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  1. January 1, 2016

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  2. December 22, 2015
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  9. December 19, 2015

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  10. December 29, 2015
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  16. January 23, 2016

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  40. December 24, 2015

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    hi, i have this phone... i'm just asking for one thing.. what if you dropped it at the 1st time what would be the damage please reply i need a answer....
    Xda may turn this phone into a beast lol, not to mention 3rd party makers, I expect to see an aluminum back coming out for it. google-based android is a horrible failure. I'm not a fan of android, but this looks acceptable. I'd probably still prefer WP8, but this looks simple and fairly efficient.. +OddFacade Are you simple You can set up your phone to do that, quick glance 30 second whatever. They've added widgets to the lock screen so you literally don't even have to unlock your phone to get information...You can not get info any faster than that on any OS. I power on my phone and there is the widget which I can customize to my most used widgets... Or it is possible to customize the lock screen with apps so that you can unlock your phone straight into the application. Have you used android iOS is the definition of passing through grids of apps. At least on Android I have a separate drawer for apps, and my home screens can be customized to my most relevant apps and widgets...My point of mentioning specs is that there is no lag, you can throw widgets on all your screens and it runs smooth. Which is what you said was the problem with widgets. "android users load their phones up with so much crap that they forget how to navigate it", how is that the OS fault Not that its possible to forget how to navigate your phone. Unless your dense, which you seem to be. people can organize there stuff as they see fit and it would be stupid to load crap and just leave it in disarray. Android is impractical if you make it that way, thats what is the best about it I'm given the tools to make my phone into a quick glance kind of deal, or making it as complex as I want. . +Lyndon Underwood And this is where the debate ends, since you stoop low enough to directly insult the opposition. That's rather childish, and I won't be a part of it. Goodbye.. I can not believe the guy is reviewing a cellphone and he doesn't even knows that he was roaming in an photo application "PICSART" and believing that he was reviewing nokia - android OS.. +Timbo A To me, I find Nokia and Windows Phone in general a joke. And before you label me a fanboy, please note that I'm someone w/ an extremely open mind and I've used phones from all 3 major players (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). Samsung was smart and made their galaxy smartphones across all major US carriers. Eventually even Apple brought their iPhone to all carriers. However, Nokia did the dumbest thing ever. To this day they still do it, they'll make their flagship top-of-the-line Nokia Lumia an AT&T or Verizon exclusive. After 6-12 months they'll typically release a variant of said flagship phone on other carriers but by then it's long too late. They did it w/ the Lumia 800, that was AT&T only, and again with the Lumia 900 (once again, AT&T only). After a year or two they finally got around to releasing the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile (great phone but they quit making it after only 6 months). Even now, the high end WP phone currently is the Lumia Icon and it's Verizon-only at this time. How Microsoft expects WP to ever gain serious momentum with all this carrier-exclusive bull-shyte is beyond me. In the end, I'm sticking w/ my trusty iPhone 5S (not looking to start a war, android is cool too but I prefer the iPhone), it fulfills all my needs plus its not insanely big. To each his own I suppose, but I'm sick of Nokia's bullcrap and I'm sticking w/ my iPhone.. +Rudy Concepcion I would say your spot on on everything. I cannot say i fully get what makes them tick. They should also realize right not that at this time the future lies in android. Drop the pride and insure continuity. Honestly on my side i wouldn't mind trying out the new WP OS simply because i like to try new things and grow an opinion on them. But the appsupport strongly pushes me away. And even if supported, the look of it is completely windows. Take whatsapp for instance. When opened it looked like a pale old windows 8 messenger. No background and other standard interface features until not too long ago if I'm not mistaken. Personally i love iPhone, in fact i own one which i will be replacing soon as its old and gotten slow. I think iPhone is just overpriced. For that money i get an android with better specs. That's how i see it. Had i the money i wouldn't even hesitate and get one because its so easy to use.
    I hope that's sarcasm you're using...not to start a war but for the last 4 years Nokia has made from pretty fckng stupid decisions. Instead of making a flagship Lumia available across all carriers (like Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone), no they make the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 AT&T exclusives and leave the rest of us with the Lumia 710 and Lumia 810. Now, they have the Lumia Icon as a Verizon exclusive, and the rest of us have the Lumia 925. Seriously, instead of letting the cellphone carriers bully them around, Nokia should've made a flagship phone available to all carriers. Not only that, but they're making the same mistake in not releasing the Nokia XL here in the US or UK. I wish Nokia was awesome, they've got the potential, but as a company they make pretty poor decisions. .

    come on PhoneArena, what is this guy doing blabbering his script and showing nothing of the phone UI He even know he is playing around with PicsArt Doubt this guy know phone at all..

    +trol12345war but i heard that the google was ready to give this opportunity to have google play on nokia x series.

    Adroid platfrom without google services such as Google Play, Gmail etc. is a major draw back for me..

    lol ur kidding me right... phone arena u are looking at a Picsart software and your talking about how its Tiles lol... this is the worst video and wrongest words ever.
    Well, Nokia, finally. Now just give us more advanced devices on Android that do not remind us of Lumia or the Metro-like UI. Then and only then I'll try cast a blind eye to and return to you. But for now its SAMSUNG BABY!!!!!.
    Why the hell is he treating picsArt as the home screen -.- , can't he just press the home button.
    Are u crazy!! u are explaining a platform using an android app!! those tiles they are a part of pics art photo studio app!! any android or windows user will say that the video is utter nonsense!!.
    who the f** is describing the phone its pics art apps of andorid n u describe it as a home menu of nokia xl f*** off .
    why the hell are you using picsart. What kind of a review is this Did not expect this from phonearena. why didn't he Show the other interfaces of that phone he kept on scrolling on that app (which is I think its PicsArt).. im waiting to see its camera, the menu and other apps.. arg.. Cool phone! I actually like the idea of WP and android together. The specs are not bad, I'll be waiting for the release here in the Philippines and I'm planning to buy this instead of samsung s2 :). I'm curious about your nokia xl UI which in your quick review (orange one), because it's little bit different than nokia x or nokia xl other review from the other site, please give me a reason, Thanks. please fire this guy, he thinks that's the menu of the phone. trying to resize and s&^t :))))) that's an app i d i o t :))) nice hands-on, you showed the people an Android app :) . for the price...i will buy this phone i think nokia target market is emerging market country such as indonesia very market oriented...nice move. This is NOT the fucking Android surface on the phone.. this is an app called 'picsArt' you reviewed there...
    Its gud, it includes both android n windows type!! Those who wanna enjoy both can buy this! Bt I planned to buy!!.

    when Nokia signed partnership Agreement with Microsoft it sold its soul to the Devil..people said long time ago to this stupid company to either stick with MeeGo or adopt android.But it ironically chose to adopt dumb Asha and WP that has no market share..

    yay removable back i guess stupid Microsoft is pushing for the build in battery lets wait for the 6 incher to come.

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  41. December 27, 2015
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  42. November 16, 2015
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  43. December 21, 2015
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  44. November 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  45. January 22, 2016
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  46. November 8, 2015
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  47. January 5, 2016
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  48. December 4, 2015

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  49. January 26, 2016
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  50. December 16, 2015
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  51. December 5, 2015
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  52. November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thank you for this video, I have an interview for a merchandising specialist position tomorrow and I really hope I can land this job.
    +qro4yzeyl0i can you help me out on what questions they asked you on that job i have the same job interview tommorrow at 4:30 so scared..
    They got a best buy right outside of the military base in Anchorage alaska, easy money for best buy :D.

    +bipolardiscussions Say that again. Anybody who thinks work for Best Buy is hard work don't know what HARD WORK means..
    I just got hired, I'm working merch right now but I plan on moving to the sales floor. What's merch like on the holidays. +dddtrump well It's hard to avoid them when they see any logo lol, but I don't see them as much as sales.
    +Diamond Edwards i a huge tech guy how old do u have to be also heres my website:
    Lol hey man, started working at best buy month ago i always wanted to work there and honestly LOVE working there! thank for sharing you experience and yes guilty I spend most amount of my money at best buy too:P. hey there, fellow best buy employee here and I gotta say man you hit the nail on the head with this video, great job on presenting people with a video that sums up the experience working at best buy =). Good video! I Just moved back to the US and found myself a full-time job at Best Buy and a good starting salary for 21 years old, in less than a week! I start on Monday, I am definitely looking forward to it. Did you use the tuition reimbursement program Best benefits. +bridley Congrats on the new job. I have always worked part time so no I have not used the tuition reimbursement program. I personally know people who have use it with nothing but good things to say about. Check out all the details on the HR site inside of ETK. If you can't find it ask a manager for help. Good Luck!.
    just celebrated my 4th year with this company and I do not have a complaint besides some customers lol the employees is very much so a family remember "one team one dream" :).
    You could not have said it any better! I am in college and I love working at best buy. It is truly a team environment and we are always having fun. What store are you located if you don't mind me asking. I worked at Best Buy for a few years during college. Of course, now I have a much more lucrative employment, but I have never worked any where that came to close to as much fun as Best Buy. Never have I worked any where else that had a big screen TV with a PlayStation and Xbox in the break room for employees. Yeah, you don't get paid much more than working any where else in the same field, but they make up for it in how well they treat their employee's.. I WISH it was as fun as you are making it seem, unfortunantly for me after only 2 months i feel harrassed and picked on by the store manager, i dread coming to work, I'll think i hit budget for PC, and next minute im being told im in the red even when im doing better i'm doing bad in his eyes, I can't take it anymore, i'm giving my 2 week notice on saturday, im done.. I work for best buy as a seasonal worker. I work in the gaming department along side with the Home Theater department. I'd love to stay part time permanently. I do my job fairly well. I have multiple repeating customers coming in. I go at a very personal approach to my customers. I serve and use customer contracting methods. I never leave a person un-served, even if its a pain to handle, I'm more than excited to help someone even if I don't have knowledge of certain products. As a sales person just simply acknowledging them and letting them know that I'm here to help them is very important to me. Unfortunately, I have had multiple clock errors on my pay timers due to my methods. Best buy is an incredible place to work. I've never had a sales team that works so closely together like they do.. I'm going to turn sixteen on January and I really want to work at best buy what is the best chance I'll get approved to get the job. I think this review is very specific to your store/stores that you worked at. I've been an employee for 6+ years and my current store is complete garbage. Store management is clueless, shrink is through the roof, employees are mostly new or idiots, and turnover rate is extraordinary. Everyone watching this video should keep in mind that just because he loved his Best Buy experience, you may end up hating it..
    hi diamond how are you I just started at best buy a couple of days ago and I love it here but I'm so Nervous though I'm a cashier and it's so nerve wrecking to me because there is so much to learn and do I've never in my life worked a cash register like this one until now and I'm just so scared I'm scared that I'll make a mistake and I used to work at a thrift store and that register was so easy to use but now this one at best buy is like so complicated to me because so many different things could be done on this register any suggestions for me I really need your help and advice im scared.

    This is a great video! It's so smart how you made your best buy income disposable income and now have your own business! I am really interested in getting a job at best buy because of their tuition reimbursement program. The thing is the only positions available now are seasonal but i need to really get hired at least part time so i can move up to full time so i can work 6 months so i can get the tuition reimbursement...any suggestions on what i should do should i still apply for the seasonal job anyway.
    +IAMTiffany Monique Thanks for kind words and I love running my own business. I never knew work could be so simple. You should apply for the seasonal job. If you are a great employee chances are they will find a way to keep you. Once your in then getting promoted to full time is not that hard again if you are a great employee. Plus if you don't mind moving stores you get promoted even faster. Good luck!. thanks for the video. I really want to work at best buy. I have a job interview tomorrow. I really hope i get the job because the place where i work now sucks so bad and i only get 7.50 an hour to deal with some of the worst customers..
    just got a job as an inventory specialist. I'm super stoked and have wanted to work at best buy for years! i never found out, but what are the discounts we are offered, if any.

    +Deion Hulse Hey, that's what my job was about 6 years ago. The warehouse position (inventory) in my opinion is the best position..
    Jeff, i started yesterday and so far it's going good! Lots of walking and lots to get use to but it doesn't seem like too hard of a job!. This was the most accurate representation of what it's like working at Best Buy. I started in the Lifestyles Department, part time, then got promoted to the Computer Department. Now after a year I am now a Microsoft Expert. I have been with the company for a year now and playing a supervisor role. There's room for growth and can say it really is a fun job.. I just came from an interview and the guy practically told me if I don't know anything about computers, he might not hire me..
    +Bushy Brow I went in for an interview for a Inventory Specialist and ended up getting hired as a Connected Devices Sales Consultant!lol The only question they asked me was "How would i sell them my own tv"...took bout 30 minutes for me to answer!Lol, I am not that god with PC's (Macs i am ok), but when it comes to me selling electronics, i can sell rat poison to a rat. Honestly, he probably told you that because the way you communicated during the interview. Did you tell him what you can do in the store since you are not familiar with computers after telling him that. You should have said something like "i am not really familiar with computers, however, i can be with training. Besides, i am also good with...". Employers want to hire people who can be versatile and do many things, they want to feel that when they hire you, you're going to be a valuable asset to their company and allow them to grow for the better. U have to go want that damn job like your life depended on it!lol.
    I have no doubt that best buy bribes their employees very well to suck off their shot callers and fuck over customers. sell drugs. it's a much more honest job.. +Bob Orton I guess you did not get to the end of the video. LOL I plan on working there another 7 too..
    I think each store has its own identity. It is definitely not like this at the Best Buy I work at. Some things I agree with. The discount is the best thing about working there. By far. But the store I'm at is not fun. Management changes too frequently. Turnover is high. Some managers basically give you a misleading script to act out to customers to get them to add whatever plan or apply for a credit card. It isn't commission based. But it might as well be for sales floor people because if they don't hit their metrics, their hours get cut drastically. And when I went to sales induction I discovered that a lot of part time employees are working full time hour on the regular. But still in the system as part timers so they don't get full timer benefits. The thing I hate the most is the inconsistency managers have with dress code. Most managers haven't had any issues with me wearing my black Best Buy jacket. But some of them have said I can't wear it on the sales floor because its a jacket or because its not blue. One manager used to complain about females wearing black straight leg pants instead of the wider cut pants. Dumb stuff. And the employees. It's like a circus or a reality show or something. I avoid socializing with most of them because they are either a hot ghetto mess, full of drama, into gossip, immature or just bat shit crazy. Some of them are pretty cool though. But even so, I try to keep work and outside of work as separate as possible. Promotion potential is possible. But easier to achieve if you transfer to a different store or to a different company all together. I just show up to talk to customers and collect a check and get discounts. It is not a bad place to work for but definitely not the best place to work either..
    Aye man, I got hired on as occasional seasonal, do you think they'll keep me after the holidays What are the chances. +Oscar Rivera It all depends on what the store needs. The best advise I can give you is to inform all managers of your desire to stay on after the holidays and become the best seasonal employee at the store.. Hey +diamondedwards! Great video, very informative! I recently got hired in a Miami store as seasonal. Do you have any more specific advice on how Best Buy can keep you long term.
    +Jorge Lopez Be the best of the best. Learn fast and execute faster. Be sure to let them know that you are here for the long haul. Talk and act as if you have already been hired permanently. Lastly don't forget it a team effort so try to get along with people the best you can. Good Luck!.
    Hey Diamond! First of all great video I enjoyed the topics you covered in the video. Since I'm looking forward to work at Best Buy (Part-Time), is their an age requirement working I'm currently a High School student (Senior) and usually the individuals who work at Best Buy are at college level. Another questions is that, what questions would the manager ask me I'm new to employment by the way. Also I'm bilingual so would the bonuses would be in my check or just extra incentives If so, how much more money would I make just being bilingual. I'm just curious and I appreciate if you reply! Thanks. +Brian Hua, min age is 16, expect very basic employee questions in your interview. If you have experience it will help..
    hello, my name is jeff. im 14 and i found your video because i was wanting to know just like, what its like to work at best buy, and how to get hired. i would like to apply in march when i turn 15, buy i dont know what age best buy starts hiring.
    Hello Boss Great channel ,I did my first interview on Thursday with the Computer department manager before week told me if you got hired you will receive phone call on Sunday so after one week I didn't receive any call so checked my Job application status is still in progress so what you recommend it to me to do Call back or waiting. +fadirock2020 Call ball! Also its an old trick but still works. Send a handwritten Thank You card to the manager who interviewed you. It will make you stand out from the crowd and could even put you over the edge.. I must have gone to the wrong store because the manger had the police escort me and my child out of the building. She got some of it on her iPhone so I posted it on my youtube account. Also the manager was kinda rude when he walked away in the middle of my complaint.. I applied there a week ago and already had two interviews that went very well. I came from staples as a sale associate of 2 years and my main reason for leaving is I just need a change. Staples was great and I hope best buy is a great place to work too. I feel like I got the job, they are just going through my references..
    Fuck yeah you enjoy working get paid to do jack shit, you don't have to actually know anything about what you're selling and if someone has an issue just refer them to "company policy". Best Buy, Walmart's tech department..
    +symz prodigy Good Luck on the interview! Come back and let me know how it goes! After you get hired ask about doing training from home. It's a way to learn more and get a few extra hours in per month sitting at your computer.. somedays I get a little bored and feel a little repetition but overall I LOVE working at best buy. my first retail job ever and by the time I was done with my first year I was Sales MVP. great job to have while in college, they are super flexible with hours.. had a second interview with BB and I hope I can become an employee there. It truly seems like a company where I want to stay at and grow.. +epicfail Zero dollars! I never even told anyone from Best Buy that I did the video lol. But your funny!.
    Thanks for the video! I have an interview with best buy in the mobile section Friday. What kind of questions should I except in the interview.
    +Eldrid Leonce You will learn everything you want to know about the discount in orientation. Treat it well and it do the same for you. Also, keep a lookout for accommodations! Those are gold!. I am 16 and I'm unsure if I want to actually apply there, how easily will they want to hire me since I'm still in school for about two years, the thing that makes me want to work there though is that I'd be working with technology! If you could possibly tell me how easily they would hire me and what exactly I'd be doing that'd be great :D. Also I'd like to add that when I was in the 6th grade I was VERY VERY dumb and did something stupid enough to get me suspended for a year (was a misdemeanor) would that hinder my ability to get a job there.

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  53. October 31, 2015
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  54. December 20, 2015
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  55. January 20, 2016
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  56. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    is it possible to order to UK without problems I mean problems with the law if somebody can explain me everething I would be very grateful :))) to pm please.
    Hey guys. I need some help. I have been trying to order seeds from this place and it will not accept my bank card. I have used my card to buy things overseas before. Is there another way to make payment Has anyone had this problem before. Apparently, they don't ship to Canada.. And you call them "best in the world"..pffft!..fknLOL.
    +Dyldoian Snarrface No deliveries to the US and Canada lol.. So they don't cater to (N. America) the largest market in the world, well, that's just pathetic. But, not as pathetic as the boot-licking uploader who has the audacity to call them "best in the world." I reckon he's trying to score brownie points - as in free seeds. Again, pathetic. .
    I am under 18 but got money, I can order this offline but don't want any Feds knocking at my door, or it being a scam. Someone who has ordered them please tell me if any problems with the website and if you got the correct amount of seeds. I will check this once per day so sorry if I don't respond, but I mostly just don't want jail time, as it is longer for minors in my state (at least I think)..
    You're in luck pal. Feds don't arrest people for buying weed seeds. Most I've heard of is a letter in the package saying that the contents were confiscated. All in all you should be fine, deliveries usually go through..
    fuck this... i got seeds under my bed but the mice keeps eating them n leaving a shit load of shells in my shoe. 2 steve john he said seeds like the plant that grows from the ground (plant) not some fucked up chemicals stoners don't fuck with that's we stay green (:. Can you order from norway What happens if it get stopt on the border or grensa or what ever. Need answer. Kjøp sånn grønt kredittkort du får kjøpt på narvesen og bruk det. Og frakt den til en postkasse som ikke er din..
    damn i hope this dude aint a undercover, i hope this site is not some sort of sting. Please help i only want seeds to preserve the genetics of rare strains of cannibus. so they may be used for future research. GEESH .
    +Pootie Tang Is it a undercover cop and did you buy stuff from that one guy cause i emailed him did you get it. My friend ordered from rasta seedbank he got 5 seeds and 4 freebies the freebies were laughing buddha x cheese bomb and master kush he didnt have enough grow room so he gave me his freebies and im very happy with the results. It works. I tried and they ship it insde a dvd box. Its stuck inside the dvd and you pry it open and the seeds are in it.. The Feds didn't knock on your Door i want some seeds but i am scare of getting in trouble. .
    I would love to see the package first im have all my supplies for a nice auto grow but Im scare about trustin these sites.

    This doesn't seem so much like a review as a commercial. No criticism, really Also, why not turn your tv off so we can hear what you're saying Sloppy..
    sell Salvia divinorum cannabis kratom thailand $15/gram shipping worldwide. Payment paypal &money transfer

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  57. December 1, 2015
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  58. January 18, 2016
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  59. November 6, 2015
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  60. January 10, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    i think its really stupid for some stranger out there to say i cant smoke some erb..its my body..or cant grow some meditation but they don't need my permission for there dirty works.
    I need help from anybody on buying some seeds safely and discreetly. Ok so I live in memphis, tn is there a way I can order me some seeds online without it getting seized Could anyone list any helpful seedbanks please. I already made a major purchase on a super box grow closet for like $925 and it has everything I need to start growing stealthy like. Now all I needs are some precious seeds😭.

    Anyone who lives in the United States needs to order via Superstealth packaging so customs doesnt seize your package like they did mine.Although they are replacing my order I still dont want to see someone have charges for illegal items flowing through there mail rooms..
    you fucking moron. you dont have to go to the dark web for weed seeds. give me a break. and i'm the dickhead. +WICKID RAVEN. okay yea sure you don't have to. but unless your ass wants to get caught i recomend using the dark web. You'd be stupid to buy something like this online without protecting yourself..
    This happens due to random inspection. There is only one seed company I know of that will resend your order at no extra charge. The single Seed Centre. They are in the UK and will ship worldwide with guaranteed delivery. Anyone can use my 10% off discount code too. Just type in ( DREW ).

    Cmon homeboy... Most major outfits offer that option, for a fee of course. Just like single seed center. I do sub to your channel, & like what you do Drew, but I had to say something-.
    Mind got taken by u.s custom I ordered from a well known seed bank have no idea rather to try again or give up any ideas . can we go to colorado and buy marijuanna seeds now that its legal there we live in another state. Medical marijuana, Seeds, Concentrates,cannabis Oil, pain pills, Hash Crystals, Amber Crystals, Earwax, Honeybud For sale.Call / text (757) 598-1679 to place your order.. I just order from attitude couple weeks ago and they wouldn't even deliver my package or give me the option to pick it up from from the post office... now it's being sent back to attitudes and now they want me to pay for the shipping all over again Smh...over $100 down the drain playing ping pong...makes me just wanna bag seed hunt all over again...Smh...the struggle to get good genetics my projects are super on hold.... A good friend had 2 packages intercepted The third package he requested that my name be on the package and they arrived safely. So it's the name that gets put into the data bank not the address. PS: Never order the coffee cup... i don't mind losing couple bucks I'm worried about getting arrested is it possible let say i order seeds with my debit card to a house and they get ceased .
    Sorry to here that bro but it happen to me two times except I never got anything at all. I know that if you use USPS it is easier for them to take your stuff. But putting other things in there to make it seem like it's just stuff is a good suggestion. :-) if you can buy something that has a little weight to it..
    +MisterGreenGuy I found a kind soul out there hooked me up with 10 regular Skuril Killers and 6 San Diego super skunks for $50 I don't want to buy OZs I wanna grow them lol thanks for the info tho Ohio to Colorado is a hell of a drive to get shut down 👍.
    I think the customs are on the lookout for packages addressed to CO, postmarked from countries of known seedbanks..

    I also had 2 packages in a row seized by the us customs cunts, both early 2014. Hadn't had a single shipment intercepted before then with over a dozen orders. Won't use attitude again..
    saME SHIT HAPPENED TO ME TWICE LAST YEAR FROM THE TUDE BUT WE IN THE CO. DONT NEED TO ORDER SEEDS NO MORE DUDE GROWS GET SOME OF THAT GOLDEN GOAT! (CO. STRAIN FOR SURE) IF U HAVNT HAD IT BUTIM SURE U HAVE BUT IF U HAVNT GOTTA TRY IT OUT. This just happened to me a week ago, this is the first time out of 5 past orders with no prob. I love Attitude...they said they will reship but I think I will wait a month or so. They already pulled the order so they wont be out when I have them try to ship again..
    Brother that sucks I have had my last two intercepted,and mine was the same way,I ordered a shirt with it for stealth,luckily I received the shirt and no beans,sucks a lot anybody want to help me with some beans hit me up,I do have my medical orders were not small either,I won't even chance it anymore,let's stick together..
    The exact same thing happened on a order from attitude to my friend. The first order came no prob the second after a long delay came with green tape a letter and the tshirt ordered with the seeds. Called attitude and they re sent the package a different way no charge and they were received but not in breeders pack. .
    no it was a agricultural restriction. In california seeds are not illegal. plus my friend is a medical user..
    I live in Connecticut. Not a good cannabis state. Yes the do have medical cannabis but no dispensaries or accepting applications for new patients. I have just purchased seeds from Spain. Master Of Seeds Dot Com. Package was intercepted by Department of Agriculture. It does state that they confiscated the seeds on authority administered by the US Postal Services and US Customs and Border Protection. it also states that criminal or civil penalties me happened. Do you think I have anything to worry about Mind you cannabis seeds are sold as collectibles that's why greenhouse seeds color codes there cannabis seeds in colored sugar. But let's keep it real people know that people buy them to grow them. So based on that do you think a police style raid is possible. Dude nothing ever happened. I guess they don't have time for people like me. I'm 100 percent sure they did not notify my local police department or they would have raided me. They hate me passionately. lol.
    +Damien Nicholas true indeed..the tude knows of this issue an have tried to make a change with packaging and a few days ago I seen a video on here wer a fool exposes there new stealth package..

    they are crackin the fuck down. good thing attitude does refunds for shit like this... COLORADO NEEDS TO SUPPORT TGA!!!!!.
    dude, attitude will refund your order, or keep sending it until u get it. just email them... thats why i only like going through them... they actually stand behind their word. only thing is... last time i tried to get the plushberry and they sent me the last pack they had... and guess who ended up with it... NOT ME, so now subcool has decided to discontinue that strain, i feel i really got fucked, lol. . If it is a good seed company they will definitely send you a new seeds if you show them proof that they were intercepted. I noticed that the seeds ordered from places like a Amsterdam (well known for drugs ) so they are checked more often... I try to order from seed companies that are not anywhere near those areas.

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  61. December 3, 2015
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  64. November 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I'm from Portugal (Europe) and here buying weed is illegal, how and where can I buy weed and have it shipped for me in a stealth package are there any websites who can do that for me or should I use tor to buy it from the blackmarket.
    Good quality. But completely over priced for what you get. There are better services out there. Also the fact that you have to be quizzed is a turn off.. I don't smoke much, but i smoke a lot (make it stretch) I'm at a dime left and hoping to re-up soon.. hopefully. and you're complaining about opening ALL THOSE BAGS OF WEED hahaha.
    we self top shelf medical marijuana strains. Cheap, safe secure, delivery is overnight and 100% guarantee with valid tracking number provided once order is complete. text : +13238131671 email : info.ghcmarijuana2 website:
    100% no cops and delivery is 100% guarantee, safe and secure. order online at and your package next day with valid tracking number available once we confirm order.
    I like shake. Joints, blunts, and spliff are okay but I prefer pinch hitters the best less smoke waste except blowing out. Just put your fingers on both end no burning up. :-D.
    Get top shelf buds with high Thc(Og kush, Mango Kush) 2 (864) 214-5191/marcthero982 Delivery is discreet. (interested persons only. No feds.).
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    we do supply cannabis cpd and oils ,various weed strains which can best be medicated to all kinds of patients.9132133715.
    I make the DANKEST old school edibles around and think people of legal age everywhere should try them out because they're good for your soul. I primarily make a variety of cookies including chocolate chip, peanut butter, double chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia that are lab tested at 100+mg and go for $10 or 10 for $90 as well as Rice Krispie/Fruity Pebble snacks and chocolate covered brownie pops that test at 150+mg and go for $15 or 10 for $135. *Contact us now at: dankiblesCT2 OR Text Only to 203-896-7591*.
    +Davon Corrie hey davon what is your email i live in VA also im just wondering about your prices.. ive been researching on the darknet and its a little too much work.. wish weed was legal in my state. when I was in wash. I got baked a lot. woe was that nice. if it was legal here, I could stop taking 5 of my meds. sleep, pain, muscle relaxers, and antiinflammatories, which helps some but watch TV commercials, pills can have side effects, weed is all natural made by God not by man like pills. weed is just perfected by man. would really like to have some..
    +Donna McKinney I truly feel bad for those of you in the United States who still need to keep marijuana smoking to a minimum or nonexistent for fear of prosecution. But with the way things are going, im sure your state will start easing up on #marijuanalaws in the next few years. So if you really want to smoke some killer #weed then you might want to take a trip to #colorado or #washington.

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    +Ronald McChronald YES HES IS LEGIT!!!! I have ordered and SMOKED the best kush I ever tasted, the DEATH STAR WAS AWESOME!!! IM UP LOADING A UNBOXING VIDEO!.

    Send me a text if you want some good weed at a good price ($10 a g) & get it right from Denver. Just send me a text: 720-441-0059..
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    Text me 2 07586 824355 (UK&US) or email me 2 ashley_m2 for loud bud g,q,halfs & ozs.
    +Alain Richards Hey, do me a favor and share the shit out of this video... If you can post it on a few twitter, facebook, Google+, instagram, wordpress, and every other type of website you can think of we can get this sucker going seriously #viral on #youtube and i want that!!!!!. Top Medical buds and strains for sale. Contact us for more info via text (816) 286-4374 or email msend4202 Do send email for quick respond or send friend request for info. We supply high quality medicinal marijuana and other best strains of kush for sale at moderate prices. Girl scout cookies Master Kush Blueberry Master Kush X Northern Light OG Kush Pineapple Express Purple Kush Big King Bud *Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA *sour Diesel ::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A *Sensi Star x ak47 :::::::Grade: AAA *Afghan Kush :::::::::::::Grade: A *Northe Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+ *Lemon drop:::::::::::::::Grade: A+ *Purple Kush:::::::::::Grade:A+ Top Shelf *OG Kush ::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf *purple-urkle::::::::::::::Grade: A- Plus Many More! We deliver “high grade”, low priced Legal Bud. Our legal buds are incredibly strong, smoke even better than they look … and do look absolutely insane.. +Dawn Sutton Let me guess ScamCannabis Or some other scammer. If you notice, they give bad reviews about everyone except the one mail order site that owns it. Always check to see where the website is registered. If it is anywhere other then Canada, you probably got a scam trying to get ppl like you to believe his scam. I have no more time for scam talk. If you want online marijuana you need to make contact with mcchronalds2 but I only work with Canadians here in Canada. 21+ And you must be a mature adult with your own place and lots of other stipulation. People can say and comment what eve they want. But please, just go do your due diligence and if you are an intelligent person unlike most, you will see you now have control of you life even more. Go and buy your weed online and don't ever waist your time, money or, safety going to meet some street level weed dealer who really doesn't care bout his customers in any other way then the $10 they are about to give him. Stay safe and best of luck from #RonaldMcChronald at #McChronalds mail order marijuana here in Canada.. +Ronald McChronald Dear Ronald thank you so much for taking the time. I was roaming around the inet and would not have normally considered buying online but just as look see checked their online number. it didn't say what scam the number was connected with just that it was a scammers line. I have SLE and fibromyalgia and I like getting high but it really does help. Have a pretty decent guy here but the quality ranges from downright dreadful to hmm ok not bad. No imports over here (uk) and if there are we never see it, EVER lol. Sadly. But as we are small place with limited resources we have to take what we can and they know that of course tho like I say our guy is decent and does do his best for us. Sigh, dont I wish I lived in Canada now. My daughter often mentions Canada as a place she thinks would be good for her soul and she corresponds with a friend there. Anyway Ron many thanks to you and although I wouldn't have risked it (financially way way too risky for me) Im glad I had a looksee, and now I know! Peace be with you brother. x.

    +CatchThat4Me I know ah..> And whats with the gun This person is obviously upset at someone... Probably me for kicking everyone else to the curb with #canadian marijuana mail orders. We all know who the real deal is right :)..

    +Krs22 523 Hey man, ive been doing this a long time ok. Its ok if you don't like the success we are getting, but you can't stop it. We have been working way too hard and morally correct for so long this thing is a run away freight train. Deal with it!.

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  65. January 8, 2016
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  68. December 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Clinical grade trees coming from Cali. PROFESSIONALS ONLY... I have no time for bullshiting, loafing, scammers, or little kid games. If you're about this money then you've came across the best person in the business. I can overnight anything as long as it's under 3lbs. Once again... PROFESSIONALS ONLY and we can make this money together Hit me at manofmyword19912

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  69. January 2, 2016
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  70. October 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    YouTube's latest update is not allowing me to reply directly to comments! I'm not sure if this is going to change or not. I just wanted to let you know that I see your comments! Thanks for taking the time to watch. I will reply when I can!.
    Hi Andrea thanks for the tips but my question is which online shopping address you think I can buy drug store and high end makeup product at a cheaper price that I can sell them at my end I mean my country.I am from Ghana and your tips has really helped me.thanks.
    Just today I bought $50 worth of makeup for less then $10. I had my CVS card, CVS coupons, and a lot of the makeup was on sale to begin with. AWESOME!!!.
    I never pay full price for any drugstore makeup, personal products. I coupon for food and cosmetics. CVS is good, however the price of the product is more then Target like $3-$4.00 more so time. Target will have coupons of there own and you can pair them with a manufacturer as well. Walgreens does the same. Always pick up a monthly saving booklet at Walgreens, this month they have Revlon Colorburst lip Balms witch include the new ones out. .

    I keep my coupons in a little coupon book from the dollar store but I also use an app called coupons 2 to warn me when my coupons are expiring or search my coupons without filing through them! I love it and it's an easy system.
    There's an app for mobile devices called key ring so you can manage all those store cards without filling up your wallet or key chain. Just a little convenience.. helpful video. I found to buy really good deals with new deals posted daily!. They also have free US Shipping. Great site. Thx.
    Girl. It has been so hard to do the no buy November! ! Its only the 7th.. I don't know how I am going to make it lol..
    Great tips I'm glad I pretty much use all these tips already. It reassures me that I'm saving as much as I can. P.
    Great Video as always! I hope that you can keep up your no buy November. Thank you for sharing the tips, I do exactly the same things you do lol I am a coupon cutter though and I have saved so much money that way. My favorite my Walgreens because they accept ALL coupons. I enjoy CVS sometimes as well this week I got a few Milani Lipsticks and $7 bucks back and with that I got a Covergirl lipstick. Thanks again! :).

    wow I'm happy I watched this! How could I not know about all this before. Thanks you sure will change my life =P.
    thanks for the tips andrea!! i heard of ebates but never tried it. i rarely shop online. love noveau!! have retail me not but havent used it yet. lol. That's actually really good to know! Walgreen's is the furthest from me so I think that's why I don't normally go there but it's not super far so I am going to have to start going there more often! Thank you so much for the tip- haha I will have to try to avoid it until December! :D. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch! YES! I wish that they had eBates in real life like whenever you walked in a store you could use it! It would be amazing!.
    Thanks for this video !!! I agree with the coupon cutting stuff lol I don't have the patience for couponing lol I'm so confused with it.
    Haha I hear you! Sometimes I buy something online and then I remember I didn't use eBates and I get so mad at myself haha! That's so true- I am going to have to check the shelves this year after Christmas! I have heard that some people get some really great deals around that time of the year!. always ask for testers it's your right and sometimes they have a small bag that contain sample size stuff.
    That's a really good tip! I am going to start doing that for sure! Thank you so much for sharing..
    Ebates is the best! I've earned about $50 in the last 5 months or so! :) Also I don't live near an Ulta but am always buying products every few weeks, so I usually have an on going cart but I have learned to only make a purchase when they send me an email for a "beauty break" which is free items for spending $35 or more. I just got 5 Peter Thomas Roth products to try out for free when I was playing to buy items anyways. :).
    Ahhh I know! I couldn't believe it once I finally checked it out because I shop online so much. It really does help- even just a little amount adds up over time! retailmenot is seriously so great! I check it every single time right before I check out. There are just so many coupons! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch!.

    Thanks for the video! The All Cosmetics Wholesale website is another good place to find great deals on makeup. Once I get on this website I have a hard time getting off...there is so much to look at (and so many high end brands available). .
    Great video!! You've given me some information I hadn't had before and I'm going to definitely try it out. I don't plan on buying much this month at all but am running dangerously low on some essentials since I will probably have to break down and buy a couple of things. At least I'll feel better knowing I've saved some money in doing so!!! Thanks again! You've provided me with yet one more invaluable video!! Love ya!!!!. Great video! I noticed on instagram that you decided on the nars check palette, which I'm hoping to snag sometime soon. Would love to see a review on that!. Andrea, I find it confusing to figure out what is covered through ebates on Amazon, especially with cosmetics. I don't think all cosmetics are eligible, is that right. I love ebates... I just have to remember to use I like those holiday deals.. and buy one get one half off is nice too...I also look after the holidays for deals... sometimes they clearance out the holiday makeup... that can be fun... .
    black friday makeup sales are the best.. i always wait for the 40% off for drugstore makeup and always have my coupons readyy.. u can use store coupons + manufacture coupons together and save more great vid xox.
    Oh yes! I love Hautelook so much- I forgot about that one! I check it every single day. eBates really is so great- I can't believe how much money I've gotten back just by clicking a button! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch!. Great video! Super useful! I always search for coupon codes! There are some great ones! Like free shipping plus 20% off! I love you!. Often times, your credit card will have shopping portals. Discovers portal has better cashback options most of the time than ebates..
    I have Ebates but I always forget to use & remember after I've made my purchase ;( I also buy makeup on Amazon & Ebay. Even CVS is higher in price they have the best rewards. Target is the worse for makeup returns I boycotted them for awhile so now I'm careful on what I buy there. Excellent tips & very helpful TY xoxo.

    Thank you so much! Isn't it the best I can't believe that you actually get money for shopping- it's like it's too good to be true haha!.

    Great tip about the seperate email addy and waiting for a "holiday" I always try to do that..

    You have the best videos! They're always so helpful. I love Amazon! I've never had any problems with them, though I've never bought makeup from amazon. I'm tempted to try ebates. I online shop constantly so it would be nice to get something back. Thanks for all the tips! .

    Oh my gosh- that is so awesome! I am going to have to keep that in mind because I am going to need a new washer soon haha!.

    I have generally found that Wallgreens is overall cheaper than CVS. I know you mentioned not going there to shop as much so I encourage you to give it a good look... But in December (not during no-buy November!) =).

    Really..really good video, thanks for the info! I might be the only one who has yet heard of ebates and I shop online quite a lot. :o I signed up, thank you!! Amazon is compiled of so many sellers. I am sure some do sell knock off items but many do not that's why checking out the sellers feedback is so important. It's no guarantee but it can really help give you a lot more assurance or guide you elsewhere. :) Thanks again.. as always I enjoy you to bits!.
    There is an app called weekly ads & sales that you can see all the weekly ads for stores you would get in the Sunday paper! I love it!.
    No I definitely agree with you that the drugstore prices are higher! Sometimes they are so high that I have to take a second look! I usually like the 40% deal better because then I know I'm saving money as compared to buy one get one for 50% off you know.
    geez, I did not know about Ebates!! Great!! I have been using retailmenot for the last couple of years. Almost always I find a free shipping code or a percentage off. ;-).
    Please let people know to sign up for CVS beauty club!!! Amazing makeup deals!!! You sign up through your normal cvs card account..

    LOL, this video just brings about one MAJOR thought for me...The big CVS 75% Sale is right around the cornerrrrr. *Squeels*!!.
    Great tips! Been using Ebates since January & it works! Heard Hautelook is good for expensive makeup.. I wish I still lived in the States!! Here in Greece, drugstore makeup never goes on sale, coupons are non-exhistant and their prices are outrages compared to the states!!! For example, buying Maybelline or loreal is like paying for Mac products over there!! Hope you have a great day!!.
    Awesome tips! I've never even thought of googling coupons and ebates sounds so cool! Thank you for sharing! :).
    Of course- thank you so much for taking the time to watch! Ahhh- it is so delicious! I am almost out of it and it makes me sad! :(. Oh my gosh that's awesome! That's such a great deal. I think that it's so nice to be able to save money on makeup where you can- that's why I love Amazon so much!.

    Where Can I Buy Neosize Xl In Philippines -
  71. November 2, 2015

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    Neosize Xl At Walgreens - Dan Cantrell Music
  72. January 27, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    My TomTom XL won't update anymore and there's no damn support for it at TomTom home, It does connect and downloads the map but won't copy it to memory. It's ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with the unit. Any idea's .
    +Tampatec I used the supplied cable and it worked !!! Though the first time I ended up with a map of the US. Second time got it all. Thanks !! :) .

    It's moce you made a movie, but this gives no other information them TomTom gives. I want to update the maps in the navigator. TomTom is charging money for it. I was mislead by the word "FREE"!.

    It IS free you bunch of assmonkeys! I own a Tomtom and it is OLD ENOUGH TO REQUIRE AN UPDATE!!! So, it downloaded the USA map and some other points of interest along with some data files to update for map changes and corrections. If your GPS is new IT WON'T FUCKIN UPDATE!!! Also, there is a paid subscription for updates if you like. Merry Christmas! Go fuck yourself!.
    lol, Well that is one way to put it, but if the GPS box says "Lifetime Maps" then that GPS unit will have unlimited Free updates. I love this GPS, i had Magellan, Garmin, and TomTom and this GPS so far is the easiest to use and best gps. .
    It not easy when things don't go your way. I have watched the video & have tried for 2 1/2 hrs. to update. Seniors have a hard time with this stuff. Only the savy young people get it!!:(.

    Cann not get into the page,could you help me,I have a tomtom go 4cr52 device,have installed all drivers,the tomtom mydive. It says 4 updates,but i cannot get to the update page it says 404 error,thx.

    +Darko Svilković Go to Tom Tom update on Google, all the info is there, you can choose your location maps, and then there's a list of payment options. I saw the price of maps, so went to eBay and bought an upgrade. Cheaper in the long run and I get a newer SatNav.
    Nope. Didn't work for me. Mine didn't go straight to the website. I had to manually pull it up and they wanted $24 for an updated map. Forget it. I'm buying a Garmin with free lifetime maps.. Mine is a XL 340 with lifetime free map updates. However, about a year ago the size of the map exceeded the 2 gigs of memory on the device so it can no longer update.. Maybe the memory chip can be unsoldered and a larger one soldered in but I have no idea how or if it is possible, I wouldn't even know what memory to buy.. Its not like there is a memory card slot on the device allowing one to just use a memory card.. I hate these morons that don't show what they posted on the title. They didn't realize it or they are really morons. I give the benefit of doubt this time.. Yes most companies including Navman don't offer free updates unless it's packaged as off from purchase. I use my phone for most my navigating these days, we will probably see these stand alone nav systems go by the way side for for vehicles at least. . can not get map eny on screen at all tom tom 400 it came on at 1st 1st had a dry run then nothing i am not to hot with this stuff. Exactly! There's very little free anything with TomTom. When my last device developed a fault, I was bluntly informed that TomTom no longer supported that device. That turned out to be a very expensive £500 's worth!. So we got to the update page, and it says that we are up to date, but when we go to the map details, it says that we have one map that is out of date. How do you get the up to date map. Compassion for those who bought the Via series navigation itself can not do anything, the computer does not see the navigation of internal memory and can not put pirated hacked maps for maps need to pay high money..
    Yes, but its only free if you have an on going subcription, which comes with a new sat nav, bullshit.
    if U have the Same Tomtom GPS the update link is in the video Description but once you plug in the gps it goes to website automatically to Update, hope this helps 8^) Restart PC & GPS if needed..

    neosize xl in karachi -
  73. December 6, 2015

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    Hey gals!!! follow: hitormiss21 on instagram to see what online clothing actually looks like! save money, time, and headaches lol #fashion #beauty #health #outfitideas #andmore.

    My favorite shops are m&s waitrose debinims next sainsburys poundland online ebay amazon and argos online .

    Online Shopping of Books, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Watches, Clothing & Other Products at Best Price

    hey - here's $10 off at ThredUP (the online consignment store)!

    O my goddd!!! thanks for sharing the amazing store I have already order some stuff! thanks thanks thanks!!!.

    want to get a link where you not only shop, but you shop for the lowest possible prices, and also you get paid for watching the ads on the site... just log on to mydeals247 dott com, its worlds first real time market place... just give it a try....
    One more store to cheap and freeshipping:
    taylorblue.mysupadupa.dotcom check out our store for good quality clothing, prices and oh yea our little secret free shipping :). Follow us on instagram taylor_blu3 or #taylorbluelove. "Cali girls have more fun" :).
    Try out He is a firefighter that uses his store to put his kids through college!. its not easy to buy clothes without trying !!! but advance online shopping made it very easy !!! i tried Dukanee Dot com it seems good site for women clothing in UAE.. oooo i'll definitely check out romwe! thanks for sharing... Do you know if asos ships worldwide too.

    Neosize Xl -
  74. January 9, 2016

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    You're beautiful! I love that you're doing hauls and showing our bigger sisters there are cute clothes for them despite the stores not adhering to their fashion needs.
    When you ordered the side slit shirt did you order a UK size 14 or a US size 14 I'm confused on what sizes to get.
    Girl. You are BEAUTIFUL. Once I saw the first bathing suit I was like, "Oh it's on!" Giving me life. :). With that flowey yellow dress maybe a belt at the waist to enhance your true figure while keeping the comfort of the flowyness haha :).
    Awesome video hun thanks for sharing New Subbie here!! 😊 I'm going to the website now to see about those maxi dresses because I love them. I'm so looking forward to more videos ✌.
    omgawsh they're all so gorgeous on you and I seriously know what you mean about maxis hitting ankles. They ALL do that to me. It's like if I could shrink an inch ( I'm 5'7.5 ) or grow a few. They NEVER fit right! lol I've tried to add additional fabric, but it usually ends up looking ridiculous. lol The struggle is real. Just letting you know you're not alone..
    I'm saying yes to that nice short white dress! The first white strapless maxi, I've got that in a yellow haven't written it but I think it's nice, and I need accessories for mine. The foam green bathing suite is awesome!! I have something like it in black but never got to wear it yet. I love that lemon color dress, It's not very flattering on you, but if you can get someone to take in the just around the waist on both sides, you will truly love that dress. I'm Lovin the sleeves of the dress. The peplum top,Is beautiful and on you. I don't like the floral anything or full print materials. Even though the jump suit is partial print I'm not sure. This collection is so nice. Thanks for sharing..

    The lime green and floral strapless dress fro Boohoo, also the white. Sharp! You go girl. Everything looked great..
    Thanks for giving a look at another Plus Shop Spot. Tried G.Stage not a WOW at all cute club wear tho. But looking to try Boohoo. love everything, especially the lip color and tee Don't give up on those gorgeous sandals, cushioned insoles work miracles
    "White pants with some brown wedges! Ooh Ooh that would be so cute!" Yesss girl get it 😂💖..

    You look super gorgeous in this vid, although you always watching your videos..keep up the good work..Oh, i recently restarted my youtube channel and i would really appreciate if you along with everyone else could check it out and leave your honest feedback. I do makeup, hair, fashion, how to's, etc. Thanks in advance.
    +Diāna Reine The lime green dress is beautiful on you. I just ordered that same dress today. You gave me a better idea on how its going to look. Thank you..
    Me too i tired of forever 21 plus all theyre ahirt almost all of writing on them and dumb sayings on them .
    I love that you are a plus size and I can relate and feel confident watching your videos! Haven't seen a good plus size channel like yours:). Watches Video Speeds out the door to Target That romper is gorgeous. Well everything was gorgeous on you!.
    i absolutely love your videos. thanks for putting out great variety, I enjoy the makeup videos but loving these others too. keep doing your thing girl, great job!.
    Great Vid! I was wondering how boohoo clothing fits. Thank you! I'm probably going to order from them and do a try on session as well..
    I now want that white dress w/ the belt and the long white shirt but I can't find them on the site anywhere! Idk names for anything lol.

    I love ur hair it's soooo Victoria Secrect OK ms thang I see them beach waves work it girl also I subscribe .
    I just started watching your channel one of your videos poped up under "Recommended" has I was strolling through. You are a very gorgeous black girl & have such convenience that I one day hope to build up into myself. Keep up the work 👍☺.. Love all the clothes the size 12 from Boohoo were they plus size also please please share the color of that lipstick and who its made by Thank uou. Can you tell me the name and brad of your lipstick please!!! I love it. Thanks. And your video perfect!! I'm definitely going to subscribe!. New subbie loved the vid. That short white dress was my fave..Did it take long for shipping from Boohoo.

    How can i buy neosize xl in india - Buy Prescription...
  75. November 30, 2015

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    Neosize In Pakistan - Dahl Safaris
  76. October 29, 2015

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    Cheap neosize xl - Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal...
  77. January 12, 2016

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    Oh ok. I bought a lumia for 200 euros and then I find that there are more powerful phones with bette screens in realy close prices. Do you know the resolution of my phone 440p.
    +Christoforos Charalambous I currently have the Lumia 640Xl it's a good phone but the OS really sucks..

    Thanks for the whole info, definitely a device to consider even in it's later years, and years to come..
    Phones for 1$!!! Phones for 1$ ITS JUST FUCKING AMAZING....... YOU HAVEN'T CLICKED AND BOUGHT NEW ONE YET...... LAST CHANCE!!! Phones for 1$ +C&#233;sar Amundaray There is also Zenfone 2 Laser with 3GB ram for $199. This one has Snapdragon 615 instead of intel chip, laser focus and removable battery.. +WiryW I really would go buy this if I had enough money, but if I even had enough money well..I'm a kid so my parents wouldn't give me permission to use my money on a phone. You should definitely do more Zenfone reviews. Those things sell like hotcakes in here and a lot of other countries. Would be nice to know if they're actually worth getting :D. a nexus 6 can now be found for a little over 300$ is it worth it vs the phones you've recommend. Yeah n6 has sd805 end Stock Android thats i nice combination and 6 inch Display bzw its amoled ja also cool je u like Bug screens. Why do you have a bed there Is that your prison cell Are you in there because of all the stolen electronics When will you get out.
    Depends on network and location. Check Band Support from Xiaomi and Carrier. I get 4G LTE where I live on my Mi4i.

    Lumia 640 is now down to $39. Just left my Moto X Pure and my iPhone 6s for the Lumia 640. Why It does everything I need it to... and it's only $40! So, I bought a few spares just to have on hand. Oh, and they each came with one year of Office 365 and one year of 1TB OneDrive storage..
    I'm divided between the Idol 3 and the Zenfone 2. I really like the Alcatel's design and speakers. I know the Zenfone is more powerful but it's also more expensive. Prices are a little different in my region. Also I rarely game on phones because I'm not a fan of touch screen controls and I don't have the time anyway. So I'm not sure I'll benefit from a better processor and more ram. Any advice. +Brent Mena LG stylo is not a bad phone, especially T-mobile variant with 2GB ram, but there are far better cheap Android phones out there now like Alcatel One touch idol 3 for $150 2 cricketwireless, or Zenfone 2 laser for $200.. Is there much a difference with this asus Zenphone and the laser one that came outis the laser better. A friend told me that i should buy the oneplus one, so im currently watching this video on this device (a few months later) and i have to tell you that its a really great smartphone (64gb version cost 325-350). the only bad thing is its homebutton which i sometimes press when i am typing. great and thanks for the video :). best phone is blu xl pure 64gb storage 3gb RAM Mediatek Helio x10 64-bit 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor 24 mp camera f/2.3 8mp front camera 6.0" Wide Quad HD (2560 x 1400) Super AMOLED display Premuim all medal design finger print scanner android lollipop Price:350 (usd) HELLZ YES
    +Trap United sucks doesn't it... And I used to being your in your shoes. About a week bud I thank god there was a supersale I don't have 75$$$ bucks .
    these phones are probably garbage. There are no good phones that dont cost nearly $1000. fuck this economy. I always watched and liked your videos! and finally I bought an Idol 3! It was so cheap plus so stock-android-like. I love it!.
    My phone never over saturates from any angle, but it is reflective! This phone is about $180 Canadian, but I got it on sale for $130 Canadian! This phone is pretty good so far and is worth it for the price..

    sir can u suggest me the best smartphone with fingerprint scanner, good processor,very good camera and awesome display with good battery life under 400bucks. thanx.

    Hey MKBHD, it would be cool if you got your hands on the "2016" Blu Life One X $149 and let us know whether you'd add it to this list (either replace one or honourable mention)..
    Want to get paid from every time you turn your phone on There is an app that does that. Earn an average of 10 to 20 dollars a month with the adme app. And enter the code fbHlJgyRaX when you sign up to get bonus money just for signing up. It's a free app that displays ads on your phone screen and they're only there a second. I've tried it and have already made 3.50 dollars in one and a half days. Ten to twenty dollars is an average. The amount you make depends on how many times you unlock your phone. The average may not sound like much, but it can help if you're tight on money. Just type adme in Google, open the app after installation, enter the code, and you will earn.. confused among nexus 5x, galaxy s6, one+2, moto pure please suggest or any other better mobile under 500$ preferences and prorities in the order: screen size. +Arsi Shiva I recommend the Blu Pure XL for $349 on Amazon. Here if you wanna know more info You can get new previous gen phones for a great price. I got a Galaxy S4 for Straight Talk for 249$ and love it.. The Sharp Aquos Crystal goes to shite after 1/2 of a year. The screen gets scratched easy, the paint around the headphone slot chips off from use, still on 4.4, no root, lags often, and a issue with the sim card that it does not stay in after having the phone for a while. (These are all issues i have) I would not recommend this phone and just get a zenfone 2..
    +Knight Gash Yes, your stupid now if you buy the OPO because the find 7a is like 249 €, and the find 7 289€, and the OPO 300€ so you can buy for 20 € less. Almost the same phone but with a better screen en VOOC rapid charging ( ) so you would make a mistake to buy the OPO.
    Tbh Blu Phones are hit or miss and are also rebranded Gionee devices. I'm assuming the phones listed in this video are solid popular top choices for the budget community.. He seems a bit biased on the oneplusone because it has the same camera as the xaomi but he said it was only alright on the xaomi but better on the oneplusone.
    This phone has a 13mp camera, which I guess is okay When the one plus one has a 13mp camera IT IS THE BEST CAMERA 😱.
    I don't feel like wasting 300$ on a damn phone, I can get my gaming PC if I add 100$ more to it. Moto E is the phone for me, GO MOTOROLA!. +Pattrick Levin I can live with that, no problem. I definitely am not a pro gamer, just play for fun, satisfied at very less.. What do you do with all those smart phones! i need a new one my iPhone 5 battery is finally dead, so feel free to send me one.

    Neosize xl price in india - Buy Products In Fav-store...
  78. December 26, 2015

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    I apparently don't go to Old Navy enough this stuff looks AMAZE. You look beautiful!!! More fashion pls!.

    i have a question for my thick calf gals... anyone have other places where they shop for REAL WIDE CALF boots my calves are almost 18" in circumference and i have an emotional breakdown every time i see a boot labeled as "wide calf" and i go to try it on and it's really not wide calf. 😧 Been trying for nearly a year to find some good boots.
    Great video doll! I love these kinds of videos, definitely do more. Oh and btw, I know technically you are supposed to call yourself plus size, but you really are the average size for women nowadays. You look absolutely gorgeous!.
    yes she is. Does Old Navy have true plus sizes Like size 2o or 22 Shopping sucks for us big girls on a budget..
    +Tina Lee Yes, they do have true plus sizes. They go up to 4X I think. You have to order over the internet though. They don't sell plus sizes in their stores the last time I checked..
    Now I'm going to have to make a trip to Old Navy thanks to you! I'll blame you when my hubby questions the new purchases LOL We look to be about the same body type so please do more fashion vids! I love it!.

    Love this!! And i totally do the same thing with getting the same style in different colors, hehe. I saw your snapchat about how nervous you were about this video, but you rocked it :-) Keep being your amazing self.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's rare to see a plus size girl who is really just an average American size do a look book. You are probably a size and shape many, many of us are. These looks are great. I hope you do more videos like this!.
    Great job! I have wanted to watch since I saw you talking about it on Snapchat. I'm definitely into casual and affordable options, and you style each outfit beautifully..
    Wow, I loved this Lookbook! The first style was definitely my favorite! I think I'll be visiting my local Old Navy this weekend for some shopping! ! Thank you for the ideas and showing us some super cute clothes!💖💟. what a great video! I'm totally going out and getting that sweater in last look this week! girl you are far from plus size!. Love the look book! I've been trying to work on one forever and I never ended up finishing it! This gives me motivation to finish my fall look book! :).
    👍🏻Don't be nervous. It's your girls who are checkin out your threads! 💞We LOVE you. It's why we're here watching your channel. Just stand still and let us celebrate with you-life, clothes, makeup. We love this part of the journey!.
    My fave was #2 the rocker chick look! The dress was another fave but I could see me wearing all your looks. This is the first time I have seen your whole body in a video. Girl why are you hiding it Your bod is bangin'! I really like your style too, casual and cool. I will be able to shop in Old Navy stores when I go down 20 more lbs. :). What a great vid Sammy... I am looking for some plus sizes and you have given me some great ideas... Please, please make more vids like this! Just awesome.. Thanks!!. Great Look book!!! Keep them coming! Nothing like a relate-able and affordable look book from someone the same size as me..
    To Cute!!! I have not been in Old Navy in over ten years... After watching your mini-fashion show, I have to make a shopping run. Great looking styles. You looked amazing, but then again, how could you not, you are beautiful! Thanks for the fun vid..
    Me neither! For a while all their clothes seemed like college wear so I just didn't go! I picked up a pair of rocker jeans second hand recently, and I loved them! I might need to get sumpin new. 😬.
    You have great style! I loved all the fashion pics you took when you were in florida so I am thrilled you are going to incorporate fashion into your channel! You have a gorgeous shape, and outfit number 3 really shows it off!!.
    Love this video idea! I'd love to see you make more look book videos. I want that sweater in #1 and #2! You look fab in all these outfits! 😀.
    Oh my God Samantha I love that I love seeing you do a fashion video I don't think I've ever seen you do one before! I told loved the dress with the knitted! I loved all the videos those jeans look amazing on you! Great video I love it.
    Love the lookbook! Just as a suggestion, and I am not trying to criticize but maybe want to point out something you may not have realized. It looks like a better fit for the lightweight sweaters may have been a size L for you and you still would have plenty of loose material to achieve that comfy yet sophisticated vibe. The XL just looks a little big and I think the L would have sculpted your curves a little more instead of drowning them out. I know that I personally used to wear oversized tops to hide my plus size tummy but took this same advice from a close friend and began to buy what I thought was a nice loose fit a size down. I found that when I looked back in pictures I still had the comfy sweater vibe but it flattered my body more to have the smaller size. I love the look book though and would love a video on how you decide which statement necklaces to purchase so that they match more than one outfit. I think the necklaces add such a fun, fashionable layer to all your looks but they are a little out of my comfort zone and not really sure how to pair them with outfits so they don't look awkward. Thanks for another great video!.
    Ok finally watched this and I still say size 12 is not plus size. You look great not "plus size" at all..
    Totally with you! I was like plus size How big is plus size Then saw a 12... That's the average woman!. I never knew that old navy had plus sizes. I'm going to have to go there. Thanks Sam you looked amazing in the outfits.. I'm totally with you on buying multiple colors of things I like! I loved the video and I hope you'll do more of these!.
    awesome job, great looks, BTW beautiful... you hardly look plus size. You are representing the normal healthy American woman. thanks for putting yourself out there for us..
    Ok I have to thank you for this. I ordered some of your looks and I'm very pleased. Very affordable. Please continue making more look books. Thank you. I died when I saw that last outfit, it looked soooo freaking good! And those blue jeans girl, yes, yes, yes! Great job Sam. I love it. I also buy multiples of things I like (in different colors). Love Old Navy too. More look books please. You rocked it!. We don't have Old Navy here in Australia, but Gurl, Old Navy would be nuts if they didn't make you an ambassador for a line of their clothing. You rock it! 👍🏻👍🏻. I loved this video! I was nervous too when i did try on's. You slayed every style girl! Loved the dress! Keep on comin with these videos! Love ya! 👍🏽.
    Love you Sam!! You are so confident and stylish!!! All plus size women should feel as confident and beautiful in the skin God gave them❤️.

    Yes Yes Yes ! Do more fashion videos, you look great and it helps others put together a look. It helped me. 💛💙💜💕.

    Love this video!! I've never been to Old Navy, i thought they're like A&F kind of store where the biggest size is 2 (exaggerating a little)!! Gonna have to check it out:-).
    Yas! Do more clothing videos!! I'm a little fuller and I can never see myself wearing some of the clothes other youtubers wear! But these outfits were cute and stylish! Not to mention flattering for my luscious bodddd ;). Girl I never knew you were plus size, I just think now that I saw your body your very curvy! I would luv to see more of these videos! You put outfits together great..
    Love! 💗 You look awesome and thank you for showing some cute clothes that are real life AND affordable!.
    That last dress looked bomb as fuck on you! Overall, really cute lookbook. I just rediscovered Old Navy after not having went there for like 8 years, and I have to say their clothes are adorable. Anyway, I hope to see more lookbooks from you!. love look #3 it looks casual comfortable but still very girly. i also love the setting! that garden's lookin lush!.
    Great job! I love old navy as well. Their pieces are so versatile. We have a very similar body type & we are the same size. Would love to see you keep doing these... :).

    Really enjoyed watching this video. Would love for you to do more of these type of videos. Also really liked your boots..
    You look so cute! I usually hide in leggings and a giant shirt nowadays because of my weight. I'm a size 10 now after my second baby and can't lose it. I need to accept it and dress better. You look fantastic so I think I'll start trying. I would love more of these videos. 😊.
    This turned out great! You looked awesome in everything of course! But I do have to say I was hoping for the tye dye raindow sweatshirt j/k ;) You're beautiful, and keep rockin' it!!.
    Did you know size 12 is the average size in the USA I wouldn't say it's plus size, it's normal. Every woman is beautiful in their own way, no one is perfect. You rocked your outfits and more importantly you had fun filming your look book. You should be extremely proud!.
    I really love all your outfits! Especially the dress! Honey! I'm in love with your shape too! Skinny waist and bottom thickness is Everything! I like to see you in more dresses! Lovely! #Subbie.

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  79. November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +stirKrazy11 I was seriously just scrolling down to comment on the music and bursted out laughing when I saw it already was hahaha oh yeeeaah oh yeeeeah oh yea yea yeeah.
    we present... the gameboy! we present... the gameboy pocket! we present... the gameboy light! we present... the gameboy color! we present... the gameboy advance! we present... the gameboy advance sp! we present... the gameboy micro! we present... the ds! we present... the ds lite! we present... the ds i! we present... the ds i xl! we present... the 3ds! we present... the 3ds xl! we present... the 2ds! we present... the new 3ds! we present... the new 3ds xl!. Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! Oh yeeeaaaah Oh yeeeaaah Oh yeeah yeeah yeeeeeaaaaah! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! X(.
    I just ordered one, but im thinking about canceling the order! I mean, why would I want a handheld that slaps me across the face when I open it up.

    the no. 1 reason to buy a 3ds xl is that you dropped your normal 3ds in urinal and accidently pissed all over it.

    i bought a standard size 3ds a while back because i didn't think the larger one would fit in my hands. i of course was wrong (i plan to get an n3ds xl in the near future), but as far as stylus location goes i by habit pull out my stylus when i pick up the device and don't put it away until i'm done playing. I only do this though because a lot of my original ds games would randomly call for the use of the stylus, so i can see that not a lot of people would have this habit and that if i didn't stylus location would DEFINITELY be a problem..
    1 reason to NOT buy a 3DS XL (as well as a 2DS, and especially a 3DS in general): The NEW 3DS and 3DS XL exist. That's all the reasoning you'll ever need. Why settle for outdated and under-powered hardware instead I don't however, have ANY reasons why you SHOULDN'T be bobbing your head to this song.. I just bought a Nintendo 3DS XL in the US to send to my niece and nephew (twins) who live in France but spend their lives between France, Portugal and Germany. This thing did not come with a chargeable cable. Can it be recharged through a computer Will it work in Europe If not that would be totally sucky!!!. Sounds like you got the New 3DS XL. Well you see, you have to buy the charger separately because for some reason they don't include a charger. They are pretty cheap so if you get one and it breaks then you can probably get a new one easily. +Goats are Good I did call Nintendo and they explained that it will NOT fully work in Europe. Apparently there are three zones : Asia, The Americas and Europe jointly with Australia... This is because of children's' safety laws, or whatever... So I returned it and Nintendo lost a really good prospective Customer... But obviously they do not care... In the meantime I will be sure to spread the news.... Thank you so much for this! I heard of the 3DS ever since I was 6. Now I'm 11 & still I don't have a 3DS! All those games... My mom won't buy me a 3DS! Thank you who ever created this video! Who ever is reading this... I'm blessed that someone is reading this..
    +marisol arias If your mom won't buy you one, ask her why. She might not think you're old enough to take good care of such an expensive toy, or she might just need you to earn it. Offer to do extra chores, and have her save your allowance for you and not ask for any spending money for a month or so and see if that helps. Even if it doesn't save a whole lot of money, I bet she'll be impressed if you can actually go that long without allowance because you want something. My 10 year old niece definitely isn't getting one because we got her one of those kids tablets last year to see if she could handle a real tablet and within 6 months it was broken, with ductape holding the batteries in, and pressure damage to the screen because when she was done playing with it she'd just drop it anywhere and leave it on the floor, or between the cushions of the couch, or wherever. She'd lose it a lot, too. Needless to say it got all dirty and scuffed up and she got teased because it looked old and in bad shape. One kid even asked her if her mom had bought that "junk" on eBay, used. Nope - it was brand new. I have a 3DS XL and once she came to my house and played on it, she's been begging her mom for one. Her mom asked me how much it was, and when I told her she said, "Yeah NoOoOo!" This is the kind of stuff adults worry about when a kid asks for a $200 toy..

    You proved how good 3DS XL is by stepped on original 3DS. Don't have to do this, people chose to buy 3DS or 3DS XL is just personal favor, XL is not definitely better than original. Not everyone likes the same-quality bigger screen, I think it makes graphic looks worse, and 3DS XL is much heavier than 3DS.
    GRaphics: Playstation Portable VS Nintendo 3DS = not much diferent to be honest. Nintendo 3DS is much better but common the graphics for the ''New" 3DS are pathetic for 2015...
    I still want to call you a Fucking Asshole for making this Video! but I did buy the 3DS XL since the Stylus on my Old 3DS wouldn't stay in the Holder anymore! But can you just take the Video any of these Reason don't make any Sense!.
    Thank you so much for this! I heard of the 3DS ever since I was 6. Now I'm 11 & still I don't have a 3DS! All those games... My mom won't buy me a 3DS! Thank you who ever created this video! Who ever is reading this... I'm blessed that someone is reading this.. I have a Nintendo 3ds xl add me if you have the Nintendo 3ds friend code: 0619-4706-6035 mii name:jordan.
    How stupid is the music in the background By the way, the display resolution are horrible, I did buy the new Nintendo 3DS XL, it's a piece of shit and wasted money..
    My personal don't think so, because 2 problem: Same resolution, so screen of XL very bad, no sharp Too much games stylish Japan (say very much). I don't like this. Hi I have one doubt the 3ds xl buttons are painted or are of the same material as the housing is that much sweat my hands and me A directional button and acquired a different color than the other buttons, and let me know if you went painting or just my perspiration that mancho buttons, and if it the second option how do I can clean or remove (sweat) please respond. just bought my first nintendo handheld and i'm really looking forward on playing tons of games from this company. Any suggestions on what to buy I only have Persona Q as of the moment.. I would definitely recommend playing super smash bros for the Nintendo 3DS. The graphics are amazing and their are many new characters that weren't in the originals..
    Smash bros and mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land you can use amiibos on super smash bros just you have to buy the nfc reader it will be released at this autumn.

    More people have a 3DS then a vita. It might be harder to find people to play with online on a vita. Then again it might still be easy so idk.

    my friend code is now 4141-5210-4812 please add me and message back your friend code so I can add you as well ;).

    not buying it sorry you guys produce a new 3ds like every three months its insane.. fucking milking it is..
    +chaosdream1 it happens to every handheld consoles in nintendo history. i think they wanted us to waste our money or trade in our beloved ds to an ugly ds. ex: ds lite is fantastic and trades in for dsi and its dumb and no GBA. I dont like the xl...its screen looks worse in my opinion and I am used to a small 3ds so I dont need a huge one....

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