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Videos and pictures

December 11, 2015

Comments about this video:

my p...s is 19cm and my gfnd cant to take it she feels pain and i want it smaller what do i do....
So, +beki hoti Question: So let's say I buy 3 months of supply, do the gains you get stay with you or do you have to continually take them everyday for the rest of your life. Is this Legit sir I want to take one how can i assure that within 3 months the effect will be secure.
+John Miller so vigrx is only for instant result i mean will it really help u to increase the length and remain with that length forever or is it only for when u r about to have sex.

i'm not married if I take Male extra any problem if not any problem then how many taking a day .

You should used after you will get marry it i recommend..You will have supper energy your dick will be bigger harder and you can have sex for hours without comming..

Hey there! Have you heard about - zimmer ultimate male enhancement (google it) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my father got excellent results with it..

NeoSize XL Review - Penis Enlargement

December 17, 2015
According to thousands of extremely satisfied customers, NeoSizeXL Herbal penis enlargement... NeoSizeXL Male Enhancement Pills Before And After Pictures. i1
Reviews - NeoSizeXL

December 18, 2015
NeoSizeXL Sex Pills Hard Erection Penis Enlargement ED! BEST PILLS !... I am really excited to see results after 6 months of completion of course."   Ryan. i2
Neosizexl Sex Pills Hard Erection Penis Enlargement Ed Best Pills It...

December 15, 2015
Reading reviews can help you learn more about the active ingredients in the... On typical, Neosize XL plays a duty in the penis size increase as high as 0.5. i3
Are Penis Augmentation Pills Safe | Celtic Thunder

December 16, 2015

Comments about this video: Neosize Xl 1 Bottle Month Supply Best Male...

December 10, 2015
The product is well documented and shows details of studies made on patients, supported by 'before' and 'now' photos of penis that benefitted from it. i5
Neosize XL Review | Real Male EnhancementReal Male...

December 20, 2015
Dec 12, 2013... Neosize XL Before & After - See My Results Here Before Buying It ! You have probably come across several "NeoSize" ads since there are. i6
Neosize XL Before & After - Becoming an Alpha Male

December 8, 2015
NeoSize reviews - find the real user reviews about NeoSize XL, with real results, pictures before and after. Write your NeoSize review here. i7
NeoSize Reviews - NeoSize XL User Reviews & Results

December 13, 2015

Comments about this video:

Neosize XL review, before and after photo

December 12, 2015
NeoSize XL Customer Reviews 02:26... 1,752 views. We brainstorm another episode of EpicMealTime and decide we need more photos of ourselves and food. i9
Neosize Xl Before And After Pictures. Videos - Metacafe

December 9, 2015
... in jamshedpur, home remedies for edf, homeopathic medicine for male erectile dysfunction, home remedy for edema treatment, muse ed treatment reviews. i10
Neosize XL - homeopathic medicine for male erectile dysfunction

December 7, 2015 NeoSize XL - Best 2012-2013 Penis Enlargement Pills. ... xl side effects · #neosize xl results · #neosize xl before and after pictures. i11
neosize xl reviews

December 14, 2015

Comments about this video:

A penis that works properly is way more important that its size. I use Man1 Man Oil every morning in order to provide my penis with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function at a high level and look good too. This is all a man needs..

There are good products for the penis, like lubes, condoms, sex toys and moisturizers (like Man1 Man Oil). But this enlargement stuff is bogus, playing off unwarranted fears. Focus on health, guys, and be proud!.
Tell your boyfriend to stop taking that male enhancement fake product and start saving some money to get you braces for those piranha's teeth! !.
I did help with the does the website 2 capsoles twice a day is that 1 straight after another or how long between taking the first does.

Hi sorry for the delay but just saw this... My results were better than I thought they would be... While not going into specific detail for obvious reasons, I have calculated that my increase in girth was 22% which was my goal. The length I did not measure as I am pretty long anyway LOL. The real benefit was when having intercourse, I last longer and I now do not worry about about whether my partner was happy. Hope that helps S.

Hi Bryan, I checked with the site at the link above and found this: What is the dosage Take 1 tablet twice daily and a pill 30 min before intercourse. Each bottle contains 60 tablets of NeoSize Xl Fact: NeoSize XL has the advantage of being effective with alcohol as well. Typically, when you take anything that says "1 tablet twice a day" it means one in the AM and one in the PM which is what I do. Hope that helps S.

Pathshala Updates III ShahidulNews

December 19, 2015
NeoSize is a 100% natural and safe product that will permanently and safely... John sent in these before and after pictures of his success with NeoSizeXL. i13
Why NeoSize XL - NeoSizeXL™Herbal Penis Girth And Length...

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January 6, 2016

Comments about this video:
Diet pills never work. They never do. No matter who, or what tells you, they don't work. Companies that sell that stuff just plan to take your money and run off with it. Nothing in those pills will change anything. They might as well just be filled with flour. And they are. If someone ever gets results, it's the placebo effect. THEY did it, not the pill. I just realized that i always see the people in weight loss comercials do this in the after photo. THEY LIED TO ME. . Hold up the blonde girls cuts are hella new you can def tell. Seems about maybe half a year. Wonder what happened..
I have stomach fold lines from slouching just like the girl in the video. I find it extremely offensive that people are calling them scars, and talking about how dumb it is. :( Y'all give me another thing to be insecure about, my slouch belly lines..
"To the layperson, I don't think they really realise what their body can look like under different lighting scenarios." Ben, buddy, mate, pal... go ask any female friend or family member about the lights in fitting rooms. Trust me, we realise..
I don't see any relevant difference except for the blonde girl, that actually got slimmer hips, and for the last guy, whose muscles are more visible. But u can see he is already in shape..
Wait, the blonde guy had a beard at the Before Picture but didn't have one at the After picture....
Oh yeah! I understand how this works! I used to always take pictures with lighting from the side for my boyfriend... It made it look like I had some rocking abs! 👌🏻.
who in their right mind would ever try to degrade that blonde girl She is, BY FAR, the most beautiful woman buzzfeed has employed, how about instead of trying to find negative things like cuts you look at the positive things about her, like her glowing cheeks, her beautiful eyes and don't even get me started on that smile. Jesus Christ. she's a dime piece if I've ever seen one. A perfect 100 in my eyes.. WTF, 1:35 he looks the same, BUT HE HAS NO BEARD, is it cause of shadows, is this some illumaniti trick.
Loved it. Loved the comments made about the simple differences and how its how you feel that matters..
Stop making excuses for dieting. People CAN lose weight. It has been done before, and you can do it too..
they look the same in both pictures. they aren't faking too successfully. Except the guy whose beard disappeared!!! if anything, i now believe the photos more..

+Lollipopfop I know right... They look exactly the same in both photos. I'm lost on the point of this video..
When i was younger I use to think they hired twins and fed one junk food and left the other one skinny and then they would take pictures of both twins ,the fat one would make a sad one, the slim one would look ecstatic, and they put the photos next to eachother. When I get stuck seeing weight loss commercials, I just cover up the ‘after’ side with my hand and think how beautiful the before is. Problem: solved.. the before and after photos are never the same position or emotion...when someone frowns initially versus a smile afterwards, it also influences your perception of their transformation...kinda like cheating your mind.

PC-MAX Computer Kft - PC-MAX Informatika

November 14, 2015
Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - COSS :: Thesis :: Council Of Social Sciences Pakistan. We provides Herbal health and beauty products made in USA. Find... i1
Ambica Fashions

December 30, 2015
UxbcKPuqIpd (09-05-2015 02:19) I stay at home and look after the children priligy 30 mg kullano-mo- Gillibrand argues the stories she has heard from survivors and the... i2
10 Free Things to do Around Ljubljana - Ljubljana Free Tour

November 24, 2015
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i3
Low Interest Credit Cards -

December 5, 2015

Comments about this video:

+jerksofresh213 Oh hey! Have you ever tried - Kasteshas Amazing Hair Growth (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now) Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got great results with it..
+Mokaiba™ erm... carbs consumed are used as fuel first. When fat is burned for fuel it is when you go ketogenic.. +funster5031 Actually that's not really how the human metabolism works. It's not like a hybrid car. Just because carbohydrates are preferred because they are faster and easier to break down does not mean that the enzymes that metabolise fatty acids do not exist. Ketosis is a hip word for fat/protein diets or a medical term for when to watch out because something has gone terribly wrong with the diabetic patient. You'll go into ketosis when most of your energy comes from fat. It doesn't mean that you don't have fat metabolism during a less intensive diet.. Mike Chang serves a useful purpose. Keeps ignorant and misinformed idiots the way they are. People who follow legit strength training channels will see meaningful progress, whereas Mike Chang fanbois will wonder why the fuck is nothing working for them. Feel free to leave replies showing your butthurt hate, you Mike Chang cocksuckers.. Another tip he did not mention is to hold your head high up (kinda like some snotty uptight guy or something), this will make your face and chin look slimmer. Then keep your head low and drawn back and maybe even draw in some air and puff up your cheeks for the after photos. Not to mention push in your stomach for the before and out for the after ones, remember to keep a really bad body posture as well. You can see this being done in all the before\after pics, both by Pete and those other guys. Maybe it's too obvious I dunno :).
Im not pranking anyone. I want you to see the truth. Oh forget it, you just love carry on being a sheep. Thats all that matters..

Tbh all u need is right motivation. You don't even need gym but Obv gym will make u stronger and better..
"Not a huge difference, but still a very noticeable difference," at 1:48. Um... what are you saying I don't like the way this guy talks like an idiotic, obnoxious, steroid pumped teenager!. Hey! Have you heard about - Kasteshas Breakthrough Diabetes Method (search on google) Ive heard some super things about it and my BF got cool results with it.. You know I tried doing nothing and just playing videogames for three days. I ate 7 whole pizza's ten bags of gummies and drank 4 boxes of mt. Dew, and I didn't gain a single pound. Yes its hard to believe but my bodies metabolism is so high that I never gain weight. Haha lol suckers.
That's like 10k+ calories a day, that high metabolism will slow down a bit when you get older though. I put on weight when I go 500 calories over my normal intake for a week ;_;.

+François Morin Hey if you need more fitness or weightloss advice. Subscribe to my channel as I bring you update health videos each week. =).

Hilarious but true. You can't trust those before and after pics especially from supplement companies.
haha that's what happens to me too. I look damn good after a workout. But 5 hours later my muscles slack, and my belly pops out.. furious damn it's all good. if you don't mention brand names of supplements your good. how you gonna get sued when your not targeting a specific company. You only got fat because you ate a lot of food and a lot of liquid, all the food and drink was still stored in your stomach and not yet digested. all you need to do guys is just stay fit don't eat too much junk food and do 30 sit ups and push ups for 30 days and you will get a 6 pack and better a 8th pack.
I agree with him but on a certain level. Let me explain my self you see this transformation is not form FAT to fit it't from a little chubby to muscular so if you watch transformation videos from obese to fit that's real and you can see the difference in the guys head it's bigger and with a lot of fat but what Pete explained is only his stomach bigger!.
you were already fit and in good shape, will this work for people that don't have any muscles and overweight cause i'm pretty sure a few curls, lat pull down, chest press, etc. is gonna give them a ripped appearance just by spraying PAM on them. otherwise that is all any one would have to do to look good and PAM would make a hell lot more advertising for weight loss than a baking product. oh and don't drink diet sodas or anything than contains aspartame. Aspartame when heated become formaldehyde..
wait a minute, how do I know that your soda and choco milk,pam oil video has not been photo shopped How do I know your video is real.
3:10 "Don`t Believe everything you see with your eyes" Furious Pete is mocking these types of adverts.. he's not selling anything.. if you gave this video a thumbs down then your an idiot lol .. sorry but "its a joke.. he's not selling anything other than to... "think" .. its a joke :p" thumbs up.. too many people judge before they "listen and think" Unfortunately a lot of politicians fall into this class also.. When will we develop a society based upon "Wisdom". Dont want to be cocky, but when i went on your site, i saw same thing bro.. "buy my 1 before, day60 after"... irony.
Hey really motivated by you pete, i jus uploaded a transformation video on my channel and really really do hope you spent some of your busy time to check it out and tell me what you think , really means alot to me ,thank you so much.

2 good things I have noticed after taking this supplement is the increased, consistent energy and the lower hunger levels. Weight loss green store tea has been helping me a lot to lose weight that way and I never thought it could be this easy..

Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

October 15, 2015
We have been providing affordable New York Style Italian Cuisine to the Palm Harbor area for over 18 years. You may choose to dine in, take out, or have delivery from... i5
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October 31, 2015
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i6
Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

January 11, 2016
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NY Style Pizzaria

December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
What a load of rubbish! I don't believe such drastic changes are possible. Besides, some of the 'after' pictures of the girls are really similar.. Alli's not rubbish. Look up shows like "The Swan" (US show) and then look up Koreas "Take Me In" The first girl the main girl that shows up on this clip was on that show..
Alli Uys Plastic surgeons can do a lot...Reduce someones chin or give them a chin implant, lift the corners of their lips, fat injections into the lips and cheeks, upper/lower eye lid lift, eyebrow lift, mid-face lift, nose jobs, pin ears back, veneers for teeth, skin laser facials...liposuction of cheeks and chin/neck. If you give someone ALL of those procedures then the person will look like a TOTALLY different person. This clip shows it. It is possible..

+Rin Foxxy I know the difference, I just sad that this can't be real. There's no need to star a war about it. .
+proggins It was achieved by using a midi controller and Garage Band. You choose one of the synths, and had down one of the keys. It will play this kind of sound..
+K McCoy If you're talking about the photo of a Chinese "couple", then I gotta tell u it's fake. It is photoshopped and it did ruin some of the womans life accusing her of plastic surgery. Though, if u meant someone else, I apologise for misunderstanding.
+Lilly Poop Was it honestly fake Because I was amused for hours about that. I can imagine things like that have happened. .
+Renzhi Wang nope. she's in the show "Let Me In" where ugly people gets plastic surgery for free.

I'm ugly and i ain't give a shit, you know why I believe that beauty does not lasts and who you really are is more important, what i 'm saying is " nigga you look fucked up stay fucked up " at least it means that you are satisfied about yourself..
+Jackie Gomez I'm not sure about the lipo, but shaving the jaw is really popular so that they end up with what they call the "V line". Sometimes it looks really unnatural... guys, don't judge them ,, what's wrong with plastic surgery, we all know that we want to look beautiful. . What I want to know is why white folks are so fixated in this segment of Asian culture as if cosmetic surgery and the beauty industry doesn't prominently figure in their culture. if white folks are so darned invested in seeing Asians in all their authentic glory, why not depict more Asians in the media in that manner, and deal with them with all the complexities and sensitivities you would show people of your own race. I'm white and the way I'm going I think I'll want a face lift in 10 to 15 years and want the best of course.. I watch Asian transformations because the results are amazing! and think Korean surgeons are the best followed by australian than maybe britton. when it's my turn I'll probably go to Asia because of the great skills and the prices..
Most Koreans are born with wide jaw lines, big chins, and monolids. I think that's the special gene that you can spot in a korean. Similar to how Vietnamese people have flat noses. Its weird how they want to change to the opposite of what they're born with. I used to look up to Koreans and thought that they were the prettiest asians but not anymore, because they're real faces aren't the best looking..
+Son Goku What was shocking What was different about seeing the Korean in your class that made you shocked. +누파박 definitiv Vietnamese are most beautiful asian and Japanese, that was after i saw this video ,its Wake me up korean girl arent naturly beauty!!!. Some of the men look so beautiful and masculine and then the surgery changes them to look more like teenage boys... strange. Do korean women find this attractive ((:. +Jessica Pullman yeah, unlike americans, who like strong, muscular, and masculine type with beards and abs, Koreans in general like what is called a "flower boy". A flower boy typically has a pretty, smooth face, a slim body, are delicate, and are slightly feminine.. Yess...and if walk around n may be in subway line you notice all girls are fake looking..all are same faces...n. Wow these koreans have herculean superman jawlines man WTF 3:20 im dyin that looks like a straight up man! That jaw is powerful enough to stop wars and end world hunger.. +Shawal Ahmed Eat well. Don't eat processed foods. Eat good fats not bad (fats from fish are good) and eat more vegetables than fruit. I am not against plastic surgery, I think it's fun if done right, but I do not believe it makes a person more beautiful. It just makes them look different. What would you want to change about you. +Opopanax it's because of the double eyelid surgery it makes their eyes way too big and some girls get the aegyo sal put in so it looks cartoony. the one at 0.56 looks like the one on the left is perfectly symetrical and we all know that that is not possible, so i assume they took one side of a face in a photo and duplicated it. the pretended it was the before of a face lift.
A lot of These faces were better before surgery! For example: What was wrong at the face at 0:22 And at 02:13, 03:57!!.
There is no mention of the clinic or the doctors that did these surgeries. Can any Korean guide me to website of the clinic in Korea. I am in Dubai right now..
All I know is this, no one wants fake in the long run, fake life, fake friends, fake people, fake partners, we want what is real in the long run. I believe that if you can't accept the real and be happy then don't be surprised to be surrounded by fake..

tuhan itu sudah mencciptakan manusia dengan sempurna dengan cara dia..untul apa harus operasi plastik lagi...natural is beauty.
Are Korean women really that ugly as to need to much plastic surgery I don't think this is as common in other countries. South Koreans torture and kidnap dogs and other pets by the millions and it refuses to stop its terrorism. South Korea is a terrorist state that makes North Korea look like saints..
amazing...east asian really do not have naturally nice features at all... Its nice that they can do these surgeries with such amazing results.
+Young Golden Girl nah but some parasite called ProudToBeAsian claims that ALL asians look like this (after surgery I mean) Naturally. Awww it's so sad I never knew Asian ppl have so much lowselfesteem issues wow. Asian ppl really don't like the eyes that there born with they like big beautiful open eyes. they'll do jus about anything to make them feel & look more American looking:)$.
Pls don't generalize it as asians. Not all asians do the same thing as this. It's only popular in korea, thats why they're called the capital plastuc surgery of the world..

These images have been digitally enhanced. I'm wondering how nobody has mensioned that these after images have been photoshoped. The eyes, specifically the iris and the pupils have been enlarged. Surgery can't do that. So in my opinion these are not true after shots..
Some of them would desperately need this surgery for their life 0:50 that uneven jaw line (before one) must be badly effect on her digestion..
I'm confuse so which race is more natural The way I see is are Asians mostly girls get plastic surgery for jaw and eye lids and other crap And white girls for butt boobs and lips and other crap And black girls idk But ya I'm not hating just wondering.

They all look like Anime cartoon characters after surgery. How will their children look How will they age.
I see the future of this. Normally is survival of the fittest. Ugly people usually don't have children because they can't get it so with this, many children will be ugly because of their parents' DNA. You can't change that and that could explain the why plastic surgery is so popular in Korea. I'm not gonna lie, many of the Koreans there look ugly. These are my opinions and theories btw..
Total bullshit !! peoples eye color, hair line, shape of ear all changed drastically. That's very very costly and so not possible. For example 0:33 her eyes, ears, nose, hairs, eyebrows, even neck length changed. SO MUCH BULLSHIT !!.
For some reason, they all get their eyes done to look like on the westers! Too bad they can't be happy just to be themselves..
+Angeela Rana there are many korean celebrities who are pretty without plastic surgery and normal people too.

+Naomi ouais je pense :) On dirait que leur machoire sont de travers :/ au fait j'aime bien ton prénom :D.

Not genuine. Many caicasian do really got handsome and pretty face. I thinks many asian want to be handsome and pretty like caucasian..

Tbh, most of the afters are pretty creepy, people don't mess with your faces, when you have kids it'll be hard to explain why....

The extreme danger of PLASTIC SURGERY is HORRIFYING, looking at those CHANGED LOOK , i could only say, why not stay NATURAL, is it because of financial availability, that people, nowadays are no longer afraid of HASSLES during SURGERY It's frightening.
The Before photos are Photoshopped to make them as ugly as possible (some jaw shapes are unrealistically square, that is so obvious)... and some pics are not even the same ppl, just look at the neck lenght!! Or do they make necks longer too :D. +Zara Poghosyan lenghth Mmhh a thinner neck in width will appear longer. The length probably wasn't affected in that particular person. ITS LIKE MAJORITY OF KOREANS ARE IN PLASTIC SURGERIES... IN SHORT KOREANS ARE VERY UGLY THE REASON THAT THEY CHANGED THEMSELVES BY SURGERY FROM HEAD TO FOOT SUCH VERY UNCONTENTED! THATS WHY I DONT LIKE KOREANS PLUS THEY ARE RACIST AND.. UGGHH.
ok, i just whatched half the video. but why are asians so posessed of north european noses my nose used to have a straight line untill it got broken, not just 1 i look like an arab with blue eyes ;p.

+giorgos taliouris Watch this: Part 1 /watchv=mt4D2au1LeI Par 2 /watchv=IIDArk9faJU Or if you want a very short video: /watchv=t_9fHHEtWNs.
+Lili Myu ,,I'm into korean beauty products not to get of the subject,but yes it's funny how Americans think it's fake it's not korea is beyond 30 years ahead of the us or any country in beauty creams and cosmetic surgery ,theirs videos that actually show you the whole step no photoshop ,it's sad here in the us they leave people looking fake look at michel Jackson, korea leaves you beautiful and not looking fake in yes they can leave you looking completely different but beautiful some of these people are haters ,I've I ever wanted cosmetic surgery it sure wounnlt be the USA or Mexico and I'm from Mexico it go to korea their the best.. - scam money, Review 301482 | Complaints Board

January 7, 2016
UxbcKPuqIpd (09-05-2015 02:19) I stay at home and look after the children priligy 30 mg kullano-mo- Gillibrand argues the stories she has heard from survivors and the... i9
PC-MAX Computer Kft - PC-MAX Informatika

December 13, 2015
Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - COSS :: Thesis :: Council Of Social Sciences Pakistan. We provides Herbal health and beauty products made in USA. Find... i10
Ambica Fashions

November 7, 2015
UxbcKPuqIpd (09-05-2015 02:19) I stay at home and look after the children priligy 30 mg kullano-mo- Gillibrand argues the stories she has heard from survivors and the... i11
10 Free Things to do Around Ljubljana - Ljubljana Free Tour

October 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
Some pics are fakes, example by 2:29 the woman with blue shirt...the same shadow, the same green grass and tree, the same position....
Wow - I love this! Weight loss green store tea see ms to really be helping - I have been using for a few days now. I can alre ady tell my pants feel larger. I have incor porated it into my plan. I just have to reme mber to take it 30 - 60 minutes before I eat - that's always the trick! I set a timer on my com puter to give me a reminder - highly recom mend!.
+ErikaErica Howard If you're interested in weight loss products we hav 100% organic weight loss teas, coffees, resolutions and energy capsules to help you shed those lbs fast and get your energy boosted! go to
With this fat diminishing method you will not only really lose weight, but also suddenly you look and feel 10 times healthier than you have been in the last 20 years and you will find that all of the symptoms and causes of your most major health conditions, things like hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic joint pain, even the early signs of cancer, have completely faded away from your body in a matter that is so unbelievable, so unimaginable, it would make even the most dedicated atheist look up to the sky and say there is a GOD! See my reply comment below for detail..
Lose 5lbs in 5 days plus earn an extra income in 5 different ways with 50% commission on all sales at total life changes. 100% organic products. visit and like my Facebook page "Transform your life with a little TLC - Giselle R." for more info.. hell yea I got mad respect for these people and for everyone else out there struggling with there weight keep trucking on and be the best "you" you can be fuck the haters. These are great. I just did a video diary of losing 7 lbs in 7 days and this makes me want to keep going and lose more yet!. Yes, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to others as well, I think that I need to have tried every single fat loss system that was available, however eventually not one of them made it easier for me to lose and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan simply because my buddy who told me unbelivable things about it and so far to date I've effectively lost 18 pounds within 3 weeks!. I've only been taking the product for 5 days and have so far lost 3 pounds. I am taking Weight loss green store tea . I have not experienced any side effects. I have noticed that I am not nearly as hungry and that my portions are way smaller, simply because I'm not very hungry.. motivation. You girls should go to the psychiatrist: 0:02 0:06 0:13 0:17 1:17 1:37 2:29 3:29... all perfect before 0:33 so ugly skinny after.
+Jigsaw Kramer >>>> Download Detox My Mac for the complete Mac OS X deep-clean! Choose the Detox My Mac that suits your needs:> For the true Mac deep-clean with all sub-detox and detox functions we highly recommend Detox My Mac Pro. It's our most popular choice for those who are looking to speed-up and clean-up their Mac safely from the comfort of their own home..

Unfortunately, the first guy, who was on a talk show as "the 700 pound virgin" and lost an incredible amount of weight, has gained most of it back. On the bright side, he's losing again and I'm willing to bet that he will succeed this time. .

+Lura Demin Okay. Enough with the spamming, guys. From now on, I am avoiding the comments on this video altogether..
Seriously, there is no secret. If you want to lose weight just eat less and exercise more. That's it. If you take in more calories than you burn off your body develops a sub-cutical layer of fat. Continue and you will develop another and another until you are very fat. Take in fewer calories and exercise more. THAT IS IT. Easy as that..
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too much sudden weight loss ages a person dramatically, the secret is to strike a balance so that it doesn't affect fat loss in the face. over 30s age group should take precautions. I think when caucasians lose too much weight, it creates too many wrinkles in their face and leads to sagging because they do not have thick skin like people of color!.
Copy and Paste Into Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will learn how some foods 'explode' in your stomach..
The girl in the second 50 is true she have a channel her name is scola dondo she help the people a lot .
watching this short movie I can literally feel their pride in these people's achievements - a lot of people try day to day to lose weight for one reason or another and it's great to see those who got there trying to motivate others who are in the middle of this journey or just started .
I was 167 lbs (76kg) which was the highest i weighed. I lost 20lbs less than 3 weeks (i don't know how healthy it is but my dad is a doctor he said "Better lose weight unhealthy than die from obesity" soo.. i still love him :D ) my best motivation is i will * definitely* treat myself a burger when i'm done with this.(no matter how unhealthy it is i love it, i always will :3) My goal weight is 116lbs (53kg) I'm 5'7" (170cm). And now i'm trying to eat better. I never skipped a meal, i tried to eat lot of fruits and vegetables. And do exercise (for lazy people ) and i must say I am doing great. :).
I am impressed by the results of these women. This proves that it is possible to lose weight with constancy and doing certain things in a proper way.
I wish my s/o was that motivated... she's happy with being 5'2" and 170# all flab :(.
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I have lost 15 pounds in the last 6 months! I started at 5'3 140 pounds. I am now 125 and am a lot more toned also. Trick is to stop snacking all the time. I also have gotten rid of junk food out of my house. Plus I work out at gym doing body pump class 3x a wk and other days do t25 or another hard workout. I refuse to go back my unhealthy ways.. i am not sure for others but in tbe one in 2:31 is fake.The shadows are the same in bought pistures. :/.
her body is proportioned to that pole thing the same in both photos, someone probably just squished the one on the right vertically. I thought that one looked fakey too!.
Having a few extra pounds does make us look older, all this people looked older before losing weight, great job guys, videos like this motives me a lot .
that first photo, David Smith, gained almost all the weight back. He was not happy being thin. Especially with all the excess skin he had after such a dramatic weight loss :(. But he's living proof that no matter how big you get, it is possible to lose it..
at 1:37 there is a girl on the picture with her belly, i have excactly a belly just like her in the |before| picture, how do i get of from that belly and get the |after| picture! Please can anyone help me.... I do not want pics of people doing the easy way of weight loss through surgery. I like to see people that do it the hard way through struggle and dedication! . It's possible to lo­se 1­0 p­ounds na­turally in t­wo weeks, wit­hout bat­tl­ing with cra­vings for foo­d.
I'm so happy for those ppl and it's motivated me so much to lose weight if they can do it so can i :).

2:33-2:35 is not real i could understand making a mistake though the larger woman is ruby gettinger and she had her own weight loss show. Nice video!.
They more than likely ate healthier and worked out. Those pics are a compilation of before and afters from all over the internet. One even has posted at the bottom before and after P90X, which is a workout program, though the link has a little promo add which leads you to believe you can take a pill and magically look that good. LOL. I think by working out I'll gain weight because I'm thin already but I'm not healthy (not in the sense that I don't eat enough though). I'm not starting to work out to lose weight or look better, I just want to feel healthier. I'm a little worried that by working out I'll become unhealthy in the sense of not eating enough and become anorexic or something. Has anyone got any tips on how to eat so that I don't lose weight through working out and stay about the same size. Long ago I worked out. I was not fat. I remember eating healthy 80% of the time ( fresh veggies, vegetables juice, maca pills, lots of water, etc ) and training 3 days a week I GAINED WEIGHT...only 3 kilograms ( 6 pounds aprox) BUT and this is until now surprising to me...My clothes kept fitting me perfectly. I got toned, My stomach felt flat, my posture improved and I felt strong, healthy, powerful, perfect and my clothes fit me even better. I kept the same size. . Hi, I am wondering if you'd be willing to be interviewed over the phone. Please let me know. You are an inspiration to us all..
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November 10, 2015

Comments about this video:
I personally think she was lovely without makeup and even with it she was pretty. When it was photoshopped, she lost something. It just seemed to ruin the reality and personality of the picture. Oh wait that's the entire point of photoshop. To bend and twist the model into what society says is pretty. .
+Emily S she is adorable without any makeup. with it - i doubt that its good colors for make up - she is blonde green eyes so bright color of lips - is not so good as the pastel color. She is not so contrast. Whith photoshop they basically made a doll out of her cause they added more symmetry. and get rid of her natural elements of the face like small spots and so on..

+Emily S Not really Photoshop is a tool for almost any genre of photography. It's not exclusively for portraits, and even if you do use it for portraits you don't need to use it in this way..

Question: What's the biggest advantage of working as a pro photographer Answer: You can work with beautiful girls..
Looking at your pre-photoshop images I'm starting to think my photography isn't so bad. Why is it that the video quality of her skin tones are better than the pre-photoshop still images Her skin looked great on the video, even before the makeup. I am finding this true on a LOT of photography tutorials.. Video is very forgiving on skin due to motion and the relatively slow shutter recording speed, at least compared to high resolution stills..
#1 Amazing job and thanks for the vid. Looks really amazing. That's professional in a nutshell. #2 I would rather date no-makup Woman. I guess I just like my Women real. =/.

Wow, wonderful work. Sub'd, look forward to checking out your other videos. Just to add my two cents, I thought she was beautiful when we were introduced to her, but when she appeared on set with make-up, I got that "zing" in my spine—my HGA (hot girl alert!)—that I get too often when walking around the mall. Girls make themselves ultra pretty with make-up already..

Hello Karl, I have a comment and a question. The comment: I still am not a huge fan of the all white eyes... everything else looked great. The skin heals were superb and the color correction was spot on. I just feel it looks a bit odd to not see some veins in the eyes... I can understand editing out some seriously puffy ones but leaving a few there, I feel, makes for a more relatable viewing. Question: What camera is that I see a lot of video tutorials with this greyish black accented beast of a camera... Thank you!.

+Justin White I agree removing all imperfections in the eyes (and elsewhere) is too much, however this video was part of a blog post to demonstrate what 'could' be done. The camera you keep seeing is a Hasselblad H5-50 medium format camera..

Modeling is suppose to prove natural beauty still exist in this world. Modeling is suppose to be a confidence booster. Modeling is suppose to mean being not only pretty but beautiful. What is the point of modeling if you're just going to photoshop the model. Then the model thinks "well I'm not pretty because I don't meet the standards" WAKE UP GUYS. What standards The ones where they have an app to make you look perfect Modeling used to be my dream but after seeing how they no longer enhance their beauty, they just change it to make it better, when it didn't need to be made better in the first place. Now after seeing this idk anymore.
The after shot is definitely prettier. Good job, photoshop. Thank you for amplifying a woman's natural beauty..
I am jot being rude or offensive, but I personally think that people shouldn't photoshop other people and then posting it online because you are posting a picture online that isn't exactly that person which bassically means that that person doesn't exist. No offense and not trying to be rude, even though it is your job and you are amazing at it..

I always seem to be more attracted to real photo more then the Photoshop one. She looks amazing in no make up or edit. .

Hi Karl, I like that you are trying to show these differences, and your artistic expression is what you make of it. However, I was wondering what the model looked like in natural light with makeup i think it could of helped for comparative purposes. btw, nice work and i applaud your effort..

تصوير جميل... والفتاه جميلة Beautiful photography... beautiful girl احبك يا فتاة والى الامام يا جميلة I love you girl and forward Hey beautiful.
Ethics - what is ethics Ethics is someone outside of yourself wanting to control how and what you do. I live by the code of 'who gives a ___ what others think'. Even if I did care, I see nothing unethical. I guess unethical would be altering the look completely so it doesn't even look like the same person and then using that photo on a singles dating site which is quite deceptive.. Everybody is acting like karl practically repainted her face (like others do) but it was just some retouching. Her neck wasn't made longer, her eyes weren't made bigger, nothing but retouching..
+Supermadison1123 Your comments is 100% moronic. The purpose of this video was not to create a perfect person or plastic Barbie doll. It was to enhance her already natural beauty. Make up and Photoshop are essentially the same things cover up slight imperfection and enhance the face that is already there.. i am sure that iam not the first one asking but how does natural light with retouching look great video btw....
The only time I got an issue with the "abuse" of Photoshop is in photojournalism, where you should be presenting the photos you captured as is, without any manipulation on the content..
And before photoshop and the likes, a photojournalist would carefully choose his point of view and the split second in time to get the deformation in reality he wanted to achieve. Since any report is not 100% objective, do not blame the software!.
It does amuse me people believe that they are purists for not using software to edit their images, and you hear them say things like "took this picture - straight out of the camera" Tec. When was the last time you heard someone say "I sent this email -without spell checking it"! To me, editing is part of the photography process. If I want a true representation of what I actually saw, I will use a point and click camera. If I want a piece of art that I would hang on my wall, I will use an SLR and whatever software makes that picture look it's best. .
+OpticalReward Yes, but how often have you noticed the veins in someone's eyes when you're looking at them In real life, the brain has a tendency to edit out things like that. For whatever reason, in a photograph, the brain doesn't do such a good job editing things out, and so you get a completely different impression of the photograph's subject. This is why I don't get chuffed about post-processing. Making them look "less real" actually brings them closer to my memory of what I saw. (Obviously, everything can be taken to extremes, though.). +Bramble451 Well I agree mostly. I mean, when I am talking to someone, I usually don't get close enough to their face to notice their eye veins unless they are asking me to get close to their face to LOOK at their eyes for some reason. I agree with removing stoner veins, but keeping a little naturalness, not really adding any brightness to them. Jaundice sucks so that should be made white lol... You won't really notice veins in motion pictures unless they are really apparent, but a photograph is frozen and you can now stare at every detail, thus my brain at least says, hey where the heck are those veins How can her eyes see without bloodflow to them There is a fine line and people can do what they want. I don't particularly clamor to fashion standards or the status quo (which isn't necessarily directed to this example at all). Everything photographic is subjective in the end. . well i believe that professional photography is a business and you must sell the product, for the client, and match your talent with the ideas of the client, so if using PHOTOSHOP to do this job, I feel it is exceptable. We should all know that all professional photographs are PHOTOSHOPED! I love my photos to look better, because I am creating art, not reality. . Sorry, Mate, but she definitely looks the best in the very first photograph. She looks as a person there, whereas the last picture shows a non-realistic artificially looking doll. I'd go for a date with the first one, not with the last one..
Hey Karl, great vid again. But can you tell me why you are using a beautydish as a rim light Does it add something extra like some spill on the triflector Or is it that it just as well serves the purpose.
Like anything else in this world it all depends on how far you want to take it...gently enhance an image or totally recreate it so the model looks like a computer generated mannequin with clothes on....
Why not also take the without makeup shot and PS it We would start a whole debate on whether makeup is ethical. In fact take off all our clothes just incase it changes our shape and what we look like... Seriously the debate on PS centres on when commercial photography manipulates images to create stereo types. Replicating what is through the lens is just a genre of photography but photography is much more than that. Even in the very beginning photographers would create images by using fake backgrounds, staged effects and different clothes, this is part of creating the image that we want. .
Gracias Karl por compartir tus conocimientos. Aunque no se ingles y no estoy interesado en aprenderlo, seria maravilloso si pudieras dar subtitulos a tus videos, llegarian a muchisimas mas personas, tambien. Saludos.
I think this video is a bit unfair; from the first shot; I think she's prettier than 99% of the people on earth; and so it really doesn't take all that much "work". I prefer the makeup + no photoshop best. .

Hi Karl! The use of the beauty dish with the grid as a hair light instead of a projector is to have a wider concentrated light area Maybe to lit the shoulders...Not used to see the beauty dish illuminating other areas then faces :) thanks!.

Ethical or not, depends on where you put it, and how you put it. You take a fart in your own little room and its ok, who cares But if you fart out loud in a lift while there are people in there, THAT become the biggest ethical issue for the time being. I mean photos aren't REAL anyway, right .
Hello Karl. I love your photography and thanks for all your tips and tutorials. what I want to know is, do you focus and recompose your shot or do you move your focus point on the eye Because I use center focus point and recompose but sometimes I get slightly blurry shot at f2.8. Also I have canon t3i so it doesn't have tons of focus point, it only had 9. So any tips.. Thx.
that model really have guts to be part of a project like this. i mean everyone is beautiful in their own way. no one is perfect. and this video really shows that. thank you karl :).
I personally love the all natural shot of sophie, but I do love to photoshop as well. You just have to find a balance, I guess. :). First off I'm from the Old School when there were NO computers. The only retouching was done on the negative or the final print. The instructors before me we able to use 2-3 cans of beef stew for a photo shoot then they outlawed that and you could only shoot what was actually in the product. They would put smooth stones at the bottom of the bowl to make the meat and vegetables stand out more in the final product. I think photoshopping a beauty shot is ok if your trying to cover up a pimple or a little wrinkle but should not be allowed if your selling makeup because the women think that product will cover up everything and we all know that's not the case. When we shot products of a beer bottle or perfume bottle you had to cut out a piece of white paper and place it on the bottle from behind so that the light would reflect off of it and the true color of the liquid product would be shown. Now some photographers have it so easy, they don't spend hours getting the perfect lighting for the product and just say, "We can always Photoshop it later" LOL Plus I hate it when magazine covers shave off 10-15 lbs from a models tummy & thighs. If you know how to light a model you can keep them from looking fat in the First place. Great video Karl, and BTW Sophie is even beautiful w/o makeup :-) She id one Tall drink of Water. LOL Keep the videos coming. .
I think it is fine for clearing up/evening out skin or fixing makeup etc., but not to 'transform' the model. I have an old copy of Photoshop CS5 Master Collection, but find it too cumbersome and time consuming. I do, however, have the 'Portrait Professional: Studio Max' software. I find it very easy to use, and rarely do I have an issue. Have you heard of it, Karl, or used it If so, what is your opinion of it Just curious about what others think about it. Cheers Mark.
As a budding professional photographer it bothers me, a little to have to do a lot of retouching to a photo. But I do it because that's what the client expects and the standard of the culture we live in. I would prefer to capture people as they are because for me photography should be about authenticity and seeing the beauty and truth in people and objects as they are. However, photography is an art and art is to different to different people.. The example you have here I would consider still a photograph because the essence of what was captured still remains intact and unchanged in my opinion. However, there are some photos that are altered to the point where I'd classify them as digital art and not a true photograph anymore.. Would be nice if there was also a shot in between photoshop with just levels and clarity and stuff, without the removal of e.g. eye white and moles. I think that would already be a great photo..
Hi +Karl Taylor - two questions: do you do your own post production or have someone who does this for you And do the models have input as to the final result Also, your tutorials are absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. .
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Karl. Haters are gonna hate but what you do is amazing... photoshopped or not. Sophie is as gorgeous natural as she is after being photoshopped. Sigh...if only I could achieve such results.
And btw I find much more intriguing her real face instead that fake and dilapidated software aberration made with PS! With the retouch she seams like a character of an animated series, not at all attractive!!! But her real face is really attractive and beautiful!.

hi karl,, nice video as usual. karl i have a question the photo that is hanged behind you "ROCQUETTE" is in which of your masterclass dvd, i want to know how to shoot this amazing photo. Thank you,....
Checkout one of his other video's: watchv=IIm-SZHKOW4. It talks about this kind of 'Hi-End Product Shoot' you're wondering about. 2 Karl: great video, as usual..
Why are photographers so afraid to show a models natural state. You even photoshopped a mole off of her. That's part of her, and you're saying "she is not beautiful or picture worthy until I manipulate her". .
I don't think it's so much the photographer, as requirements of fashion rags and general public. There's always outrage when photoshop comes into question, yet these same people will spill verbal abuse when a "star" puts on weight or is visibly ageing. It's a double standard and photographers get caught in the middle. . I love photography and even if I don't like photo retouch, I can understand its existence! But enough is enough! This is a great photographer, but HE CHANGED THE SHAPE OF HER FACE!!!!! I totally hate this way of the photography industry of making beautiful girls "perfect" with this retouch which just dehumanize people! Was it really necessary to change the shape of her jaw For the rest, great pro video, I like his professionalism!.

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Comments about this video:

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Comments about this video:

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Comments about this video:
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Sizegenix has worked really great for me! It's all natural with NO yohimbe bark, which I have taken before and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, very scary!.

How many pills do you have to take a day And is one bottle good enough Or would you need more than one.

+Ninjatrosity I started off taking 2 pills per day then worked my way up to 6. I am on my third bottle right now. Once this one is gone I will stop taking it for a month. With all supplements your body begins to adapt to them so it's good to take a break..
+Chris Johnson but one question can this be permanted or do you have to keep buying it thats all i need to know.
So, Sizegenix taken every other day with food makes me horny as hell and rock hard! Then I feel like I'm 19 again!.

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I just ordered mine a few days ago! I can't wait to start trying it. I'm hoping it works as described and it isn't a scam.
Good video. I been using the Sizegenix for about a year. This has actually made me bigger. I probably use it to much but hell I enjoy it..
I gave this a try and I could feel it working almost immediately. It worked just as described. I was ready to go, fuller and harder..
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10 Free Things to do Around Ljubljana - Ljubljana Free Tour

October 17, 2015
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i30
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November 1, 2015
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December 26, 2015

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Hi there.I must say that u really do most superb reviews in india.u review in detail n very simply thts wt is awsm.I've never used Samsung galaxy phones ever.coz they r so expensive with least features.but I love its classic galaxy design in white color.thanks for elaborating the typical galaxy features.I felt like I was checking my Friend's phone in my hand n asking him to explain abt its features...thnx again n pls continue same kind of easy elaboration for every brands classic features...BTW I m using LENOVO s930.n I previously used Xolo q700.... I have a Grand Neo, it camed with Android 4.4.4., and its not true it cant play games, I played new games wich needed money from the app store and guess what, the newest games work like Ganster Vegas, GTA San Andreas, Fifa 2015, workes perfectly they didnt focused on the display but on functionality, works greaT !Me and my wife, my brother in law have Grand Neo, and its working ! .
290USD (=211€) not bad price. But old android makes that phone bad. So I will buy LG L90 (same specs but android version is 4.4).

Lg l90 is better :D 1080p recording 4.4.2 anroid kitkat 8mp camera... and better screen resolution :P....
O gran duos Neo aqui no Brasil vem com Tv digital, mas em contrapartida, não vem com fones "auriculares"(borrachinhas)...mas no geral gostei muito dele =). the most boring !!design of an smartphone i hav ever seen... disgusting... why r u making smartphones those hav too low specs... MOTO G is the best android smartphones even under... 20K... much better than those samsung 20K+ Shits... Moto G Best... :) HAHAHAHhahahahah Grand neo have only 187 ppi lol for a 18K smartphone.... Yh i agree. I think maybe the second it S3 mini. But yh go for the Moto G. If that dont flow ya boat go with S3 mini.
what is made in country maybe this one india.. why this one "DOUS" original is not DOUS....
sir, i have ordered moto g 8gb cause i don't play games but sometimes subway and temle run so is it ok for me and how many apps i can install i use my phone professionally... is it okay and is moto g better than this neo sir your answer would be helpful... thanks :) . This is sad. This is just so, so sad. You know why I'm changing phone soon. So I naturally made some research. I love Samsungs, so I checked some out. But then I found that both Samsung Galaxy S plus, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo & Samsung Galaxy Grand and Grand2 look EXACTLY ALIKE. Just the size changes somehow, but not dramatically. But when you look at it, it's a meh, they aren't that different. Then looked at Sony Xperias and well...shit is all the same. But when you look closely at the iPhones, it's the same. It's just sad. It's almost like, nothing to choose between T_T now everybody is copying from each other. Most of SGs have the plastic back cover, most of them have that puff-ball wallpaper and most of them have the same apps.. its not about looks... maybe they look the same, but the price and quality is different... so my recommendation is to not by a phone that is good looking, search for a best quality and price. BTW im not a hater, i just like to share my opinion....

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January 13, 2016
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i33
Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

October 13, 2015
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January 10, 2016
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November 13, 2015

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why are people saying this is shit its actually pretty good, its slow and looks like shit because of touchwiz, if someone made cyanogenmod 11 or 12.1 for this phone it would make a huge diference, i have one phone that was also laggy and looked like shit until i installed cyanogenmod 12.1, never complained about the phone again.
I currently own a Galaxy S3 mini. I can upgrade and get a free phone from my service provider in 3 months time. I can either get this phone or the Galaxy Core Prime. Which one should I go for I just wanted something bigger and faster. . Dont buy this phone i had it i used him for 3 months. i noticed after 1 month from use that it start tp be slower and. battery is just bad. But Now. i have the plus version. of it.(the best). What's that line thingy on screen Is that even existing when you have this phone personally . This smartphone is great. Why did you give it 5 and gave other phones like galaxy core or lg l7 ii an 8 . tesekkür ederim, inceleme güzel olmus verdiginiz bilgiler cok isime yaradi ve bu telefonu almaktan vazgectim onun yerine baska bir model alacagim. . I am between samsung galaxy grand neo and sony xperia m2.which one do you suggest me to buy. Crappy phone. There are better phone with better camera, battery and display in the market for same price. Asus Zenfone 5, Moto G, Lava Juice 60 and even Sony E4 and M2 are better than this.. got him yestertday and i can only say best mobile phone i ever used :) back camera great,clear everything great,front camera not so great but okay. speaker great,quality of sound also great,very loud.really really great. resolution atleast for me is great. 2 sim cards-i have one for job other for friends and family-great! up to 64gb memory card! i can play all games with no lag,internet works like a charm no bugs. 8gb memory only on phone very good! I recommend this phone to everybody very good phone for everything u need to do. GD :).
Crappy phone. There are better phone with better camera, battery and display in the market for same price. Asus Zenfone 5, Moto G, Lava Juice 60 and even Sony E4 and M2 are better than this..

i have two! and the same for everything. but there is some Unobserved differences. the sAme pRo !.
is this dual or single sim the specs says it is dual but in this video i can see only a single sim slot. This is Crappy phone 400X800 resolution Screen. There are better phone with better camera, battery and display in the market for same price. Asus Zenfone 5, Moto G, Lava Juice 60 and even Sony E4 and M2 are better than this.. The reasoning behind why the "Neo" branding is givin to a lower spec'd device should be evident now that the lower end Gear 2 Neo has been announced, it's simply the cheaper version's title Samsung has chosen.
in romania is below 200Euro. it's a good budget phone, i will get in 2 weeks when my order will come. i had S advance i9070. not a big fan of expensiv phones, mid range budgets phones do the jos the same way as the top ones.

lol the lg optimus one (really old 2010 i think) has a 180 ppi and it has a 3.2 inch screen hahahah samsung wtf are you doing heheheheheh ^-^ samsung u high.

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December 24, 2015
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November 8, 2015
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10 Free Things to do Around Ljubljana - Ljubljana Free Tour

January 1, 2016
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i39
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October 24, 2015

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So what's better Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme or LipFusion XL I mean I really don't mind the burning sensation, i'd just like to know which makes the lips bigger! :) &Thank you for the videoooo!.

2 missjoanna95 you could apply the lipfusion, wait 15 minutes or so for your lips to get big, then wipe off the excess gloss and put the lipstick on top. Ive done this before and it worked well :).

2 KABAZ417 I ran out of it and the place I got it from last time doesn't sell it anymore :( But if I can find it again I will definitely continue using it :) .
2 Racc00nRadio Heyy! No, unfortunately I haven't noticed any permanent, long term changes in my lips. I think you'd probably need botox for that haha. But other than that I'm still really happy with this product!. this is on sale on hautelook for 8 bucks but its the lip gloss thanks for the video. i had to listen to you twice to make sure you said fake bacon i was like huh i wasn't expecting you to saw that after you said boutique. 2 Racc00nRadio Lipfusion XL has hyaluronic Acid in it as does a lot of moisturisers. The ingredient has the ability to absorb and hold moisture. It has nothing to do with novocaine. Katey, I have checked out this lim plumper and there are bids for it. Do you thin k it is the real thing or just a fake brand made to look like lipfusion XL Could you tell me what ounces are on the bottle Thanks! You are such a sweet, cute girl.... Hi Katey...just a question..when you applied the lipfusion xl...did you experience any numbing effects/tingling How long do they last for Any details on initial application would be useful. Thanks :).

Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

November 16, 2015
We have been providing affordable New York Style Italian Cuisine to the Palm Harbor area for over 18 years. You may choose to dine in, take out, or have delivery from... i41
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December 23, 2015
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i42
Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

December 25, 2015
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December 22, 2015

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I could tell a difference at the end in the pics. Love your hair in this video!! Hair tutorial please! 😍😍.
wanna try and explain how you did your hair in this please, or make a hair tutuorial which would be better !:) you should do har tutorials your hair looks great in all your videos !.
2 andilynn77 that is true the pictures arent consistant space wise away from the camera. but i am deff returning it..

U want to put this on bare exfoliated lips for it to work. I love this stuff. I use it and lipfusion Xl for night time and it's amazing.
2 shaunaN14 ill have a video on it, i was supiresed i was asked so much about it haha so i will do a video for it .
My lips are like the same size as yours and I hate it so much! I totally wish I was blessed with nice pretty lips! lol. I can like never pull off lipstick :/.

i definately see a difference lipfusion isn't going to give you angelina jolie lips its just going to enhance and plump a little its not going to be extreme .
i had my lips done 2 days ago they look much bigger, much prettier :P no pain, nothing love them lol xoxo. looks like it worked a little bit but I wouldnt pay that much for somethin that barely works...have u ever tried the one from mary kay. I'm pretty sure if you use this stuff for a couple weeks, thats when you really start to see results. I don't think its supposed to be that instant. 2 beeisforbeeauty lol sometimes when its urself its hard to tell...but Im telling you I see a little difference. Ya I wouldnt buy it again if I were you!.
wow i like that you put pics to show the progress! i can see a different in your bottom lip but not a big diff...still looked like it worked a lil. Lip plumpers never work for me :\ good review tho!.

girl it worked. i got 2 of the lipfusion ones both color and i LOVE them, i wear them to school everyday and i dont really need to touch up on them (unless i've been eating) ps: i agree on the too faced one. i got a sample and it made my lips burn so bad..

I see a difference. At 1 hour, your lips are plumper. Maybe you wanted more from this product, but it did plump your lips..

You're so prettyy! :) I def see a little bit of a difference in the pictures. I wish I had your problem! I'm soo self-conscious about my bottom lip being big that I never wear lip gloss cause I don't want attention brought to my lips lol.
2 mollyfroufrou07 haha how are you dissapointed... : / it didnt work for me as well as i had hoped. so i made a video stating that. im glad you like it tho !! :).
2 VictoriasSecret27 Its the kind of question that made you take time out of your day to post that comment, hun :) .

quick question and im sorry if its a little personal but what is the brand of bra you are wearing I used to have the same one and it was my favorite but my dog litteraly ate it and I had bought it at ross and there arent anymore there that I have found..
Hey Girl!! i think you look beautiful with your own lips, you don't need to change them is my honest opinion!! xOxO.
I think at the end in each pic, the later the time goes on the closer your face gets to the camera, therefore making people think your lips got a lot bigger than they actually did. I'd return that shiznat! lol.
2 fireflyzlament I am so glad I found your comment on this product. I thought it was a "night treatment" but I wasn't sure. I was cleaning out my lipgloss drawer and I found it. I bought it about 3 months ago. I had forgotten if I was supposed to put in under lipstick or what!! HA!! Thanks for the reminder of how it is used. Can't wait to get this lip routine started. Thanks again! =). lol you're nuts girl! it definitely plumped your lips! i couldn't tell in the video but if you compare the top and bottom pics then you'll really see!.
2 xxxwathevergirl haha dont apologize !! its fine ! ill have to look into that one - thanks for the reccomendation !.
2 mollyfroufrou07 has your lips grown in size at all or do they deflate every day i started using it.. but i hope i can gain some fullness in my lips... so far i used it for 2 days and it only lasted like and hour or so :/ .
2 sansid123 i will always be honest to my subscribers/viewers. thats what my channel is for, to help yall out : ) thanks for watchingggggg !!! xo.
2 sofiehaniff REALLY!! haha i keep looking at them. but yeah i see a ttteeeennnyyyy bit i think in the top lip but not to where i would go buy this again i guess : / . 2 beeisforbeeauty Thanks for this review! So you mentioned the two faced lip plumper, you said it stings a lot-but does is work, does it plump your lips Thanks!. love that you were honest..i think this is a GOOD review blog im new to your videos but illkeep watching now. :).
Hello, u should try the Victoria's Secret very voluptous extreme lip plumepr it's amazing..
2 VEESBEAUTY i work for bare minerals haha so i have a TON of buxom i LOVE LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVEVOELOVELVOEL them but in no way do they plump me : ( i am addicted to them though. thank you so much for reccomending them and im glad you like them : ) they have peptides and menthol to fill in lines around the lips but they dont have actualy plumping agents in them although alot of women say it helps to plump ! im glad it works for you !!!!. the lip plumber from maybelline is pretty good, he's purple, i don't know what the name is of it. but it works when you apply it for more times. sorry for my bad english ;p. .
2 Mem3Lec your welcome : ) yeah im taking it back it didnt do enough for me, oh well haha. but thank you !! : ) xo.
This product isn't an instant plumper, it's a nightly treatment which makes this review pointless. It took me a few days before I started seeing results (I used it at night and in the morning) but once I did my lips were smoother, firmer, and rounder it got rid of all the lines in my lips and made them look much healthier. Basically it made them look fuller and healthier but not significantly larger, still I love the way it makes me lips looks and the product last so I recommend it..
Thanks for shareing this Review hun. In the Pictures you can see a slight difference.. But if you cant see a difference for the Price of it, Then take it back Girl. Your lips are lovely anyways But everyone like a little Plumpness. xx Much Luff xx ~Leanne~.
LIPFUSION is the only plumper that has never BURNED my lips and actually PLUMPED! I agree about the TooFaced one- my lips were on FIRE and turned BRIGHT red- hated it!. 2 futurewife06 what the hell kind of question is this. this is a lip gloss review. not a bra review. no offence. and so what happens when she tells you what bra it is its not shes gonna give you her bra or something. *sigh*.
tries without stretching the lips constantly (without makeup - nude lips), and putting more product on your lips! you should see the difference....
i also tried this,just a tingling and that was it. there is a local anaesthetic agent in that, that gives u the feeling that they are full,but outsiders can not notice anything. this is like dental injection before tooth pulling out.. 2 SuperBarbieGirl09 its soo simple ! all i have on in this video is mac pink swoon blush, vicorita secret cream eye shadow in '' what a blush '' and mascara ! thats it ! im glad you like it though i could possibly do this or somthing like this in an up comming video ! : ) .
i'm always searching for a lip plumper, my top lip is tiny lol :(( have you ever tried duwop's lip venom.

I have it and i gotta say the results vary. You really gotta rub it in. Funny thing is if you apply it with the applicator it comes with there is no noticeable difference. However when applied with a separate lip brush it does work. Have you tried it like that. - scam money, Review 301482 | Complaints Board

November 5, 2015
UxbcKPuqIpd (09-05-2015 02:19) I stay at home and look after the children priligy 30 mg kullano-mo- Gillibrand argues the stories she has heard from survivors and the... i45
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January 2, 2016
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November 28, 2015
UxbcKPuqIpd (09-05-2015 02:19) I stay at home and look after the children priligy 30 mg kullano-mo- Gillibrand argues the stories she has heard from survivors and the... i47
10 Free Things to do Around Ljubljana - Ljubljana Free Tour

January 9, 2016

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That text is annoying they put text over his body how are we meant to watch the video if they put banner adverts over the examples :s.
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Check out the documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger. This is nothing new, they just liked my article..
anytime there are Before/After photos they're fake. the 'hair restoration' ones are obviously different people even..
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Lol that's pretty funny. For serious weight loss help tryout Nilks.COM that site helped me anyway I hope it helps you..
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I was a really obese person until i found a product. it has helped me to loose a large amount of weight in 3 months. you can read about it here: Google the phrase Fast Fat Furlong... It's the best diet out there. This video is great but wait until you see the diet plan taught when you check out Fast Fat Furlong... My brother cut 8 lbs in 1 week..

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January 8, 2016
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Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

October 18, 2015
We have been providing affordable New York Style Italian Cuisine to the Palm Harbor area for over 18 years. You may choose to dine in, take out, or have delivery from... i50
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December 19, 2015
2. Tivoli Park Ljubljana's no. 1 picnic spot and one of the grandest urban parks to be found. Originally designed in 1813 after two separate smaller parks were linked... i51
Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

December 29, 2015

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I want a thigh gap because if I'm wearing shorts for too long then my thighs start to rub against each other and I get rashes. . +RandomBubbles Antiperspirant followed by baby powder before going out. (Just be sure to towel-off any excess. Otherwise, you now look like you have thigh dandruff!). +Tila Wilderman I walked into a public restroom at a rest area once, to see this really skinny woman pulling hers up, right in front of the sink. After composing myself from embarrassment, I accidentally stared. What the heck was she trying to do The fabric was going to put back anything she might have been trying to hide! So, who knows... maybe she wanted the thigh gap, too!. girls with thigh gaps be like, 'I don't want a thigh gap' girls with no thigh gaps be like, 'give me thigh gaps plox' men be like, 'what are thigh gaps'.
+Adam Chapman also known as "box gaps", which I consider to be grossly disgusting. But idk, I've heard some men talk about how they like them..

The only reason I want at least a small thigh gap is because I'm a short person and chubby thighs are not a very good combination...only on my body anyway. But the rest of y'all are fine so don't worry about a thing!.
+Jade Wilde hav u ever think of yourself having hourglass figure coz i thought the same and recently learnt i've got the best looking figure. :). I don't know about this "thigh gap" stuff... I feel like my phone is a lot safer while I'm using it on the toilet if I DIDN'T have a space for it to fall through... . +Michelle T. SJW much She doesn't feel the need for a thigh-gap, if you have one, great, live your life, if you don't, whatever. You're probably not overweight. And I'm assuming people with thigh-gaps do feel plenty secure, they have something that lots of people want, what reason would they have to be insecure. Humor is subjective. I'm happy you like what you like, but really, its not malicious. Jade isn't trying to hurt anyone. Don't worry about it, and if you're a person with a thigh-gap, and you feel insecure because of this, sorry. If you aren't, why are you speaking for them.
I clicked on this purely because i saw it on my suggestions list and thought "please let this be a joke." ... I was not dissappointed..

This is the best comment thread I've ever been a part of. Thank you, all, for your contributions. The struggle is real, ladies..
GIRLS DONT NEED A THIGH GAP! IF YOU HAVE ONE COOL BUT DO NOT TRY TO GET ONE IF YOU DONT ALREADY HAVE ONE NATURALLY. YOURE FINE THE WAY YOU ARE. I'm 5'8. So I'm pretty tall for a female. I've always had a thigh gap. A lot of people comment on it, my legs aren't thin!!! They just don't touch. It kinda looks weird... But I can't believe that so many people want a gap....
I'm sick and tired of my thigh gap!!!! I'm so cold in the morning and in winter!!! I want my thighs to touch SOOOO BAD!!!.
Thick thighs are way better than a thigh gap. No fun to thighs unless you're genuinely scared they'll crush you..
1.this is one of the funniest videos on youtube! 2. no man has ever said or will ever say "My favourite part of a womans body is her thigh gap." Side note... Some girls are obsessed with that thigh gap thing but when they see a guy with a thigh gap they're all like "Eww he's so skinny!" Don't you think thats how some guys react when they see a girl starving herself.
wrap saran wrap really tight around your thighs before putting on pants. (may not be comfortable and restricts flexible movements).
I have a thigh gap... I know that you genetically get thigh gaps and all but when I sit down, my thighs expand and the gap disappears. So I get to experience how it feels for both... how my gap disappears, idk it's probably the jiggly fat in my legs... .
My thighs used to touch, but now they don't. I don't understand the hype about "thigh gaps." I honestly don't like mine....
I love being without my thigh gap. I was called stick insect so I put weight on now I love my size 10 .
The crab walk thing is legit man like I do that everyday ya know what I'm sayin It scares a couple of people away but shoot man who needs them plus it helps me get my squats in. I have a weird thigh gap. The very top doesn't touch then it touches a little then it separates the rest of the way. My thighs are unique XD.
The only reason why I hate when my thighs touch is because when I wear shorts they rub together and the shorts start to travel up my ass..
Think about it. If you don't have a thigh gap you are one step closer to being a mermaid. So who's the real winner. Oh my... the music in the end was literally from ANIMAL CROSSING.. DUDE THAT MUST BE A HIDDEN MESSAGE WERE MENTAL TWINS.
Not necessarily, its genetics that determine if you'll have one or not, not weight. I mean I'm not skinny AT ALL I mean I'm not huge, but I'm really not thin xD And I have one when I stand, it's small, but thats just how my bones are spaced.. and I know you said a huge gap, but I mean if I lost like 5 pounds I'd still be chubby and I'm sure my gap would be a normal sized one. So yeah, :D Statement still works!.

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November 9, 2015
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January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:
Oh and make a skin care routine (if you have one) video! Everyone seems to be so into those kind of videos nowadays and your skin looks always flawless.. I'm black. I already have lips like this, but they are not sexy lips they are just 'big'. American racial disparities... not saying anything about you, Just saying.. If everyone love your original video, why did you disable the comments and why would the like bar have more dislikes than likes.... My friend kissed her boyfriend with the lip injection on, because she keeps hers on, and he was freaking out. It was so funny.. thanks for the tips. I wish you have a video about deep cleansing hair and scalp because my hair is the way your pretty. thanks for the video... They were pretty and full then you put a crap load of lipgloss on and now you have porn star lips lol. I mean the lips you ended up with actually look fake; like you got injections. You did good at making them look bigger but they definitely don't look natural..
This can't be serious...why so many steps, layers, and products How does one have the time to.think all of this up Unnecessary .

I like the two videos I have seen watched them with my mom and she thinks amazing... We are going to try theses both out and get back to you... Thank you!.
I love the colors and shading techniques, but they really do look fake. Your top lip is HUGE! I like the idea of using more than one lip plumper though. Good job on making them super big..
I'm New and I Love your Videos It's so cool how you explain products & your so Honest & Funny & Beautiful ! .

I really don't understand y ppl want big lips 😞 I would do anything to get rid of my big ass lips 👄👄.

Dont mean to be one of those "You looked so good before!" But for real your lips are a nice size and shape before hand as well. :) And of course great after..

Jess you should do weekly vlogs like all the other youtubers on what you do on a daily bases, work, fun, running errands all of that good stuff! We want to see it and we want to see you (:.

Hi! :-) Great tutorial, thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is very very appreciated. I wanted to tell you about an awesome lip pencil from Mally Beauty that I saw on QVC yesterday. It is called Mally Lip Magnifier Pencil. Mally says what is so great about it is that it will never go on your teeth or settle into fine lines around the lips for women who have that issue. She said this is for the woman you know who always has lipstick or lip gloss on her teeth. I have never tried it myself, but I definitely want to!! I want to try it so badly! I almost always get lipstick on my teeth, which is why I wear lip gloss more often because it doesn't transfer to my teeth as much. But I've never tried a lip product that doesn't transfer on my teeth at all before, so this sounds super amazing to me. :-) I don't know if you know about this product, but I thought it could be very useful information for you when doing some of your tutorials if you like. ;).
Wait wait wait ok is this permenent Even to the slightest Ii have heard of the lip suction things u stick to ur lips that draw the blood towards your lips have u tried them I have no lips so I need to do this lol. your lips are so pretty and full anyway..can't understand why you would want to irritate the skin on your lips to the point that they are that swollen and over that is that overstretched and then deflated will eventually start sagging...i've seen it happen and it's not a good thing :(. Haha wore something like this out on a date xD LMAO my boyfriend thought his lips were on fire wen he kissed me ;P But that burn shit works!. You are so pretty!! I love the shape of your nose! Gosh, I should bring a photo of your nose to my plastic surgeon. lol.
Okay so it's funny but I guess no kissing after applying these lip plumpers right Since you said they are bitter etc. How to take these off Normal makeup remover Please do a house tour. You promised one ages back or an Anne hathaway from the dark Knight rises tutorial please. Xx.
Please do a video about ur updates ur boobs and everything CCS silicone or saline Just everything about them where u got them done too! . Jess! Do a holy grail beauty products, beauty items you have finished or a skin care routine! Love ya girlie. . Since it's basically summertime & waaayy hot out, I suggest that you show us some lightweight makeup products/looks! Thanks in advance!. I used to have that loreal goddess and also the princess shade, it is discontinued 😞 where do u get yours from I'd really like to order some bcuz they are indeed beautiful! Great video and I would like to see a full foundation routine 😊 have a blessed day!! . I was wondering if you could do a sweet 16 makeup look. My sweet sixteen is coming up and I don't like that dark Smokey eye makeup. I wasn't going to put on any eyeliner or color eyeshadow because my dress is blue. I wanted it to be all about lashes and lips without looking like I have a lot of gunk on my face. Also I can't afford high end makeup. Love your videos!!!.
I Love to see "try on" clothing hauls. Maybe a take us around Vegas Vlog, letting us know good places to Eat,See Ect...

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January 3, 2016

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I ordered the free trial of grow XL like a day or two ago so i haven't received it yet but I hope it's not a waste of money or a scam..

20 Free Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With...

November 11, 2015

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Hakeem abdul ghaffar tips in urdu for sperm - Herbal...

December 2, 2015

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December 11, 2015

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REALLY! I sure hope so! haha. i can't wait till i lose my next 100 !! i cant even imagine! ahhaha.

good job, man i know what you felt when you finally reached your goal there is no feeling like it in the world, i done the same but i had an accident and broke my leg and couldn't do any type of workout... for a while and put some of my weight back on, and it's been hard for me to find motivation but your video really inspires me..

Yes keeping it hard is the most difficult part. because we have to do it for the rest of our lives. and remember gaining is very easy too. But you should def know what your limits are and have a deficit. go to discovery channel the health section and use the calculaotrs there to check your metabolic rate bmi and al lthat good stuff..
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thanks man... its always motivational seeing someone lose that amount in that littl time!!! inspires me to go all the way... my goal is to lose 80lbs by june 13th when i go to see my family in texas!! ttys PrimO. WOW! great video and I am so glad I found your site. I look forward to watching more of your videos. . STRICt calorie limit! thanks. i never thought any one would say i was motivational ahah thank you! GOOD LUCK! i no u ca ndo it..
i have counted my calories my limit is 1500. and that has helped and of course exercise and that. we have to burn more than we eat. but that fat you know. MMMHM! :) i hope i can help you..
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