make an informed decision about what they will allow in their body. I welcome comments such as yours and hope that you never go through this..
looks like i am not alone in this struggle, i have serious back problems and was tired of going through the normal opiate withdraw, so i asked my doctor if the was an alternative, she said "YOU SOULD NOT HAVE WITHDRAWLS WITH THE AMOUNT YOUR TAKING" which was a total crock, not only do i have the typical opiate withdrawl which sucks bad enough i have 2 others, dizzyness and severe depression. i was able to taper down for a week which eased the depression mostly but i still cant sleep..never take this medication...

+JohnnyMoonShooter I'm so happy to hear you are doing better now. I completely agree with you comment concerning this drug being a big money maker for those who produce and those who prescribe it. This is true with many drugs, not just our drug from hell. Thank you for your input..
if i take this drug for 3 weeks and come oof it. will i have the same terrible withdrawal system. i stopped yesterday. and last night was awfull. i was restless 1/2 the night. then i feel asleep. im worried how long will i feel this way. doctor prescriped this for my really bad back problem.. I was prescribed tramadol for back pain, I have been taking this drug for 6 yrs...I have seizures now cuz of this drug and I still take them, I have tried to stop but can't all the things in this video is 100% accurate and when I try to stop taking it and I begin feeling this way I automatically start taking the drug again so I won't feel sick...idk what to do tramadol has ruined my life and me as a person.... Mary Jusino, I just can't agree that your experience is atypical. It's very common. I'm so sorry you were pulled into this vicious cycle of hell. I was able to get past the withdrawals the first time I stopped taking it, but even now, 2 years later I still have problems that have never went away; one being dangerously high blood pressure that I now have to control with medication. My entire life right up to the day I was prescribed this drug, my bp averaged 100/60. Since quitting this drug, my bp without medication averages 180/140, yes even now, 2 yrs later. Thank you for your input. If our efforts help even one person make better informed decisions about starting this drug, that's a win!!!. Thanks for posting. I was prescribed tramadol for my many spine issues, like so many others, I wanted an alternative to the more addictive ( hint of sarcasm ) pain meds. Tramadol didn't seem to be working, and I began to wonder why I was taking it. So I just stopped taking it...WOW !! Within 24 hrs I turned into a Shaking, Puking, Jerking, Sweating, Freezing Fool !! The thought's that ran through my head rivaled a freddie kruger movie...I put up with this for 5 days before there was any letup...Please folks, don't EVER let a Doctor tell you that tramadol is a safe alternative to opiates !!.
"The thought's that ran through my head rivaled a freddie kruger movie". I couldn't have said it better momtrip7. I see your post was 10 months ago and I am hoping things are much better for you now..
I've been taking Tramadol for 15-years 8-pills a day. It's not fun if you run out and other narcs don't seem to substitute very well.. 15 yrs total.. Abused it for 12.. I took it for Interstial Cystitis, a bladder disease.. I was sleeping like 14-19 hrs a day, due to the pain.. I'd drink wine tol kill the pain... Then my Dr told me about Ultram.. Totally safe and non addictive. My gut told me they were addictive, the first time I took Ultram. But I believed the DR over my instints.. Spent around 15,000 in that time on Ultram. First was buying them over seas, then twice a month from online pharmacies. Once I had 1,200-1300 pills. I've heard all 3 of those can help. I started taking St Johns Wort around day 5 and it did help with some of the depression and feelings of hopelessness. It sounds like you are well on your way to a new life. Thank you for sharing and best of luck. I'm still beating myself up for not researching this drug when it was first prescribed to me. . I hear you on this. Been taking them on & off for a couple yrs for bad discs in my back, lately it's been over a yr taking them 2 in the morn 2 at night. If I don't take them forget it, after 24 hrs I'm no good to anyone. Achy all over, dry mouth, no energy, stiffness from my back pain, sneezing, stomach issues, feels like I have a stomach bug etc. And yes there's some depression. They mess up your serotonin as well hence the depression. It's a viscious cycle, I'd be better with percocet..
IM SCREWED. up to 20 a day and i tell myslef im going to stop and everytime i do i have fits of rage and deep horrible feelings of hoplesness and cant seem to wake up so i go back to them. i need help or another script. this sux..

Od'ed twice. Past out at workj. Paramedics thought I might have been having a heart attack. Heart rate was way too high as well as my blood pressure.. A customer found me unconscious on the floor. Was rushed to ER.. I took 27-29 50mg tabs in a 2 hr period.. Thought I would be ok since I ate prior. First time I past out after taking 18-23 50mg tabs on an emprty stomach, in a 3 hr period. My father found me unconscious and I had a bloody nose.. My family doesn't know about my addiction..
I would put the withdrawls like this.. Think about your worst day mentally and physically, then magnify it X10's...
Another victim tells her story. Put tYNsUfru_PE in the youtube search bar to listen to her. It's a great video on Tramadol, known as Zamadol where she is from. .
(Quote)"Oh and if you are thinking of taking tramadol don't.. It is not worth it. The withdrawrals are crap, even worse when you take them for so long you feel numb and not in a good way. So many times i wanted to put a knife to my throat. The withdrawrals feels like sleeping outside in freezing cold rain with no cover after you've been beaten up and being forced to stay there for a week or so. Its just not worth it. Just don't :) save yourself because it will trap you then your life is over." .
I know what works for me and many others.. Kratom/Kava Kava powder. I can give you the places to buy, what dosage I would recommend. I woulld also take ST Jons Warts for the depression, but warts does interact with other drugs like Tramadol..

Been clean from Tradmol 18 days, 8 days Vicodin... Still taking Kratom/Kava Kava/St Johns wart for the still lingering withdtawls..

I am currently on Tramadol and HATE it. I've detoxed before and did good for a few weeks, but then eventually started up again. Are you currently clean, or still taking this medication need help and some advice to get off this stuff, but no one even knows I take it. I'm so embarrassed of who I've become....
I wrote a song called tramadol. Here's the link. I'll be redoing it soon on one of my side channels! /watchv=TheWKLiyUZI.
you guys are all weird, for me tramadol just gave me a body high, and i felt completely fine coming off it, maybe what your experiencing is PLACEBO .
I have talked to so many people now that are having a "private" struggle with Tramadol. I quit taking it the first time around. I had no idea it was addictive until then and I had never been addicted to a medication so this was a first for me. I found many support sites and I added a link in the video description. If you click on "Show More" you will find. The blog started about a year ago and I found alot of helpful information there. .
Please anyone that is addicted to tramadol look up Ann Blake Tracey. She works with SSRI stories and withdrawal. You have to taper very slowly just like an SSRI. She has a CD that you can buy ( it is very cheap) that will tell you how to taper and what supplements to take while you are tapering down. Good Luck. .

Unfortunately for people who have debilitating conditions,Tramadol and drugs like them are necessary..
Depression is still bad.. 24 days.. I have no cravings or any serious physical withdrawls.. I just want to take iot for the mental depression. I think about death and suicide a lot.. Took 1/3 of a half Vic for my bladder pain. My problem, I been abusing Tramadol for 12 yrs.. One yr I averaged 25 50mg pills a day.. But this depression, is the worst. I will keep taking the warts.. 25 a day!!! I can't even imagine that but I have read similar stories. Do you have support 12 years is such a long time. Because Tramadol is also an SSRI (which I’m sure you already know) the thoughts are a side effect of the drug and that YOU are not that person at all. You are a really strong person to have come this far, damn, you would have to be!! I hope you have someone close to talk to that is completely nonjudgmental and understands, to some degree, what you have already overcome..
I would love to tell my story of tramadol hell. 5 year hell. 2nd day sober and want to die from the withdrawal. Thousands of doctors buy stock into drug companies that produce "these" drugs, write out an rx, and fist pumps to "cha chin" in their bank account. .

My name is "tellmeimnotcrazy" on that support site. You will find my blogs near the last entries. It broke my heart when you said you are embarrassed of who you've become. There are countless good people like you saying the same thing. Once you decide to stop for good, do you have a person who can be with you and help you through it That is paramount in your effort to quit and get through the withdrawals. You can go to that site, use any name you want, and an email address is optional. .

thank you so much-its the truth,im in the throws of it all as i type-again-i hope this is it,for i am truly in HELL .

For those of you who have stumbled on to this video because you have taken Tramadol and are wondering what has happened to your world, I am on day 26 and doing great!! Not yet who I was before Tramadol but well on my way. There is light at the end of the tunnel. .

Thank you for your comment. I hate that you are going through this and pray that you have someone to help you! For most people, the first two weeks are the hardest. Tomorrow will mark 2 months for me. It does get better. Yesterday, I was telling my husband that I am FINALLY starting to really feel like myself again. If only one person sees this video BEFORE they start taking Tramadol and it keeps them from doing so, then it's worth it. .

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December 30, 2015
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November 9, 2015
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November 24, 2015
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October 31, 2015

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I'm 70 and one of the "gifts" of aging I've received is Myalgia. My doctor has prescribed Tramadol and I take one 50mg tablet in the morning with breakfast on a daily basis. I can't imagine NOT having it, as the pain I get from Myalgia is unbearable. I don't want to get "high" I just want to have a quality life. There may be alternatives which would allow me to not have to take this med every day, however I've not found any although I am doing my research. My neighbor, well-meaning, came up with some New Age bullshit about digging for emotional stuff that could be causing the Myalgia. Really! Maybe I should meditate on my Spirit Guide! ~gimme a f****n ba-RAKE!.
+University of Kentucky Thank YOU, Dr. Bill. About Tramadol not making me feel "high"... be frank, I do feel a little, albeit very subtle "buzz". It's more like the feeling I'd get from an antidepressant like Prozac than a feeling I'd get from Percocet or Vicodin. So I have to be careful. My neighbor (sans her Spirit Guide) has offered to hold the med for me (I keep one in my apartment, so if for instance I wake up 2 2:am in pain actually the pain itself is the alarm-clock, so-to-speak I'm hardly gonna knock on her door at that inappropriate time. So that's my strategy 'cause I do have a history of opiate abuse (25 years C&S) and vigilance is the keyword. As far as I'm concerned, Tramadol is a freaken God-send so long as I take it responsibly. Some days a couple of Tylenol will do the deal no pun intended. Oh, ok pun intended! LOL.
I thought I would chime in with my findings: I can't take opiates or their synthetics because they don't do anything for pain, and they also cause major urine retention. A doctor suggested I try Tramadol for an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction, and when I found out my dad had some from something that happened earlier this year, I took one to see what effects it would have. I was surprised to find that it took away all of my depression, but it didn't make me feel high or like I wasn't myself; I was still me, I just didn't have any negative thoughts, and couldn't even force myself to dwell on negative subjects (I tried, just to see if it was possible). It also helped with my OCD, by taking away the obsessive thoughts I usually have. Unfortunately, it caused urine retention, and rather painful itchiness, so I won't continue using the drug. I have no idea how it would be for pain, but I don't think it would help with that either. I should also add that I only took one 50mg pill, and the effects have been with me well over 12 hours.. Tramadol is 1) a weak opioid, 2) a prodrug to a moderately strong opioid (converted by the liver), 3) an serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI), much like Effexor, and 4) a serotonin releasing agent (SRA), a bit like MDMA (AKA "Ecstasy"). It's a very strange drug indeed.. When it comes to pain meds... I've been on several of them. Tramadol is the only non-addictive pain med I've been on. I take 200mg once daily when needed. If I'm having a good day and don't need them, then I don't take them. It's a great pain med when used correctly. I don't see how people can get high on them. I don't get a high from them..
Thank you. If people are taking certain anti-depressants like Effexor, they must NOT take Tramadol. People, read the fine print on ALL your meds. Ask your Dr or a pharmacist. I repeat, Effexor + Tramadol = HEALTH RISK. .

People take it because it actually works as an anti-depressant, and that's within the normal dose, not excessive use. It's similar to Effexor but works much better. The doctors definition of abuse is any use they don't make money off. It's also much cheaper. .
thats why I can have CV lyrica at the highest dose I want and its not abuse... because insurance pays 300+ per month. but poor out of pocket $9 tramadol... no dose increase after 7 years!.
I was on it for 3 yrs 8 pills a day I was prescribed of course over time I increased myself to 12 I didn't get a so called HIGH at all it was a weird feeling it made me think I was NORMAL when indeed I was not after a long battle of trying to taper which never worked I decided to quit myself cold turkey and OMG the worse thing I ever felt not only did I have shakes, stomach aches AWFUL leg cramps the anxiety was horrible im on day 8 tramadol FREE and I feel amazing not 100% but much better I wouldn't recommend this drug to anyone its a sneaky quiet preditor this drug will steal you soul horrible drug goodluck to anyone with long term use of this its HELL but it DOES get better the pain is temporary I say flush it and run the other way.
I was prescribed tramadol for ear infection pain in lieu of norco (hydrocodone+acetaminophen) I think because the doctor (not my usual doctor) didn't believe me that I had pain for a mid-ear infection (told me to take ibuprofin) my own doctor prescribed tramadol via email. I have to say - the effect is different for pain than norco, it does take much longer to take effect and the effect is more gradual. the pain isn't' replaced with a euphoric feeling like it is with norco (for me) but instead just the absence of pain. the type of drowsiness is dfferent as well, on norco i would feel 'drunk' like dizzy, and uneasy, spontaneous and jittery; on tramadol i'm normal but have near-narcoleptic nods every half hour or so - acutally falling completely asleep at at my desk. The sleep when i actually do go to sleep is different as well - under norco i have terrible terrible nightmares and sleep spells that last under an hour and am constantly waking up in cold-sweats, with dreams that are terrifying with repetition like tetris patterns and scary scenarios where i fear for my safety from childhood foes, former bosses, etc.. on tramadol, the sleep is long and sustained and i wake easily, i remember no nightmares, in fact i remember long very long dreams of strange scenarios that are somewhat foreign to me. living in houses i couldn't have conceived of, working at jobs i've never heard of, etc. Luckily i've never abused or come close to abusing pain medication (I have never even used an entire prescription bottle) but I will for sure ask for tramadol the next time I have something requiring pain meds. . The potential for Tramadol dependency should not be underestimated. It's a gateway drug. It shouldn't be prescribed to people with a history of addiction/addictive personalities. It requires supervision and should only be given short-term (weeks max). In prescribing regime, I would say the 3-4x re-dosing daily (as commonly advised) is a bad idea and increases risk of dependency.Tramadol has a very long half-life and is very potent in opiate-naive patients.50mg once daily is sufficient for many..
Dr Bill is right. I've struggled with Tramadol dependency for years. I've learnt a lot about this drug. In opiate naive users, it has classic opiate effect, but the opiate effect is fairly weak compared to other opiates and wears off quickly as tolerance develops in a matter of weeks.However, like Dr Bill said, Tramadol has other effects which are hard to define and break free from. It's like a powerful anti-depressant and energiser, and it's these effects which lead to dependency for many..

I disagree. It has a Serotonin affect, not covered by healthcare = saves money. N not breakable = addicts don't want it. Scary how average Joe can get addicted without any... Any prior addictions. Pharma dollar maker = at the expense of Chronicpain sufferers. Sad.

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November 8, 2015
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December 13, 2015
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November 23, 2015
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December 27, 2015

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December 6, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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November 30, 2015
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October 24, 2015

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Did they keep you on this or did you switch I'm gonna be put on it for the same reasons I believe for anxiety and depression and PTSD. I'm terrified of weight gain, how much weight did you lose on it. Hi Angela. Well, it stopped working altogether after about a month or month and a half in. I was feeling anxiety again. So my doctor upped my dosage from 50 mg to 75 mg, and instantly I started packing on the pounds. It was awful. And hte anxiety didn't go away. So I totally quit now. I recommend truly hanging in there if you have depression, just knowing that one day it will get better. It may take months, sometimes years as I have experienced, but it will in fact get better, and it is well worth the wait for when things get great again. I am starting to get away from all psychiatric meds, but may take me a while to get down on my Risperdal, been on that 12 years! :).
Great review.. I'm on my second day with Sertraline. But my side effects are weird. I had hands tremor most of the time, heartbeat speeding as if I was running, nausea and baby snake gliding in my stomach around my intestines =P. I have to be on this for 4 weeks for next appointment. Maybe you can help me understand it...
I was on Zoloft 100mg for over a year for moderate depression and weened off feeling decent until being off it for 6months about. I began seeing the depression sink back in and began having horrible anxiety. I started Lexapro which didn't work and am back on Zoloft. I want to get off of this and stay off! How'd you do it.
+kittenmittens Exactly! If you can avoid getting addicted to or having to rely upon any sort of medicine that is always the best. Finding the source of your anxiety, even if it takes looking deep, confronting the problem and solving it..

In the UK a listed side effect of Sertraline/Zoloft is Cancer. You won't find that on the internet, but it is on the package insert slip. What is the point of taking a happy pill that causes cancer What you gona do if you get cancer, take even more happy pills.

not really! lol. I have good OCD now, about getting in shape (lost 25 pounds or 11kg of fat since this video), also OCD about cleaning and organizing my house, and OCD about working very diligently and as much as possible and spending quality time with my kids/family. I found that this made all my anxiety or mental issues go away, just really being productive, in all sincerity is what has truly worked for me. It has made me happier, a nicer person, more patient, tolerant/accepting of people and animals. I recommend working very hard at what you love or what you believe your purpose is on earth, and above all HANG IN THERE! The mental issues will go away in time if you hang in there no matter what. It will get great again 99% of the time. :).

I'm considering the taking the pills the doctor issued me. (50mg sertraline) but I'm scared about the vomiting/nauseas part. Did you have any of this.
+Connor Day I'm not him but I've been taking 100mg of setraline daily for around a year and I never experienced any vomiting or nausea..
Eat natural foods, get regular exercise, start meditating. To even believe that the answer lies in pharmaceutical chemicals is just nuts..

+Michael Morrell No not at all medication does help, and your opinion will be different to the next person. Some people minds are a lot worse than others, for an example serial killers have a smaller amygdala than a normal person so for them it feels normal to kill.Some people like myself were born with Symantic Pragmatic Disorder so medication is the answer sometimes. Everything you have listed is correct, however take into consideration that there are a variety or different people in the world we live and not everyone is normal like you..
hahaaaa, thanks again for hooking me up with the Pee Wee back drop. Should be filming the Wee Wee Sherman music video in July!.
Love your cat, I'm on zoloft, and it helps with anxiety a lot, but anxiety can come back even on Zoloft..

Seems all the sertraline videos all have something in common.. the speaker has trouble talking and putting ideas into words.. its bizarre Im on sertraline (second week) and im finding that I have trouble doing simple things at the moment like buttering bread or not making a mess while im eating its really silly. I dont know if it slows down the rest of my brain but it definately does wonders for my depression and anxiety and bipolar. Bt yeah my speech and motor skills are slowing and I find it hard to get things done. .
That's good to hear. I have been on it for about 2 years but slowly have been weening off... I have been able to go longer without taking a dose so eventually I can come right off. I don't like taking them either, but at the time it was for my sanity and the sake of my kids/ husband lol... Now I'm ready to say I'm all set. :). +John Birmingham Hi John, they gave me zoloft didn't take them yet. i have been so depresed for years now. I use to get better after prayer.. Sertraline made me super smart and motivated, but a little crazy, a little OCD, and a little paranoid. I think it actually made me LESS social. . SSRI's totally destroy your creativity. If you're a musician. Stay as far away from them as you can. Playing 30 yrs. Never once in those 30 yrs. didn't pick up my guitar atleast once a day. Til SSRI's. Slowly lost interest in playing. No emotion, no feeling, total lack of empathy. Sort of like turns you into a republican if that helps make an sense. Zombie meds. Stay away..

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January 5, 2016
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January 15, 2016
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January 3, 2016
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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
i get the point and Frankie Boyle is great, but this shit ruined my day. i feel so sorry for the guy.. I thought Frankie did a pretty good job of taking the piss out of Narnia, Golden Compass, and all those shitty children's fantasy movies which always portray the kids as being kind, innocent with a strong sense of justice. Seriously, children are the most vile, vicious creatures there are, without that sense of restraint adults impose upon themselves in order to fit into society. Just look at playground bullying. Although.. what the fuck is a Hing anyway . I agree, children's moral compass aren't fully developed so they are capable of horrible things.. yeah, this is more or less what children are actually like in real life. sociopathic, remorseless bastards.. Tramadol nights was pretty piss, shocking for shockings sake. Like a modern day hale and pace. Frankie is best at standup. . Frankie is just one of the best comedians. I really couldn't believe he made something this crap..
Franky seriously needs to do the same thing with those fuckin wee bastard argos aliens. They so need to be fucked up!!!.

Fluorine, or more accurately sodium fluoride is put in water to preserve teeth longevity, it is the same chemical placed in toothpaste to guard against tooth decay, and aspartamine k is merely a type of flavouring which has a sugary taste but is not digested by the body, therefore zero fat sweetener, do some research next time you read bollocks in the papers. :).
It's true. When I walk down the street anyone above the age of 30 dashes to the other side of the street with a desperate look on their faces..
Its a series on channel 4 in England I think it will only do 1 season because in England people are tight arsed and dont think its funny. Do a search for Frankie Boyle for more of the same. He got complaints about jokes on the queen and the british swimmer Rebbeca adlington saying some thing about the queens pussy and how ugly Adlington is more of the same Mock the week and tramadol nights.. .

That was disgusting and humiliating. The message in this video is one of 'prey on the weak, take everything you can'. There is no comedy in that. You can see how far our society has come, so decadent in our ways. As society collapses, as the bio-plagues are released, it will be dog-eat-dog. This sort of predictive programming lends itself to "showing" the way for how people "should" act. Be prepared. I Am Legend That's nothing compared to what will happen if we don't rise up..

well asshole i can say whatever i want on this, so fuck off im scottish thats how we all talk and type so either get use to it or get off the video, now im going to stop replying cause your wasteing my time, and yours.

yeah, its just that, a drug, the name is meant to be a sort of "good night on strong drugs", apparently the show was originally going to be called "deal with this, retards.". the show didn't last too long and wasn't that popular, didn't get more than a series, the best place to watch him is mock the week like i said(/watchv=YyCUWaUEMG0&feature=related) or if you want to see him do some stand up /watchv=JroZ4IvMEa4 pretty sure he's retired from comedy now, .
It is a bit much but superb. Had me in tears of laughter first time and continues to do so. Cheers Mr Boyle. That Wee Hing really did make Rangers go "fucking blind", blind to their own financial mess and now look at them..
you have to be kidding me. anyone can read from a newspaper and put in their own context y'know. and from that question you could not pick up any signs of stupidity as that was a viable internet you're thick..
It just show's what a brain dead zombie you are, you responded to me! And then you shoot your little mouth off that I had the decency to respond to your vile comments. And for your information, it's not me saying this, it's the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates etc. On record! Do some research. Read 'Tragedy & Hope'. Rockefeller said by 2012 they want half the worlds military drone. It's more than half. By 2020 Everything! Bill Joy Look him up - why the future doesn't need us.. You're obviously an infantile zombie with small dick syndrome, wanting to give your 2 cents worth in a statement far and above your level of comprehension. If you are able to encode and decipher this language that I speak, and I seriously doubt that, you would then know that the poison you ingest through food and water, plastic and ink is killing you softly. When your hormones finally give up, long before they should, that is it. You're 52. You have been warned. Bye.. it was a show by a comedian called frankie boyle, he's one of the most popular Scottish comedians in england if not the most popular, he used to be a regular guest on mock the week which is where he gained most of his fame. he's known for incredibly harsh and black humour, in the end he was kicked off mock the week purely due to the sheer amount of complaints he'd garnered.. So basically, wit yir sayin is, the jews r fuckin wi aw over! tell iz sumthin ah didn't know haww.
2 colwillr It's not off a kid's show. It's a parody of all those terrible Christmas fairytale stories, like Five Children and It or whatever that farce was orignially called..

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December 10, 2015
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November 14, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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November 10, 2015

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شاهين پيش نيومده تا حالا جايي ضريب هوشيتو اندازه گرفته باشي؟' من وقتي شعراتو گوش ميدم به اينكه هوش هم داشته باشم شك ميكنم واقعا تو خيلي باهوشي جزو نخبه ها جزو ادمهايي كه فقط عمق هر جيزي را ميبنن كم حرف ميزنن ولي وقتي حرف بزنن هر كلمه از حرفاشون يك كتاب تفسير داره خوشبحالت و خوشحالم كه خداوند اين ايكيو عالي را بتو داده بهمراه شجاعت چون باهوش ترسو ارزشي نداره كه ولي تو يه شجاع عاقل و باهوشي با قدرت بيان عالي و درك فوق العاده از اطراف و نوع دوست خوش بحالت واقعا من كه روانيتم سلطان 👍پيروز باشي .
آنقدر به همدیگر فحش ندید...همه ازادن برا انتخاب...هر کی دوس داشت گوش کنه به اهنگای شاهین و هر کی هم دوس نداشتن گوش نکنه...انسان در همه مسایل مختار و آزاد خلق شده...همه مسایل...امیدوارم بفهمید.

Shahin shayad khandat begire vali man 6mah almanam valy natoonestam ye konsertet biam. Valy ye kalam eshgh many..

In the last few years, Syria bought 30 million 225mg pills of Tramadol. And that's just that size pill, it could be 3 times that much with all the rest, and now look at the country. (true story!).
شاخ گاو و بشکون و حواله بده. دمشو بچرخون و وایسا قر بده. لنگ پنگوئن و از وسط جر بده. ممه ملکه رو بچلون و بخودت شیر بده. وسط هرچی امامه است تر بزن. آخوند جماعت و با نگاهت جر بده. اگه کسی گفت، نکن این که خیلی بد ه. . بگو برو سیر بخور تا دهنت بو شیر نده. اگه بگم از این حرفها که بد بده. بچه یاد میگیره و میگه به همه. . ولی اینو بگم بهت تا یادم نره. اوضاعمون بابا خیلی خر تو خره..
شاخ گاو و بشکون و حواله بده. دمشو بچرخون و وایسا قر بده. لنگ پنگوئن و از وسط جر بده. ممه ملکه رو بچلون و بخودت شیر بده. وسط هرچی امامه است تر بزن. آخوند جماعت و با نگاهت جر بده. اگه کسی گفت، نکن این که خیلی بد ه. . بگو برو سیر بخور تا دهنت بو شیر نده. اگه بگم از این حرفها که بد بده. بچه یاد میگیره و میگه به همه. . ولی اینو بگم بهت تا یادم نره. اوضاعمون بابا خیلی خر تو خره..

WOW! I didn't know it was this big. It seems the hashish shortage occurred with the uptake of tramadol. You know, tramadol reduces REM sleep. If you want psychosis and rioting in the streets, this is the drug. Whoever did not schedule this drug originally, was screwed in the head, because these days research is discovering a preference for tramadol over oxycodone. That makes it very powerful..

دنیا و خودت شاهین جان!تو صدای در گلو خفه شده سه نسلی!تو رسول عصر حاضری!بهت افتخار میکنم،و به زبان تیز و برنده ت غبطه میخورم،دوست دارم.
شاخ گاو و بشکون و حواله بده. دمشو بچرخون و وایسا قر بده. لنگ پنگوئن و از وسط جر بده. ممه ملکه رو بچلون و بخودت شیر بده. وسط هرچی امامه است تر بزن. آخوند جماعت و با نگاهت جر بده. اگه کسی گفت، نکن این که خیلی بد ه. . بگو برو سیر بخور تا دهنت بو شیر نده. اگه بگم از این حرفها که بد بده. بچه یاد میگیره و میگه به همه. . ولی اینو بگم بهت تا یادم نره. اوضاعمون بابا خیلی خر تو خره...... . اسکندر پارسی:آلسکاندر لطفی. .
کسانی که فکر میکنند شاهین داره حرف‌های رکیک میزنه به خاطر این هست که از بین جملاتی که اون میگه فقط کلماتی مثل : الاغ ، برین به دین ، بکن ، گاو‌ها ، چلاق‌ها و... رو میشنوند ! و رابطه بین این کلمات و معنی‌ جملات رو یآ متوجّه نمیشن یا نمیخوان که متوجّه بشن !!!... ولی‌ به زودی روزی میاد که اون اسلام کثیف و نسل هرچی‌ عرب پرست رو از ایران جارو کنیم بریزیم دور. .

دمی منصفانه و آزادمردانه​ و آزاد زنانه با خرد و وجدان خودتون خلوت کنید و بیاندیشید: آیا نباید به حال مردم کشوری که در آن "مدّاحی" یک شغل رسمی است وهر مداح خایه مال پاپتی بی هویت تا حد تعیین تکلیف برای سیاستهای داخلی و خارجی گستاخی میکند گریست؟ کشوری که رهبرش آخونده، رئیس جمهورش آخونده، دولتمردان و سیاستمردانش آخوندن، شوهر ننش آخونده...! دمی آزاده باشید خوب فکر کنید! (امام راهل).
واقعا تو یه کثافت کثیف و بی پدر مادری هستی که نه اصل و نصب داری و نه ریشه. تو یک ولگردی که در بچگی بهت تجاوز شده. و این را مطمئن باش که درست است. تو بی پدر مادری و بچه ای که بهش تجاوز شده. کسانی که به ارجیف این مردک معتاد دلقک گوش میدهند و پولشان را میدهند به این اراجیف گویی باید بگم که اینها هم از این دلقک.دلقک ترند و بی پدر مادر. کسانی که دارند میشنوند به تمدنشان. و به میهنشان توهین میشه. این بچه مطلف توده ای شده. را گوش میدهند که چرت و پرت توی گوششون فرو میکند. بابا کسی که اعتیاد داره به خواهر مادر خودش و به تن خودش هم رحم نمیکنه. تف بر شرفتون. بابا این مردک مفنگیه.تو کوچه پس کوچه های تهرون برای 2 تا دود گرفتن و 2 تا ترامادول چه کونها که نداده مردکه لاشی.لمپن.کونی و خود عروش معتاد. kkheillllly agayi shahin jan avalin bari ke ahangeto goosh dadam mongaleb shodam yadame zendegie sagi bood bahash khatere daram dadash be omid inke to iran konsert bargozar koni in albumetam harf nadare dadash. با تمام وجود با آهنگ داد و فریاد زدم لامصب شاهین تو بی‌ نظیری شعرهات آدمو نابود می‌کنه، دفاع از حقوقِ انسان را وتو بکن منظورت روسیه کثیف آقای پوتین هست.
wow you did it again, We love it, that's all true, we love you man, please look after yourself, there is no more Second (SHAHIN NJAFI) Best of the best. I'll look forward to seeing you face-to-face one day. God bless you..

زنم را حراج کن به نام مام میهن بکش عصا از زیز مغز این چلاغ ها بخور بکن بخواب در کنار این الاغ ها امیدوارم خیلی ها به این شعر فکر کنند "مردن اندر حسرت فهم درست" شاهین عزیز ممنون.
وایییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییی ای دااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااددد.
درخت روی دار و شکفته قنداق ها سیاست طویله ی قرمساق ها به انگشت شاهزاده ها را بگند به من به تو به او به ما به ایشان بخند برین به فلسفه ،هنر به هر چه بود و هست و نیست برین به دین برین بدین نگو نپرس چند...

ای خدا چی بگم با حقیقت حرفهای شاهین من به شخصه کم بود خدا را حس میکنم :-( شهید کن خودت را با ترامادول...سیاه شو سیاه شو... .
شهید کن خودت را با ترامادول دوباره اشتباه کن با ترامادول...دوباره تباه شو با ترامادول سیاه شو سیاه شو با ترامادول باز با من اشتباه کن زندگی خود را تباه کن.. باز با تو اشتباه می کنیم زندگی خود را تباه می کنیم.
ترامادول واژهاى اشنا و غريبى برا من لعنت به باعث بانى تمام اعتيادها و تجاوزها و اعدامها و همه بيچارگامون اى خدددددددددددااااااااااااا كجايى پسسسسسسسس خسته ايمممممممممممممممممممم.

شاهین عزیز؛ طبق معمول عالی بود! خوب یادمه که چقدر از کلاس دینی و قران فراری بودم، و تنها درسی رو که خوب یاد نمیگرفتم همین بود. هر سال با نمره ١٠ پسش میکردم..
ITS PERSIAN YOU FUCKTARD. And no, I stopped taking tramadol after I nearly died on it because of a seizure. . teramadol az noon rahat tar gir miad too iran 2 sal ghabl ke 16 salam bood har rooz rahat tahye mikardam karet doroste shahin jan. درخت روی دار و شکفته قنداق ها سیاست طویلهٔ قرمساق ها به انگشت شاه زاده‌ها را بگند به من به تو به او به ما به ایشان بخند برین به فلسفه، هنر به هرچه بود و هست و نیست برین به دین ، برین بدین نگو نپرس چند . msgunchester, kos nane ghom najsat haramzadh kiri gilak khoshk khoshk madar,khahar,va zanto ro kardh magar..

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October 28, 2015
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January 6, 2016
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November 25, 2015
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January 8, 2016

Comments about this video:

Wow Frankie looks dead young there. Also is the logic that all people with mental health issues are heavy drug takers. Not that I'm complaining. Love the show..

+Gerry McWilliam I think the joke is that the state, instead of trying to properly help people with mental issues, it chooses to prescribe them heavy doses of medication, that really don't help in the long run..
Okay, quick holiday poll: Which is better, Heat Vision and Jack, or this The only thing this is missing is Ron Silver. X-mas props to The Hoff, Glen E. Larson, Mike Post... and you and yours.. Ultram is not something to do a joke with, not even for doing a title that may encourage the consumption of this hell of a drug for non-medical reasons.. This is still one of my favorite Frankie Boyle sketches!!!! Fucking HILARIOUS!!!! . proper comedian and writer of comedy ever. yeah he might offend some people but he does not single out anybody..
+Rob Ettey he's actually a pretty intelligent leftwing guy. He just believes that nothing should be beyond the realms of comedy. The fact is once stuff becomes off limits to parody it can prevent satirical jokes which hampers free thought..

On a serious note.What's worrying is there's people out just like this. My Wife's ex thought he was John The Baptist once and now the world's full of evil satanists out to kill him..

Poo and pee wee poo piddle smack crack incest bomba arms of crack smack etc no punchline willies vomit naughty naughties wee poo look at me wee.
`I don't think its a good idea to take your medication Michael, I think the Taliban have put something in them that gives you multipull slurosis` took funny!!.
That shot of him at :20 will stick with me forever. So it's my phone, laptop, and desktop backgrounds....

"truly disastrous" you make it sound like it's some kind of universal truth that this was bad- it's your opinion..
miles better than any of that hollywood comedy crap, can't remember the last time I laughed at a movie that was made to make me laugh.
Lol hilarious. i think people who dont like this hav never been on drugs b4 or know anything about david hasslehoff.

This and the Rocky on PCP sketch were the highlights of Tramadol Nights. The stand up was good too. But the rest of it was far too dark for my taste. .
russel howard says pugs no drugs...he might be on to something...nahh fuck it i want my car to talk .
Wouldn't it be great if all our fav comedys had the fucking canned/audience laughter 'cues' cut out!!!.
Thankfully not, canned laughter is so fucking annoying. Take watching friends for example. The "Audience" laughs roughly every 8 seconds, but something funny only happens once every 17 episodes. .
Fucking love Tramadol Nights! Please check out my channel to watch my comedy videos, I'd really appreciate it! :).

the gag is that Michael Knight was crazy, and that kitt wasnt a talking car. its not making fun of hasselhoff, its mocking the character in the show.
Did watching it on youtube make you a fucking retard Because that's the only denominator I see enjoying this. That and 15 year old bullies.. Could somebody tell me what song is playing at the start of tramadol nights I ain't got a single clue :/.
GOD DAMN THATS FUCKIN FUNNY! this is alot funnier than most of the shit on adult swim, i mean have you seen that clown doctor shit damn!.

What does the car say to Micheal when he's in the restaurant. Something like " calum eye looks good Micheal" 2:44.
Tedious, drawn out and unfunny. I like Boyle from time to time but now this is all offence and no punch line. No wonder it lost almost all its viewers.. that's what i thought when i first watched it but watching them back on youtube has made me realize how funny this was. frankie's stand up is side splittin in tramadol nights...

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January 23, 2016
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January 16, 2016
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December 5, 2015
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December 9, 2015

Comments about this video:

I have had my body thrashed and hit by a car going 40km/hr in 2011 then more injuries. I take 6 - 50mg Ultram tabs to relieve pain but not working so what do I do My lower back is the most pain I can handle. Explain what I should do next Ty doc. Yes I know I shouldn't take that much it could kill me but not me I know my body to well..
+Tommy Thomas I hear you !!! I've been using Tramadol for my lower back pain & arthritis and it does nothing.. If your not correcting the problem but you feel better the problem is gone and you might even enjoy life. +Tom Thomas I mean if you dont feel the problem its not a problem during that time so good, when there is a magic pill that doesnt eat your liver as fast as tramadol when you drink and magically permanently cures the problem let me know, nsaids kill.
there is nothing about taking celebrex.i have to take 200mg, twice a day, so this is day 5 with tramadol, i can't sleep will,if i take one celebrex it makes me jitter in bed, tramadol 50mg every 4 hours i take it, the pain only gets to be less, but the pain comes back every 2 hours ,i have double herniated dics with one dice that is cracked and a bone sliver in my nerve,i have severe arthritis in my neck and shoulders,,my question is how long before this tramadol does it take for a full afect for no pain all day,.
Everyone is different so that isn't really something I can answer for you - that question would be better to discuss with your doctor who prescribed the medication..
Tramdol made me nauseous, itchy, I started to hallucinate, I vomited, I felt worse than ever. And it make me break out in acne. I will. Never take it again. Way too Many side effects .

I take Tramadol to relieve Myalgia pain, and what I've found is that it's really a quite strange medication (although I wouldn't be without it no way). The "strange" part is twofold: I find that I absolutely have to take Tramadol with food, else I'll sometimes (not always) get a "pukey" feeling had to take Emetrol for nausea until I learned how to take the med properly. Another really weird thing is if I take Tramadol, sometimes it "kicks in" in a few minutes at other times it takes up to two hours. Bottom line is the medication allows me to lead a happy and a productive life without being homebound by pain. I wouldn't wish Myalgia on anyone!.
If you need to stop this all your nerves in the body feels like the skin under a blister that has pealed off. But its the whole body in and out. Muscles,skin,internal organs ect ect. Your hair will hurt. Air hurts. I've been trying to stop this med for 6 months of suffering. It isn't a 3 day out of your system thing.. THIS IS ALMOST COMMICAL. I HAVE BEEN ON TRAMADOL A LITTLE LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. AFTER THE 1ST WEEK I REPORTED THE HALLUCINATIONS. SHE SAID TO GIVE IT A CHANCE TO WORK. EVER FEEL LIKE A DR. JCKYL, MR. HYDE HA! OPIODES. OPIATES. WHO IS FOOLING WHO SOUNDS TO ME LIKE THIS IS BIG LEGAL DRUG PUSH. ACTUALLY MY PAIN INCREASED. I CAN GO ON AND ON BUT SOUNDS LIKE THE FDA LOVES THEDOLLAR SIGNS. GOOd LUCK DOCTOR. .
I wouldn't think it would be the liver because that would show up on a blood test and ultrasound..
That's really interesting - I guess I would just assume it would affect a person's mood because of the way it works, but you're right - I don't think there's any research or mention about it being helpful for depression..
Tramadol makes you happy and lighthearted and not in pain but there is nothing to support that it has use for depression That's ridiculous. I have never felt happier in my life while on the very short time I used this for severe pain and SO MANY other people say the same thing, that it works better than any anti-depressant they have ever been on BUT at a huge price as this drug is ADDICTIVE and the withdrawal is HORRIBLE. This drug is the devil and doctors should better warn patients..

Ive been taking these for about ten years now for joint pain Now im having pain in my side but had 5 blood tests ultrasounds etc and show nothing Is it possible this is my liver hurting or toxic.

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November 2, 2015
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January 11, 2016
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November 17, 2015
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November 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

ZONA ALUMNOS | Autoescuela Lazaro

October 26, 2015
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October 25, 2015
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November 12, 2015
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December 1, 2015

Comments about this video:

The drugs don't work, they just make you worse. Smart words. The current treatments for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are terrible, with most doctors answer just to be a prescription. Think about it like this: Patient: "I feel very low sometimes" Doctor: "Take these drugs, there's loads of side effects but they might make you feel a bit better...or worse...whatever" Patient: "I feel anxious" Doctor: "Take these drugs, there's loads of side effects but they might make you feel a bit better...or worse...whatever" Patient: "I'm thinking about killing myself" Doctor: "Take these drugs, there's loads of side effects but they might make you feel a bit better...or worse...whatever" So then after a while: Patient: "These tablets don't seem to be working, the side effects are horrible and I still have he same issues as before" Doctor: "Here's some different drugs, there's loads of side effects but they might make you feel a bit better...or worse...whatever" I'm by no means against the use of drugs but for many people with mental illness it shouldn't be the answer and NEVER should be a long term plan. If using anti-depressants etc. for more than just a few weeks then they really aren't effective, the body builds tolerances very quickly to such drugs which agonise or antagonise certain receptors in the brain. After prolonged use these receptors can become burnt out, effectively meaning even if you stop using them the damage is done..

+Dan James Do they cause erectyle disfunction I have heard benzos ssris etc cause lack of sexual interest.
+Pedro Mfc I'm on them and they certainly do cause erectile dysfunction which is probably the worst thing about Sertraline for me, from a psychological standpoint..
I been on sertraline for a month and I feel better :) the first week was bad because I was dizzy and I had trouble sleeping a little. But it gone way, I don't feel depressed anymore and I feel really happy :).
this was a really good review, very well presented you should be proud of yourself. I thank you for sharing your experience. good luck! 😊. "I have the motivation but not the energy, my mind wants to but my body doesn't" that's exactly how I feel. I just started 4 days ago on Zoloft and I don't know if it's a placebo effect as it's supposed to take a week or two to take full effect. That being said, when I wake up in the morning I feel shitty, don't want to do anything, just feeling generally depressed; I take my Zoloft and an hour or two later I feel great. I have lots of energy and I no longer stress over absolutely everything, I can just sit back and feel comfortable in my skin and feeling comfortable in my skin for the first time in what feels like more than half my life is a great feeling. I am so very optimistic about everything happening in my life and I am no longer plagued with anxiety. I was even able to make a phone call to set up a dentist appointment and make it there without ever once feeling anxious; I had put off going to the dentist for months due to my anxiety, so actually having the drive to finally get it done was amazing. I'm really glad I decided to go against every instinct I have and get the help I so clearly needed, I'm aware this isn't a very good "fix" and I use the word fix very loosely but it just might be what people like myself need to open their selves up to the ability to effectively navigate normal life so they can finally do what they have to do to be happy and satisfied with life. This got pretty long but this video made me want to share my personal, unbiased opinion. Thanks for reading.. I take setraline, it took a few months to work but with hand on my heart it saved my life. and i had the worse kind of ocd anxeity called "BIG O". took 50mg for a few years was up to 75mg for a short while but now down to 25mg for last few years. thinking of stopping now but dont know if i should because i feel real good, still have some bad days but who don't. sex is good on setraline, i can go for hours like crazy without busting my nuts. tried CBT but found that the practitioners were not skilled for my kind of ocd. ONE BOOK TO READ WHICH IS A MUST IS - "FEELING GOOD BY DAVID BURN" also the "linden method" was spectacular.
I take several things. A high high dose of a mood stabilizer to help to stop me crashing in 1 minute from ok to zombie and a drug to help me go to sleep and an extended release of it to help me stay sleeping. I also take sertraline 25mg in the morning, then I went to 50 and the side effects were too much along with restless leg syndrome. I did my own research and decided to take 25 mg morning, 25 mg night and it worked better than 50mg morning despite what the dr, pharm and psych told me. Then I went to 75 and felt tired, went to 100mg and felt really tired all the time. Went back to 50. Then my dr got a liquid version made so I could add 6.25mg to morning and night to get me to 62.5mg daily and it still made me really tired so last week I dropped back to 25mg in the morning. I upped my carbs and with the sun this week I feel good. Im not sure if its the sertraline, or Lamotrigine that give me vivid vivid dreams all night, every night (some quite upsetting). I also get night sweats and my head sweats alot in the gym and if I am exerting myself in the summer. Plus I take testosterone to raise my mood and arimidex to control my estrogen so it might be higher estrogen levels than a guy should have adding to night sweats and also feeling tired. I never ever felt sick on sertraline, escitaloprom, citalopram and whatever stuff I tried here and there. I had the erectile dysfuction on escitalopram and citalopram and that delayed orgasm effect. Not as bad at all on sertraline 50mg or less. A large part of being a man is your erection. haha Hope it helps you out..
I was prescribed the 50mg about a year ago, just started taking it... feels weird, but am planning to take it for a month and see how it goes. happy for ya though..
I just started this morning. They're great!! Had slight diarrhoea and sore stomach (but I have IBS too), other than that they're great, although as well as you I am still finding it hard to get out of bed. Great video x.

Thank you for sharing your experience. My name is Tatiane, I am forty years old and I have taken paroxetine for 2 months. I am thinking about changing to sertraline because I am gaining a lot of weight. In two months, I gained 7 kilos. My only concern is the level of anxiety. Do you feel any difference related to your anxiety I am really anxious and paroxetine is reaaly good to control it. The only problem of taking paroxetine is getting fat. I live in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Sorry for my poor English. Thank you and take good care of yourself..
I've noticed recently after being increased to 100mg that I'm having trouble sleeping and staying asleep. Going back to the doctors about it so I might film a video about that. Elevated serotonin causes the body to be unable to respond well to dopaminergic activities (sex drive/orgasm etc) because serotonin is sort of inhibitory. I've experienced Zoloft, Effexor and Prozac so yeah...I know what you're talking about, from a male perspective anyway. Stay strong, or if effects persist, you could try Bupropion, it keeps you relatively intact with a bit of energy too...since it's pretty much a stimulant...I've used it ;D.
I'm starting Zoloft later this week, and have been on the two other SSRIs previously, Prozac and Lexapro. I went on Prozac first for about 6 months, and at the beginning noticed that it leveled out my mood a bit (I have clinical depression) and made me way less irritable/easily angered. The side effects were that it made me more tired, if I didn't eat with it when I took it I would get sick to my stomach, and I had these weird like "hunger attacks" where all the sudden out of nowhere I would be ravenously hungry and it was painful. When my psychiatrist suggested that we up my dose, I had awful insomnia and basically couldn't sleep. I went off Prozac because it stopped working on me, and my depressed mood and suicidal thoughts came back. Then I went on Lexapro, which I was hopeful would work. It didn't make me any less depressed or suicidal, however made me more irritable, I was exhausted all the time, I was having awful nightmares usually a couple times a night, I had hallucinations,.

and overall lexapro didn't work. I'm really hoping that Zoloft works because if it doesn't then we're probably going to try it with Wellbrutrin too and then if that doesn't work move on to a SNRI..

ive just started taken these idk if its just me or what my depression has gotten way worse and my temper is getting worse and my anxiety to its only been 2 days is this normal im about to quit taken them I don't know anyone that takes them so idk if im having bad side effets or not.

+trevor sullivan u have to give it a month as it takes a while for them to work. U should decide then if u wanan carry on. how are u now anyway.
Well that pill made me feel like hell I've now Tryed two others I feel ok then it just comes right back been on my new pill for four weeks and it's just getting worse and worse I'm about to give up on this and just feel like crap till it goes away I don't understand taken a pill should help not help a little and then make it worse but idk how are u lol could u share some helpful info. i tried everything to not take medication, working out, eating healthy while it did make improvements my anxiety was still well and truly there. So im taking Sertraline to see what happens This is like day 5, I feel nauseated but I am actually sick with a cold so don't know how sick it mades me, libido gone and a little lack of sleep but see how I go.. +Angela Ramsower oh wow you feel the effects already... it took at least 3 weeks for me to feel the difference. But it was for anxiety mostly for me, maybe for depression it's different. Side effects are a killer but hang tight if you are feeling them. They disintegrate eventually.. i suffer from depression and anxiety... i take pregabalin it chills me out and gets me high my friend has serterline and medikine...will any of them give a a nice chill feel or an opiate kinda high or r they just random tablets that wont do fuck all.. same, zoloft horrible dreams n then im anxious about even going to sleep mirtazapine is the worst one for that never go on that ^^ if you can give me a name of the stabilizer they put you on i can help, lyrica and gabapentin are both gaba highs, for a proper high it's like 1200mg gabapentin or 600mg pregbalin both nearly the same drug just pregbalin is double strength with slight changes.
+naya ramirez If your thinking about abusable drugs then your mis understanding what a REAL anti depressant is,this will scare the life out of you and in no way make you happy or high..
I'm a week or two in with Sertraline and the side effects I'd had were restlessness the first two days and I was actually extremely hungry during the night, but my appetite wasn't really there during the day. And now just recently, I've started remembering dreams which is very odd for me because I normally never remember them and at first it was creepy dreams, now it's normal-ish for dreams anyways. That's about it side-effect wise..
thank you love for sharing. I might start taking citalopram soon for depression and anxiety. hope all is ok..
he HE HA HAAA i was 10 i had major depression i took zolof they gave me an overdose and i nearly died from it so, CLAP CLAP FOR DRUGS!. I've barely started like a week ago and Im feeling nauseous, completely stopped working because I feel soo weak and I've been having migraines like non stop. My hunger has increased soo much but I try not to keep eating. Thank you for this video, honestly makes me happy that things will get better in time (: p.s your awesome !.
Been on sertalin 2 years now, life do not get better, need to increase the dose, im becoming an alcoholic aswell but i have a job that i hate. Life is just cruel and useless. Fuck the system and live life my fellow robots!.
Did the orgasm part get better 😓 I'm on 3 or 4 weeks right now. Also, so sleepy and don't want to get out of bed.
I'm kinda in the same situation right now as you were. I started sertraline about 2-3 weeks ago. I remember feeling really jittery and anxious and restless, and I had trouble sleeping. I think shortly after I started taking it, I was feeling nauseous and couldn't eat either. These effects have mostly gone away now, haven't had any which is good. Thanks for posting this video..
Glad you're feeling better after taking it for a while, it feels like the side effects take forever to subside when in fact it's only a couple of weeks. Thankyou for watching and I hope you're okay :) xxx.
I'm a guy in 50mg a day for few months now and the only annoying side effect is I cant orgasms all of the time I can sometimes and others its a struggle I'm going to book tomoro to see my doc this is one side effect I'm not willing to put up with any more oh I'm on 50mg a day felt a bit high first few days on it but fine now.
I have been on Zoloft for about 9 months now. Initally I started on 50mg and it made me feel super sick, tired and disrupted my sleeping (which was unusual - I am on a heavy dose of a mood stabilizer at night which basically knocks me out), but these symptoms subsided in a few weeks. My dosage has been increased throughout the time I've been on it and I am now on 200mg every morning (in my second month of that). My mood is higher than it has ever been (atleast in the past 3 years) consistently having good days. However, I have been starting to feel disconnected from lots of things, numb in a way. Not a suicidal way like previous numb feelings, but much more vague and lost. Has anyone else had that experience. +Gabrielle Wilkinson In the first days I had suicidal thoughts.. after 1.5 year i think now that ..paroxtine and zoloft do nothing to's just a Drug addiction. +Bashar Gacem My friend has been on antidepressants for 8 years (overall about 3 different ones) sometimes they stop working and you just need a change. It's not a drug addiction, for many people these are life savers..
For me, I was on sertraline for 7-8 months and they made me suicidal...I was with useless people at the time as they refused to make a checkup appointment on my meds, no matter how many times we pleaded. We only ever had two, one to prescribe them, one to increase from 25mg to 50mg, one month in, then I was taken off in June (I was on them from October) when I was scarily close to suicide and my parents took me into hospital which wasn't thourght very much of by the professionals but it helped a lot and I have since been in again a few weeks ago when I was becoming much more of a danger to myself, with suicide and self harm. I didn't actually have any of the side effects other than being suicidal, (which has never left me) so I guess that's a bit of a plus... I hope all is well for you..

Oh wow, I really hope you're doing better now. These types of medications react differently with each person so it's hard to say which of the side effects you're going to have, it's just about trial and error but with these kinds of meds it can be very delicate as some effects can be serious as you have experienced yourself. I hope you can find some more competent and trustworthy people that take your mental health seriously, but at least you know you can rely on your parents to intervene when things get bad even if you don't like it, they did the right thing. I don't know you personally but I do know that every single human on this planet is important, everyone is smart and contributes in their own little world. Everyone matters no matter what they look like of what they have done in the past and I know suicide seems like the only answer but you matter, you just have to be brave and kick this depression in the ass. Don't let it win. Thankyou so much for watching xxxx.
I'm actually on my third day of Sertraline (slowly building up so I'm only on like 25 mg right now) and I can totally relate to what you said about the side effects, really! I'm hoping they'll go away soon, it freaks me out a little.. :( I am on xanax with it to make sure the side effects don't get too bad, but still. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this video, really helps! All the best x.
Sorry for the late reply! Hope you're doing okay. Yeah the side effects shouldn't last more than a couple of weeks and with the Xanax you might get away with it! Thanks for watching and commenting it means a lot to me xxx.

Big Pharma gets rich when you get sick. Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical corporation in the U.S., pleaded guilty in 2009 to the largest health care fraud in U.S. history, receiving the largest criminal penalty ever for illegally marketing four of its drugs. It was Pfizer’s fourth such case. As if Pfizer’s massive use of animal experimentation wasn’t heart wrenching enough, Pfizer decided to use Nigerian children as guinea pigs. In 1996, Pfizer traveled to Kano, Nigeria to try out an experimental antibiotic on third-world diseases such as measles, cholera, and bacterial meningitis. They gave trovafloxacin to approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while many others developed mental and physical deformities. According to the EPA, Pfizer can also proudly claim to be among the top ten companies in America causing the most air pollution..
i take the 50mg also, i started taking them yesterday and ive been feeling really tired and sick. im also feeling really insecure about my body and just feel overall drained and down. im only 15 and was kinda suprised my doctor prescribed me with them, i just hope they work apparently it can take weeks for any results :/.
You just have to be patient with it, I know it's hard but you should see an improvement soon. They wouldn't prescribe them to you if he didn't think it was within your best interest, it costs them money to put us on stuff so they wouldn't unless they thought it was best. I hope you're doing okay, sorry for the late reply. Xxxx.
im on sertraline 100mg and havent seen a change in my mood or taughts just sleep alot more and have no sex drive or feel like doing anything. but ive just been changed from 50 to 100 and waiting 3 weeks to see if anything changes.
Hopefully you'll see a change soon, I didn't notice until a couple of weeks after being increased to 100 but it's different for everyone. Good luck xxx.

I just got a prescription for Sertraline today, but I am a little worried about starting them especially after the doc says it takes up to 3 weeks to work!.
+Donnie Snow It can take a couple of weeks to build up into your system before you start to feel the positive benefits but from my perspective its worth it. From my personal experience, if it stops me wanting to hurt myself and helps me get out of bed in the morning then it is totally worth it. Be strong, you can get through the first few weeks, theyre tough but you can do it..
+Emma Howorth Thanks! Just been on them for over a week and had pretty much all of the side effects you mentioned! Thankfully most of them have gone away now.
On these for five days. I cant stop clenching my Jaw like I am on speed or something my pupils are constantly huge and my teeth jaw and head hurt from the jaw clenching..
+STiiNASTARRR Wow, that really does sound like youre on some sort of drug! I've just been increased to 100mg so I feel a bit like im on something, totally out of it at the moment, walking around like a zombie. I've never had teeth grinding or jaw clenching though that must be so uncomfortable, hopefully it gets better for you once you've been on them a bit longer :).

+Emma Howorth, I am on day 8 feeling much better now, I slept last night properly for the first time since starting them. I really hope you are feeling better soon too!.

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Comments about this video:
I use Tram, no hallucinations, warm euphoric feelings lasting 8 hours, ability to focus on work, overall better..
+R Montana Well, I've actually had one back in 2014 and after that i just left it alone. Now i feel like i want drugs in my life, so i took my mom's tramadol. Feeling something right now but nothing really like a high, just a good relaxed feeling but I'm not sleepy. It's been maybe 2 or 3 hours since i took the last 7, 2 by snorting and 5 by swallowing. Felt nauseous but i get this way when i smoke really, really good weed as well so i think I'm ok. My eyes seem to keep crossing though lol i guess it's the euphoria..

+M4CKST3RCHI3F After I realized Tramadol was helping me I went to see a doctor and explained what I felt (anxiety, etc) and how Tramadol helped me. He prescribed wellbutrin. I suggest you see a professional discuss what you are feeling..
Those meds didn't make you hallucinate. Sleep paralysis is a demonic encounter. That thing with the knife is a demon. I have had them too. Keep saying Jesus in your mind and it will go away.. BEAUTIFUL. I just got through my hydro withdraw and found out that I have to have surgery on a hernia and afraid of the pills again. Obviously I will have to have something for pain and she said she could prescribe Tramadol, but that stuff doesn't really help much. I also had the knife dream btw I couldn't move and it was freaky. Better then the ants dream. Mannnn that sounds horrible. Your hair looks amazing also btw.. I've had sleep paralysis a few times and I was not on ANYTHING. I do have a thyroid problem. Years ago they would throw Thyroid disease patients in an institution. Sad but true. Just over hormones.
I've been taking tramadol for about two months only take as needed or when I want to go to sleep and so far no hallucinations thank god and I get a little buzz/high off it with 50mg must have a low tolerance for opiates .
I use beer. It helps the pain and the sorrow. Also a vegitable heavy diet, a little grass fed beef, apples. Don't take all that nasty crap.. I use Codine at my request. Its natural and works. Really works. - It can be addictive and some people are allergic to it. ( My Mom. ) If you're worried about the addictive properties THC oil caps are a great alternative depending on the legality in your state. I hate Tramadol, it give me horrific acid reflux to the point that I have a thing against quite a lot of artificial opiates. Everybody is different and I've found that shopping around it the best thing to do. Eliminate things that don't work and single out the ones that do. Then alternate between the ones that work best. - Hope this helps and I hope you are feeling better..
I have just been taken off naproxen as i had horrific stomach pain. Found out i had bleeding stomach ulcers and that was with me taking 20mg of omeprazole with it. Make sure you are on a higher dosage of omeprazole when taking naproxen..

My hallucination with Tramadol was different...This one time I have a knife in my hand inside a house and I end up having sex with this blonde girl in the the shower with blue blood coming out of her veins...; ).

Im taking Naproxen 500mg for 2 times aday...I really dont take.drugs but since this started working for me i take it for knee pain... side effects well i didnt have a problem just small headaches that go away withing ten mins..i go outside to work under the sun an it gave me a rash,it went away gave me bloth cloths as in you feel a shortage of blood then it rushes thru yoiur vein on your legs...uhh stomach aches i avoid them by eating each time i take alot of water helps the breaking down of the drug...remember im a drug free person...if it does this to me please take caution ,if you take it.. God bless :).

Did your doctor start you on Codeine and panadol Tramadol is quite a strong analgesic and I believe is quite addictive. I am not sure about the side effects but with the side effects you are describing so casually you could conceiveably go insane so go to another pain specialist and get a second opinion..
is there any chemical test that can prove that tramadol is what cause me seizures, withdrawal, weakness on my knees ,paralysis, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, increase muscle pain, depression,anxiety, anger,difficult breathing,swelling on the feet face, fast heart rate, difficulty hearing.tramadol put me in a life threatening condition. please be carefull. now after one year God open my eyes and and stated writing and reviewing everything picturing dates when medications started and when my symptoms started. And i get the answered from all the receipts of my prescriptions that i have. and my psychology called a Pharmacist Dr who admitted that tramadol cause all this symptoms and i also read that it can cause death. . I actually took 5 about an hour ago just to see how it feels like, since so many people say it's a bad trip or whatever. But this is actually kinda fun, just a loopy feeling makes you smile but nothing serious, they were 325mg. I mean, whatever happens just remain calm and just know it's the pills . Naproxen is just a higher milligram of ALEVE. NO OPIATE PROPERTIES. ! Tramadol imo is a dirty drug that in some states is a controlled substance because it is a super weak opioid weaker than codeine. Tramadol is bullshit. You should have been prescribed hydrocodone ( vicodin, lortab, norco) codeine, or oxycodone (percocet, roxicodone, percodan, pain reliever, oxy lR)...Also I wouldn't consider Naproxen or Tramadol even painkillers...naproxen is ALEVE you can buy it OTC just like prescription for ibuprofen 800 mg...yet you can get ibuprofen 400 mg tablets OTC. Also naproxen aka ALEVE wouldn't make you itchy. Opioids make you itchy because they make the blood run higher against the skin causing you to itch...sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Granted both pills mentioned are not worth a damn for pain.. Horrible alternative to opium but the doctors don't have to do the paper work with this kind of drug so you get this and while the lady has covered a lot of the side effects she has missed many and one is it tears your stomach up and all the guts and that is more pain than the pain one is trying to help. Don't do it is the best advise I can give.
I have always wondered if you took someone who is balls to the wall addicted to something like tramadol & erased their memory COMPLETELY of any memory they had of being addicted/needing it to get by; would they still be addicted Basically the bottom line of what im wondering is; is addiction more of a mental thing or physical.
+Law Dawg I DO! but if for some reason I ever had to forcefully come off the stuff; THEN I would be in an unclean psychology. It would be nice to get some brain software so my brain just naturally produces that chemical along with the other drugs it produces for me (serotonin, dopamine, testosterone, adrenaline, estrogen AND Tramadol. But that technology doesn't exist yet (that I know of) For all I know theres other chemicals that I will never know of that if I ever could add to my already complex natural brain producing bodily chemistry; that I would love that chemical mod even way more then any of my already existing favorites.... +Law Dawg What I really hate being addicted to is adrenaline. I wish my body never produced it so I would have never done crazy fucked up shit just to feel it that has gotten me in trouble & hurt in the past. Doc I do my own research before dabbling in chemical experimentation. I would never want someone else to tell me what I need, no one could possibly know that better then me. No Doctor would ever tell me to take or prescribe me LSD, NN-DMT or Orange Dolphins X but those are the best & funest chemicals I have ever had involvement with. I don't hallucinate EVER from Tramadol though, hallucinating has always been recreational only at self chosen times..
Well im 13yo once i took 400mg tramal guess what happened Nothing I just felt like i was floating and it was hard to keep eyes open..

Care to read some horror stories

ever since i quit tramadol 8 months ago, whenever i drink alcohol i feel nothing anyone had this happen or know why this happens thanks.
2spooky4me1!!1 I'm really high on tramadol right now, never thought it was possible. Just had to take more, 400 mg did the trick..
i just started tramadol for shoulder pain but i dodnt like it dosent work all it does is make me sleep.
Im on Naproxen for a stretched tendent in my wrist and this shit feels like I'm on a Indica body high wtf .
And fuck the Dr who gave this two I rather have narco than this shit. St Agnes Medical Center in Fresno CA I sat there for 5 hrs for this shit fuck them..
Just woke from a freakin nightmare, im 40, and never had one before, ever! Took Naproxen before bed, never touching it again..
What was the main issue you had that started a pain killer prescription I have a tendon problem with my shoulder and was prescribed naproxen. Just curious it's going to help me.. I fucken hate this medication I doesn't even fucken works I am taking 50 mgs I rather die than take this shit. I guess I am going to die soon bye.. +Daniel Juaraz I was rush to the hospital that day my blood pressure was 175/ 125. I am taking this med any more.. I had visions etc while +800mg dozes, my doc sayd its extremely rare complication drug makes brain confuse dreams and reality for 1-5minutes. You were lucky. The longer you're on Tramadol, the worse the side effects. Physical dependency is the worst. It can cause extreme anger, anxiety, depression, extreme agony.. These are the things that I experienced the most. I had hallucinations. I saw a lot of things but I could tell they weren't real. HOWEVER there were really weird hallucinations that made me feel I was losing my mind. Things would change in my life, that I could swear were different before. HOWEVER, I have to say, I'm not sure Tramadol was responsible for the hallucinations. Sleep deprivation can do that too. I think in my case, it was sleep deprivation, but it sounds like yours was Tramadol. However, anyone going on Tramadol should be careful. Like I said, YOU were lucky. I was on it for years and it messed me up so bad I can't even explain it. The withdrawal was severe and lasted for hours and hours and hours a day. It would cause me to writhe with restless leg syndrome and extreme anxiety to the point that it would cause me to scream. The depression was SO deep and overwhelming, that I would become like a zombie. I lost a very best friend over the anger. I didn't want to take it out on my kids and he was the sweetest man I knew, so I thought if I put it on him, he wouldn't leave me. I was wrong. Even the sweetest man in the world has a breaking point. So, there went a nine year best relationship of my life. He noticed that I'd changed and looked up Tramadol to see if that was the case. He presented the symptoms to me and said, "Deanna, you HAVE to stop taking this." It was the problem. All the symptoms I was going through were there. The agony, the anger, the anxiety, the restless leg syndrome, the suffering. My kids noticed too. They said I wasn't angry before that. I knew that. Tramadol wreaked havoc on my life. I am off it now for 4 months and 4 days and I still go through withdrawal EVERY day. The first reduction off of Tramadol after more than a year I was STILL withdrawing and intense severe proportions. That's why I say you were lucky. The longer you are on Tramadol and the higher the dose the worse you suffer, the harder the withdrawal and the longer it takes for the withdrawal to leave your system. .
I take tramadol for pain only if i cant get the real good pain killers. I suffer from Gout and Fibromyalgia. Doesn't really seen to help to much. I know, i know...drink cherry juice, and lay off the red meat right Crock of shit.
I've been prescribed Tramadol for the herniated discs in my lumbar spine. It causes rather terrible nerve pain that OTC medications don't relieve. At first I had experienced a few hallucinations, mostly audible, but they stopped after about two weeks. I've been on Tramadol for about a month now and the pain relief, as I have noticed, isn't working as well as it did when I first started taking it. Just makes me sleepy and reduces the pain by about 35% if I had to put it into numbers at this point. Honestly I don't see why people love this stuff so much or how people get addicted to it. If I had to give it a score from one to ten I would give it a 4.5... Basically it's just ok. When I go back to my doctor I'm going to ask for something else due to the fact that my system is building up a tolerance to this chemical rather quickly and it's not that effective for me. However, if you have mild neurological pain this may help. Good luck to you out there with real pain on finding what's right for you and fuck you pill abusing assholes that make it harder for people that have actual pain management issues to get the medications they need. Have a great day : ) .
I understand what Ya going through. I am currently prescribed tramadol for an s1 vertebra (an extra vertebra below my l5) Iv had the pain for several years and it just started getting worse do to an accident. But I hate this drug. I haven't had any hallucinations but my slow breathing, and its like my head wonders. Of thAt. Makes any sense. This is the only pain medication that has scared the hell outta me. Hydrocodone oxycodone, and even Percocet has not done me like this and I would rather be on a low dose opiate than 50 mg of tram.

+Paul Brooks selective seretonin reuptake inhibitor. DONT MIX with other SSRI's or you will get some weird shit going on in your head (i speak from experience).
Well if you were having the hallucinations only when you were experiencing sleep paralysis, it might not have even been the tramadol that was responsible. Were you having the hallucinations prior to trying to go to sleep What dosage were you on at the time I've never looked into hallucinations brought on by tramadol, but I do know that hallucinations are very common during sleep paralysis. It actually makes me experience insomnia, but I do know people that get super tired from it. Sleep paralysis (if I am not mistaken) comes from when your body is brought out of REM sleep somehow. I've had it before and it SUCKS, but I don't take my tramadol at night. It really helps my rib that is out of place, especially for an opioid; I had the same issue you had with other pain medications. .
I love tramadol. It makes me chirpy and happy ~ Its like an instant anti depressant and helps me do stuff i dont usually like to do. I take it when I got long hours of work and it makes me the most productive in the office..
tramadol has also officially become a scheduled drug so you now have to show your ID to pick it up anywhere in the united states. this may also change what vets prescribe to animals after they have had surgery. Doctors originally thought this was a ok drug to prescribe because it did not cause addictions but they learned that they were completely wrong and it can be a very addicting drug with severe withdrawal effects. LoL 2 !!! I vote up on this video, but secretly vote this message down,When you take pain meds you are scrambling your DNA to malfunction.It is a crutch that makes more destruction. If taken the way it is prescribed it is unpredictable. I live pain everyday, But in the end, I feel the robot body Laugh and tough it out, Even when the pain made me cry i Love the Idea... it just feels that much Better, I have an old crushing accident to my foot,Shoulder left arm wrist Elbow jaw ear And a tear in my brain, The accident broke 8 bones and destroyed tissue,I Brainwashed myself to understand, If you dont work through the pain and face it, you will never get better, I am not saying I never take anything, But 3 or 4 aprians will last weeks.For my Head, meditation does the rest.I don't dwell non the pain, the only reason i am here is because some one asked... I pray you strength and the waves of pain leave you, God bless you, Beautiful....
I've been on tramadol for 3 months take 1 50mg pill a day now I'm going threw withdrawal yay it FUCKING SUCKS and 2 days ago I was at work and started going threw full blown withdrawal and it sucked when I got home I did experienced some hallucination the ceiling was moving allot my muscle were wanting to lock up, could barely speak and I felt like I had a very bad case of the flew and I was shacking so much I needed help clocking out.
Wow, thank you for this video I have the exact problem and thought i was crazy. I would wake up and could swear someones in my room or in my house, but i couldn't move or get up, I started to think this was dreams till one time i fell asleep while watching tv and same thing happened woke up couldn't move, so while this was happening i watched what was on tv and when I finally was back to normal and could move again i rewound what was on the tv and the exact same stuff was on the tv!!! It kinda freaked me out, but i have not have had this problem as i stopped taking tramadol. Again thank you for taking the time to tell your story! :) Made me feel better that i know im not alone!.
Tramadol is fucking good wtf are u saying Obviously you can't handle it so try some Tylenol 4's or 3's. i take both tramadol & Tylenol 4 cause it helps the pain i was a pedestrian & hit by a car so i need these meds & so far nothing but good scores from me. .

There's nothing wrong with taking tramadol if taken in the right dosage and not exceed the recommended amount a day. And it should be available to buy from any high street chemist as most people are responsible enough hell you can buy Co Codomal why not Tramadol doctor's who say you shouldn't be able to buy them are up their asses and if it helps someone they should have that right to buy these over the counter they are no worse than aspirin or ibuprofen actually it is 10 times better than ibuprofen which doesn't do shit..
That first hallusination is callas sleep paralyze. I have got them few times. It is strange that most people see someone at your room and i have saw too.. Yep i am using tramadol at the moment the odd thing i can't sleep while taking it but for some reason it doesn't bother me i just end up watching youtube all night and not feeling tired. P.S you are a good lady....
I take Tramadol for my Myalgia. Once many years ago, a doctor prescribed Naproxen for this problem. I tried the med and all it did was give me a stomach ache..

I'm just re-visiting this video and I never realized it until now, but Naproxen may be giving me rashes at times as well now that you mention it. I haven't even thought to link my itchiness to medication because it's such a dry climate in Colorado that I usually don't even think twice as to what is causing it but, I did have a pretty bad itching episode a few weeks ago where I itched my arm to the point where my arm looked like I tried to cut myself or something. I didn't even notice I was itching that much until I looked down at my arm. It hasn't happened since then but, maybe my body was still getting used to the dosage at the time..
It's helping me with my rotated hip pain, but this is the second night it has made me physically ill. Probably going to stop taking it..

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January 12, 2016
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November 20, 2015
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January 7, 2016
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January 22, 2016

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hey waiting for an update.. are you doing any better I could only take this stuff for 5 days then I had to stop. gonna try something different.

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December 2, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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December 3, 2015
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January 25, 2016

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ive been on tramz since scared to come off, its super miserable...alot of people who use painkillers for the high used to say they dint do shit for, they are all hurting from tramadol...they dont even want the "true" opiates anymore..
bla bla bla...tramadol... I take about 600-700 mg per day I feel good just maybe one hour and then I feel nothing butvif I don't take then I feel sick very sick, I not understand why tramal now not working. sorry for my English. this vid needs subtitles...i just took 1100 mg within 6 hrs...since my dr wont give me anything stronger for my severe chronic pain...i have no choice i live in the usa..i wish my state would legalize medical will never happen..instead il probably die for this shit it dont work anymore i started on 150 per day...15 yrs ago months ago it was raised to 200 then 300 just recently within 6 used to work exellent now my tolerance and pain level is so high due to a recent i cant live without it...problem is i need a stronger drug like morphine or oxicodone..they will not give me it..i have chronic arthritis in every single joint from lyme disease and a severe spinal injury...i know medical mj would work its a shame alcohol is legal but mj is not alcohol kills more ppl then any other drug thats a fact if u dont believe me google it...mj does not kill.
yes it's hard to stop I still take like 20pills at once I notice I have hard time breathing and pain on the chest thank you for you're help.

TO QUIT TRAMADOL: If you are on Tramadol 50mg (every 6 hours), skip to "SCHEDULE," but if you are on Tramadol ER then you must first SWITCH YOUR PRESCRIPTION from your 24-hour extended release (more difficult to quit) formula back to the 6-hour version (is says tramadol 50mg). If you were on 300mg (3 pills) of Tramadol ER100 once a day, you'll start 50mg 4x/daily on Tramadol 50mg yes that's taking one pill every 6 hours. Your pain mgt Dr. will figure out YOUR correct dose. The extended release can NOT BE CUT so they can not be quit as easily (see Day 19). Admittedly the reason you started the 1x/daily extended release (Tramadol ER or ER100) was how nappy and annoying it was to remember it every 6 hours SET YOUR PHONE ALARM for every 6 hours. SCHEDULE: -YOUR PLAN: Stage 1: Reduce intake by 12.5mg per day using your PILL CUTTER until you get down to only 50mg every 6 hours (half a 50mg pill=25mg and half that's 12.5mg a quarter pill). Stage 2: Reduce from 4x daily to 1x daily over 19 days. Day 1: take the dose on your doctor prescribed bottle: 50mg every 6 hours. Day 2: set your phone alarms for every 7 hours. Take one Tramadol 50mg pill every 7 hours. Day 3. one 50mg pill every 8 hours. Don't forget to set your phone alarm. Day 4: every 9 hours Day 5: every 10 hours and then add an hour between pills each day for 14 days Day 19: you are at ONE PILL A DAY!!! Congratulations and get a PILL CUTTER for tomorrow. TAKE your 1 50mg Tramadol pill AFTER DINNER Begin STAGE 2: Day 20: cut your 50mg pill into 4 pieces. take 3 of the 4 pieces which is 37.5mg Day 21: take half a pill (25mg) Day 22: take a quarter pill 1/4 or (12.5mg) Day 23: take only 6.25mg by cutting a quarter pill into an eighth pill if you can, though you might be able to switch to Naproxen Sodium, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or any over the counter non-opiate, non-opioid pain reliever at this point (keeping in mind you shouldn't take it forever or after a week or two daily.) Day 24: CONGRATULATIONS you're done.

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December 8, 2015
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November 28, 2015

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December 24, 2015

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Spammers, please stop spamming, I delete them as soon as I see them, don't make me turn off the comments section.
+Fred, if your sugars truly went from 100 up to 300 with no changes in diet, you probably stopped making insulin. ask your doctor to check a fasting insulin level and glucise, and a 2 hour post meal insulin and glucose. eat 50-75 grams of carbs at the meal. a typical type 2 diabetic should have sky high insulin, 3-10 times higher the normal range. if you don't have a spike, you need to add insulin.. +Ray Dorman Talk with your doctor, but if you are going to get rid of a drug, dump the glipizide. It is associated with weight gain hypoglycemia attacks and maybe even heart attack. It is a 1970s drug that should not be used in most circumstances.. I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes hello I was put on metformin for my pcos and my doctor thinks I'm pre diebatic I have anxcity the other day I had a salad with 2 hot dogs nothing on it went to the store came home in the 2 hours after I ate I check my surgar it said I was 68 very scary feeling so ive been going on and off the medication I'm scared of the sideeffects but I really wanna lose the weight and be healthier but I just keep thinking I'm going into low surager all the time please. and I only took 500mg.
Doctor Greg, this is a great video. I learned a few things even though I had studied Metformin a good bit. Thanks for your time and knowledge! I am/was pre diabetic. My Doc put me on Metformin. It helped but I had some cramps every time I took a 500ng pill. I stopped taking it after only a month when my blood sugar plummeted due to massive changes in my diet and exercise. But I went back on it recently even though daily testing (up to 4x a day) seem to indicate that my diet has my condition very much under control. Why I went back on it because new studies show that Metformin is supposed to be amazingly GOOD for your cells. The drug has show to have some pretty strong anti aging properties. Pro cardiac and even anti cancer! Bottom line for me is that I no longer have any side negative side effects. My blood sugar is about as perfect as you can get...between 70-120. Cycling 20 miles a day 5 times a week doesnt hurt either. I ATTACKED my pre diabetes with a vengeance. Lost 35lbs too. Low carb, high protein, medium high good fats. No veggie oils at all. Only virgin coconut oil, cold pressed almond oil and Carlson's Fish Oil (liquid..glug glug) Dont stop taking your Metformin unless your Doctor insists that you do. Just Google (or Bing): "Metformin Life Extension" There are several studies referenced and many years of data..
Big Dave, awesome awesome awesome. I'm well aware of the anti aging studies, and haven't gotten to a video on it. I will try to soon. keep up the good work. remember, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ There is a diabetes type 1 and 2 help guide that goes well with this video on> ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
Dr. Greg Castello, what is your thought on the theory that TTD can be reversed and cured naturally - source Dr. Jason Fung. Toronto, Ontario Canada. The hypnosis being that an increasingly higher insulin level over time is fuelling the disease instead of improving the health of the patient. In other words high blood sugar levels are a symptom of the problem and simply reducing the levels and A1C is not a cure, as increased insulin levels and increased resistance to insulin is the culprit to be treated, not simply lowering glucose/A1C to the normal range and having high levels of insulin increasing over time. It's worth looking into his work and results with his patients..

+Glynn U Watch my other videos. Diabetes, more than probably any other disease can be treated with good choices, and made worse by bad choices. The problem is, that most people arent willing to make an effort by changing their diet or exercising. In that case all I can do is add on medications to decrease their mortality..
*Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for diabetes => >. Thanks Dr Greg for this video. I am not diabetic, but my blood sugar levels are always borderline with a very clear family history of the disease. I asked my doc if she'd consider me a candidate for Metformin as I was interested in getting on it. I showed her this article, which actually got me interested... She agreed to put me on a low dose of 250mg a day with the plan to test my levels again in 3 months. I'm looking forward to the potential benefits, especially because my Dad is suffering awfully with diabetes, dementia and docs seem to tie much of his problems back to poor glucose management. Thanks again!. 100% scientifically-Proven Way To ERASE Diabetes In 3 Weeks... I want to thank you for this video. Cause I myself was just prescribed on metformin. But I refused to take them on my first day. But since I watched your video. I will start this evening before I go to bed. Again. Thank you.. +Marjorie Racette Get a medical degree please, before you blurt out things you have no understanding of..
Thanks Doc.. My Testosterone doctor just put me on Metformin (with little explanation) and you answered every single question I had in 6 minutes.. Thank you.. very informative...

Hi doctor my pierod its not normal my bleeding is 10 daye or more then when my pierod is finished then come again after 11 please tell me what can I do.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol eight months ago. I take Metformin and Januvia and a statin. Currently, I've lost over 20 pounds, Metformin has been reduced to 500 mg. and Januvia to 25 mg. My last A1c was 6.3, so I'm doing well. My cholesterol number is also good, now. However, I'm REALLY CONCERNED about the weight loss. My BMI is now normal, (formerly "overweight,") and in fact, I'm too thin. With the Metformin, I'm having a hard time maintaining or gaining weight. What do I do.
Metformin is the WORST drug I have ever taken. I tried to take it over and over but it caused me to have constant abdominal pain, flatulence and diarrhea, Type 2 diabetes can be REVERSED with Diet and excersise. However, I will say, that no one EVER TOLD ME that reducing my carbs would possibly reduce my GI side effects.I might be willing to give it one more try..

Metformin I used for 6 months, my dr. didn't want to prescribe me anything else, said my body need to use it. Almost kill me - had to change dr. and medication, now is a little better but ended up with insulin at night... grrrr daily fight with this diabetes.

5.9 A1C working hard but not so hard I don't enjoy my food. That is from 9.1 to 8.1 to 7.9 to 5.9. Took about a year of hard work and wanting to live to enjoy life..

+Scott Bond Good for you. If my diabetics ate like I do, and exercised as often, 99% of them would have huge improvements in their health without medications..
Thanks for your vid. The information you gave is very informative & helpful for me. I've been on Metformin for almost 3 years. I am a type II diabetic..
I was diagnosed 2 years ago and was prescribed prolonged insulin (10unit a day) in the evening and 1x1000mg metformin in the morning. I have changed this to 15units of insulin and 2x1000mg metformin in the morning and the evening. Sugar is getting really good but i cannot gain weight at all. I want to grow bigger but i can't. Do you think i can fix this even if i take metformin.
Why is this video entitled, "Metformin: Diabetes worst enemy." He didn't say anything about it being an enemy. He is singing its praises.. +Alma Ott Metformin is the worst enemy of diabetes. In other words it's the best thing to combat diabetes. The drug isn't the patient's worst enemy. It is the disease's worst enemy.. Is it ok to take metformin with nifedipine A1C is good but Dr prescribed to me because my heart rate was fast at 90.. +Kevin Boone Try some magnesium & calcium, In at least half of the cases of people with accelerated heart beats It helped, I don't consider 90 very high. More like Metformin, the drug from hell... I hate it, I got the worst anxiety I've ever had having thoughts that something bad was going to happen to me or thinking I was going to die all day long. The interesting thing was that I didn't have anxiety for a month while I was on Metformin, then bam it hit all at once. If you have or had anxiety problems, this drug will make anxiety worse or resurface. If you have never had anxiety problems, then this drug will probably be fine for you. Just a helpful warning. THIS VIDEO SHOULD BE LABEL BEST MEDICATION TO FIGHT DIABETES NOT WORST ENEMY IT SOUND LIKE THE METFORMIN IT ISN'T THAT GOOD FOR YOU DIABETES ,BUT ANYWAY THANK YOU FOR YOU VIDEO IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE THANK YOU....
Here is the deal folks stop attacking the doctor he is getting nothing from metformin. Not like it is not a generic drug. How about get off your lazy ass and go for a walk in the morning. Stop blaming everyone else for your lack of caring for your own body. Metformin is actually a crutch for your laziness. If you want the truth eat well exercise find a hobby that is active and stop blaming drugs on your fat lazy ass. Or your brothers, sister in-laws, uncles heart attack..
You must be getting paid by a drug company to promote metformin the way you are. People you are being fooled into thinking metformin helps you. Please research a cure for type 2 diabetes. Please.. Yes is true if he is telling people to use mefformin he is definitely sleeping with the enemy... He is drug addict and making pharmaciudical richer and richer.. I'm a diabetic 1 and will be free of that disease caused by the government because they aloud bob companies to use lots of sugars in beverages and other stuff we are taking to make us sick.... My Mom found out tht I was a diabetic when I was 6 months old, She told me tht I was thirsty more than usual, So she told the Dr & the they took blood work & found out I was an diabetic, I'm am now 32 yrs old, I was always skinny til I had my children, When I was pregnant with all my children, They put me on the needle, til after I had my babies they put me back on Metforim, I just recently lost over 100 lbs, I'm am a Veterinarian, I eat lots of Vetgetables, & I juice & drink smoothies to make me full, I weight 130 lbs & I'm still a diabetic I don't drink or smoke, I eat mostly organics foods, So I don't know wht I'm am doing wrong...Why am I still a diabetic...My doctor do not know why I'm am still an diabetic.... +t2dg2011 Darling - you were born diabetic for which there is no cure that I'm aware of at the moment. You should have had that explained to you BEFORE you became pregnant. You probably have diabetes in your family which is why your mom recognised the symptoms so quickly. "Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition. Your immune system (the body's natural defence against infection and illness) mistakes the cells in your pancreas as harmful and attacks them, destroying them completely or damaging them enough to stop them producing insulin. It's not known exactly what triggers the immune system to do this, but some researchers have suggested that it may be due to a viral infection.Type 1 diabetes is often inherited (runs in families), so the autoimmune reaction may also be genetic.If you have a close relative – such as a parent, brother or sister – with type 1 diabetes, you have about a 6% chance of also developing the condition. The risk for people who don't have a close relative with type 1 diabetes is just under 0.5%.".
I was diagnosed with T2D about a year ago. I used diet and exercise to control blood sugar and was very successful at keeping my blood glucose levels.
Thank you for sharing this video about Diabetes worst enemy. its important Avoid all sugar and junk food like pasta, bread, cereal and white rice to reduce diabetes problems. keep sharing.. Thank you for information. I was increased my dosage to 1000mg and have been living with diarrhea ever since. I dont eat sugar and very careful with my foods intake. I will need to go back to see my doctor due to this problem. What would you consider to be low carbs in one day How many grams of carbohydrates a day for someone who weighs 100 lbs. +John Dorig it really depends on the type of carbs. Watch my video on the "gazelle diet"
My Dr. Put me on this. But he never explained it like you just did. Thanks for taking time to post this clip. .
I was just prescribed Metformin (my first dose today), and thank you for these excellent tips. I hope it helps me, tired of my gigantic double chin. That should have been my first clue something was wrong w/my insulin levels..
I had problems immediately when starting Metformin. I always felt sick to my stomach. So after 4 months I was put on the ER version of Metformin. My system seem to tolerate the drug at that point, but I always had flatulence. I had been on 1000mg then 1500mg. The 1500mg I was on for several years. A few months ago my A1c showed the dosage was not doing the trick, so it was raised to 2000mg. I have been nothing but sick since. My body obviously rejects this dosage. I have severe stomach cramps, diarreah, and sick to my stomach every morning. The doctor took me off metformin today. I had labs to rule our any type of bug, that may be causing these symptoms. Next week I am scheduled to start Januvia. Which is extremely expensive. I have no idea how I will pay that bill each month. Metformin was cheap. What else can I do. My body is rejecting Metformin. I should add I have never been an overweight person with a poor diet. I have been a Diabetic since my early 20's. I am a senior citizen now in excellent shape and workout every day. I have been an exercise nut my entire life. Both my parents and grandparents were type 1 and 2 diabetics. They all died from complications from the disease. A very strong family history. Evidently there are people that simply put cannot take Metformin, especially at the higher dosages..
+brazil5657 2 things, first, some people cant tolerate the full 2000mg a day. Taking the ER does help. Splitting the dose to twice a day helps too. And Second, if you have a bad diet, high in carbs, you will have more side effects. Try limiting carbs, it will not only help you tolerate the metformin, but will help your diabetes.. Follow your Doctor's recommendations but really make sure she does followup tests. My kidneys decompensated within a couple of weeks after starting metformin and I had to change to something else. I am now back to fully functional kidneys under the new medication..
I want to get off it. it is proven it destroys vitamin B12, And other things My A1C did g from 14 to 6.5 in 4 months, but i think it was from eating only 30 gram of carbs. per meal, and exercise. Now i have a pain in my left foot, like around the ankle bone and i think it is the metformin, a few weeks after taking it. i thought i need new shoes...Doctors ain't really to bright, it is you they kill, not themselves. You got to do "all the research for them" then tell them what you want. Every 3 months their views on what is good/bad for you changes... Remember the witch doctors Well wait another 100 years and your current Doctor will look like one! lol... My father taught medicine his his mid 20's i think..

+ljay0778 Your A1C of 14 is HORRIBLE!!! As out of control as I could ever imagine. Why would you assume with an average glucose of 420 (A1C of 14) that it was the medicine that caused you to be sick, and not the ravages of uncontrolled diabetes.

I take Metformin and it has changed my life. I use to wake up and would drink water until I thought I would explode. I got up at least 3 to 6 time every night and drink water constantly which is how I found out that I was T2. Once I started metformin I am no longer drinking water constantly at night and my A1C went from 10 something to 6 to 7 ( I think 5.5 or so is normal for non-diabetics could be wrong) with diet change still not perfect but is a long road of change and hard work. I love water now! :) and I drink it when I like instead of a slave to it. I take 2000mg a day and it works. I also lost over 40 pounds over last year or so. I didn't have any of the mild side effects such as said by the doctor all I had at first was some burping some. It cost me 20 dollars for 3 month supply. It also reduced my Triglycerides(sp) from 1000 to around 200 or it helped and me changing my diet from starchy carbo foods to more protein and safer carbs. Wonder drug and I would pay 500 dollar every three months not to feel like I did a year or so ago. No side effects for me after the first couple of weeks at all..
No stop eating more calories than you work off. Exercise no drug is going to be a magical weight lost..
I would be curious to know how many of your patients have been able to reduce their dosage of Metformin over time. Also, how many have had to start taking insulin. Thank you..

Honestly, those that make no effort to change their habits don't come off meds, they have more added over time. They get older and heavier over time. Those that are motivated, and change their eating habits and exercise, do great, lose weight and come off meds. Very rarely do my patients progress to insulin..

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December 18, 2015

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October 23, 2015

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I'm currently on this. If I were to say one thing, these last a LONG time. Like a really long time. For me it lasted 20 hours. The XL stands for extended release. It has a special coating that releases over time. Also take in the morning with food. If you take this medication on a empty stomach, you'll feel it for the rest of the day. Also, for the first few weeks, you'll definitely have dry mouth and feel really thirsty. For me, it works excellently. Hope you'll get better with this one :D . +Tcailley Depression and lack of motivation/energy. And I'm not to sure about the focusing. I haven't really noticed a difference I guess.. +Joseph Csoti I starting taking this medication around 7-8pm at night. Idk why, it was dumb mistake at my part. I'm afraid to fix the schedule since I would have to skip a whole day..
I made the mistake of drinking coffee after taking this and I was fidgeting like crazy in class thinking, "EVERYTHING IS AMAZING".
Here's the 2nd person in a row with those hideous plastic tubes in their ears, just looks awful, I wish people wouldn't do that, and then it's the annoying yuppie dialect.. Hey Cailley, yeah you rarely seem to make videos. But you have a bf and a life so ya know...yeah. Personally though, I mean...I don't mean to sound opinionated but I don't believe you fully understand what it's like to truly struggle. Everyday. At least not like you used to, and #1 reason for that I am positively sure is cause you have someone in your life. Shrugs that's just my theory. When you have someone in your life and your romantically heavily involved, then everything else because a blur to you, including your emotional troubles...or others. I'm sorry! For me it's like...everyone I need to get me out of this suicidal rut I've been in umm lets see for the years almost. no joke. I may ridulously be the most lost and suicidal person on this planet, and I say that without arrogance but with pure truth. No I may have NEVER attempted to end my existence, due to the unfortunate fact that I fear pain...I can barely stand a single paper cut. Still, I think about it...and think about it...and ponder and ponder and ponder over and over and over and again and again for days and months and hours and seconds for years and years and years and still. And I'm tired. And I strongly need that emotional support you have. And yeah, I envy that. cause I'm a honest and rare faithful person and I have faith in god but...where is she where is that 1 single female person to enter my life and tell me, "Gilbert hey it's ok, I'm here now no longer need to feel afraid." And I fear if I will ever have that. So deep breath maybe if you don't think I'm some cynical psycho who writes to much...then feel free to get back to me with your thoughts. write me a message...if you can, or want to. In truth though, I deserve to suffer. And I wish for death long before death may find me...and in all honestly.....I wish for it already:( . +daph dc Not to sure how that is F'yn shallow. See, you can't hear tone of voice with text. I am not arguing who has it worse. Especially since there is always going to be someone who does have it worse than someone else...I am always the one who says, so because someone has a worse off life then me I am suppose to accept the fact I am suppose to just suck it up and view it is if I am going through nothing at all If I was looking to bash her I definitely would not have subscribed to the channel. If anything Envy her is a better way to put it, rather then F'yn shallow. If I were to read what I posted as if someone else posted it. I would gather that the person is trying to ask what would someones advice be. In addition to that, guy or female I would take it a step further and message that person and say... I know you don't know me but if you ever need to talk or vent you can contact me. In fact, I had reached out to her saying the same thing. Whether she got it or not who knows...So, Yes me personally I would love to trade one of my issues to have a girlfriend instead... I mean who wouldn't I asked what should I do Didn't realize that my statement would be taken as that I am bashing her and if that is how it can be taken... then I am sincerely sorry..
+Life's Healthy Recipe I hear you. Relationships, futures worth striving for or at least a hope for the attainment of set goals, and all of that stuff means a lot. After all, we are human beings. I have been depressed for a LONG time and strangely enough, women do NOT respond to depressed men and avoid them like the plague(so it seems). Depressed women can always find a man, the reverse situation unfortunately, is not true. Men and women live different lives, with different realities so I can't comment on a woman's situation. As men, depression is absolutely life destroying; it effectively emascualtes us...and it's not a choice. I would rather lose my left arm and right foot to get rid of this plague of an illness. I am of course, referring to severe clinical depression, not the "blues", "grief", or low energy..

I use that as well and people around me can notice a great difference, before my room is consistantly messy, and I just can't do much, but since I started Wellb. My room is consistantly well organized, and I continue to organize the organize, it's like its never organized enough. I am also on Anta-Buse which is a great med to take this med forces you to have flu-like effects if you drink alcohol, including vomiting alot. so that alone gives me the scare to drink. and keeps me away from alcohol..
I have to take 150mg of Wellbutrin xl for 7 days and then start my next bottle which is 300mg a day for 30 days as the bottle says..
this stuff works wonders for me, it makes me sweat more, and i cant sleep for more than 4 hours/night. personally, they should pump it through the water system..
I have been on wellbutrin for several months after my Mom passed. I lost my job. The love of my life left me. Since I been taking it things have gotten better. But I'm thinking of getting of it. And just fyi I've drank a lot on it. Nothing ever happened. In any case I think I want to get off it now that I'm feeling okay about my life now. .
I hope you feel better and sorry to hear about your doggy.Why don't you get your self a wittle kitty.They can live anywhere from 10 to 25 years.Whenever I'm down I grab one of my five kitties and rub on them and hearing that little motor they got inside them brings me some peace of mine.My wife is going through some hard times with depression and its really working on our marriage,right now it looks like she may walk out on me,I hope not because that'll really crush me.She just got prescribed prozac so we're going to see how that's going to work out.I hope things work out for ya..
cut all of those pills and smoke some fresh premium sativa strains you will feel so much better. .
+John Fee Imagine telling about this to your doctor... Doctor: YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING WHAT! WHO TOLD YOU TO SO... You: 'Well, there's this guy, LoneWolf420 on Youtube...'.
Hi Cailley, Nice to see you're struggling, looking for resources and ways to overcome your pain. I'm not a psychologist, but recently received some coaching from a NGO that prevents suicide, which is my goal as well. My approach is not giving advice, recommendations or saying that life is beautiful and worth living, but I can hear what you have to say without judging, like a close friend. So feel free to talk to me anytime if you want. ;) Wish you the best, thank you. I was on wellbutrin as well. It didnt help me on my depression and i had horrible side effects. Yes, some people use this Med to Quit smoking. Now im back on effexor xr, and 2 more meds. Im stable now... Best wishes.
Your are looking good - even though you are feeling tired! Sorry to hear that your dog has passed away. But all the best with your studies!.

ive been on buproprion for a lil over one month now... was on it in the past and its helped a lot with energy for getting out of bed and overall concentration.. worked the best out of all the antidepressants ive tried.. so curious to see how you'll do on it!!.

Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. Legal drugs and illegal drugs and we can't figure out what's wrong with us. I wonder what it could be... Doctors destroying millions and millions of our innocent youth with psychoactive drug therapy. Our young, believing, innocent, vulnerable, youth. Even the Mayo Clinic does this. It must be me. I'm the one who is blind and can't see. It must be me. Alcohol and tobacco and marijuana, the big bastard three... Sugar and wheat and milk before these. Sucrose, lactose, fructose, stimulant drugs in the quantities we consume daily. That we feed to our babies. Bringing this all on. The bear, the wolf, the fox, the rabbit, the eagle, have none of these. Perfectly healthy lives. Raising their young as always, beautifully. Healthfully. Water and natures foods. Not mans manmade sugar and starch diet along with caffeine and alcohol and tobacco. Powerful stimulant drugs. All of these. Good luck kid. I wish you well. Please try to see. The doctors and councilors are dead wrong. 100% mistaken. Take none of these. Dope, dope, dope!.

I've been on this stuff for about 7 years. It's a huge help. I don't feel bored all the time..

I felt the same way! They gave me the same thing! IT DOES NOT WORK! Be careful, they switched my stuff on me a lot and I felt like I was going crazy more than it was helping me..

The bupropion xl is a ssri that is in the more alert side of the scale rather than the drowsy sedated side. I'm currently on it I have been for about 3 months I believe as well with Prozac. A few weeks ago there was a visible improvement for about 2 weeks then it just vanished..

Thought I would share my experience from the other night. So I've been through a lot.. soul crushing experiences and feel like I hit rock bottom almost every week now. Last night I was awake and i was crying (not sure if anyone else gets this, but when I really do feel like ending it I get this strange feeling in my veins.. like butterflies) so I put some shoes on and went outside. I stared up into the sky with all the stars which I realized I haven't done in years and it struck me, how everything we think matters doesn't matter at all. What we are taught that matters, is only another persons idea.. nothing more. It took the edge of for me, that pain that hurts so much you want it over faded. It made me look at life as a game, nothing to get worried about. I still feel depressed, but I don't feel suicidal when I realize what I said. +Tcailley You might or might not consider this, but I thought there is no harm in saying it. I noticed foods can amplify depression. I recently did raw diet (I got bitten by a deer tick and got Lyme disease(for 8 years), was willing to try anything) and realized that black cloud that seems to follow me everywhere was so much smaller than usual. I always thought I am f**king depressed because of my life, what has happened etc but food really does amplify those feelings from what I found. Try it for a week if your ever feeling adventurous. I only managed 2 weeks but the benefits in depression are making me consider a longer period..

Hey, really glad to see you are still fighting, I know how tough things can be. Keep on moving and one day hopefully you will beat this illness for good. Take care.

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January 21, 2016

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Hi hi! Have you heard about - Loranzan Amazing Fat Loss System (search on google) Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got excellent results with it. .

Hi! Have you ever tried - Loranzan Amazing Fat Loss System (do a search on google) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.Hi! Have you ever tried - Loranzan Amazing Fat Loss System (do a search on google) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great results with it..

Hi! Have you ever tried - Loranzan Amazing Fat Loss System (do a search on google) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.Hi! Have you ever tried - Loranzan Amazing Fat Loss System (do a search on google) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great results with it..
Hello! Have you heard the talk about - Loranzan Amazing Fat Loss System (do a google search) Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got amazing results with it. .

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November 1, 2015

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i'm using epiduo&Doxycycline 100mg 7 weeks now i am lot worse than you, i'm having an appoint with my dermat next week...i'm kind of disappointed & tiried but i know i 'm only in the beginning though...thanks for posting reviews, waiting to see how it goes for you. that's not bad at all. I just got the minocycline 100mg and some gel stuff hopefully it works!!. Possibly wearing the makeup is making the acne stay because there is a lot of products in foundation that will cause irritation and cause you to break out...ask if you can bump the amount up I take 100mg and I've been taking it for a week and I see a pretty good difference! Or try acutain that I heard works really well too! Hope everything is going well other wise!.
My daughter suffered with very severe cystic acne since she was 14. Today she’s 34 and for the very first time ever, this woman has not got skin problems. She uncovered the Acne Executioner (Google it) and it showed her how to remedy acne disorder. She smiles a lot more, which is brilliant to view. It is easy to eliminate acne if you’d like to. It merely requires the most effective technique..

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November 13, 2015

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I'm also on those meds. Do you ever have any bloating with the met Forman Bc I have lots of it like I feel so uhh!! 😱!!! I just need someone to talk to Bc im going threw fertility and all these meds. .
Just found your channel and want to say welcome to the ttc community! I wish you the best of luck and send baby dust!! I'll subscribe! :).

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January 10, 2016

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50 mgs is the most common mgs for Tramadol. It should kill your pain with just 1 or 2 if you have no opiate tolerance.. Thanks. I take 50 mg per day. It's enough. To kill the excruciating post operative knee replacement pain. Tramadol gets me out of bed. The best pain medication available in Thailand since pain reliever, Oxycodone is not allowed by the Thai FDA. Greetings Bangkok-Johnnie I had to cut back to two times a day 3 times a day gives me bad dreams. I have days that it dos not work at all. If I tack it to fare apart it hit me hard when I tack it.. Tramadol is also good for depression. Tramadol is highly addictive. If you are taking 4 or more 50mg pills a day, good luck getting off of it if you decide to. Even with just 50mg a day, it's a 3 or 4 day withdrawal period which won't be fun and many people don't succeed. Still, this medication is good for mild to severe pain, the problem is that some doctors won't prescribe it anymore if you need it long term..
+Lisa Hensley They are my parents pills a few of mine and the hubbies... I feel like a pharmacist sometimes. Plus I was trying to do a back drop. hehe.
the best way for me and many people i know was kratom, 100mg( 8x one pill)Tianeptine (brand names Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol and Tianeurax) and klonopin for the first week no i tell you no withdrawal rls or mood swings and after that as new one in this 7-10 days even happy euforic and good sleep try it its not dangerous some try it for 2 days and see how great it is and plan that for quit day, but dont forget tppaer off to 200mg or 100mg.
I have taken this medication... I will say it does work but, the dosage does have to be raised after a short period if it is to continue to work.. .
Heather's (HurricaneHetta) quote about you just now: "Yeah, she's interesting. In fact, she's one of the most interesting people I'm subscribed to." We watched this one together, as I've been on tramadol for 5-6 years, and laughed quite a bit at your antics. I was prescribed it by a pain doctor after a back surgery didn't go very well about 8 years ago. The surgery fixed the pain in my leg (at least for several years), but the pain in my lower back became almost intolerable. As far as killing my back pain, it usually works like a charm. Every once in a while, it will actually increase it, but that's rare. Side effects for me include occasional agitation and/or depression and leg convulsions at night (the last one can be pretty difficult, as they'll keep me up for several hours). If I don't take tramadol with food, I'll get disoriented, sweaty, and a creepy crawly feeling all over my body. Never ever take more than 50 mg at a time! I've been on the same dose for all but the first year of taking this drug, and I have no inclination of taking more than prescribed. I've done it a couple of times (usually by accident), and the side effects are not pleasant as if I'd taken them without food but much, much more intense. Happy Sunday! Dave. Oh I was wondering who HurricaneHetta was heheh. I'm back on Tramadol for my injured arm, I figured I have a whole bottle left might as well try it for this horrible pain of Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and 2 sprained muscles and it's working like a charm. Creepy Crawlies YIKES now I'm all itchy... Thanks for watching and commenting... I'm actually having a good Sunday, back at you guys..

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January 17, 2016

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ZONA ALUMNOS | Autoescuela Lazaro

January 1, 2016

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FYI: I can not reply to your comments if you do not have a google+ page linked to your youtube account. Sorry. .
I hope it all worked out for you my friend I'm doing it now cold turkey almost killed me ,on my 7th day should be back to normal in 3-5 more.

I'm still off them. Life's not perfect, but I'm moving to San Diego Oct. 3rd to live with my gf. Life could be worse. Just have to care enough about urself to be willing to endure a little pain so you can have some freedom back in your life..
Wow...this is the one I could dump with no problems. The constipation is vile and the buzz is shit. Oxycode is my next drug I have, even that 20mg 4 times a day is nit even worth starting an addiction for. It's boring. Actually, it makes me sick. I alike my benzo's but even they are boring to a point. I gave up drink and cigs. The point is, nothing works enough for long. No point in getting started!. Yeah I stopped taking tramadol a couple of years ago. I was addicted for years. What helped me with the withdrawals and recovery was taking loperamide and also taking hot baths.. i know you said you were a drug addict so you would have been used to stronger highs, I got addicted to tramadol very quickly for 12 months and thankfully i got off them pretty quickly. I've never been a hard core drug user, so i guess to you it wouldnt feel like a high per say, but when I was taking them i experienced a very euphoric feeling on 2 50mg tablets when I first started taking them, they made me feel very alert and awake and lasted 8 hours, but my tolerance grew very quickly and i was taking more or less 10 50mg pills a day at my worst, I lost a lot of weight because it subsided my appetite but It quickly became the only thing that mattered and I was insane over them. I agree the withdrawals were awful I didn't go cold turkey i weened off them and the doctor promised they would only lasted a few days but for at least 2 weeks I was so fatigued, couldnt eat and had flu like symptoms. I read it was more difficult to get off than heroine but I don't think it was that bad. I hope you managed to get off them, i'd never touch them again. . I have been off them ever since I quit and made the videos. It was not easy, but 90% of it was just in my head. I had to be willing to suffer the withdrawals in order to be off them. Honestly the flu sucks, but it's not that bad. So crazy how we fool ourselves into thinking the bad times will never go away. They will.. How can you not feel a high from like 500mg+ of tram I get plenty of euphoria from like 400mgs without tolerance.. +Tom Thomas Jesus it makes you shit that much! every five minutes my ass I hope not shit! I never had any issues with it but i was only on it for a month and i had like 4 a day. when your boddy needs it feels like your spirit hurts I dint kniw hiw to explain but its so bad so I start taking oxicodone 1 every 24 hours for about 3 or 4 minths but bot anymore and now I wanna quit taking teamadoll but I have really pain. I specifically asked for a non habit forming med and they gave me tramadol. That was such BS and its been such a nightmare to get off. My primary care physician was amazed that my surgeon left me on it for 6 months. I wouldn't suggest anyone using this for pain. The pain that comes from getting off of it surpassed the pain that I'm taking it for. Good for you for getting off.. I'll take the withdrawal pain. I was only prescribed 10 and I'm in severe pain from a dual ear infection that's been around for a week and a half. horrible sleep even when I took Advil pm so I needed something stronger til it clears up..
How do you order them online I got shot with a shot gun and everything is still in my body (pellets) my left side, arm, neck, head, shoulder, and it's extremely painful, they fuck with my nerves and muscles constantly. I've been taking it from doctors but it's a hassle like you said..

I feel now bro fucked up I keep moving my legs I am so adicted I used to take 8-10 tramadolls a day so now I am on 2-3 so I bin doing this for 8 years after my car accident so I don't know how do be free its to hard.

Abuse the tramadol the pill is made for you and your family to have great days and see movies thats all so have one today please!.

I've had problems with addiction, I was meant to delete the drugs but ended up "recycling" some of them.
Tremadol = happy drug. makes you super happy, things that you have 0 patience for, on tremadol you will love doing especially work and guess what mondays will be amazing. If you are using it dont incrase yourself to over 3 pills. if your over 3 pills, every week decrease 1 that way your body gets used to the lower amounts and if you want to quit go from decresing one to cuting it in half and taking a half, or a fourth or a 5th until you cant cut it up anymore and it'll be easier to quit.. My friend bitches that the Vegetable glycerine in his full VG vape juice contains sugar alcohols that he claims gives him diarrhea and I think hes wrong but I cant convince him otherwise to the extent that I almost believe him. lol.
Thanks. Good video. Bangkok-Johnnie www.pattayatoday. " I started out on pain reliever - soon hit the milder stuff Tramadol"... I had a knee replacement done in Sweden last year. Tons of pain and plenty of pain reliever to kill the pain. Back in Thailand. I asked for Oxycodone, pain reliever in private, government hospitals, pharmacies and drugstores "No Have". Not allowed by Thai FDA. However, Viagra. No problem, there's tons of it, real or replica. Now, how do I manage my excruciating morning pain, stiffness and recurring depression Tramadol 50 mg with a strong cup of coffee. Plus a mango & banana smoothie! Oh, yes!.
the best way for me and many people i know was kratom, 100mg( 8x one pill)Tianeptine (brand names Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol and Tianeurax) and klonopin for the first week no i tell you no withdrawal rls or mood swings and after that as new one in this 7-10 days even happy euforic and good sleep try it its not dangerous some try it for 2 days and see how great it is and plan that for quit day, but dont forget tppaer off to 200mg or 100mg.
I've used this drug recreationally and done a ton of research on it and the first thing doctors aren't supposed to do is prescribe this drug for long periods of time. Tramadol is a strange drug...if you take enough you will get a nice opiate-like buzz but here's where all of that can come crashing down...if you take too much tramadol you may end up with Serotonin Syndrome...If any of you reading this are prescribed tramadol for long-term use, please do some research on the drug and rethink taking could end up killing you in ways you didn't think were possible.

+Excalibar Eclipse Well I'm taking Prozac now and it seems to help. I thinking of getting on Aderal instead though. I always feel much better when I'm up. We'll see..
+unbrealtalk Prozac is worse then tramadol when it comes to receptors i.e. killing them it also makes you suciidle and decreases endorphins, it is not life to live, it does not suit men unless they are born with endorphin defiency, theres so many folks out there worse then u in life yet use will power and use positvity to succeed..
Hey I watching your video and it really hit home for me. Any way u can tell me how your doing or maybe send me a private message I could really use your inside and help. Please.

My friend had the same problem he used to be on speed all the time and then he broke his knee which lead to him getting numerous operations and then was put on Tramadol... he is prescribed a large amount of the drug each month however he takes the pills within 3 days of getting them because they make repetitive work like you mention extremely easy to cope with. Yesterday Stevie and I took around 500mg of Tramadol each within two hours of starting work, the day was so easy however then I decided to go out and had a few beers and a couple of vodkas woke up in a really bad way head felt like it was going to explode and I was sick about 40 times. I couldn't even walk home had to get help from Taxi driver to open the door etc. Bad idea..

i dont know about US but i'm on 30 pills x 50 mg and if you want to leave them you will be in pain that even your imagination is not close.. and not give an interview on youtube...150 mg = be happy about that .

Tramadol has been a miricle drug I have chronic joint pain I've never had to take more tan 100mgs per day. Tramadol is not a pain reliever it's a pair inhibitor, meaning a non narcotic.Wheh I do have pain II can take 50 mgs and the pain goes away..
Hi I was prescribed this drug and immediately within an hour I felt totally messed up I swear I was going to hallucinate or have a bloddy nose. I feel the addiction and don't want to take it IM in so much pain. But the pill did nothing at all. For the pain. I just felt really weird. I paid 24$ for twenty pills I can't even get a refund. Then I noticed being hypnotic like in space staring at nothing it was fucked up. These are not pain killers they are psyco drugs I feel manipulated. I feel so stupid. It reminds me a lot of seriquil a mood stabilizer which I have craving for because of taking it for years mind control pills. That will make u even crazyer . Good video, Ive been on this shit for 3 years and have tried to come off several times. My doc gives me 120/month and I can't do it alone because I had rls before taking them and tramadol eliminates it, so coming off Is aweful. I have massive brain zaps and lose control of my muscles. It had robbed me of everything and I don't mean financially, I read shit on my phone till the sun comes up. I stumbled on to your vid and you gave me a little hope. Im down to six a day all in one whack at night, I withdraw all day till they single daily dose. I have been repeating this pathetic cycle for 3 years. Serotonin discontinuation syndrome is fast worse than opiate withdrawal. My surgeon even prescribed me oxy for 6 months to come off it cold turkey becsuse opiate withdrawal is a faster withdrawal and less of a hell than Serotonin withdrawal! I gave up smoking and drinking because of it. I gave up my friends and all things I once enjoyed. Ive become violent and dead inside. I speak of nothing but negative shit. I've become an introvert and seldom leave the house. I bought a brand new 4wd truck last year and it sits in its parking space with only 500 miles. Tramadol is ototoxic, it had damaged my hearing and I developed Tinnitus, which is a screaming ring on both ears that make me insane in a silent room. I have to play music while I sleep and run fans to drown it out. It has started destroying my one perfect vision and need glasses to see food on my plate or anything close up. Its ruining my relationship with the kindest girl a guy could meet. I'm hitting rock bottom and just can't do it anymore. Fortunately I retired comfortably 2 43 years old and don't have to worry about work or anything other than this addiction. I cannot deal with the withdrawal for any longer than 2 days and i crack! I am now looking at a very expensive rapid detox and withdrawing under anesthesia while they iv pump me with shit to trick the receptors into thinking they are full. Problem is most places think tramadol is a joke! I may have to lie and say Im on oxy or vicodin. I hope it works because I hate this shit and if I could just get through the withdrawal, I WILL NEVER TOUCH THEM AGAIN! was hoping someone or yourself knew of someone who can do the rapid detox, I'm not afraid of dying from the procedure becsuse I am already dead. Thanks for your vid bro, don't know how old this is but hope you got clean! Take care, people don't ever touch this shit unless you want to be a carrot with a pulse! God bless. .
Dear everybody i have a history with this thing for.more than five years..gradual reduction of yr dose for six month is the best way. plus paracetamol, walkin a lot healthy food etc..

It is too easy to get tramadol online. I was buying over 300 pills a month online a year ago.they do give you a whole body numbing feeling. I was out of control with the stuff. Some of the online ordering sites dont even ship ship to texas anymore.I went through hell getting off of it. Im on gabepentin(wonderfull) and 180 lortabs a month for a "back injury". ive been on some form of opiate since 2000 and dont see an ending any time soon....

Americans these days have lost touch with what it means to be free. Drug addiction in any form is the opposite of freedom. That more than anything drove me to want to quit. I don't like being anyone's slave. I'll never be rich or famous, but I'll damn sure be free to choose what I do with my life..

Totally shit drug this tramal.mi have been using it now for one year. Taking 750mg on a day. I stop it cold turkeys from 750mg to nothing. And after 24h it hit's. The electric shoks tru my brainn what is because the serotonin thing, and then affull blues u just feel so depressed, diarhhea, restless legs when u go sleep. Just fucking shit med. I have been using amphetthamin and bubrenorfin (subutex) over 10years. I was of for 5 years, then my back startet to crack when i was boxinng and doctor give me this. It makes me so happy and energtuc almoust like speed and very social can talk to people. But now i just wanna get of. But when u go of, buy some inositol, omega, b-vitamin and 5-htp from or somewhere. It helps with the mood and electric shocks. Sorry for my english i am from finland. Peace.
+Benjamin Rae The Subutex is worse then tramadol..Being on sub u also feel shit, trust me, for every 3 months u are taking subutex is 1 mont of hardcore depression when u get off. They dont call it a death sentence for no reason i.e.e beong on sub and off it..U messed up by taking sub for 10 years! Moron.. Hi mate I too was on tram for 7 took me a full year to get of it.I now warn everyone not to take it more than a 3 week for bad pain.I have been clean for 5 year of it... you stupid ass quit posting these videos your a dumb fuck who nobody wants to know about, because of pussies like you, we are not being able to get tramadols anymore, people who actually need it, you addictive sterotype, what were your parents crack heads.
good luck to you and may all the gods bless you my brother, i loved and enjoyed your story, im taking 50 mg myself for body pain and to chill out and be stress free, for me my back hurts a bit and i sweat like a negro out in 100 degree heat, but i want to talk more, listen to music more, i feel like working inside and outside a lot, and it keeps me from eating and thats good, sometimes i like to snort them at times with a few beers but i dont go hardcore like some people, but hell to me its better then coke.
I stop using tramadol 3 months ago.been using it for 5 really gives you a very broad knowledge about different he said in the will be at work and you won't mind of what ever work your gives be a huge serotonin high...But I'm completely off of it now.i just now started drinking coffee I feel fine with in 3 weeks... . Its terrible that a doctor didn't know that it wasn't addictive i have alot of pain because of my cfs/me im lucky i can take it for a few day and not take it for weeks at a time its the same with the co-codemol i havent seen your other video i hope you are okey now . I'm a Tramadol addict in recovery now and I can assure you that it gets you high! I would not have been taking it if that were not the case. I would wake up and take eight. About three hours later I'd take six or seven. Few hours after that I'd take another five or six...then in the evening I'd take about five with four Muscle relaxers. When I'd run out I'd buy Kratom and take that. Well...I got addicted to the Kratom (another supposedly non addictive substance...B.S. on that by the way). So I started taking that same amount of Tramadol along with five or six Kratom pills. You're lying to yourself if you think Tramadol doesn't get you high. Of course it doesn't get you high in the same way meth does (another drug I used to do) because it's an entirely different drug. Just because the high is different from what you're used to doesn't mean it doesn't get you high, I got high as fuck. Anyway...good luck! It hurts like hell...I should know since I just went through it.. Tramadol has helped me so much mentally no happy..I dont wallow or worry about things I cant solve. I have energy and I want to do things. Im currently taking 600 mgs or a little less and it does wonders for me. Currently psychiatrist are treating pts with bipolar with tramadol..they have reported being more focus and less personality pt said he will never leave it. . I know exactly what you mean. They are amazing in this regard, but I think this effect wears off after a while. I felt no different as far as depression when I quit. I was very worried about that. If it works and you can manage it, then keep on keepin on. Who is a better judge of what is good for you than you . I was prescribed tramadol 6 months ago due to a car accident. I stopped cold turkey when i felt like my back is better. Once I stopped I've been getting brain zaps, dizziness and vertigo. The brain zaps scared the shit out of me because I did not know it was withdrawal from the drug. I thought it was from the accident. I am now in he process of tapering my self off of it. I hear people talk about taking 10 a day and that just blows my mind. I was taking 2 a day at most and when I stopped I got the withdrawal symptoms once it wore off. Brain zaps literally scared me to tears, and I haven't cried since my grand mother passed away. This drug is a hell of a drug, wished I had found out about the withdrawal symptoms before I start taking it. Also I hardly see any one talk about brain zaps with tramadol.. is it only me because that is my main symptom.. Show less. +Dayum Brain zaps means your receptors have been damaged and there is a very high chance you will suffer hardcore depression all your life.. Took 8 a day once none stop smoking Hash. Ended up in bed, eyes closed but afraid to sleep as i really believed once i did i would not wake up the next day.. Hi My biggest reapect and thanks for so honestly sharing your Story. My doctor gave me tramadol 100 Not tablets the liquid one because i have Bad pain. Making me uncossios(when you roll your eyes and everything goes Black...) sometimes. He said i can just Use Them in really special Times of rough pain because they make People addicted so fast. Before tramadol i had other meds to it and when i stopped taking the other stuff on my own i had hadaches and felt Bad.But thank god just a couple days. The doctor was really mad telling me to get of step by step. And IT wasnt a long time using it. From That time i realized how dangerous this is and how hard it must be for strong addicts. I Cant imagine how Bad it was for you. Thank you Men and keep Posting. You give hope to a Lot of People i bet!!! And to some posts from People here : And i have to add That i! never! feel Happy or nothing makes me mad from tramadol. Maybe Its because i take em seldom and the way the doctor said. At this point i would like to politly ask some People to stop saying That it makes Happy or People are milluonaires with IT being in great life!!! Its dangerous if young People read this. Never forget That how my case Shows Its dangerous if you take it the way the prescription says. Abusing it can get life threatening. Go out with friends if you want to be Happy or with the gf.the only withdrawls here are memorys and Not being shaky and in pain having flu... Best wishes for you Men. Sorry if grammar or writing is Not That Well. Im german .
i dont take opiates at all and tramadol if i take about 3-4 i get high as opiates. but i know how you feel when you take trams anything seems fun to you anything is fine lol exactly how i felt..
So try these 5-htp, inositol, b-vitamin, and omega fishoil. Before any anti depresant med. Please try. No side effects.. Serotonin syndrome isn't a withdrawal effect of tramadol - serotonin syndrome is caused by taking too many serotonin agonists, or taking tramadol with an SSRI. If anything, coming off of tramadol would reduce serotonin levels. .
Tramadol is good drug because it will not make you poor like heroin or other drugs, i know wealthy peoples going broke from heroine and stuff, Tramadol makes you happy (Not For All peoples) Rare - REALLY RARE Thing is that you get seriously happy rom it, nothing can make you angry, you are very generous under it, you feel love for lots of things and i say you that, if you are well rased then you will love good things, you will do good things, hey, Lil Wayne uses it With codeine and stuf and look where that stuff get him, becoming a millionare, im not saying that the drugs are good, just my opinion.. the widrawal from tramadol is more bad then from heroine.. and this is real talk. no joke.. hope you are doing good now .
tramadol makes you happy ok lol I think someones mixed your tram up with your xtc lol some people just talk shit and that's coming from someone with a tramadol addiction.

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