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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
Hey Richard, this is an off topic question, but how much do you spend on groceries each week Or does your mom just buy all the groceries Not hating, just curious since I'm on a tight budget..
+Vegan Gains worth it to buy organic vs. nonorganic I find I only buy organic if it happens to be available in the store I'm shopping in..
+Joseph Orozco Must've sucked to find out a lot of your job is keeping the gen pop in check over stupid shit like seatbelts..
+xxx xxx Yeah because this is the same thing as shooting up people every other day for no apparent reason..

+Rude Dog keep talking shit about our country i bet yours is a piece of shit. Congrats on being an entrepreneur with your shitty business. have fun making chump change pal.

+trafto ry Have fun being a slave in Murica where only the top 1% have a good life. I'm considered one of the rich where I live and my country out ranks yours in healthcare, education, lower crime, etc. Life is good over here, have fun being a bitch in Murica you fucking workerbee..
Glad to see you branch out on topics. Hopefully it will attract a different audience to your other videos..
+Rebecca Wright Nope, never possible to enlighten either of you retards. You are both lost cases. .
+TanMeeNator Slayer Hey, you are the one following chicks with fake pics. So you live on the internet way more than I do. :) . We live in a time where plants for relaxing are illegal and slaughtering others and eating their corpses isn't. Most humans are cunts..
+emmajlove No you just don't understand the commercial aspect. Why keep animals with expensive feed when there is no profit, No one will keep animals. Why keep a pig when you don't eat bacon The rare bread of cattle will die out overnight. No one will keep chickens, cows, sheep or goats hence there will be no food for pet animals. Dogs and cats eat meat... so you will have put your pussy down..

+mrwideboy Humans force breed the cows, pigs, chickens and other animals to make so many of them, and they are perpetually slaughtered. How is this moral behavior I'd rather a sentient being not be born into existence, than to be born into a lifetime of torture. And this high population of livestock is the leading cause of global warming, deforestation (gotta feed them, like you said), water use, water pollution, and waste..
"Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds theirs. We live by the death of others: we are burial places! I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Hey Richard why would u complain if cops are on steroids they are supposed to be stronger then average men to protect us you scrawny dumb ass lmao..
+Majestic Turtle​ hhahahahahah u still can't link me ONE video. Gtfo. Get schooled and wrekt. You should feel embarrassed. Find me one video little kid. Please. .

That's why i'm glad most drugs are legal in the Netherlands, Only when you're harming someone else or are producing large amounts / shipping to countries where drugs are illegal you might get arrested. the police gets tested too.I hear from alot of foreigners that Amsterdam is way safer than most places where drugs are illegal..
+donnienlefty Oh wait, you can posses 5 grams and for 30 grams you'll get one month in jail... As far as i know the dealer bought it from someone else thinking that is was cocaïne, after seeing himself in tv he turned himself in telling the story. i don't know what happend afterwards . +Vegan Humor Wouldn't want to be that guy! Kinda of stuck between a rock & a hard place! Would like to have sat in on that interview and watch his court trial. 'I bought cocaine to sell but it turned out to be heroin so i sold it as cocaine anyway'. +Stephen C I never said that. What I said was it was morally not entirely hypocritical. Not all cops send people to jail for juicing. But you gotta to do what you gotta do.. +Tare If I ever get caught with some gear by a cop using it himself and I don't get arrested, I'll give an exception here. I've heard of plenty of cops stealing illegal drugs/money for themselves though, and lots of other cops know this goes on and say nothing about it. So still, I don't respect any that do anything illegal, even though I don't agree with lots of laws myself. .
Dude you need to lighten up. You can't solve the worlds problems. Try to find out who your dad is and try smiling once in a while..
+Rick Rude Here's another inbreed Amerifat who likes being abused by his police force ahahhaha.. Lmao dude, they shot the dog, then the homeowner and then EACH OTHER... in the WRONG HOUSE! Dafuq! I don't want to live on this planet anymore. That scene sounds like something straight out of a comedy. Cops must be trained by playing Call of Duty nowadays.. Hey Richard, I needed your opinion on ''May contain Milk'' products. I bought some buns today, figured they were vegan, but I checked the ingredients and it said ''May contain milk'' what do you think about that I found out online that it was a machine that made it, and that machine may have milk in it from a previous milk product made in it. But I also heard that they thoroughly clean the machine, so it's okay..Idk if I should take the risk and eat them, what do you think. +VaultBoy79 If it says "may contain", this refers to trace contamination which is of importance to individuals with allergies. If it says "contains", then it is used as an ingredient..
+VaultBoy79 The thing is, i'm upset by the amount of morons there are on this world thinking if he/she would ''consume'' 1 drop of milk that hell will break loose..
+vegan gains if you go deep into the sea and run out of vegan food what type of food would you eat and survive of. Can I just say that you are by far one of the most educational Fitness/ Vegan youtube channel that EVERYONE SHOULD BE WATCHING.. but guess what guys! YOUTUBE SUPPRESSES HIS VIDEOS ON THE MAIN PAGE hmmm i wonder why. Oh wow, jumping on the "hate the police" bandwagon. How very brave of you, it's incredible how you manage to align your thinking so perfectly with the mainstream media..
All drugs should be LEGAL So your against steroid use, but believe that all drugs should be legal Is this man retarded And how about the big boy, crack and heroine.. They finna sell that beside the cigarette packs and tell the kids that "they can buy this at 19" LMAO.

Most people haven't seen the effects in person to know some drugs are just bad news. Flying the banner of all drugs being legal helps swell the number of supporters though..
+Joseph Orozco exactly. only drugs i would say are safe is weed and psychedelics.. casue they are not phsycially addicitng.. . +pbhenry3 If you're dealing with noob drug dealers yeah, there are lots of people who only sell legit acid..
Hey Richard why did you do a video on American laws and cops when you live in Canada Is it just to give your opinion on the topic or because you have a lot of viewers in America.
Did you just say all drugs should be legalNo they shouldn't. People are already ignorant as is we don't need more of that. If all drugs become legal then there is a high chance of a higher level of drug users because it would be avaialble to everyone. I mean it kinda is nowadays but i feel lesser than it could be. (and most people aren't able to make clear decisions,they need saving from themselfs.). +Jalen Jalen Prison is a business in Murica. All the stupid whites over there think it can't happen to them.. When hiring a new cop the drug test does not test for steroids. So it probably wouldn't in this case either. mr gains you missed the point: you cannot expect random tests from the cops on the basis of equality. think about it you dumb fuck, if someone is, for example, driving drunk the cops have a right to request you give breath or blood because that person was driving like a manic just as COPS would be tested if they were driving like a manic as well. the police simply didn't want to be subjected to additional scrutiny. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are very immature buddy growwww theeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkk uppppppp plllllease. +Lynellrs Actually you'd be wrong about vegans eating all the food of animals. The last time I checked, more land and crops goes towards the livestock industry not to mention 1.32 acres of forest land being decimated for crop agriculture to FEED the animals YOU'RE eating. So in actuality, if people decreased the amounts of meat they ate, thereby forcing the livestock industry to downsize, we'd have less hungry people and animals because that land would be used to feed them..
If the police were held to the same standards as everyone else...there never would have been a Ron Coleman era....
The way to a mans heart is through his stomach unless he's a vegan then its through his vagina..
all vegans should be homeless because since most of them vegans houses are made of wood. wood=cutting trees cutting trees= destroying animals habitat. destroying habitat = higher chance of animal extinction..
+Stephen C I don't use cocaine, I never used it everyday anyway just with friends at parties or to have a good time etc. Yes I think cocaine is bad for our health, but I always try to think about others when I make decisions (How will it affect them, can I do something about it, can I keep doing ___ and call myself an ethical human being) I don't care for my health that much, but I dont want my decisions to inflict pain and suffering on other animals, human or not if I can avoid it. That's why Im vegan and that's the number 1 reason I don't buy coke any more. Maybe one day when it will be legalized and the way they make it will not have such an impact on the environment I will go back to using it..
Cops are fucking super heroes (or so they think) and only a small amount of cops make those small fuck ups so if you can stop criticising all the law enforcement officers that protect us and our country you are fuck up. Oh yeah let's just let all fucking drugs be legal because that will fucking work, I can't even imagine how stupid you sound you literally say steroids and other drugs are bad in other videos and you criticise those who use them your fuck up bro..
Love it. "What type of drugs were these cops on when they broke into the wrong house, shot the owner's dog, then shot the owner and then shot themselves"...WTF...LMAO. Military personelle are drug tested at random. Why the fuck aren't police tested It just gives them so much fucking room to abuse their already gratuitous power..
+Chris No From the research I've done, it sounds like a cop was involved in a vehicle pursuit of a suspect, the suspect crashed yet the officer still had to take a piss test afterward. Then the union stepped in and started crying about it. No where did it say cops are advocating to try and stop drug tests under every circumstance. They already get piss tested when they're first hired, after returning from leave/vacation, after any type of shooting or accident. Fuck, do you all want them to get tested every time they come to work or every time they hand out a speeding citation.

WTFBBQ HAPPENED IN THAT RAID!! dOG, HOMEOWNER, AND ONE OF THERE OWN! They must have been high as fuck!! Like seriously How! What the fuck!.
Police ain't nothing but a gang in blue. Don't believe me check their track record, nuff said.. i have heard before that when the police made a drug bust that sometimes when it came to court and police had to appear to testify about the 100 pounds of drugs seized..but in the courtroom it was suddenly 75 pounds..and you know the the guy being accused is not going to stand and say NO it was more!! so your common sense says the police split the other 25 pounds up..
I don't always like your videos, but this shit is real. Well done sir. 70% of cops are thugs who are more likely to rob you than the crackhead on the corner. COP = Government thug, Government gangster, Government mobster Never have I had a cop be there when someone was ripping me off, but they are always around when I'm going 75 mph in a 65 mph zone..

December 25, 2015
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December 22, 2015
venta de femvigor i2

December 23, 2015
is femvigor dangerous i3

January 3, 2016

Comments about this video:

Let em! How badass would it be if everybody was allowed roids I might actually watch sports again. Smacking mile-long home runs, turbo tour de france. Imagine how damn fast those curlers could scrub that friggin ice! lol. And weed IS NOT a damn drug... gooday.
I have 2 bachelor degrees and have a very good job with benefits. Our Organization is going to conduct a drug test to make it sure that its environment is safe. I am feeling bad because I took some drugs last week. My colleagues suggesting me to see some home-made tips here Please give me your suggestions... Why don't they just put their finger up in the vagina to make sure their is no device... Jesus Christ!.

December 26, 2015
femvigor caps i5

January 2, 2016
search femvigor i6

December 27, 2015
femvigor super active i7

December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:
Yo man I just had a drug test today for probation, I smoked two days straight before today. I chugged the certo with Gatorade (shit was nasty) and then I drank 2 water bottles and pissed 3 times, I waited 3 hours and then I went to see my p.o, I took the piss cup test and I passed. yo man thanks for uploading this video u just saved my ass from getting locked up 😂 respect!.
I've watched this video at least 20 times. I'm doing it today.. I'm trusting u with my future 😂 .
+Mirella Rose i did this certo today and it worked but you look like your in good shape which will be easier for you to get clean wish you the best of luck. You can smoke Monday too just make sure you take the certo a couple of hours before the test and piss twice before taking the actual drug test certo only coats your fat cells for a couple hours ;) but if u like me we burn that shit off quick. U good man enjoy:). I'm taking the test in a couple of hours just drank that Nasty ass certo but it'll be worth it I'll let you guys know. If I smoke a half ounce (14 grams) this weekend on Halloween and stop smokin work out and drink lots of water and the day of my urine test do this method 2 hours before piss more then twice will I pass And my test is November 9th. I have a d test next Monday! I smoke loud everyday about two to three grams a day. I'm on felony probation! I weigh 320 and I'm 6'4. Are you sure this works Do I need to double up since I'm a big guy I'm stressed out any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Aaron C I have a drug test on tuesday.I smoked my last blunt around 6:00 p.m. Yesterday (sunday). Will it still work. (btw) Im 5'11 and 165lbs.

hey I really need help and I need to know if the powder sure jell stuff works the same as this stuff.

I had a piss test today ! Smoked a blunt on my way there i used fake piss I start Tuesday lol this shit seems. Legit I heard a few of the homies using it for probation #salute.

just dilute and come back inconclusive it will buy you time to get clean wile they are waiting for the results to come back slam about 100 oz of water or soda then take a piss or 3 before hand if your piss is clear like water it will comeback inconclusive and won't be enough for you probation or parole officer to violate you but he or she will want you to come back and re test but now you know it's coming and have time to get clean.

True to an extent. Sometimes you cant test again. A normal dilution still has a bit of creatinine in it. Gatorade helps with specific gravity. Thats why it works real well. Just make sure not to use too much vitamin b12. Hulk piss lmao..

An at home test will show results in 30 minutes that tip works for probation and stuff but if parents are testing you (I get tested before camp every year) u can't wait a couple days. no joke, kids at my school sell clean pee for that reason..
I'm gonna put faith in you and try the method. I have to take a piss test today, wish me luck!. Just did it. I'm taking my time drinking the water, it's very hard to chug the Gatorade. Going for my drug test in 2 hours, wish me luck!.
+Gemini Fierce how was it just how he explained it and how long did you take the drink defore your test.

this shydd work I smoked Wednesday and I saw my parole officer yesterday pass like a mofugga right on brah brah.

+charles cherrt after you take it would you e clean for good or youll get dirty again if you stop using it.

+carlosbebangin you gonna get dirty I really don't know to much bout it I just did the method before I saw my p. o. smoked a day before and I passed.
i have probation today and i been smoking for like 3-4 weeks straight ill let you know if i pass and see if it works. And if i fail ill be back in 5 years to tell you i failed. Yes This Shit Works. :D Just scored a Lab Assistant Job. If you have any questions about the procedure just msg me! But I advise you to stop smoking around a week before the test. :). my friend did 8grams of Meth for three day he can't sleep he got a ua this week need help will the certo work for him. my friend did 8grams of Meth for three day he can't sleep he got a ua this week need help will the certo work for him. yo I smoked Saturday and I have a drug test on Friday I don't ever smoke when should I do this or should I do it at all.
I been getting tested for 5 plus years maybe 7 now idk but piss twice! Period with or w/o w/e cuz I smoke lightly every day and well I failed my first test but after that every 3mos another "random" test which I passed up until most recently idk why I failed I suspect it's cuz I pissed once! Also I don't even drink water I only drink dr pepper lol been doin so for bout nearly a decade & doin fine smarter than people who drink the local water too lol. My dr said I've gotta high trygliceride cholesterol level idk if that got anything to do with it that being a fat and bud being fat soluble. But somehow I failed I think it's cuz I didn't piss twice I was rushed piss came out all yellow n shit also was hot. Idk the factors but I was given 3 options, quit, be discharged, or go to addiction specialist wtf! Really for a fuckin MEDICINE FFS WHICH WOULD BE FUCKIN LEGAL NOW HAD THE FUCKED UP CASINO OWNER NOT BOUGHT OFF VOTERS IN HIGH PLACES TO KEEP IT ILLEGAL FUCKING ASS CUNTS!!! I hate these scumbags if ya couldn't tell people are sick dying and suffering bad n that's the best medicine and they're denying us a fuckin harmless plant ffs how retarded is this criminal justice system aka the injustice system as only fuckin real big time criminals such as said casino owner get justice while we the small man working or disabled get shit on! Duck this shstem.
Btw this particular test I was smoking a lot more heavily than I had done previously I'd only do so once a day but 1 bowl a night of decent medical grade (SHOULD BE MOTHER FUCKING LEGAL CANT SLEEP EAT HAVE WAY MORE PAIN ETC IF IT WERE LEGAL ID USE PERFECT STRAIN FOR DAY N ANOTHER FOR NIGHT STREET YA NEVER KNOW WTF YA GET LEGALIZE IT FEDERALLY ALL DRUGS FUCK UR GOVT FORCING US TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS!) so anyway (get way too heated on this issue it was practically legal then bullshit happened!$$$$greedy ass fucks!) so it's important to note the quantity is a major factor as well. But really I'm floating by the grace of God prayer has been the best thing for this injustice.. any cheddar's casual cafe pays 10$/hr. for a dishwasher and no drug test. nation wide chain, but the job is hard..
+Jade Samadhi how much do u weigh and did u just follow his simple instructions because I have a drug test for probation coming up on Wednesday and I wanna smoke tonjght.
i don.t have certo in my country,wtf i'm gonna do if u know other methods,or if u think somthing else works,please let me know bro.
will this work for methadone too I'm only asking cuz I have Marijuana and methadone in my system. methadone is there because I'm on the methadone program but I don't wanna tell best buy (job interview) that im on the methadone program then have it not come up in my system or vise versa. I don't have a problem telling them im on the program I just wanna know if it'll clear methadone too..
It clears everything gosh do people use Google lol yes meth users opiates xanax bars work so yes it works!!.
Smoking is not that serious if you just quit you would not have to worry about passing a drug test there is no need to smoke yes there is a want to smoke but grow up be an adult and just stop smh!.
+ThoughtsNcannabis T How I Passed a Test With 6$ i did this and it Worked! let me tell you so i went to the store And went to the jello ile and they didnt havve certo(i live in socal) of course. i went home did more research keep in mind my test was the next morning and someone said something about regular jello So looked in the pantry and there were 2 regualr small jello boxed like thhis( each 3$ so the next morning i got up and put it in a lil bottle and drank it the taste was terible was sour and ehh then drank a bottle of water then 2 houurs before the test i took another packet and drank it untill i was gagging and couldnt finish it then i dank another bottle of water peed 3 times then took the test and i was safe it was a home test with the strips my pee was pretty diluted idk if that was a reason too Also i didnt smoke in the past 5 days and the strip for thc was a little bit different then the others like meth it was adifferent shade but still was good enough i have another test soon and i plan to not smoke for 10 days then do same thing And i will report back to this to see how it went. #StayHigh!. 2 Aaron C lets say i somke this monday on the 14th and i have a drug test tomorrow and if i try this will it usually work... is it better to used Gatorade the lemon and used one pack certo and after that drink about 2 or 3 bottles right. comin from cali man, thxx 100 for this advise fam. Man it was a strenuous week waiting for my results but now i start tommorow. woke up in the morning thinking it was an MRO and it was just a credit card company. Then called the company i work for and background check, urinalysis 100% good. Plus I'm a union rep so I really needed to pass this one lmao. To everybody thinking this is fake, this is the real deal and it was a lab test. The only thing that sucks is your stomach feels funny later but it wears off. Also would like to note that it works better when you do it at night then another in the morning. Test yourself in the morning. I was actually passing in the morning piss and that's the dirtiest one so i know it works. Peace. this is some bullshit, I watched this a week ago and bought that shit and it didn't work I smoked 2 days before I took my test and did exactly what this nigga did but with Gatorade so my piss would have color... I pee'd 4 times before I got there because I had to piss like hell. the point where I'm getting at is this shit some bullshit I actually depended on this mf now I'm shit outta luck because the job was $15 a hour.
He says only pee 2x before getting tested and if u pee more the gel doesn't cover the thc or what ever. People said to hold it.
+doesn't matter I drunk both packss to make sure plus he says he smoked the night before I smoked 2 days before. +The Real Jezuz you're a real piece of shit I hope you died in the 2 months since you posted this bullshit. +PMurray2694 Boo Hoo. What are you going to do that I'm still alive (; You act like I'm a serial killer, but hey, you never know ^-^. hiya, I have a UT on nove 2 at 1... I haven't smoked for like 2 weeks, I have been drinking a shit load of water, downing detox tea, 2 shots of vinegar an drinking cranberry juice. I am over weight. do you think I have a good shot imma go buy some on my break an a test to double check but I know its gonna be a 7 panel lab test... so what do you think. My best friend recommended all of this to me. I have a drug test in a day so I really hope this works because I smoked last night.. So my man has a UA for a job that pays 19an hour! we need this so if his test is at 8:30am what time should he take it. +Jay Prince oh hell yeah I'm bout to use tonight too then smh I need it! But how long before your test did you drink it. How I Passed a Test With 6$ i did this and it Worked! let me tell you so i went to the store And went to the jello ile and they didnt havve certo(i live in socal) of course. i went home did more research keep in mind my test was the next morning and someone said something about regular jello So looked in the pantry and there were 2 regualr small jello boxed like thhis( each 3$ so the next morning i got up and put it in a lil bottle and drank it the taste was terible was sour and ehh then drank a bottle of water then 2 houurs before the test i took another packet and drank it untill i was gagging and couldnt finish it then i dank another bottle of water peed 3 times then took the test and i was safe it was a home test with the strips my pee was pretty diluted idk if that was a reason too Also i didnt smoke in the past 5 days and the strip for thc was a little bit different then the others like meth it was adifferent shade but still was good enough i have another test soon and i plan to not smoke for 10 days then do same thing And i will report back to this to see how it went. #StayHigh!. +ThoughtsNcannabis T Make Sure you Piss 2-3 times before the test and follow theese directions carefully! I Will be happy to answer any questions!.
Im on probation and i smoked a week straight. I have a drug test in 2 weeks and ive been clean for five days now. Ive been drinking hella water. You think it work if do this method If it works i let you know on Dec 9th..
+Drizzy K well i did it used the cheap one and passed. :) got the promotion. stopped smoking late saturday night. and just drank water and Gatorade like crazy. i drank the fruit petcin at 1:40pm monday. took the test at 5pm and still passed. just saying..

Well i have a drug test tomorrow. I have been smoking all day. I am stopping for tonight and tomorrow for the test. I will post my results when I get them. I will drink the certo tonight and tomorrow. crossing my fingers..
+HoneyNutTheseBalls No I didn't pass. I drank it 3 hours prior to taking test and peed 5-7 times and failed... idk.

December 20, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 28, 2015
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
does the megaclean work on xanex pills also please let me know i have a probation test coming up that i cannot fail it will be my last time if im clean then no more bullshit thanks for your replies.
your ganna cancel out the certo when you detox it flushes the certo out thats lining your bladder so now youve washed the certo out and most of the detox has not been able to fully absorb because of the certo so now your taking the risk of pissing dirty.
+kitty Kat it depends on how many milligrams of xanax you took and how many times have you taken xanax Unfortunately nothing helps you pass a test it's impossible these methods you're pretty much just diluting your urine and lab test will tell you that the iTunes has been diluted... The most important part is finding out if the drug you took is water soluble or fat soluble xanax 2mg 1 time use leaves your body 1-3 max opiates such as hydrocodone 10mg leaves your body in 4-8 hours any opiate any amount such as heroin as well leaves your body in 2-3 days max now anything that's water soluble you gotta drink lots of water and sweat it out... Marijuana is fat soluble so you gotta eat fatty foods and sweat unfortunately that's takes the longest one time use it leaves your body in 7 hours habitual is 40 days hope this helps.
cool man I drank mine at 7 refilled with water drank that and refilled it one more time n now I'm chilling till tomorrow morning at 8 am.. drug test is tomorrow at 2 as well lol so I'm hoping this works I don't smoke daily but last time I did was on Saturday which was 3days ago.

+Victor Perez you will be good. Im a heavy ass daily smoker and I just passed after stopping for only 1.5 days..

+Arnold V2.0 man i dont know, but it might be worth a try. try google what works with steroids, good luck..
I understand the Certo part and that you're supposed to take the MEGACLEAN 2-3 hours before your test. But how am I able to piss 3-4 times before the test And once again when the test comes around. PEOPLE... passing a urine drug test is EASY WORK. Things you'll need: 1. Clean urine 2. Small 6oz Vitamin bottle $4 3. Thermal coffee cup.$6-$1p 4. oral thermometer $5 First you're going to need some fresh and clean urine from someone of the same sex.. Store the urine in the 6oz vitamin bottle. Make sure you receive the urine at least 6 hours before your drug test. keep the urine warm by placing the bottled urine inside a thermal coffee cup. And make sure to fill the thermal cup with hot water before placing the urine sample inside. The thermal cup will keep the urine very warm. You want your urine to be exactly 100 degrees when you arrive at the testing location. before u enter the testing site, check the temp of the urine using the oral thermometer. If it's at 100 degrees you're good. if not, you'll need to get more hot water to raise the temperature. Once it's at 100 degrees, place the 6oz bottle between you legs. For men this will be between your sack and ass. for ladies, against your pussy is fine. The temperature of the urine will drop 1 degree per 5-10 minutes until reaching a stable 96 degrees while between the legs. To pass the test urine has to be between 90-100 degrees. This method is FAIL SAFE. meaning if u follow these steps you'll pass everytime GUARANTEED. Make sure you practice the above so you're comfortable and confidant the day of the test.. I have one pack of CERTO in a bottle of this DETOX HERBAL CLEAN ULTRA ELIMINEX I have a drug test at 12 will you think I pass. +Frank Nitti agreed!! it dont stick in your fat like weed do, i hear alot of ppl call coke the probation drug... i dont know the smartest people doe soooooo. what about if you smoke monday and you got to take the drug test Thursday will one certo work before going taking your test. +Familia T.V. one certo plus the mega clean will work, certo by itself, I don't know I would not take that chance.. Say I were to do this a week before the test and I don't smoke at all that entire week after will it last or will I need to do another certo mixture the day of.
+Ashley McCarter dont do that,you need to drink it then go take the test, wont work if you wait even if you dont smoke..
+Familia T.V. I used this method and PASSED a lab test, and I'm a Heavy smoker. I quit only for 1.5 days. I didnt drink the certo the night before, but 1 pack as soon as i got up then a 2nd pack after i drank the Mega clean. I pissed 4 times beforehand. I also ate 4 tums and used creatine.. and also when you did the 1st certo pack the day before the drug test.. how early did you do it the morning or night before . i got a test tuesday court is at 1 but iv been there so long that i didn't get tested till almost 530 i smoke dro dailey trying to beat charges will b drug screened at court tuesday how can i pass and b clean for about 6 hrs. if they do take all day again.
i got a test tuesday court is at 1 but iv been there so long that i didn't get tested till almost 530 i smoke dro dailey trying to beat charges will b drug screened at court tuesday how can i pass and b clean for about 6 hrs. if they do take all day again.

December 31, 2015
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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:
Those "common" blood test are bull, in a perfect world you should only use specific tests dosing a specific metabolite derivate from a specific substance like we use in legal forensic labs. It's expensive and time consuming but its worth it if you are going to ruin someone's life....
+Salsa Dude It's what the military uses for their drug test, and since each service runs their own lab, the don't care how many test you send them..

+mad thumbs a million people losing their job is a statistic. The more you know...da da da daaaaaa *edited "their".
DON'T PRESS READ MORE ─────────────────────── ─────────────────────── ─────────▄──────────────▄ ────────▌▒█───────────▄▀▒▌ ────────▌▒▒▀▄───────▄▀▒▒▒▐.../´¯/)...,/¯../.../.../.../´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸.../'/.../.../.../¨¯\...('(...´...´... ¯~/'...')...\...'.../...''...\... _.·´...\...(...\...\... Warned You..
Marijuana prohibition is bullshit, we all know it, Id be fine with drug tests if Pot were leagle. Fucking its 2016 and you can still go to jail for a plant The fuck kind of country is this.

Not hiring someone because you hold archaic prejudice upon someone else's life choices/activities is bullshit..
+SomeDooD555 only the dip tests are that inaccurate. they are used as a cheap and effective way to test most people. why pay for gold when silver will do. any thing that fails that goes through gc -ms which is not cheap and is a lot more accurate, its hard to fool a mass spec. source: im a chemist that has worked with a gc-ms used to determine drug metabolites and explosive residues. +The MMA Otaku no it doesn't failing results go through gc-ms which can determine if its a poppy seed bagel or heroin. nothing is perfect but mass spec is great at identifying all sorts of chemicals from drug metabolites to explosive residues. I'm all for personal freedoms but if you decide to take the drugs you have no one to blame when your employer doesn't want you working for them while performing a criminal activity that could endanger other peoples lives or property..
No one should lose their job because of a false positive, I got kicked out of medical school temporarily because I was taking a B complex and ibuprofen for scoliosis, I had to pay for a gas chromatography test to vindicate my name. this process caused me to have to take an entire semester over again. luckily the school admitted their mistake and reimbursed me for the lost semester. You would think a medical school would be more knowledgeable before making such a harsh decision. More accurate tests should be the standard or they might as well not test at all..

+Covert Gaming Yep! Everyone talks about wanting "free college education" but it's just as friggin corrupt as everything else. It's absolutely absurd that this and other massive social injustice (violence, sexual assaults, etc.) go on at colleges at still a significantly unreported rate. But ya know, woohoo free college or whatever... yaay... but you aren't allowed to defend yourself or get any representation or anything like that.. yaayyy... :/ really sorry dude..

So if I smoke an ounce of herb a day, there is nothing to worry. Hmm, good to know. But I happen to know people that have never used drugs, yet have failed drug tests, and people who do drugs everyday, and pass..

+BadMadPlay Did you chug a shotload of water that's the only way to pass that works The first time I passed was me smoking a few days before and not doing anything to help lol Maybe you can be false negative and people are just not talking about it.
+Moreno Kajkut oh really, nah i didn't which makes it even more weird, yeah i probably did, the clinic was testing over 30 people that day so they probably couldn't afford to fail people. i dunno lol.
Who thinks holding someone in jail until their trial rather than releasing them until their proven guilty is a violation of the constitution.

+shaun corcoran have the people being held found guilty I don't live in America so I don't know exacts but don't you have to be guilty to become a prisoner regardless, my main point was the inherent unfairness of all bail systems. whether it is unconstitutional doesn't matter to me..
Yeah it's fucked up, its been like that forever. We are a 1st world nation that ranks highest in extra-judicial killings and our legal system is shiiiiiiit.
I don't understand how is this nanny state acceptable to Americans who are so passionate about their civil liberties.. Testing is illegal in Canada except for safety sensitive jobs. (Pilots, oil rigs, railroads etc..) Even in those professions it is only allowed pre-employment or post-accident. No random testing. Urine tests can't tell if you're presently impaired. They can only show whether you used in the past. Whether you are impaired at work is the only thing your employer has the right to know about your drug use. Ditch the moralizing and get big brother out of your lives..

Soo I work in a pharmacy and we get drug tested at random (for obvious reasons) but I take 800 mg of ibuprofen every night before bed. Am I really at risk for testing positive for benzos and THC if I take that every day Because if so I need to stop, and I don't want to stop or I will have body aches..

There are much more dangerous things to worry about. Like meth, cocaine, smoking, drinking soda (diet or not), mcdonalds, driving without a seatbelt, none of which I do so I'm not worried. :) Plenty of healthy people take ibuprofen..

+Dennis Haupt um, no idk what to tell you. as far as I am aware no one has died as a direct result of cannabis. and if you want to deal with indirect deaths I would like to talk to you about banning alcohol. also still smokes too for the whole cancer thing.
+Dennis Haupt lol, sorry. I read your comment wrong. I thought you were responding to me. i'll leave my comment up for anyone that actually says that but I wanted to let you know that I reread what you said and understood better .
A lot of places use the cheek swab nowadays. I don't know how to beat that one yet. (The pee test, they always say to tell the test taker that you're on hemp-based antihistamines, or to pee before the test and then drink lots of water to thin out the urine, or to take Certo and Gatorade days before the test to flush the THC out of your system.).
+Shawn Ravenfire as far as i can tell the cheek swabs are really inaccurate. a friend of mine got ripped the night before a job interview and had to take one of those at the end of it, came out clean. i think the manufacturer of that specific test even says that it can't detect THC metabolites past about 12 hours..
+David Kroncke I don't know how a cheek swab tells anyone anything. I still call BS on that one until DNews or one of their sister-shows does an ep on it..

Usually when I get a drug test they ask if you've taken anything in the past week, always say paracetamol, ibuprofen, hay fever tablets etc..
you want to know a perfect drug test If the drug is affecting this person to the point they under-perform fire them. Until than it has no affect on you or anybody else so leave people alone and let them make their own irresponsible choices.. I have no issue with people taking drugs, I just don't want them drive or any other activity that puts peoples lives in danger.. Who thinks it's OK for a stranger to ask for your bodily fluids in order to obtain a job That sounds really sick to me. Where does the line get drawn Because they're looking for drugs What if they ask for blood or feces Is it still OK then What if they look for disease or genetic anomalies Is it OK then I thought the 4th protected my private things. What's more private than my bodies fluids.
my pal got a drug cheat kit from a shop that sold bongs and seeds etc. He was worried but it worked and he got the job that he needed to pass with a drugs test. A lot of people in prisons use these to cheat tests..
CDL drivers beware... I recently saw a co-worker get fired after a urine test and he claimed it was the "poppy seeds" he had ate. Good FYI video, thanks..
By "more accurate test" he means a good cop actually did his/her job instead of trying to frame her.

Yeah... when I started my job it had to be sent to the lab because it tested positive for methamphetamines. The lady interrogated me and gave me a speech. 😐 it came up negative during lab testing..
When I was a kid I smoked weed every day and I had to take a drug test and was clean for 2 days and passed these tests are dumb as hell.
Sweet.. Now i have a reason to reject a test. If they are so inaccurate they cant be used. As for flour in condoms testing positive seems to me like corrupt officials more than a positive test result. Corrupt officials are a lot more common than a false - positive..
+zero You seem to dont understand the topic of this video: Its about the fact that a certain amount of those tests are FALSE positive, which means that - even if you are sober as a baby - you wont get the job bc of a test that claimed you to do drugs which isnt true....
+zero actually no, if you actually watch the video you will learn that there are lots of reasons for false positives - it doesn't matter if you do drugs or not wow ur fukin dum.
+MASTER BEEEF TL;DR version: vitamins, legit medications, some foods, and who knows what else can all give false positive drug test results. Life isn't fair. We're all screwed..
When I was getting drug tested for a work place injury it came up for being positive for meth. They called me and told me...I now do not take adhd medicine..
2016 and stupid people still make a big issue about pot itsa fucking plant! and for all u religius kooks...your god made it!!!!!1. Could you make a video about Boris Sidis' education techniques and william james sidis' (his son) achievements. Why does it have to be either or How about a middle ground 1) No single positive drug test results in someone losing a job. 2) The company that produced the first drug test, the one with a positive result, cannot be the company that does the confirmation retest. 3) Those being tested must fill out a questionnaire with questions about recent medication, food, and vitamin intake. 4) Just like other medical tests, those taking a drug test are provided a list of foods, vitamins, and medications to avoid consuming the night before the drug test. 5) Drug testing companies are required to carry insurance to pay the losses of the victims of false positives on drug tests. Under these rules, almost no one will lose a job because of drug test results. And the extremely few who are later proven to be the victims of multiple false positive drug tests from multiple drug testing companies, well, they get a large insurance payout for their loses. Nothing is perfect, but this middle ground allows most victims of false positive drug tests to suffer nothing more than a couple of retests, and the very few remaining victims get money to cover their loses.. wow, another report of how philly airport is a joke. I went to Columbia a few years ago and had a full body scan there, they didn't find shit. At a little shit airport in Cartagena a few days later I was stopped by security after a scan because they found my tools in my backpack from month before. Good job wasting 8 billion a year, TSA..
Why would you even drug test Do multiple lives depend on you, such as the work of a pilot Is your work dependant on you being clean, such as with professional athletes I dont give a shit if that person at the check out has a drug problem, as long as they handle my groceries properly..
let's run through the numbers. 5% false positives. 10000 people apply for a job at a bunch of companies. 1% use drugs. let's be generous and assume the test never gives false negatives, so all 1% are found = 100. then 500 people are detected as drug users, but aren't. so, 5 out of 6 "drug users" are actually not drug users. this is quite a bad result..
I had to take a drug test, THC was between positive and negative, but due to the person knowing me let me off as they know I dont do anything stupid. (not saying smoking weed is stupid, but usually people who do it are).

How to do you pop hot taking Motrin, the army gave out 800mg pills like it was goddamn candy, and I never heard of anyone popped hot for THC without actually smoking pot..
we are high from different drugs so we are all having that something in common, right but let's judge each other your drug is ilegal or worse than mine- fukk off 420 blaze it - still marijuana 0 deaths recorded. I think the simplest drug test (the basic urine test) is absolutely absurd for 2 reasons. #1 the false positives are insanely common and caused by a freaking laundry list of every day common innocent stuff. #2 more often than not the doctor is prescribing you something that triggers the stupid false positive anyway and forgets Thanks doc! Either of those puts the burden of proof on YOU to go get your own additional drug test to vindicate yourself. Stupid stupid stupid stupid. Obviously there are plenty of legit reasons for drug tests in general but it's insanely guilty until proven innocent (hopefully) and omger zer0 tollerencez!111 when that is extremely disruptive to people and their families and employment prospects..
I think that drug use should not be a valid reason for termination of employment, one could be so high he's looking down to god 24/7 if it does not negatively impact his work place performance it should not be an issue, if it does however then he should be fired for being shit at his job.
The worst is when they say you pretty much have the job, take a drug test. You take it because you know you don't do drugs. Your sample give a false positive. They never tell you why they decided to go with someone else. You never get a chance to clear yourself with a better test.. Lets just all take a second he mentioned Ibuprofine, one of the most common household drugs to take against a common pain over in the USAfrom what i've seen in research; and a very common thing in the EU over here... That's insanity..

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November 22, 2015
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Mission - OLD RUDM Dev -

November 6, 2015
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January 1, 2016

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"I feel like we have to be real." Bang on. Those that do want to do drugs do them and those that don't, don't. Period. This will never change. The war on drugs is nothing more than self righteous validation for snivelling dogmatic bigots. It's time we take a measured, evidence based, approach and stop adding harm to those who need help while having open discussions with our children that isn't fear mongering..

i don't get it. if i bring something to test and turns out it's fake..dangerous..etc.. do they give ie back to me .

I cannot help but be amazed at the incredible stupidity of anyone buying and then ingesting something they know nothing about, what it is, what it will do to their bodies.
+SJ Bobkins As someone who attended Shambhala for the first time this year, I completely agree. I guess that's exactly why they have these drug testing stations, to make sure people know EXACTLY what they are ingesting..

Mission - OLD RUDM Dev -

December 23, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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January 17, 2016
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January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:

it just kills me on the inside knowing that people like child molesters and granny rapers get so much less repercussions then someone like me I mean yeah I committed second degree burglary childish mistake I served two years and 6 months flat got out on parole and now they're ready to send me back to prison for smoking weed I haven't caught any more charges haven't done anything out of line aside from smoking something that's been growing on this planet naturally since the beginning of time but... People that would destroy the innocence of a child or victimized an elderly only gets 4 years 5 years and it's only at 20% it really doesn't make much sense to me because they offered me 15 years at first for taking something that didn't belong to me is this really how the justice system should be ran I mean I feel like I'm caught in between realities it doesn't really make sense to me you know this worlds of fucked up place I did my time and I just want out but the man don't even want you to get peace of mind it's a damn shame really if I make it through this officially will denounce my American citizenship and move far far away.

First of all, you are a very handsome man. Second, I hope if you have a gf or wife, they do not think I'm going after you. I just paid a compliment. There is no "third of all"
+CandyGrooves Just making a comment and I'm labeled as that C'mon you can do better!!! BRING IT !!!!!.
+Annonymous Just make sure the detox is specifically for meth and nothing else, read the instructions and do a more research online to see what else you can do to help your chances and you should be good, good luck. Let me know how it goes..
+Kevin Francois Yes, I prefer grape or something to make your piss less diluted. 32oz Gatorade is what you want to mix the Full pack of Certo liquid in. Then down that shit. Good Luck.
I wonder if there's any reason why people wouldn't double up on the certo dosage Like for example, buy 2 packs of certo and take one pack at night and another in the morning the day of drug test!.

+FunkyFreshWS6 I took 1 and a half packs night before with Damn near a gallon of pure Cranberry juice. I plan on waking up 3 hours before I have to be at LabCorp to to take piss test. I have 2 32oz bottles of Grape and Glacier Freeze. Darker flavors will make piss look more yellow. I have 2 more packs of Certo on standby in the morning. I will pass, I bet money on it. I also bought 5 drug tests from dollar tree and a more expensive one from Walgreens for Ganj. I don't fuck around that's why. I will let you know how it goes in the morning. Peace.
how does certo work does it coat your fat cells or something and does it work for pills i am thinking of using this method with a detox drink from my local smoke shop.
+Kitty Kat this website explains how it works.
+Morris Five Dam I hope it works..what about for cokane lmao had a crazy night Friday and get tested Monday. certo or anything else is just crap you drink WITH TONS OF WAER> When THC is involved details matter. how much how often, activity level body fat, I can tell you if you are candidate for it or if you should use synthetic urine. PS a self test reagent from the dollar store really IF you can pass from any drink you would have passed with nothing. THE SELF TEST ALWAYS HAVE A FAINT SECOND LINE NEVER USE THEM..
+Douglas Gaines that's kinda what I just said , but if your going to believe this certo theory then you would HAVE TO work out after drinking it to trap fat. certo is only in stomach not the liver..

This actually works. I had a drug test today for probation and I fucked up and used heroin like a day ago and the shit worked!!!.

22 Years old 6'4 220 Black (Just Sayin) Only exercise is Sex & walking Smoke multiple blunts daily of the loudest of the laa Stayed off the stuff for 12 days to get a job. Took a test bought at Rite-aid, line was suuuuuuper faint. Now I'm worried because test is tomorrow. So I drank 2 Rockstars the night before and went to sleep at 1am. Woke up at 4am and started to go in on my 6-pack of bottled water from the dollar store while drinking 3 more Rockstars. Pissed around 6 times before going to the lab at 1pm and piss was so neon yellow it probably could glow in the dark. This made me a little nervous but decided that it's better than clear piss. Went to the lab, nervousness is all gone. Had to piss like a race horse but told the collector that I needed to drink some water because I felt like I couldn't pee yet, thinking that the hint would hopefully help me if I happened to have clear pee when it was all said and done. So i made sure to drink like 4 cups of water in front of him and we waited and chatted for ten minutes while I almost pissed on myself the whole time. Finally said Okay I think I'm ready, go in the bathroom and let it rip. I peed for like 6 sec in the toilet, then moved the cup in the way of the stream. Once it was a little above the minimum line, I went back to the toilet. It wasn't so much NEON yellow as it was earlier at my home, but more of a faint fluorescent yellow. Fucking perfect I thought to myself, and went on with the signing of papers and such. Still worried though, I continued to work at my job and never heard anything. This was months ago :-). Apparently in California, the only time you get a call from employer or lab about your test is if it was Negative. And I believe that the lab has to contact YOU first before your employer to discuss the negative. If it's positive you won't hear anything. So thats my story. However, I am willing to try this Certo method, as I was WIRRRRREDDDDDDDD like a fucking crackhead off those energy drinks and that was not fun at all, but definitely worth it if it's the only way to pass as a smoker. If the Certo method works for me, I will be glad to not run my head through that 6-hour horror trip I had after the collection. ** I know that was long as fuck, but I wish I had known this information long ago when I lost other work options due to loving the laa. So i'm just doing my part to help others. I'll try to copy and paste this to other drug test passing videos, as opposed to just making my own video, and getting thousands of views and possibly revenue, because fuck the fame. (i'm shy).

nothing works stop smoking and exercise your ass off you'll pass with certo but when they check your piss at the lab certo will show up n that's when they'll hit you with that random! ive stopped for a month now so just stop wait piss wait three more month for that random you'll be good.

my uncle said he uses all the time since way back n still works till this day and at the store I go they sell behind the counter cuz alot people been stealing certo packs lol crazy.
I’m gonna try this. I have a test tomorrow that I have to pass so wish me luck I’ll let y’all know if it does. did you pass. i under stand those 1 $ tests may have different pass fail limits,,,did it work thanks.
good looks bro on getting the drug test and testing it. that fr help me and was smart af of u to do. thanks.
Hey it's kinda nice ta see someone physically show the test results to let people see for themselves.
The Ending Was Tuff And It Looks Like It Works, Nikka Gonna Try That, I Smoke HEAAAVY So I Hope It Works.
All professional like white people talk!!! Hahaha!! I know what you're saying bredda but it's just a funny way to say it! LOL!.
both tests had a blotchy section that said "THC" it was les pprominent in the second test, but it was still there. Doesn't that mean that it detected some of it.
damn. I hope this shit works. got a UA coming up and if I don't pass me and my family is fucked..
I wonder what happens if you drink Certo before you smoke would it just get trapped and you'd piss it out instantly.
Does certa only work for weed or does it work for everything or is there certain drugs it doesn't work for that you know of. the reason certo works is BC the certo puts a gelatin like lining around the inner lining of your stomach/tract system therefore holds everything out exept the new water and b12(for color) in so that's what you pee out, thus your first pee after certo is still dirty and the 2/3 pee is the water and coloring(b12) but after that the certo lining is getting peed out and therefore void. ALSO THE WATER MUST BE COLD! so the certo coating won't "melt" off..
I got a drug test tomorrow ima see if it work from yo video I can tell it shud ima big dude tho ion kno if that would be a problem but thanks .

alright homie ill take your word for it.i gotta piss tomorrow for a hospital position if i pass i will be more then glad to sub well see about this certo i hope it works.
+josh brice the stores around me didn't sell it so i did the vinegar way and i passed take 2-3 shots the night before while drinking alot of water and 2-3 more before you leave to take the test and then drink a gateraide while going there to replenish the vitamins and give your urine worked for me and im currently working at a also assuming it works on blood tests to because they gave me a blood test as well and i had smoked 2 days prior and they didn't find anything. +josh brice the stores around me didn't sell it so i did the vinegar way and i passed take 2-3 shots the night before while drinking alot of water and 2-3 more before you leave to take the test and then drink a gateraide while going there to replenish the vitamins and give your urine worked for me and im currently working at a also assuming it works on blood tests to because they gave me a blood test as well and i had smoked 2 days prior and they didn't find anything.
Hello, the bad news is: I`m the guy that interviewed you. The good news is: I`m looking to buy some pot. If this rattled you, I`m laughing in advance. Seriously, I`m not the guy that interviewed you. DO NOT approach him with any weed later..
So, I took the same exact drug test as you, when I took the test it came back as negative, I didn't drink the certo or anything...I'm not sure why it came back negative, but a bishhh like me, likes to idk what's up lol.
Rambling dumb ass nigga... spit it out already! All that shit could've been said in 50 seconds if your dumb ass knew how to articulate your words without being verbose. Laying your piss on the sink No paper towels in your 'dollar trees'.

I'm sitting here drinking cranberry juice and bourbon. sweating it. but you my friend are smart enough to talk like a cracka and verify. thank you is that crap coming out of Colorado sit your ass on fire.

Well, I can't literally live your life you know Just how you can't live mine for 24 hours. I respect what you're saying. But I did live in the hood, as the only white couple (my fiancee and I) for several months. It's not the same thing obviously but not all white ppl are privelaged just how all black and other minorities aren't hood. My best friend is Dominican and her family is loaded; way more wealthy than I have ever known. We good. I just would never talk like a moron like how you imitated. I know some white ppl do but that shit made me cringe lol. They make the rest of us look bad!.
+David Alexander Ok,the status quo,the norm,the establishment that own businesses to hire people are predominantly owned by "whites"/Caucasians in the United States. The fact that the young lady/woman that you are debating with does not speak in the manner of the majority of Caucasians in the United States, that are in positions of power is an isolated case on its own, but it does not negate the fact that individuals like herself exist. The grey area of our world obsessed with black or white/one or the other with no middle. But in your defense David Alexander when slavery was abolished, The United States did implement "Black Codes",Jim Crow Law in its place. The formation of white unions in the north to eliminate the competition of negro ex slaves, who were overqualified for the jobs having done them for free in slavery. Poor whites even though not rich or wealthy still had white privilege and could say " at least I'm not a n!992 r". Another question I'd like to ask the young lady is how removed is she from wealth in her family Does her origin begin with "greener pastures" Are there any family members of hers that own businesses or land of some sort Also it may behoove you to peruse a book or a lecture on Youtube called The Invention Of The White Race. Nationality is designated to a land mass not skin color. Black and White are adjectives. Another question to ask is do the people of the continent that is called "Africa", when they gain citizenship as an American what race are they Are they an African American Is the title "African American" an oxymoron for them A nationality of Two Continents..
i'm not 100% sure this method work's. But i did have a drug test for my probation just yesterday. I read for a regular user ( In my case I smoked well over 2 grams a day, about 4-5 blunts in total ) it takes 45 day's for thc to get out of your system. I stopped smoking for 2 week's and wasn't sure if I would past my drug test. So i tried this method and passed my drug test no problem. I'd advise if you used this method to lay off the weed for at least A week or 7 or more day's. In my opinion, Cerdo 100% work's if you use to right!!.

I just bought a THC test at Walgreens and I came out positive. I see my PO in about about 30min and I did everything it told me to do :(.
Grab this drink called Total Jazz. Certo definitely works, but I would get Total Jazz in a situation in which I can get fed time.. I went to Wal-Mart got a box of certo and a 32oz bottle of lemon lime Gatorade I mix the certo wit the Gatorade and pee 3 times nd I was clean . YES. it works. i took a premployment ua with a physical. and PASSED. p.s. my doctor said its hard on your kidneys so i won't be doing it often but i will be keeping it ib my lunch box.
Also. Within your week of not smoking drink lots of water. water is the #1 way to clear your system..

you know its easier to open up to a bunch of mofos you don't know I can pretend like I'm a tough guy on the outside but on the inside it's a fucking mess the first time I went in and served at 2 years and 6 months I didn't really have anything to lose so it didn't bother me but now there's just so much on the shelf and they're ready to send me back to the penitentiary not even offer me drug treatment even though I asked and... Give hardly any effort to get the ones who really deserve to be locked up and trust me I don't want anyone to go to jail its not a super awesome place it's a really boring and lonely place but I do truly believe someone that would hurt a child in any way and people who killed innocent people for example if you hit a lick on a Pizza Hut and they give you the money but you kill someone anyway you're a fucked up motherfucker... rapist deserve to be in prison kidnappers given the circumstances sometimes I find it acceptable just depending on the scenario you know that's fucked up people out there so many fucked up people.

I smoked last.drug test today random, will I pass.I'm on the chubby side so I think that's y I'm scared .

You think I can pass a military drug test by doing that cause I heard military drug test is like getting pissed by you're P.O.

Hey did you find out any info. I have a military drug test in a few weeks and gotta lay off for a bit.
Guys if your pee cup drug test stops at the 3 panel and with a blue color you are fucked that test for TCH even if you don't use weed regularly.
I smoked yesturday (low grade weed, minimal THC) I report to my PO today, not sure if she's going to drug test me or not but I'm taking the CERTO just in case she just surprises me with it. I go in at 2:30 & I took the CERTO at 10:00. I'm drinking a shit load of water but will the Certo still work even though I smoked the night before .
I took pharmacy drug test and didn't pass. I think it works better when you stop smoking a few days before taking it.. i have a drug test tomorrow at 9 am if i do it now should i be able to pass i havent smoked in like 2-3 weeks.

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November 8, 2015

Comments about this video:

+juan cortes are you gay or what If you would let that stop you from fucking the shit out of that beautiful creature you are either Gay or Retarded..

This is the most convoluted, nonsensical bull crap Ive ever seen. WHAT DOES TAKING VITAMINS HAVE TO DO WITH GETTING SOMEONE TO PEE FOR YOU This girl should have ended the vid by saying, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. Want clean pee Don't use kiddies. They are doing hair tests nowadays and they CANNOT be cheated..
please stop posting thirst trap vids. People are looking for real solutions not some average looking chic showing her tiny cleavage talking about golden seal, niacin, bbllaahh!!! FUCKING WASTE OF TIME!!!. "take these vitamins and also get drunk, the more booze you drink the better, go tanning, wear a bunch of clothing so you get hot and sweat as much as possible, take hot shower, drink a shit load of water, catch the middle of your piss..." What a fucking retard lol. Just shoot heroin.. 22 Years old 6'4 220 Black (Just Sayin) Only exercise is Sex & walking Smoke multiple blunts daily of the loudest of the laa Stayed off the stuff for 12 days to get a job. Took a test bought at Rite-aid, line was suuuuuuper faint. Now I'm worried because test is tomorrow. So I drank 2 Rockstars the night before and went to sleep at 1am. Woke up at 4am and started to go in on my 6-pack of bottled water from the dollar store while drinking 3 more Rockstars. Pissed around 6 times before going to the lab at 1pm and piss was so neon yellow it probably could glow in the dark. This made me a little nervous but decided that it's better than clear piss. Went to the lab, nervousness is all gone. Had to piss like a race horse but told the collector that I needed to drink some water because I felt like I couldn't pee yet, thinking that the hint would hopefully help me if I happened to have clear pee when it was all said and done. So i made sure to drink like 4 cups of water in front of him and we waited and chatted for ten minutes while I almost pissed on myself the whole time. Finally said Okay I think I'm ready, go in the bathroom and let it rip. I peed for like 6 sec in the toilet, then moved the cup in the way of the stream. Once it was a little above the minimum line, I went back to the toilet. It wasn't so much NEON yellow as it was earlier at my home, but more of a faint fluorescent yellow. Fucking perfect I thought to myself, and went on with the signing of papers and such. Still worried though, I continued to work at my job and never heard anything. This was months ago :-). Apparently in California, the only time you get a call from employer or lab about your test is if it was Negative. And I believe that the lab has to contact YOU first before your employer to discuss the negative. If it's positive you won't hear anything. So thats my story. However, I am willing to try this Certo method, as I was WIRRRRREDDDDDDDD like a fucking crackhead off those energy drinks and that was not fun at all, but definitely worth it if it's the only way to pass as a smoker. If the Certo method works for me, I will be glad to not run my head through that 6-hour horror trip I had after the collection. ** I know that was long as fuck, but I wish I had known this information long ago when I lost other work options due to loving the laa. So i'm just doing my part to help others. I'll try to copy and paste this to other drug test passing videos, as opposed to just making my own video, and getting thousands of views and possibly revenue, because fuck the fame. (i'm shy). Do you wash out the bottle with water after using your own pee before you dump in the clean pee. Drug testing for a job..
You're so cute haha, thanks so much! I just a call for my interview and I gotta pass this drug test I need this job. Thanks. (:.
how the fuck we suppose to watch this vid and NOT be looking at your breasts i have no idea what you were daying half the time. wow the man who gets to be your man is a lucky motha fucker. 👍 nice tatas.. PASS ALL YOUR DRUG TESTS with kratom... I get mine from Daves Kratom. Its $150 Kilos $10 Ounces Strains White Thai Maeng Da Malay Green Horn Green Vein Super Green Indo Super Red Super Yellow FREE Shipping... Unreal quality and FREE SAMPLES... yes FREE.... Michelle you are really sweet and have a great personality... Ignore these idiots and thanks for posting this.. You're incredibly beautiful and these guys obviously don't know how to show respect.. Ignore them as I'm sure u have.. And again thanks for the info. please answer anyone.-. do you take all these pills at the same time with the niacin and golden seal complex or take them at diffrent times. If you just take a shit ton of those Niacin pills (2000 - 3000mg) and drink lots of water you'll be good. Just make sure they're the flush ones otherwise it won't work.. +Kayla Dennis no it won't 😂😂 niacin only helps over time and the same with all the other vitamins she said bunch of bullshit with all these pills. I haven't smoked in 30 days, I'm still dirty... will this work for me and keep me clean permanently.
+hustlin5010 slow metabolism.. gotta be. I gotta be on my diet right to stay lean. my genetics suck but I build muscle it's good in one way haha.

I watched this twice and can't tell you a Damn thing she said...but them titties tho! I can tell you anything bout those beauties!! haha!!.
You can't change the way u talk. It's and accent. Like a British person trying to talk with English accent or American trying to talk like a Jamaican. all this bitch did was flush her system, you dont need pills to do this, all the b vits are for is to color the piss back to a normal looking yellow color LOL, this method has been around for awhile and you will be caught with lab tests, but for a normal cup test all you do is flood your system with water, YOU dont want to work out like shes talking about right before a test, working out = burning fat, burning fat = releasing the protein that this tests looks for in mass amounts. shes only half assed correct lol, but peep this, she claims to have only smoked a few times right, smoking a joint or small amounts and not on a regular basis will only be in your system ~3-5 days, i know this as fact since i smoke weed and im on parole, havent been tested dirty once, and you can use any ones piss if using that method [DONT] but if youre a guy dont use a pregnant bitches piss if your taking a lab test, i smoked an entire dub on dec 25th and have a test in 2 days, bet i dont come back dirty ;].
a lot of things come in to play here, such as weight, daily activity, metabolism, weed really only takes 3-5 days to get out of your system or atleast below the 50 ng/l levels thats normally tested for, im not saying smoke an oz and ull be fine in 3 days lol, but if you know say smoke a dub and you have an adv metabolism and youre around 150-170lbs you shouldnt even bother with what this girls talking about in her video, 5 days most likely and 10 days for sure. for any one who dosnt believe me just go buy a home test and try it your self, make sure your clean, smoke a few bowels or joints, wait 5 days and do the test .

lol you are soo cute love, however, the vitamin b12, niacin, golden seal trick aint new baby doll and they test for that at lab tests. however if your taking a track test that tests positive or negative on the spot then all you have to do is bleach bomb and what that is is a single small drop of bleach on a piec of toilet paper and swallow it with a full 32 of Gatorade. then just slowly drink water and make sure you piss three or four times. before your test. Ive past all kinds of tests with the bleach bomb. and now for men their is the Whizzanator touch look that shit up. its awesome.

BTW... I hope no one has continuously drank all that water she requested as it WILL kill you. Drink your water, but DON'T overdo it. Lindsay, I hope you're more serious the next time you give advice..

+J Nasty Why don't u be the guinea pig on this project and let us know how you feel afterwards then..

I love that you tried your best your education is good I stop listening and felling love with your chest and your voice your pretty amazing you lazy but I like you are you single L.x.
THE WORST high is when you got a test coming up, and you slip and take a few tokes... freak out and feel terrible. THE BEST is when you stop smoking for like 2 months, take a test and pass, then get the job, and a few weekends after, you got your paycheck, and get a little stoned while camping.... I did both, my advice is don't be stupid. It's worth the wait.
Hi Lindsey I really need your help I'm in drug court and I smoked today I think they are gonna call my color Monday do you think this will all work in two days. I'm really freaking about it. Please respond to me soon!.

I just drink a shit Tom of Gatorade and water all day every day and I smoke at least an 1/8 a day and I pass oh and u gotta take x2 the recommended dose of b12 vitamins.
The more comments I just read the more sick you all make me... Keep posting videos Michelle.. You could be a movie star.. U have it all and all these idiots shouldn't be allowed to even post comments You are all pathetic losers.
im sorry im here to look at your tits everything else does not register as your too stupid drugs our out of your system in 4 days anyways ok especially if you only smoke a bit WARNING VITAMINS DO NOT EFFECTS OR CLEAN YOUR BODY OUT THE BEST WAY IS WATER WATER WATER OR ORANGE I DRING LOADS OF CANS OF BIER AS THAT MAKES YOU PISS LIKE $%£%.

Can you email me please I need to ask some questions - I have a test coming up and want some advice Andy from London !! Thanks.
I love how this girl has no regard for what vitamins are. Any pill that isn't a prescription is a vitamin suddenly And "take 2, take 3, drink 4"... wtf do you think that all pills and bottles are the same size Have you ever heard of "milligrams" or maybe "ounces" Jesus fuck... I am scared for anyone who listens to this uneducated runt.. I didn't come here cause I was high, I came on here to stare at your tits!!! GODDAMMN!!!!. +Sweet Ass lol it is a little tricky to get it in there and stay in..takes some practice and I guess maybe my vaginal walls are maybe a bit stronger although I have given birth naturally so I'm not sure about that lol. it does of course want to fall out a bit...usually when I go to sit down and take it out its started to slip out but I guess as long as it's mostly in there and your wearing tight underwear/pants, it will stay close enough to your body to keep a warm temp.. I know for me it's always on the lower end of the black strip then what my actual pee is but it still passable and works for me and many other women :).
+Sweet Ass although I guess it could also depend if you are an "innie" or "outtie" lol..I have heard of the cupid thing but this works well enough for me for now :p.
Dont take a damn antibiotic though. Taking one antibiotic in your life increases the risk of cancer by 50% just one pill/antibiotic..
Im bouta try this but only bad thing is. Is tht its saturday morning. And the test is on monday but i aint smoke since tuesday. But I also gotta say you have such a beautiful voice! But anway im a skinny dude so I shouldnt have too much trouble right.
"Once it turns green it can't change again" That is a flat out lie. Do you understand how a thermometer works at all You just lied to everyone. And then continued to say that you're not lieing RIGHT after!.
No, I'm here because I was watching Jason Blaha and your video showed up, saw your tits, and decided to click..

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November 12, 2015
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January 27, 2016

Comments about this video:

+johnny angel If your are in pain bypass this together. Just go to a suboxin doctor and tell you are a pain pill addict. They do not care what is in your system because they expect it..

Here's a pro tip.Do lots of cocaine and heroin before the test.That way the people won't even care about the marijuana..
No way to pass. You just have to get clean. Weed tests are completely unfair. Entirely unfair. You can screw around with meth or heroine or some crazy crap and be clear in a day or so. Screw around with alcohol and be off the hook, but smoke a little weed and you will sweat for at least 30 days. This least problomatic - least inhibiting substance can screw you over the worst in regards to the over lookers. You pretty much have to abstain entirely from this passive herb in test heavy environments even though you may be surrounded by total alcohol smashers. It's not fair but it is what it is..
Finally a good fucking legit video.. For all my stoners out there, we got this!! And after the drug test let's all get high as fuck! 4:20 errday.
I cant hear you talking for the music its louder than your talking, you don't need the music its not a Broadway play its a info video. hey my uncle is testing me either in like an hour or a little more or tommorow or something if i drink enough water to dilute me urine well i be sure to pass.
I was a chronic user smoked over a few grams a day and I stopped for 2 weeks and it was out of my system.
are you chubby I'm not skinny and have some body fat. I feel confident with 2 weeks, drinking a gallon everyday and certo. Just wondering. are you chubby I'm not skinny and have some body fat. I feel confident with 2 weeks, drinking a gallon everyday and certo. Just wondering.
does any one know any product (detox, tea, pill, shampoo etc.) that can prevent pot from showing up in my system even if I keep smoking like I could smoke on the regs, and while taking a proxy t or doing something it just won't show up like I want this job but they drug test all the time and randomly too PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.

+Shiba Tatsuya haha no :D, I tested with bought urine stuff and worked there so I hope it will work tomorrow.

Haa! Live For Ever by Oasis just started on random while I'm watching this...cuz i just want to fly..

I've been smoking every week since last summer. A gram every weekend. How long should it take to clean my bloodstream I plan on talking to a marine recruiter in September and I want to know how long until I have to quit.

My friend, who is, not all that bright. Said that "Drinking vinegar in excessive amounts works" But it makes you sick as fuck... I'd try this but Im pretty sure someone told HIM this just to watch the guy drink a glass of vinegar. Even if it worked....
stop smoking no you stop smoking, i'd rather carry around fake urine every day at work than "stop smoking".
I've just applied for the army and my omq says I need to get a medical I smoked a blunt last night and my medical is tomorrow so I take it that I'm fucked .
Thanks for your help. The music in the background is completely annoying though and distracting..:)).
ok so first off no I'm not getting a drug test but I'm getting my physical check witch yes,I indeed do have to piss in a cup as well as getting a shit load of blood taking out of me I have a month before my physical test iv only took about 8puffs all together or more in the last 2 day of last month and yes it is indeed extremely rare that I do these kind of stuff but time will it be out of my system by then (if it is a dumb question sorry for being so concerned).
I smoked on Monday and then today I hit once from an apple. And supposably got a drug test on Monday, if I drink 6 waters and excercise will I pass. 5'9, 280pds, not an active stoner but this the first time this year i took a couple of pulls on my 4day weekend the night befor the j×4th of july and my probation schedualed me nxt week for a DT, so i'll have exactly 13days clean...can i pass my DT.
Bleach never failed me, but I quit toking 6 years ago, fearing technology would catch up to me. They are moving to cheek swabs now, which I can't see how to cheat..
I havnt smoked in 3 weeks and I have a test tomorrow but I only smoked like 1 time a month think I will pass.
Alright soo I haven't smoke for about 3 weeks and I'm skinny but I didn't smoke alot I only hit about 3 bowls and I went to the hospital last night because I couldn't breathe right and I think there gonna drug test me, you think ima be alright guys .
just dilute and come back inconclusive it will buy you time to get clean wile they are waiting for the results to come back slam about 100 oz of water or soda then take a piss or 3 before hand if your piss is clear like water it will comeback inconclusive and won't be enough for you probation or parole officer to violate you but he or she will want you to come back and re test but now you know it's coming and have time to get clean.
dilute your pee. drink water hours before the test. make sure you piss at least 2 times before your piss test. to make your pee look like pee and not clear. add liquid vitamin B12 to the water you drink..
+41RobLow I actually don't use syrup got these tablets with 32 mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol but I take like 4 or 5 of them and I feel wavey aff haha is that the same as syrup almost or . my past experience i just drank a lot of pure coconut water and passed the test goodluck and send your feedback. I urge all of you fellow stoners not to incorporate everything I'm going to tell you on how I passed my drug test!!!!! Anyways I had a drug test today and passed, but I smoked about 5 times one week prior from today I thought I wasn't going to pass, I used lots of methods. the first method, I had a strict diet on what I drank up until the test consisting of only cranberry juice and water.the second method I decided to hit the sauna to try and burn everything off. the bad part was that I drank an over the top amount of water, besides that tip of advice this will work trust 👍🏻. I got a phsyical in A week I smoked September 29 it is right now October 19 I weigh 140 I'm 5'6.
I smoked yesterday and tomorrow is the day im skinny realy skinny and skatbaord everyday i smoked once can i do it.
Vinegar does work. And it is a food so no it does not come back as anything on the test. It simply stops the THC molecules from attaching to the test and comes back as negative..
this idiot doesn't know anything...drinking water the day before DOES NOT HELP YOU! its what you drink within the hours before..drink lots of caffeine (a diuretic ALL the time) and you will pee clean.( depends on your level of getting high)...there are herbs to take religiously to help clean toxins from your urine. Look em up+.
Like he said everyone is different... I'm 5 foot ten, 180 pounds.. Stopped smoking so I could get a job,, took my test 38 days after no smoking at all and FAILED!!! LAB CALLED AND SAID POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA! told the nurse gave long it had been and she said weed is so potent Now it can take 2 months or more ! . I got drug tested 6 days after I had took a dab, I am 5'11 and 175lbs, I also used the dilution method and only drank 1 and a half bottles of water and I had passed. That's also taking in the account I hadn't exercised either, so I would trust the dilution method. . STUPID FUCKING INTRO GOD DAMN. This is supposed to be a sly under the table type thing. Not some white guy screaming through your speakers right at the start of the video "IF YOU NEED TO PASS A DRUG TEST..." JESUS man.
apple cider vinegar work wtf your tripn it helps you lose weight and detox so idk what he is saying he might be full of shit on all this everybody knowd drinking some apple cider vinegar works all you need is like 2-3 table spoons about a week to two weeks before depending on how big you are then you just drink more water than you do daily and of course dont just sit on your ass the hole time taking hot shows helps all of shit helps like lemons do natural detox shit and they cant say shit to you about eating healthy because your supposed to drink about a gallon of water a day your pea is supposed to be that almost clear color thats a healthy piss if its super dark that means your not drinking enough water smh.

I just stopped smoking for about a month now I got 6 days left but after that piss test I'm blazing out with all my homies I can't fucking wait I'm gonna be stupid high as high as I was my first time..
My parents tested me last night for weed and i passed but idk how. I've smoked the past 10 days and the day of and Im clueless to how i passed. any explanations.
I don't believe people are still trying all of these witches brew methods! Keep smoking your beloved weed and still pass! Just do what everybody else is doing, get a Whizzer. for women, SheWhizz. For men HeWhizz. For those one time tests, OneWhizz. Never fail another drug test!

My first time smoking was 2 weeks ago and I only smoked one or two big hits hits with a bowl. I repeated the same process last Saturday and I have my test middle of next week so I'll have about one week and a few days without smoking. I'm 5'10 and weigh 160 and I exercise a lot and I've been drinking a lot of water. Will I pass .
lol i have a test tomorrow, i smoked yesterday, well... i'm just going to take it and see what happens, fuck it... like a give a fuck anyway..
This drug testing should pass. I don't smoke, or do a type of drug. I don't keep up with drugs. .

This info I s basically true if you are regular smoker and not active you need to see me for a synthetic urine.

I would like to find out what 5ng/ml feels like since thats my state limit for driving safely. I was told its very easy to have 5ng/ml in your system if you use at all. I would lose my medical card if ever found to be driving above the limit. The only way to find out what this feels like to me is to have the lab measure the level in my urine, but they take blood to test, so is that apples and apples would knowing when my urine is above 5ng/ml tell me that my blood level is the same. I cant afford a blood test just for giggles, but I can easily send in my urine and get the FirstCheck marujuana test($10 at WalMart) to measure the level. is this truely giving me the info I seek Thought since you deal in this stuff you might know. I just want to know how much I have to worry about that legal limit. I would assume that there is some wiggle room in the numbers, but I can see them making it very easy to be over the limit. Ive driven safely on high levels of morphine for 15 years, but is there a safe level for that too never felt impaired so I never cared, but now the cannabis is not a standard stregnth at a standard level so its kinda of a guessing level as far as blood level. I was going to medicate more than id feel safe driving and see if its over the 5ng/ml limit. Id love your thoughts on the most accurate way to judge my blood level. Thanks Joseph. Joe.
Does this work . I'm asking my fellow smokers...its wensday...gotta..pass it Friday.. I blew this am..stoners stand up..i am u...this is real..I need my 420 mob . .
I know people that still failed 6 month later. It really doesn't work in the 30-45 day range for most people..
+stupidplants a yr or 2 ago during the winter (about 4-5 months i think) my cousin stopped smoking and one Sunday night out she hit the L a couple of times (nothing major). I used her urine the following friday and it was all good..
in patient/outpatient tests nowadays are too on the ball now most of this will not help u, MAYBE if the job has cheaper tests it might work, but they test for H2O levels, detoxes, all that good shit, most can find alcohol in your system from 5 days prior! i PERSONALLY have had my levels go up like 5 times now just from exercising (and thats after my levels technically were low enough to be undetectable), take it from someone whos been in rehab 5 times now...borrow piss (not from the oposite gender) or just dont smoke :).

Back in the day, I never expect that I gonna do some urine test. So the night before the day I smoked a lot of joint. So I was so panic cause I can't do nothing, so I decided just passed my urine with the doctor and try to talk with him. So after few minutes the doctor just call my name, so I just face to face with the doctor so he asked me if I smoked cannabis, so I wasn't hesitate to admit it so I say yes. Then he keep smiling me and asking me if I have some more cannabis..

That's what I am saying. Saying that. I am licenced by The Ontario Society Of Medical Technologist. I am a pro and do 900 Urinalysis daily. DOB Testing (Drugs Of Abuse) Text Me 289-698-3471.

For once, an educated person speaks! What complete BS! When you people realize that these drug test "help" sites promote nothing but BS! I'll tell you straight, I patented, sell and make a profit from an ingenious device made for women to pass urine tests. It's called CUPID, which stands for Clean Urine Personal Insert Device. I come to YouTube once a day to promote EDUCATION and understanding on the subject of drug testing. I'm no certified expert, just a regular guy. But after all the BS gets spewed by these snake oil sellers and you sort through the lies, here is what you will find...substitution is the by far your best chance at beating a drug test. So, yes I sell this product for a profit. But guess what It friggen works! Every time, all the time. No magic, no dilution or masking or spiking! And no stupid link to follow after listening to someone talk about nothing for 2 minutes! It's buy CUPID, I ship CUPID, you use CUPID, you pass your test. How hard is that to understand.

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Comments about this video:

yo that shit worked! I I was exposed to some girl scouts cookies and has to do a federal probation UA within 24 hours.I repeat, way before 24 hours... Smashed 2 certo and water with a couple super b12 that's only given via prescription. pissed and shitted a couple times beforehand, then took some about 4 piss on my way to the testing, and gave my mid stream which was more green than yello. note, this test was a cup but they take a few drops to test the gravity of the piss to be sure it's not watered down. And I PASSED!!!.
Lmfao I guess he didn't pass because its been 4 months and this nigga still hasn't put up a video. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THIS WORKS. I have to drug test again for another job that pays better than my previous job! I'm doing the exact same process. I will let you all know my results again just to prove that this works..
And I drake a shit load of water, didn't eat shit but lemon juice and salads all day... You can get high a day before and pass that shit within 24.. And I'm a fat ass!.

When i was on probation i used it 2-3 days before my U/A's and passed every time for a year and I reported in every 7 days then for the last half every 14 you need to give it some time and for people reading this its sounds dumb but concentrate more on tryna make your self shit and sweat bc sure gel and certo detoxes through your shit bc it gets the thc to attach to the fibers that you shit out but do drink alot of water bc the small remainder will be in your piss.

CERTO does work! i smoked 2 blunts the night before my drug test and my P.O. came to drug test me in the moring, i poured CERTO into a gallon of water and chugged it, i pissed once, then took a B12, then drank water till she came, so i baically soked 12 hours before my drug test and passed it like a G, CERTO DOES WORK..
You banged that B-12 Bottle on the table around 10 times when it isn't even the vitamin that turns your piss yellow...that would be vitamin B-2 people, aka Riboflavin.. It seems in the comment feed there is some type of quarrel on if this works or not. I had to Drug Test for working at Sports Authority last year and I had the money to pay for a product called Total Jazz. $24.99 per bottle. I am short and stocky 5"6 and 276lbs and I blaze that shit up. I had to buy two bottles it worked. This time I have a test for the airport but at this moment I don't have cash for that product. I'll be trying this method, this time. I can drug test today if I want... I will leave a reminder on my phone letting you guys know if it works or not..
step 1 drink certo mix the night before step 2 when you wake up drink another certo mix step 3 drink certo mix every 3 hours up until you got your test and drink water in between certo mix from the time you wake up step 4 pee alot step 5 don't eat until test step 5 pass test.
Been in the oil field for over 20 years and I love to smoke I'm a big Texan 6'4" 330 and masking has never worked for me... Masking doesn't work on most tests since they have better tests...I crotch a ballon with synthetic piss (Magnum is a brand name I use) I buy at a smoke shop, warm up put down my pants walk in the place go to the bathroom untie the balloon make sure temp is good and give to tech... Good every time!!! Only time I was burned when I tried to mask THC by masking it... I've taken piss tests, hair test ( which are fucked and you got no choice but to stop smoking 3 or 4 months before taking the tests) so don't make a mistake and if not sure go buy a piss test at a drug store and see for yourself first if it works to mask it, some it does most it won't. This shit works. Makes the thc stick and not get released with the piss. Been doing this since 2012.. +Kyle Williams Congrats. Your one of the lucky few that can ingest lime peels and they magically hide the THC in your urine. Now run to the casino and bet all your money on one roll of the dice. Luck like that you don't want to waste.
+jaeaiden Go down and buy a package of Certo and read the ingredients. Then save yourself some money and buy a dozen limes. Eat the peels and go test. Same thing..
Havent smoke in three week ,i used a friends urine,on my drug test but it came back inconclusive they may test me again in one week will certo help me by thenim going to try it today till further notice and do u repeat the prosses every day till then . +MercyKnows LOL. Certo is fruit pectin. Jello is gelatin. Pectin is made from fruit. Gelatin is made from animal bones and hide. They are in no way related to each other. And are NOT found in the same section of any store. This info coming from a man that "popped 2 aspirin to give my urine color". This is exactly why I tell everyone the Certo method is BS. Cause the people that claim it works cannot be believed. I'm telling everyone..IT IS THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WATER THAT IS HELPING PEOPLE PASS. NOT LIME PEELS!. +Kelly O'Brien There is no second vid because everyone using this method is in jail or unemployed. You wanna pass Sub its the ONLY 100% way. Just did everything that was said, drank 3 bottles of water after and the last time I smoked was last night. Have my test in about 2 hours, wish me luck friends!.
No I failed, and they took a week to process my result, so i'm thinking that it may have worked but they ran extra tests so i'm thinking they saw around it somehow. Followed the instructions perfects and took B-12 tablets. .
Tried this method today for a drug test. I probably had it the worst out of everybody. My appointment was at 8am. Woke up a 6 to chug certo followed by this video. Drove 30m to be rejected due to expired license, went back home, called employer (9:30am) to only be informed that she will extend my testing window which gives me give me time to stand in line(forever) at the dmv for a new one. I hit the store at 12:30 noon for another certo cleanse. chugged 2 hours before 3:30pm(last appointment). Followed or should I say reapeted steps as before. B-12 didn't help my yellowing. I suggest looking into what works best for your body as far as b-12 or b-2. They didn't watch me or anything so if I get called back for a repeat due to my dilution of urine, I'll bring a substution(i.e. friends urine). I will get results in 3-5 days. If I pass, this is by far the best method. wish me luck.. 6 days later, results came in.. duh duh duh I passed. b12 sucks. my piss was diluted af. take b2 or find what works. CHEERS time to roll up that cali green.
The short story is, smoked a little Fri, Sat knowing I had a test on Wed at 6am, at midnight Wed I mixed one packet with 20oz Gatorade followed it up with another 20oz Gatorade, drank a 20oz Gatorade an hour later then two more 20oz bottles before 5 causing me to piss full bladders 3 times before testing, started pissing stopping the stream when I was close to empty and used the last of that stream for the sample, got the results back Fri and was NEG for drugs...hope this helps as I was skeptical trying this method...good luck..

Why do some fail, some pass with all of these detox methods Cause they are a roll of the dice. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not trying to sound negative, but I just spent 8 months in jail because I listened to some YouTube vid that talked about Qcarb32. Straight caw-caw. Well, I got out and this time did my research (love my bud). I found a company that makes urine subbing devices that work even if your butt naked! That's right. Clean, body temperature urine when I want it and where I want it. Everybody I know is using them. Am I gonna tell you where to get one Hell no. I did my research, do yours. But for god sake, quit messing with drink this and eat that. Hour before, 2 hours before.. Subbing is the way to go, people. The futurenof beating a drug test is here. Do the research, never fail..

+Jared Clark In case you missed it, the subject was drug testing. Something tweekers like you should have some experience with....

+Jared Clark Speaking of tweekers, tell your mom she missed a couple of spots on the windshield of my Lexus when she cleaned it the other day. And to wash herself. When I rolled down my window to pay her the 50 cents, her stench almost made me lose my lunch..

I need help if u drink this will you be clean for ever as long as u don't smoke or is it temporarily.

Hey does anyone know if it still works if you puke a lil, i drank some last night went down fine but this morning I did it and couldnt hold it all down, I puked up a lil, im just wondering does it still work even i I puke a little.
You should had took a $1 drug test from the Dollar Tree to see if it working before taking the real test. I weigh 250...haven't smoke in about 4 days. And got a drug test in 6 days...I'm feeling pretty confident about certo thing...and extra precautions because I'm a big guy.. +super sally You are on fucking crack, dude. Seriously. You have SEVERAL people telling you that it worked and you STILL are in denial. Just because it didn't work for you, doesn't mean it doesn't work for everybody else.. +Jibwa First of all, the only crack I'm on is the one on the girl that my husband brought home for us. And second, I'm not a "dude". If you ever had the pleasure of meeting me you'd KNOW. Lastly, if you cared to look, you'd find that most of the forums around the internet show that people are divided about 70/30 AGAINST certo working. The reason All it is made of is lime peels and water. Period! Any educated person would know that eating lime peels is not going to increase your chances of passing. But, Jibwa, my whole point from the beginning has been, why take a chance on something that "may", "could possibly" or "might" help someone pass. This is 2015 and the future of beating drug tests is here. With the advent of these devices, no one should ever fail a test again. And BTW, your comment of, "Just because it didn't..." is lame. I never tried it. I'm not that gullible and Yes, it does mean it doesn't work for EVERYONE else. Because, well, it doesn't work for everyone else. LOL. do you need B12 pills because I only got Certo & Lemon Lime Gatorade... please help drug test is tomorrow. Seriously can't give enough credit to this!! I did my drug test yesterday and did this method and passed my test. Look Here's The Deal, It DOES NOT Matter how much you smoke prior or leading up to the drug test, CERTO DOES WORK, its just people dont know how to use it, Do This Method Atleast 2-3 Hours Before Testing, NOT The Night Before, The Shit Only Cleans Your System for 3-4 Hours So The (People WHO Are Failing Dont Know This) And Think They Are Clean Days Before.. Take The Same Day 2 Hours Before Testing And You'll Pass, Promise..
people need to consider weight and diet into this. my boyfriend does this but he is also talk and 140 lbs. I'm a thick girl and did this and about to go take a test.. I also puked the top layer of my stomach. the foam is killer. but every time he did it correctly, he passed..

+Amanda Mello keep us posted on the test... i mixed it in a red gatorade and couldn't notice it the taste lol.
Is it just irony that he has '420' subscribers when I watched this..must be a sign from the weed gods. Either way I've already been looking into this and I'm trying this out for a test tmrw. Downed my first one tonight and will have another one before I go in tmrw. (Smoke everyday, been hitting the shatter hard for awhile, stopped on Thursday, got a test on Monday) I'll reply w my results . +James Dempsey -I also took B12 but it was 2500mcg, I took four of those 3 hours before going in which only adds up to 10mg. My piss was still looking pretty clear but guess it didn't raise enough suspicion for them to do the other more thorough testing. Good luck brash. +Happyface615 b12 is only for levels/color. Must've been pectin unless u drank a shit ton of watee. For skinny people:Day before:water,azo cranberry pills,niacin 250Mg, 15-30 mins of jogging Day of: 2 b-12 pills & niacin(8 hours before test),Gatorade,water,or body armor sports drink mixed with Certo drink 2 hours before test.
Certo works!! I just took my piss test for Hyndai and passed. Last night I smoked 3 blunts to myself. It actually works..
You guys are crazy. Why not just quit cold turkey and let it gradually escape your body. You can exercise on a daily basis to speed up the process of it getting out of your body since it's fat soluble. Hell, you can even go inside a sauna room and sit in there for a good 30 mins since you will sweat the thc into your urine system and then drink water to piss. Remember, weed will always be around. It was there way before you were born and it'll be there way after. You guys are the reason weed is getting a bad name. Jesus Christ!!.
+NooNie B im not sure how many hours it actually works or how many pees are clean. that was my first time trying it. and it worked for me. i did it at 8am and took test at 11.
I took certo and just passed a home THC test BUT i didnt just use certo. I didnt smoke for 22 days, I took cranberry pills everyday, I go to gym 5 days a week so i was sweating and sitting in sauna, and i was drinking 60 oz of water daily. I took a Certo night before and morning of test and passed home test..
Okay I got a drug test where I just pre in a cup I've watched videos saying certo work so IMA try but what if I do it how long do I got till I'm dirty aging.
can you drink like soda to make your piss yellow if you dont have the vitamin bcuz i thought i had some bt dont n i get tested tomorrow at 11am n already drank a gatorade with certo and pissed 4 times already n all came out clear.
if your on federal probation don't recommend it the piss is sent to a upscale lab were it's tested for this type of shit it's OK if ur doing it for a job but not for federal probation like me.
Fake pee ain't a option in Lincoln, NE. A person comes in with you and looks at your Dick through this huge convex mirror in front of you. it works. I went to take a test yesterday for probation. make sure you take the vitamins, that's where I fucked up and pissed water. also drink until you can't nomore. certo gave me a bad stomach ache for about 15 minutes but it was worth it.. Man I've tried every trick in the book, I have to go see my po tomorrow and I might get drug tested. I'm going to drink pa tablets a gallon of water the day before certo the day of with water lets see what happens if I don't post something tomorrow June 17, 2015 that means the shit didn't work. . +James Dempsey I've heard it works for alot of people tho. numerous of people I've talked to it workd for. just have to do it three or four hours before. Ok important question after you do the Gatorade and certo method. How long will the thc/weed stays out your system Is it possible I can do it once and it will stay out my system until I smoke pot again. Like can I get the "rules" to this method. And my pee will eventually turn yellow again in a couple of days right Please reply asap. .


October 31, 2015
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November 13, 2015

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+Yogi Bear Easy! Buy synthetic urine. Thats been my success for eight straight tests. Or Drink Cranberry juice for 2 days Do cardio work as much as possible then flush your urinary tract by drinking Ural. Doing this moves THC through my system in 6 days. If you dont believe me try it. Please note the more body fat you have the longer it will linger. Fuck the testers and keep your privacy..
I need advice: I am 125 pounds, 5'8 male (pretty skinny) I've been clean for 10 days now and I have a test in 4 days. Before those ten days I smoked about 3-4 times a week, off and on. So far I have been getting exercise and drinking a ton of water. So basically I want to know if i'm fucked for a urine test in 4 days Any info on what I could do would be greatly appreciated .

I bought xstream synthetic urine and I'm nervous that it won't work. I found a comment in a page of someone who supposedly used it and said that said it came back positive for cocaine. Have any of you used it.
Daves Kratom passes drug test with flying colors... $150 per Kilo all strains Maeng Da Malay Green Horn Super Green White Maeng.
why can't weed just be legal on the recreational level in all 50 states, this is bullshit, i need a job to get money so i can get stuff "including weed" but i need to stop smoking to get the job.
Really you have proper long detox depending on what was used and how much or substitution. I smoked weed for 2 weeks straight day and night 8-9 joints and bowls a day I have a urine and blood test in 10 days how can I pass ive already drunk 2 gallons of water and ran more than a mile I weigh only 120 pounds would i be okay to pass both Deos drinking water and sweating work also for blood test I need to know for a government Job Plz help in desperate need for straight forward answer Also i have stopped smoking for last 3 days. I need advice: I am 125 pounds, 5'8 male (pretty skinny) I've been clean for 10 days now and I have a test in 4 days. Before those ten days I smoked about 3-4 times a week, off and on. So far I have been getting exercise and drinking a ton of water. So basically I want to know if i'm fucked for a urine test in 4 days Any info on what I could do would be greatly appreciated .
Dude! 125 and your 5'8 I'm 155 and I'm 5'9 and I lift 125 pounds on my exercise bench. Damn dude, it's like I'm lifting someone my own age at ease..
So Yesterday I took a UA and passed to my surprise but that whole week I had been taking azos a pee cleaning pill And drank almost 2 gallons of cranberry mixed with certo (niacin) and I passed I'm a pretty big guy 6"10 315 pounds so I was quiet surprised to pass they sent a sample off for a second screening but I think I'm good considering it's been a month since I last used and I was a pretty heavy smoker but yeah I also used the sauna 2-3 times a week that week of so if I passed I recommend this to you guys . I hate this double standard that exists in the us. you can do meth, heroin, cocaine, and whatever else is out there and that shit is out of your system in a day or two at most, but smoke a bowl with someone over the weekend and you might not get that job, you might get fired, or violate probation and go to jail. YAY PROGRESS!.
Why are you all doing drugs Recent studies are showing that regular or even once a week use of Cannabis shrinks an important area of the brain. Harvard researchers have produced several recently. You don't need drugs and they do long term damage. Note that most gang killers, most of the kids that shoot up schools, most assassins across history and so on were also regular Cannabis users. Hippies try to give weed a "laid back" reputation but the reality is it makes you dumber. Stupidity and violence often go together but it has other manifestations too like the dumb "muscle head" or "stupid jock." Getting high regularly makes you dumber. It also kills talent, looks and health. Look at Elvis, Whitney Houston, Robert Plant, Michael Jackson or Marilyn Monroe. All killed a lot of their talent, looks and life with drug abuse..

Here is my situation. I am 6 foot about 180 pounds. For the last 4 years i'd say i smoke at least a bowl a day on average. I stopped smoking completely on July 9th until July 19th then i took 2 hits from a bowl and havent smoked since that (i know i'm an idiot). My drug test is 13 days from today (August 11). I have been running for about 30 minutes everyday since July 9 and have been drinking a ton of water (clear piss everyday). Am i fucked Last case scenario is i will have to ask a buddy for a sample but that will be awkward. Any advice would help alot! Thanks.

I keep trying to spread the word about the future of beating drug tests, but each time I come to a new video and I am laughing so hard by the time I'm done reading the comments, seeing the gullibility of people and the general publics lack of understanding of how the human body works, that I have no time left to tell you guys anything. But ask around, everybody is using them. The future of beating drug tests is here....

if you don't know what I said or understand I think its time to go back to school buddy you have a few more years to go.
+Temptation N Wasian I understand the words, just not the logic behind them. You're going to have to do much better than that if you're going to call me a moron. Much better!. I diluted my urine with water on a drug test and it still came back positive do cocaine and THC. Sorry folks the water trick won't work unless you have squeaky clean kidneys which if you use drugs you most certainly do not. The way I found out to pass a drug test 100% is to simply stop using drugs. Works everytime for everyone. As hard as that may be to believe yes it is true. i am giong in for a interview tonight and doing drugtest i have done the certo and Gatorade method and i have had at least 1 gallon of water already its been about 3 weeks sense i have smoked i will let yall know if i passed .
I just used a Detox. It was about 13 bucks but well worth it. Here is the link.

Yes but I'd mix it with cranberry juice and use 2-4 packages per half gallon it's going to be nasty but it works.
So I am on probation and I know how to pass drug tests but what I'm trying to figure out is when my p.o. does a surprise visit how will I have time to warm my urin in a few mins Any ideas feel free . i drank like hella alot of water for 2 days and and too vitemin b( makes it look yellow) 15-30 min latter i passed. i had a kick back camping party with my friends and i knew i had a piss test and it pasted me sooo thats my plan XD that and it dose depend on how much ya smoke .
Thnkyou anyways I passed my test at the clinic and I go to my orientation on Tuesday. I'm so happy 😄😄😄.
With the synthetic urine, make sure you use a container that when you pour out the fake piss it sounds like your actually peeing, some testing facilities will listen to you pee to see if it sounds like your peeing, or if it sounds like your pouring it out of a container.
Idk it was a while back. My phone must have auto corrected something on me. I don't even remember this, let alone seeming to be upset at someone encouraging others to,eat chocolate!!!! Chocolate is the greatest thing ever!!!!... nah, I can think of a few things greater, lol. Anyways, no idea about my post..

Failing drug test sucks! Tips in the video are informative and will help you somehow, but what is important is how effective the method will be. NEVER FAIL DRUG TEST! Now I found great resource how to pass naturally drug test:

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November 27, 2015
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December 3, 2015

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Sorry to hear that man. Drug test can be nerve racking. especially if you think you will pee dirty! Like I said in the video, this is not a quick fix. What I am suggesting is a dietary change. If you can change your diet to Keto, then eventually you will be able to pass a drug test while smoking weed. What Keto is is a diet that causes you to produce ketone's by the liver. The body will then be more inclined to use fat for energy as opposed to to carbs. My theory is that once you get to a stable weight, you will be able to burn off all the fat you intake that is tainted with THC instantly. At least this is what I think happened with me. Like I said, I can now pass drug test while I am high. I hope this was helpful! Link to some good Keto resources:
I hear Kratom works too... Daves is the best 2 $150 per kilo ALL STRAINS Maeng Da White Indo Chocolate Red Vein Yellow Vein Green Vein Super Green Vein... All FREE SHIPPING FREE DELIVERY.

Im 6'2, 170 pounds and i smoked around a gram a day for almost two years. My metabolism is amazingly ridiculous and im semi active. I stopped smoking three days ago and my drug test is in 5 days. The only reason that im nervous is because ive smoked so much and actually have never taken a drug test. I could go without weed normally, but since it helps with my depression and ADHD, giving this up not only ruins me day to day, but im an asshole without it. Just need some thoughts please.
Hi, This website should give you all the info you need. Basically, eat as much fat and as little carbs as possible. Carbs are in everything, look at food labels at the grocery store.. well can i ask u some thing I way 315 how long do u think it will take to get out my system and can u tell me what to do to have that diet. +Jordan Rivera The diet consist of eating as much fat as you can, and as little carbs as you can. It is challenging, but has a lot of benefits. I lost 40 pounds very fast. This is me, the original poster.. small amounts spread out. Low to no fat foods. Lots of physical activity. within 5 days. The more you smoke and less active you have along with body weight the longer it holds. Ive also read proteins absorb thc so eating or drinking protein with no fat prior to indulging should also increase what gets passed instead of absorbed by body. So if your going to be pro pot head you better be basketball player too.. +Scarfer.Edits so what,, r u 14 He's talking about pot. Not a drug. Even if he was talking about dope who cares. Don't try to be coy with me you r clearly clueless.. All these people saying "dude I smoke more than you" you sound stupid af. Some people smoke less some people smoke more. Get over yourself. .
could be an know what those are right name he says doesn't match YouTube name either... #tryagain.
Got the hair follicle test comin up. Dicey on if I will pass/fail (theres been some smokin goin on). If I fail the test will that shit be confidential.
I guess I'm gonna have to post on every video on here until the world hears me! Just spent 8 months locked up because of some bo bo I used that I seen here. Now I smoke everyday and pee pee for my po po 2 times a month. Fresh and clean. Fabulous and free. You people have got to stop rolling the dice with this junk. Everybody I know subs clean for dirty. You just have to have the right device. NO, not a bag of piss tied around your waist. No fake dick. This is not the 1970's! This is the future of drug testing. You wanna pass, it won't be easy. Ask around, everyone is using them now. But you gotta find them. You wanna smoke and still pass, do your research. Cause I'm not telling ya!.

+Joey Gelling sorry I've been gone for a while. Wish I could of help you. It would of been nice to see something positive come out of all this negative. Next time, kid..
For all the other Joey Gelling's out there that are looking for the best way to pass clean pee pee on the po po, get a HeWhizz or SheWhizz. Works everytime. 😕 wtf you only smoked 1 gram in 3 days..of course you'd pass you you barley smoked any weed 😴 I smoke atleast an 3.6 grams in 3 days Manet more . This might sound crazy but I assure you it works. Take half a tube of tooth paste (without baking soda preferably) half a bottle of peroxide and here comes the crazy part use your urine. (urine contains ammonia but a certain kind of ammonia that will mask your hair) Yes, I said Urine. Find a bucket, mix all ingredients together.make sure the bucket is atleast half full. You will basically need to wash your hair 10-14 times a day with the ingredients in the bucket. After you dunk your head in the bucket, DO NOT DRY IT, DO NOT WASH IT. Wait till it dries on its own, and repeat the process. The morning of your hair follicle test do it once a more. It will smell but you will pass the test. Also, you might want to do this on a day that you have nothing to do. Good Luck. THESE DRUG TEST ARE SO BULLSHIT I WROTE A ANTHEM PISS TEST SONG IN 99 I HAVE IT ON YOU TUBE NOW IT GOES OUT TO ALL OF US... I AM WITH YOU.... if this is true. that is good news. any real stoner would laugh at a gram in three days. but you wouldn't have to quit over all. actually never knew this..
just drink plenty of water and you should pass cause mary jane wont show up with water in your sytem done this meny of times and pass it with no problem ill do this for a week somtimes 3 days strait and pass it.
It depends on your metabolism...and weight. Skinny people burn fat as they go...a fat person will not be able to do this because the fat cells are still there where toxins remains. . I like it man, got a dui and pissed I got to quite so if I can still smoke a few "HITTER'S" a day and keep clean that works for me... Butter then nothing. REAL question u ever get up to like a half gram a day. I just found out about the keto diet, and it's a great thing to do if you're a pot smoker.. I remember those days, I was younger and not making a lot of money and id have to smoke like half of what would be a snapper bowl. ONE GRAM PER 3 DAYS!!!! NO WONDER YOUR PASSING THE DRUG TESTS DUDE YOUR BEARLY BLAZING ANYTHING IM TRYING TO FIND A WAY TO GET CLEAN AFTER ABOUT AN OUNCE A DAY LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL HELP ME WIT THAT.
sorry bro... your wrong. THC builds up in your fat cells. why would I want to put 80% fat & 20% red-meat in my diet & fat cells attach themselves to the THC fat cells already in your body. therefore spreading the THC to the un-effected cells... I'd cover my face to if I didn't know what I was talking about too....
You're silly. Ketogenic diet causes your body to burn ketones for energy, rather than glucose. Therefore, if your body is constantly burning ketones, rather than storing them, there is no thc to be stored in the body..
hey there thanks I wanna ask another question I been searching wat a keto diet is hard for me to understand wat is a keto diet for u I'm 5,8 230 pounds can u plz help me out here wats the best food and is sure jell good to clean ur system.


November 24, 2015
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December 14, 2015

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its a blatant violation of my rights as a human being. the fact that i have to submit myself to a body search to get a job is disgusting. the fact that someone can smoke crack and be clean in a week yet if i smoke pot im still positive for THC is also disgusting. the fact that someone can go home and get trashed on booze every night but still have a job but i technically cannot smoke pot at all is also disgusting. i will decided what can and cannot put into my body. alcohol is far more dangerous in every regard.
Besides! Stoners work much harder to afford their fix... who wouldn't want that kind of productivity. It all boils down to your METABOLISM. Its very possible to train your body through excercise and dieting, im proof of it. Its possible to medicate fri and sat and be clean by monday and do that every week. It all boild down to you body weight and metabolism. If you need help gimme a holler.. Refuse drug tests. I personally will never pee in a cup again for any corporate or governmental reason unless forced against my will. it is degrading and absurd. drug tests do not test for impairment, only past usage. if alcohol or tobacco was similarly criticized or persecuted, there would be riots on the streets. Time to call our senators and congressmen. Find a way to end this national embarrassment. No wonder why unemployment is so high!!!!.
Try to stick with a worst case scenario. How about a less loquacious channel and get a bit specific. People don''t want a lot of anecdotal rambling, We'd like to know how MUCH reefer you were using, exactly how long was your abstinance and were you in any way trying to "flush " the "toxin" from your body. Please be very specific. Some of us don't have the luxury of guess work..
I smoked yesterday and tomorrow is the day im skinny realy skinny and skatbaord everyday i smoked once can i do it. I feel ya, I too have to look for a new job after being fired from my job of almost 7 years I live in WA state were as you all know that it is legal here.I am a good employee and this scares the shit outta me because I need a job asap anyone who can tell me what synthetic urine works anyone ever use upass..
Pre-employment drug testing is intrusive and violates the person's personal privacy. Corporations in the United States are gaining more and more power over our lives and for ANY of us to simply get a job and support ourselves. We MUST SUBMIT to these semi-fascist practices by Corporate America, so much for personal freedoms and rights. Drug testing DOES NOT determine whether or not a person is a drug addict/user, it ONLY concludes that a person has been exposed to the aforementioned substances. First, anyone who uses cocaine, heroin, opiates/opioids (opioids usually are legally prescribed pain killers; ie. oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, codeine, dextromethorphan (OTC cough medicine; Nyquil and various other medicines), MDMA (ecstasy), LSD, mescaline, methamphetamine or amphetamine and its derivatives which quite frankly very many kinds, synthetic weed or "legal herbal smoke/legal highs, Alcohol, Diazepam, ephedrine/pseudo-ephedrine (found in allergy medication both prescribed and OTC), Psilocybin and psilosin (Magic mushrooms or shrooms) can easily pass a drug test simply because the aforementioned drugs are COMPLETELY WATER SOLUBLE!!! Which means these substances are easily and quickly washed out of the body in a VERY short time. Drug screens are ONLY effective in detecting THC and its metabolites such as; 11-Nor-Delta9-tetrahydrocannibinol-9-carboxylic acid ester. Due to the fact that the main psychoactive active ingredient in cannabis is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol [C30H21O2], which, is also a lipophilic (fat soluble) terpenoid/resin which is readily stored in the body's fatty tissues and this is why it takes so long for the body to rid itself of this substance. I have personally proven to my self and many pre-employment drug screens that they're easy as hell to pass by not consuming cannabis yet, getting totally smashed up on the other water-soluble drugs I mentioned above. All I have to do is stop using the substances for at least 8-20 days (depending on the amount I partied with), keep properly hydrated obviously to help eliminate the metabolites of the said drugs by urinating a bit more frequently than normal and, finally, when the day comes to take the drug test... VOILÀ!!! My drug screen results come back negative and I got a job..
It can actually take up to 4 months to get clean. Excerise and ketosis helps get the fat out of your body. A 1stcheck home drug test lets you send your sample in to get your levels checked up to the ng/ml using the gas-spectrometry or whatever. You want to use your first and darkest piss of the day(when testing because it will have the highest levels of thc metabolite, so that you know if you pass that test, you'll be more likely to pass with diluted urine), and if you do a urine test, try to dilute the hell out of your urine and use your 3rd or 4th piss of the day and have some special K cereal, 5hour energy, red bull, etc. to get a yellow tinge in your urine. Have some meat to keep the creatine levels in your urine up and don't exercise within 3 days of the test. I tested clean when sedentary and then exercised and tested postive for a few days afterwards (I guess my metabolism went up) Practice substitution method with a digital thermometer and quick fix and consider finding somebody with clean urine to use and put in the freezer/fridge like the guy from American Beauty. Urine can be stored for a brief time in the fridge, and much longer in the freezer of course. Contents can settle, but don't use a fresh sample if it's been out for more than 4-7 hours because exposure to bacteria/air etc. can negatively affect results or show up in a test possibly. QuickFix has a pretty good reputation in forums. If you go to their website they mention that Canadian QF contains urea, which is checked for in Canada and some states (Oregon tests hemoglobin I think, you may want to check). *For +johnnydontdoit the detox drinks just make you drink lots of water to dilute your urine, and the pills probably have B-vitamins to give your urine a color. But look at the ingredients. The extra sugar might help keep you from breaking down fat because the body needs to be deprived of all non-fat energy (carbs/sugar/etc.) to go into ketosis (where it mostly breaks down fat, think Atkins). I have Herbal Clean brand Qcarbo20 clear liquid detox and pills and the drink is mostly sugar, and the pills have creatine in them (low creatine is one way they test the urine for being authentic) but from the research I've done, the other ingredients don't seem to be important, though they are healthy looking..
Thanks, John. You've done your homework & have some great advice. Now you got me thinking about changing to the Atkins diet as well as picking up a 1stcheck home drug test. It's been 41 days since I've smoked & I've kind of gotten used to not smoking. I still have 3/4 of an oz. in my mason jar that keeps calling out to me! I was going to turn it in to canna chocolate but I'm not sure how long it would store in the fridge since canna butter only keeps for a couple of weeks. Thanks, again..

+johnnydontdoit there's a video with a guy in sunglasses, a backwards baseball cap, and a white bandana claiming that he smokes and tests himself but comes up clean due to efficient fat metabolism using the keto(genic)/Atkins style diet. It's called "How to pass a drug test without giving up marijuana" by jake shuttlesworth (current YouTube name) Of course, I recommend testing yourself against others results. (I wouldn't recommend risking it, even if you could pull this off, because it's easy to mess this diet up) I plan on taking a break for 2 months and testing out my clean time again. I wish I would have done all of this over a year ago. It would have been really handy. Don't go on my advice alone, but use it as a basis for doing your own testing/research and check out the forums out there. It will take hours of research but it's worth it being informed..
Pee & sympathy; lol 10 years ago I applied for a job & they made me drug test - I used some detox (cant remember which) pills & drank lots of water per the advice of a friend a day or two before the test. A day or two after testing I got a call from some doctor - he asked me if I had a medical marijuana card...I said I didn't & said to my self oh fucking hell. Needless to say I didn't get called back. Now I'm looking for work again & it's been 3 weeks since I last used & I got so stressed today I almost said fuck it, but I didn't relent. I've been a daily smoker for 25 years & (will be again after I get a job &) a very good source (a scientist) tells me I must stop smoking 42 days but I've read some people need 63-100 days of being clean. The bigger you are, the longer you need to quit. This is the only time I've appreciated being 5'4", 130lbs. However, I am losing weight & I'll get to that. Of course, being clean for pre-employment is one thing but, random testing is a whole other concern. I've also heard those test kits you can get from amazon & other retail outfits are not as precise as the ones used by companies out to hire & test you. This is America - Fucked Up. Thanks, Nixon & Reagan. Drug testing is not as prevalent (so I've heard) in many other countries. I've also discovered that cannabis has been a great medicine for dealing with depression & I never realized this until lately. Scary because my brother actually went through with suicide 23 years ago so it may run in the family. Insomnia is a problem too, now. Some nights I'm only able to get a few hours sleep since I haven't used...cannabis helped with that & anxiety. Also, being a throat cancer survivor I have always had difficulty swallowing food after cancer treatment - cannabis fuels my appetite & helps me sustain a healthy weight but, I am losing weight again since I had to stop consuming. What a fucked up country this is, the USA.. +Urista92 Thanks, man & I totally agree that it's unfair how cannabis users are demonized while harder drug users practically get a free pass if they haven't used in a week or so. Cannabis is here to stay but I believe it may take a generation or two before companies relax their stance on drug testing for cannabis & treat it like alcohol. Hopefully, I'm wrong about that & hope you are right!. Hey man, check out the comment I made. I've spent a *few weeks-months doing research plus trial and error (after multiple instances of seeing others fail drug tests and failing myself). It's a pretty good summary of what I've learned but always do your own research and double check. Losing a job due to a failed drug test can cost thousands of dollars in lost income and can make a huge impact on ones life, so sober up and take it seriously. I'm going to seriously miss smoking weed (getting a job that test for it) but I look foward to taking long vacations and smoking at the beginning of them with enough time for it to get out of my system.. hey ganja geezer I've been clean for 62 days and still test positive for THC. in my system.. have you ever heard anything crazy like that trust me its hard for me to even believe it. I was a heavy user of MMJ for 15 years...
Quick Fix Synthetic urine 100% guarantee. I have used it multiple times never had a problem. The only problem with it is that, if you need a hair follicle test this product won't work. Also if you get randomly tested you have to carry one with you at all time which I would imagine annoying, I would just carry one in my car, in cast i got sent to take one strrap it to my leg and away i go. If you need to be less conspicuous I suggest a tube system from the bottle to your fly. Stay medicated.
Wow this video just made my night I took the same test before a drug test I actually took 3 lol and they all came back negative I had been clean for about 25 days and was drinking tons of water and some cranberry pills and cranberry juice I took my test being sure I will pass my per-employment test I'm still waiting on the result but I think I will pass the lab test if I passed three of these guys right . I too gave up my meds for work! Ironically, after a little over 2 years, I ended up helping my father pass on with Cancer, his chemo sucked... and I helped him find some relief with Cannabis, he was so weak I blew it into his lungs for him...yes, I, it did cost me my job on a random within a couple of weeks of my return...I would do it again! Now, I have been injured even worse and rely on Cannabis Even More, giving it up now would be more painful than I could bear! .
Thanks for the info. This kind of subterfuge is something I'm not comfortable with. I suppose with the ridiculous laws in place, ridiculous solutions are necessary. It really angers me..
Interesting video... If they hair test you it is a whole different issue. The bad part is I can go to work on my legal meds and they don't have a problem at all. .
My pain specalst is a bastard and gives me a UA every month. THe medical assestant actuly watches me. I cant fake it, but so far all ive done is nothign other than what im alloud to. One other guy beign UA'd looked like he was on some drugs and made me feel like i was in his catigory. He told me the medical assestant was a homosexual and only does it because he likes looking at us anyhow he told me he has faked it before, and i dont see how, with dude looking at your
How about a job in the MMJ industry theirs a lot of need for trimmers / growers / sales staff and so on. on another note their are a lot of products out their for a faster clense that work great to flush your system. get incorperated and consult for a living I seldom see counsultants getting tested. I am in CO and a card holder also and I counsult for a living and I have never had a issue yet. good luck and please keep posting.sorry for the bad spelling. I have considered that but don't have the DoR certification and they aren't issuing any more until February. I would like to work for an edible manufacturer. I worked for a company in IT for 15 years that was a food manufacturer so I am very familiar with GMP regulations..
I understand I'm not trying to condone breaking a law. I just feel that the laws surrounding cannabis are ridiculous in the first place, and I know a lot of people feel the same way, and ya, this is a ridiculous solution unfortunately how we must fight ridiculous laws. .

If you are in pretty good shape and drink water the speed at which the thc is flushed from you're body is faster then one who over eats drinks soda and is over weight. .
a job in the cannabis or hemp industry is not likely to test for cannabis so i would look for a 420 friendly job instead of changing your lifestyle . i just drink a bunch off Gatorade or water then before i go in drink a monster and take some vitamin b - some times i don't even do the vitamin b (like if im broke) i have the attitude that i don't give a shit if i pass because they are making me test the fucked up part is when you really need the job that's when i really do try with dilution >>if i don't like the attitude of the company making me test i will just go take the test knowing i am dirty because then they have to pay for it. No I plan to continue doing videos on the legalization process here in Colorado and discussing cannabis issues as well. Of course edible and flower reviews are on hold for a while. . Employees: Don't support prohibition. Don't work for a drug-testing employer! I won't. Drug tests only catch cannabis. Most anything else will be gone from the body in a few days. Employers: A better policy is to get to know your employee, and to observe his or her work ethic and habits. If the employee does good work, private cannabis consumption shouldn't factor in.. you know u could try getting a job at your local dispensary, they always need help with trimming (it's tedious but it can pay up to 25$ per hour) and they will respect your consumption of cannabis.. .
I read the medical marijuana laws in Arizona it says they cant deny you a job because of use of medical marijuana.
I like to buy the fake piss from the head shop and strap a pre-mixed bottle of it to my leg with an ankle wrap. That way your leg keeps it warm so that it's up to temp. If that fails, I like to have 2 grand in the bank as my packed and ready chute. .
HEy man! im wondering how its going. have you got back into using your meds again Im guessing not, becuse of the no videos. Im suspended from my regular account for afew more days, so im over here. I cant see my messages, or reply to comments, so idk if youve commented in a while or not. 1 thing i know is i miss your videos, so if you feel up to doing an update, or just commenting back. I would appreciate it alot! keep doing your thing! Bret.
My grandpa is convinced my eating disorder and GERD is withdrawl from Funny i started withdrawling before using the

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Theres no need to boil it... I tape it to my leg... Keep my legs crossed in the waiting room and my body temp keeps it hot enuf... Done it several times.
+Ronald Mcneal me too, normally I use a non-lub condom tie it in a knot and put the knot in my zipper so when im sitting it hangs between my legs. Never failed one this way..
man that sounds like a mission... my bad for not seeing this comment... I am used to only getting 3 views lol.
+Tony AnthemZ But wouldn't the specimen be too hot It does look like a good plan, it's jus that pee is supposed to be certain degrees, so if it's too hot they won't accept it, and if it's too cold they won't either... how long can you leave piss in a bottle for i feel like it would get nasty af and you probation officer would see that i have no fiends with clean urine. That container is perfect!!! I have a drug test for Nissan Monday morning... I'm using this. Spray and Pray!!!!.
I have done that and it works.You are the only dude that has made a good video on this subject.well done.
What's the temperature you should bring it to when boiling it And if it's too hot how do you bring the temperature down.
Use a smaller bottle and just stick it in your crotch for an hour or more and it will be body temp. No need for the thermos or hand warmers..

+Adam Hudson So is it a good idea to keep the clean pee over night or should I just have my friend pee in a bottle the actual day of the test Also, if I keep it overnight, how much should I warm it up for.

thats to hot.. use your own body temperature with a pair of compression shorts. your balls keep it around 93 degree. i use 5 hour energy shot body. stay active n walk around. compression shorts n ball sweat will heat it up lol.

I am a drug tester just sharing info. This method only works part of the time because we check for a specific temperature and if its too hot or too cold we reject the specimen. And the employer gets notified immediately so it has to be between 90-100 degrees..

took 10 phase lab pre emp test om 8/11/15 hope this helps ne one else yo i just took a pre employment drug screen at us health works using my mates clean pee and i passed barely...if u feel like you can pass when dilluting do it if not get ur mates clean pee the day before or the day of...recomend have him pee in a bottle in the parking lot of the place u are going for "best results"...i didnt do that i went to my buddys house last night got the sample from him put on ice immediatly for ride home put in fridge woke up had to be there at 8am what i did was boil water put a glass or ceramic bowl with luke warm water in boiling pot...put container of piss in bowl check temp every so often till its at about 98 degrees F get thermus put pee container in thermus and put boiling water in thermus so container is sort of floating there checked temp with thermometer...was a lill too hott so put on defrost vents on dash of car and blasted ac till it reached 98.7 deg F tapped hand warmer to container and placed in gooch between butthole and sack...waited 20fucking mins till i could give sample...gave sample she said its a bit cloudy and almost regected it i told her i drink lots of soda and she let it a call 20 mins later stating my ua came back neg and everything went well...i used my buddys piss that was under 18 hours old hence why it was a bit cloudy but this method does work 100% at a lab just make sure the clean piss is not over 18 hours old and ur golden.
Damn, yeah gotta use the damn coffee cup lmao. Well, for women it's easier, ya just gotta stick it in your pussy. For men, without a coffee cup, boiling water and some hand warmers, all you got is a microwave and a pair of ass cheeks. And being a man is easy... ppfftt. A young nigga got his test tomorrow. I have the urine nd supplies. Hopefully this works. Ima let you know. Also buy a glass aquarium thermometer for $3 and stick in in the bottle. Check before you go inside, and leave the thermometer in your car for next time.. my test is probally gonna go to the lab does it have to be that warm wont it just cool down while it gets sent to the lab.
Had my test today did everything he did. We shall see in 24/48 hrs if im good. Only suggestion is not to make it to warm..

Thanks a lot this worked for me and by the way for a job by law they cant watch you in the bath room.

get a mens whizzenater now that shit works it has a temp thingy and everything my friend just got it it works miracles now this will work too.

Passing a drug test for employment is the easiest to pass when using someone's pee. At least for me when u r a girl. Idk with a guy though...I think they gonna have it a little harder...but with a girl, for me I just had this plastic little tube that looks like a prescription pill bottle with a seal tight top...and I just pee in it and put it in my u know where to make sure it's my body temperature and I've passed it! I've also tried the condom thing and I've also pass...just have it by ur crotch long enough to warm it up. Kinda close ur legs. .
+Invaderd so the condom won't break if you keep it between your legs and will it reach body temperature. Condom wont break. BUT be carefull it dont open. Try not to put so much pressure when sitting down. Try not to have such tight jean pants. And it will reach ur body temp. Like 30min is enough. But if u rly wanna feel comfortable u can have it on for like an hr. When being tested u usually have 4-5 min time limit to pee. It will seem like it it wasn't enough pee and MAYBE they might make a comment about it like is this all u was able to pee Just be like, yeah, unfortunately...Ive been in moments like that...But They still will try and take it. And Ive passed them. Ive tried the condom thing like twice and the bottle thing twice too. Pass 'em twice. So when u have the condom between ur legs like on ur undie just try not to put so much pressure on it. They bottle, I had it in me. And u still have to be careful bcuz it hurts when it is inside. Well it only hurts a little when sitting. Standing its ok..
I Gota go do this bs monday. I get what to do. But do I leave the hand warmers on the bottle while it's in my boxers I feel like that would be really warm lol. .
do you have any idea on how to make the urine stay warm for a 3 hour drive...when you're in a car with 2 family members who don't know you're not going to urinate yourself Also, how to conceal it on a girl My gf has to take a test SOON.. Check I had a day old per and I just warm it up in the microwave (heh) a little and just have it between ur's warm there than u think. If the drive is 3hrs then that's plenty of time to make sure u warm the pew to ur body temperature.. +bob jones The big size Visine bottle is good, maybe strap two together. I would use duct tape around the bottles, and then sew them to your underwear, pointing down. Empty pockets. On the container you piss in, the one they give you, there is usually a thermometer strip. Pee in the cup normally, then quietly pour it out after one minute along the side of the bowl, as the temp reading will stay go to normal. Squeeze the clean piss into the cup, and don't lose the caps on the floor. Practice at home first with water in the bottles..

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Comments about this video:
2 CarnalDiafragma Good question, but I'm not sure anyone really knows the answer. The reactions that are occurring must be extremely complex, producing numerous chromophores that change as the reaction progresses. I'm not sure how even to begin investigating the actual mechanisms. .
2 TheHomeScientist Well, after some research, I know the Chen-Kao Test forms coloured chelate complexes with copper sulphate and Simons tests form complexes with [ONFe(CN)5]2- (nitroprussid-acetaldehyde I believe, a prussian blue derivative), So my guess is that the Mandelin reagent forms coordination complexes with vanadium. But I can't even guess how the Marquis works, because there is no d-block metal for coordination complexes in the reagent. .
2 TheHomeScientist Hey, was wondering if you can use the principal of the Marquis Reagent to detect Formaldehyde in a sample. For example, old insulation called UFFI contained formaldehyde. Could we add sulfuric acid and a drug and check for color My point again is to find out weather the sample contains Formaldehyde... Thanks for your comments!. I'm not sure, which is why I leave these things open-ended. I do want to do more stuff with Mandelin and Marquis (along with several of the other standard color-spot reagents) for alkaloids, although I may do the next presumptive drug testing video (whenever that may be) with Scott reagent (cobalt thiocyanate), the standard cocaine reagent.. This is really good! I've made ammonium metavanadate yesterday and was looking for a good use. This is a great idea. I am really wondering about the chemistry behind these tests. Why do you get those specific colours What happens.
I've never tested it, but according to the literature, ephedrine shows no reaction with either Marquis or Mandelin..
Formalin is an aqueous solution of formaldehyde (methanal), CH2O, usually 37% by mass (40% by volume). It usually includes a few percent methanol as a stabilizer.. Either type works fine. For real tests, you'd typically use only a few granules of the suspect material and one or two drops of reagent, so even the stuff with very small bubbles is large enough.. Good question. Yes, I'd still record it as "no reaction", because reactions that occur with many compounds after 1 or 2 minutes are unpredictable and not reproducible. That's why the reactions are carefully timed, and the "final color" is considered to be the color after (usually) one minute. The speed of reaction varies with temperature and often with the amount of substance used, which is one reason why these tests are "presumptive" rather than conclusive.. 2 bletnahuj That would (a) produce hot sulfuric acid fumes, and (b) cold sufuric acid is scary, hot sulfuric acid is terrifying. It's easier just to buy drain unblocker conc. sulfuric acid.. In practical terms, no. Presumptive color spot tests are now used only on actual suspect material. Before instrumental analysis, CSTs were sometimes used to test body fluids. Depending on the compound, how much of it is metabolized versus excreted unchanged, and the sensitivity of the reagent, forensic toxicologists through the mid-20th century were sometimes able to detect and identify specific alkaloids from body fluid samples. However, they had to do a lot of separation/purification first.. Can you prepare your own Mecke reagent i can't seem to find selenious acid or selenium dioxide. is it possible to a home scientist to get a hold of what is needed in Mecke.
Could you write the names of the chemicals down in your next videos (either discription box or in the video itself both would be alright) It's very hard to understand some of the names if english is not your native language.
would this work with a urine sample,or would it be too dilute for this type of test. i think those types of tests(homekits) use some type of an antibody reaction.. Mainly because I'm law-abiding and didn't have any illicit drug specimens, but also to illustrate the wide range of compounds that Marquis and Mandelin reagents react with to yield characteristic color transitions and final colors. I'll leave it to viewers to test other compounds and report their results, perhaps as video responses.. I like your way of thinking... even split bubble wrap. How big though the small or the larger bubbles. I would like to make some marquis reagent but I'm not sure I can obtain such concentrated H2SO4. How concentrated must it be to work And is there an OTC source for such concentrations. Ah you already added the list thanks! It's just hard to understand some of the chemicals even if they are written the same way Chlorphniramine e.g. would be "Chlorphenamin" in german but the pronunciation is completely different.
I have a question regarding your results. I believe you said that the Chlorpheniramine maleate sample provided inconclusive results with both wells, but at the end, the contents of the well turned a green color. Would you still record this as no reaction, and if so, why.

interesting, I'm very interested about the chemistry going on with marquis reagent. What sort of stuff are you going to test in part II. Put plants, spices, etc in an organic solvent and see if you can detect alkaloids.

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Comments about this video:
I took a drug screen used some one else pee temp was low but she still said it was in range an clearly it was not what does this mean please somebody help.
+pablo duarte THC if not going to stay in you more than a few days if one time use , if daily then it depends on body mass and activity level. but if you do not use for 3 weeks even if a regular smoker you will pass. even hair only goes back 3 months..
I think most drug test are bs yes for certain jobs construction heave equipment driving ex. For places like fucking gas stations or best buy please what a load people the state does not have the right to screen people the war on drugs is just degrading civil liberties as long as your not high when you come to work and don't smoke pop or snort anything at work then screw them damn nanny states. Good luck all..
Question. Urine tests for employment looking for drugs, are they gender specific Meaning, with a regular drug test, will they test for gender I passed a drug test using my girlfriends urine in the past, but I heard many labs are actually testing for gender and sythetic urine these days..

Drug tests are such bullshit. Because I work for a living, I get drug tested. Drug test these losers that sit on welfare their whole life!!! Stop harassing the working people. .
These tests are usually competitive binding assays, which means in essence, that the drug metabolites are fighting chemicals in the assay for "spots" to bind to on the substrate. If the drug isn't present in high enough amounts, the substances within the substrate "win" the fight and there will be a colored line showing up on the test meaning negative. If the drug metabolites ARE there, then they "win" and no line shows up (yes, it is counter-intuitive). That's how screening tests work. . There are reasons for drug tests Employers want their employees to be safe!. That means SOBBORE. I would not want a Stoned person operating a crane or other equipment around me!. I want to go HOME every night!. Are these "lateral flow tests" If they are, please take a minute to explain to non scientific types how the metabolites are captured in the different segments of the test and how they test for different levels of the same metabolite. I think I know how these work but I'd like a pro to give it to me in lay speak! Are you a Kiwi, an Aussie or a South African! These are hard accents to differentiate! I think Africans, but if I'm mistaken... Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Cheers!!.
UA's suck. They got mad at me because I had too much water in my UA sample Well it is 100 degrees outside and I have been playing baseball in league. Of course we drink plenty of water and gatorade. They said my urine was too clear. DUh! Also, my DR told me to drink plenty of water for my sore throat that I am recovering from..

This is not that best of a video. He should have mentioned the best urine specimen is the first morning it is concentrated. Instead of comparing colors he should have used a urochek analyzer. Also as per OSHA guidelines GLOVES and EYE WEAR MUST be worn!.

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December 21, 2015
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(resveratrol ultima drug testing) MSN Health and Fitness has fitness... Femvigor; Vitoslim; Resveratrol; Niconot; Glucolo; Vitolax; Hoodia; Gordonii; Fitoderm... i47
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Comments about this video:

Ay dude how much cranberry juice did you drink before the test.!! need to know fast ,really important .

so the day u did all the stuff did u quit and also thanks for the info most videos about this the person doesnt even smoke ha '.
DUDE! My piss had no result... So they're sending it into the lab. I AM FUCKED. See ya $20 an hour... :'(. i drank two regular size bottles of cranberry juice and i threw up. and i need to pass a test and i smoked three days ago. need to runnnn. the most thc in the urine comes from the first and last bit of your piss. also the first 3 pisses of the day contain the most thc. so get tested at the end of the day and try to piss a lot before your appointment. .
2 PartTimeStoners Sorry dude ur wrong!! If u excercise it will burn all of the thc filled fat, burning that fat will release all of that thc into the rest of your body and you will fail the test..
cranberry juice is the WORST Thing to drink BEFORE your drug test. cranberry juice does thicken the piss, but it also takes THC out with it. thats bad... you want to mask it, not flush it all into the cup. drink pure water. if you have a few days, do some cranberry juice, but do not even touch it the night before the test. the night before your test should be PURELY WATER, and all day before it, PURELY WATER. anything thick like CB juice will let the carcinogens latch into your piss. BAD.. 2 MSzVAzqUEzO7 also depends on how fast your metabolism is, i may have just gotten lucky im not positive. i know people who've had many tests and failed them all because they didnt have high metabolism, but anyways good luck on your test! hope you pass!. Here's an idea: don't do weed in the first place. It has many destructive health effects. And is weed really worth not being able to get a job due to a drug test They want someone who is focused and ready to take on the job, not some trippy, chill pothead.. If i do this, will my system be clean again until i smoke again. Or will it come back after you cleanse for 24 hours.
i heard if u drink a couple Red Bulls before ur test so that your piss is just the red bull, it will cover up the THC, or you can just get a drink of water " " " hold it in ur mouth and when ur half way done just spit it into the test cup, altho im on UAs with my counciler so he dont stare at my dick while i do it .

wait does your piss stay clean cuz idk when im having my drug test but i need it clean by then let me know asap!.

this kids an idiot from full time stoner to part time this is the only way to cleanse for thc but will not work in 24 hours it might work for a test a week away and niacin is the next best thing.
"why cranberry juice you say" "because it thickens your piss, and makes it so...I don't know your piss thicker" hahahaha I was so weak XD. 2 Imakeplanesboom your point being Smokers KNOW that cigarettes are bad for them, but did you ever think that we actually enjoy smoking. 2 MAKER6450 your vbery right i may of just gotten lucky but i still passed. i smoke daily i usually get high around 2-4 times a day.
you know, you could just try not smoking for a few days...that works too. i'm a pharmacy technician, and i've learned quite a bit in the 4 years i've been one. THC is detectable in your system for up to 3 days after smoking. If you are chronic smoker, it is detectable for well after 3 days .
2 ReeFeRKuSh1488 they also make sure its 98.6 degrees (normal body temp) and if its not close to there they prob thing you tampered with it and you will have to take the test over again.
yo its been about 3 weeks since i smoked will i be able to pass a drug test ive heard about niacin pills and a bunch of other things let me know asap.

It varies on body type, exercise, metabolism, etc. Cranberry juice is effective, but only when taken with large amounts of water. Water is the only free and nature substance that will clean out your body. Just keep drinking and exercise as much as possible...or just buy a detox kit for $60.

shot gee i got snap smoking buud in da toilets at skool and i got a rubacon test soon and im only 14. .

question can you use substitution for an at home drug test and pass. my mom gets them from the dollarstore and i have a condom full of piss and i was wondering if temperature matters for an at home drug test.
You know if you barely toke, it's not always going to be in your piss. Basing this on your Account name. Part time stoner. If you toke maybe once a month you're okay for any drug test. You need to toke a lot and continuously for it to show up in your piss. You also look skinny based on your camra angle, you are also safe, THC grabs onto Fatty cells in your body. Try not to over drink, you can kill your self that way. Aloe Vera Juice cleans out your system just as much. _\|/_ Peace _\|/_. naw dude I'm on probation and I've cleared out my system in 48 hours before doing this but not 24.
Best not to take a chance - if you lose, expect to flip burgers! If employer follows the rules, you won't get a 'heads up' - but if you got nothing to lose, go for it. Got season layoff, got heads up, self terminated, now it is wait and see what Big Bro does - F..k!!!!!!.

2 Imakeplanesboom A degree has nothing to do with any of this. Showing off that you got a piece of paper that says "college graduate" all over it doesn't prove you're a smart person. I've had friends pass through college and get degrees just by cheating. How do we not know that your not another one of those idiots just showing off something you got by cheating Should choose your next words wisely, someone who has no degree might make you (the one who has a degree) look like an idiot. ;) ~T.A.I~.

any people on here who can testify this worked i got an interview tomorrow but im 5'8 130 and i was a chronic everyday smoker since 5 days ago...test might be in the next 4 days or so.

I havent smoked in 16 days if I drink a lot of water will I be ok without cranberry juice Please answer soon.
the reason you use the middle of your stream is because sediment hangs out on the top and the bottom of your bladder and thc is stored in fat cells thats y u gotta sweat and work out good vid tho. Vinegar does not work. Nor does niacin. Cranberry juice will help, but it needs to be pure cranberry with no sugar added. That's not what I do though. This is the best method for me. Go to GNC, buy some vitamin b2 and creatine. Go home and mix purified water, sugar, vitamin b2, and the creatine together. If you preffer you can add flavoring. Before you drink it, drink a glass of water and wait 15 mins.. You only live for like 80 years why not do drugs Why not experience everything you can while you can The only ppl who say don't do drugs are the people who never have or the people who did way too much of the wrong drugs.. 2 radusmc53 Don't worry yourself with it. We have many,many ways to get around backward legislation. I have a great job and have earned the respect of the entire company and all i touch! I have been smoking for 17 years failed 2 screenings and still have my job making 86k a year! Not bad for a Trippy Pot Head!!!!!!. 2 nny900 I've educated myself through many certified sites and videos, and the waste of money and health hazards aren't worth it..
Thx for the comments!!! I have to c my PO soon and I'm going to try that stuff out. Wish me luck.

Chill bro, visine does not work anymore, that is a 3rd degree federal offense for tampering with government property. the cranberry stuff works though good shit.

2 cuppycakesandzombies I'm aware that it can help with treatments, but it has many adverse effects. .

yes it works with water, its called dillution or flushing. i would use a half cranberry juice half water mixture, anything to increase pee flow. then just pop a couple b vities before the test and your golden..

2 ReeFeRKuSh1488 it would be hard to hold water in your mouth because most the time you have to talk to someone when you walk into the place and most places like the one i used wont let u wash your hands after wards so it would be hard to get water, i chose cranberry juice because the acidity in it cleans out your system super fast while the cranberry juice covers up the potency of the THC. im not sure on the red bull thing never heard of that..
man i have a drug test today its only a home drug test but in the past 3 days i've drank 2 96 oz of cranberry juice and over 15 bottles of 16oz waters think i'll pass.
i tried this right... assumed it would work so i got cloud 9 fuckin dope ass silly high the day before. im talking full day bake high. when i got my results back they said i had so much THC in my system that i must of been high when i took the test... .

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November 17, 2015
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October 27, 2015

Comments about this video:

Wondering how's Journalist and film makers can find these 'drug lords'.. but the DEA and police can't, hmm..

Looking at that shiney fishscale Rock makes me horny lol and who ever was wondering what that chemical he used, it was most likely ammonia.

I thought it would be cheaper in a place like Amsterdam, thats way more than what we pay here in the northeast US. Besides that by the time its broken down to grams its stepped on like a marathon street. Is it odd I used to buy from a guy named "Mario".

In England we by a product called "KLEENOFF" to cook the cocaine we use bicarb as well but KLEENOFF is more efficient to erase the mixing agents to find out the purity its 100% pure household ammonia never used acetone be honest didn't know you could use that thanks for the knowledge !!!.
NAT GEO :( In the real world he would test before buying, this is staged crap and pathetic. The end of Nat geo.
this is never 97 %with his method he can not identified some cuts, because some cuts can´t get out wiht the amoniak or acetone method like levamisol that is in 90% of all cokain!!! sometimes they mixed it in southamerica I knew that because I test coke for 2 jears in a laboratory. also pure coke dont have to be shiney they but kristalin cuts so it becomes shiney. some people can fake coke so good that is looks like real coke and when you test it it shows you that is real coke but ther is o% coke inside. the only save test is to send it to a laboratory like in Switzerland. sorry my englisch is bad..

Most likely cjng cartel, they do a lot of their business in Europe/Asia/Australia. I assume like the video stated its easier for them to just pass it on to the Africans, who then are in charge of moving it north. Mexicans aren't then ones flying to Amsterdam, but are there in the chain..
No no no no no! It dissolves in water! In fact some drop a little in water to see what's left, anything left is junk, so the more left in the water the dirtier it is. No test is perfect as chemists are getting cleverer and cleverer and can use agents that are very difficult to discover, but don't forget that they heavily rely on repeat business, so the only guys willing to risk losing long term business for a little more cash short term are hard drug users. How well do you know your supplier Understanding them will tell you more about what you're buying then any test.. wow great video! keep them coming! i didnt realize u had to litraly test the potent like that of the coke i suggest a bump. but this dude knowshistricks.

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January 24, 2016
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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
I cannot believe that people gave money for drugs and only 1 person gave money for a homeless family. 1 PERSON! This is really sad....
so did I cant stop tears for days. hurt my feelings when the people gave money to him when he wanted horrible products but no a dime to his family.

This makes me sick! Each person passed by the man looking for money for drugs alcohol and weed and almost every person gave himself money.
+That Fandom Girl 69 Cause dollar dollar - fuck you kid; with no clothes or a home or education, makes life too real. FOX NEWS FOR THE WIN.. Alright, look at 1:53. That man stopped and read and saw the girl with him. He had children of his own in a little car. Yet he decided to keep walking. What I don't get is, is if I were a father and passed by seeing that shit. I'd take those two out for lunch, buy them clothes, help them out. Like, he should know damn well he'd never want to be in that position with his own children, so what the fuck. i wouldnt be on the street begging id spend a week a month building somewhere in the forest close to a water source. fuck the public. p.s i fucking hate people.
+Connor Starkey-Vlogs dude the at the end if the video the guy says he's not homeless. unless your talking about if homeless is real..
+overgrow00 ikr their is a dude in my street who asks for money with one of those cardboard signs he doesnt sleep there because in the morning and late afternoon he is never there and we have seen him with a phone in his hands.
fucking worthless disgusting disgraceful idiotic humans i hate this world i just cant believe mankind.
+m0hsalim Here in the East, yah... much of them is just scam, those children are not even their child, just some children they gather, drug them and put them their for pitty. THEY GAVE HIM MONEY FOR DRUGS, AND ALCHOHOL!!! They don't deserve their money back for feeding his addiction.. I'm thinking, more people will definitely give more money to the girl and dad...oh...nvm... that one women rocks!. its because the guy with the girl might be lieing and the guy asking for drugs is being honest so that's why he got money it sad that the guy with the girl did not get as much money:-(.
People did not give money to the "father" because maybe they think that he might be using the child to get money and later on spend it on alcohol and starve the kid OR they think that at least the child has a mother (even tho she could be dead) that can take care of her instead of this "homeless" (that could be abusive) father.
+kevin p my parents aren't and they thought me good values since I was a kid, but since the majority is sexist, sometimes is hard to find good people out there.
By passing by and watching the guy asking for money to buy drugs, alcohol, etc. By instinct we have the need to contribute, even though if its for his long term suicide. However, By watching a man, regardless of his social statue, in this case homeless ,with the little girl we automatically assume it is his responsibility for he is a figure of power and supposed to provide or his family. Also, you don't have to be too smart to assume if this was a real case scenario DYFS would had taken the girl before he even had the chance to write on the poster!.
It's funny how the homeless guy got money for drugs when somehow a homeless father with a child some how just gets one shit ton of money by one girl and then prays for them. people In america specially mens are stupid as bitch! Are alcohol or drugs are more important than a family!!! stupid mother fucking bitch people!!!!!. Is this really happening WTF this is really freaking messed up... People support drug addicts more than families... Da fuq This is a disaster....
That was so sweet of the woman who did that. I wanted to destroy the car that those kids were driving in..
I use to give a dollar to every homeless that makes eye contact with me even when I were very young I used to give out my allowance to homeless. I feel people needs to stop giving money to homeless. that's when I only get 10 dollars for the whole week for food in school when parents were making 5 dollar an hour. after I grew up and trying to start my own family I feel that If you really want to help give them a job a place to stay put them back on their feet. if you cant, your not helping them and your not in the place to be "helping" them. your giving money to them so you can tell yourself that your not cold blooded(at least that's how I used to think). some people are going to say oh at least they are not robbing and selling drugs. well your not supposes to, so dont even compare. anyway I could probably write a 3 page essay if I go on trying to make my point and not sounding like a hater. But I want to say I feel that when a young homeless asking me for money to buy drugs or alcohol. I'm not saying I would give them money. But I feel they are speaking the truth. But when I see a young guy or a man with a kid. I ask myself how long is he going to do this for and if I give them money they'll feel no need to work. how much do we need to give him to supporting his family and for how long what about the child anyone seen the movie pursuit of happiness should know and anyone with real love for his family should know to get a job. If your job is to make money from sorrow and petty then ask yourself do you feel shame. It's just hard to watch how society is just becoming a shit hole where people care more about drugs than fellow humans.
What the fuck is wrong with these people y not give money to the father and daughter or just with both. What the fuck is wrong with the world rn.
duhhhh ppl r gonna give money to the kid of course like who wouldn't!!... ok then i was
I wonder what they did with all of the money since he obylesy did not need it for drugs he'd be arested if he did.
oh my god !! they gave moeny for drugs!!!! no one of them did it for an homless little girle !!! my god where are we going with this. What the actual F*ck When homeless people ask for drugs and alcohol they get money but when they need money for food and a motel room everyone ignores them.
this is unbelieveable😐 people giving money for shit like drugs but not for a little girl and her father.
Coby did you give this woman with the dog also the money u got from the other cup,the one u obtained with the drugs and alcohol request She deserves to have them for the kindness she gave in return..
what the mother fucking god. they will give to the guy that needs weed drug alchohol fuck but not the homeless father.

WOW give money to a man that wants drugs and booze than give money to a dad and girl that actually needs it!!.

This video is fucked up is drugs and things that can be terrible for us be more important than our own what is wrong with Americans.
No, that's not the right question. What happened to us 'cause that's the real meaning of this social experience : you, me, WE are probably exactly like those men and women in the video... Creepy....
The fact that people would rather give money to the homeless for drugs and not a homeless single father with his daughter makes me sick to my stomach.

People like drugs more that homeless, poor familys IM DISGUSTED! RETARDS WHO GAVE SOMEONE MI EY JUST FOR SOM E STUPID DRUGS!!!.

The guys who gave the homless drug addict have no clue what those do to a person...why is society turning to if you agree.

I really want to push the little girl on her little toy car and steal it she just walks past the homeless and doesn't care😕rich people are always mean.

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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Zachary Brooks It would be boring if they gave an inviting environment then he wouldn't have to hold on to his asshole infront of hundreds of strangers lol..

lol this so funny, would love to see more of the people's faces and looks maybe a split screen with 2 cameras to see peoples reactions..

Ketamine SUCKS. Got real drunk at a friend's house once, and asked my friend's sketchier friend for a ride home as he was leaving (I lived about 15 blocks away). It was about half an hour before I realized that I should have been home already and was instead outside of the city now driving through the country. This is when this friend of an already borderline friend, let's call him T-Boz, began laying out lines of ketamine for each of us on a Triple-6 jewel case. Like, not really even stopping the car to do it, slowing down a bit sometimes, but at one point drifting through a four way intersection with his head down snorting em up. Drunker than a crystal dog penis and now having had a couple of lines of this awful shit, I wasn't really that alarmed when T-Boz got out an illegal firearm, and started shooting at random things out in the greenish darkness (far out in the country now enough that we would rarely see other cars but still). He offered me the gun then, and pretty much just let me do what I wanted with it, which I at first thought was pretty awesome. We mangled some stop signs that night, at the time I'd never fired a gun before and I have to say for a wasted idiot I was a bit of a crack shot. T-Boz's driving was flat-out retarded ever been in a car with someone who's driving so recklessly, so maniacally that you paradoxically feel safe like "well if they're doing shit like this they must have a handle on it". Part of my weird calm was probably all the liquor, but anyway, then T-Boz pulls up in this zero-horse town, literally like a 50 person community like nestled in a little grove of trees somewhere very quiet and remote, and, suddenly he is gesturing at me with the gun - not threateningly, but conspiratorially, as he describes what an "asshole" the guy who lives at the house three houses up is, how he beats his dog and overcharges for drugs. He tells me how much money the guy has and how he's a "pussy" and that's when I really start to notice the ketamine, and what a notice is a pervading, crushing coldness, like a sickness in every cell of my body, a hopelessness that was so flat and dead it was almost like a kind of lethal boredom. It made me certain that life was not worth living. Once T-Boz put the question to me outright, it took about half an hour to convince him that there was no way I was going to rob his asshole dog-beating friend with him. We left again, he was in a huff and driving even more dangerously. The cold, nauseous, creepy boredom that settled over me during the conversation never became visuals, but it added a weird shitty-action-movie blue tint to things, which held up as kind of a buffer between me and T-Boz's suicidal driving, until he drove right through a t-intersection and into a field, over about a six-foot drop. The impact was like what I'd imagine a head-on collision to be, but somehow we were a little bruisey but unhurt and the truck kept rolling. Rolling but barely, as fucking bizarrely high as I was the truck we were in at that moment gave me the impression of a hapless beaten animal that had finally been kicked so hard that it took on a portentous limp, a limp of finality, the unhappy shuddering and stuttering of the vehicle was surely a warning of imminent death. T-Boz suddenly decided he was upset with everything around him "*WHAT THE FUCK BRO THIS IS A FUCKING ILLEGAL PISTOL MY TRUCK IS FUCKED WHAT THE FUCK WHAT CAN WE DO*" my response was kind of like "'re kind of echoing my thinking here you goddamn insane person I don't fucking know". Somehow the truck held up long enough for T-Boz to stash the glock near a random street sign he was certain he could remember, and I made it home, but that coldness stayed with me as I tried to go to sleep, a coldness like that sick tingling you might get at the back of your throat, letting you know to get to a bathroom before you throw up in public. I don't know that I can really tell you with confidence to never do ketamine, because I didn't do much, but I can tell you that it made my mind felt like a lonely bar of bile-green soap. And it gave me bad dreams. Already pissed at this guy, I sorted through events retroactively and realized the significance of his having given me the gun and encouraged me to fire it, before trying to convince me to rob somebody with him. Wow, yeah thanks for nothing T-Boz, I hope you never found your stupid gun again..
+Peter DeWitt Yeah thats called living like a patriot, good old american values. I moved into an apartment and my neighbor had a breathe thing on his truck to start it from dui's, solution Have me blow into it so we can get liquor go four wheeling and shoot things out the window in the desert.. +Peter DeWitt yeah you never wanna drink on ket. my friend threw up on like 7 people at a party when he mixed the two one time lol.
These are the best videos I've found on YouTube, you could get hundreds of thousands of subs doing this shit.
When I was 17, I dosed some LSD at a Christmas party back in 1998. I was a first timer and it seemed like it was taking forever to kick in and I started to feel like it was fake. Back then they mixed amphetamines in with the LSD to make it more party friendly(maybe they still do, I haven't taken it in about 15 years)the speed kicked in first and I felt like I could have lifted a truck and hurled it like the Incredible Hulk. I went into one of the bedrooms in the house to roll a joint and looked into the mirror and I could see about 7 or 8 mini-me images of myself all around my actual image in the mirror, they were of a silver strobe light color; that's when the LSD finally kicked in. Throughout the night I would see strange colors and people's faces changing shape, especially appearing to bubble/boil. I also felt like my insides were melting. The ride home that night was only about 3 miles but it seemed like we passed the same spot 20 times and I even yelled at my friend who was driving, "Hey, you've passed this spot 30 times already, take me straight home!" He laughed and said we had just left the party and were going straight to my house. lol Craziest Christmas I've ever had..
+Stan ‘ShadyWarrior’ Mathers MDMA isn't psychedelic. You should try candyflipping, acid + mdma. Now that's the shit.
Your socially and mentally retarded hi-jinks are so thoroughly stupid I cannot tear my eyes away. Especially when you start wobbling on ketamine and Christmas fist-pumping the geeky dude. This was upping the bar.. i wouldnt be able to pull this shit off,hell...i cant even smoke bud and goto the malls.If im really high on bud...the mall is a fucking nightmare scenario.I cant stand it,dont know how i did that shit during my teens.. LSD and Cocaine, no problem, but ketamine - fuck no! I feel good on K but holding up a conversation is near impossible. I prefer to chill out and observe.. +KidsWithGuns1992 At near threshold (we're talking like 30mg), I've found it to be basically completely manageable. But he looks to be about 190lb and very close to holing, so he probably took like 180mg.... This guy has balls of steel. In America he would've been snatched up by the cops in a heartbeat.. If you think watching this video couldn't get any better - turn ON the SUBTITLES! 8:42 Actual words; "This is the present you want wrapped, and when they unwrap it, they gonna be blown away... FIREEEE." Translated as; "This is the president or prime, when them run it may mean low no way, my ass of present." Awesome video though!.
With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that behind some narrow Christmas wrapping station, men in woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks out of things he could never imagine..

ket reminds me when i overdosed on ectasy, i was rocking back and fourth even in bed every muscle in my body was twitching and rocking back and fourth felt so good, like stretching your spine. and sweating from over heating. was mad!.
+pat88243 lol, when I overdose on ecstasy while being wasted I lost consciousness twice during the night. On one of those occasions I fell back through a glassy door only to wake up to the sound of shattering glass all around me. I vomited all over the place and was so exhausted that at one point I sincerely gave up on living and was just waiting for the remainder of my strength to run out and die. But apparently, it wasn't my time, so I survived that night. The next morning I woke up with my whole body aching, with heavily bruised face, because apparently I slid the carpet with it several times, with cuts from the broken glass all over my body. For the first time in my life I found appreciation for my ability to take a breath. Although it hurt to do so. Now, my LSD trip was a totally different ball game, but I'll leave that good night story to some other time. Xd.
All drugs make people less depressed and the world a happier place... Alcohol should be illegal and drugs legal!! Fantastic videos!.

the part in keta when he goes and holds the scissors "These arnt very festive are they" omfg lmao too good.

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This is what we need...People pretty much promoting doing drugs to do stupid shit for Youtube videos. Kids don't do drugs!.
I've served on a deli while on acid, speed, cocaine, ketamine and heroin (not together ofc) and it is fucking nuts! Mainly the acid tbh, had to get my work mate to cover for an hour while I sat in the staff room for a while!.

hardest thing to do on LSD was walk felt like I had been walking for ages but only took a couple of steps aha.

i feel like a junkie having expesrianced all three drugs. But for real, ketamin was heavy because i took so much. i just found it inside the apartment of a couple and theyr new apartment.(i though it was cocain, and i took one really long fat line) Time was going soooo slow, and i coukdnt walk proper, i proceeded to scream and i got soo fucked up i couldnt stand nor fall asleep! Ended with me lying on the floor looking into the cealing while i was thinking all kinds of stuff like how i was going to end this trip! i suddently passed out! woke up like 30 min later and was all dry in my mouth and still wobly, but now i was able to clearly see so i tumbled around in the apartment until they came home, and they where surprised i had taken so much. at once! in the worst i hallucinaout being in about being in a space ship, and i got out of body experience while i saw myselfe lying on the floor, knowing this trip would last forever, and my friends wouxld come take me to hospital. luckily it went over in about 2-3 hours until i was completly crisp..
well i function i have a job and everything, and plus it looked like coke, and i was going out that night! so stop calling me a junkie fuckface, you would done the same, in my apartment i don't leave powder laying around in my house which can put people in k holes!. Man, just seeing this makes my balls shrink. I get the crawings in some ways, but what fucks me up the most is that this guy can just stand there all fucked up and be talking to people in public and shit. I have too many negative thoughts to not contract a huge paranoia of some sort. This guy must be happy on life to give so little of a shit. But funny as hll.. i'm a little looooonely elf! little lonely elf! I really hope this guy was frying. That's just amazing. Customer service sucks, you rock!. OMFG, I came here for the LSD and Special K and they were both super accurate.. The clear disassociation was hilarious with both. That LSD laugh attack was on point... The whole Ketamine part was my favorite, that made me miss K Land. The K Hole is interesting too but he wouldn't be able to work in that state. I'm not sure if I've ever experienced Baby Food or not but I'm 100% sure I've never experienced God.. I don't miss the LSD Realm because I go there often, a little too often... Great Video!!!. For all those putting Ketamine down, looks like you guys got shit quality, cause this bloke looks like he's having a blast on it..
Lmfao when he was on the k it reminded me of the time I dislocated my wrist n the doctors had to put me to sleep guess I was riding a motorcycle in my sleep and made a lot of noses like this guy hahahah good times.
+bottle2lip Completely agree. Cocaine is absolutely addictive, and it has been proven that even after only 1 use your brain becomes altered to seek it out, but it is just a stimulant. In order to die, you would have to consume doses that are 10+ times greater than a standard dose, or mix it with other things such as alcohol. After a night of use, more than likely the only thing that is going to be damaged to any major degree is your motivation to get out of bed the next day..
Drugs are illegal, you should have been arrested. I've reported this video to the authorities. Hopefully they follow up on it and arrest you. You need to see some jail time..

+Qasim Abdullah Yeah, basically any of the pranks that are more than just jokes, are going to be faked. Just like with gaming channels like Pewdiepie or Markiplier, quality goes way down when viewers go up..

hello mates i have pure LSD,MDMA,DMT for offer i shipped to all destination and is safe and sound 100% discreet if interested just hit me at karsim920 at

Multiple Personalities /Self Portraits on Pinterest | Self...

January 2, 2016

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musik: Underworld - Born Slippy, Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes (Hixxy, Styles & Breeze Remix), Yomanda - Synth & Strings (Synth & Things Remix), Willie Williams - Armagideon Time, Coldplay - Talk.
Ive taken all those drugs over the duration of 1 day (except for heroine) and I was fine it wasn't until the last hours where I smoked the joint and stated having visual and auditory hallucinations, my friend was in a really bad state and I didnt know what to do. What are you meant to do when someone has a bad weed/lsd trip I told her to eat oranges but then she started spewing this is way tmi lol .

das beim ecstasy ist quatsch. mdma hat eine entaktogene wirkung informiert euch mal bitte in seriösen drogen foren..
+SqualzEdit glaub mir, bei ecstasy will man unter anderem tanzen. informiere dich mal, ich habe und brauche nicht noch mehr informieren da ich es weiß ;). hahaha übertriebener nebel ja ja ectasy die zene hätte bei mir im wohnzimmer sein könn xD . ''alkohol ist keine droge'' jetzt gehts aber los.. nur weils die gesellschaftlichste droge ist, zu denken es wäre dann keine droge mehr besteht bei alkohol kein suchtpotential oh ich glaube aber schon, und n alki hats wohl am schwersten aufzuhören, wenn er genau weiß, dass er in jedem scheiß supermarkt seine flasche voda bekommt (und das ganz legal) für ein paar euros. alkohol is ganz weit mit oben auf der drogenrangliste meine lieben unwissenden :) .

Xenical selamat - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Oct 8, 2015

December 10, 2015

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Listen to Tame Impala, 'Feels like we only go backwards' on LSD. Guaranteed best experience ever :D.
With the ego death thing comes an interesting question to my mind. It may be a really awkward question. Imagine someone is suicidal but is afraid of death. Of course he should never take LSD then (without a psychologist), but if he does and realizes that he doesn't need to fear death would it make him commit suicide or would he realize that it doesn't make any sense Oo I can imagine that it could help in therapy when someone is really depressed and suicidal. It would be great when LSD and MDMA (also some other drugs like ketamin and psylocibin seem to be very potent against depressions and other mental diseases) could be used in therapies without the need to fill tons of papers and wait years to use it in studies only....

i had a depressed/suicidal friend scare the shit outta me when he tripped cause he was looking like he was about to jump from my window...i had to grab his belt and tell him i would follow him out the window...he sat back down.

The whole death thing was true for me. After doing some psychedelics with my friends I realized just how small we are compared to the universe. Our lives and problems are nothing but a speck. And death can happen when ever so I came to accept that fact and try to live my life the best I can while I'm still here. So far so good!.

My friend once told me that he took two marques (that's like 200 micrograms, right) after smashing 0.7 litres of vodka with a friend. He explained that the 3 hours he was tripping before finally falling asleep felt like 12 years of his life has gone by, and he said it was a horrible experience (a bad trip, if you will). So I guess the lesson is: don't mix it with alcohol, just drink water..
At street u can talk with guy selling, most time is someone you/firend know. Onion- you are giving data and money to random guy which is about 100% anon for you. When you have good dealer much safer is go to him than onion. I would rather go to some street buddy than trust onions. It's just my opinion don't h8 my high m8..
+micke if you don't use tor correctly you can easily get fucked by feds. you can always buy a test kit so quality of it is never a problem.
"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.". +Roy Rodgers McFreely I was captured by the Bill Hicks quote. My question was referring to existence itself as a whole. As in: How the flying fuck does existence even happen. What gives rise to existence What are the features of underlying nature existence How the fuck does this reality even function How does it work at all If what Bill is saying is true, then I want to know how does it all work...that's it. U cant find the pages that are actually only found with computer or rooted phone, for me it doesnt work.
+micke U have to download "Orbot: Proxy with Tor" and the browser "Orweb: Private Web Browser". Start Orbot and connect to relay network and click in Orbot on "CHECK BROWSER". This will open up the Private Web Browser where u can open.onion links that are still online!.

In young onion you can find carbon-diethylamide which can be use for diethylamid synthesis which is used in some magic chemistry stuff to cook LSD..
I heard from a friend that lsd stays in you spine forever and can cause you trip at random times. this made me do a bit of research on my own and I'm pretty sure its not true. that being said, I was wondering if anyone knew where this rumor started. Also do not take LSD if you still have food in your stomache. Keep plenty of bottled water nearby. Keep your path to your bathroom lit and obstacle free. Don't let anyone peer pressure you into doing LSD without computer/internet access, especially if it's your first time or your first time taking a large dosage. Two hits WILL give you the hallucinations, confusion, disorientation and general terror associated with it. It is NOT A MYTH. Smaller doses (100 or under) might give you the same effects, but on a much smaller scale. LSD is widely considered as an enhancer; you don't need to trip balls to get your moneys worth (see: candyflipping)..
+Sardoniscorn Who the f makes and distributes LSD nowadays Seriously! We need to somehow get the ball rolling on some sort of framework for allowing adult humans to be able to take consciousness-altering/expanding substances in a safe and responsible way. The science is all we need to get the framework put into effect, after all, science proves that certain psychedelics are very beneficial for the brain and body. Well, we the people need to demand for it... How are innocent, but curiously introspective and adventurous individuals get reasonable access to some of the greatest medicines/tools of the world This is intolerable, because if the adults (in some cases maybe kids) were to use these tools properly, it would probably force serious change (from the bottom, up) in the political spectrum. It would even force a distribution of wealth downward, effectively eliminating poverty, over-time. All this is stalled because the elite prey upon our ignorance and apathy. We don't understand reality without these sort of expansive experiences, which is why the elite are doing there very best to keep these very potent tools, illegal. What are we to do!.

Is it bad that I did a project on LSD and why it's not good for you because it's a drug and blah blah blah... That I wanna do it. I saw online that it isn't physically addictive like other drugs, it looks fun and chill and defiantly not as bad as other drugs..
question about the music: im a big fan of heavy metal, but im worried it might scare the hell out of me while im tripping. thoughts or comments. If you want to know about life use Psychedelics. If you want to know about death unfourtunately you have to die. Being conscious of death makes no difference. Death is death..
i remember the first time me and my ex gf did lsd, bout 2 hours in her mom called and said her cousin was in the hospital dying so we went to the hospital and she was freaking out out and had a horrible trip i felt so bad for her:/.
+Seth Felger my grandma died on me while I was high on weed in September, and I could not mange to feel anything but void. Sometimes I feel it helped and sometimes I like it didn't, and as I write this I'm pretty convinced it did not at all.. +Lorenzo - Don't blame weed for your inability to feel anything for your grandma. Cannabis is a miraculous teacher and gift for everyone. There's literally nothing better, in terms of total benefits, than cannabis. Cannabis use is equivalent to meditation, in that your brain was mimicking a deep meditative-waking state in which you are connected to the stillness that permeates the universe. You were not able to feel this, unless you were, but weren't able to understand this. Cannabis use needs to be attached with educational pamphlets so people don't misinterpret what they're experiencing! The plant's use is ultimately therapeutic if used properly. In fact, the cannabinoid compounds that the plant makes interacts with the intrinsic evolutionary process in all animals! I'm sorry for your grandma. You probably realize that there is something to be learned by each experience, right Just understand the fact that this plant is a sacred gift to humans. We as a species need to utilize this plant to transcend our current destructive paradigm into a future of knowledge, awareness, health, and wealth...for all. Don't worry by the way, deep down, death is an illusion. You grandma is part of The One, just like you and I.. Can someone tell me the difference between the sugar cubes and the tabs I want to try lsd (never done it before) and im being offered sugar cubes. What should i know about it . be very careful. any research chemical could be on those sugar cubes and you cant test them. basically liquid "lsd" was dropped onto the cubes, thats it.
Do you think listening to Led Zeppelin while tripping is a good or bad idea They are my favorite band and they always make me feel awesome when I'm down so....
+Morgan Woodward music for the most part is awesome while tripping. and when you are in the right mood, it will be greta exprience to listen to your favourite music while tripping. anything that makes you feel safe, good comfortable etc are safe things to surround yourself with while tripping..
+ledzepgirl92 Thanks for responding. I needed a little insight from someone. Btw I like your profile name. :D .
I've never done a psychedelic, but LSD sounds like a really fun time. I'm thinking about buying some for me and some friends. Does one tablet make you trip if so how much would 6 tablets cost.
I really want to try LSD, but I am scared. Like really scared. I've seen a guy go though a bad trip and I've also been really nervous when trying any kind of substance in the past..

I think anxiety is a better word to describe paranoia is way worse man.if you felt what I felt you'd kno what I mean.

+Jesse Cole I know paranoia and anxiety are two different things and paranoia can be intense but I have experienced both from cannabis. Mostly just anxiety but that's it. But I don't get anxiety that much. I think anxiety actually applies to both weed and acid. But I think paranoia strictly applies to weed..

+ThatXoneXguy my best advice would be look for a local small festival. buy a test kit and look around. should be tasteless or electric tasting, also large blotters are sketchy should be around the size of your pinky. anything that seems like heavy cardboard is also questionable. shouldn't be any stiffer than like maybe cardstock paper at the most. and the Internet is your friend. if by any chance you're looking for "research purposes 1p-lsd is rather close..
+InformantⓋ shamefully I read it in a comment before it sank in, but regardless I&#39;m soooo bad at catching those hints... I hate it haha,.
2 PsychedSubstance I have one Question, sometimes, when i use a High Dosage of LSD, i release DMT after some Hours for some Minutes, do you have any Answers on that Greetz..

How much more intense is 200 ugs compared to 100 ugs I have read forums saying it is obviously more intense but is it more intense due to increased visuals or because you lose a greater grasp on reality If any experienced people can respond I would really appreciate your time and knowledge :).
Check this out
quick question cause I really can't seem to find this answer. has anyone had experience with incremental dosing over the course of a day say something like 25 ug 4 or 5 times throughout the day or maybe 50 ug 3 times my other question is would doing this benefit the consumer would they hit a couple separate peaks throughout the day any response and advice is appreciated.
Would tripping while camping in the woods be a bad idea for the first time I've never been camping before but I think it's a cool idea..
Yeah my boyfriend is gonna take care of me for sure. I think we are gonna go to the beach instead because I'm not comfortable with the woods. Thanks girl :).

How often is it safe to take LSD Also, since I began experimenting, I've become extremely interested with concept of ego death. Is it possible to achieve ego death while on a 'low' dose of LSD (150-200ug)..

+ferrariteddy is he I can't find information on whether he is, let me know where you saw this....
+Craig Scorgie he's not a doctor, he said in his 100k q&a that it's satire, and he was going for more of a mad scientist look anyway. Hey man, first of all fucking great channel. Secondly just did lsd for the first time last night/this morning. Trip was good however, trying to sleep after has been near impossible. So far still no luck. (17 hrs after consuming) I definitly broke a lot of your rules. I tripped overseas in a foreign 3rd world country. Im gettig lost in thought but ill get back to my main point. the lsd i got was on a biscuit. when i was buying it it was lile 11pm so i was like hmm should i take now or tomorrow afternoon. but when i saw a biscuit i was like so i just ate it cos i thought i got scammed. maybe you could do a video on different things lsd is sold as and how to get some sleep after a trip..
i never tried this only because i can never find it. "umm if anyone knows" what im thinking email me asap - youngnshort2 gmail.
Need to get my hands on some and cant use onions. Does anyone wanna meet up in the L.A. area I got plenty of mula. i'm so jealous.. your girlfriend is beautiful. But you are such a good guy so you deserve her haha. +Bradley0beaver Assuming you mean MDMA by md. Marquis reagent will test for MDMA and 2cb (as well as a bunch more). Marquis will also test for LSD, but I believe it can be a bit unclear so Ehrlich's reagent can be used instead. Keep in mind that no kit can determine purity. ALWAYS test each new batch you get, only takes a little reagent and that stuff will last at least the whole year..
+Ethan McLaughlin yes md i mean mdma, we just call it that here, thanks, ill grab a marquis test kit!.
Have you heard or encountered the substance 1P-LSD What is your opinion on it as I have done a lot of reading on it and the substance seems like it is to good to be true for someone in my position as I live in a highly remote part of the UK, Psychedelic substances are extremely hard to obtain (Apart from Psilocybin Mushrooms ;) ). I always have reckoned if I get what is supposed to be acid tabs on the street anyway that they would almost certainly be NBOMEs or I-25, but if i get this stuff it's supposed to turn into roughly 80% of the 1P-LSD into LSD which is alot more potent than many illegally obtained actual LSD tabs even would be. My concern with 1P-LSD is with it being so new, people dont know if it is the same as acid (not being able to physically overdose for example) and what harm it cause to my physical or mental health being technically, a research chemical. If you could shed some light on the topic for me it would be amazing amount of help. Also I appolgise if anything I say in this comment is incorrect or seems stupid, sadly my first hand experiences with LSD are extremely low. And the reason I am asking is because of my lack of knowledge. Please if you could reply to my comment PsychedSubstance it would be a amazing help to me. Thank you for all your video's. They have been a massive help for both myself and my girlfriend. Take it easy. :).
Hey so if you have like a fan email or something I'd really really like to ask you some questions I have. I'm quite curious about some of these substances!.

onion faggot thinks 500 mics is okay because his vendor told him his tabs were 250 when they were 75. No way the person in this video did 500 mics..

Step 4, set and setting: My set is always so solid(positive) my setting is nearly inconsequential....

Sexual Health supplement reviews, buy best Sexual Health...

November 25, 2015

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Social Media Strategy, Viral Marketing and Digital...

November 1, 2015

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How Long Each Drug Stays In your Body.. Drug Use Chart

01 April 2016. Drug Testing | Drug War Facts ( About Avertest. Avertest is a leading forensic drug and alcohol testing service provider for Judicial, DOT Regulated, and Workplace clients across the country.

02 April 2016

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Pros & Cons of Drug Testing Methods - Drug Test Kits| Hair...

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April 30, 2016

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Employment-Related Drug Testing | Drug War Facts

April 28, 2016. Erowid Drug Testing Vaults : The Basics ( g_info1.shtml) The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index, an industry standard, examines positivity rates to provide a comprehensive analysis of workplace drug-use trends among...

May 25, 2016

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