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  1. December 27, 2015

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    Is this Legit sir I want to take one how can i assure that within 3 months the effect will be secure.
    +John Miller so vigrx is only for instant result i mean will it really help u to increase the length and remain with that length forever or is it only for when u r about to have sex.
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  2. December 23, 2015
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  5. December 30, 2015

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  9. January 2, 2016

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  10. December 22, 2015
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  11. December 24, 2015
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  12. December 25, 2015
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  13. December 21, 2015

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  16. December 4, 2015

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  44. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Fl00RraⓋ Wow what an amazing dead! I just bought one for 20 bucks incl. postage on a second hand website. :). I love buying second hand/upcycling for budget and environmental reasons. All my electronic devices are hand-me-downs or secondhand too... :).
    Anyone know if you can fit a planner in the small long champ bag The larger size planners like Erin Condren or the big Lilly Pulitzer planners (agendas) . i have that same large bag!! and The small one i have it in black!! i Love it! The bigger one is great for travelling, university, or if you go spend the weekend somewhere 🙈.
    What's so great bout these bags Everyone is getting them not to sound like a hater but they look like cheap nylon tote bags. Is it just the name brand your paying for.

    the quality is very nice as a nylon, cheap nylon has a weird smell, long champ doesn't, and it's hard to look classy with a nylon bag, these are giving you a good look, i own 4 and getting the 5th one next week, they're just so handy.
    Meant senior year of high school cause it will be my junior year but I'm graduating a year early .
    yes. that was my only worry a medium long champ not fitting my laptop because i need it for university every day. and yes, it fits, perfectly..
    If you love Longchamp there is a new store in Chicago IL, and it's an outlet!!!! It's at the new Chicago Fashion Outlet Mall in Rosemont IL! They have everything Le Pliage,Gatsby, Roseau, Kate Moss and more. Since it's an outlet the stuff you see on the Longchamp website you will not find in the store. It is past collections, but anywhere from 20-70%off!!! . I just ordered the medium Longchamp Le Pliage handbag in black for my school. I am so excited. But I must wait 5 days :((.
    Love the vid! It really helped me! I also think that the bag looks really cute and chique, but that's maybe because I live in Holland, people think different all over the world :P.
    Your Navy Le Pliage is a Small Size in the Long Handle. There is only one other size which is the Medium. The Le Pliage Nylon in Short Handle has four sizes.. S, M, L and XL. The L and XL are part of the Travel Bag Collection. Le Pliages have different dimensions.. meaning the Small Short Handle has a different dimension than that of a Small Long Handle. Similarly, Medium Short Handles have different dimensions than that of Medium Long Handles. Your bigger Le Pliage bag is NOT Authentic though.. You can tell from the front side where you see the stitching of the inside pocket. The stitching is no supposed to go over the Handles of the bag. Better check witih the person who gave you the bag, coz they might have been duped into buying a fake Longchamp. Good luck!. Your blue one Its the smal with the long hangles :) and the other one Its the médium :) In the short hangle the médium Its equal the smal long hangle :).
    +Caitlin Hyers I Caitlin... I live in Europe, we buy Longchamp for years, I know what Im sayng, she doesnt said anything bad, Im just sayng that Le Pliage have 3 normal sizes in small handle and 2 normal sizes in long handle, and the 2 that she have are the smal and medium from the long handle! When you came to Paris, or visit a boutique from Longchamp in Europe you can discover that :) .

    Umm why is it that big of a deal if she didn't know the exact name of the colors Stop being so judgmental, k.

    You can obviously see the colors and since you're watching the video, I am assuming you have some sort of internet connection, so look it up yourself. Please and thank you!.

    Here in germany almost every girl is having one. mostly they use the large one for school und the small one when they're going out. i love my large one! so much room to fill with books and stuff and the leather handles are so good!.

    i've had mine for 2 years.. best bag ever haha it's like mary poppins' bag... it's NEVER completely full.. I've been to weekend trips (3 days) and only brought my stuff in my large longchamp.. so practical!!.

    didnt you say you got the beige one for christmas and you already went to a sorority meeting and spilled diet coke im a bit confused :( .

    I used to love them. I've got 3 different bags in Small and 1 in medium. But now, almost every girl in Germany has one. That's kind of annoying!.

    Thank you for posting this! I've been thinking about getting one of these, but wasn't sure which one to get!.

    I've been wanting one of these for uni but I haven't been able to find it in New Zealand which sucks. Thanks for the video :).

    I just read your comment without reading what you were responding to... it sounded really dirty haha.
    I have the medium sized one in chocolate brown and I absolutely love it. I know that it's quite pricey but I honestly think that it's worth it's price. When I first made the purchase I was a bit hesitant but once I got more and more wear out of the bag I was a lot more pleased. It's both my school bag and my purse! . Literally everyone has this bag. It must be a good bag, but it's kind of boring now that everyone has it. . Almost every girl in my highschool has that as their school bag, I have the large navy one and I love it. that awkward moment when you realize you had a lonchamp backpack as a small child and gave it away because you thought it was ugly. sucks. had to order a new one.. They sell look a likes of these at Francesca's but they aren't as good obviously, but if anyone is looking for the cheaper alternative Francesca's has them.. Love longchamp! GREAT for travelling...I use them all the time...And, I agree bags dont have expiration dates!! be yourself, dont follow trends...create style!!!!. The large bags from at least 5 years ago have longer straps and are also a tad bit bigger. I have one I bought 5 years ago and one I recently purchased - and there is definitely a difference in the strap/size of the nylon bag. It's probably half an inch, but it feels like it makes a difference to me. I noticed it right away too :p.
    if u wanna know how to pronounce it perfectly don't pronounce the "g" and the "p" :).

    i love this bag. I have a black one. Looking forward on buying a small one! :) i absolutely love it love it!!!.
    I have the same two bags in different colours. I get mucho the use out of the larger one. I love that the bags are simple. I hope you do more reviews like this :).
    Isn't the one you call 'the large one' actually the Medium size.. Cuz I have the Medium one and it looks like your 'large' one, haha. Not that it matters so much, but I was looking for comparisons in size and it just occurred to me ^^..
    I love your video, it's not boring like other videos I came across... I love long champ and have a Le Pliage collections myself... I have a question: Can you tell me the specific colors on both bags I love that beige color but I would like to know the specific color name... Thanks!.
    This video was so helpful! I've wanted a Le Pliage for almost 3 years and this video has me convinced that I really do NEED it! :).

    2 sarahbell93x The hunter green tote is currently on sale on the Longchamp website. Just an FYI since you mentioned you wanted it :).

    Oh boy, here we see the difference between the US and Midon the west Europe. These bags are SO in, and have been for quite a while. They are such great schoolbags, aren't too pricey and I love them. I totally disagree with Carly Cristman on the whole minivan of the bags crap. But hey, I can't afford a Chanel ,I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
    Thanks for this review! I've been wanting one for a while now and I was thinking that it would be good for travel and school. They have these at nordstrom, right I want to be able to see it in person before I purchase it. I love the navy one the best ♥. I don't think anyone should care as to what they should or should not be "caught dead in" because you should just wear what you like and be confident with it. thats how trends are set, so as far as you know, in certain areas they are still in style. I went to luxembourg and seriously everyone was wearing them.. do you think that it would be ok to hold the weight of 13" macbook and like a textbook and other stuff, i want one (the large one) to take to uni but its obviously not worth the money if ill need to buy another bag part of the way through the semester. . I need to get my hands on one of those! Love it! If you dont mind checking out my channel that would be great! Xoxo. I searched everywhere for an old style longchamp! I hate the smaller one, but I recently got one in chocolate. What is the strap drop on your Large Le Pliage I just got mine a few days ago and I feel like some people have longer straps :(. Yea! Hopefully once I start using it a lot (for school) and holding stuff in it the straps will stretch out a bit lol.

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  45. December 6, 2015
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  46. November 11, 2015
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  47. November 27, 2015
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  48. December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +SalterHD Have you tried looking for a gamecard I've seen youtubers making a pretty nice solution. They record with a webcam, camera or phone. Some even get a clamp on their 3DS. But I have my doubts that it's good for the hardware though. Also I find the Nintendo consoles are very underrated. I guess it's because they don't really have third party support but Pokemon and mario are great games :).
    Well I havent had any of the consoles since the WII, then when I went EuroGamer this year I played in the Nintendo section a lot which made me want a 3ds or a WII U. So I did a YouTube video and people chose the 3ds. I only really got the 3ds for the pokemon games and mario excellent I love it tbh!.

    Male Size Enhancement - Jan 22, 2016
  49. January 28, 2016
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  50. November 1, 2015
    ... investing activities Purchase of equipment Neoisze of equipment Neo... (s, t) neosize xl derivablein 12. Buy... neosize xl buy cheap cheap kamagra uk... i34
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  51. January 15, 2016
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    Where Can I Buy Neosize Xl In Philippines -
  52. December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +stirKrazy11 I was seriously just scrolling down to comment on the music and bursted out laughing when I saw it already was hahaha oh yeeeaah oh yeeeeah oh yea yea yeeah.

    we present... the gameboy! we present... the gameboy pocket! we present... the gameboy light! we present... the gameboy color! we present... the gameboy advance! we present... the gameboy advance sp! we present... the gameboy micro! we present... the ds! we present... the ds lite! we present... the ds i! we present... the ds i xl! we present... the 3ds! we present... the 3ds xl! we present... the 2ds! we present... the new 3ds! we present... the new 3ds xl!.
    Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! X(. I just ordered one, but im thinking about canceling the order! I mean, why would I want a handheld that slaps me across the face when I open it up.
    the no. 1 reason to buy a 3ds xl is that you dropped your normal 3ds in urinal and accidently pissed all over it.
    i bought a standard size 3ds a while back because i didn't think the larger one would fit in my hands. i of course was wrong (i plan to get an n3ds xl in the near future), but as far as stylus location goes i by habit pull out my stylus when i pick up the device and don't put it away until i'm done playing. I only do this though because a lot of my original ds games would randomly call for the use of the stylus, so i can see that not a lot of people would have this habit and that if i didn't stylus location would DEFINITELY be a problem..
    1 reason to NOT buy a 3DS XL (as well as a 2DS, and especially a 3DS in general): The NEW 3DS and 3DS XL exist. That's all the reasoning you'll ever need. Why settle for outdated and under-powered hardware instead I don't however, have ANY reasons why you SHOULDN'T be bobbing your head to this song..

    I just bought a Nintendo 3DS XL in the US to send to my niece and nephew (twins) who live in France but spend their lives between France, Portugal and Germany. This thing did not come with a chargeable cable. Can it be recharged through a computer Will it work in Europe If not that would be totally sucky!!!.

    Sounds like you got the New 3DS XL. Well you see, you have to buy the charger separately because for some reason they don't include a charger. They are pretty cheap so if you get one and it breaks then you can probably get a new one easily.
    +Goats are Good I did call Nintendo and they explained that it will NOT fully work in Europe. Apparently there are three zones : Asia, The Americas and Europe jointly with Australia... This is because of children's' safety laws, or whatever... So I returned it and Nintendo lost a really good prospective Customer... But obviously they do not care... In the meantime I will be sure to spread the news.... Thank you so much for this! I heard of the 3DS ever since I was 6. Now I'm 11 & still I don't have a 3DS! All those games... My mom won't buy me a 3DS! Thank you who ever created this video! Who ever is reading this... I'm blessed that someone is reading this..
    +marisol arias If your mom won't buy you one, ask her why. She might not think you're old enough to take good care of such an expensive toy, or she might just need you to earn it. Offer to do extra chores, and have her save your allowance for you and not ask for any spending money for a month or so and see if that helps. Even if it doesn't save a whole lot of money, I bet she'll be impressed if you can actually go that long without allowance because you want something. My 10 year old niece definitely isn't getting one because we got her one of those kids tablets last year to see if she could handle a real tablet and within 6 months it was broken, with ductape holding the batteries in, and pressure damage to the screen because when she was done playing with it she'd just drop it anywhere and leave it on the floor, or between the cushions of the couch, or wherever. She'd lose it a lot, too. Needless to say it got all dirty and scuffed up and she got teased because it looked old and in bad shape. One kid even asked her if her mom had bought that "junk" on eBay, used. Nope - it was brand new. I have a 3DS XL and once she came to my house and played on it, she's been begging her mom for one. Her mom asked me how much it was, and when I told her she said, "Yeah NoOoOo!" This is the kind of stuff adults worry about when a kid asks for a $200 toy..
    You proved how good 3DS XL is by stepped on original 3DS. Don't have to do this, people chose to buy 3DS or 3DS XL is just personal favor, XL is not definitely better than original. Not everyone likes the same-quality bigger screen, I think it makes graphic looks worse, and 3DS XL is much heavier than 3DS. GRaphics: Playstation Portable VS Nintendo 3DS = not much diferent to be honest. Nintendo 3DS is much better but common the graphics for the ''New" 3DS are pathetic for 2015...
    I still want to call you a Fucking Asshole for making this Video! but I did buy the 3DS XL since the Stylus on my Old 3DS wouldn't stay in the Holder anymore! But can you just take the Video any of these Reason don't make any Sense!.
    Thank you so much for this! I heard of the 3DS ever since I was 6. Now I'm 11 & still I don't have a 3DS! All those games... My mom won't buy me a 3DS! Thank you who ever created this video! Who ever is reading this... I'm blessed that someone is reading this.. I have a Nintendo 3ds xl add me if you have the Nintendo 3ds friend code: 0619-4706-6035 mii name:jordan.
    How stupid is the music in the background By the way, the display resolution are horrible, I did buy the new Nintendo 3DS XL, it's a piece of shit and wasted money..
    My personal don't think so, because 2 problem: Same resolution, so screen of XL very bad, no sharp Too much games stylish Japan (say very much). I don't like this.
    Hi I have one doubt the 3ds xl buttons are painted or are of the same material as the housing is that much sweat my hands and me A directional button and acquired a different color than the other buttons, and let me know if you went painting or just my perspiration that mancho buttons, and if it the second option how do I can clean or remove (sweat) please respond.

    just bought my first nintendo handheld and i'm really looking forward on playing tons of games from this company. Any suggestions on what to buy I only have Persona Q as of the moment..

    I would definitely recommend playing super smash bros for the Nintendo 3DS. The graphics are amazing and their are many new characters that weren't in the originals..
    Smash bros and mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land you can use amiibos on super smash bros just you have to buy the nfc reader it will be released at this autumn.
    More people have a 3DS then a vita. It might be harder to find people to play with online on a vita. Then again it might still be easy so idk.

    my friend code is now 4141-5210-4812 please add me and message back your friend code so I can add you as well ;).
    not buying it sorry you guys produce a new 3ds like every three months its insane.. fucking milking it is.. +chaosdream1 it happens to every handheld consoles in nintendo history. i think they wanted us to waste our money or trade in our beloved ds to an ugly ds. ex: ds lite is fantastic and trades in for dsi and its dumb and no GBA.
    I dont like the xl...its screen looks worse in my opinion and I am used to a small 3ds so I dont need a huge one....

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  53. November 6, 2015
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  56. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    What's the quality like on full screen I've seen some YT's with really clear recordings even on full screen. Not sure if I want to buy KatsuKity's or the other one.. Hers are REALLY good quality, I can vouch. I'll be doing some full screen footage soon. Although, on loopys you can adjust the quality as well, it's likely how individual peoples computers can handle it. .
    Have question my friend had ordered one from her and I live here in germany kaiserslautern she paid for everything she used my german address for them to send to my door. how long does it take for the package to come to germany would u kno if it's longer from japan to germany cause it's been about 4 months now I kinda worried cause my friend spend so much money on lol it I hope there was no problem.
    +ShyGuyWithTheLazyEye I think he's still using the same one, I recall seeing a blue 3ds xl in a livestream a while ago. My question is can you just send the 3DS away and pay for the installation or does it not work like that Please let me know I want one bad.!. I heard if you send them your own console to do it on the installation is free so I might look into this! Nice vid btw :).
    Yo Buddy just found you yesterday ;) I love your reviews and gameplay keep up the good work. Best part about the videos is you have no mouth sensor at all throwing out all kinds of swear words and funny other shit when needed. You probably won't see this but keep it up new people are still finding you everyday. Time to get to a Million Subs ;) Pure4Kicks I'm out!.
    My mom doesnt trust the fucking site! Please make a fucking video to PROOVE that its a good site. I just got to settle on holding up a fucking camera for 23 minutes.. that's bullshit man, you're paying 500$ for something and you don't even get the color you want that's just wrong. well thats just the color XD, im gonna order this soon and i couldnt care less about what color I get, imma specify "red, but if not available, black".
    >big lips >convex ears >jew nose >oval shaped head The pinnacle of beauty. I'd fuck you senseless nigga..
    Nice I was going to buy this but now with the New 3DS coming out I am going to wait until someone creates a capture set for that instead..
    +kaliskonig oh, alright then 20% higher than 3.5 would be... 4.2, ok alright, the N3DSXL will be good .
    I already got my 3DS and I have no intention of getting an entirely new one. Does anyone have any idea if she lets people send in their 3DS systems so she can install the card, and then send it back I'd love to know. Thanks in advance for the reply. :). I'm amazed nobody replied to you o.o Katsukitty does mod your system if you send it in, it should be on the website..
    forget what I said, I looked it up, no you dont need to buy audio filters for this shit. why would you need to buy audio filters for the 3DS.
    omg XD, ok I was scared at first when I saw this thing cuz I thought that it being 500$ that it was a very expensive capture card, I haven't bought a 3ds xl yet but I had wanted to record with it so I was looking for capture cards for it and I looked and I thought I'd need to do the assembly and then I read on the page "We will fully assemble the kits before shipping them." and I had a HUGE sign of relief cuz I have no shit that will let me solder or install any of this shit onto a 3ds so this is awesome, I'm fine with installing stuff on pc but no not stuff into a 3ds(hardware wise). this isnt to say that I dont do stuff with hardware oh no im fine with installing stuff into a pc motherborad but when it comes to soldering stuff then its a big "NOPE" from me to that.
    So glad I found this video! I am currently contemplating purchasing this myself. This and your videos showcasing the quality have helped me decide to get it! Thanks, man! :).
    +shawn play monster hunter pictochat is sorta on the 3ds its just swapnote now. but you get my point with ds download play you send data through infared and infared doesnt use wifi to send data.. Can anyone help me I got my capture card today, though the sound given off from it is a bit glitchy. The first time I used it, it was SEVERELY annoying, and you could barely hear it. Though upon using it again, the sound wasn't as bad, though was still noticeable. Is it just that I need to break it in, and have the capture card get used a bit and it'll be fine, or is there a way to mess with the settings Or do most people record the 3DS sound separately .
    I love how nice you are even though she made a mistake you still complimented her device and were understanding that she may have been crazy busy. I worked in customer service forever and my god I wish more people were like you. subscribes.
    Is there a way that i can send my 3DS XL to see if maybe it can get a Capture Card installed without having to buy another one I just don't feel like buying another one just a to get raw footage of what i'm playing. (this question could be asked by many so please answer if possible, thank you so much.). Man that camera is mad nice bro, I was thinkin of getting a capture card 3ds as well. How much was your camera tho man I wanna start doin these unboxin as well.. see i already get a 3ds xl how could i record on my 3ds without buying a whole new system and without using a camera.
    well maybe you can send it to her and ask her to mod it for you im not too sure if this is possible though.

    Hey do you know of any place in new york where i can get a modded xl or is it all basically from japan.
    Does this xl still work I hear that her devices do not lasting very long. I plan to buy one very soon and she does have the best options for me seeing as i dont want to go out and buy a used 3ds just to send it in. it would be more money than it's worth, plus she makes the 3ds xl version so I'm very interested but the rumors scare me a little..
    Not sure if my answer is too late, but the program is indeed PC only. However, if you purchase a program such as Parallels, or use Bootcamp (both require a Windows computer/disc), you can use the program to record..
    Just wondering, is it possible to ship her a 3ds xl that I already own and then she can install the capture card Or do I have to buy an entirely new 3ds. is there any other way to get just the capture card i already have a 3ds xl i dont need to dish out money just to buy a whole new one :/. do you need a special program to get the video, or can you cut out the computer all together and use a mini usb/micro usb to av/hdmi directly..
    not with this device, you have to use a computer. i've seen a picture of a 3ds with hdmi out, but it had alot of bulk on it. .
    Hey I was just wondering, because I'm a streamer on Twitch that recently ordered a device and on average how long is the shipping As well as personal preference over the device what do you rate it for the price (I already Purchased the 3DSxl) But i forgot to include the message to assemble the kit, but does she already do it no matter if i send the message or not Sorry for all the questions, just was very curious. i got this but my top screen was hd but my bottom screen was not as good quality is this the same for you also to edit your 3ds skin you cna buy a skin from decalgirl website they have for phones laptop game console 3ds xbox etc. THE KITS 690... SO UR BASICALLY PAYING 490 FOR LIKE THE ABILITY TO RECORD YOUR GAME... UMMM DAMN THIER ARE ALOT MORE DEVICES THAT ARE WAAAAAAAAAY CHEAPER AND DO THE SAME....
    That's the problem I am running into. I REALLY want to record a Link Between Worlds but I want it to look as professional as possible like my Wind Waker HD Playthrough. :/ I can't shell out 500 dollars though. I wish someone could give it to me as a birthday/Christmas present. :c.
    +ShyGuyGaming WIth smash brothers around the corner im seriously considering getting the 3ds capture card...250 is pricy...I still need to get an el gato and wii U it's like 1k for everything...decision school money or my passion LOL. I'm selling my Blue 3DS XL, because I barely have enough time to play with it! (T~T) Condition: 10/10 Barely Used! ( No Flaws ) Includes: - Blue and Gray Case (holds your game system and games) - Screen Protector on the 3DS XL - Extra Pen Stylus - Screen Scrubber - Charger - Original Box with Instruction Manual If you have any questions, please message me through ebay [:.

    not exactly, the inferred is it's own way to connect in front of another 3ds and has nothing directly to do with the connectivity of the local wireless signal of the system. You're not missing much at all if the inferred is not there..

    Never knew what a capture card was before this video! smh -.- thank though i know (Pokemon X and Y giveaway contestant) .
    Are you kidding me Thats a bargain, considering that theres no external modification other than the usb port.
    yo etika do you think the 3ds xl is worth getting in comparison to the 2ds i'm thinking of getting one after my exams but not sure which one i should get. .

    make sure you get the amulet coin in he parfum mansion top floor on the left side first room with butler. your videos are funny as hell and entertaining man! keep it up!.
    Too bad you didn't get a red one dude. If there is not infrared then you can't connect locally. wish I had enough to get pokemon x or y barely have enough to get myself a 3ds and I need a ds to play lol.

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  57. November 25, 2015
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  59. December 25, 2015
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  60. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Yes wish the images were bigger but it will give me an incentive to try to learn to enlarge the image. Tfw xoxo.
    Very nice plate - great to know that cheap plates from ebay do stamp and work nice. Those Owls are so cute. Thx for the review & swatches! :-). I bought the same cheepy plate... well not the same, mine is called CK04. But it was smaller than I thought it was going to be as well and all the images are for shorty short nails, or people like me with long nails but even long they are still small LOL... I used the shattered glass image to do a stamping tutorial for the shattered glass trend that was just going around :).
    Great review hon. I don't think they are long enough for my left hand darnit. That plate has some cute images =).
    Ah I know it's well annoying it's so small as its a fab plate and stamps really well. Tfw xoxo. I was looking at this, but wasn't sure about it, as the images appear huge in the online picture. I have tiny nails, and to hear the images are smaller than they appear is good for me. I'm only practicing stamping at the mo, so I'm not splurging yet.. Yes it would be perfect for small nails, the exact measurements are I bye description box and for a cheap plate it stamps amazing, I was well impressed. Tfw xoxo.
    +Gelulicious Am nosing at them now! Thanks for the link. I'd lost it in amongst my other zillion links LOL.
    I have that plate & and 3 other XY plates & we can make the image bigger for longer nails. Some inexpensive plates working wonderfully..
    Yes I mentioned that technique in the video, but I've not tried it yet, should try it really, I was really impressed with them. Tfw xoxo.
    😂👙 there must be an issue with the link. Copy this item number into eBay 261910634017 and it will take you to plates. Thanks for letting me know about the link. Thanks for watching xoxo. +Gelulicious I cannot see any other items from this seller. Earlier I saw a lot of them. I can see the plates you gave us the # to but nothing else he has for sale now :(.

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  61. November 21, 2015
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  62. January 10, 2016
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  63. January 3, 2016
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  64. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    You all do not know how much this means to me! To see you all be so supportive and offer words of encouragement is like WOAH! Im at work cheesing from ear to ear! I love you all! I cant wait to see your looks! #missylynnpalette.
    I just bought this today along with BH Signature 14pc Brush set. I love their blushes and have their blush palette. I'm so happy for you. I love that you included 2 purple shadows. This palette is going to look nice with my tan skintone and dark brown eyes. May I ask which Mac Mineralize Skin Finish shades inspired your highlighters for this palette Again, congratulations! I can't wait to get it. 💜. Hi Missy, I just order 4 of your palettes. I want BH cosmetic to know we support our sistas. Come on everybody let these companies know maybe Missy will open mre doors for black women. I support you Missy . It's actually a great little palette and I have already sent a couple over to Europe! Spreading the Missy love! ;-).
    I'm glad "Amira A" deleted all her unreasonable comments. Anyway, I just gave a palette to a friend in Canada and she loves it. Go Missy!.
    The palette is everything!!! The baked highlighter/eyeshadow is so beautiful. I really want to buy more of it. It's a great buy and the colors are so complementary to women of color..
    Wow! As a former Military personnel, I commend you. Love it...ordering when I get paid next week! Wuhooo.

    Thank you!!! This is great...I just received my Eyeshadow & Baked Highlighter Palette and I am super excited! The colors are even more magnificent than shown. Again, thanks!!.
    Congrats! I just purchased mines and will come out of YT retirement to do a review and to promote your palette. Time to support our own!. +PrettyToya World Hey beautiful lady! How are you I have to spread the word and support my sista!.
    I would really like to know what eyeshadow colours you are wearing. I looks very pretty. I just ordered that palette and I cant wait to try them.

    I don't really comment on videos but Girl after using this palette OMG I had to. I just loooooove it! Good Job on that Missy!.
    I was looking for a eyeshadow palette on the bh cosmetics website and I saw this palette and immediately fell in love with the colors!!! Well done, will be ordering this palette soon!. Hi Missy!! I never comment but I wanted to tell you that I am really proud of you. You are paving the way. I make videos and only have 600 subbies but hope to be as wonderful as you. You are an amazing young lady and wish you so much success. You are showing so many young girls and older (I'm 35) how successful one can be if you just work hard and don't give up. You keep it up girl!! . Awww thanks. Thank you so much for becoming a part of the beauty family. My videos get lost amongst the thousands of other great Youtubers. I think that is why people miss it.. I bought this palette and it isn't really my cup of tea. Its good and the colors are pigmented, i just with there was a couple matte shades.. hi! I just found out about you! I was searching for a nice palette on the BH cosmetics site and I just saw this palette and fell in love. so I googled the name on the palette and here I am! girl its so pretty and glowy and I love how its versatile for both the lighter and darker ladies. I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm definitely a subby now!. I really wanted to purchase this but you talked my fukng ear off. Put a sock in it jeez & get to the damn product. My God I had to fast forward through 8 mins just to see the damn palette.. I just received my pallet in the mail I am going to do a vid today. I love the packaging. I can't wait to do my look using the colors.MUCH LOVE & SUCCESS ~HeavenLove~♥♥♥♥ .
    I finally created a look for this on my channel that I'm super proud of. Love this palette, especially the highlights!!.
    I was on the fence of making a purchase but after watching your video, I knew I had to do my part to support. Thanks so much for your energy, spirit and passion. +1 on everything that you talked about in the video..
    Still rocking this! Just brought another one tonight! I just love you Missy, lol. Beautiful makeup, beautiful personality :).
    OMG I'm so late but congrats this is so cool ! I just went on bhcosmetics for the first time in a while and I'm like "Missy Lynn" wait this name sounds familiar and sure enough it's U🙌 congrats again I'm ordering mine now (Love your channel) 😘.
    Just ordered mines...I did the steal deal wit the 14 pc brush set and holder I can't wait to get them 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.

    Is it weird that I fangirled when you replied Haha keep up the good work love I'm sure you'll have your own makeup line in no time xoxo.

    Congratulations Missy Lynn!!! Ordered mine today...on the way to my house and I can not wait to get it! Again, congratulations on your huge accomplishment and I know it's so much more to come for you!!!!.
    I got this in the mail today and it was even better than what I expected. I would say though that the highlighters are very similar to each other so you might have done better to choose two shades that weren't so similar, but it's okay, I have lots of highlights I can use, and they make gorgeous eyeshadows or cool it down as you say with the cream. And I'm glad it seems to be made in Germany where they have high standards for cosmetics ingredients. Nothing but the best from and for Missy Lynn! The packaging is so cute, too. Congrats again and lots of luck! I hope your sales go through the roof!. PS - Never mind what I said about the highlighters being too similar. Now, that I've played with them a bit, I think I was just thrown off by the golden base when I looked at them, but one has more rose tones and the other has golden tones throughout. They're both lovely!.
    That's crazy. I haven't been on YT for a while and I didn't make the connection. But now that I know it's your line.,,honey I'm buying it..

    I order mines yesterday. I'm soo ready for it to get here. & the price was so perfect. You should make another palette.. Please lol.
    This pallette is absolutely gorgeous, I bought this for my daughter and she is loving it... I have been waiting for such a long time for some one to actually come up with colors that are very pigmented and you have! Thank you very much and congratulations..
    Go girl! Just ordered your palette. It's good to see women who served, and continue to serve, out here doing their thing! As a former Army Vet, I commend you for pursuing your dreams and not settling for less. All the best! -Sia.
    After seeing you on others channels recently I supported and purchased this palette! By the way my dad is retired Air Force (yay go Air Force) !!! I'm a military brat born & raised!!!.
    You go girl! Because of you I am placing my first order with BH cosmetics. Thanks for creating an awesome palette!!!!.

    I been having lots of fun with this pallet it's one of my favs right now and I've reached for it so much I leave it out because I love using it just ordered my backup which I should have just bought 2 in the first place.The highlighters are so awsome on my chocolate skin and is just amazing in every way I use it.Thanks for putting so much thought into it because it turned out great..

    Hello, I'm new to youtube, and love watching your videos. I just ordered your product like 3 mins. ago. I'm also thinking about start a youtube channel your advice would be helpful thanks, keep up the good work.
    Hi Missy Lynn, I just ordered your Eye Shadow Pallette from BH consmetics and im so excited. (Like a kid in a candy store).
    Congrats you did your thing..I'm just mad that I'm late and can no longer get it for the discount price 😕 .
    ACTIVE DUTY, congratulations on both, being a soldier!!! Uf, I'm a spouse, he is retired. I need to pass this on!!! I live next to a few military installations. I definitely getting you pallet so other people too.!!! . I ordered this palette from Hautelook about 3 weeks ago and received it a couple days ago. I absolutely love it. Well done. BTW, I was army from '76 t0 '79.. Got my palette and uber excited to try it. Took 2 weeks to deliver cause I'm from the Caribbean (Trinidad) but it is well worth the wait. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product :). I just received my palette yesterday. I used it today for the first time and I loved the results. I have received the above normal compliments...great choice of colors.. Hey, I'm from Germany and I have just found your youtube video because I was looking for a review from this palette.. and I didn't knew that it was created by such a nice person like you!!! Now that I have seen this video I want this palette so badly! One one side I think it would rock my green eyes (such great colors wooooooooow) and on the other side (although it's the first video I see from you) I'd love to support you because you are just a great person! Keep up your work :) Have a nice day. I'm also in the Air Force, and with the opportunities they've provided for me, my dreams are coming true too (to be a dentist). I bought your palette to support you and your future success; however I finally used it this past week...and all its colors. I AM IN LOVE. Nice work. I'm fan!!! Congratulations. Yasssss! I'm so proud of you girl! I can't wait to purchase this palette. I support 100% ALWAYS. I could only pray that i may also have the same opportunity because I love this company and am an aspiring MuA. I'm beyond excited that opportunities like this are starting to come in for the women of our community. Thanks for representing us so beautifully and with so much grace. We don't see that often because the only representation we have is the messy reality shows(guilty pleasure of mine also)& all the other sterotypes that are linked to the black community. S/o to you and thank you for your service. I really hope to meet you in person soon. Xoxo. . Great work! I actually learned about you through other youtubers. Just ordered your palette from Canada and it is on its way!. I cannot wait to get it and try it out. Congrats, and I have a feeling that it will pay off.. The palette is gorgeous! I'm hoping that they're not sold out by this evening so i can get my hands on one. Not that i need another palette (LoL) but I definitely want to support you. Congratulations to you...keep doing what you love. God bless!.
    Get it girl!!! So happy for you! Missy you give me so much inspiration and hope that this is something I could do myself! .

    This is a really beautiful palette. Love it. It's a great quality palette at reasonable price. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your products on BH Cosmetic. Suuuuupppper Cute!!!!.

    i received your palette today! i love it! the quality is so good and the price was great! i am so happy w this purchase!! 🌸Diana.
    Just bought the palette tonight!!! I'm going to be watching my mailbox like a hawk! Congratulations on your business endevour, I wish you so much success!!.

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  65. November 30, 2015
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  66. November 16, 2015
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    Purchase neosize xl - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 13, 2015
  67. November 15, 2015
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    Neosize Xl At Walgreens - Dan Cantrell Music
  68. January 16, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Who are these things even for Nobody's going to actually go out of the house with this sort of thing and anyone who actually plays NES games on the go already has a modded PSP or even plays them on their phone. You're not going to travel with this thing either because you need a separate bag for the freaking thing. The only reason this even exists is because someone wanted one as a kid and now has the money and knowledge to mass produce one.. +Mustang McKraken And because it's a reversed-engineered SNES, it even works 99% of the time than what an emulator could do in terms of game compatibility. So it's essentially a near-perfect portable variant of the actual hardware without any kind of emulation..
    points against emulators would be that for any console, it's obsolete because this is supposed to be portable. that's why they made it. the phone emulators take up half the screen with just the controls you use alone with touch screen controls... which suck in that you can't anticipate any game action. as for the psp, if you tried to emulate every game that this can already play, that's a whole crap load of memory not to mention that they haven't made ALL emulations of games that could be someone's favorite or classic. this isn't a waste of money at all in that it serves a purpose in which it can do something none of these can, and it's the fact that after traveling you can use this as a portable OR the system itself with all Nintendo games that they've made..

    It's essentially a reversed-engineered SNES, because it never had compatibility issues. At least 99% of the time than most emulators. But if you do have proof that it's software-based emulation and not a bootleg copy of the actual hardware, link your sources..
    This or the Supaboy Because I heard this does not support those graphic boost games like StarFox on SNES..
    +Sniping Errors supaboy won't play super mario rpg carts made in japan for some reason and it grips it super hard too..
    Cool. I have a psp that has an snes, nes, gba, gbc, and n64 emulator on it, and obviously it plays psp games. Free games and cheat codes while at a fraction of the cost with more portability. a REAL man would plug in the Retrobit to Sega adapter, then the sonic and knuckles cartridge, THEN sonic the hedgehog 1 in the top of that. I call it, the tower of fun. Maybe somehow include the Gamr Genie in this mix... you didn't hit them on that but that headphone jack really shouldn't be on the top, it should be on the bottom where it's out of the way.. Hyperkin would probably update the headphone jack to a different location for some later model(s), assuming if people can spread more awareness about the issue..
    +JsTheRetroGamer FTW well if it can run wii downscaled, it should run n64, because there isn't much to downscale on n64 lol.
    It's funny, people are OK with emulation on a portable device like this, but if you emulate on a PC the exact same way, and play it like the original console (I.E, not using save states, etc.) that's a big deal. I find emulating to be just as good, if not better in most cases. Nothing wrong with playing the original hardware, but emulation will eventually be the only way to play these old games, so might as well get used to it.. +GeorgeCan Quickscope meh, an orgasm is still an orgasm, doesn't matter how it's achieved really. Sure, the "real thing" may be better, but like I said, if it still gets you off, does it matter.
    +paranood It is emulating. Since it does not have the hardware of the original it has to be an emulation..
    Over 6 minutes until the review actually starts, and then it's not anything I couldn't have found out just by Googling the name. Thanks for the waste of time..
    Also, being analog, ANYTHING that works in original hardware should work on here. Gameboy player should work fine.

    Also, nes carts are monstrous in size. I'm not sure where he thought the adapter was going to put it Lol.

    PSP = Put a memory card in the system and pretend it's the game. Problem solved ('_,').
    The storage is in the cartridge as consoles only had internal storage since the xbox 360 and some ps2's.
    I think the whole point of the controller port and stand(etc.) is because most people don't have a(n) snes or nes..

    same story with me, managed to get my hands on 2 n64s, an snes, a gameboy dmg-01 and a gameboy advance sp for about £30($50) at a charity shop i work at!.
    +Camaro Games Blow into the cartridge or if that doesn't work try turning it around. If that doesn't work try getting a new copy of the game.. Is this the best option for someone who wants to play classic NES, SNES, etc. games on their tv who doesn't have a console or are there other products like this that you can play older games on that are better I can see portability being a plus, but I am not really interested in portability, just playing the games on my tv.. +Rick Koeppen Yeah there are combo consoles (not portable) that can do this. I saw one at a retro gaming shop just the other day, but I think it was more expensive than this and didn't run games from this many systems..
    There's stuff like Retron5 which does 10 consoles and I'm not sure if that one does Roms as well. There all kinds of things like that out there. As far as I understand the retron uses RetroArch..
    Hey, so, let's say you wanna play like Gyromite with R.O.B. the Robot. Would that work Like, can any other accessories work for it like the SNES Super Scope or NES Duck Hunt Gun.
    There a place to get this direct from manufacturer I find it hard to believe this thing costs the 200+ that Amazon link has it for. For that matter, what would you say is the best aftermarket portable retro system.

    Thank you for this video. I never knew of this product. I have the Retron 3 & love it, but it isn't something I keep plugged in all the time. This handheld has really piqued my interest. I am also appreciative of the mention of the Video Scaler product. With owning so many devices that run with RCA connectors & only some new TVs having RCA, it's basically a necessity to own at least one of these scalers... so long as it's known they exist. You've enlightened me. Major Kudos..
    "It feels really good in your hands" PAUSE In all seriousness though, thanks for the review. This looks like a solid product.. IMO this design is not very well thought out. I get the appeal to playing off a real cartridge, but that NES adapter is a joke. At the very least they should have built in 2 slots, and just dealt with an extra one inches or so on the underside. It would make a lot more sense if this unit could download the game directly from the cartridge. That way after 10 seconds or so (the average snes game is what, 1MB), you could take the cartridge out and just play right off internal memory. This would set it apart from devices that already do this by still leaving the OPTION to play off the cartridge. I'd be willing to bet though that about 2 hours in, the novelty of a physical cartridge will wear off. After that 99% of people would just take the game out anyway and play off the rom.. "It also works if you shove it in the backside also." Uh, is it me, or... I'm not even going to say it. shivers. The problem with NES cartridge size is only in american version. Japanese NES cartridges are smaller than SNES cartridges so, why american NES cartridges needed to be so big.
    The way they designed the Nes needed the carts to be big so you could slide them in like a vcr. Sadly the top loading mechanism didn't get adopted until the next system or the later designed top loading Nes when they found connectors being too easily loose with his design..
    It's amazing how far we've come since the 80's and early 90's. I mean you could fit the entire nes and snes library on an iphone, which alone is like a quarter of the size of one of those cartridges. Thumbs up to the awesomeness of technology.. Well thumbs down to climate change and the destruction of rain forests and natural life and increasing the endangered species list tenfold..
    A could you download the beat from the Sega Genesis Radical system with the 6 built in 1 game where you select what game you want to play .

    there is 0 ways to play a NES game on a SNES so stop complaining about the adaptor you bought a portable SNES and they were nice enough to include an adaptor be grateful.

    +MrMajesticBob It would work but physically it blocks something when you try to push the power button on. A little plastic part that keeps the cartridge in the slot.
    +MrMajesticBob but I read a comment you have it so dunno. Ive seen video you cant press the power button.. WHISTLE CONCERT I'm pretty sure you can save your game because the battery is located inside the cartridge, not the console. He said that you can't use save states, which only emulators use.. it should work. I seen gamster81's review video of the retro duo Portable and he uses the game genie. +harshbarj well maybe because my english bad btw dont need to understand me just do what ya do why you need to care what i talkin about . I have the Hyperkin Supaboy. it is almost identical. it can also use the retro port adapters so you can play nes or gensis. the three biggest diffrences is that 1) it does not come with the nes afapter. 2) the controller ports are built in to the unit. 3) the volume seems to be louder. Both systems are really great for what they are. Those who do not understand why some want a portable cartridge system. to each their own. Personally I love it..

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  69. January 5, 2016
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    nitro xl pills - eBay UK
  70. January 12, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Controlling the puppets. So easy to fool them. don't buy this rubbish go look at an ergonomic chair such as the herman miller aeron..
    +Destroy1277 crazy right I ordered a chair from China and the shipping price is 15.99 And I live in Canada.

    The one that people use and optic use is the dxracer chair lol idk if you missed up or something but it's that chair .
    Hey Alex! i was hoping you could respond... Im wondering if I could buy this with US dollars but I cannot find this chair on any website that you buy with USD. .
    Ahh ok... I wasnt really looking in to gaming chairs its just mine wasnt particularly good so I wanted to see if that chair fit my price range :) thanks. topped off with hyper x black series 16GB ram corsair sp120 fans x6 corsair water cooled twin 120mm heat sink orange led throughout the case It has taken two of my student loans and six months to complete but I am over the moon with it, only trouble is I have a terrible monitor mouse and keyboard but my main focus was the tower, what do you guys think.
    Great video. Can't afford this but i will at least treat myself to a mechanical keyboard soon :) .
    Alex I need to speak to you URGENTLY please DM via twitter! This is really Important you need to know! I have tweeted you but your not responeing! Twitter: 2 Joes_No_Pro. i want to buy one chair but for some reason they dont send to my country :| (my country in the options but they said they dont send there...). everytime i read the comments i feel sad because alex is an amazing youtuber, one of my favorite. I love this channel and i love his gaming channel even more.
    Ok fuck this company! I live in the U.S. The shipping Is ridiculous so originally the chair would be £174 or $264. But with shipping it's £298 or $453!! They need to make a distribution center in the U.S. .
    alex I heard you have an iPhone 5s so do an review because all the top technology channels have done an iPhone 5s review.
    I used the code and it brings down the shipping price which is brilliant so definitely worth using! Can't wait to get mine! Went for the PRO black and grey fabric :).
    Hey Alex could you possibly hook me up with one of those gt omega racing chairs.Huge fan,Thanks in advance . if anyone needs any cheap gfx please contact me on skype elliot designs ps please get back to me .
    I want one but I can't afford it and gt omega doesn't send me one for a review cause i don't have a large audience .
    It looks like a sick chair I was going to get one but then got a Ikea markus chair But keep it up man loving both of your channels.
    HI i want to get my husband this chair for christmas and I was wondering if you still enjoy the chair today. Do you feel like it is still comfortable for long hours of gaming please and thank you.

    Male Size Enhancement - Jan 22, 2016
  71. November 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Fayez Alfayez I couldn't tell you what's a good choice for a speed detector in your country. There's different apps available there and the companies/databases we have here in the States may not be reflective of what's good over there. If you're looking for protection against laser, you'll want laser jammers. Again I don't know the laws there either so you'll have to do some research and I don't think I'll be able to answer your question. Sorry about that..
    +TravelCam1111 which radar detector do you think is the best i was thinking to get the valentine one but to get the best performance you need a android phone and i don't have one. i also was think of getting escort passport max 2..
    +RAWSKILLS I prefer the V1 in general. Sometimes the Redline is a better fit. Sometimes the Max2 is a better fit. Like I said in the video, there is no such thing as "best." Anyways, here's another video that I put out today going over this some more since people ask so often..

    You may pay more but I have had my Valentine 1for over 10 years and its great. The best thing about V1 is they are the only detector that shows you where the cops are. You can even get it tuned up to today's standards for a fee. The worst thing is it does't have a good false alert filter. If I want to tune it I could. I'm living with it. Most people now a days just speed with out a detector. I got my moneys worth..
    Yeah the newest version offers a lot to help with those false alerts. Upgrading will make a big difference. Here's a video to help out more:
    Pretty much nailed the Cobras. They aren't very good. One of the basic types of radar detectors. You pay for what you get pretty much. I would recommend staying away from them as well. Really doesn't work well at all..
    The Escort Pasport that you said is similar to the Redline but slower and reduce range, would that be before you go into the settings and tweak as shown in one of your other videos After tweaking would it bring it closer to the Redline in performace Ken. After which gives it better performance than other M4's, but the M4 radar antenna it has is still no match for the awesomeness that is the M3 antenna in the Redline.. 9500ix, LOVE IT. Learning the route to know fo false alerts is sweet. Range is crazy good. I like the blue front with the separate mute button that plugs into the cig outlet. Should I do the trade in offer.
    2 Moi Varti, I'm testing out one of Cobra's top end products now, the SPX 7800BT and am WILDLY unimpressed. The XRS is a predecessor to the SPX series and so I'd really recommend looking at products made by other companies..
    +Vortex Hmm i live in New Zealand and i can buy a V1 straight from the V1 authorized dealer so im not sure why you would say they are not available overseas... Anyway i run my Valentine and my old Bel 990 international side buy side and the Bel consistently out performes the V1... that's my 2 cents worth !. +nickacelvn Right, but typically at a markup, right I was talking about factory direct pricing which is what's advertised on VR's website. Either way, from what I understand a lot of things are unfortunately marked up in NZ quite a bit. Regarding your test results, please take a look at this: Which of these models works in Brazil, here radars; Fixed, mobile and pistol shape that the officer is pointing to know the vehicle.
    +Fabio Cavalcante There are different radar and laser guns used around the world so what's best here in the States may not be ideal for what you face in Brazil. Then again, it may be. I don't know what you encounter there.
    I've been running COBRA for years, never had an issue (I like my Voice Alerts) > However, you sold me on that REDLINE, should I upgrade it will definately be that particular model. Excellent presentation & thank you for sharing that good knowledge.. +keithrig That's why you have to be aware of everything around you. If you're going significantly over the speed limit, be constantly watching for police..
    Don't know which is the best, but I love my Whistler. It has saved me for over two years now. I've gotta a range of 2 miles..

    From past experience, the Cobras are all horrible, it goes off when you see the cop. I bumped up to a Escort 8500x50, great range, really loud good bang for the buck, just bought the passport max2, and its AMAZING..
    Hi, I am looking for good speed camera detector. I am new to this, and my understanding is that the speed camera uses laser beam, the market is full of detectors and its hard to choose. I tried Valentine one, but did not really helped, %50 of the speed cameras where not detected. please help *GPS database does not existed where I live, and gun speed detectors is not used. +Ken Li It works better than on a Christmas tree. ;) If you want a detector that isn't on your windshield, you can look at a remote detector like the STi-R Plus, 9500ci, or Stinger VIP. Those are installed in your grill and you just put a small display and controller in your car somewhere. Nothing on your windshield.. Great video and information...Here is a walk around on the new Uniden LRD-950 I recently far, highly impressed with it's performance
    I understand that the V1 is strongly better then the 9500ix. Also I do understand configuring the V1 you need to spent $50 for the BT module, plus do a bunch of background research on rdfourms for the KA/K bands that are in your area. For someone who doesn't speed as much, and just drives in the town and local areas sometimes on highway would you recommend the 9500ix the V1 currently has alot of false alerts, which can be filter with purchasing more equipment. When people say comparing the 9500ix to the V1, how much less does it have 'range'. Like a few seconds difference between alerting on a straight way Escort makes it super easy to update your radar with a PC and a cable, I find that a bit easier and cash saving then buying a BT dongle on the V1. I have my own opinion, but my question still resides as: Town use 9500ix or keep the V1 and deal with the falses..
    +Vortex Radar I honestly don't have the money to spend more to get a Max or Max2. But I feel like the use of my V1 which I just bought recently is throwing so many false's which I know can be changed by buying more accessories etc. Would you recommend the 9500ix as just a town/city driving with maybe 10-20% highway driving I don't need extremely long range like the V1 just enough to alert me to slow down. Obivously this may vary on the terrain..
    +A Slow Prius If you're looking to save money, take a good hard look at the Uniden. Much better performance than the 9500ix, similar features, less money. The flowchart here should help you decide:
    I had Stinger installed about a month ago. Yes, it does have a few things to work out but it is already blowing the other detectors out of the water. First test against the 9500IX it had a 38 second lead time at about 35mph. I drove with the 9500 for a few years and didn't think it could get any better. Still my top choice if I couldn't afford the Stinger. I came into this video thinking it would be highly biased against one brand but it's definitely not, great review!. How much roughly is the installation charge to install say like the Escort 9500ci Thinking about getting an 2011 Ford Edge Limited SUV.
    +Dave Conrad Depends on if you're also doing the rear heads too, if you want to integrate the display in your RVM, do some custom panels, how much the installer wants to make, etc. I've done it myself and I've had it done professionally. Could run you $500, easily more..
    Sounds like the V1 is the most adaptable/customizable after the learning curve. I have a '15 challenger with back up hit detection but no blind spot detection. Would I be able to teach it block the false alerts It sounds like the best one for me!. +ThebirdmanTrainer I haven't heard too many issues with Dodges. Usually backup sensors aren't an issue since they're on a different frequency. They shouldn't be an issue for any RD.. i just want something that will tell me where all the cops are before i can see them... what should i get. +tj bach They can, but they don't actually detect cops. They detect the radar guns that cops use... if they have them in their car (not all do) and if they have them turned on (they don't always). Your radar detector will also detect other sources of radar (automatic door openers, speed signs, blind spot monitoring systems in other cars) and so you'll want to filter out these false alerts that you'll see in town. If that's the case, look into a detector with GPS lockouts. That'll really come in handy around town..
    Vortex, thanks so much for your efforts to put out such great videos with so much useful info. I used your advice and programmed the V1. It is quiet as a mouse compared to my STi-R Plus. I have had to turn off the Kband as you suggested. Until Escort figures out the BSM and calms the excessive falsing, my V1 is still KING. I notice false alerts all over the spectrum so IMO segmenting K band will not work. Do you have an insight as to where we are headed with this growing issue Thanks!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!.
    +Steven Worley Sweet! Yeah it's really nice when properly set up. Blind spot falsing is a really tough problem. Everyone's struggling with it. Stinger looks to be one of the best options moving forward, but that's an expensive system using sophisticated next gen hardware that can analyze signals on the fly using more advanced signal processing techniques which can recognize and thus filter out many (but not all) collision avoidance systems. There's still much work to be done, but it's a pretty tough problem, particularly when cars use signals that look otherwise exactly like a signal coming from a radar gun.... I bought the Escort 9500ix about 4 days ago and am unimpressed. I saw the cop at night before it went off... thank god the cop snatched someone else. Im taking it back to CarToys and switching it for an Escort Redline since i saw your text video for it and was impressed.. +Dylan Lindquist If it's instant on (officer press the button to clock a vehicle once he sees a target he wants), then you can see that same thing with any radar detector. The Redline will give you a better shot at detecting I/O when he's targeting vehicles ahead of you..
    hi i need a radar for tomarrow and the store only have passport escort 9500ix/beltronic v10/ escort solo s3... those the 9500ix have long range for detecting.

    +Jose Jimenez by the way, if you're commenting on youtube, please only reply once. You're leaving 3-4 identical comments every time you post and I'm having to delete the unnecessary duplicates..
    What detector would you reccomend on an extreme budget, dont care about features just want to know if a cop is near by. Stinger VIP has the greatest performance if price is no option. Just remember that a radar detector is not a police car detector. It's a radar detector..
    Sorry I think I misunderstood your question. :D The Uniden LRD850 will have the most performance for tight budgets. You will get a fair amount of annoying false alerts in town so the 950 will help make things more usable around town while also offering a low price. Keep in mind you also need to look into laser jammers for complete protection. No matter what you choose, run Waze as well. It's a free app and works very well..

    Hi, you definitely seem like one of the oustanding radar experts on here, read thru your comments and am looking for something with really high Ka detection but that won't give me tons of X or K false alerts. (Either turning them off or just filters them) What would you personally recommend in the $100-$200 zone for detectors You seem to like the XR65, how does that compare to other similarly priced stuff out there Is the LRD950 really worth it IS the Cr90 really that bad How about wireless ones like the Escort S3 really that bad too I'm primarily concerned about Ka bands, and not getting too many false alerts on other bands. Thanks!.
    heh :) The 850 looks to be the same as the 950 but without the GPS filtering options, so no lockouts, low speed muting, or RLC alerts. For the RLC stuff, just use Waze, it's better. The K band filtering you're definitely gonna want. Around downtown Seattle it's mostly Ka from the WSP (Seattle PD doesn't run speed enforcement), but you'll see K band from some cities like Kirkland and Issaquah, the WSP uses it outside of Seattle, it's used in the national parks, etc. You'll definitely still need K band around here and because of that, I'd recommend the 950 to get the better filtering since you'll be leaving K band on.. +Vortex Assuming you live in the area because you know so much about it. :P So it's worth the extra $100 solely based on the band filtering that just about it Ok. Have you tested out the Bel Pro200 at all Similiary priced and high reviews on Amazon. Didn't see it in your test results.. i just needs to be able to aware they are behind me or nearby. but i dont want that beeping noise. how bout just a flashing light and cheap. You can you mute your detector and run it visually if you like. I do this when I have other people in the car that I don't want to annoy with the beeps or if it's loud with the music up and top down. Some detectors are better at this than others. As for cheap detectors, generally using one is like using a condom with a little hole in it. You may think you've got protection, but you may not find out about your mistake until it's too late. If you are in the market for something affordable, I'd recommend watching this video: Have you tested the newer iRad 900 Given that it's a cobra, maybe its performance is lackluster I have one on order, maybe I'll try to do a quick test with a friend and a Ka gun to gauge effectiveness.... Yes, I've heard this about Amazon and depending on how its packaged I may try to return it. Otherwise I'll probably keep it for experimental purposes and acquire a V1 for daily use. .
    LSR: Laser/LIDAR QT: Quick Trigger K: K Band KA: Ka Band TSR: Traffic Sensor Rejection; i got this in my country CA. Can you help me to choose the best radar detector Thanks.

    Why no Whistler CR90 It's got great detection and almost no false alerts. I run mine in Highway mode all the time. I use to have a V1 but got tired of it with all the non stop false alerts during my daily commute..

    +Leo Rojas Glad to hear it's saving you. :) It performs quite poorly against the competition and there's better options for the money these days, but I'm glad you're running something you enjoy nonetheless..
    I'm wondering how the old tried and true Escort 8500 x50 stack up in terms of real world performance instead of looking at specs from an academic standpoint. I have mine programmed to only pick up Ka and laser, but now I'm looking at picking up a second unit so I don't have to carry my one unit from car to car. With it set up as I stated above, I almost never get falses..

    Red Rhino Price -
  72. November 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I got a medium size organizer with 4 drawers and 2 little drawers by acrylic chic. I posted it on my instagram and it was 50dollars on my home goods. But after seeing thus where it's much wider and with the dividers, I mean, I wanna run to all the stores and get this beauty LOL! It's sooooo cute❤️ thanks for sharing with us! xo.
    +Queenii Rozenblad LOL what you got though, I just can resist myself from not going to mrahsalls, tjmaxx or marshalls, cray cray! Oh! if any of your subbies wanna see how mine looks like, I did a haul video not too long ago, and I showed the one I'm talking about other acrylic storage for my makeup ;-) Can't for the hunt week on this gem you got!.
    +Marielaq81 I wanted to update and correct myself regarding the price of the makeup acrylic organizer I got from Home Goods a while ago. The actual prize was 39.99 and not 50 dollars. Thank you +Quizlet for pointing it out that I made a mistake about it. I'm sorry about it! I hope you all can get this or any great makeup acrylic organizer for a great prize and deal. And thanks again girl for sharing this awesome find with us! ❤️😉.
    They're so beautiful 😍 I have two of the smaller ones that you have (the small 4 drawer ones) stacked on top of each other and I got them from Marshalls, I love them but I definitely need to upgrade now! The drawers are a little crammed and I have more makeup than can fit it them. On the hunt for these babies today!. You may want to visit the Container Store. For $25 I purchased a 4 drawer clear container from the home office section. I wish I was able to upload a picture and show you, but my container is almost equivalent in size to all of those you purchased separately. You can find it here . hey babes that's an amazing deal it's just that acrylic is a bit more expensive then plastic, hey any one is welcome to get this set listed in this comment above for a much cheaper alternative, but I rather the acrylic from tj.max then that of a online store. this is just my cheaper alternative then purchasing this acrylic box online. In comparison to the Cosmo Cube; totally love the price stamp but the muji is so much cheaper and I believe so is the one from the container store. My only concern is I'm always buying makeup which means they'll obviously fill up. Idk any suggestions of which want will hold me longer.
    OMG Yes and i was thinking about going to the mall to pick up some. Now these are what i want. .
    Thx girly for the update!!! ;-) I too originally bought several of the smaller ones whn they first came out!! I shlda known they would come out w the larger ones...Duh...! But, bc I was sooo frantic to find them at TJM I kinda went bananas and I bought a bunch of them! Now I feel kinda goofy bc I HAVE to get abt 6 of the larger ones n swap out my make up! I'm sooo excited... Teeheeee! Guess I will use the smaller ones for jewelry! Thx again! . Also, prior to me findg the ones at tj I saw the one at container store, and no harm but it doesn't compare! You get a much better quality from these for the extra cost! Plus these look VERY nice, and the prices are budget friendly! I have refused to spend $3/400on the other REAL ones... just out of preference/being cheap! Lol.
    TFS Queenii! I love the look of the acrylic sets as well. Looks more clean and crisp. Will definitely be calling around to the stores in my area. :-).
    Did you ever consider MUJI. I think you could have gotten two of the four drawers for the price of what you paid with shipping. Check them out. Its worth a shot right.
    Also I wanted to ask you, Do you know if City Color will ever ship to Canada Cause us Canadians want your lipstick girl :).

    OMG I am going to my local TJ Maxx to see if they have them. I bet they dont. I will check Marshall's as well..

    Love the case!! Can you do a video on you top foundations and tell the shades you wear. Thank you love from Jersey 😊.
    my local store didnt have the larger ones...just the smaller ones. I am soooooo disappointed right now :(.
    I'm so glad you showed this bcuz I've been wondering where to get affordable, large, makeup organizers. Thanks Queenii!!! .

    Omg! Thank you for sharing. I saw this one but did not get because I did not know how to use all try the dividers. Awesome thanks!.
    Girl because of this video I went and bought the exact three original ones you bought from there! I didn't see any big ones :( but I'm sooo happy with my purchase cause they are so cheap and pretty! .
    I love them-right now I have some like "cubbies" they are purple I need some acrylic cases.

    Looks like you got a good deal! I actually have the top storage container, but I bought mine at The Container Store. Wish I got it for that TJMaxx price, but I'm really happy with my purchase and all my makeup products fit in there like a glove. When I'm in the market to purchase more containers I'll definitely check out TJ Maxx or Marshalls..

    Thanks for the info. I have been wanting a Muji for the longest time and they are always sold out of the large 5 drawer set. This is a great alternative and the drawers look bigger than those on the Muji! Now I gotta go stalk TJ Maxx and Marshalls!! ;) I love your videos!.

    Thanks for the info. I hope I can find them at my local TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I'm in desperate need of storage. Had taken over my desk and it's a real problem now..

    I work for tjmaxx and have been contemplating on buying these FOR EVER. I didn't know the compartments came out and came with separate pieces. Thank you!!.
    can you please show how you made that beautiful floral arrangement in that glass next to acrylic storage! It is beautiful I love it!.
    So happy I stopped by Marshall's and they had this brand. Now that I'm rewarding the video I think it's the smaller ones. That's ok though I had to start somewhere and I can continue to look for this larger ones. Thanks for the tip!!.
    Man, I spent more money on an eDiva earlier this year but I really love this one. I may get 2 of these drawers and the top part for my collection. Thank you for sharing!!.
    I like this set. The drawers are deep enough. I have a TJMaxx right across from my house I need to stop being lazy and just go already..
    Love them! I only have tk.maxx here in the uk, so doubt they'll have them, but defo worth a look right!.
    REALLY nice! loving your new setup and hope you are planning a room tour and a new makeup storage video! how is Lola blush.

    nitro xl pills - eBay UK
  73. December 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Carl Pierson Well, you gotta realize that that pressure cooker is small as shit lol. I still have mine and it's good and all but my damn ribs are starting to stick to the bottom of the pot. How the hell do i get it to stop doing that man.
    +TheDigihax just a suggestion. After I carefully clean my cooker and/or pots. I wipe the inside with vegetable oil removing any excess. Do not stir meats or ingredients with metal prongs; wooden spoon is better. Hope this helps. 1-25-2016.

    +Amina Madfai The "recipe book" that came with it was pretty weak. I'm glad you asked. I seriously love my Pressure cooker. =-D It made my deer meat tender!.
    How much beef stock did you use I see you poured it in, but it's not on the list of ingredients.. Hey I bought this power pressure cooker and it takes its time to heat up and plus to searthe pot...then I put a chicken to sear and it takes longer to sear the chicken...and one must turn turn...then it takes time for that I think is best sear the chicken apart bfore addingto the pot...ifnot the roasted chicken is not that brown. Last Saturday we were in the grocery store and they had pork but roasts for $ 1.00 lb. I picked up one. I seasoned it and put it on my Char-Broil Grill for about 1 1/2 hour. I turned the middle burner off and put the two on each side so the temp of the grill was about 250-280 degrees. I even poured some honey on the pork butt for flavor. It cooked and cooked turning it maybe 2-3 times. It was looking great. Then I put it into my 6 quart Power Pressure cooker for 40 minutes. You talk about goood ! Man it came out fork tender ! I have one of those steamer baskets you see, the kind where you spread open and put into a 6-8 quart pot. It fits nicely into the Power Pressure cooker. I steamed some carrots, broccoli and squash for about 2 minutes each. The vegetables came out just right ! This fall I am going to get out my wood smoker and smoke/cook the roasts about 4 hours and then put them into the Power Pressure Cooker. The mesquite or pecan wood would really add the smoked flavor to the meat !.
    I just got mine today from QVC. Read instructions and "Cured" it following the instructions given using the "Canning Mode." I was very displeased that it took over 30 minutes for it to build the pressure. Then I attempted to do a chuck roast. Followed all instructions and quess what After 40 minutes the cooker has not built enough pressure to start the 40 min. countdown. I'll be returning it back!.
    +Mark Schommer I have had my xl for two years I love it and other than the chicken does not brown I love it..
    Using those metal tongs to stir - I could hear that non-stick surface being ground away and into the food..
    I'm so sorry and sad to hear the negative comments about the pressure not building. I got my 8 qt PPC XL at Costco for $89 & I LOVE it! I haven't had any problems with pressure not building. Did you have problems getting the lid on correctly, AND did you rotate the pressure valve to the circle with a dot in the center to line up with the arrow outer ring Which means the pressure is building. If you dialed it to the picture of the "steam" escaping, that is to RELEASE the steam! (That would make it NOT build up steam! Maybe you had it on that and your steam escaped! (Sounds like it to me.) Hope you try that before sending it back. I'm really impressed with mine, and I've been using nice, name brand pressure cookers for over 35 years, and watched my mom use hers for 20 before that. She loved hers and made wonderful dishes in a fraction of regular cooking. I hope you that had problems with the pressure not rising, try the valve tip I suggested. It's all a learning curve. This unit is NOT the typical pressure cooker we've used for years and years, and simply putting the lid on and popping the pressure regulator on the valve. Did you see J Donnelly demonstrate the set up for starting the steam & pressure Try that. Good luck! Hope it works. Sleepless in Seattle ~Tammy.
    +tambo56 ,I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and I love mine. Have not had any trouble with mine. I didn't know how to sear the meat but after watching video I do. I paid $79 for mine with my 20% off coupon..

    My question is why say how wonderful the product is and how it can do all this amazing stuff yet there is a back order on the product I have called customer service and until I point blank ask how long until the next shipment arrives I keep getting told it will be at my home on or before 1/24/16. (I ordered it in December) When I ask about the next shipment that is when I get told that it should be in their warehouse around the 1 week of Feb. This is now the third time I have tried to order this thing and I never seem to be able to actually get the product without some sort of hassle. It seems that the only place it is so awesome is on TV..
    I just bought this pressure cooker and i am well pleased with it..but sadly i am not pleased with its cook book orits instructional book. For instance.. last night i wanted to make brown rice...i wanted to triple the recipe..but no instructions for cooking more than a single recipe..Whats the cook times for cooking double or triple recipe The cookbook was okay..but i need basic cooking instructions not recipes. I cookeda pork roast that took longer than just pushing the meat button..i ended up pushing it three times before the roast was cooked through..
    +1994abbygirl i agree... the same happened to me with regards to time. i had to double up the time for the rice and the meat. the cookbook is very basic and the times dont really transfer to real time cooking. i did rice 3 times before i finally got the time down for it to come out right. lots of trial an error.

    That non-stick pot is not going to last long scraping metal utensils in it! Remember wood or plastic for all non-stick surfaces....
    He used metal tongs in the cooker. If I do that at home won't it scratch it up and ruin my cooker. I have one I ordered from Fingerhut I am looking forward to using it. lol had to Order one That Infocomercial was calling out Get one lol.. I just ordered one from QVC...despite all the negative seems people either love this thing or they hate in between..
    I ordered this in the red and expecting it by the 10 of October 2015; I'm so excited...can't wait to try the wings...#StillNervous (LOL).

    1-25-201116: Well done (like the meat),presentation, understandable; easy to follow; better than most others and appreciated. thank you, bruce m. baja, ca. mx.
    This product is junk does not work as advertised... Unless you love rubber chicken and rubber roast in 40 mins then save your money.... I can't find the recipe for Pot Roast or Braised Chicken. You say they are posted with this video, what where The XL Power Pressure Cooker home page has limited recipes. Where is the Pot Roast Recipe.
    Question I browned some ribs I added olive oil before hand and then cooked the ribs and they came out amazing but the inner pot burned from the browning how can I clean this I though it was a non stick pot.

    I got mine for Christmas and I love it ,I been cooking and baking and I dont have no problem.I am Bobbys wife Filomena. I love it..
    CUSTOMER SERVICE on this product is a joke!!! Do not purchase this unit Power pressure cooker XL Purchased in April 2015 / overpressure problem by Dec / 2015 Warrenty period 60 days, lol... can't order the part I need in canada you have to get someone in the states to order it for you and then trying to get a receipt to bring it across the border... nothing short of PAINFUL! Do your nerves a favor and purchase a different brand..
    hi eric, ive just found out your name, can i say what a great teacher you are, thankyou paul, and take care..
    just received the xl pressure cooker and can't wait to use it! Be sure to read instruction manual before using!! Let me know how ya like it and what you cooked!!. I love this channel. Just got my XL 6 qt and going to try it out this weekend. I'll throw up (eeewww - didn't mean it like that)...I'll POST some comments after my pressure cooker virginity is gone, by Sunday night I reckon. Happy Holidays to all..
    Thank you so much for step by step with my new Power Pressure Cooker XL! My pot roast was always good, but with product it was AMAZING!! Thank you for being right here with me by you tube to walk me through each step. #5stars.
    12-27-2015 QUESTION: What amounts, volumes of dried beans and water, and other ingredients are needed just to pressure-cook black beans only without rice. I put dried beans - not pre-soaked - volume about 3/4 pound, with about 2 cups unsalted water, one chopped onion. It took about 12-15 minutes to build pressure then cooked about 50-minutes on the "beans" setting. This seemed to work but beans were a little sticky - maybe more water was needed. I'm looking for the precise measurements to cook only 1/2 pound dried beans at a time. How much water and which setting and how long to cook RSVP please. I have the 8-cup Power Pressure Cooker. Love it so far..
    Hello I bought the power pressure cooker xl 6 qt and yes its takes its time the first about the searing mode I suggest to sear chicken apart just to give it its nice color then just put it to roast in the pressure cooker...season the chicken salt pepper garlic and drizzle olive oil..the chicken comes out of its bone nice n tender..on stew /soup mode yummy.
    +afia brown Just put everything in close the lid and pressure release, push the button you want and presto... Make sure you have the lid shut well or it will never get up to pressure.... I bought a new Power Pressure Cooker XL and it was one of the best buys in my entire life. It is unbelievable how wonderful and easy it is to use. I will never let myself be without it from here on out. I use it every single day. I was even sick today and in a lot of pain and I cooked a meal in less than 10 minutes. I feel like my mother is here cooking for me. Good home cooked meals now that is easy. All the work is taken out. JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COOKER.. I can't wait to can with it next..
    Update: Well after TWO hours and the XL not reaching pressure.. I turned it off. The vegetables basically boiled to a mush. The meat was cooking but still underdone. I took out my "old" pressure cooker and transferred the meat and a couple of cups of broth into it. Trying to salvage my $15.00 chuck roast. Called QVC and am returning this Junk. Don't waste your money.. stick with what still works. How can these people sleep at night knowing they are taking us for a ride.
    First time using this Cooker and have followed what you did here. Concerned about the timer counting down before the lid was on as you also showed. By the time I seared and added the veggies the count down timer was already at 35 mins. Smells good though..
    so tomato paste is listed twice... do i use it at different times or did you mean crushed or diced tomatoes.

    I might add that I bought mine through the company and had to pay almost 30.00 shipping. Amazon prime is free 2 day shipping. FYI.

    this is the best pressure cooker I've ever used. plan on getting another one before thanksgiving, oh boy I'm enjoying cooking under pressure..
    I noticed you are using metal tongs in the stirring and processing in the Power Pressure Cooker. Is it safe to use metal utensils in the non-stick pot What I mean by safe is will it mar and/or scratch the Non-stick surface. mine is going back never got up to pressure. now i am using my manual one and it is cooking just fine.
    please can you tell me why almost everything sticks on the bottom meat sauce for sure ty waitting for you answer.
    +Dale Mahar There are a lot of sugars in meat sauce and the high heat required for the pressure build up my be too much for that sauce. It needs to be stirred to avoid that which isn't possible in a pressure cooker.. It took me forever to seal the pan with the canning 10 min I would like to know if one sees little bit of steam while water is boiling. I bought mine just to cook dried black beans without having to soak them overnight. The cooker instructions and recipes include extra ingredients with their bean recipes which is confusing. I just want to know the settings and times for cooking dried black beans, maybe dried lintels or other dried beans. No other ingredients. Thanks. I don't eat meat, by the way. Used to, but not any more..
    can BBQ ribs be placed on a rack with the liquid under and not washing off the rub while adding the liquid That way, the rub cooks in and stays with the RIBS, and not in the bottom of the cooker! What'cha think How can you use the cooker as a cooker and not a musher What I mean...Fall off the bone MUSHY Ribs!!! Can the Cooker be adjusted to just cook the RIBS, and not over saturate their meat with steam.
    I need to know a few recipes for the power preasure cooker the first one with a dial in it is it the just like the xl. Just unwrapped my new Pressure cooker. Followed the start up instructions. Never built up pressure and started Canning Mode. Waited almost 40 minutes !!! Not happy and not sure what to do Help!.
    I dont normally comment but i'll make an excemption this time. 1) I'd like to see you sued, as i have an electric pressure cooker, and i would never suggest anyone even "try" to open it while its at pressure, i doubt there is a sufficient lock feature(for a grown person) on the one your using or any pressure cooker. 2) The steam from a pressure cooker release can be very dangerous if touched, i personally would recommend using a spoon or something to move the release knob other than a limb. 3) Your pressure cooker did not exactly work like you said, you were browning the meat and the cooker was not at pressure, yet it was ticking down from 40 minutes already, when you placed the lid on it was already at 37/36 minutes, it probably didnt even get up to pressure till 25 minutes if, it was a large pot. 4) Your meat tried to melt off, but it didnt wanna let go. Overall thanks for the over view..
    Steam is "practically harmless" my rear!!!! OMG!!! It's hot enough to burn you!!! BE CAREFUL!!! AND don't have anything around it that you don't want to get wet.. like your cabinets!!. +gordon buzzell haven't you been hateful enough for one day. World has enough ass hats running around.. no need to add to that population, ok.
    I have a 2.5 lb chuck roast How much should I reduce the time I want it med rare Thanks Eric Love my PPL.

    Where Can I Buy Neosize Xl In Philippines -
  74. November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I have knee pads (same one ZackGoes uses) that go from my knee to shin. I want to buy boots but will it get in the way with the knee pads. hay loved the vid i am just starting motocross and and have a KTM 125 i have some gear but don't now what to ware under the jury and pants should i ware like another pain of joggles or some thing i dunno. Guys if you are leaving a comment on a QUESTION you WANT answered, then make sure your youtube is linked to Google+, other wise I CANT answer them, so if I haven't answered your question its because I cant not that I dont want to :) Thanks for watching and subscribing. I really want to start riding mx, my parents have agreed to buying me a bike! But then i realised that need gear xD From your videos I've gone online and it probably atlas another £1000 on top of the bike. Is there a cheaper option you can recommend or just cheaper brand and stuff... Your vids are great thanks for helping me!. +Mackenzie Bailey There really isnt a cheap option, i mean i just grabbed a pair of cheap knee pads the other day to test compared to my better ones and juring that i stacked and really that put me off the bike for along time. My injury is healing but very slowly so im thinking that ill be back up in like 2 months. i know thats nothing to brag about and yes you can get lots of other injuries ranging from an infected toe nail to a broken spine so its just one of those things that you cant cheat unfortunately.. hey what type of full body chest guard was on that picture you posted the one you posted a picture of the front and the back side. I am 13 and have been racing for four years and could not explain to one of my friends as good you could.
    +HyDrA Things No definitely not to begin with, when you start to get serious and want to be competing national then a trainer would be awesome..

    If you're planning on hitting jumps definitely get a neck brace and use it every time. Could very well save your neck one day. .

    I was basically told that I can't start motocross until I finish school and I was wondering where some motocross tracks are, I live in Texas..
    Never rode a dirt bike before. I'm 12 not sure what hieght and I was told I could have a 85cc and should I buy second hand stuff or new stuff.
    Hi I'm 15 190 pounds and around 6ft I used to ride quad bikes but fancy starting motocross I was wondering what size bike anybody recommend or if any one had any suggestions .
    +James Hardman Im new and im starting on a Honda CRF125F and its a pretty good start. I also used to ride quads not very competitively my family owned afew and i got to race my family at our farm. But i have started easily and my dad used to ride pro so we found a quiet place on a track we rent at and he just taught me the gears and the other basics. Its a realy fun thing to do if its somehting you can handle. If you read something i said to someone else before you would know that ive just been put off the bike for afew months because of an injury but i was being abit silly. But definently if you are going to start youre gonna really want to get proper gear, the neck brace and boots are something that you can avoid for a certain period of time but if you think you want to go serious in motox then you definently need everything in this video.. Hello. I am female, 5"6, 106 pounds, and I am 16. I was wondering what bike I should get, also preferably street legal if possible. My budget is around $6,000. Thanks. c:. i live in england in kent +WarningRacing and i wnt to start motocross, is there any dirt bike clubs near me thanks.
    Just out of curiosity (this is probably a stupid question) but what is it that wears down the soles .

    Hey i think your awsome im getting a dirtbike soon this is the account name im not actually a girl im a boy.

    am 12 and i have a trials bike oset 20 inch electric. i am starting motocross lessons and training and i live in the uae. i have all the gear i just need a bike and cant find one. my dad says maybe a kawasaki kx85 but i am not sure yet. if you have any suggestions on where to get good bikes or what bike i need please tell me..

    +dilan durakovic take your finger and put it on your belly button. Now move your finger to the left or right, but not so much you are now pointing to your side. When that area takes damage from an impact like a fall or punch your kidneys are in danger..
    I'm 14 and I was just wondering what kind of bike should I get because I'm 4'12 in height And I'm a beginner Pliz help .
    +Toxicmeatloaf fuck that James stewart ownly rides basic helmet gogles and boots and glove it seems reasonable because i ridden a pedal bike and went flying over the handle bars but i got back up with bruises and a gashed leg cant be any different than mx accept you will break somthing.
    hey im thinking about starting motocross and when i buy my gear should i get all same brands and another thing when your ridin how do you jump your bike.
    You dont do anything just squeeze with your knees I thought it would be hard also but it's really easy.
    I'm a beginner! I don't really want to race but just ride some trails and out in the open. Do I still need all the same gear.

    No man you don't need all this gear don't listen to all these rich stuck up pussies that look like a marshmallow in all their gear. You don't need all this stuff. Especially for trails man. I ride trails, some enduro, and race at a local track that's open every day. All I wear is helmet, goggles, boots, and sometimes gloves. That's all you need don't waste all your money in all that gear cause you don't need it. Especially if your growing a lot, you will spend ridiculous amounts of money on gear and outgrow it quick. Trust me though man, you don't need it..
    Im getting a yz 125 soon and its my first bike seeing that I need so much gear is getting me worried!!.
    Good video sound like a girl not hatein just saying r u a girl lol :anyway yeah all of what u said is true but I don't wear and never have worn a neck brace just my personal preference I do have a simple chest protector that goes over my heresy but I only use that in races but yeah ppl listen to this person boy or girl they speak sense lol .
    im 14 years old the bike I race the most is a Suzuki RM 250 all I use is a wolf sport helmet a wolf sport top wolf sport pnts shin pads witch have the knee pads on them as well wolf sport boots and tear off goggles and iv been racing since I was about 5 first bike I had was a Honda CR 50cc. My friend, his grandpa buys him tons of racing gear and riding gear so he got him $500 boots (Im from the U.S) and he doesn't fit them anymore and hes selling them for $75 dollars to me so I am getting lucky on that one and I already have every thing else besides chest protecter (In buying it soon) and a neck brace (also saving up for it). . Hi looking for a dirt bike (I am a beginner) that has a top speed of about 50mph. I would like to go to a few small trails every now and again.I am 150.5 centimetres as of December 2014 and I am 12. Budget: Nothing above £500 I would appreciate it if you could give me a few suitable bikes as I don't know where to start. Thanks..
    Do i realy need other stuff then uper body plate whit built in neck protection and knee guards and gloves and helmet is the boots so important 4 riding in a forest And a jersy and pants .

    hell yes, i've been run over by my dad when i've fallen off and if i half assed my protection he probably would've broken bones..

    Hey i'm 20 and trying to get into women's uk motocross. do you have any tips because there doesn't seem to be anything really! I'm based in the midlands and sometimes the north west :).

    Where do you ride in the UK I know there is rural areas in GB but you're talking about clubs and racing so ik you aren't just playing on a farm field lol.
    Im 14 and i am 6'2 and i have never been on a bike before but i really want to try it out but i dont know what bike i should get could anyone give me some advice on what beginner bike to get .
    good advice for all of you guys if you fall off around corners doing jumps and other things let your self loose don't try and be a robot and go stiff because the chest and neck brace will dig into your collar bone and brake that is why I don't were them if you let your muscles loose then you might get a couple of brooses and scratches but you will have a better chance of getting back on the bike =) have fun and be careful but good video .
    I'm 17 and 5"3. I'm looking at getting a dirt bike. I've had a go on a YZ85 & YZ250. The 85 was a good height although would be better if it was a bit taller - it also didn't have enough power. The 250 had more than enough power but was too tall as I could only just touch the ground with the tip of my toe. I think a 125 would be perfect but they all seem to have the same seat heat as the 250's Any suggestions or alternatives.
    Yamahas full size bikes have about 2 more inches of height than other brands like honda, kawi, and suzuki. A cr250, kx250, or rm250 would probably be around 37 inches tall so that would work better for you..
    What are the things that you realy NEED and what are the things that are quite usefull but if you have a certain budget you can leave them out.
    I would also recommend mouth guard I had hard landing on jump just recently but on my raptor 660 and I chipped a tooth and dentist ant fun or cheap so I now were mouth guard and no one can see it when your helmet is on and get one that attaches to your helmet in case it falls out when riding .
    Hey I have a question on a bike it self. 1st what bike do you prefer and since I am only 15 I need to find a cheaper bike. My parents don't believe in me riding and hate the idea of it so I can't go all out on a bike, any suggestions on how to get a nice bike fairly cheap . Hi nice video.I want to start motocross and I don't know if the oneal backflip rl helmet for downhill is good also for motocross .
    Hi I can hear by your accent that ur from the uk although u mentioned it, but I'm from the uk aswell, I live in in surrey, where do u think I could ride that's near redhill due to the fact that I live there in redhill. Is there any places to ride a dirt bike .

    I was just wondering how much does all of this cost because I been wanting to do motocross but never had enough money to get all the gear.
    I started out with a chest protector, mx boots, helmet (of course) and jersey and mx pants. When you are out woods riding that's basically all you need. Oh and gloves too.
    Great informative video, thanks. How often do you go motocrossing and how much does it cost per session / day etc Also I see some riders wear a padded jacket that sort of blends into their pants, is that a thing or am I mistaken Do you recommend one or is it redundant with all the separate pads Thanks!.

    If i'm just an amateur rider that goes to the beach/woods what accesory would you recommend apart from helmet and goggles are the boots really that important.
    Better safe than sorry mate,also if your riding in the woods I would recommend goggles for twigs and mud and stuff like that ;). Boots are important because normal boots will grip into the ground when you put your foot out going around a corner, which is very dangerous..

    Neosize XL is My #1 Pick: Neosize XL UK (Buy Online)
  75. January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    You're beautiful! I love that you're doing hauls and showing our bigger sisters there are cute clothes for them despite the stores not adhering to their fashion needs. When you ordered the side slit shirt did you order a UK size 14 or a US size 14 I'm confused on what sizes to get.
    That first maxi dress did wonders for you shape, I don't wear maxi dresses personally but that one made me want to buy it ASAP it's GORG and the colour print is amazing :).

    Girl. You are BEAUTIFUL. Once I saw the first bathing suit I was like, "Oh it's on!" Giving me life. :).
    With that flowey yellow dress maybe a belt at the waist to enhance your true figure while keeping the comfort of the flowyness haha :). Awesome video hun thanks for sharing New Subbie here!! 😊 I'm going to the website now to see about those maxi dresses because I love them. I'm so looking forward to more videos ✌.
    omgawsh they're all so gorgeous on you and I seriously know what you mean about maxis hitting ankles. They ALL do that to me. It's like if I could shrink an inch ( I'm 5'7.5 ) or grow a few. They NEVER fit right! lol I've tried to add additional fabric, but it usually ends up looking ridiculous. lol The struggle is real. Just letting you know you're not alone..

    I'm saying yes to that nice short white dress! The first white strapless maxi, I've got that in a yellow haven't written it but I think it's nice, and I need accessories for mine. The foam green bathing suite is awesome!! I have something like it in black but never got to wear it yet. I love that lemon color dress, It's not very flattering on you, but if you can get someone to take in the just around the waist on both sides, you will truly love that dress. I'm Lovin the sleeves of the dress. The peplum top,Is beautiful and on you. I don't like the floral anything or full print materials. Even though the jump suit is partial print I'm not sure. This collection is so nice. Thanks for sharing..
    The lime green and floral strapless dress fro Boohoo, also the white. Sharp! You go girl. Everything looked great..
    Thanks for giving a look at another Plus Shop Spot. Tried G.Stage not a WOW at all cute club wear tho. But looking to try Boohoo.
    love everything, especially the lip color and tee Don't give up on those gorgeous sandals, cushioned insoles work miracles
    "White pants with some brown wedges! Ooh Ooh that would be so cute!" Yesss girl get it 😂💖..

    You look super gorgeous in this vid, although you always watching your videos..keep up the good work..Oh, i recently restarted my youtube channel and i would really appreciate if you along with everyone else could check it out and leave your honest feedback. I do makeup, hair, fashion, how to's, etc. Thanks in advance.

    +Diāna Reine

    The lime green dress is beautiful on you. I just ordered that same dress today. You gave me a better idea on how its going to look. Thank you..
    Me too i tired of forever 21 plus all theyre ahirt almost all of writing on them and dumb sayings on them . I love that you are a plus size and I can relate and feel confident watching your videos! Haven't seen a good plus size channel like yours:). Watches Video Speeds out the door to Target That romper is gorgeous. Well everything was gorgeous on you!. i absolutely love your videos. thanks for putting out great variety, I enjoy the makeup videos but loving these others too. keep doing your thing girl, great job!. Great Vid! I was wondering how boohoo clothing fits. Thank you! I'm probably going to order from them and do a try on session as well.. I now want that white dress w/ the belt and the long white shirt but I can't find them on the site anywhere! Idk names for anything lol. I love ur hair it's soooo Victoria Secrect OK ms thang I see them beach waves work it girl also I subscribe . I just started watching your channel one of your videos poped up under "Recommended" has I was strolling through. You are a very gorgeous black girl & have such convenience that I one day hope to build up into myself. Keep up the work 👍☺.. Love all the clothes the size 12 from Boohoo were they plus size also please please share the color of that lipstick and who its made by Thank uou. Can you tell me the name and brad of your lipstick please!!! I love it. Thanks. And your video perfect!! I'm definitely going to subscribe!. New subbie loved the vid. That short white dress was my fave..Did it take long for shipping from Boohoo.

    Buy Maxativa - Order Maxativa -
  76. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Also just so people are aware GT Omega sell their chairs 30% cheaper than DXRacer. Also changes and more models coming soon. Good video though!.

    14:30 it would be funny if it just snapped and he face planted. Hahahahahahahahahah sorry, not sorry.

    +Barnacules Nerdgasm Why you did GT Omega first Now I have to sell my GT Omega and buy DX Racer one :( I had same problems with GT Omega ->Weak string, Dem arm rests, screw holes and gas cilinders (pistons) are just bad, after second one I had to use my own (taller one, so at lowest setting its as tall as their piston on max height). But well, caster wheels, I didn't even use theirs (I have wooden floor, they use vinyl wheels), I had my own, same as DX Racer has, jut grey-white ones. Who'll buy GT Omega Master XL, so I can get DX Racer chair.

    +MiChAeLo KGB the reason that is is because the gt omega chair is about a hundred dollars cheaper than the dxrazer.
    The most EXTENSIVE Racing Seat Review Ever!! I had no intention of buying a new chair but after watching this, i kinda feel like i need one now, lol :D.
    If you have really bad, awful gas, how long does it take for the seat of the chair to not smell like diarrhea.
    I'm about five foot six or seven, Will my feet be able to lay completely flat and not hang thank you.
    I recently purchased this chair in coffee brown color. I bought it from amazon after searching for their max series and watching this video. But the model number tells me it's a drifting series. Dxracer website also confirms this is not a max series chair, but a drifting series chair. Any comment on this confusion.

    I can't find the max series anywhere. It's always sold out on the website and not on amazon. If anyone knows a place to pick one up let me know plz. Thx.
    OMG! i got a DXRacer M series chair and its awesome and its in the same orange colour! cant go back too any other chair. DXRacer wins hands down. Man, i'm super glad I found this video. I'm a fatty and I'm in need of a good chair. I was going to get a new monitor but urinate on that. I need a new chair NOW, and this puppy is as good as mine. Thanks for the video.. Just received the DXRacer M Series My07, paid $450AU, so happy with it, even though it cost me my weeks pay cheque haha XD.
    I have had two of these maximum chairs. Please read this comment if you haven't bought one yet. I returned the first one due to a faulty arm rest that it developed after a week. The whole arm rest comes off and you can no longer adjust height. I returned it hoping it was just bad luck. Then the second one came and it was all good for about another two weeks and the exact same fault happened on the arm rest... DXracer seriously need to sort out those arm rest designs. They are ridiculously bad..

    Ok better the M series DXRacer but we have 350€ VS 200€ here ! All the M series seats is out of the stock this moment, i don't know why !.
    +thomas watson Watch the Nerdcave tour.. :) If i remember correctly, it was a kitchen table from Ikea..
    This is how review of a chair should look like,great job buddy. I have Ark Racing chair and im very pleased..

    Just a note, I bought the same DXRacer chair last month, and they armrests do now twist like the other chair in the video, so all bases covered :D.
    I have a K-series chair coming in a week. :D I'm so pumped for it. I've been sitting on a terrible wooden chair for the longest time..
    My dx racer started to creek after a few months of owning it. The arm rest are a little hard so I put a couple Grafiti wrist pads on them so they are more comfortable. .
    George Takei Approves of this Chair model 2 3:21 # OH/MY (sorry I can't link to 3:21 for some reason) nm it worked!.
    how do i remove the screw covers that is on the side of the back i need to remove the back please help me i cant get them the ones that he puts on at 5:03.

    Sheesh for the price they can't make leather arm rest my staples chair is better then these in fit and features sturdiness and comfort only thing we don't have is custom arm rest movement and lean chair back.

    +GameHEADtimeGHT lol "only", did you ever look for good chairs that you can customize Custom arm rests cost alot extra, especially 4D arm rests, I think its something around ~150€ which is even more in $..
    It may sound expensive, but you have to buy at least 100$ chair so it MAY last as long as this one. You have to buy like two 50$ chairs in the life span of a quality chair. You get more comfort, which is an issue, if you are sitting a lot. You don't buy lousy shoes when you are going to run a marathon..
    Hello +Barnacules Nerdgasm how is the chair now after a few months of use And would say, that this is probably the most extensive and thorough video review of the DXRacer M Series chair. Looking forward to hear from you, as there is no info what so ever how the chair is after a few months of use, and I'm tired of going to the local store and purchasing an Office chair that breaks down after a few months of use :).
    +SorainyBoy Can it be done, yes, but what's the point. There are health ramification to the original post from poster. Your Dick comment does not, therefore not the a relevant comparison.. Yo can anyone with the M-Series chair confirm the maximum height of the top of the seat (where you sit) from the floor, I'm hoping it's above 51cm Thanks!. even tho i watch this video JUST now, this video was SUPER helpfull i am glad u did this video, i hope u still got the chair and still functions fine :D. It's too bad DXRacer has decided to discontinue this model. It seems to be one of their only ones that gets pretty consistently good reviews. The lady on the phone wasn't able to tell me which model is closest to the executive M series. Anyone know.
    Used to be a big fan of your videos but the eye things on every thumbnail are starting to put me off I dont watch your videos as much anymore because of this.

    +tony terry You weren't expecting a reply like that If you were a "big fan of [his] videos," you'd know he always replies like that to people who bitch over embarrassingly petty shit. It looks pathetic on your part, and he always makes that known. Especially considering people have criticized the thumbnails in the past to the extent of accusing him of attacking those who have Williams Syndrome. Continuously bringing up trivial shit and revealing that you have a stick vacuum-sealed inside your ass is utterly pedestrian behavior that no one is going to tolerate, not even Barnacules who puts up with a lot of bullshit in stride..
    I can see your points in both chairs, however it all comes down to budget. If you want to pay a lot more cash for your chair, then you're going to get a better chair overall. The chairs are both great in their own ways. In my eyes, the DXRACER chairs are well overpriced, but that's just me. +Rune Trust it was a joke because he said the only thing better than sitting was eating. and also yes you stand and eat when you get food from a takeaway. You turned the tension way up and it was able to bring you back, what about the reverse, how far can you turn the tension down I'm only 150, and I don't want to have to force the chair back. I'd like to lean back unrestricted. If you turn the tension all the way down, do you practically fall back, or is it not that much different then when you have the tension way up . Nice review, I love my red DXracer King series fabric version. Set me back $439 but worth every penny. Very sturdy, comfy, and will easily outlast a $200 Office Max chair. You get what you pay for with these! It completes my PC gaming station and looks great in the Man Cave!.
    Yes K series is best, I am getting one too! Fabric FTW because it will last longer than pleather!.
    You just took a SHIT all over omega haha... im so glad you made this video i have a dxracer k series all my friends have omegas and they dont listen when i tell them my chair is far superior... but now il just show them this mwahahah. man i need a new chair... lol my "lean back" function for my chair is a thin metal bar connecting the back rest to the base that flexes when you lean backwards... plus ive fell back in the chair more times then i care to admit :P lol. Hey Jerry, I remember subscribing when you barely had 1,000 folks doing the same! Anyway, now you got this nicer chair it would be cool to see you get back to some sim racing (or you can mail me that chair :p). I don't know what are all the games you own but there is a mod that recently came out for Stock Car Extreme (on Steam or here called CART Extreme, which is the 1998 Champ Cars. You can find it here: I have done a few laps myself if you'd like to check that out and see what you're getting yourself into: It may feel like quite a change from iRacing but you can have a lot of fun, especially if you can overlook some of the graphics. Plus you won't risk killing people and destroying their races :p. Anyway, even rFactor 2 or some Assetto Corsa would be nice to see. If you would like any guidance or help in setting things up I am available to help!. Also you can race TRUCKS! Just saw this was on discount, you should try the demo :D If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you Considering getting a dxracer chair and want one of the bigger ones with space but I'm only 5' 8" so thinking the M series might be the best balance (while the King might be designed for taller people)... I'm curious on the Tank series that is listed with a question mark on their site..
    +Matthew Langley Believe he said he was 5'10. At 5'8 you fit the regular models height wise and are an inch too short for the recommended height of the king and max models. The King series is basically F-series just for taller bigger guys. The M series has a slightly different look compared to the F-series, I believe has a different sponge density and also is for the taller bigger guys(like the king series). If you have any questions email or call customer support over at DXracer it took them literally 30 minutes to reply to my emails. My advice before purchasing would be to look up what people who actually paid money for the chair thought about their purchase. From what I've seen of these reviewers who have been given the chair for free, they focus too much on the positives and quickly gloss over the negatives in regards to the current price point. Im currently sitting on the M series and the armrest are VERY wobbly, how these youtube reviewers failed to mention this i do not know... If you end up purchasing this from Dxracer directly and end up not liking the product enough to justify the price (like I did) a refund will cost you 20% of your final fee. However, there are retailers out there that sell DXracers and will refund your chair without that insulting restocking fee. Good luck on making the right choice dude. Not being able to sit on these chairs before purchasing makes it hard to recommend..
    Hey Barnacules! I was just wondering where I can get my own Bat Knife™ ( I trade marked it cause why not) because I want to make a reference to you every time I open a package. I love these chairs but honestly I'd rather spend $350+ on something for like my pc that will actually improve performance... Not hating just stating my opinion. I really want one but $350 is a lot. .
    +Philip McIntosh I see where you come from but I would get this chair because I want to get better posture, with my current chair my ass/back hurts after a while and I think this chair would be great to fix those problems.

    Dude, I know you have a lot of stress leaving Microsoft and all, but you have to think of your family and get some exercise into your routine. Maybe see if you can buy or get gifted an elliptical instead of another chair..
    Hey my birthday was March six and I was wondering if you don't use the omega them can i possibly have it . Yes, you can order from the UK. Although it takes longer to ship. - go to shipping to see more info. . Only if the drop supports it, the Dxracr is restricted to the US only, but I got the ModMic from there a few months back, so it's definitely worldwide. However if you do order from them you have to be aware of the potential Duty charge which might end up making the item more expensive than buying from the UK.. No squeezing but a little play in it now at the base. Nothing severe and the back got a little loose once, just tightened her up. Holding up well considering the abuse I put it through!.
    I have the f series but i find it uncomfortable, Im a small guy but I am lookin for somethin that has more cushion and a better headrest. recommend getting this I am 5"7 140 lb. Would appreciate some feedback.

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  77. January 17, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    im just sitting here like: i have that one, i have that one, i have that one and that one oh and that one too. i have alot of nerf guns....

    tjvyhg fui m isso fumem idem meus vick grife forem murmure Você flw Glen urine virem disto fofoca my names boicotou.

    guys in Brasil it stopped producing longshots, but theme os a Pearson selling for 960 reais, wich is like 250 dollars.
    if you have any questions please feel free you can also post a message on your own virus your email y you are hereby notified with your family x.
    Yurtdışında sadece oyuncaklar için AVM yapmışlar ama Türkiye de sadece küçük mağazalar var oyuncaklar için bu çok kötü ve de Nerflerin birçoğu Türkiye de yok!!!Nedenn.

    ;-) :-) 🏯🏥⚓🔩👍👇💟💋:-$ 💕💜🔰⌚👓🎓👒🎩👑👟👞💄👘👣👄👅💋❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👎👌✊✌✋👊☝👆👇👈👉🔰💄👞👟👑👒🎩🎓👓⌚👔👕👖👗👘👙👠👡👢👚👜💼🎒👝👛💰💳💲💵💴🐕🐶🐩🐈🐱🐀🐁🐭🐹🐹🐢🐇🐰🐓🐔🐣🐤🐥🐦🐏🐑🐐🐺🐃🐂🐄🐮🐴🐗🐖🐷🏠🏡🏢🏣🏤🏥🏦🏧🏩🏨🏠🏫🏪🏫⛪⛲🏬🏯🏰🏭🗻🗼🗽🗾🗿⚓🏮💈🔧🔨🔩🚿🔝🔙🔛🔜🔚⏳⌛♑⏰♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♑♐♒♓⛎🔱🔯🚻🚮🚯🚰🚱🅰🅱=O :-P ;) :-( :-) :-! :-$ B-) :O :-* :-D :'( :-\ O:-) :-[. Dear USA please bring some nerf gun to Myanmar Myanmar have no nerf gun bit I can buy when I come back usa please bring some nerf gun.

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  78. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Worked for corporate America. They make things more complicated than they should. I hate these "spreadsheet" assholes.. the link for the spreadsheet didn't work for me, is it possible to check the link for me. It looks like a great tool. Thanks for letting me know. The site is back up now.
    I have the spreadsheet available for download from my website:
    For the units could you change that around so that it would be monthly (12 Months) I don't own units just individual properties..

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  79. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +FHD فَهِد‎ yes fairphone 2 is already available but its hardly as modular as ARA. you need a screwdriver to assemble it. ARA on other hand looks amazing and all you need is ur fingers and money :D. +pager693 weelll, Google does plan on having the ARA look similar to this prototype, but apart from that, completely ready to change on a dime.. +T Fyre I know, I just alluded to the performance, rather than the physical model. I actually like the tile look it has. Hopefully the customizability of this is like something never seen..
    omgomg! I've been waiting so patiently for this to be released!!! this would be way better for the people who don't want a "fancy" phone and just want to stick to the basics.
    Okay how will this work with Android As it is Android does not have any way of installing drivers for specific components when creating a ROM you have to custom specify each component in the build and you need firmware to support it. It would be great if Android would switch to a system where it could detect hardware and have atleast generic driver that works for all components and then a system of flashing new drivers. Unfortunately this would require a fairly massive ROM, they need to make a list of components that can be functionally attached/detached one can assume things like cpu/gpu, antenna, and other modules will likely be unable to be modified even though these are the most important pieces. There are so many questions about this device, how will those small slots in the case of a battery be sufficient Can it run with no modules attached does it have an internal battery and initial necessary components Could you attach multiples of the same component and what kind of conflict would this create within the Android software, as an example if you attach 6 camera modules I would assume the processor would not be able to keep up but not only that I would assume the camera application would crash as it isn't coded for such.. I believe this is where phones should be heading towards. idk if it will but this would be very cool if it actually comes into fruition.
    Hey +Edwin Sanchez, modular phones are pretty cool concept. Modular smartphones are the future smartphones and we'll hope that Google ARA Smartphone would come with cool features..

    we most likely won't see a phone like ara because they don't want to release it because if you drop it all the pieces drop out, and they still don't want to put it in a cover..
    I personally feel like this will be a flop. more than likely they will price themselves out on this like they did with the nexus 6 when it released, and will prob loose support for the device and it'll end up dying off.. I personally feel like this will be a flop. more than likely they will price themselves out on this like they did with the nexus 6 when it released, and will prob loose support for the device and it'll end up dying off.. Hey +Andrei Williams, it seems it'll take some more time to launch the final product of Google Project ARA Smartphone. Hope for the best..!. Great phone but I wonder what would happen if you drop it by accident I'm guessing all pieces would be all over the place. +Men In black there were problems with the magnets, not that if failed a damn drop test. don't be silly..
    I personally feel like this will be a flop. more than likely they will price themselves out on this like they did with the nexus 6 when it released, and will prob loose support for the device and it'll end up dying off..

    +TheRealCxixmx Nexus wasn't a flop, not much Google does ends up being a flop. I feel like this will change phones for a long time coming. My main likes about this design are with every bit of tech advancement, they'll hopefully bring out a module/tile that has it and the phone should support it, that means any new display tech you want you can have at any time, latest camera tech, latest battery tech, latest memory upgrades, latest everything. So basically you will have the best tech without buying a whole new phone for full price, just hope they make the modules not as expensive as a new phone, then it's a dud. But if they price it reasonably, it'll be a big win for all of us. Not to mention you could get the base version for really cheap then upgrade later, or buy the best and keep upgrading, anyone should be able to afford it if they are going to buy a smartphone anyway. 2 killers would be expensive upgrades and if the OS end up being crap, but Googles stock OS is great, so hopefully will be close to or the same and Google devices tend to cost less than Apple so it stands to reason they'll keep up with the competitive prices..
    +Dylan Coulson the issue I can see is not for anyone who would be watching this video. Anyone watching this most likely is interested in tech and very much cares about having the best specs in their phone. The issue i see is how big of a market will this phone actually have. You got to consider that price wouldn't be the only factor, in order for this phone to hit the masses witch sadly is important to have success especially with the amount of money it is probably costing to develop this is if they get it to the major carriers and have it in contract. Then how many of you're average Joe's are going to be willing or even want to bother with a phone they have to piece together. Plus on top of that the nexus line was largely sucessful based off of the affordable unlocked price that their phones were priced at. Now when I say the nexus 6 was a flop I know it sold and people liked it. But it didn't sell to the extent that the previous ones did due to its higher price point. The main reason I feel that this will ultimately lead to a short and not as successful life cycle is because it will most likely cost a considerable amount once you factor everything in and other than the die hard tech fans and Google lovers most wouldn't want to bother with it. Just my personal opinion I'm not expert and I would love to see it be successful and make companies like Samsung and Apple have to rethink their whole "built to be replaced" business motto with a build to upgrade one and stop the 700$ yearly smartphones with maybe a couple hundred $ a year in newly upgraded chips for this type of phone but like a lot of great inventions in the past (not speaking just on tech but in general) I'm not sure the world will be ready to embrace this type of thing yet. .
    Are there any updates for this phone that aren't from late 2014 to mid 2015 No one is saying anything new about the phone and Im dying to see if its still going or not..
    +Not Important You should be seeing more updates this year, but I don't have high hopes for CES. You should follow them on their twitter, they're somewhat active there.. How would you have a case for this People could have the camera in different places, which would affect the case. And you need a case so if you drop the phone the lens doesn't crack..
    Ram upgrade, storage upgrades on the fly, great. Faster processor every year or even every 6 months, marvelous. Instant screen repair, love it.💜👍👌✌.
    Hey +Baskar Ruttala, that's the beauty of modular phones like Google Project ARA Smartphone. The whole world is waiting for this cool phone. Will hope that ARA Smartphones comes out with the best features.. I think modular phones are really cool but I hate the way android feels, to me it's really laggy..
    Hey +Mitki4a Arts, you're absolutely true and hope for the best with Google Project ARA Smartphone..!.
    Yea ios is really laggy too on my iPod Touch 1st Gen. How about trying an Android device from 2016 your sounding like an idiot right now, it's clear you haven't touched Android in years..
    I have always been in favor of this project. I think even greater things are going to be coming out from Project ARA. Even though it hasn't't come out yet; it's already looking like something I would be happy to buy. You know how great it would be, to be able to replace a part and not the entire phone Plus; I imagine at one point we'll be able to update them ourselves with the help of Project ARA. GREAT WORK GUYS! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RELEASE DATE..

    Hey +Tony Perez, Google Project ARA Smartphone got tremendous response across the globe from modular phone concept lovers like you..! We'll hope Google Project ARA Smartphone comes out with the cool features..

    Googles project ARA is going to fail just like google glass failed. No one wants a cell-phone with a lot of parts. Google needs to stay out of the gadget business and stick with web based programs..

    Hey +Tammy “TheDreamKeeper” Costello, Hope for the best. Most of the techies around the globe supporting modular phones concept. We strongly believe that Google Project ARA Smartphone will rock the smartphone market in near future..!.
    Yea that's what Apple said about Microsoft when Microsoft came out with a generic driver layout that more easily allows people to install a component boot into Windows and then install drivers for the new hardware..
    Hello +Peri Dot, Just like you, we also eagerly waiting for ARA Phone. We would expect Google's ARA Smartphone in mid or end of 2016..
    Hello +ThePestilentDefiler, Yes we would expect Google's ARA Smartphone in USA and Canada in mid or end of 2016.. Hey +hi hi, will have to wait to get confirmation from Google on tracfone service availability on Google Project ARA Smartphone..
    Hey +Zeta RO, you can remove old screen and upgrade with new screen whatever pixel you want..!! That's the concept of Google's ARA smartphone..!.

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