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This one is for you ladies. Women tend to carry a lot of guilt as it relates to sex and sexual issues. Women have been brought up to disregard their own feelings, to find tremendous fault in their own bodies, and to feel guilty about sexual dysfunction. A low female libido is guilt...

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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:

That is the only product in the market that works and can last for more than one day for sure. I recommend everyone to try Prolargentsize capsule, if you want to enjoy the sex experience ( i am talking about that feeling when you were in age 20 )try it. It won’t be disappointing at all. I order it from Prolargentsize website..
Fx48 s o l u tions pills G r e a t Product!! I highly recommend it! It works!! 1 pill takes about 30 minutes to kick in, b u t last 2-3 days. The best thing dont need a presciption!! NO side affects!! It also feels alot "healthier" in the body to, Viagra felt wierd in my body like I had taken m e d i c a t i o n .

Female Libido Boosters

December 25, 2015
How to Increase Female Libido. Women who report a loss of sex drive, or libido, should communicate openly and honestly with both their healthcare provider and sexual... i1
How to Increase Libido With Essential OIls (with Pictures...

January 1, 2016
Sigmund Freud used the word libido to describe human sexual desire. More common in women than men, the loss of libido diminishes sexual response, according to... i2
Libido vitamin / Womens Libido / Female Libido Information

December 21, 2015
Reviews of the popular female libido enhancer pills on the market: Provestra, HerSolution, Lava Pills, Nymphomax, Horny Goat Weed... i3
4 Ways to Increase Female Libido - wikiHow

December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

..Hi all..I don't have a problem getting excited about time with my hubby but it would be nice to get a little wild. Fx48womansolutions ( google it fx48solutions ) were perfect! I love the way I feel after taking it so I'm VERY pleased with this purchase...
i have a rock hard erection & last for so hour of banging without ejaculation..damn! bang the hell out of my girl! will definitely use Superlongnight erection pills again & again.. ı bought from w….superlongnight…c bang her.

Libido enhancers for women, men, herbs supplements...

December 27, 2015
Female sex stimulant pills Fantasy capsules work as effective herbal libido enhancer supplement and help women to increase lovemaking desire and mood. i5
Libido in Men - Loss of Libido, Herbal and Natural Treatment

January 3, 2016
Improve My Libido teaches men and women how to increase sex drive naturally and safely with herbal supplements, food, exercise and other techniques to boost i6
Top Ranking Female Libido Enhancers of 2015 Revealed

December 23, 2015
Libido Enhancers for Men and Women with natural herbs and supplements, vitamin pills, herbal formulas that enhance sexual interest and pleasure i7
improve-my-libido... - Improve Libido And Increase Sex...

December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
..Hİ people.....I used like almost all those products to gain some libido so i can keep my marriage. none, yes none had do anything more than a headache or some cramps until i started taking fx48womansolutions energy chocolate i started to feel more stamina and a lot of energy... i also noticed that my lubrication has improved that i didn't feel any pain now and for the first time on years, i started to enjoy having sex Recommend w…..fx48solutions…..c....

How to Use Home Remedies to Increase Female Libido | eHow

December 24, 2015
Provestra herbal sexual enhancement pills for women is designed to naturally increase your libido and stimulate sexual sensations i9
Libido - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 28, 2015
Learn about male libido, loss of libido in male. Also know about how to enhance libido with use of natural herbal supplements i10
Female Sexual Enhancement Supplements - Provestra Australia

December 20, 2015
Female Libido Enhancers. There are a lot of options on the market today for women having troubles with FSD or HSDD. Exercise equipment like kegal exercisers... i11
Libido Enhancers, Male Female Sexual Enhancement Pills...

January 2, 2016

Comments about this video:
For me as I work like 8 hours and drive like 2 hours daily, the idea of having sex was like punishment until I started fx48womansolutions pills a month ago First impression was good but I didn't review as I thought it was due to some rest I had on that week, but after a month of use, I could say, yes this pills did made a difference in my sex life and energy levels I suggest every women google it fx48solutions.
As expert, I do think Enhafallux Secrets can be great way to increase your size when erections by using natural ways. Why don't you give it a shot perhaps it'll work for you too. .

I am 23 years old, and my birth control was terribly effecting my sex drive. To improve my sex drive I decided to go for female enhancement supplement and I bought the HerSolution pills, without having read any reviews. Some were in my heart I knew that these kind of supplements is good for nothing. But HerSolution proved me wrong. It worked, at least for me it did, I am just so amazed, I have never felt more normal again, balanced, energy, stomach weight is disappearing now and the Sex drive is way too up. I’m completely satisfied. :) To Learn More Visit here: .

2015's Top Rated Female Enhancement Pills Exposed!

December 31, 2015
Along with hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances, reduced female libido (sex drive) is one of the most distressing symptoms associated with menopause. Yet... i13
Female Sex Stimulant Pills, Herbal Libido Enhancer...

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November 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

there is a gene that's been turned off (by random chance) in humans that would make us able to produce vitamin c from the sun. kinda irrelevant but interesting.
i live in Saudi Arabia, west cost, where winter is 20 degree C, and summer is 50 Degree C. yet we all have insufficient amount of vitamin D because we tend to use cars and hide in cold offices. i remember one day in the summer i stayed out in the sun 3 hours, i had burns that kept me in bed for 3 days.. Remember not to take a shower the day you expose your body to the sun light, 'cause vitamin D needs at least 24 hours to be absorb, white need only 20 minutes and black skin 45 minutes so your be making like 25,000 IU a day by doing it like this. Only need to do it 3 times a week. And remember not to use sun cream, the more parts of your body you expose the most vitamin D3 you'll be making..
Sean, I am a 56 yr old male who works out 3 times a week. I am 5'11 and weigh 270. I work out 2 to 3 times a week depending on my work week. I was in the 82nd Airborne and sustained a parachute accident so I don't run but use the tread mill religiously. Can you tell me how I can lose more weight. I do lift and could use some guidance..
+John Greklek-Torres, MSW there is no magic recipe, just make sure you are burning more cals than you are using.. hey +sean nalewanyj what about oyster extract I heard its very good and it has loads of zinc and vitamin d. I want to use it for mainly zinc. You'd probably be better off just supplementing with straight zinc and D to get the proper amounts of each.. +Sean Nalewanyj I see but whats your opinion on oyster extract. Whats a good zinc supplementation that you recommend I'm trying to get it ASAP.
+David Donoghue Not necessarily! Zinc is actually a somewhat awkward mineral to obtain. The best natural way to get zinc into your diet is by eating oysters. About 6 oysters will deliver close to 500% of your DV of zinc. Other than that, most other foods high in zinc you would have to eat 2 cups of to get 100% of your DV. Not only that but supposedly you lose zinc quickly when you're under stress, and working out could be considered a type of stress..
+Intra Fraina Ok that makes sense. So what do you recommend per day of Zinc and is something like ZMA 2-3x per week good enough.
Sigh and "gee." OK, these 3 items are good, and boost overall health including mitochondria. But nothing was said about mitochondrial restoration. For that I take ubiquinol, alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l carnitine especially. Four sessions after starting on these daily, my strict overhead press went up 18 percent to a level I hadn't been at in several years. I do a session once per nine days. Mitochondria are the energy producing mechanisms of the cells. Guess what, they're in the testicles also, and "fade" with time. To boost things, take everything that is needed, not just a few things. Cut sugar OUT. Connective tissue problems hindering strength Don't forget the necessaries like manganese (different from magnesium) and its complimentary boosters. Sorry to sound radical, but if you're serious about boosting T levels, start researching "cold" laser application to those glands (photo-bio stimulation is scientifically validated) and may be superior to electro-stimulation of muscles after a session. I know someone who had a stroke, the swallowing function was 100% regained by electro-stim but if things are working normally, electro-stim will boost beyond normal range. Bruce Lee did it, Russian lifters did it in the 70's. You must by no means use cold laser without the right goggles nor over-do it. Try small, conservative doses at first..
+Scarx2gt taking vitamins and minerals wont do that mate. It's not the actual rise in testosterone that causes it, it's the rise it dht that exogenous/synthetic test causes that does which you wont get from these 3. Prohormones like dhea for example are a different story and will..
you forgot about dhea i take 100 mg a day and love it this stuff it blows my mind ive never been this muscular and leaner burns fat like candle wax.
You forgot ginseng, which is very testoterogenic (used as an aphrodisiac in Chinese Medicine) as well as possessing medicinal properties.. Really dont understand how can you say that you need to increase a couple of hundreds the test levels.. People at the age of 3o start having a 1% decrease in T levels, therefore a 5o years old man would have aprox 20% less than a 30 year old man... just 20% and it is a world of difference.. if a test bosters increase the levels by a 15% or more is a lot really, can someone debunked this. I had a blood test and the nurse told me I had low levels of D. For anyone that's curious, It's worth it to be aware of this micronutrient because it really is so easy to have a D3 deficiency. Besides creatine and a multivitamin, D3 is the only supplement I take..
I think the only reason you would need a natural test booster is if you were coming off a pH cycle. What are your thoughts.
+Roy Edwards Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus and no it can not be killed off, it remains in the body indefinitely but can lay dormant between flare ups.. Magnesium Chloride (or Citrate, or Bisglycinate or Gluconate not Aspartate, Oxide will give you the shits). Zinc Citrate. Vitamin D3. Anyone tried Mike Mahlers Testosterone boost supplement. Will taking these supplements decrease my overall Estrogenlevels I think I may have some gyno going on.. +DerickVonD I'm only aware of 1 study on it so it's hard to say - I'd want to see more research..
Which are the optimum testosterone levels for bodybuilding Sean Thnx Mine is 4.69ng/ml are they good Or too low What can be done.
So Sean what about Dhea products I know majority of them that you find in store is 5-Dhea, the ones I am referring to are the newer ones that are hitting stores like 1-Dhea aka 1-Androstenolone, there is also 4-Dhea or 4-AD, also a few other like NMDA, there are several others I am pretty sure that you are aware of that My question is referring to those mainly.. A great multivitamin that contains these safe and adequate dosages is one by Citadel Nutrition called the Athlete Vitamin. Check them out .
I take my vitamin supplements all at once. Multivitamin, vitamin d3, magnesium and fish oil w/ omega 3s. Do any of these compete for Dapoxetine.
can i take testosterone to gain my weight.. im the thin guy and hard to my weight gain up if im just take the weight gain and protein... I had vitamin D3 deficiency and i took vitamin D3 pills to bring their level back to normal is it possible that now i can build more muscle I've been working out for 15 months. how much you take I have it and never had problem,remember dont overdose or you get diarhea,its just matter of dosage.
Sean, what is your opinion on ZMA supplement It contains Magnesium Aspartate (not like you recommend: Gluconate, Citrate or Diglycinate) I just received the blood test results that indicate low testosterone levels. I was wondering if ZMA + VitD can help bring testosterone back to normal levels. Thanks!.
+J Smith ZMA is fine in terms of quality but you can probably get it cheaper per serving by just getting the magnesium and zinc separately. It's possible that it could help if you have low test but it depends what's causing it.. +Sean Nalewanyj Thanks Sean. I have been reading about this and researching about mineral and vitamin supplements. Bought separately, I can get better forms of Mg and Zn for pretty much the same price. I am not sure what the cause is..
Sean, do you take an additional Magnesium and Zinc supplement on top of your Life Force multi vitamin Also, how do you think Orange Triad compares with Life Force multi.

That doesn't make sense to me: If I increase my test levels by 10% I wont see any increase in muscle mass and strength.

Am a bit of a skinny guy but I do lifts, and go to the gym, does test boosters help with skinny people or it's a no no, just want to pack some muscle.

+Kaled harbi 010 is the city phonenumber of Rotterdam. And 490 is from Osnabrück. And I love the raps of 490 Friedhof Chiller!!!.
Absolutely agree 100%...I find this type of exercising to be perfect for my age group, 50+ and it really keeps you trim and fit. What also helped me a lot is Vunatias Testosterone Handbook. Highly recommended!.
I just subbed.. all this info is great and spot on. Funny thing is that I just recently started taking all 3 of these things and its been life changing, but its only now that i found this video.. Man I wish I would have seen it before..

+Ash Exodus Get back the man you used to be! Get Free Bottle of Pro Testosterone

Sean, I looked a little bit into multivitamins and I can't find the ratio of the dose intake vice the ratio of the dose actually used by the body, or needed by the body when experiencing vitamin deficiencies. Do you think it's a factor in a (e.x. zinc) 10-30 mg intake Would like to hear from you, thanks! Also, new to your channel, love the videos man.

+Esthar Rhyth I'm not sure I understand the question exactly - message me through my FB page as I don't get notifications of replies to my replies on here..
Even though I think the possibility is low but is it possible to check your T levels without having for an actual test by your doctor It's just not do-able for me in my financial state. Are there any symptons you can keep an eye on while you're raising your T levels I'm currently working out, doing intensive sprints and eat very well now. Take multivitamin pills daily which contain all of the things you've mentioned and more. Also take omega 3-6-9 softgels 2x a day. I am definitely making all kinds of gains (health-wise as well as physical) but testosterone is something that i just cant rly measure... ;/. +Fjerid I can't say for sure but it sounds like it probably is not an issue for you. If you feel physically good, are making consistent gains in size/strength and are using a high quality multi then it's unlikely that you'll need additional supplementation for this purpose..
+Sean Nalewanyj Was thinking like-wise but something tells me my T-levels are below average. I will get it tested somehow. Thanks for your reply!.
+Froggy Jones Oxide is actually one of the lower quality forms and I'd recommend sticking to the ones outlined in the video..
I take 10,000 IU's Vitamin D, 1000IU's Vitamin C, 50 mg Zinc A Day. Would you say this is a safe dosage.
D-aspartic acid actually works along with cayenne pepper and garlic capsules. They also amp up your metabolism and work as a pre workout. Gets your blood going real good, no need for cardio before lifting except for maybe a quick one minute sprint (if that). . +StyleAndSpeedx Some recent data has actually shown that DAA can decrease test levels in some individuals..
+Mario55627 I think any product that claims to boost testosterone levels into an above normal range high enough to actually build muscle are a waste of money..
im now taking vita jym so now i can take zma because the vita jym doesnt have z and m in it so works out good this way :). Hey Sean I'm having a hard time really hard time trusting the supplement industry. i was a big fan of your products back then and I had a lot of trust in them. Now i really serious about getting back into shape and i have no idea what company i can trust that im getting what i paid for. so do you recommend any brands for vitamins Who can i trust IM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR VIDS AND NO BULL INFORMATION..
+warhawk4life1 You can get all of my updated supplement recommendations here:

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

December 7, 2015
We help you chose the right female libido supplements... a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... 2016 Female Libido Supplement. i1
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October 30, 2015
Fantasy capsules are natural female sexual enhancement pills that work as powerful libido booster supplements and increase lovemaking desire in women. i2
Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

January 7, 2016
Other female libido supplements fall far short of the benefits that... you are guaranteed to have a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... i3
Natural Sex Boosters: Can You Rev Up Your Libido? - WebMD

January 25, 2016

Comments about this video:

..Hi friends...I love Fx48womansolutions stuff! (w….fx48solutions..c )...My workload has increased lately so to say my husband was put on the back burner is an understatement. This natural blend helped me get my sex drive back and my husband is happier than ever! Thank you!!...

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January 28, 2016
... female libido enhancers have... Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work!... Now you can get it in the form of supplements that can help in enhancing female... i5
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January 13, 2016
Vital G-30 capsules are potent natural female libido pills... and work amazingly to... energy supplements for women, these female libido pills... i6
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December 11, 2015
Improving female libido with supplements can improve your sexual drive thus... The Top Female Libido Enhancers To Boost... which all work by simply taking... i7
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October 31, 2015

Comments about this video:

Femmed Libido: Does Femmed Libido Work?

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We take the guess work out of buying female health products by reviewing all the top products... We rate female libido pills... Female Libido Pills; Female... i9
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November 22, 2015
Learn about the different female libido enhancers... It is designed to work gradually over a... Getting a proper understanding of female libido will make a... i11
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November 4, 2015

Comments about this video:

..Hi everyone....I don 't have a problem getting excited about time with my hubby but it would be nice to get a little wild. Fx48womansolutions ( google it fx48solutions ) were perfect! I love the way I feel after taking it so I'am VERY pleased with this purchase...

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

January 16, 2016
We help you chose the right female libido supplements... a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... 2016 Female Libido Supplement. i13
Libido Ladies - Let Our Experts Help You Get Back In The...

December 22, 2015
Fantasy capsules are natural female sexual enhancement pills that work as powerful libido booster supplements and increase lovemaking desire in women. i14
Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

December 15, 2015
Other female libido supplements fall far short of the benefits that... you are guaranteed to have a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... i15
Natural Sex Boosters: Can You Rev Up Your Libido? - WebMD

November 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

Superlongnight72 Male Enhancement Pill is an awesome product, I took it the first night and I got immediate results. I recommend this Product to everybody..
Fx48solutions Pills worked better than expected! Lasted a week! Had her running for the hills! It delays ejaculation too. Amazing! Well worth the $.

Female Libido Pill Reviews -

January 8, 2016
... female libido enhancers have... Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work!... Now you can get it in the form of supplements that can help in enhancing female... i17
How to Increase Libido: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

January 6, 2016
Vital G-30 capsules are potent natural female libido pills... and work amazingly to... energy supplements for women, these female libido pills... i18
Top Female Libido Pills -

December 8, 2015
Improving female libido with supplements can improve your sexual drive thus... The Top Female Libido Enhancers To Boost... which all work by simply taking... i19
Best Female Libido Enhancers of the Year

November 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
Holy shit, I've never seen such glowingly perfect skin!!! What's ur secret & can I buy it. As usual Adina you have given great advice and I'm very grateful for you doing this, there are a lot of women who don't have access to this information, you are changing the way we live and love one video at a time. . Dear Adina! I'm very happy & healthy, as I am. But why I fear about my future Whenever I have no problem with my xxx..
I have more love in my heart & no question for this video But some of the experience i have that in romance i thing 😊 manly i belie in my performance hehehehe till now it where not happen with any one ok my is in romance is it need hardcore sex or not actually do girl's like heard core ❤.

Adina thank you for this video! for the past 6-8 months my sex drive has been so low it's almost non exsistant =( are you a type of GURU I think my libido is down for a major of factors, not only have i gained weight but there's no excitement in the relationship anymore, we've been together 8 years next month on the 2nd and this is not the first time that my sex drive has's so hard to explain....
love you Adina, thank you for your amazing videos! when I started practicing honest and sincere sex with the help of your videos my attitude towards life changed. Your videos are everything I needed to hear and see in order to Make this amazing attitude shift for the better, thank you!. Adina, I was wondering if you have any opinions on using herbal supplements to aid sexual libido problems caused by anti-depressant medication. I've been on anti-depressants for many years and I believe that they are the cause of my very low libido. I'm wondering whether herbal supplements might help, or whether it is better to treat it on a more psychological level Any help is much appreciated :) x. Get your feminine side back on your side.
WOMAN can get it anytime they want they do not even have to try, when they say I am single they deserve a big giant slap, man on the other hand have to travel to Thailand.

may I ask what books you read because I love your info and I can't wait for your pussy in powering class I love the women's body and just wanna give back what it had given to me.
I think it is very important to add : Do not force yourself into having sex if not ready and facilities to help heal trauma. Caus I think you skipped a step in the video to come to trying on your suggested position and way to make love. Peace.
I remember Jenny McCarthy on Wendy.She said she had so strong libido,that even from a touch of her husband made her feel like she wants to kill him.When it came to sex,she didn't feel any attraction toward him,any sexually desire,so it's very weird to try those poses,when u don't get to even to check each other.She said,she went to a doctor,and the doctor was shocked how her hormone level was off the chart.When she finished her hormon balancing treatment,she said,"I was always so horny,I could just hump the couch.
Hi Adina, thank you for the great video. However how many time should we have sex in a day or in a week. When I first met my girl, we do it 3xs day 4 days a week, that was 3 years ago. We been together for 14 years. I am a romantic person. I like to do different things to spice up our sex life. Now she doesn't want to do it. She don't likes the word sex and making excuses all the time. Often time we fought because I want pussy. I did my part to help out in cooking, cleaning and laundry, yet she doesn't believed in rewarding me. I devoted my self to her and treated her like a queen of my heart. If I'm lucky, I get one or twice pussies a month either non. I need help, please advised...thank you!.. hi Adina thanks for the video information it really helps and enlightened and improve my sexual desire.
I'm so glad I take time to learn and revisit aspects of my sexuality that may have been ignored by even Me. This is fantastic and a great way to play. Thank you!.

Adina,i most comment on your educational power which you use to improve and heal so many broken Love all over the world. i dearly Love what you are doing. please keep it up. while we continue to pray for you. thanks and remain Bless!.

Really enjoyed it as usual. I can relate to most of your subjects and I just want to be the best I can for my partner. Thanks..

Hi Adina, Your preletter is so so true when some one is sexually abused man all problems will pop up especially later in your life ,boy does it affect your marriage wow .When I was a child I was abused by 6 people 3 woman and 3 men ,this buggered me up as a man LOVE WISE.10 years hard work on my issues and still working on them I NEVER MISS YOUR VIDIOES they really help even at 59 years old SO thank s so much Love to you TONY GERA here in New Zealand.
You;re skin is glowing It's kinda luminescent maybe it's oil. Also you're pretty hot, work it girl ;).
why do I have a problem with eye contact during sex how should I practice making eye contact it makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.
after i had my baby my sex drive just dry up, i love my body =( even tho my husband is amazing understanding that hurts so bad... what do i do it hurts!!!!. much love Adina,the world needs more individuals like you. I will try all of these with my partner.Thanks. love always!!. +tewani grant so good boo.. let me know how and if you enjoy these positions.. or if your partner liked them. I am so happy to still see you with me. You are wonderful. Much love, Adina. Last time I had sex drive, Reagan was in power. Mind you, wouldn't you like to creampie that everyday.
what is this shit chinese medicine and energy come on - nothing to do with sex drive if Your man has a tiny dick and no skills.

Wedding cake reduces libido, all married men know it, that's why hookers exist. If you don't fuck your man another woman will..
Could you do a tutorial on how to give a footjob Maybe you could show us. It's so difficult to do, but boys love it so much. YOu could show on banana ;)). Great video Adina! Any advice how to regain my sex life, after having a baby It's my 2nd child, and I feel like the things that used to arouse me, does not any more. Thank you in advance. .
Adina Rivers, I feel, you just like a "River" flowing to Ocean(man)with a scream of "feminine energy". How you keep it for yourself I simply love you and remember you with strong sex feelings !.
Hi, Adina. I'm Vlad from Romania. May you shoot a video with "how to find a true girlfriend" or "how to be more confident with you to find the right girlfriend". I have a problem with this sh!t, 'cos i'm 20 and still single. Congrats for all your videos, you do a great job. Thanks a lot :).
Adina, thanks a lot for share this video, for enlight the way with your work. I'll share it on fcb!.
I came looking for you to see if you had anything about libido. I never seem to feel aroused..of course the more sex yo have the more you want it which is absolutely right. But sometimes time passes and it almost becomes a little awkward trying to initiate which sucks! I know I have to continually focus on this to make sure I move into a space where it's not an issue. Totally supportive partner of trying to find out way again. When is your course coming out. I can not wait to share this channel with my lover. Althought this is a new relationship for both of us we were each others first kiss when we were like 6 years old. Now that we have reconnected in our 30s and hit it off well to my surprise we connect on a deeper level which I never experienced before. Awesome work you are doing and I look forward to see more videos. . +Vojo samo napred From what I hear, many of the positions are questionably physically possible, but an extra dose of cultural reference never hurt anybody, why would anyone not want to learn what other cultures have to teach on subjects they're interested in. Wonderfully entertaining video full of great information. I'm glad you mention us single people and that it is perfectly natural to enjoy yourself alone too. Would you agree that diet plays a part in a healthy sex life as well as the more hands on methods I have found in my own experience that switching to a plant based diet that my libido has increased greatly, I would assume a female would have experience the same results. . Great video as always adina. I'll have to show my girlfriend this, I'm sure she'll love you as well. 💜.
Another great video Adina! I have been single & celibate for several years, but if I ever do get in another relationship, thanks to you I will be not only prepared, but also aware of the kind of man I want and deserve to be with. Thank you!.

As always very informative and insightful. Love ur mind, body and soul that u put into all ur videos Adina. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much Adina for this video and you other amazing videos. I am currently not in a relationship right now and I am celibate. Your videos have given me something to look forward to when I get married to spice up the martial bedroom. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of wisdom! Much love to you!!.

+Mona Carter I am so so happy to hear that my videos are of help to you. I am giving my best - always. I am sending you all my love and many adventures for you to experience. Much love, Adina.
Adina watching your vídeos and hearing your voice are libido boosters. Sorry, my English is not very good. Thanks!. I love seeing when you've uploaded a video, I feel like you're the friend I never had, you're such a beautiful soul, I learn so much from you,. I also, feel like I have trouble finishing, I love that you have addressed the use of medication, I can't wait for your course, I hope this will help open me up more, as I feel it has something to stop me from fully being able to finish. I love your knowledge, you make it so interesting. Love from Australia, Kylie x.
Thanks again, Adina. You made my Sunday, as per usual. I'm going to try the cuddling next time. You have the most graceful looking hands. Did you use to Hula dance.
+Neal Forman hehe.. what a sweet comment but I never did hula dance.. but I do love dancing. :) thank you so much for your kindness. All my love to you, Adina. Adina i want to say thank you for the amazing videos and work that you do, the videos and advice that you given in them has help me a lot with have made me look at myself as a person and looked deep into my soul, which has given me the power to understand my needs and also the woman i love, her needs as well. if it was not for your advice, me and her would of ended, and i would of lost the best thing to happen to me. once again thank you for the amazing work that you do x. Hun I love watching ur videos I have a lot of body issues and very low self-esteem and my sex drive is like horrible and it does put a strain on my marriage but watching ur videos with him help us both so much... Ty so much again ty . +Emily Thompson this is a best compliment you can give me.. I am so so happy to hear that it helps you and your partner to re-connect. Knowledge is power. You guys can do it. Love doesn't have to fade.. it can stay if you just learn how-to. Much love to both of you. Hugs, Adina.
Adina I really enjoy your videos and your willingness to teach and share of yourself. I think a companion piece about stimulating or helping your male partners libido would be a nice addition (although I realize the last half of your video today applies equally to men and women, there is something about the male psyche that needs addressing in a different manner) Thank you for your good work!.

+Frederick Cummings good point I can def do a video on how to raise male libido.. thanks so much for the suggestion. Much love to you, Adina.
+Memoria James.. that's in fact a great question. I think learning to channel your sexual energy in a different way than just through sexual stimulation, sex itself or masturbation is key. Great thinkers, inventors and authors did it as well.. Take for example Thomas Edison he used his sexual energy to fuel his ideas for new inventions.. or mahatma ghandi.. he used to sleep between two virgins (without touching them) to fuel and train himself with life force energy. It is great for you to have so much abundanc ein sexual energy.. be grateful and learn how to channel it. I could do a video on this topic. It is very interesting for me personally as well. Much love, Adina.

Femmed Libido: Does Femmed Libido Work?

November 17, 2015
We take the guess work out of buying female health products by reviewing all the top products... We rate female libido pills... Female Libido Pills; Female... i21
Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

November 7, 2015
Does Lyriana Female Low Libido Booster Natural Supplements Work? Are you looking for fastest way to increase your sex drive naturally? Having a low libido is nothing... i22
Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

January 18, 2016
Learn about the different female libido enhancers... It is designed to work gradually over a... Getting a proper understanding of female libido will make a... i23
Energy Supplements for Women, Natural Female Libido...

November 6, 2015

Comments about this video:

I have been stacking the GNC brand and L-Lysine. Don't like yohimbe. Makes me feel light headed like I`m going to pass out. This brand has Polypodium vulgare Root Powder along with Epimedium and Maca Root Extract. Not only does it make me a horny man it also gives me a of ton energy in the gym and through out the day..

+Andries van Riezen Yeah, I've looked into taking ZMA, primarily due to its sleep benefits, but also because of the T-boosting effects. Haven't gotten any yet, but I think I'll pick some up soon. .
+overthehill91 Its a product that makes sense. Zinc and Magnesium are deficient in a lot of people, especially athletes (they sweat it out) If you have a deficiency, even a little bit will prevent optimal conversion of testosterone. Tongkat ali in the 100:1 extract is also good considering it lowers SHBG, which "frees" up testosterone, making it more bio-available. Is this any good for performance anxiety Lately that has been a problem of mine. I know its all in my head but you think this may help.
im 22 i decided to take it to see if it works but yea its working i even feel it the next day, if you lift weights, and dance with chicks at parties u will see you may have too much energy.
ive been using that same pill for a while and when it comes to being horny & sex drive its awesome when u do some aggressive cardio,,but the down side with me it give me major insomnia (cant sleep or shut down my brain).does this happen to you or any1 else. Had 3 co workers die from heart attack. I'm pretty sure they were stacking Viagra. Biggest secret Big Pharma does not want you to know. It works..

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

November 18, 2015
We help you chose the right female libido supplements... a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... 2016 Female Libido Supplement. i25
Libido Ladies - Let Our Experts Help You Get Back In The...

December 26, 2015
Fantasy capsules are natural female sexual enhancement pills that work as powerful libido booster supplements and increase lovemaking desire in women. i26
Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

December 2, 2015
Other female libido supplements fall far short of the benefits that... you are guaranteed to have a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... i27
Natural Sex Boosters: Can You Rev Up Your Libido? - WebMD

December 3, 2015

Comments about this video:

Female Libido Pill Reviews -

January 17, 2016
... female libido enhancers have... Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work!... Now you can get it in the form of supplements that can help in enhancing female... i29
How to Increase Libido: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

November 20, 2015
Vital G-30 capsules are potent natural female libido pills... and work amazingly to... energy supplements for women, these female libido pills... i30
Top Female Libido Pills -

December 27, 2015
Improving female libido with supplements can improve your sexual drive thus... The Top Female Libido Enhancers To Boost... which all work by simply taking... i31
Best Female Libido Enhancers of the Year

November 14, 2015

Comments about this video:
I don't have a problem getting excited about time with my hubby but it would be nice to get a little wild. Fx48womansolutions ( google it fx48solutions ) were perfect! I love the way I feel after taking it so I'm VERY pleased with this purchase.

Femmed Libido: Does Femmed Libido Work?

January 4, 2016
We take the guess work out of buying female health products by reviewing all the top products... We rate female libido pills... Female Libido Pills; Female... i33
Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

December 28, 2015
Does Lyriana Female Low Libido Booster Natural Supplements Work? Are you looking for fastest way to increase your sex drive naturally? Having a low libido is nothing... i34
Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

November 27, 2015
Learn about the different female libido enhancers... It is designed to work gradually over a... Getting a proper understanding of female libido will make a... i35
Energy Supplements for Women, Natural Female Libido...

November 25, 2015

Comments about this video:

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

October 28, 2015
We help you chose the right female libido supplements... a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... 2016 Female Libido Supplement. i37
Libido Ladies - Let Our Experts Help You Get Back In The...

December 5, 2015
Fantasy capsules are natural female sexual enhancement pills that work as powerful libido booster supplements and increase lovemaking desire in women. i38
Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

December 19, 2015
Other female libido supplements fall far short of the benefits that... you are guaranteed to have a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... i39
Natural Sex Boosters: Can You Rev Up Your Libido? - WebMD

November 9, 2015

Comments about this video:
..Hi everyone....I 'am VERY happy with the fx48womansolutions results After trying many other products that failed this one was a real success. Recommend w….fx48solutions…c... "Bad News: 71% of Women do NOT Reach An Orgasm During Sex... Here's What To Do About It..." >>

Female Libido Pill Reviews -

November 1, 2015
... female libido enhancers have... Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work!... Now you can get it in the form of supplements that can help in enhancing female... i41
How to Increase Libido: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

December 4, 2015
Vital G-30 capsules are potent natural female libido pills... and work amazingly to... energy supplements for women, these female libido pills... i42
Top Female Libido Pills -

November 15, 2015
Improving female libido with supplements can improve your sexual drive thus... The Top Female Libido Enhancers To Boost... which all work by simply taking... i43
Best Female Libido Enhancers of the Year

January 5, 2016

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Prolargent 5x5 Extreme really does work. Before I started on it like 6 months ago, my libido was so low. I'm 44, and feeling like my old self again. I take two capsules, 1X a day..

Prolargentsize has definitely put the fire back into my sex life. In general i feel so much more energetic and full of spark. I buy this special product from Prolargentsize.

Hi, I'm not sure whether to buy dong quai or ginseng. Would you recommend one over the other Thanks..
I am us ing prolarg ent 5x5 ext reme. Loving this s tuff, th anks for a gre at p roduct which gi ves my se xual p ower back to me again!. I have been in 30 years. Now my wife complains that i am going too long for her! All i can say is thanks for a great product of “ProLargentsize ” that has changed my life! I would recommend this product to anyone who feels that they need a boost in their "manhood!" I have just ordered third bottle of ProLargentsize .
“I always wanted it more! More than anyone in my friend circle. We are frank enough with each other discussing our sexual life. LoveMaking Maximizer supplements provided me the ‘rush’ I wanted in my libido and it proved. Not only my vaginal dryness has gone but LoveMaking Maximizer supplements also took my sexuality to the next level. I boastfully commit this among my friends now!”.

+all0izz0well Yeah allo! That program really really change my life! Im looking to increase my workout for faster gains. Ive tried every tricks and they worked great, have you got more.

Best results for me if I take prolargent5X5 extreme before eating anything. After a meal, I find that Prolargent5X5 Extreme does help me get an erection for hours, if at all. If taken on an empty stomach, it works fast. There is no occasional headaches no red face, but it is well worth buying it!.

well,give her a good massage with soft music ,use red light once u massage her 4 good 45 minutes tease her with ur tongue by licking her ear lob inside the elbow and,go down 2 inner thigh then go up ard the clit tease her by circling with ur tongue around it and,then u will c what happens,good luck the next step will tell u next time!.
Evening Primrose, Red Raspberry Leaf (not Red Raspberry), and Chinese Female Response teas work as well.. Spirulina works really well, but you can only take it for a month or two and then have to stop taking it for a while and then re-take it again to assure it will continue to work for you otherwise your body may become used to it. Fenugreek as well works (but be careful with fenugreek as it can cause you to have 2 periods in one month, so take it carefully)..
these are natural plants that help increase female libido, Maca and Schizandra berries, Maca is more talked about in sights. I think its worth a try thanks for the information.

There's a reason many couples say the best sex was during the first stages of the relationship. This is because the best sex is one filled with novelty and lust, not love (think of one night stands, infidelities, etc.) Therefore, more women ought to consider "lusting" rather than "loving" during sex, because sex is an activity best enjoyed when love rather than lust is suppressed. The same way that romance is key for cuddle time or dinner dates, lust is a requirement for pleasure during sex. .

Femmed Libido: Does Femmed Libido Work?

January 1, 2016
We take the guess work out of buying female health products by reviewing all the top products... We rate female libido pills... Female Libido Pills; Female... i45
Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

January 20, 2016
Does Lyriana Female Low Libido Booster Natural Supplements Work? Are you looking for fastest way to increase your sex drive naturally? Having a low libido is nothing... i46
Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

November 13, 2015
Learn about the different female libido enhancers... It is designed to work gradually over a... Getting a proper understanding of female libido will make a... i47
Energy Supplements for Women, Natural Female Libido...

November 3, 2015

Comments about this video:

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

January 23, 2016
We help you chose the right female libido supplements... a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... 2016 Female Libido Supplement. i49
Libido Ladies - Let Our Experts Help You Get Back In The...

November 21, 2015
Fantasy capsules are natural female sexual enhancement pills that work as powerful libido booster supplements and increase lovemaking desire in women. i50
Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

December 14, 2015
Other female libido supplements fall far short of the benefits that... you are guaranteed to have a noticeable boost in libido. Not sure if Lyriana will work for... i51
Natural Sex Boosters: Can You Rev Up Your Libido? - WebMD

January 10, 2016

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Female Libido Pill Reviews -

December 1, 2015
... female libido enhancers have... Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work!... Now you can get it in the form of supplements that can help in enhancing female... i53
How to Increase Libido: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

January 3, 2016

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Top Female Libido Pills -

January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:

You could start a new series like "Fitness Fridays" or something like that! I would loveee workout, fitness, and Heath videos :).
OMG YES MY GLUCOSOMINE IS AWFUL AND MASSIVE TOO! Maybe they're all like that, lol. Loved this video!!! :D.
Some tips from me (a registered dietitian): You don't need enzymes, your body already makes them. Buying them is like flushing your money down the toilet. Speaking of the toilet The Fit Tea product is a supplement and is not FDA approved. Just because it has an ingredients list, it is not FDA regulated, therefore you don't know what you are actually getting in the tea. Since you are going to the bathroom more it is likely that there is senna in it, which is a stimulant laxative that increases contractions of the colon. If you continue using Fit Tea then your colon may become used to the senna and after you stop using the tea your colon may lose its function leaving you with chronic constipation. Also, the tea has an ingredient called guarana, which is a diuretic. It makes you pee. This can cause dehydration. Also, reading over there website there was a SHIT LOAD of grammar errors and some sentences didn't make sense at all. Overall, I'm not trying to hate I just really like you and want to make sure you are healthy and not harming your body..
thankyou so much for this video i was so overwhelmed by all the vitamins on the market you have broken things down so clearly. I would love to see more of these videos. your skin and hair are gorgeous by the way evidence the products actually work :). I feel like you don't need to explain to your viewers why you wanna talk about a different topic other than hair/makeup. It's your channel and you can talk about anything you want without giving people an explanation. If they like it Great, if they don't Awesome!.
Omg you're so pretty! Just discovered your channel and totally subscribed! I'm on a fitness journey!.
The other day I got that pre-work out mix you suggested because of your Vlogs. I was trying a different brand at first, but it was so chalky! Love your workout videos!! You're a great motivation . Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, 5 Lbs for sale Contact/ Skype address:::::lancer.nasser Text...+1 (805) 954-7390 Delivery and is shipping is international within 3 business days.. On a kinda unrelated topic, I tried out the wname recipe you mentioned in a vlog. Except that I put in unsweetened cocoa powder and used ground flaxseed instead of oats...and wow was it filling! I could only eat half of it! It was good, too, much better than the kind that uses bananas to make pancakes/wnames. I just can't stand the taste of it even though I love bananas. . Yes love your fitness videos. I you could discuss your new plan that Matt has you on and what your Goals are for now that would be great thanks for sharing you are amazing and inspire me everyday..
+Angelica Loera She wont do that, only because he is a professional and takes on clients. Shes on one of his plans. You can go and look at them on The only thing I hate is the price lol. Its sooooo expensive..

Please keep doing fitness videos! Can you go through a routine for abs and arms Those are the two that I struggle with the most! Also maybe a comparison between different brands/types for proteins/supplements I never know what to take for what! Thank you!.
Would you recommend one of these protein powders as like a replacement for the 21 day fix Shakeology . Awesome! They claim to promote weight loss & be good for you too. They have meal replacement shakes, herbal teas, sport drink mixes you add to bottled water & even vitamins for hair, skin & nails. Its really popular here in texas.. just wondering if it is really worth it.. You can buy it from this website I have been taking the Pure Garcinia Cambogia pills for eight weeks. I have lost 31 pounds so far. The pills I have been taking are completely safe to take. I have not had any side effects. My GO-TO Workout Supplements!. I'm so glad I found not just because I finally found someone with my skin type tone n all but bc I've been so need motivation after my 3rd child it's disgusting. I was on a great lifestyle change after my 2nd child lost all my baby weight n more but gained it all back n more with my 3rd n it's depressing. So hopefully I can kick start this once again so by spring I'm not in discuss with how I look in my clothes lol... keep the workout blogs love to see what else u have to share. 😘. Ever since you started this new regimen over the summer I have been OB. SESSED. with your arms! Every beauty video, every vlog, I literally talk to myself about your arms. It's ridiculous. I'm ridiculous. .
Love this video, would love to c fitness routines, what u eat in a day and whatever else fitness. Thnx for sharing, u look great by the way!!! 💪👍.
Great video! I also have trouble swallowing pills. I have to take them with food or I can't take them. Looking forward to more health and fitness videos!.
I've been drinking shakeology but I can't afford it anymore, what's a good replacement that's similar for meal replacement .

make your own smoothie with fruits that you like and add in kale and spinach you wont taste them. add whatever dairy you prefer..
You dont need anything supplement at least you have some kind of illness or allergy or if you have 50 years old xd, just have to eat healthy but eat, nothing replaces really what food gives you, and do exercize, maybe some vitamin complement because in Usa dont have real natural food all is processed even the seeds. I like your videos but really u dont need anything more than eat healthy for have a gorgeous skin and fantastic hair and a lot of energy..
I'm really excited that you are going to share more health related content with us on this channel. 👍.

I hate taking pills. Like even if I have a headache I just suffer through it and don't take anything. But don't you have to be careful that your not taking too much of one ingredient by taking them all at once.
Loved this video! Can u talk about the plan that Matt has u on I am a gym rat & I'm trying to lean out but tone at the same time. Any tips would help as all of this talk about eating enough calories, protein, carbs, etc can get kind of complicated! Thanks so much Kayleigh!.
This was really helpful, Thank you! You look great and have an amazing work"out" ethic : ) .
How many grams of protein do you take a day It would be really awesome if you made a video explaining macros and what works for you. .
She is so amazing and helpful!! I'm a young girl and she's such a great romodel, I look up to her and hopefully one day I'll like my body and be comfortable in it..
I loved this video and I think you should do more! I find motivation to eat healthier and exercise after watching your vlogs! I have always been curious about all of the supplements and protein shakes you take so I was pumped to see this video! :). How long have you been using the Provillus tablets Kayleigh I have thin hair too and would like to try them, your hair definately seems to be thicker and healthier.. You don't take the tea and your C4 both at the same time for a pre-workout do you I can't imagine doing both.. I don't mean to offend anyone at all but a lot of this seems a bit excessive. I'm terrified of a preworkout supplement. Everyone please use caution with stuff like that. Personally I'd rather stick to getting my necessary nutrients from good quality food - so much safer. Make yourself a fresh green juice and you'll get plenty of safe energy before a workout. Stay hydrated always. Coconut water during workout always gives me the energy to keep going. . I think it's amazing what you do :) for me though, I'm just scared of taking that many supplements. I feel like the human body doesn't need that many things to look fit. No hate - you still look amazing Kayleigh! . I went to GNC the other day looking at casein and the kid told me that it has a terrible taste. How would you say it compares to Whey protein I have been working out for a while but recently (with a lot of motivation from you) decided to really try and build some muscle and shape instead of just losing weight. It was cool to see everything you have used to get you to where you are now!. are these supplements necessary I always thought protein shake is enough for building strength/muscle. How much does these supplements help in terms of building strength/muscle. How often do you take the glucosamine I just bought some and I was going to start taking it everyday because my knees are donezo, but I heard that they have negative long term side effects if you take too much for too long. Thanks for the great video though! Super helpful as I am starting to use supplements for the first time! .
YESSSSS!! I am SO happy I watched this video cuz I went out n picked up c4 pre work out n OMG It's the shit! I love it! Thank you so much girl!!! .
this helped me out soo much i am actually going to get most of this stuff put it in my fav videos so i can reference it YES more videos like this please!! and WHAAZZAAAA!! lol xD.
I'm totally sucked in with this fitness topic video. Please keep more of these coming! I recently started working out a lot more. You could say I'm dedicated. I really would love to talk to you more about this kind of stuff. I feel like I need guidance. With you putting out this kind of content will help me out a lot. I'm always stalking your insta so keep posting there too lol. I love this video! Thank you so much!.
I love your videos! This video was very informative & i hope to see more workout videos in the future! You & Matt are the best, i watch your videos everyday. You guys are so fun to watch!.
I forgot to add, nutrition and food take precedence over any other substitute that you put into your body. A video geared toward healthy eating and what you do when you work out would be more beneficial. .

Please make a video of your workout routine & of your diet routine. I'd also enjoy seeing some "What I Ate Today" videos :) Love to see videos about healthy living :).
Let me just say Kayleigh you are one of my favorite youtuber's and you are so genuine and very inspiring. Since you started vlogging and doing your beauty channel I've watched you. Your healthy lifestyle has changed my thinking and I've made some changes last year and already lost 30 pounds in four months and these videos are definitely helpful so keep 'em coming btw I love you and Matt! Both of you are like my online coaches lol Thank you so much! #BEASTMODE 💪.
I just wanna say your physique has changed so much! I've been watching you since forever and man you do look more radiant and your arms are hella tone! GOOD JOB KAYLEIGH!!!!!!!! .

i work out in the morning and evening.. is it fine to take c4 everyday I have my protein after im done working out for the day, so when is it the best timing for me to take my c4.. im kinda confused.
Don't worry, my sister used to (sometimes still does) have trouble taking pills. I don't have as much trouble taking them cause I've had to take them pretty much everyday for my whole life so I'm used to it, but I do have problems swallowing really big pills :( Love your videos and definately make more fitness/health ones :) (love all your videos btw) xx.
I'm glad you mentioned vitamins because I'm always curious to which vitamins I should be taking... I'm also a terrible pill taker lol! xo.

I would ask your primary care doctor. Everyone is different and some of us have chronic illnesses so that can effect what vitamins you need or should not have. A classic is the Women's One A Day, but always consult a physician :) Health is important!.
Kayleigh!! Love this video! Of course I love your makeup and diy videos but this was very helpful. I love that you are incorporating health and fitness on your channel. You are definitely my motivation to get back into shape! Keep up the great work girl!! . Yes yes I love watching your progress videos. I'm trying to make fitness a big part of my life but being a college student it's hard to do that on my own. It's refreshing watching all your videos. Please continue on doing what you love. P.s. I just love your inspiring vlog videos of you and Matt ;).

Best Female Libido Enhancers of the Year

December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:

Wow! I have tried many of these types of products and Prolargent 5x5 Extreme is the best in my opinion. No headaches and no other side effects. I have tried Viagra and Cialis and this is easily as good if not better. You guys have got to try this!.
+dear090909 Yes dear ! that program is truly desirable! It is the one im talking about. I did 6weeks a couple of months ago and went from 5.8" to 6.5" and added girth! I never been this happy before. Im much confident now making love w/ my girl..

Femmed Libido: Does Femmed Libido Work?

November 8, 2015

Comments about this video:

Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

January 21, 2016

Comments about this video:

Libido Booster Supplements For Women - Ayush Remedies

December 17, 2015

Comments about this video:

Energy Supplements for Women, Natural Female Libido...

November 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

December 9, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hey, here's my deal see I was a pothead for 20 yrs and a pack a day smoker, I've (for the most part) given up weed, I might smoke a little once every 3-4 months but that's t... I'm actively quitting cigarettes. Why Well because it has made me Impotent, and I am only 34 (33 when I initially recognized this problem). However, I am totally not ready to live some boring do-goody-good lifestyle either. On a side note I am working to build my own organic garden and hunting/fishing my own meats, to get away from all these GMO's and soy products and shit. Anyways as i was saying, we can still catch a buzz from time to time and not have to fight off impotence, see I am going to be focusing on using products like Yohimbe (which you can already get high on, though it may be dangerous), maca, tribulus, horny goat weed, asian ginseng, l-argenine, etc to test these on mice, I am going to invent new drugs, that don't negatively impact the ability to get erections, and that are hopefully relatively safe. Things like Yohimbe may need to be tinkered with a bit to remove the more dangerous characteristics. I understand that recreational drugs period are not going to be healthy, and that there will be risks involved. However I would like to minimize the risks as much as possible, while still maintaining the ability to improve erections and provide a feel-good high. I would like to create drugs as non-deadly as marijuana, the only major problem I ever had with marijuana is that it induces impotence. Maca is just as (if not more) medicinal than mj, though, it (at best) carries a very mild sense of euphoria from what I have read thus far. It may be more like the equivalent to smoking tobacco than smoking weed, as in something that is done throughout the day. But that's all conjecture at this point. Anyone interested in this research, let me know something..

hey hey! Have you ever tried - zimmer ultimate male enhancement (should be on google have a look) Ive heard some incredible things about it and my coworker got amazing results with it..

Weed has a varying effect on different people. That is probably why it ends up being so popular. But how it will interact with yohimbe It could go either way. I would be curious about the "synergy" Let us know what happens. Start in small doses..

Hey! thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about breast enhancement methods called Bustoblex Secrets (google it), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried Bustoblex Secrets I've heard many great things about it and my friend has increase her breast size naturally using it, but she refuses to tell me: (.

Purchased Steel-Libido FOR Women. I STRONGLY recommend!! Especially, for women going through or have already gone through menopause. Read the instructions and check with doctor before taking..
Give Steel Libido for Women a try. I bet you won't need all the other stuff. I've been taking it for about 5 months now, and I recommend. Read the Instructions. Don't take Ginseng or any other similar herbs until you know how Steel Libido for Women work on your body. .

Libido Ladies - Let Our Experts Help You Get Back In The...

January 2, 2016

Comments about this video:
+WillBrink anti estrogens work very good you can definatly feel the difference especially with letrizole it also has anti aromatization propertys greatly increases your testosterone and free testosterone and igf1 while keeping several estrogenic compounds down to a minimum if it didnt work bodybuilders would not take it.
+prototype9000 Raise your hand if you have worked with IFBB Pro Bbers and other athletes for a living. I have, They take those drugs (spelled letrozole BTW) as well as others in conjunction with AAS to counter elevated E2. They don't take such meds alone. Taking sush a med with DHEA would be a poor idea. Two, men need some E2 for health, etc. so reducing it to ultra low levels = bad idea. Three, bbers take many things that don't work and or are counter productive and are far from experts on the topic. Following what bbers do because "if it didnt work bodybuilders would not take it" is a fast way to ruin your health..
I'm a 30 year old male. Decent amount of stress. Find it hard to make time to work out. Was feeling sluggish and looked into DHEA. First time I took it was 50mg. noticed an increase of energy, more motivated to do physical work. could be comparable to energy levels when I played competitive sports as a teenager. Other times I took 50 mg for multiple days and didn't notice much. So at around $15 or less on a bottle why not just try it and see how you feel If nothing happens no big deal.
Just listening to some of you morons on here makes me laugh. For a start there is no evidence at all DHEA causes excess estrogen when taken by men. ITs all hypothetical! If you dont have enough test you will make test, if you have too much aromatase you will make estrogen! If you are too young (under 30) you will convert it to estrogen! If your 30 and above you will convert it to test and estrogen but the increase in estrogen will only balance it up! You people on here are complete fucking idiots! You wont get bitch tits, you wont get anything to do with estrogen unless you fat and have aromatase in buckets. DHEA is in your body at a massive level aged 25, did you notice bitch tits did you notice hairloss did you suddenly become a woman at age 25 No you fucking did NOT! Estrogen is needed by men as well you morons! Its anabolic in its own right! Your not going to suddenly have huge amounts of female hormones if you take DHEA! Dhea is high when you are aged 25 for a reason! Life is saying to you "go and have children, here is the tool to do it"! When dhea lowers after age 30 its basically saying to you "Your time is nearly up for reproducing"! Dhea is for sex drive, agression and erection, without it your fucked. Now if your over 30-35 go and take 50mg for the rest of your life and enjoy it. Do NOT listen to the fucking 2 year old kids here, they dont know shit. WILLBRINK SHOULD KNOW BETTER TO SPREAD THIS RUBBISH ON YOUTUBE..

+WillBrink excellent i misread you of course and was actually having a go at the other idiots and NOT you. my bad.
+peter jennings Ah, so in all caps you wrote "WILLBRINK SHOULD KNOW BETTER TO SPREAD THIS RUBBISH ON YOUTUBE." was my misreading.
Can you tell me about 7 keyto dhea What is the difference, between the both. Thanks..
I'm 34 and learned about DHEA from Mr.Leroy Colbert(Record for 1st 21 inch arms) few months ago...I have been on it since Jan but hurt my shoulder..If they banned DHEA like they did in Canada it would be Worth Big bucks..Just because it's cheap don't mean it is bad..DHEA is just as good as Andro Whom Mark Mcgrire got banned on all of US.My workouts were so intense to start the new year off until I hurt my left shoulder in FEB..I can't do push-ups or bench without severe pain and no strength..So im staying away from alot of hardcore workouts until it heals..Stock up on the DHEA while its still cheap..1more thing to Save you guys big bucks,stay away from products that are natural Test like the company "Buy any name is just Tribulus /DHEA for 100 dollars per bottle after shipping...Your getting ripped..I've got ripped by these companies whom say"No prescription needed" with a Dr in the background..It's all B/S stay away....
It's all the little things we do each day that make a big difference over time. Bioidentical DHEA, what the body makes naturally, provided on the skin where it occurs naturally anyway..
+Twist 25 There's no such thing as "Bioidentical DHEA." Or to put it differently, all DHEA sold as a supplement is the same DHEA as what the body makes. "Bioidentical DHEA" is a marketing term without merit or utility. DHEA "skin where it occurs naturally anyway." Please explain that, as it makes no biological sense..
1 year, 100 mg per day. larginine 1000 mg per night. look and feel 25 (except for herniated disks). no acne, no body fat, great sex! i don't even lift! 51 years old and my girl thinks i'm hot! oh yeah, i also stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago and by doing so lost over 60 pounds! no diet! eat like a horse....
Your video caught my eye because of the Cisco Brewers T shirt!!. I live on the Island and think the brewery is great place to hang out. DHEA is a biochemical precursor to testosterone but be careful, low DHEA is a single hormone in a big hormone family! Low DHEA can be a sign of long term adrenal fatigue. Taking DHEA could cause dis-regulation from pituitary and/or fire up the cortisol pathways. I use more restorative approach than replacement. Also, you can check DHEA and testosterone levels with a saliva test. It is more accessible and cheaper. .
The shades make you look mysterious. What are you hiding Will lol...good video bro. I used to take DHEA in my 30's but it did nothing for me. Might be good for me now though. .
DHEA is metabolized in the skin. It occurs in the adrenal glands, gonads, and the dermis and is metabolized there naturally. Please see the work of Dr. Fernand Larbrie. A "bioidentical hormone" means that the molecule structure is exactly identical to what the body produces, not made from horse urine origins or pork glands as some estrogen products. +Twist 25 +Twist 25 “DHEA is metabolized in the skin.” It is metabolized in the skin and other peripheral tissues to differing degrees exhibiting the required enzymes. This allows those tissues to self regulate what gets converted. The major benefits of topical DHEA in my view is avoidance of first pass liver metabolism and varying Dapoxetine between people with oral DHEA. However, I have not seen studies comparing topical vs oral and their respective impact on serum and tissue levels of T, E2, etc. Do you know of such a study “It occurs in the adrenal glands, gonads, and the dermis and is metabolized there naturally. “ As well as other tissues exhibiting the enzymes… “Pleasesee the work of Dr. Fernand Larbrie." I didn’t see anything in that abstract that altered my above responses. I have nothing against topical DHEA and or other hormones as the route of admin, but don’t see a convincing info topical route for DHEA is clearly superior to oral routes per se and may be more problematic as it converts to DHT while not making it into general circulation to be converted as needed by other tissues. “A"bioidentical hormone" means that the molecule structure is exactly identical to what the body produces, not made from horse urine origins or pork glands as some estrogen products” I know what a bio identical hormone is, hence my comments. My vid on the scam that is “”bio identical testosterone” is here. The same applies to DHEA which is not made from horse urine origins or pork glands, but synthesized and is identical to what the human body produces. The only hormone the issue and importance of “bio identical” applies is as you said above, estrogen products. .
+wishbone103 I do have a vid on the YT page and BrinkZone covering OTC "anti estrogens" so give that a view..
Understand the point of DHEA not having an anabolic effect like synthetic test. That's because it works with your body to sort of regulate things from what I gather. So if it helps to regulate your hormones, insulin, help the metabolism reduce cortisol stress hormone ect, would it not maybe help you gain a few pounds of muscle with a proper diet and exercise program I'm 41 with good lean muscle tone and workout. If my body is producing less DHEA, wouldn't my body work more efficient and possibly gain a few extra pound because of all the other factors I think DHEA didn't take off because many younger people didn't have that steroids effect and those are the supplement buyers mostly. I'm thinking at a higher dose, it may indeed have so muscle building ability to us geezers.
I'm 25. Will taking DHEA have any benefit I have 2 bottles of it laying around and am REAL tempted to jump on; but don't wanna mess up my hormone levels and especially erections. Your thoughts.
As I have made clear many times: only way to judge if DHEA is a supplement for you, is via BLOOD WORK. It's no benefits if you're not low in a "muscle builder" in young healthy men, it's worthless. dhea does build muscle cause it increases test any time your guy raising your test your gonna increase muscle how do i know cause i take 3 months on 1month off.
People on YT need to stop saying a whole lot of stuff. Anyone with computer can have a YT page and give out BS info..
I want to be more interested in sex, is dhea my help then Im only interested of sex maybe in early morning or late night, never on day, can that be dhea low . +Lars Vogel Without getting blood work done, impossible to know. There's tons free articles on my site that cover the topic of blood tests, DHEA, hormones,etc. so I'd start there..
+WillBrink my doctor dont wanna take blood tests. he said :"your not charlie chaplin any more...".

My doc said I am low in testosterone, but I am only 28... should I take DHEA I purchased a bottle of 10mg. but I am afraid it will cause adverse side effects. Thanks! .
dude u r 23 years old u dont need any supplement at all man. Your hormone levels are sooooooo good u dont need anything. I miss being 23 lol.
RN No. I have far more extensive science background than some RN. I'd hate to be treated by the RN who feels anecdotal n = 1 experience trumps the actual published data what you call "piece of paper" Good luck.
At high doses, DHEA will increase E2 in men. At replacement doses, it generally wont, unless, as you say, aromitase is elevated, and that again, not the point of the vid. Message of the vid is DHEA is simply not an effective supplement for young men looking to increase T, but is useful to men with low DHEA using HRT doses and possibly women for increasing T per article linked below vid. .
Agreed, and I said exactly that, but I have read thousands of blood tests in my day and study the lit, and no one has yet to see a 200 point increase in T levels from simple addition of DHEA. Not one. Two, in high doses DHEA will also raise E2 considerably making it it a very poor T booster in men, so unless it's replacement for low DHEA levels (I take 50mg myself) it's of no value to those with normal DHEA levels. BTW, it may be decent mild anabolic in women however..
2 donkeydonkey33 2 TheWomanAlive - best way i hear to raise or maintain testosterone is stop ejaculating. zinc is essential. unless its with a woman...give it up.
I took DHEA although my levels were still OK. I noticed a strong anti-depressant and a noticeable anabolic () effect. I'd never taken testosterone before, I had low muscle mass and my muscle-building and fitness endurance improved all of a sudden. Unfortunately, several months into taking it, the subjective effect seemed to cease..
Im taking75mg /day and i can say after 2 days my mood completly changed.i was depressed.wishing and praying to die everyday.but just after 2days i was feeling good again.i mean like as a normal,this is my works miraclously.. DHEA is not "very anabolic" under any circumstances. Tons of data and real world experience confirms that. Low DHEA correction can have many benefits in people low in DHEA, with a minimal improvement in T in men. May act as a mild anabolic in women however due to T conversion. .
A number of studies have been popping up. They all come from the same place, and tend to suffer methodological flaws and (personally) I don't trust the paper they are printed on. Right now, it falls under my general opinion of all "T booster" supplements (l and I'd like to see this one put through independent testing in a legit peer reviewed publication. Read my article on "testosterone booster" supplements on BrinkZone and or watch vid here on that topic. .
well sir, I know what a piece of paper says, but the stuff raised me nearly 200 points as confirmed by blood work. AND I was way stronger in the gym. Science is important, You're an RN right I'm in nursing school so I understand, but there are always outliers.. 2 TheWomanAlive - best way i hear to raise or maintain testosterone is stop ejaculating. zinc is essential. unless its with a woman...give it up. And how does the role of aromatase change any of the advice in the vid Why not not cover 5AR and other enzymes also There's no reason to go into depth on enzyme pathways in that vid that I can see would actually help anyone.. BC you make the comment "DHEA might even be counterproductive BC it raises estrogen" - that comment is only true if a male has high aromatase in his system (which is a concern if a male has metabolic syndrome, etc.)...if not, the DHEA will definitely raise a male's T and DHT levels...5AR only converts T to DHT, which are both androgens, so 5AR is not near as important as aromatase.. Some RN LOL. I know RN's who are also microbiologist, MD's, and research scientist. Will, I meant you no offense there's a reason I'm still subbed :) What I'm saying is regardless of research ppl need to get their own blood work done to determine if supplementation is necessary. Some1 already deficient might feel worlds better supplementing while someone who has adequate levels will say its a waste of money (likely they didn't get blood work done). .
How can you give such firm advice on DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen without mentioning aromatase and understanding its critical role in this conversation.
I always take DHEA 50 mg and Tums Extra 750. I was told it will keep ya in pretty good shape calcium wise with the Tums and Vitality wise and immune wise with the DHEA and I'm 23, is that good for me to do 2 my age Also drinking plentiful water along with the DHEA.. (part 2 from Bling_zip): I gained 12lbs honestly within a week!! And I had further weight gain later on. And I can't say I started eating a whole lot more, and I was definitely active; in fact doing weight-training AND karate training. But my GUT certainly grew. So...could DHEA, with its possible aromatization effects, have caused that rapid weight gain And is there a way to reverse this effect safely and naturally Still can't lose the weight!! I've stopped the DHEA of course.. Will, I'm a 29 (soon 30 y.o.) male. I started taking 25 to 50mg DHEA occasionally, with the intention of improving my adrenal function -I just felt that maybe that was the problem I was having with my body "refusing" to lose bodyfat and (I felt) wasn't improving muscle and strength. Occasional use meaning once or twice, only a couple of times 3 times a week, and many weeks none at all.Anyway bottom line: there was a point I gained rapid weight (I'm sure FAT) -12lbs in LESS THAN A WEEK!!! (cont'd.

Female Libido Enhancers That Actually Work! - FREE Women's...

November 10, 2015

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+Juho x That's one cause but you can't blame it all on one thing. There's hormones in meat and eggs, pesticides and a bunch of other things..
Being a natural bodybuilder and have studied exercise science for a few years now. I only watched the first couple of mins, I stopped when he said there's no" testosterone" foods. There are definitely a lot of foods out there that can help boost testosterone. All the foods that the so called" health experts" have warned us about. Whole eggs, Red Meat, and coconut oil have all been found to boost natural test levels. Saturated fats, which we have been told to stay away from boost test levels. The cholesterol in eggs also have been shown to help boost test levels. And without raising the bad cholesterol levels but raising the good cholesterol levels. And we are now finding a myriad of health benefits from coconut oil. From healthy skin and hair, to raising testosterone levels, to helping with fat loss, not to mention its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal..

+~Hijo del Sol ~ coconut oil is vegan, so you can eat it. A vegan diet is terrible for T levels since some of the fat soluble vitamins needed for T production and robust health only exist in animal products..

i am a females with low T, so how do i increase it with natural supplements i was prescribed test cream. what can women take or apply to get their test up with out breaking out in zits.
+Linda Puertes Deals try Tongkat Ali. It has the same benefits for women with low T as for men with low T: +JohnGrayMarsVenus Hi there, is that drug called myoman which you talked about towards the end of this video where do I get it please provide references and place to buy it. Cheers. Can you spell out medicines and herbs that you recommend in annotations or information please thank you.. very informative, what about test boosters d aspartic acid and few other amino acids that contribute in boosting ur test levels. Part of what he says here is wrong. When I was a competitive bodybuilder, big and cut, I was also horny as hell, no viagra..
i am sure, if the med were authentic, that your testosterone will have improved significantly, after that you need to let your body without med become accostumed to producing his own testosterone. Good journey bro !.

Hello from Denmark. I am a 54 year old man, I have trained with weights since 1977, but without any progress the last 20 years. What would you recommend .
+Bent Nissen How often are you training How hard do you train How long do you train What's your diet, sleep and stress levels like Start there.... Very good video. I went through a stressful period in my 20s and my T levels were getting alarmingly low. I felt like shit. I couldn't believe the psychological effects of low T. It was depression, desperation, and basically i felt i was losing my mind. And always burning out, for no reason, just burning out all day and night, that feeling was constant, and it was a torture, and torment. If there is a Hell, i believe that this is what it feels like. I honestly don't know how i survived. My stupid doctor couldn't tell what was wrong with me, she sent me to see a psychiatrist, but that was not it. Finally after a year and a few months, i went to do a full medical and a doctor told me it was probably low T. He gave me a gel, that came in small packets. The product name was Androgel. You apply this gel only in the shoulder area, so your loved ones don't get any of it in their skin, because it could cause problems for them. But thst didn't help much, maybe a little, for a short period..
Men under the age of 45 - Eat 3 egg yokes before bed and 2 or 3 brazil nuts, 5 days a week and a plenty of Zinc, and half a pint of raw spinach juice every day and you'll make enough testosterone to fuel a gorilla, now all you have to do is keep it from turning into oestrogen so you'll need to add an aromatase inhibitor, take your pick there are hundreds, I like maca root and raw ginger juice, not together of course, check out ( for choices. Ps if you're a fat fuck you'll need to take a greater quantity of whatever aromatase inhibitor you've chosen as ur fave. You can lessen the amount you consume as u loose weight. Remember, the fatter you are, the more aromatase you produce, and the more aromatase you've got, the more of your testosterone will be turned into estrogen and the less 'free' testosterone you will have and the more of a miserable bitch you will be!!!! Yay, Here's some other pointers - No sugar before bed - sleep in complete darkness - and turn your wifi off its nuking your puppies while you're asleep, not good.

what else helps in a long run stay away from sodium nitrates and nitrites product and what about Natural boosters like D-aspartic acid,.
The male body needs some estrogen for a good libido and blocking all is a recipe for disaster. You're better off with some, than none. .
pratt hypogonodism is a medical condition should diabetics stop taking insulin then trt is optimising low levels this guy sounds like he's on about steroid use.

Once you start taking testosterone I assume you have to stay on it for life Because when you stop or even take a PCT your levels have crashed and you will feel weak, tired and almost tearful..

Sir you Sir by doing this doing this video you cleared a lot of doubts I am very thankful to you. :).
great video!! i have this gym buddy selling test boosters shit, saying bodybuilders need it. what a fucking twat... thanks for the video. what's the name of the Chinese cleansing supplement any trusted brand out there for it and Tongkat Ali.
+JohnGrayMarsVenus john i am currently using both supplements and they are working fine. can you recommend supplements for woman to have a sexual and overall energy boost as well thanks.
First time i ever heard about this, i just need u to answere me one question. We all know if we take steriods in a professional sport that wud be cheating. I dnt want to cheat so if i took these pills wud it show in a blood/urine test Get back to me as soon as possible. im a female with supwr low T, someone on yiutube here told me i should get injections! isnt that too strong didn't know women get testostwrone injections.
Dr Gray, I like your advice and have seen many of your videos. But, have you noticed that you seem angry a lot.
can you please tell me the supplements you mentioned I'm in my 30's. I work out and was planning on taking steroids. I feel good. I just want to build more muscle. I won't be taking that stuff after watching this. Thanx!!.
i took a half a pill of dim every 3 days and it brought my dick back from the dead..sum powerful stuff,,,morning wood is the sign of hormones balanced.

That is why you cycle. That is why post cycle is critical. I hate people railing against something that can be great, if not for the uninformed dumb asses over using..

Great Video. Low test 8.4 - high 28 on the charts I scored 8.3 just a few days ago. I work at a desk job, got some knee and hip issues so I stop training, gained some weight. My doctor says I have Hypogonadism where my pituitary gland is'nt functioning properly. I'm going back to the gym, running, losing weight. Any recommendations.
Nothing is going to breakdown if you continue using and who the hell thinks testosterone therapy is one time fix if you need it you need it rest of your life.. Thanks for this great video Dr Gray; it explains a lot. What are the Chinese herbs you refer to in the video Three capsules, three times a day, for three months. I have a friend who is on Bio Identical Hormones derived from sweet potatoes and compounded by a compound pharmacy. He is 6'4" 200 lbs 70-71 yrs. young and get's an erection on demand. His muscles and body are strong as he works out. Suzzanne Summers is on them and talks about them in her book AGELESS. She also beat Cancer and her new book Knockout talks about Cancer. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS METHOD OF INCREASING T LEVELS I met a woman who was in her early 60's we both ride motorcycles. She said it solved her anxiety, sweats, depression all the menopausal symptoms. I will check out your links and if the herbs are affordable give them a try. I would like to make a statement. I am 70, 150 lbs, was 168-170 and felt stronger. I work out 2-3 times a week on a Bow Flex, and now walk 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes at a fast pace. I feel the lose of weight is due to anxiety of the world financial and otherwise. I feel good, eat 3-4 meals. I plan to go on protein shakes (good quality) and try l argenine, l citrolene, l ornathine. This kicks in the N/O Noxic Oxcide. When I was on Createne with Argenine I would have morning and on demand erections, so I know that works. The issue is the quality and I was told Creatine which is with out a doubt will max out your lifting ability, can be detrimental to kidney's if taken too long. What say you on this and if Hulk Hogan can chime in, it would make for a great discussion. Thank you for your contribution here.. +rafdecc I forgot to add. I am not on any prostrate herbs nor drugs. I am of the belief that one must use their sexual organ via sex and or masturbation to clear out the sperm. I notice when I do not use it I lose the ability to empty my bladder, feel lethargic, and need this internal release. A Urologist said your urine will flush it out; ie. the sperm. That is not the case with me. I have no symptoms of an enlarged prostrate nor after a digital exam was I told I had an enlarged prostrate. thank you once again.. How to increase the testosterone I feel fear, when doing something new or doing something on my own.. I have a question. I workout everyday. However, I vary up my muscle groups, in a sequential 4 day cycle. One day I do chest and triceps (pushing exercises), back and biceps (pulling), legs, and shoulders + forearms. I use a muscle group, then it rests for 3 days while I work on something else Is this necessarily bad I have been doing this for over a year and have had tremendous results, but I'm wondering if that is just from the high amounts of creatine that I take. What is your opinion on my workout schedule. this is a fucking awesome information thank you so much.. is hard to found someone that talks like.that whit.the truth...
So you are saying maintaining big build muscles uses up your testosterone so much that you end up loosing libido good video more people do need to understand importance of rest.
I myself, started T- replacement, when my Dr. recommended it ! You should direct your frustration at the Dr's. Most men are on it, because thats what their Dr. prescribed it, believing, the Dr. had their best interest in mind !.
Dr Gray I'm really excited about this video and i'm willing to share this information widely. Could you please detail me the 5 herbs used to increase the testosterone levels I would appreciate it very much Thank you so much for being so present in the world of mastering relationships and alternative health.

+Sandra Santikris tongkat ali ashwaganda nettle roots fenugreek maca root horny goat weed macuna pruriens panax ginseng.
I take Testosterone injections so your saying I can quite taking my shots and take these herbs and I'll be OK I would love that you need to take this message to Ruth. I have low testosterone 276 ng/dl at 25 years old, low estrogen, normal lh, low fsh. What should I do.
+Iskanderox I bought it from but I live in the UK so I obviously buy it from a UK supplier. But If you live at another part of the world then I don't know where will be best place to buy it for you..

I found that stoping masturbation completely and only having sex once a week has boosted my testosterone greatly. Can you speak about that in a video John Thanks for your videos very insightful. .
That's hard too do! I been doing that since 18 now I'm 50 it's a hard habit to break!.
+Johnthe Basscannon once a week plzzzzzzzzzzz enjoy life jakn has nothing to do with yur testosterone production...i jak multipl times a day healthy test levels always.

This guy talks common sense. Subscribe me! false female hormones from oil based wares. They screw up a females ability to have a egg fall and have a period by making her have periods without the egg. Men get boobs and a limp penis..
+JohnGrayMarsVenus Hey John. Thanks for the video. How about Maca or Ashwagandha in comparison to tongkat ali.

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05 April 2016

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04 April 2016. Female Libido Natural Herbal Supplement - Ray Sahelian ( Talk to health experts and other people like you in WebMD's... down to possibly one or two that work for some women... what works best for female libido.

April 30, 2016

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Low Sex Drive? Find the Best Libido Booster Here

April 29, 2016. Female Libido Supplements - Feminine Review ( enhancers/female-libido-supplements/) How to Increase Libido... to increase your libido. Natural supplements can help increase blood... term sex drive for both women and men. Women's libido...



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