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Videos and pictures

December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:

Can anyone help me with the timing on this one please I'm trying to use a metronome to help play so the bpm and the rhythm would be fantastic..
I picked up a guitar today. Never done anything. This will be my first project. I'll let you know how it goes..
i learned this on bass a while back and i can tell you although most of it is right, a lot of parts are wrong..
great video. Many other videos have themselves just showing off their skills without giving us the notes or anthing. I appreciate this much.
In case you haven't gotten an answer yet, the numbers represent the fret being played. So a 0 means you're playing the string without a fret..
Just got my Yamaha C40 today and I'm trying to learn this. My fingers tips are killing me! :) But thanks a lot for this and for your other vid, explaining tabs! Awesome!.
I found it easy to learn with the bars like the are and was happy to show my girl cause she loves to play.

Ghey!! How could you say that This is teaching you something! What would you rather learn Hot cross buns If you don't like Mario or guitar, you probably shouldn't be here. This video is the shit!.
This is a pretty good tutorial, the only bit about it that I don't like is how certain parts are such a higher pitch then others, this is the only version of the song I've heard that does that, and I'm not the exactly the biggest fan of that change..
although i haven't played guitar for a year i just don't like sitting in my room and practicing but i love this song .

thanks I've been trying to learn this song for a while took me about an 1 hr to get to where i don't need the charts but the end don't sound right to me is it just me or shouldn't be something else to it .

Looks easy but I have no idea how I'm goin to memorize anything other than the beginning. But thanks for posting!! :D at least I can learn the beginning part. ~kairi.

i learnt everything this is good teaching man i wish u were my teacher great for learning mario on gibson sg 3 .

Amudhanar Srinivasan Thanks. I am a beginner. Your TAB will help me to play at least this song. I hope more people like you give guitar tabs for songs for beginners. Thanks..
it sounds really cool if you strum on the neck of the guitar, it makes it sound more like the game i think .
Oh man those tabs really helped and the fact that you played at a good pace that everybody could see how it is really helped. Thanks you really helped a lot..

yah i mean it WHAT DO U MEAN WAW SORRY caps ok seriously waw wtf man. like weird. :& (:& means confused when i do it).

I feel like such a pro now that I´ve learned half of it. Cant wait to learn it all :D Thank you!.
The beginning is to high Try going 000 On the E string 1 on the A sting 0 3 on the E and 0 on the G string. Best and fastest tab learn got it down in 2 hours and I have 6 months guitar experience Nice job man keep to the good work .

Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 27, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i1
Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...

December 30, 2015
Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy & Sell in Sabah - Syoknya Malaysia. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal... i2
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Best Vito...

December 21, 2015
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Body bnane k liye tips - Buy Products In Fav-store - Oct 31, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i3
Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...

December 25, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hey, is the bigger version of this coming to india The 9.7 inch one which also has the s pen. Please help out!.

+Swathi Binoy Black Friday on Amazon ! SaleOff Upto 50% when buy here >> Hope help !!!! #####.
If the calling feature and 4g lte support are kept aside... Then this tablets is no where near xiaomi mipad..
how to test the flip cover screen off on function is working or not without using a flip cover ,, pls answer me if possible.

Which phone i should buy my budget is 12000 and with Good cam and Access Social Sites Like Twitter insta fb and all i want both front and back cam and with 2GB ram.
thanks everybody for the suggestions 2Days ago i sold me Oneplus one at Good price now i can get Oneplus 2 with my own pocket money so i will Go for oneplus 2 now :) btw thanks guys for telling me these phones. I'm sorry I couldn't understand you... you sound like one of the guys in their call centers..
I'm thinking about getting this tablet but the only thing holding me back is the resolution. Are the videos on youtube HD While i watch youtube i really don't want to see pixels. So are you able to see pixels on the screen of the tablet Please reply!.
+Matthew Putnam then go for Samsung Galaxy tab pro its only 200 bucks the screen resolution is 2560x1600 storage 16/32gb RAM 2gb . Where is the 200 buck tab pro. All i see is 350 dollars for it. I'm also looking to buy a tablet in a store not online.. Hey ranjit really like your reviews and opinions.. Would it be possible for you to review computer components like gfx card and cpu etc . hi friend.. i am confuses whether to buy it or not coz it doesnt have a flash.. this is quiet a common thing.
Hey ranjitVery helpful videoBut i am confused between ipad mini 2 retina display and samsung tab a LTE Pls help as soon as possibleIf possible pls share ur email id so i can contact u directlyThanks and keep up the good work.

Dear Ranjith, Please post the Gaming Review of this Samsung Tab A and also post the review of Tab A with S-Pen....

Will you be reviewing the oneplus two in the future and congrats for getting the chance to shoot with Ranbir!.
Hi Ranjit thanks for the video! If you could do a video on samsung tab e 9.6 which was launched along with this product.
Bro what about benchmarks test and gaming review videos Also I would like to see camera performance too of this Samsung tab A.
Sir should I go for the Lava iris X1 atom or the Xioami Redmi 2. I want budget phone which is durable and will last 3-4 years and yet be fast snappy and have good looks! Which ones my best bet.
please ranjit a hands on review on lumia 640 xl...why u stop reviewing the lumia phones after reviewing lumia 730...please review this lumia 640 xl phablet.

Samsung galaxy tab S is muchhh better than it and its more thiner and gook looking than it This is what i think otherwise this is also Gud looking .
Hey ranjit I thought to purchase Samsung Galaxy note pro 12.2 lte it seems that it is not available in India.(1)please tell me when it will be launched in India.(2)is it best tablet around budgets of 50000rs. Hey ranjit can u call with this tab and also please tell should I go for one plus one 64 gb or nexus 6 32 go. I am a heavy user so just want your comments, please tell..
Hello Ranjit sir am a great fan of yours love ur videos can u plz make a review on experience of reading ebooks and pdf on samsung tab A and what are choices for various budget segments. Thnx.

Lol, hey +geekyranjit you and Ash +C4ETech both were doing same kind of Review try something Different... Otherwise both of you are Master in your Department... Keep it up.
+Geekyranjit "HTC One M8s" is this phone available at the market... If it is... what is major difference between M8 & M8s... PLEASE MENTION THE CURRENT PRICE TOO....
Hello Ranjit Sir. I like all your gadgets reviews please make a video of gaming and camera performance of Tab A. .

Hi Ranjit, a big fan of yours here. i'd very much like to see a full review, especially stressing on web browsing because i guess the aspect ratio is optimized for it. I'd like to know know if the texts and images are rendered sharp enough for a good browsing experience. Thanks for your great work!.
+Ranjit Kumar Sir, Can you please suggest me whether to buy LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6(32gb) my main concern is speed,camera,battery life,gaming and store a lot of things. plz help.. photos videos or other data is not storing to the SD can I transfer these data to the SD card of my galaxy tab A...
Sir do you unbox the Sony Xperia z3+ no problem neither its indian or not plzz unbox the z3+ plzzz sir👏.
He prounounce Taaaab A instead of Tab A,Taaach Wiz instead of Touch Wiz and Baaajat instead of budget. Hello Ranjeet. I am a fan of samsung. I wants to know when the samsung galaxy J7 is lonched in india Or online stores. If you know plz ans me in your live tech session....
i got mi pad for 9900 at flipkart sale and i have to say, no other tablet comes even close to it in terms of VFM. on the other hand, this tablet at this price, is just laughable to say the least..
make a full review of the tab A and during that compare the 8 inch tab with 16:9 ratio to get an idea which will be better if possible compare with tab 4 8 inch. Hi i watch your reviews pls let me know what stylus works with this tablet and as i live in denver,colorado pls include rupies to dollars when you give the price of unit thanks bill. It seems to me to be overpriced for a "budget" tablet. Here in Malaysia it sells around the same price as the 16GB WiFi iPad Mini 2, which has far better specs than the Tab A. The Tab A has the similar specs as those Intel-powered Asus tablets, which is 1/3rd of the price of the Tab A. .
Can u give its full review of tab A n can you say more details about it and from where did u buy this tab in hyderabad hope you reply mee.
Hii Sir i like All ur reviews And Q&N session. plz Do Q&N Session twise a Week And review Some Best Apps And Games twise A month LIKE ASH. Thnks in Advance To Accept It & wt will be the price of one+2 any idea about it ....

Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 20, 2015
Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i5
Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...

January 1, 2016
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Body bnane k liye tips - Buy Products In Fav-store - Oct 31, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i6
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 24, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i7
Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 18, 2015

Comments about this video:
Real rival to the iPad Air. Its not the specs or the hardware nor the brand. Now its just iOS vs. Android.. It's quite normal for the fingerprint scanner to not recognize your finger if you swipe from such a weird angle. +‫مسك الاحمد‬‎ Near Black Friday 2015, Nexus Shop Sale Off Now >>> +kennetskYz TV Near Black Friday 2015, Sale Off 20% to 50% For All: ##########2 2 2 . +titan X I'm typing this on iPad Air 2 right now, just got it today so far is good. I love how is not filled with so many useless apps and its looks nice too. I got the gold one has great look, my only problem is I bought the wrong model, I got the 16GB and people says this is too small amounts, I should of went for the 64GB.... THIS VIDEO SAYS SAMSUNG TABLET NOT APPLE SO STFU WITH THE APPLE COMMEMTS AND GO WATCH AN APPLE IPAD VIDEO JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Hi Michael, Can I use the Samsung - Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Wi-Fi + 4G LTE - 16GB (AT&T) in India with an Indian SIM Card Please advice Thanks. Kishore. does it have touchscreen screenshot facility without pressing switch like in the control center facility of iPad mini. I don't recommand Tab 10.5. It takes 5—6 hours to recharge (1 hour 20%). Also, the battery will gone within 2 days even you complete shut down the tab. The super save mode mentioned that it can use over 50 days is cheap...I bring this back to Samsung customer service and confirmed it is the product problem and they cannot fix it..It is not related to software issue...bad design!.
I have used and seen couple of tablets previously. but this is the one that I loved.the only bad thing about this device is that it is not waterproof.everything about this tablet is great.great build,great display,great battery,great performance. Really this tablet is among the few who can really compete Ipad air 2...
I am looking for a a nice 10" tablet to upgrade my nexus 7, fancied something bigger I am tempted so much to pull the trigger on this tablet.. +stuart robertson I went for it arrived few days ago and my what a superb tablet colours are superb for videos and pictures and runs nice and fluid as well..
Does anyone know if the micro usb charging port can be used for other things as ''micro usb to hdmi port'' .

+KatyYT the tab 4 advantages of the tab s in comparising with the tab 4: Fingerprint scaner a super amoled screen instead of the normal amoled on the tab 4 this means a more collorfull screen a better processor octa core (8 cores) (tab 4 has a quad core this means that the tab s wil be faster then the tab 4) it has a better battery you can upgrade the memory to 128gb with a extra micro sd (on the tab 4 is the maximum 64gb) the tab s has a flashlight that the tab doesn't have the tab 4 doesn't have a backlight sensor so it won't adjust the brightness of the screen automaticly the tab s does also the tab 4 has a 3mp camera and a 1.5 front facing camera the tab s has 8mp camera and a 2.1mp front facing camera my opinion: if money isn't a issue i would go for the tab s because its much better with most of the specs i hope it wil help you ;).
hey am unable to have the finger print scanner i did as directed but when i click on it nothing comes for me to confirm please really do need help 😧😧. Your reviews are so detailed that I can't even choose between the tablets I wanna buy. I'm kind of into the Apple ecosystem as for tablets, but I really like the features on Android tablets (pop out video, layering of apps, multi window...). So right now, I'm just trying not to die because of the mind blowing choice. The new iPad that'll come out would be a safe choice, but again, with less feature as for multitasking, but then, which Android tablet should I get then The NotePRO 12.2 seems really really good with the quad multiwindow, I really like the Spen, but the Tab S' AMOLED hi-res displays are sooooo gorgeous, and they are more likely to keep being updated... But a big tablet is hard to move around, yet sometimes a small tablet just isn't comfortable enough. So yeah, I'm lost. And comically enough, I'm lost because you do you job very well. 😅.
hello i have tab s 10.5..i would like to ask how to downlod flash player of it..i cannot access some sites because they are asking for flash player..thank you.
why the hell don't you fool talk at a normal sped, is it a race to shorten the video Do's my head in, calm the hell own, slow down. You americans all do it.. I bought one for a Pastor in Nairobi, Kenya and pray he will be able to use it. Also, can he up load info from his smart phone.. Sony xperia z2 tablet, z3 compact, iPad Air 1st gen, Samsung galaxy tab s, nexus 7 or nvidia shield I will mostly be using it to surf the web, watch videos and movies is about all that I do. What should I get from the choices about. Mister, thank you for a very detailed review. You have helped me a lot. I appreciate. I am not an expert in making videos and reviews field, but this sounds really professionally. I will buy it. Thank you..
yo quiero un ya tengo otra chiquita pero siempre quise una como esta blanca o negra alguien puede regalarme una 😭.
I've own mine for almst 10 months (not quite yet!) and the tablet will not start or take any charge!!! I had to send it back to Samsung for repair.. Maybe this tells me to stick to my iPad. Will this get Lollipop I'm debating between this and the Air 2. Not sure what to get as I'm a fan of both iOS and Android.. I have both this tablet and an iPad air 2. I would day go with this one, you get plenty more features including the option to watch videos in 1440P. The only real advantage the iPad air 2 has is its superior battery life.. Look at all the features and the options that this tablet offers. Blows any apple ipad out of the water...
I just don't understand why you show the unboxing twice... I understand you're showing different colours, but you could say 'these two products have all the same internal features' your video is now 3 mins shorter. .
Great review. However, can someone tell me if it delivers regarding e-books and other reading Is it good for student work also Can you buy a suitable S-pen for it. My bday is coming soon and I want to know what do you think we'll be better for me the a or the s ,does the Samsung galaxy tab a have the fingersensor And what camera do you think is better the Samsung galaxy tab s or Samsung galaxy tab a. I can't decide which one to choose.. Tab s 10.5 or note 10.1 2014 edition. I seek function.. Which one can do better job and performance Which one have smaller "lag risk" Which one can do more I don't really care about camera. Please help me..
Informative, but is it OK for a tab screen to be AMOLED I mean how long would it live while moderate to heavy usage.

Hi, Do you have some feed back dealing with the burn in display issue on this tab Thanks for the answer.
This might be a silly question, but can you choose to not use the fingerprint thing to open the tablet (We are a few people that will be sharing one tablet :) ). If your still looking for the answer, the answer is No, you don't need to setup the fingerprint scanner, you can have no lockscreen if you want or just share the password if you do have a lockscreen. Hello What would be your recommendation's for either a protective case or screen cover material for this Tab S model tablet. any info would be greatly appreciated, thankyou. when my father is gonna be a robber i think i'll buy it :D :D :P.. it's too expensive to buy.. finally it's a very nice tab ^_^. The film Amadeus, about Mozart comes to mind watching this ( excellent ) video. In the film, the king remarked about a new Mozart work, " Too many notes". And so it is with this video, too many words. Much better to have made part 1 and part 2 of 15 mins each instead of trying to cram so much info into 23 minutes. So much info makes it difficult to absorb. ( I know I can rerun it but... ).
I have to say that when it comes to reviews. You one of the best at reviewn product. You actually teach and demonstrate while doing the review. I really enjoy your videos. One question. Its just me or it seems that samsung its coming out with way too many table in a short period of time.. And personally I think they all look the same...

Thanks for the great feedback, I really appreciate that! And yes, Samsung iterates fast and frequently to find as many market gaps to fill. It's fun as an electronic reviewer, but sometimes it's confusing to the customer. .
Literally the most laggiest device android wise I've ever used, other then a ZTE groove I once had.. +James Chapman haha samsung products are yuck. I refuse to buy any new phone, the one plus two seems decent. But even still..I want something new man.

Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...

December 26, 2015
Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy & Sell in Sabah - Syoknya Malaysia. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal... i9
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Best Vito...

December 23, 2015
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Body bnane k liye tips - Buy Products In Fav-store - Oct 31, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i10
Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...

December 31, 2015
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Body bnane k liye tips - Buy Products In Fav-store - Oct 31, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i11
Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:
That one isn't the original 1982 commercial. This one with Elle pays homage to it, though. The original one had the ocean behind the bikini babe, and she was squeezed much less successfully into the suit. Upon further review, this commercial is really funny! In the original 1982 commercial, it was Elle who had to dump the cooler on the guy. Now, someone else has to dump the cooler because of her!. +WakenerOne - "That one isn't the original 1982 commercial." Sorry, but it IS the original version which ran on TV in 1982.. +Bruce Kennewell No, this one is a remake. In the original, ELLE played the girlfriend, and she wore a blue swimsuit. The joke is that her ex is now ogling the one he let get away because he was ogling someone else.
Nowadays, that guy woulda pbly gotten more than just a bucket of ice water poured over his head for looking at another female in front of his woman lmaooo.
all's forgiven after he gets the esky water dumped on him, lmao. more like "you prick!" a punch in the eye and as falls backwards, a kick in the gooley's ha ha.
I Matthew See take Elle Macpherson, Kate Fischer, Portia De Rossi, Pamela Rabe and Tara Fitzgerald as my lawfully wedded wives. I Elle Macpherson take Matthew See as my lawfully wedded husband. I Kate Fischer take Matthew See as my lawfully wedded husband. I Portia De Rossi take Matthew See as my lawfully wedded husband. I Pamela Rabe take Matthew See as my lawfully wedded husband. I Tara Fitzgerald take Matthew See as lawfully wedded husband. I now proclaim you man and wives you Matthew may kiss your brides. Matthew kisses his brides Elle, Kate, Portia, Pamela and Tara..
What a lovely commercial. I love it, Tab is a pleasant drink, but I prefer that lovely chick or Shela in Bikini walking towards the camera, with the drink in hand. Great commercial and Thanks for sharing..
2 kc1921, I had a teacher at 3rd grade who drink Tab all the time. I wondered what it tasted and nearly gagged when I did. Perhaps at the time adults like it because it is supposedly zero calorie and non-fattening. To me, Tab have a bitter after taste that reminds me of coca cola that has lost its fizz..
"If you want a Pepsi then you gotta pay for it, pal!" "Ok, just give me something without any sugar.".
2 kc1921 _____Heh-heh... What you should've done was inject laxatives into the soda or something. Some jokers have the bad habit of stealing each others' lunches outta the office fridge and what-not. Of course, I never did such a thing; no way would I eat the groady crap that co-workers would bring from their creepy homes. If somebody has to use the potty way too often, you'll know what happened..
Watch the path of the shadow of her hand...the ad execs sure know how to manipulate the subconcious mind!!.
2 PungiFungi I this I saw TAB cola at Stater Brothers Markets here in Southern California. I guess they still make it. My 2 favorite soft drinks as a kid were Fresca and RC cola..

hmm yes i agree white straight people are the only people and if anyone else is shown it's clearly to promote an agenda, there is no way that this view could be conditioned by decades of, oh, say, television programming promoting this worldview. Seriously though it isn't like Coke has a sordid history of promoting itself as by whites for whites or anything, or paid out the largest settlement in a racial discrimination case ever. Oh wait..
"Are you gonna order something, kid" "Okay, gimme a TaB." "A tab I can't give you a tab until you order something!" "Then gimme a Pepsi Free.". She has aged wonderfully. I only hope she goes out gracefully as well. Meaning don't go out and get plastic surgery making your face look freaky..
_____Low calories, you say HAH! Wasn't there a great big hoo-hah about some chemicals in TAB causing brain cancer in lab rats We're not all lab rats, but some people out there are! They're probably sittin' around with great big lumps in their heads after the 1980s, shakin' their paws in frustration. Hey, some of my best friends are lab rats. .
2 Pookatube: At least as far back as 2008. There's a section about it on Coca-Cola's website. . 2 Egglesplork Scientists fed massive amounts of saccharine to lab rats and some of them developed cancer. The equivalent amount in a human would be nearly impossible to ingest. Tab was delicious, and it never recovered from losing saccharine as its sweetening agent.. I drink Tab to keep connected with the 80's. If only they would bring back Clear Pepsi and Pepsi Free it would be complete.. 2 kc1921 : That's correct. Although I don't know what the on-costs are for maintaining packaging, running production batches and distributing Tab. I drink it purely for sentimental purposes toting it from home to office periodically, and believe it or not colleagues associate my running abilities/habits with that drink. They're gen Y people and they're now buying Tab!. lol. could also include a protest by the mardi gras set claiming that they own the colour pink and asking to change the colour of the can.. This was when she walked into my life, and the lives of most other Australian fellas, and Gawd, was she fantastic!. 2 creativeengineer Maybe he was a more forgiving person than that! Or maybe he felt guilty about looking at the beach bunny when his own girlffiend was sitting right next to him and he wanted to make ammends!. It tasted like crap. But I drank it anyway because Elle was on the poster near the fridge at work lol.
Is it me, or is she walking she's trying to carry an egg between her knees but still look graceful.
you sound like typical racist redneck australian i'm glad your kind are going to be extinct in a generation.
2 tonystewartrocks14 WORD! At 47 she still looks awesome. She appeared naked in the movie 'Sirens'. The movie sucked but is well worth watching to get to her parts...literally and figuratively..
yeah right. Guy watches chick in bikini and only gets ice water dumped on him then they laugh. If I did that my old lady would smack me in the head, then we would argue for the next 2 days..
Whatever happened to TAB I remember it in the 70's. They must still make it somewhere in the States, right You can always find that 70's stuff still being made somewhere in the U.S., and sometimes some odd country like Trinidad and Tobago or somewhere..

Whats even more funny is they did a KFC commercial here in australia some years back with jamaicans partying and eating kfc which was an attempt to put a little festivity into it..BUT..was deemed racist by americans which caused it to be taken if we fucking know that putting black people eating KFC is racist...Oh latino,i like eating kfc ,oh shit was i being racist Get the fuck outta here with that shit...Some people are just so stupid,like the idiot you replied to..

Didn't know that was Elle in I still remember this TV commercial do have a chinese jingle play in Hong Kong....

[hot chick... our drink... hot chick... our drink... BUY THE DAMN DRINK!] and that my friends is what i call true advertisement XD.
This thing is still around too... I can't believe anyone would want to drink this first diet drink that came out like 30 plus years ago... Saccharin sucks as a sweetener... If you still use Sweet N Low to sweeten a drink than you might still like this.... My god, of course. Hard to believe there are people out there who actually think like that though isn't it..
hahahaha that's a good one mate! I guess they can't really get away with these kind of commercials anymore and the beautiful people can't drink Tab anymore cause I think thye stopped making it or did they turn it into diet then light coke.

Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Buy Products In Best...

December 29, 2015
Gharelu upay body aur skin nikharne ke liye - Body bnane k liye tips - Buy Products In Fav-store - Oct 31, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i13
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

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November 10, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 26, 2015
Heptovit softgel capsules... TrichoZed herbal capsules helped me halt the locks fall... (what is heptovit softgel capsules) (is tab. dobesil 500mgm is product of... i1
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November 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
+MyOnlyLoveMusic Fair, fair. I cringe as much as you do when I see a 12 year old wannabe Minecraft/FNAF cancerous fanboy who's a PewDiePie wannabe and mentiones something extremely hypocritical like "only for weebos" when they A) Can't spell it right and B) Doesn't know what it means, so I know your pain..
Uncanny at running Asphalt 8 smoothly and with very low waiting times. Terrible for everything else..
My first tablet EVER... Got it 2 years ago still have it and use it BUT TIME FOR UPGRADE Ipad mini 4 im on my way I got these when I was 11.
This tablet SUCKS! I just bought the tab 3 7" and it's worst tablet I have had and this guy never covers that. The camera is HORRIBLE. Pretty much all my cellphone cameras are better! No flash Really HORRIBLE focus! The software it comes with is bad too. Very intuitive. I could not even figure out how to set point of origin to point on map with google maps. My galaxy tab s 10.5 was way better!.

I got this since 2013 on december till now it still works. You can play games in it. As long as you always boost the tablet. I love this tablet. It helped me in manyways. So if you guys think this was a terrible tablet, no its not. As long as you keep the RAM love and you'll be ready to go.

I prefer apple. I have both and my Samsung isnt that good. The camera is horrible as well.. Wouldn't recommend it.
+Joshua Major I just bought it today for only $96 US. It had $45 discount! I am pretty happy to have this for such a cheap price. ;D. +ulises and brandy It's OK, Great for a media tablet. You can game, but it can be slow at times.. I have this tablet and it works perfect for me! Even in 2015 It's not very good for gaming but for instagram, Youtube, web browsing etc it does pretty well! The camera is not the best but it works and never fails to dissapoint me. In fact, I'm on it right now!. not a good idea... i'm using it right now and it's so laggy... the camera is bad... a lot of apps are not supported for this tablet and a lot of games are laggy... some updates will not come to you... but it's good for reading browsing internet and watching videos.
I've had this for just over a year now, for the price i paid for it, it's an awesome tablet. a great video review here..
I got the lite version because of black friday... I think I will just stick with my nexus 7... Or return this and get a second nexuus 7:/.
guys is this good for heavy gameing i am not talking bout graphics i dont care bout that i care bout battery storage and lag is this tablet for me .
I have one one and it is awesome I don't know about you guys just saying sorry it it does not work properly for you.
i got one today for my bday and im so damn happy mine is tab 3 and 7 inches only has back camera no front and has phone and texting idk why and a sim card..

I'd rather pay $80 for a pretty great tablet than $400 for a iPad that will crack if I set it in the grass. Lol.
It works really good it may stutter but oh well, and I have to say, but I need another one bc it is not charging or turning on I watched vidss but none worked. this device is good when it works. but if you buy this at best buy and have geeksquad protection on it and this fucking thing breaks down, you're fucked and punked by Samsung. the only thing geeksquad can do is send it back to Samsung and Samsung will keep its defective product broken and have it sent back and forth until your protection plan with geeksquad expires and that's the game Samsung plays and the type of products and shitty services best buy is more than delighted to fuck you with, especially the assholes in Redding California. on my notebook power was draining from it even when its plugged in and the above is what I'm going through. I even called Samsung directly and their operators are rude and absolutely useless and one of them even told me to go fuck myself which is why I would applaud any terrorist organizations that would attack them. and yes, that's the request that I make to terrorists if they take requests. otherwise, when buying something from best buy avoid Samsung products and anything that has to do with geeksquad especially those assholes in Redding California. fuck em. in conclusion, when it comes to asain companies such as Samsung and the reason why we should've completely nuked the japs in ww2 as necessary pest control, Sony, we should stop free trade with them and kick their ripoff products out of our country along with their companies. and since America can't seem to make products that lasts either we should replace Asian ripoff companies including the ones from china with German and Russian products as these are the fuckers that really do know how to make things that lasts. my name is Timothy j. Duffy and this is the real motherfucking news. thanks for watching. good night..
This thing lags for me, The battery drains even though it said it charging, The pixels dies out after 3 years, using the AT&T Live tv app buffers unless you have a full perfect connection, There's no freaking flash, 8gb is not enough storage, There's no SIM card so you can't connect unless your at a place that has connection, Games crash, The battery drains fast I can keep on going but my final thoughts are that its not worth it!.

I bought this tablet January 2nd 2015 from a guy who got it as a free gift when he bought furniture from The Brick and used it for 2 days and didnt like it and sold it to me for $85...I bought it as my travelling tablet so i dont have to drag my Sweet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8" around :).
Why is the tab 2 more supported than the tab 3 t210 The tab 2 already has a stable lollipop rom and this tab doesnt even have a stable kitkat rom. What the hell devs.
Also updrading to kitkat makes the tablet verry usable. Indact, even with power saving mode enabled, I can still use multi window with minor lags..

just got it for my birthday and i can already tell its going to be bad bc ive had galaxies before and they were shit. -_- i wanted it bc of games and photos. its probably going ot freeze during games and the camera is SHIT! greaaaattt. im grateful but i wanted the 4..
I had the tab 4 but I broke it and Samsung wanted $160 for repair. My new one costed $140 on Amazon and is coming tomorrow. I found out how to sort of remove bloat ware (hancom office, Samsung apps, and Netflix since I don't use it). All you do is click force stop, uninstall updates and turn it off so it won't reinstall. Problem with bloatware solved. Hi iam a kid hi can you suppose to make video that you download disney infinity in device samsung tab 3v because i cannot play on it or because my device is not for disney infinity by the way i am your biggest fans. For the people who say "this tablet is slow and it's shit" need to learn how to use Odin (easiest thing on earth) and learn what root is and how to install a rom. Yes this tablet is pretty sluggish out of the box. But if you learn how to root and install a rom the tablet will be better how you got it..

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Comments about this video:

great review bro..but for me both brand is absolute killer...I'm rocking with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 now..seem there is no problem and I love my current device...sure will get the iPad just for comparison..anyway..both brand did change the way we enjoy technology.

+Damir Franc maybe apple 's restrictive marketing,sour grapes american kangaroo court actions etc might have something to do with it they DONT like competition,and are far happier if they can get vast legions of gullible "mugs" to part with cash to buy the "bling badge" overrpriced and technically inferior products..
Good comparison, you can set the Tab S2 screen off adaptive mode to more natural colors with basic mode setting I think it is. It's under display, screen mode if I remember correctly.. I like the buttons on the s2. When I'm watching videos or in bed it's hard to find the button on the iPad.
almost all my samsung devices are lagging and the battery life is easily drained compared to my ipad, my ipad battery can survived too long, I wondered if these new samsung devices is better than my 4 yrs old ipad 3 in terms of battery life and speed.

+daireyou Or you could jailbreak your ipad 3 and downgrade it to ios 6 and make it run as fast or faster than the air 2, lol..
I would probably go for Apple. As much as a android fan I am, I would still get a iPad when it comes to tablets. I don't even trust Samsung when it comes to software updates compared to the Air 2 which will just keep getting the newer OS for many more years. Also, theoretically the iPad with its A8X has the faster SoC compared to the exynos but in the end, it all comes down to personal preference just like you said.. +4nlimited3dition I think it also happens with Samsung. My Samsung phones slow down after a few major updates so the best solution would be not updating it like my friend's iPad she still has the old version like when it first came out.. +Lily Emy Yeah, sadly I guess that is the only solution for the iPad. I will probably downgrade it back to ios 8 if someone manages to jailbreak ios 9.2. I do appreciate the fact that a Samsung tablet/phone can be fixed by installing a better ROM and still be on the latest OS, but that's not possible on iOS devices thanks to closed source.. The only phones for me are Samsung, but in Tablets area - only and only Apple Air 2. There is no other. So lonely on the top!.
The iPad Air 2 wins for me-hands down.It has great battery life and top of the line performance.Samsung has always been laggy and I used the tab s2 and unfortunately,it was still laggy..

I have apple products and love them. That being said. I think Samsung makes great products but I hate the feel of android. IMO, I think Samsung should ditch android and do their own OS. Android goes on everything that isn't Apple just about. It pushes people like me towards Apple just for the feel of the OS. Apple makes a great product but I wish their was a better OS competitor for Apple than Android. Hopefully one day but my iPad Air 2 is really awesome..
On the Samsung you look as though you've sat in the sun for too long. Great review. I have the iPad pro and love it. Have you tried one yet.
No I haven't, I've used already similar sized Tablets before but it's kinda out of my comfort zone especially being limited to a mobile OS.
+Damir Franc I'm the opposite which just shows that different people like different devices. I have used a few android tablets and the surface pro 4. I hated android as it just confused me. I wanted so much to like the surface but the battery life and lack of touchscreen apps made me return it. I don't feel like I'm using a mobile device with the pro as there are just so many apps that do everything you can think of. I haven't used my MacBook since I have bought my pro. It does everything I need it to..
Pretty objective review for the Apple to Oranges comparison. As you implied, if you're already invested in one eco system (iOS or Android) based on your phone, you're probably going to get a tablet to match if you decide you're getting one. If you're on the Apple side and you have a Mac as well, than it makes even more sense. For those who use both iOS and Android devices like myself, you get the best (or worst) of both worlds..
You know... as technology continues to advance; its becoming increasingly less significant as to which device you own. They've both come so far over the years; I could take any one of these and be very happy with what I have. But hey, perhaps it's just me; maybe I've just hit that point where neither ones difference rocks me toward the other... I simply don't care because they've both gained such large advancements that it renders any kind of review practically useless.. the samsung is FAR more versatile having an easier expanded memory,it also has a far superior image quality ,the apple images being anaemic in comparison,nothing between them in audio as both are weak and need extra speakers for more realistic sound,when all things are considered the samsung is the clear winner.. The Aspect ratio of both are not suitable for me since I watch a lot of films on it. I would still prefer the Z4/Note 2014 Edition or Tab S.. tab s2 has much better screen. i also like the touch sensitive back button, its very s2 will connect via usb to a computer to transfer files (ipad is anti copying files)tab s2 has 32 gb base option, ipad air only has 16gb then 64gb option ( apple want your money so charge a fortune for memory)widgets on android are great, they allow you to personalise your device (ipad is just an icon holder). This is a really nice review. I like both android and iOS. What I love is using Google's services on Apple devices. THATS a really good experience. Nothing compares to Drive and Google docs on the cloud out there, and the hardware is great on the apple's side. I had a Nexus 9 which I loved, but the hardware has Nothing to do with the ipad's. S2 screen looks gorgeus though. I'll have a hard time choosing when my ipad air 2 expires... that will be... 2022.
So Why does that make me an ass hole, and by the way it was Youtube on Android but not on iOS. It doesn't make a difference which player I use. One more foul word and you are blocked. Didn't know using vlc causes outrage, you better watch your language next time.
I have a Samsung Galaxy tab s2 and it's great and my friend/neighbour has an ipad air 2 and it's great too.We have the same speed on both devices nearly.. Which would you guys suggest for school. The Samsung tab A 9.7 or the tab S2 9.7 $200 difference in price.. Didn't get to use the A for the main reason of the low resolution screen. I know there's quite a price difference but the overall way better specs and all will provide you with a improved experience that will make up for it in the long run, sure both will do the same but you'll have a so much better experience with the S that I think would make you regret buying the A. Do yourself the favor, invest those 200 more, it will pay off in so many other ways, I personally think that buying the A will just end up in dissatisfaction, frustration and buyers remorse very fast..
What would be nice to see both is to see both ipad air and samsung tab S 2 with exact same wallpaper at beginning for comparing pics..

+KillerMath 95 fashion fools,who buy a "bling badge" product ,and flock like sheep to do so,with those type of people they would buy a golden dog turd on a chain if it had rave reviews from the greased palm reviewer club..
What would be nice to see both is to see both ipad air and samsung tab S 2 with exact same wallpaper at beginning for comparing pics..
+miguel andres morales duran yes but unfortunately since 5.1.1 this feature seems to be missing on some Samsung devices, my S6 edge+ and S2 didn't have it anymore, some people I asked still had it and some not, very strange.

Hi, was wondering if anyone knows if Samsung have fixed problem with their battery life. Had Samsung Tab 3 and just right after a year the battery would go dead and tablet would tell me I had 70% remaining battery and tablet would still go dead with in min's! Was reading that dis was a problem with their Samsung Tab 2 as well!.
+Damir Franc Samsung have had at least 1 or 2 tabs out since tab 3! plus I've had same issue with my tab 3 as well. so I'm wondering d same as well! if they want fixed that problem with tabs after tab 3 was out..
Ah you meant it that way, I thought you meant the battery would degrade very fast but the Tab S2 9.7 isn't out long enough. Odd issue though, never heard of it so far.
Profiles seem gone since 5.1.1, on this tablet same as on the edge+ I reviewed, not sure why but even if colors are more real, I wouldn't use it since the white becomes unbearable yellow like it was the case on the S6 and edge.
PSA: You have to download Samsung Game tuner if your games are blurry or low resolution. Look in the play store!! You can set the games for higher or lower resolution and fps up to 60.
dudes which tablet would u prefer for school and netflix... Ipad Air 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 I just need it for some ebooks and documents and watching some movies from netflix.... +Theresa Shores Well as far as the video the Tab S2 sports a 64 bit twin-quad, or octocore processor that supposedly switches between the two quad cores depending on the data throughput demand, aside from that the 2K ( 2 x HD) display is amazing. Nothing against apple awesome products, and an awesome company, I personally feel bit for bit and pixel for pixel the Tab S2 is a better deal.. Winner Galaxy Tab S2. Hands down. What I find quite odd with some of these reviews is the lack of mention of customizability. The android platform via Samsung offers far greater feature rich options which are ignored. For instance, the customization of Battery use! A very important feature which clearly increases the battery life from 3 flexible options depending on preference without affecting performance per comparison. Same goes for 'colour contrast'. Various options are offered for a Natural appeal, a dynamic appeal, etc. Likewise numerous other self-preferential options are available to truly make it a personal-perfect experience. Again the reviewer compares sound quality and does not show how TAB S2 offers options to change Sound effectiveness, which after changing my sisters Tab, gave phenomenal results. The configurability of android devices is something reviewers should not ignore as it deliberately limits the comparison to an unfair standard of output.. The reason I didn't mention some things you talk about is time. Covering all the would need at least double the time and people don't even watch 20% of this one, going into general android benefits also sounds kinda pointless since it doesn't really have much to do with the 2 devices being compared. The software differences especially between 2 different ecosystems is just to big to cover in 20min or less and just doesn't interest the average viewer. Also color contrast wasn't available on my unit, I've had this discussion many times for some reason some samsung devices got rid of that and some not, not sure why. My Samsung S6 edge+ didn't have it either, but the s6 and s6 edge still did which makes no sense. As it is, no matter how you make it you'll never satisfy everyone, I make it detailed some will get bored, I make it short others will complain about things missing, there's simply no right middle way these days. +Damir Franc thanks! after seeing it in so many of your videos, the idea is starting to be very appealing. .
Unfortunately I never got the chance to see on in person, I was promised to receive one but it never happened.
Outdoor use Definitely ipad air 2. Because of its antiglare screen. The white light is reflected very less and gives bluish reflection which is far better than samsung, which reflects lots of lights and glares.. The anti glare screen is quite some marketing stunt, I've tried the air and air 2 side by side under super bright light on the store, the difference was more than just marginal and who uses his tablets most of the time outdoors anyways.
Pretty fair video. I like the iPad because I'm invested in that ecosystem and everything works well together. I had the s2 and thought it was great but I missed how the iPad worked with my iPhone and Apple TV etc. however the s2 is a great tablet especially if you have a recent Samsung phone !.

+NATHAN KINDLE let me know if there's anything you wanna know, of course it always depends how much you are invested in each eco system and what things you need on a tablet, at least I personally have different needs on a phone compared to tablet. I think if you need tons of tablet optimzed apps the ipad might be better but if you are good enough with the more basic things the samsung is better but owning the Tab A you know that since the S2 is the pumped up version of it.

+Damir Franc your exactly right it really depends on your needs. I got the tab A after returning the s2 because of the price difference and because I knew I would use my iPad mini 4 more since my boss uses idevices it's just easier for us to interface files and material being on the same OS. Honestly I love both OS's and I have to admit that Samsung displays are amazing with the colors and Apple retina screen are beautiful too. I love both companies and it's great for the consumers for them to compete and bring innovation to tech. Man keep up the good work!!!!!.
do you now the issue of the ipad air 2,try to push a little bit with your fingers the back of the ipad and look what happens to the screen..
+Damir Franc I really disagree,I had ipad air 1 and other tablets and dident have for me this issue,more I will say you dont have this problem with the tab s2, and I am Apple guy jiji,good video.
+Bruce Lee Alfaro just tried it no chance to make it appear on the Samsung, and maybe you got a unlucky unit, I had a one x replaced 5 times ,3 of them had it bad and 2 almost not at all, either way I never saw this effect in normal use on mine .
I really can't choose ! I use to have an Iphone, I have a Macbook pro, I am an real mac user, but I am a bit disappointed with Mac products now for more reasons... I bought a samsung galaxy S5 and it's a pretty good machine, then, lolipop came out and my device start lagging as F ! i have to close apps every 2 hours, close execution apps and stuffs. I'm very worried about how the galaxy tab S2 will age, will it lag like my S5, when a new softwear will came out, would it lose half of his capacity Christmas is coming soon, please help me to chose one :) It really like the S2 btw, I just need a little more to decide. Thanks. sorry for my english I'm a potato ^^.
+Damir Franc Okay Thanks you very much for the talk :) I will buy the S2 any way ! Have a good day. Yet another comparison between apples and oranges. Heh, sorry. Apple and Samsung. All in all, decent review. Not the best, but I can tell you're bias. It's all good to point out that one or the other is your pick. But when comparing, try to be neutral. Example, you said Samsung's screen color is more vibrant... and then there's the word "but"... as if there's justification why the iPad isn't as "vibrant" as Samsung's. Try to keep personal preferences when comparing, otherwise it becomes a bias review..

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Comments about this video:

+DestructorSVK hello,can i ask you a question. how many gb does android and bloatware take away from this tablet 32 gb flash storage.

Why the fuck are so many people Apple fanboys in the comments if this is a video on a SAMSUNG tablet.
+Serhat İşbakan It was either the Tab A or Tab E. However, those are budget devices. An actual Note tab reboot would be nice..
For the isheeps saying that Samsung is copying Apple what did they do with iPhone 6+ and 6s+,ipad pro and apple pencil...innovate.
Who gives a fuck who copied who The bottom line is Apple or Samsung either may perform slightly better but the difference is negligible.. +Hasn Alyemni Triangle button would be cool. Something that is satisfactory to press and produces nice sound when you do..
I wonder if they'll ever implement a feature that jumps straight into whoever's account a fingerprint corresponds to..
That would mean storing fingerprint data with the respective companies/operating systems/cloud etc. At the moment fingerprints are stored locally on the device are they not If people were comfortable with that than would definitely be a good idea..
+Alvaro Bonilla The horrid screen, chipset, camera and the outdated android version even at the time..

He uploaded this again just a glitch in the sound which was for only 5-10 seconds. Mr Perfectionist Kukeilka (hope i spelled it correctly).

Anyone knows if I can connect this tablet to TV and if it does, the TV screen will display in 16:9 or 4:3.
Previous generation had a 10.5" screen in a barely bigger package. The bezels on the newer model are much larger. Samsung took a step back in design IMO.. What a great review, I just purchased the 8" S2 and I learned a lot of what it is capable. I feel you put a lot of time into the review and I therefore subscribed to your broadcast. Thanks!. wow is the sound quality THAT bad I though this tablette was perfect and I was very interested in buying it until I heard the sound quality comparison and it sounds terrible... I wanted to buy it for my parents who are listening to/watching a lot of podcasts/videos on their smartphones. I'm looking for a good quality tab that have decent sound quality. Do you guys have any good alternatives Btw, first time I come on this channel and I'm impressed by the quality of it's content. Good job.. +Yong Chin Hoong You can buy flash lights for cheap. You can even get the ones that sticks to a hat if you are feeling particularly crazy, but I say save the money and get some extra batteries.. the long 'portret' version of the previous tab s is the absolute winner when it comes to design... i wish apple made ipad's like that....
How long would the battery last watching videos and playing games like Clash of Clans and Minecraft last Please reply! And how is the stand by life.
I used to have an iPad mini 2, which was good. But tablets aren't that essential anymore, and when you do need them they should be multi-functional with a lot of features - Apple is too restrictive. So I'll buying this, it's relatively cheaper, feature-packed and Samsung has improved TouchWiz. Although I have an iPhone 6, and would like the integration with an iPad, iPads aren't worth it..
ur review is totally biased, I own an tab S2 and would prefer it over the apple any day. You are an apple spokesman and should stick with their products..

+Aviv Shener I really only hold out for phones not tablets. Tablets are really starting to get phased out due to the rise of the phablet..
I have this question inside of me for a long time. What does/is the auto button next to the brightness do/work for..
I haven't got 5.1.1 on my S2 Tab, I live in the UK. just wondering if it is only out in America right now.

The comment are more interesting than the video 😂😂 anyway nice review video 👍🏻 but I am having dilemma of getting from Tab s2 or nexus 9 or iPad mini 4 :( any suggestion please My main usage are for journal article reading, some light gaming and watching drama.
iPad screen ratio iPad metal frame iPad connector shape iPad color (gold, white, black) iPad speakerdesign iPad portrait style iPad finger print sensor.
Samsung has always had that connector, before apple had the lightning. It looks nothing like an ipad. Apple does not own colors either..
dear apple fanboys, if you say the hardware specs on an apple device is amazing, put android/windows on those devices. Then have fun.. I'm writing from my Galaxy Tab S2 8.0! It's totally worth it when you haven't upgraded for a while. No regrets buying this ☺.
hi, i have this issue on my tab s2, I dont know if it's a defect of some sort but everytime I tilt the device horizontally or vertically, I see a blue and purple tint on the screen. Not sure if it's a sAMOLED thing haha...anybody else having the same issue.

WHATTT!!! the ultra power saving mode only last for 1.6 days... why the tablet even have more than 4000mAh..
and I'm waiting your iphone 6s & 6s plus unboxing and review video... that would be great... thank's..
+PLANESWALKER83 true i prefer a device thats gives you more options and is more customizable and includes more interesting features.
Am I the only person who sees that Mike is wearing an iWatch while talking about samsung LMAO Apple is so irresistible samsung fans anyway you take apple always go out on top. And please dont read this wrong am mot saying i dont like samsung i would support them only if Apple wasnt here LMAO sticks out tongue GO APPLE. Hey, I'm really stuck I'm looking for a high-end Android Tablet And quite Like the look of the Tab S and I find this one But it looks ugly to my eyes should I buy or get something else like the nexus 9. Guys i know everybody sais apple is better,no samsung is better I think samsung and apple have same power But apple has better phones But samsung has a tv end Apple doesn't But.... +TDK REVENGER That's okay since Apple has always copied Samsung... Fingerprint Sensor, the multitask feature, lol.. +Gedas Pocius everyone is copying everyone which is good we want the best, samsung and apple steals tons of things from other companies. What I find amusing about those Geekbench scores is the fact that Samsung isn't able to make higher performing cores. The chip inside is almost a year newer than the A8 and it still gets smoked, not to mention the A8X. So what do you do when your cores aren't really fast You slap on 8 of them in a 2x4 config. And still lose it to a tri-core A8X.. lmao apples a8 and apples screen from samsung apples camera from sony apples home button idea was from lenovo apples iphone 6 and 6 plus idea and the two lines up and down was from nokia and it was there idea to to change to screen button lol btw samsung make air conditioning tvs cars everything and they still better than apple there the 1# at phone and tablet too lol ithink ur on ur own world apple fan boy everyone using it even obama dose he said apple is not save for me apple only for people who dont know about technology lol just go search.
That would be awesome, as far as these tablets with minor upgrades every few months for 4 and 500 dollars...nope.
Samsung is such a copycat. They keep on imitating/stealing apple's ideas and samsung is almost like an Apple device #NoOriginality and noticed after apple released a tablet called iPad, Samsung did it too and just named it "Tab" XD lol.
whenever a company make something the other company's should make the same idea but better that what happened apple made ipad samsung made an fking awesome tablet with Microsoft office and multiple users whats better than that omg ifeel ihave the world with this s2 its beast.
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January 25, 2016
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Comments about this video:

Do not try this on 8 inch as it is glued on the whole surface like galaxy s3 or note 2 I tried and failed, I have to work out how to do it.

Hey I just have a quick question, is there a way to do this without a heating gun, if not, is there an alternative solution to this diy screen replacement..
I actually ended upjust using my handheld tourch lighter. Lol it worked perfectly. Your video was very helpful, thank you!. sora goku try unplugging the battery and the digitizer connector, plug it back in make sure it is seated right and try it again. What is the model . So, my friends screen, like only 1/4 of it is visible, the rest is just glitch. Will screen replacement fix it. 10 minutes he used the heat gun for. Not a good excuse, "the phone keeps ringing". They tend to do that. Thanks though.. +Tim Clerkx Don't apologize to this tool. Who cares how long you use the heat gun!! Last time I check you did this for free on your own time, thanks for that. .
Hi Tim great video! I was wondering where did you get your "pro tool" that you used to remove the screen.

I accidentally cracked my tablet screen.. its only a little thing with little streaks across the centre and most of the screen I can still touch and slide and stuff but the centre is giving problems... other than that I think its still functional... Would changing the screen have it good as new or would I need to check the software and stuff.

if its a crack you can feel then screen replacement should work, if its be esth the screen you'll need to replace the LCD screen, there are no software problems:).

I have a quick question my galaxy tab 3 7.0 sm-t210rs screen does not appear cracked but it gives me green,purple and other colors what should I do.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! My husband and I used your video and the tablet came out Great! Excellent instructions. Thank You!.
Miguel Nunes I'm glad you changed your screen so quickly with little heat. My video was on a 7 inch, I just like to make sure I take of screens without breaking a device that does not belong to me. I do not appreciate being being told I am talking shit, when all I'm doing is making sure I'm not breaking the device. Thanks for watching .
My tablet won't swipe. I can't it opened to get to my apps please help mm e what to do next or how can it be fixed! Thanks!.

the heatgun is pointless. i used a propane tourch to open the side and loosin the glue on about 1/2 inch of the tablet and just used a razor to cut the rest. this took less time than it took him (i did it in about 1/3 an episode of scream queens). just don't scratch the digitizer and you'll be fine.

Thanks a ton for the video. I've now replaced the glass on two of my tablets for the cost of about $30 and some time. I really appreciate your help..
Hi! I hope, you can help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, and I dropped. I replaced the touchscreen, but doesn't work the back and menu button, and the screen doesn't work well, because the screen's edge not detected by touch. What can I do Thank's your reply! By: Muzsi. Thank you thank you Thank YOU!!! I was able to walk through this video along side me doing it and it WORKED!!! You just helped our family save over $200!! Thank you again!! Amazing video!!.
Tim where did you get the screen Plus I have another identical tab 3 but the touch screen is completely intact the only thing is it doesn't respond to touch.
Where are yall getting screens for that price My wholesale cost from my supplier is $46. I usually only work on Apple products, but I have had so many ask, I am thinking of branching out..
"Yeah, yo, see these components back here Let's try not to damage them, they're very fragile. Meanwhile let's take this heat gun and apply heat to the face in order to peel off the screen." Seriously man, you answered my question right there. I came here because I have a Samsung 10.1 Tab that needs a screen replaced and I thought I might give it a whirl myself. Now I know it would be best left to a professional. Very informative video though..
Thanks a ton! I followed along (used a hair dryer) and fixed my daughter's tablet in about 35 minutes!.
Hey Tim where did you buy the screen from I need one for my tab 3 lite 7 inch. Also where do you buy the tools from.
thank you for taking the time to show us and detail everything carefull im going to try mine wating on my glass thanks again.. Have you replaced the Samsung 10.1 I have ordered two digitizers, it will work perfect then the swipe would not work. Have you had this issue where u replace the samsung 10.1, and it would not read the digitizer. Thank you! I always damage things... and then break them trying to fix them! lol This video help save my tablet! Worked like a charm!. +pqxxedf haven't gotten around to it yet, but showed a friend and he fixed his without a problem... I should have read the comments 4 posts down, I discovered this when I was separating the touch screen from the LCD and could see the knife blade going through the glue. Couldn't use the replacement touch screen i had bought, had to buy the LCD screen replacement which was the touch screen and LCD. Good as new!! Good instructions though, thanks Tim. I just got done doing everything perfectly. At the very end however, as I was pressing the tablet back into the "housing", everything clicked except one area. I pressed down, and a small crack happened. I should of cleaned the housing better on the edges, so be careful! I'm assuming there was a shard on the edge from the inside.. /:. Hey may name is Ms. Ty i will like how much did u pay for the front glass screen sm-T217S. I have the same one. Can order it on Amazon.
Hi you have to remove older seal first and then replace the new glass because new glass is coming with new seal so I think you should remove older seal thank you very much this video is very helpful I really appreciate.
I think you did a very good job, I think I'll change mine, using you video hey thank you for sharing that information, god bless you..
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I fixed it just the way you did and it was easy. Muahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hey thanks for the excellent video, I replace my grandson's Samsung screen following along with your video, without ANY problem. Found my replacement screen with tools on Amazon, and I also have plenty of guitar picks which was very useful..

I disagree with using heat to separate the glass from the device, I think amateurs who are watching this may be apt to over heat the device. I however separate them cold and use plastic to separate the glass from the device and it always seem to work pretty well for me. I understand about using the heat gun, I just wouldn't advise amateurs to use that method..
+Awin Onyis You should if you buy the new screen that HAS the sealant (rubber tape) already on it. This needs to be pulled off and cleaned before putting the new screen on..
Shit that looks like a lot of hard work don't. you need. a new gasket seal too to prevent water seeping in How much does a 7 inch screen cost I have a Digiland cost 50 bucks broke it the next I was wondering is it cheaper to repair or to replace..
Is there something different I need to do with a Tab3 lite I cannot get a single pop from the retainers and my screen is chewing up both of my plastic tools..
Them as in videos for the 8 inch Not to be a pain, but what does shortly imply My screen has been broken for a while, and I finally got all the stuff to replace it. I will wait if such a video will be uploaded soon :).

Thank you so much for this video my little sister has down syndrome and broke her screen this was a life saver 😃😃😃😁😁😁.
You need to wait a little longer So More dust wil be under the screen :/ btw you dutch accent sucks..
Watched the video twice-loved it and thought if I take my time, I can do that Ordered the item for £11 (about US $17.00.) Fitted it whilst watching the video, with a few pauses of course. My wife must have a good hair dryer because I got the back off in no time at all. Now works A1, and to think the other half was going to bin it. Many thanks for your generous video, that it must be said is compulsive viewing. I have had a lot of issues in recent times of a mental health nature, and when you achieve something like you feel you have climbed a mountain. Once again, Many thanks.
Awesome video! It was perfect step by step and helped me save alot of money fixing my sons tablet! Thank you!. Yo should have put a peice of tape to hold the button on next time it may help. And why does the oldand new screen have a ribon cable Is it for the touch butto. Yea it sucks man lol :( the only thing i own thats still good is my i5-4690, MSI R9-290, Samsung 850 PRO 228GB SSD, WD Black 1TB HDD, and many other componets. It may be outdated by a year but im still playing every possible game at 60FPS, 1080p, and on Ultra/Highest possible settings so im happy i own something thats somewhat not outdated lol. Hi my little sister has the exact same tablet and her screen has just cracked today. It still swipes and works andeverything its just cracked. I was wondering if just the glass needs to be repaired or the digitizer to. Please reply. Thank you :-). Yodaco Odacoy, did you repair an 8 inch as those have loca glue. The 7 and 10.1 do not they are only glued on the edges. I try to make videos that are accurate, I'm not interested in making something look easy when it is not. Thank you for watching.
on and off with the heat gun as you go makes for easy removal of the digitizer rather the doing it once all over .
I did change the screen like the video no problem but now the battery goes to 0% - 100% in like 30 seconds anybody know why and how to fix. +Ethan Tpalan i did when i plug it back it goes 0 - 100% charged very quick and i cant open tab anymore if its not plugged.. i did try unplugging and re plugging battery... I was able to replace glass screen without removing battery bcoz one tiny screw out of the four was stripped. .

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Comments about this video:
I can't believe how light this tab is when holding in person. That alone makes me want to buy one.. Is someone having a bad day Do you need to make yourself fell better by needlessly insulting a non deserving stranger Have a nice day..
Is someone having a bad day Do you need to make yourself fell better by needlessly insulting a non deserving stranger Have a nice day..
+XDude Blah hey i wanna buy it i want it for school. i wanna know how much time does it take to get full and how many hours will it last. +bad shah Battery life is pretty great, you could get about 7 hours with a full charge. charges pretty fast tho, from 0 to 100 takes about 3-4 hours i think. Anyone knows if I can connect this tablet to TV and if it does, the TV screen will display in 16:9 or 4:3.
It's not made from plastic!!!!! Samsung no longer make plastic tablets, get your facts straight.

this tablet is total joke. even samsung brand itself is total joke. no one still buying their overpriced-bloatware-devices nowadays.

sooooo... Apple isn't overpriced. Every new device Apple comes with out each year is the fuckin same thing. Apple is only about looks, Samsung has good looks and is also good on the inside. Drop an Apple product fuckin 2 inches off the ground and the damn thing shatters..

This guy works for Phone Arena but doesn't know that this tablet is all metal with aluminum padded with matte rubber on the back seriously how about researching the tablet first do your god damned simple ass job..
old specs no way this table's needed 1. 4gb of ram 2.USB type C 3. New More powerful processor 4. quick charge 5. a 5mp front facing camera 6. wireless charging. 4:3 aspect with effectively a mono speaker on the right side (landscape mode)... No thanks. I use my tablets mostly for watching videos and YouTube. I do not want to experience 1980's (when my family had a 4:3 TV with a mono speaker)..
is this just me or not I love samsung phones and hate apple ones but love apple Ipads and hate samsung tablets.

I was amazed at the 3d adroid drawing on top of the box at the beginning. I fought it looked as if it was really standing up from the box. It actually was a figure lol..

i hate the way u pronounce ur name + phone arena..just sound like crap..please change the style of ur intro and YES U CAN!!.

Headphone Jack at the bottom was a big mistake. I cannot stand my S2 tablet in portrait mode with the headphone connected. Samsung probably did it on purpose so they have an excuse to make a new "S3 tablet", so we pay again for a new tablet next year..
CAN I GET 4G LTE ON IT, OR IS THAT JUST FOR PHONES Wish I can watch YouTube anywhere like my phone..
How would you rate its battery life considering the lower mAh compared to last year's model but having a better processor.

Samsung is an Asian company, they well never in their life time understand the on the west consumer mindset. Make it simple, make the device it self a marketing tool you dumb fuck..
+TWINKYx WINKY iphone is inferior comepare to a samsung divice and yet iphones are embarrasing successfull why thats cuz they dont understand the on the west consumers.. spend the money and get the top of the line note Pro Series for crying out loud, then nobody will have anything to bitch about. I would have bought this if I already didn't have toe Tab s, as I prefer portrait to landscape.. happy to see i wasn't alone! I tapped on 1080p a couple of times but the video still looked like 480p. I thot I broke my screen or something! XD.
those dimples on the back irritate me so much. they're just ugly. I don't understand why samsung didn't just improve the tab pro.

Don't spend your money on this one coz after a few days they'll launch Tab S2 Active and Samsung will forget about Tab S2 lol They already overpopulated the smartphone market and they are going to do the same with these tablets.
luckily I wasn't patient and got the original instead. Tab s is better 4:3 is useless, only half of screen can be seen while streaming videos, also no point in 4k as takes too much battery and u can't even see a single pixel in tab 's 1440p screen..
I see this comment quite a bit but literally every review I've seen has said that the 4:3 aspect ratio is welcomed and that they're glad the 16:10 one is gone now because it was good for videos and nothing else..

Is this supposed to be an upgrade from the Tab S, because appearance wise, it looks like a downgrade..

+Top 5 he has a big lamp infront so the Antiglare filter cant hold the panel black. it was the same problem with the TabS. the AG filter isnt strong enough on these. it has nothing to do with the blacks on the panel OLED allways have 0 blacks.

Go in the store and look at it, then come back here and voice your opinion. I have the Tab S and this one it's definitely not a downgrade..

Why is samsung ditching all the good stuff! First the IR blaster on the note 5 and now the 16:9 aspect ratio!.
i really didn't understand the 4:3 change... i think they are really trying to get closer to apple.
Amateur and long vid with terrible focus and commentary it should have been 4 mins shorter...but I love the s2.

if I wanted iPad style tablet I'd buy an iPad... I don't get his they can make a tablet as good as the nexus 10 (which I still argue is the best tablet on the market), and then make this, no 16:9 ratio, no front facing speakers, and no fast charging, why would anyone pay an inflated price for the virtual downgrade that Samsung is giving all of its products. Given that Samsung is struggling I don't get the product direction and regional release of the note 5, if anyone does feel free to explain it to me because as a business student this makes no sense to me at all.
you people male tech seem like u watching u dead grand parents video recording how you guys boring these days. why is this shit so boring why do a review and not be interested my son can do a better job than this gheez..
It so bad at copying iPads I've not seen any galaxy tabs in while and the keyboard even tried to be the iOS 8.4.1 version keyboard 😐😐😐😐.

ik samsung is trying so hard to win over apple fans😂 theyre starting to make their tablets look like ipads and phones. now we all see samsung is copying apples dimensions and designs. im not even a apple user and i can see that they are trolling apple to steel their fans. they even made the icons on the note 5 and galaxy s6 edge plus squared to look like ios..
not a 16:9 screen. Fuck you Samsung you need to have an even lower market sales to get thing right. Touchwiz is fuck enough..
what a waste, 32gb internal memory and the device price same as ipad air 2 with 64gbthe should include the a standard 64 Gb as internal memory..

WHAT THE FUCK with these smaller Devices this year,i just Bought Galaxy NOTE trim down too...i dont like that shit, now getting smaller,trim down screens BUT this is $500 ,IS fuckin PRICEY & is Over priced... should be about $300 or maximum -around $400 !... $500 my ass for fucking trim down and smaller screen too lol I gonna wait for blk Friday or so to get a good price on it!.
By God has Anyone noticed how the Box and Packaging is so much similar to Ipads KUDOS TO SAMSUNG FOR SO SHAMELESSLY COPYING APPLE....
+Nick Eddy Like I said, just keep telling yourself that. Android is so customizable and with iOS, you're pretty much stuck with what you get. .
I can't wait wait to trade in my note 10.1 2014 for the new s2...I've been looking for a tablet with better build quality and since it's coming from Samsung it's even better :).

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Comments about this video:
The only reason I didn't like holding my galaxy tab s was because it was only wide screen mode, and the battery was bad. I dislike apple for the most part but they make a good product and now I can't decide!.
+Chaunicey Gonzalez yeah, that's not true. I've broken both. from equal amounts of dropping..
+Chaunicey Gonzalez it is a matter of luck. Being dropped on its corner, from 1-1.2 m height, no screen will survive..
I would say they are about even in terms of apps. The most popular ones are usually on both platforms. This is not 2011..

It doesn't as it has more pixels so it can't slow the processor down. iPad has double the pixels a iPhone does but slightly less then double the CPU and graphics so the processor cannot be slowed down or you would be lagging out of the world. If you need power saving mode just put on greyscale and decrease brightness..

Hillarious people can't even give a proper explanation all they say is no it doesn't and stuff like that..

Funny you say that because they look almost the same. Samsung however is known to have a better camera than Apple and better quality picture..

+Asoka Mano They do not look the same in person. The reds for instance are closer to orange and the whites are not white either. I have a Nexus P, which has a Samsung screen in it and the color accuracy is shall we say: less than ideal. The Samsung camera is decent but the Huawei Nexus is better. I have a HTC A9 too and the whites are white and the reds are red on the A9... novel concept. .
+4nlimited3dition o ,i get it ,thank you for the clarification, if you remember they said metal will provide smoother animations in the ui ,something we don't see in ios 9 as yet. I just used ipad air 1 with ios 9 and ,my god ,it was laggy ,you right on ipad air 2 I didn't feel much of a difference but on ipad air 1 it was horrible experience. They need to fix it or put their shit together in ui management team. Having experience with both, and keeping an iPad Air 2 as my daily tablet, I can say that the iPad Air 2 is clearly a better tablet. While I prefer Android for phones, nothing touches iOS for app support. When it comes to this comparison, the iPad has better build quality and a better SoC. The A8x chip is hands down superior to the 2014 Exynos chip. Don't let the fact that the Tab S2 has an Octocore vs a Tri-core setup fool you, the A8X is superior. Especially in GPU and Single core performance. Samsung is trying desperately to copy or mimic Apple. So much so that they've forgotten why people would buy a Samsung Tablet in the first place. Instead of sticking with their superior 16:10 aspect ratio, they switch to 4:3. In the process, they also remove the IR blaster. The same can be said for their new phones. Samsung has removed IR blasters, Micro SD support, and the removable battery. Apple can do this, Samsung can't. These features were always differentiators for Samsung, as where Apple never offered them. At the end of the day, the quality of a tablet is determined by the software. Knowing this, the iPad is hands down superior. If someone who didn't have a tablet were to ask my honest opinion, I would always refer them to the IPad. They would never have to worry about fragmentation or a shortage of high quality apps that are optimized for a tablet. My Note 2014 still has not been updated to Lollipop. Where as my 3rd gen, 2nd gen, and IPad Air 2 have iOS 9.2.. i would never buy a tablet in 4:3, especially if it has a beautiful amoled screen perfect for watching video and movies.. +Darren Lighty That is true and I am aware of that but I am pretty happy with my Huawei Nexus P and happy with Android in general. I doubt I will ever make the switch. I have been using PCs since the DOS era and apple is just not my thing. Not hating, just saying. .
+CAPTAIN#YOLOSWAG No you didn't because a galaxy tab thing cost as much as an iPad so... Put that in your head!.
Anyone wanna be kind enough and let me know which one you you have cant decide for samsung or android i like both brand the same im having a really hard time whats the diffrence.
Thanks for the review. Very comprehensive. Very helpful. Just one suggestion. One tablet should always be kept on one side and the other on the other side. It shouldn't be switched from one side to another as the viewer would already have compartmentalised one on one side and the other on the other side. That way, the viewer can just focus on the information instead of wondering which one you are talking about..

I agree. When he changed order I couldn't remember which one was Apple and which one was Samsung at first.😄.
I'm an apple fan. But obviously S2 is better because Samsung looked at iPad Air 2's specs and made it better. Then the iPad pro comes then that's better than the S2. See what I mean.
In real world usage, my galaxy tab S2 outperformed my iPad air 2. I had my air 2 for over a year and gave up on it for the S2 but I also got me a ipad pro and feel like both my S2 and ipad pro compliment each other based on my usage patterns. There is no other android tablet smoother than the galaxy tab S2..

Samsung's Tab S2 does not come with the lastest of Android. You know bro and shouldn't give that false information to consumers. The Samsung is lacking in the software department and usually. iOS gives a better experience in software compared to TouchWiz not Android. Stock Android tablets like the Nexus 9 and Pixel C offers truly the lastest version of Android which has better benefits over TouchWiz and iOS. I will not go into added features like multitasking and etc because both tablets don't have a large app support for split screen and touch wiz multi windows is a laggy and visually ugly mess. This was a good over review but please don't let consumers think that Samsung offers the lastest version of Android..
Hi Sakitech So after I saw ur Video I decided to buy me the TabS2, but i still do need ur help. Im looking for need wall mounting device incl.charging feature I want to mount it to wall in my living room and use it as a daily media and Information device, so I listen to music, radio, check emails, news, etc... But as you can imagine i want it to look nice and need. Do you or someone else has an idea or tip to help me out. THX Robert.
the tabs 2 sucks imo. The Tab S (1st gen) is so much better. Better screen ratio for video watching (which makes a huge difference), better (INSANE) battery life, better camera with flash, and imo it looks nicer with the gold accents. But also I think that AMOLED screens are always superior to any type of LCD, except for the whites, the whites are always so gross looking..

+Eric Mazariegos Samsung did something stupid... they were afraid of the competition and just copied the looks of the iPad instead of thinking what users actually want....
Thank you for actually showing a video, so important and so many people don't The display is a big selling point (to me anyway). Price being a factor is important to most ,was mentioned but not stressed. Great vid!.
Awesome video comparison with crisp and clear voice Thank you for the info I recommend iPad Air 2 is better because we r secured with Apple devices than samsung device which contains bloatware and spy ware to steal so I recommend Apple device 😊.

the galaxy is the fastest tablet I've tried and full HD. Better then Apple. always liked Android over IOS..

Tab s2 has a slight lead in quality image OVER SATURAD BRO!!! Retina is BETTER and NATURAL.
Air 2 has 264ppi you're wrong with pixel density so is S2 tab 326 has only the minis retina for iPads. Hey have you ever noticed the screen of tab s2 9.7 wobbles(right side screen refreshed first before left side ) if you scroll it vertically in portrait modetry to scroll up and down while you have any idea why samsung did this.
BTW, the 9.7 inch also comes in a 64GB version (which is the one I own). I went with a Lexar 128GB microSD card and 64GB internal. Of course with a microSD slot you have infinite storage posibility at up to 128GB at a time. Given how many apps will only write to internal storage I found 32GB on my S3 to be too small. I'm sure in time 64GB will feel the same way. :-( What apps Comcast TV, Flixster, Amazon Kindle, Texture, etc..
man, you really don't seem to know what you are talking about with the app store, compared to the play store. first, apple is the least best platform for games. there are tons more and better games for open source android. apple is so locked with what you can and can not use on those tablets, while the android tablets, being open source, you can root them put custom roms on them which maximize power consumption, smoothness and speed of the launcher. you can also put custom launchers on the samsung tablets, which also all run smoother and faster than stock android. you can't do any of that on the apple ipad's, they are stuck with what you have. and i used apple for years, and jailbreaking them is such a pain in the ass! where it is easy to root android products, and you have sooooooooo many more choices. i really don't see why anyone would use an apple product, other than they are brainwashed, or brain dead..
Man, You certainly don't know what you are talking about! Apple is a way better company offering way more apps and games on the App Store! And the way family sharing, Air play, E.t.c, Works all throughout the apple products in your home! It's just flawless!!!! To be honest with you, Android or Samsung have nothing like Icloud or Apple ID! Sure Samsung might have a little bit better of screens than the iPad! But, you wanna know why... They're in the Tv business! Sure I may have a few Samsung TVs or old Samsung phones... We don't even use those old phones! We still use the TVs! But, I can promise you one thing! If Apple did make actual TVs, Not just Apple TVs! People would be buying those TVs! Because most people don't use samsungs! I'm gonna ask you one thing... When you walk around do you see people using IPhones or samsungs! Because I mostly see iPhones! Just to tell you, Apple is better!!!!!!.
I'm also gonna tell you another thing! There're tablets and most people don't Buy them to jailbreak them! Ever since Apple iPads and iPhones and iPods came out! Samsung has been dead in sales!.
Surely Android M was and is the latest edition of Android at the release of this video So the Tab S2 doesn't have the latest version of Android then.

Considering Samsung doesn't give a crap about updating there tablet and phones to the latest version of android, I'm pretty sure you are right..

As a mobile gamer i can really say i prefer the air 2. It can handle any games you can thow at with no hiccups, from mc5, afterpulse(damn this game looks good), airborne, to vainglory. Since then i do not play in any other devices. It gives you the satisfaction you're looking for. Im not bias since i own both android and air 2. People can argue about specs and customization all day long, but in the end the real day hands-on usage performance what really counts..
Fanboys everywhere. I didn't know they were so similar in every single way. I wouldn't mind having either tablets. I have purchased more things on iOS on the App Store. So I'd pick the iPad. If I had an android phone it would be the other way around..
More raw horsepower, I doubt it if they were compared running the same O.S. given more cores, higher clock rate, more ram and one O.S. being 64 bit and the other 32 bit!.
I fucking hate widescreen when watching a movie.. The whole goddamn point of switching from 7" tablet to 10" tablet is so I can watch movies/YT vids on a BIGGER WIDER screen.. If youre gonna put the damn black bars on top and bottom, then I might as well stay with a 7"er Fucking idiots I feel the same when I watch movies on tv or even in the theathre.. I WANT the huge screen.. with zero bezels if possible.. IF I wanted to watch something on a smaller screen, Ill just get a smaller fucking screen then Shit.. this ought to be obvious. thanks Saki, you are so cool. I was going to buy a tablet but I wasn't sure whether I should buy an Apple iPad Air 2 or a Samsung galaxy tab s2. but today, you made me realize that it always comes down to the choice that you made despite the fact that both of the powerful and rich tablets are identical twins to each other..
+Chen Mike me too, i dont need that much customisation. i want more speed, premium feel, better apps and the beautiful shiny apple logo that stands out on its own..

It takes Samsung or other androids OEM 1.5 to 2 years to catch up to Apple do or implement. Even though Tab S2 sports 3GB of RAM and 8 cores but the scores show it is almost there. Tab S3 will be equally good..
The Samsung Tab clearly wins right really i hate apple they can suck a big dick fuck yu apple but andriod always out proovs apple true!!!!!!!!!!. no mostraste ninguna foto para ver las diferencia de las cámaras, no abristes aplicaciones, ni paginas de internet para ver las deferencias mala tu comparativa.😠. This video sucks... Even though samsung is releasing super products, apple is the NO.1 brand in the world. Samsung is a waste. Still ipad air 2 is the slimmest tablet in the world....
Hi sakitech - how do you think the new Samsung compares against the Sony Z4 tab Thinking of getting one of these later this year.

Why are they not putting Tablets with 20 mega pixels cameras. I buy the one with the memory that can be bigger if the camera was great for the front and the back. I buy a cheap phone if I could get a good tablet. I was waiting for the new Samsung Note to come out and it comes out with no expandable memory. When will a good cell phone and tablet FINALLY come out. So tired of waiting :-(.
Thank you sakitech you're video will definitely help with my decision. Basically I am getting the tablet to fly my drone. I think I might go with Samsung for the expand-ability of storage..
I'm a Samsung guy and i have the TabS but even I admit, the Tab S2 is an absolute failure. Should've stuck with the 16.9 or 16.10 ( can't remember ) aspect ratio. And the fact it's basically a year old and it's slower than the Air 2 is just an embarrassment.

+Joshua GoShow recently been going down hill. TabS2 is shit the S6 has monumental RAM issues and then they've just gone and created a Giant Tab that's got a shit display and mediocre specs. Need to pull their head out there ass otherwise I'm going back to Apple. ( well have done for tablets now bought an iPad Air 2 ).

I am pretty sure Samsung will come up with a new update that surpasses Apple's, they usually do, on cell phones anyways..

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October 23, 2015

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I had the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4 - a disappointing laggy experience with an amazing screen. The Nexus 9 is a disappointment too. If you're not in need of specific Android apps or functionality then go straight for the iPad Mini 2 or one of the iPad Air's. A much better tablet experience. .
The nexus products are good actually so I have disagree with you But Samsung making tablets that are not good,I agree with because they make so many tablets in a year it's hard to choose. Also most android companies make their tablets slower than their phones. Apple also sometimes.
I cant decide between the Tab S2 (large) and the Nexus 9 Edit: I've chosen to buy the Tab S2 (large, 9.7inch).
+Tahmid Baha yeah the battery is better on nexus 9 with 6000 MAH I think and the tab s2 9.7 with 5870 MAH I think.Well it's not a major difference so there's no need to get the nexus so yeah.
I had an option to purchase the Nexus 9 or the Samsung, but I chose Samsung and it's amazing! This is coming from an Nexus 7 user, I've tried Nexus 9 in the shop but it is just not my type, I don't understand why it looked so good in the Internet but not in real life... and that's why I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 I mean is so fun and so much features, literally you need to purchase one. #SamsungTabsFTW.
I'm having a hard time liking either of these. I've hated the back design of every Samsung device for the past 2 years now and I especially hate this checkered one for the Tab S. Nexus is beautiful in every way but no Micro sd is unforgivable..
Samsung has the best display when it comes to televisions, phones, tablets, etc. It also has excellent resale value in case you like to upgrade every 6-9 months like I do..
im actually disappointed from the last tablets.. all i want is nexus 10 teblet, 2014 edition. 10" tablet, 16:9 display 2k resolution, lolipop, a little better hardware than the original nexus 10 and i would be happy. i really hate this nexus 9, because i really want to use tablet for videos mostly, and i cant because this crappy display ratio. also the battery is very bad.. for tablet i think the bettery should last more than 1-2 days.. now the samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 will be upgraded to android 6.0! that awesome, two updates in less than a year.
can somebody tell me what is the sound quality of the nexus 9 with headphonesJust standard headphones nothing special,is it like the htc one x,one,samsung galaxy s4,5,note 3Or worse or better.
why do you even compare the nexus 9 and tab S when all you are comparing is stock android vs touchwiz... get a grip!! touchwiz is useful, makes good use of the large screen to do work... look at the nexus.. wasted screen.
"Allow me to show you the speaker quality on these devices while still playing the backgroung music"..

I LOVE SAMSUNG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND ITS PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

How ironic. Saturday is my bfs birthday and Sunday is mine and today we bought each other birthday presents. I bought him the Nexus 9 and he bought me the Galaxy Tab S. We unboxed together and starting comparing our tablets immediately, before I even went on Youtube. Everything you said, we compared. It's funny because the Tab S is perfect for me and Nexus 9 is perfect for him. Right now, we're two happy campers 😄 Awesome video, btw! .

Im using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and its still great for what I do daily, still handles games well and i'm running Cyanogen Mod 12.
The Nexus 9 should of been 16:9 ratio.. 4:3 is for IOS.. It's a shame really.. The form factor alone kills it for me.. Watching a movie on these 2 tablets you would actually get more screen on the Tab S. Google dropped the ball here big time IMHO. +Jeremiah Bromell yah I wish I had my old CRT monitor back as well...because everything looked so much better on that.... been using tab s since day 1...i don't see the lag ppl talk about...i use it as a phone also and i have only one problem with it...I CANT put it thing down...=). +Timothy Gurguis It's actually the Chrome browser at fault. Samsung's Touchwiz browser - Smooth Android's AOSP Browser on 4.1 and above - Smooth Ported Android AOSP on Kitkat - Laggy Google Chrome without Material UI (second revision) - It's OK Chrome with Material UI - Inconstant, delayed touch inputs Chrome in iOS lags a lot less than on Android, but it isn't as Smooth as it is on the 4.1+ AOSP browser or Samsung TW browser.. I would get the Galaxy Tab S and root it straight away to completely remove touchwiz. Then it's a great tablet! . hello everyone here is a question i have from ppl with galaxy tab S LTE 8.4 T705, i installed this app called "phone info + samsung" and then there is this option that can check if your device is refurbish or not, and for me it says it looks like your phone is refurbished one manufacturing date does not match with the serial number, now i'm not sure if the app doesn't support my device or my device is refurbish for real anyone with same device if can install the app and check can help me to know if i have to send my device back or not thanks a lot the app version is "" thanks everyone. .
Think I am just going to get the Nexus 9. Was considering the iPad Mini (2013), but cannot leave my Android apps. By the end of 2015, I would like to see an improved Nexus 9 with a better processor and display (and possibly designed better). It is just there is no really good high end Android tablet, but I am pretty sure one is in the near future..

Tab s 8.4 flashed to cyanogen mod 12 And scrolling lag is totally gone. Battery lasts alot longer. And gripe the reviewer had is pretty much gone after rooting and flashing. Custom rom development will keep this tablet current for a long time..

I have a note 3 which is a phablet.Will it worthy to buy an android tablet or i will move to ios for tablet..
That was just for some visual flare on his video. He didn't actually threw it unto the concrete floor otherwise it would've cracked the screen.. I have the Samsung Tab S 8.4 and from my experience on it the tablet has alot setbacks. Mainly in the software department. The TouchWizz drains the battery, slows down the tablet and also comes to bloatware, but these performance decreases are simply inexcusable for such an high-end flagship tablet. The screen is really great from the Tab S, the vibrant and saturated colors really bring the colors alive. I got tired from the lackluster performance after a week or so, so I decided to unlock the bootloader and flash CyanogenMod to the Tab S and ever since then the tablet has been peforming beatifully. It performs very snappy,buttery smooth, without any lag at all, the battery life has also increased with roughly 8 hours screen time browsing with alot whites (whites cost the most battery for AMOLED). Flashing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod really unlocks the full potential of this gorgeous tablet, but I can't say the same for Samsung's TouchWizz. It holds back the tablet. I've ran several benchmarks as well as games on both Touchwizz and CyanogenMod and FPS was noticeably higher on CyanogenMod.. This was a great and unbiased video although I'm not too interested in either one of these tablets. I still think the iPad is the better choice in the tablet space, Android tablets just aren't optimized enough with apps and software, and even hardware sometimes, but the phones are a much bigger difference. I've notice that there's no lag on the tab s if u use Samsungs own Web browser but if u use Google it lags n stutters a bit. I just stick to Samsungs browser n that takes care of the problem n besides it actually works really well too..
Nexus 9 not having an expandable memory slot is a deal breaker for me, I'll probably get the tab s 8.4 instead, the display is beautiful and the size is my cup of tea..
Was amazed by Samsung's AMOLED displays when I first got a phone with one until I realised it was pretty much just oversaturation. +LuigiFan1305 Not only the amoled display but also the fingerprint scanner and multi-user mode -.- don't spit information when you ain't know nothin' just makes me want to slap you out of your FACE -.-.
On the nexus 9 does clash of clans run fine or not i herd that it is laggy and choppy i am mainly gaming and whatching YouTube what should I go with.

i know it can handle it but i mean is it to powerful and i seen reviews that say its laggy because its to powerful over #9000.

Great video guys. I don't have either, but I'd probably go with the Nexus just because touchwiz..

+Jeremiah Bromell and is not so slow the browser. i don't know what he was doing, pretty biased this comparison....

In typical Samsung fashion, look at that screen lag while web browsing. No way could I live with that garbage. Why i almost always prefer a nexus device. With nexus you get vanilla android with out all the other bloatware..
"When scrolling in Chrome, the Tab 8.4 is a little bit choppy." A little bit I don't wanna see what very choppy looks like then...
Dude..what is up with those awesome effects where you grab a falling tablet or it comes back up thats fucking awesome man. .

I was worried I chose the wrong tablet ( nexus 9) but after actually watching this the nexus 9 fits me more. I love gaming on tablets I love speed I love pure android I love good speakers I will admit that the nexus 9 doesn't have as good build quality as it should for the price but it still feels nice. The Samsung sounds better on paper and user feedback is excellent but when you compare the two they have their pros and cons and it is just up to the user to decide which tablet fits them. I don't watch movies on tablets. I have a ps4 which can play blu rays AND get digital movies, I don't take my tablet anywhere so there's that. I promise to get a Samsung tablet this year though to change my pace from nexus and try something new..
If nexus 9 had 16:9 aspect ratio, I would buy it But I think Tab S has thd best tablet display and its lighter and thinner then the latest ipad mini .
+Owais Iqbal S series I like them, but I much prefer the screen on the Tab Pro, but besides that, I reckon it is more of a consume orientated tab .
Samsung has better screen even if you want natural colors... just enable "amoled basic" mode.. i used to get same 4 or so hours of screen on time on my Tab S 8.4. i did the battery fix for it and now i get around 7-8 hours EASILY WITH HEAVY USAGE! its Best tab i ever had in terms of Screen, features and Battery life!. If the Nexus 9 had expandable memory i'd already have it. I am just struggling to come to terms with the fact it's 16gb. Blows my mind that tablets and phones in this day and age are still shipping with 16gb of memory. Yes I know there's a 32gb but it's hard to part with the extra money knowing how cheap a Micro SD card is. Also the fact you don't actually get 16gb either as there's a few GB already used with built in stuff... Realistically you have room for a couple of HD films, a game or two and 100 songs if you're lucky. COME ON NEXUS!!!!. Hey how in the world do you guys call yourself the android "AUTHORITY" when I see such a weak playlist for android phone reviews, example: Im looking for UMI zero on your playlist and nope, just sony, nexus, samsung and just about all your other typical carriers .
+Giovanni Cheng I do other things, mainly p.c. based. Those silly phones make me bored. .

4:05 Can somebody please explain to me what "light bleed" is I'd greatly appreciate it..
Hmm, how do I put this It's the term they say when you can see rays of small lights on the sides of the screen (it's between the bezels of the tablet and the screen itself) which is probably caused by the backlights/LEDs of your screen/display. It's noticeable mostly when you display or view something of pure black all over the screen like, let's say, a video or even a photo. You'll notice it eventually if you look closer enough since those lights turns black colors to grey when those lights are active.. s8.4 feels laggy because of the Exynos variant. Check the Snapdragon one. I've been experiencing this with many samsung devices: S3 with snapdragon and exynos, Note 3 with Snapdragon and exynos. Snapdragon wins, somehow.
+Bakr Jamjoom​ just this year with their new SOC with 14nm tech. And that was so surprise.Let's see how Qualcomm fight back.
The only thing is... the galaxy tab pro 8.4 is cheaper than the S and is much better..

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October 30, 2015

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great review and thickness should be in mm for the spot on comparison, and i have never seen wireless charging for a tablet..

+Mario Castaneda I love apple computers, but I can't stand the iPad or phones. They ask for passwords for nearly everything you do, even if you have already did it several seconds ago. And sometimes if you forget your password, the new one isn't always recognized..
Personally, I think she was great! It's not the usual ultra short review. She also seems to know of what she's talking about. Keep her, The Verge!. The Galaxy Tab S2 is worth the money. The only advantage that the iPads have over Android are FaceTime and iMessage. TouchWiz is great. Quick and good fingerprint scanner. Tablet photography should never be mocked. Battery life is good as long as WiFi is used sparingly..
+Nuno Silva I agree. Messaging apps and other apps that are cross platform is the best option. It allows for better interconnectivity between people and devices. iMessage and FaceTime is fun but it is only on the Apple platform. End of comment. Lol!.
my dad got my mom a new ring and they jewelry people gave them this and they gave it to me so I'm not gonna complain about the money lol. but should be built for gaming IMO and should have long lasting battery life. +Fair Judgement Your comment is a wow factor itself. You seem to sexualise tablets... wow, just wow.. +Jan Albert Gibson IDK As an American I use both. As far as "Football" don't you dare speak bad about American Football. Soccer I do enjoy though.. The button layout is fine. On screen buttons intrude on the screen. This reduces the screen that can viewed. Capacitive buttons make great use of the bezel. Samsung for the win! 😇. Really understood taking pics with tablets, i mean fun playful pics but dont expect too much from the camera, its just a tablet, if you want a nice top of the line camera it it';; drive up the price, hence the ipad. Ipad Air 2 camera isn't the greatest shouldn't be using a tablet to take photos. I do it only when I need it in a pinch or when using the tablet screen as a view finder has its advantages.
I'm making comments using a white Galaxy Tab S2 with an affordable stylus. Take that iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Ha! 😼😼😼😼😼😎😎😎😎😎.

I hate those paid " critics" selling a buffering Video as "freeze"... nuff said. Just Another samsung hate video powered by apple. pathetic..

I like Samsung and their newest phones but in tablet territory apple is still better. I have the new s6 edge+ but I'm going to stick to my Ipad air..

Anyone knows if I can connect this tablet to TV and if it does, the TV screen will display in 16:9 or 4:3.
I'm liking this tablet but the black bars with the you tube videos really doesn't do it for me. iVerg Atacks again. Just put a fruit in the back and Im pretty sure that this tablet and magically it will become the most beutiful and amazing tablet in the history of mankind.
+TenshiR I played with one and was impressed personally...although The Xperia line of tablets should be more available in the US.
+Chris Fields I agree. You're spot on! The xperia tablets seem to me have the best features. NFC, water proof, and decent battery life...but they aren't marketed well enough. They also have the metal body and glass. I forgot about that. I just don't like the Sony overlay on the operating system.. +vw195 You're forgetting the fact that Apple products tend to retain it's value a lot more.. A woman not finding something in her bag is not a selling point. They can never find ANYTHING in their bags.. I have both this tablet and the air 2 of course the apple one has better features most which I have yet to make use of, but the point is the price difference Samsung can just as easily make surface pro type tablet and over charge..
+DOGE™ No. You said the chick in the verge video was the hottest you saw in a tech review video. To which I replied that there have been way more hotter girls reviewing tech in the past. Sassybob was the best of them..

+Harpratap Singh layal I don't know who she is but TechFeed is another example that I found yesterday that has some pretty hot girls in it, plus they also left their channel for an year..
+chrischoy9 I think that's because iOS 9 was developed with the iPhone 6s in mind. I've noticed it runs rather smooth on the iPhone 6s (Well, at least the store models I tried out)..
+D33M0N3Y idk to be honest. I can't help but notice my Mini on 8.4.1 (running 5S internals) is smoother than the 6S running iOS 9..

I would stick with a tab 4 for now. Didn't see anything worth upgrading to the Tab S for and I don't for the Tab S2 either.

+loyal4 the way It's also a 805 in the Asia Pacific region as well (Australia, New Zealand). I believe the Exynos is only available in Korea and maybe Japan..
I use my tablet for too much media consumption to have a 4:3 aspect ratio in 2015. I refuse to tolerate thick black bars at the top and bottom of my videos and movies. When my tab pro 12.2 dies I'll look elsewhere for my next tablet.. +chrischoy9 I get what you're saying, but I've never had issues reading on any 16:9 tablet. 4:3 though makes me cringe when watching a movie or tv show.. +6644pmr The smaller one does, like the N7 was completely rubbish at viewing webpages in landscape compared to the first Mini. There is also the problem with PDFs and powerpoints not fitting on screen properly, not useful for students using tabs during laboratory sessions. But considering that full screen is your viewing is priority for a tablet, I see where you're going.. ahh no..I am not sold samsung..the day ur OTA software updates become as good as apple, I will consider..but until then ahh no.. you get a free tab if you on the tmobile contract. if you get a new Samsung phone you get a free tab. I bought this recently but the picture keeps freezing when I stream videos from the browser. The video works fine on my computer. I don't know if it's the tablet- I barely have any apps on there. Please could someone offer me any advice.
eh, for that much I will just stick with my black 16GB Galaxy tab 4 8.0 and my gray/black 64gb iPad Air 2 for now..
Why don't tablets have better front cameras than the rear ones, wouldn't it be more useful. I'm a samsung fan, but this tablet is just awful, all they have to do is make a tablet witht the specs of the note 5 and it would be perfect, side note, this reviewer is so much better than the other guy's, **she seems to know what she's actuallly talking about.
Watching this on my tab s which is still the best device i held in my hand to date. i struggle to understand the 4:3 ratio except for reading. i watch media 70% of the time so 8' 4:3 is like a 6' phablet. instead of my great 8.4 wide screen now. wont be upgrading to this model for sure...
Inches for thickness Also, why show the prices for the LTE models rather than the base models which are inline with iPad pricing.
From 2:36 to 2:37, the tablet froze up on you because your internet sorted is slow. Go back to sucking Apple's cock.

I thought I was alone, finally someone else is not flipping shit over the thickness in inches though I am.
who under the earth evaluates processing power by streaming videos tell her there is a difference between rendering and streaming and that the processing task of the two cannot be compared..
What says it best is that the 16gb TAB S 10.5 is still selling for 499 (Samsung website) while the 9.7 inch successor is selling with its 32gb model for a discount to 399. If the newer model with more memory is worth less than the older model (better screen) from the actual manufacturer it alludes to the TAB S2 being a nominal "upgrade." Therefore I haven't bought one. Old TAB S looks nice, not that slow and I like 16x9 even though the internet has conspiratorially agreed on 4x3 so now even Google's homepage occupies only half the screen as if shrunken. What is wrong with 16x9.

I have the tab s2 and I absolutely love it. Its a huge upgrade when you get a tablet like this that runs fast and smooth! Who cares about the wow factor if the tablet runs good! Its way better then the last high end android tablet i had. Way way way better!.
Should I go for the Tab S2 8" or 9.7" Want to use it for a little bit of everything but mostly for reading ebooks. "PPI doubts". Help, please... ☺. +MyObsessionsAndYours I have the s1 and it works great. I personally prefer the smaller 8.4" size of the s1 for reading books, as it is more book shaped. If you're set on the s2, the 8" might be better for book consumption.. I wonder why samsung don't release a note series anymore it stops at 12.2 pro which I find it too big. 10.1 inches is the best size for me in my opinion for note series. I would have bought this tablet if it is a note series ;(. it's a downgrade !! no flash light stupid ratio weak battery... THE TAB S 8.4 IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN ITS SUCCESSOR... and yeah i don't really need much cpu bla bla!. If you are going to measure thin gadgets, you should be using mm instead of inches. Its easier to imagine a gadget 5.6 mm thin, than to imagine it to be.22 inch thin. Might as well say: "...this tablet is about 0.005588 meters thick!".
This tablet is awesome, I don't know what you are talking about, and the front camera is 2.1 MP not 1.2..

Looks decent but I prefer the original tab S; larger screen, sharper screen and the position of the camera - some other reasons too, but I'm no hater. Nice review though, spot on..

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╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ Missed call from ur nan .:| [█] 17:28 █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 26 Dec. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 13°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Tangier | Morocco █┃ ┃█ Partly cloudy █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭ (1)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃ ┃ ┃ ╭━━━━-╮ ┃ ┃ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ . +Amos Domingo he meant there's already a Samsung tab pro 8" and a tab s tablet. and naming a windows Samsung product the same line is not new. it should have been named something else..
+TurtleSpice Yes and its 8 inch. Like Die Karotte said, Win 10 Mobile is only for devices 8 inch and smaller. This is bigger..

Galaxy = Android Ativ = Windows Samsung got the naming wrong. Should have been called the "Samsung Ativ Tab S" or similar..

╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ Missed call from Taha S. .:| [█] 17:28 █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 26 Dec. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 13°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Tangier | Morocco █┃ ┃█ Partly cloudy █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭ (1)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━━━-╮ █┃ ┃█ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ .
Ùgh if it only had at least an intel I5 processor or something, but nooooo CORE FUCKING M. +yoshih9 in other words, it's a lot more vivid, more than plasma. all tablets, laptops and desktop screens should be oled 2k minimum.. its said to be priced 900-1000€ so the core m3 SP4 is still better for about the same privé (and two year warranty, Samsung is 1 year and terrible support).
+moh you no stylus included ; 1 less warranty year ; if its priced 1000€ for the same storage capacity keyboard included in and out its still a useless price point for this product.
+JR III All platforms have terrible apps, it just happens. Windows has some really good ones however.. This is a "pro" device. You won't see users playing clash of clans or snapchatting at their desk. Besides, Windows has all the apps you need and the best Netflix App in the Galaxy (pun intended), not that you'd see pros watching Netflix..
Since this has a digitizer (don't know if it is an s-pen or something better) and is competing against Apple and Microsoft, is Samsung planning on using the Galaxy Tab Pro S to cannibalize the Galaxy Note Pro tablets The keyboard looks great, better than another certain tablet keyboard cough-logitech-cough.
The lack of a S-Pen prevent me from even considering this tablet. And what's up with Surface Pro me-too devices that have only one kickstand angle. +Icy bubba the Surface Pro 4 don't have limited positions, you just put it at the angle you want. The first Surface Pro had only one kickstand position and all reviews slammed the device for that and now Apple and Samsung make tablets that have only one position and to make it worse, it's not a kickstand on the tablet, it's a part of the keyboard cover. . Sometimes I feel like Samsung is just releasing a tablet just for the sake of releasing a tablet. It doesn't seem like it's trying to compete with say the Microsoft Surface, nor is it promoting Windows 10. It's just a tablet.. +Dada OLED uses more power on white backgrounds and most browsers in Windows have white backgrounds. The drain will occur when using browsers. It's no way those battery estimates are accurate..
I payed 1000 USD for my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.2. Since this tab will be windows based it will properly cost 12-1500 USD insteed when released..
Does it also dual boot to Android If it doesn't, I feel that Samsung missed the trick... As great as Windows 10 is, it is still not ready for touchscreens. Having Android in the bag would seriously give it a huge boost..
just run DuOS on it. it performs great and is on android lollipop. plus it lets you add android apps to ur Windows start screen! I love it.
Why is everyone complaining about the name Samsung choose for this device,does it matter,it is more important name than functionality...people are so stupid these days whinnying for nothing,Jesus!!!!!!!this looks awesome btw good job Samsung!!!!.
This is actually a computer I can give my parents to replace their big bulky All-In-One. They just need something basic and their current PC lags like crazy and takes forever to just turn on - and its running Windows 10 (came with Windows 8).

+Jimmy FromZagreb This is a full windows 10 laptop although limited by specs, so what do you mean by not full desktop software..
for everyone that says this tablet is bad, not it ain't. Consider the fact that this tablet has a keyboard with the tablet (no separate keyboard like others like Microsoft or crapple) and it has USB type C which is universal and can be used for everything!.
need some opinions. 1.should I get the surface pro 4 cheapest version 2.this the samsung tab s Pro let me know i can not decide.
the tablet on surface book is incredibly thin. ports are the biggest blame on surface pro. Sammy only uses 1 tiny usb c port for everything. +Davi Jones They use only the core m models and with tablet that thin the thermals will suck or battery.. Dan Seifert looks confused. Thats a bad sign... Samsung, you better watch out. He may give your tablet a score of 6.5 if he reviews it..
Really 18 months of updates and with Win years of updates. Best option would be dual boot but I'd rather win tablet over android one..
Nice job not using android for their iPad pro competitor, gets a lot more attractive. However, I doubt it can beat cheapest surface pro 4 at price, and overall just slightly not as good either.. Even Samsung found a better solution for create a simple cover than Apple and their cover for the iPad Pro.. +JR III it feels cheap, it doesn't sit right when folded back, the weight is off-balanced when folded back, the way it fold is clumsy. (I use it but hate it).
+Jose Barajas it does not feel cheap at all and is more lapable than the device above...actually apples smart keyboard has been surprisingly good for my purposes in real world usage and does not feel flimsy..
That's how free market progresses, companies all try to innovate, if something sticks, everyone follows, that's how market trends work.. The keyboard setup will be as uncomfortable to use as the one from the iPad Pro. I don't like this..
The name makes no sense! Galaxy is supposed to be for Android and S is for Super Amoled neither of those are in this tablet..

+mohammad ghazi Once again, it's a marketing gimmick. It doesn't actually mean "super smart"..

+D33M0N3Y wtf they give it the name so when samsung say S stand for super smart then s stand for super smart....
Usual half assed samsung product where is damn pen Pity that samoled screen could have put into good use. +D33M0N3Y Tab S2 is amazing but this device has less battery life than the Tab S2. Tab S2 has 5800 mAh while this device is 5200 mAh and running a 12 inch screen instead of a 9.7 inch one.. while I agree that A9x is a beast on my iPad Pro, The OS it runs is pretty much useless for real productivity. Galaxy line always meant the OS was Android... I guess Samsung lost track of their naming scheme as well lol. As a Samsung fan, I think Samsung needs to go through somewhat of a rebranding. They need to get a different name for the budget Galaxy devices and leave "Galaxy" for the high end devices no matter what OS it is..

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October 31, 2015
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Comments about this video:
+lSpace Bunnyl Relax you can get an Micro USB/HDMI adapter than enables you to connect from the phone to the device. There's also an adapter for standard USB ports. . +WYS By Adam Lash thank you for sparing few moments for me. Do printer need any of drivers Or simply plug in...♡.
+Wasim Pervez you don't need drivers usually. However, if you need them just download the printer plug in from hp or whatever make you have..

i want to get the LTE version but in you opinion is the processor performance of the LTE version is below that of the wifi version or there is no difference both are octa core. right.

For those that want the ultimate tablet for live shots and tethering to a DSLR, look no further. The Galaxy Tab S is AMAZING and blows every other tablet out of the water for this application!.

+Fahad Ibrahem I just recharge mine it still had 18% battery life left it took 4 hours exactly to fully charge it..

I have the octa-core model which is great for multitasking. the snapdragon on the lte version has better outright oomph for single applications. I still have my old tab 3 10.1 which I still use but is rather archaic compared to the tab s, they are world's apart in terms of performance and visuals. the super-amoled display is just gorgeous. I remember watching the Samsung video on the device as shown here and that along with the device's blistering speed won me over..
The only thing I don't like about it is that I cannot find a case for mine I know it doesn't crack easily but I still want a case for mine anyone know we're I can get one. +reempire888 That's a good deal, I paid 390 a few days ago, it was a limited offer and then the original came back (490, I've been really lucky) plus a refunding offer by samsung (50 Euros in my country if one by a Galaxy tab S) It makes 340, for that price I didn't hesitate, and thanks to some reviews my choice was the good one ^^.
Always makes me laugh when reviews ask users to "look at the beautiful colours on that screeen, how amazing is it". Reminds me of those TV adverts years ago where they seriously expected people to go out and buy a new TV because it looks amazing ON THEIR EXISTING TV'S!! Fuck me..
If you're considering this, then I'd revommend you upgrade to the Note pro 12.1. I use it as a tutor and teacher and the bundled Hanom office suite is excellent and I can do most everything I need to do and their compatible with MS Office. The only feature it lacks is the ability to have more than 1 file per application open at the same to copy paste between files. If you can't go with a Surface Pro 3, then the extra screen area of the 12.1 makes all the difference over the 10.1 I wish Samsung continued developing ghe 12.1 because it could be a perfect work tablet . I got an Air 2 over this. I don't even know why, my previous iPad was not great and this one isn't either. I loved my Samsung phones! (Have an S6 now) so will be looking into a new Tab within the next year.. The problem for Tab S 10.5 is battery. It takes 5-6 hours to recharge. one hour recharge less than 20%. Even you complete shot down the tab. The battery still gone within 2 days. i bring back to Samsung and they confirmed it is an issue which they cannot fix. I have other tabs made by Chinese band still better than this. I don't recommand this product. I hate this very much....
I just bought one within the last month and put in a 128gb micro card and today the hinged card slot holder would not close properly and the card would pop up,after many tries it finally stayed closed but i can for see in the not to distance future it will be a problem making the card unworkable unless I tape it down Samsung needs to do a better job on this as the tablet so far is great,too bad they cheaped out on this part..

it would be good if Samsung decided to make a samsung galaxy note 10.5 inches just like the tab 510. you just reviewed.

How does this compare with a Surface Pro please I specifically need to write notes by hand, and have my handwriting converted to text. Thank you.
Just bought mine last night and so far so great. I was gonna a get an iPad but there's so many things that Android offers that I really use so I went with this. It's everything I want and much more. . I have a Tab S (8.4 LTE version) and can honestly say it's by far the best tablet I have ever used. The screen is stunning. For those complaining about saturated colours you can switch different colour modes in settings to suit your taste. I wish reviewers would demonstrate this on their reviews! Build quality is superb too and battery life is very respectable. I highly recommend it. .
I do think the Samsung Galaxy S is the best Andriod tablet. Still also like Ipad Air. I have noticed the ipad sound is louder where the samsung sound is more stereo. You may want to try the Mercury browser and see if works better than the stock browser..

is there any high acurracy stylus for it except from the one with the rubber dome or disc on the nib i really have problem finding a stylus for it as it does not support s-pen.if there is any plz suggest.

Top tip: Don't fall asleep with it in bed like I did. I launched mine across the bedroom and into a cabinet when I woke and threw open my duvet so I could get up and take a midnight piss. The bezal is now hanging offne side but thankfully it still works..
the proper charger for this is the Samsung 5.3v 2.0amp model number EP-TA11UWE. my friend had the same trouble.. i no nothing about tablets at all but i do no a alot about phones but i think ill go for the tab s becasue the specs looks beast. How dit you do that the quality of the video is so clear I have a s5 but when I film is not the same thing. Can somebody tell me is the galaxy tab s 10.5 is waterproof cause stupid me when I was unboxing it I didn't read the paper that was inside.
Haha i'm only 12 but i'm getting one in a couple of days.. I've been using many type of phones for the last 3 years but never so amazing! 0.o i can't wait .

problem encountered since tablet updated to lollipop is it now no longer recognize 90 % of all the former USB and SD cards which use to use with the 10.5 samsung tablet after it upgraded from kitkat to the new lollipop, is there a work around or patch or a fix for this on kitkat all SD cards and USB's worked fine, but as soon as it updated to lollipop 90 % of all USB and SD cards are now not recognized, it is as though they were not even connected to the tablet, nothing is wrong with any of the SD / USB as they all still work on other devices as before, no viruses are on them as they are brand new from the shop many of them which were used on the tablet prior to the lollipop upgrade. have you come up with this problem before and is there a fix for this problem with lollipop .
Lolol. Yeah best buy discounts are great for certain things. I get zagg screen protectors for like 6 dollars. People who argue about plastic vs metal on a tablet are just plain stupid, every one I know almost never have a tablet without a protecting cover, because it can easily fall if you hold it wrong, unlike smartphones which don't need a cover all the time, this is where this argument is valid. But in tablets, all you need to know about design is the visual part (aka the colours, button and speakers arrangement, etc), and will it hold up in my hand or it will slip and break into million pieces..
Everyone is saying the iPad is better I don't know what to get. I'm leaning towards the iPad Air 1.

Hello Adam Great video/information on the Tab S. On sale at B/B now and will buy one soon. Quest. What Case/screen protector did you purchase for this tablet.
I have used many tablets, and currently I have Note Pro 12.2 and Nexus 7 2013. Note Pro 12.2 has the same CPU and the same amount of RAM as Tab S does, but web browsing is not a good experience on it, and that is why I am considering buying an iPad Air 2. Of course iOS has much more quality apps and games than Android has, but I DO NOT care, because I have realised most of the time I use some selection of apps. All apps I need are on Android, but the problem is that web browser is one of them and all browsers on Android lag compared to Safari. I tried Samsung's built-in web browser, Chrome, FireFox, Opera and many other small browsers that uses the Chrome engine. First, Samsung's is outdated because they only update 1 or 2 times a year and it will stop updating in 1 or 2 years. Samsung is a hardware company; they are not willing to support software that they cannot make money out of. This is a big problem because new web security threats keep appearing and faster. Samsung's has the reader mode which is the best among all Android browsers but still not as good as Safari's. There is no built-in dictionaries. Chrome lags. Since it is Chrome, it does support synchronisation and better security, but it lags. There is no reader mode (it has a hidden reader mode which has no options) or built-in dictionaries. FireFox is good (actually this is my default browser on Nexus 7) but it lags too. It has reader mode, but the reader mode is so bad. I have seen my exact complaint about the reader mode on their Jira site, which was about 1-year old and still there is no improvement. And I do not understand why there is no "Close other tabs". I had an iPad 3. I hated the body of it, because when I hold it it was heavy and the sharp edge hurt my palm. But Safari was smooth and it had the reader mode and built-in dictionary I desperately need.. I somehow managed to get my S2 to Android 4.1.2 using samsung kies.You can use cyanogenmod to select any android version you want.. Very nice video. Informative. Makes me decide to buy one soon. Just have a couple of questions. Does it support otg Can this read external hard drives If yes, how Thanks!.
Nice review, cheers. A couple of features mentioned there that I've not heard about, so many thanks :D.

+Lawrence Lepes..I heard it's the best screen on the market and the most expensive thats why other tablet makers don't use it cost's to much..
Dear all, I just bought a samsung galaxy tab S 10.5 today. I opened google chrome and watch a video. I felt that the area near and at the back of the samsung logo is hot. May I know is this normal or there is something wrong with this tablet I watched the same video using Ipad 2 and Ipad 2 has no heating issue at all. Can someone enlighten me on what should I do.
Hello, I have iPod classic and would it be possible to install iTunes and sync my iPod on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 If yes, how.
That is really nice tablet, my cousin bought a Galaxy Tab A tablet few Months ago, its really nice tablet too, for around 220$ i think at that time, but she bought another one for her mom, to take it back to Poland, and Got really nice Deal on it, for about 140$ with rewards and instant savings. But Looking at this one, its really cool and will last very long time with the power like 3gb ram and 16gb storage, i think the 8mpx camera on the back is the bigger seller. but the price point of this babe is still around 500$. Hard Pill to swallow tho :). I don't want to compare with iPAD Air 2 and tab S 10.5. They may come with 2 gigs of ram for iPad AIr 2 and 3gigs for tab s 10.5 but there is still the performance difference. I tried tab s 10.5 and ipad air 2 but I feel Air 2 is superior than Tab s 10.5... Finally concluded that hardware is not everything the thing is that OS matters most. Thanks for your video.. I just got this 2 days ago. For me its just for watching 4k videos. Its stunning for that. Other than that, its a slight improvement over the Pro Tablets. So if you have the cash just to enjoy some 4k videos go for it. If not stick with Pros.. cant decide if this or the nexus 9 :/ and im worried that i buy this and samsung trow a new one in 2 or 3 months. I love android but nexus devices seem to degrade too quickly, but you do get the tegra K1 chip in the nexus 9 and dual front facing speakers, besides that there's not much else.
I recently won a free Samsung galaxy tab s 8.4', and honestly I don't really like it to much... Here is what I noticed after two days of using it. Pros The Resolution does seem to be significantly better than the Ipad He's right it doesn't feel like cheap plastic and is really good feel Cons The battery life should be long, but due to the screen resolution sucking up too much power and background resources, it wastes a lot of energy The navigation buttons(the ones near the bottom) aren't really buttons, and they are rather sensitive, I find myself pressing them often when I don't mean to My new tablet broke after literally 2 days from a drop of ~3 foot, it seems like a common issue to, apparently, the tablet has a few key weak spots which can knock out the LCD connection easily. Its easily fixable, but opening it voids the warranty, and takes around a week for Samsung to fix. As for the camera, don't use a tablet's camera, you'll look like a dumbass..
Unless you've got an endless supply of money, the Tab Pro would be a much better option. They're practically the same, except the Tab S has a slightly better screen..
+Sloth from The Goonies how can it be more fast when they both have same cpu Tab s also more powerful with 3gb ram .
good morning / afternoon, i have 2 problems which have come up with using this tablet, i was wondering if you or someone would be able to assist me in this, on the home screen the top left image which has the time in it, that icon or picture, whatever you call it is now gone, at the 6:27 of this video you see it has the time and the picture of the green grass and blue skys and trees etc how do i get that image thing wit the time back on the home screen also the other problem is when i went to open a word / excel it gives you a choice of 2 or 3 alternative programs which to open that file, and you got the choice, once - always i accidentally touched "always" when i was meaning to go to "once" i went to touch it with pointer finger and other finger accidentally touched "always" is there a way to reverse this because also now since doing that i have nbot been able to alter the size of the thing that it opens up in, which means the other window is too thin to see and switching between other files etc doesnt switch like it use to, i wonder if there is a way to reverse the "always" selection. +WYS By Adam Lash it did the trick, but now the home screen has changed, dont know what happened, but now when you click the home button at the bottom middle of the tablet, instead of the original home screen, if you were to swipe the home screen from the right to the left, that "my library" "galaxy essentials" "galaxy gifts" webex, remote pc, hancome office etc, it has that as the home screen, not the other ive been trying and trying ( obviously missing something ) to try and get it to go back to the original home screen, but with Zero success what have i done wrong .
I bought this and it got a virus and it always blinks but unless you're willing to pay a lot then buy it no offense... Samsung is the best though.
Great video man. Question, I have the same tablet but my multitasking does not looks like urs. Any idea why Thanks a lot. Swipe down from the notification tray at the top and enable the button that says "multi-window".

November 25, 2015
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Comments about this video:

+Wen Liang I think 'better' is subjective. It depends on what you favor. I mean, if you're in a budget, your suggestion is really good. But if you're like me and prefers compactness, I would prefer this tab. Or maybe I'm super lazy..
My comment wasn't for people who is lazy and have money laying around. Its more for people who is looking to make a smart purchase. It was a good discussion none the less.. the only reason why I bought an HP laptop over this was because I needed steam in home streaming from my gaming machine. valve needs to release support for Android. +polyester axe He was probably referring to the fact that previous Lenovo laptops have often come with preinstalled malware/viruses. Rather than the OS.. Had the Yoga tab 2, lasted 3 weeks before the battery fell loose and I had to DOA it back. Now I'm thinking of this one, but only 2gb ram when it have a 1600p screen makes me wonder... Also the gpu inside is on par with Snapdragon 330, which is a last years model. And a SD 330 on a 1600p will suffer. So either this or I'll wait until Nvidia release their shield tablet with the X1 soc..
the only reason why I bought an HP laptop over this was because I needed steam in home streaming from my gaming machine. valve needs to release support for Android.

Yes very smooth.. strangely even more stable and smoothet than steam homestreaming or moonlight at laptop. I play now assassin creed syndicate, fallout 4 and starcraft 2 with smooth max setting gameplay. Of course ur pc must be powerful. I use nvidia 970..

bellissimo tablet e proiettore. peccato che dopo 10 giorni si è spento e non si acende.speriamo di risolvere dove l'ho comprato da media word. perché mi piace troppo come è fato e la.cosa più bella e il proiettore..
I am in love with yoga series,but never had one,can you do a international giveaway of this tablet.. Buy a separate one they better for quality and price. Some even include an android os and touch screen. Why does a company that has as ugly a logo as Lenovo, still place it right in the front Great review though. The tablet looks solid, but 2 gigs RAM sucks. Given the price, it should have been 3 or 4.. Is it me or does it look like hes having some 'personal' time at 1:58 Especially when hes also talking about when you 'don't have a free hand' LOL. Great professional review! The Tab 3 Pro is quite an interesting tablet and I hope consumers can appreciate its massive battery and kickstand..
Kinda disapointed. I usually like most of the Lenovo stuff. The same trick won't sell twice and adding projecting and hole in backstand won't fix it. On top of that 2gb ram is really hands down..
Lenovo Yogas have a big history with ghosting effects. My Thinkpad Yoga S1 has one of the worst displays ever made with ghost effects all over the place. Can't believe they still order this displays.. Loved it until they mentioned the processor and RAM. I've used the Atom and it's horrid, I'd rather a snapdragon on the 400 series (that's saying something). There should be no modern high end tablet with less than 3GB of RAM, especially with that screen resolution..
+Foxtrot November YES, the HTC One X is still great on gaming and apps because of the Tegra 3 and that game out in 2012. Shame Nvidia's processors never caught on like Qualcomm's did..
+Mike Saleh Not really, that's why people subscribed to the channel after all. edit: which doesn't mean I agree with what this guy said. I think this was a great review on a "meh" tablet.. $500 piece of crap, they can't even do the basic things right, better go with Nexus or ZenPad or iPad devices..
had a tab 2, was the worst screen ever. apparently lenovo sharpened then softened the screen. A stupid software mistake, which wrecked its experience for me and I returned it..
Ive been eyeing at this tablet... And it seems nice, and i agree with the reviewer... I think this would fit my content consumption and reading needs as i really use tablets for that... Need the battery and storage expansion too... But worried about the software... But i havent seen any great tablets for this year except for this one... I think the best tablets were still from last year....
+Jeremiah Anthony Reynaldo but companies need to fill niches hence why those standards you set in stone is just imaginary.
+assefa hanson that's true... But if you think about it, if it meets ur needs, then who says its not the best for 'you' right So it all depends on perspective, i believe... I personally would like to have the z4 tablet but it is pricey and they say that the apple ipad air 2 is the best but it doesnt fit my ecosystem... So this probably is the 'best' choice for 'me' or maybe the tab s2... Hehe. Strange coincidence. I've been eyeing this Tablet up since I saw news about it on the net and was looking for reviews. Thank you.. +Kam L I think an 18.4" Tablet is a bit big. Plus if it's released over here in the UK, I might have to remortgage the house to buy it..
+PhantomUnboxing You do know that the Lenovo who makes laptops are different from the Lenovo that makes smartphones, right.

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December 11, 2015
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November 11, 2015

Comments about this video:
Yes, another Samsung tablet...but this one is really interesting. I hope you enjoy this video, it's my longest 4K video yet. Give YouTube sometime to process. Thanks for your support!. I have the same tablet the only thing I find annoying is even when you make the text size largest the words are still small .
+Mark Davis Thanks. My SD card arrived today: Samsung 64 gb, and got it for less than £15!. Quite happy about that. Now I am becoming satisfied the hardware is all working properly, I will get into the software and tweaking stuff. It does seem a bit laggy, but others have mentioned that too. Most of the apps that came with it, cannot be uninstalled - only disabled, and so I won't be able to really optimise it for a couple of years as "rooting" voids warranty apparently. Still on the learning journey with it as it's my first android device. Regarding word size...yeah, it's made me realise I may need glasses, as web browsing has me squinting some what, and the zoom feature doesn't work with all web pages. That is, until I discovered the accessibility options, where you triple tap and zoom in on any page, or triple tap and hold and it will unzoom when you release. Very useful, although I can't double tap to pause a video when that is enabled. Lots to learn! :).

While here, for those of you that don't like the nibs for snapping the case on, I was able to remove those with a belt sander..
Hi Mike, you actuallysound a bit like Mike from Crazy Mikes Apps. I meant to say that last time I watched this video. Well, depends on the software you need. iPad tends to have a better app selection in education. . +20k subs without a single video! hey, i own bouth tablets s ans s2. the s2 is a little bit faster but it cost much more than s1. i would recommend tab1.
Wow. A 32 minute review. Great. I went to the store and handled one today. $350 at Best Buy plus 10% tax and a $10 disposal fee. About $395 out the door. Now if I could just figure out how to use the complicated device..

+poisonr. Thanks for pointing that out. Here is the link:

+poisonr. The website shows they are for sale at $199, but when I check the stores online, they are not available. Deceptive advertisement..
I would like to know, which one would be better for gaming, the Tab S 8.4, or the Tab S 10.5 I would like to get the 10.5 inch, but is that good for gaming, or is the screen size to big I currently have the Galaxy tab 3 8.0.. +Brandon Tarabocchia. You can carry the 8" in a side pocket of Mil Spec pants. The 10" is a bit bigger. You're going to pay $100 more for the 10"..
+Daniil Koliesnikov didn't see you where talking about the Tabs and Tab Pro. Thought you we're on about iPad Air 2 and TabS my bad.
Ugh I thought this was a higher tier model so I went for it. Had it for a while now and I keep experiencing crashes/reboots or resprings as they're known to Apple users. I guess I noticed it mostly starting with Snapchat. Going to chat or taking a picture would cause my device to crash. I get weird banding across the screen that flashes briefly before it crashes.I uninstalled it but still having the device crash when I'm doing a lot of things. Not a scratch a thing, it's a bummer to think it should just work and it isn't. Dunno how to troubleshoot this.
I have the same problem as you, did you already tried to reset it I did it once and didn't work anyway....
Ha, I actually need to look at that one. Can't fully review it however since I don't have an Nvidia gaming PC laying around ;).
+DetroitBORG You don't necessarily need to do that, I mean you can use the Grid Beta to stream games on it instead, but you could also review it without stream and just the games in the android market and also games optimized for it like Trine 2 OR uhm use the controller to play normal android games. I dont know, hope I helped!.
Sony xperia z2 tablet, z3 compact, iPad Air 1st gen, Samsung galaxy tab s, nexus 7 or nvidia shield I will mostly be using it to surf the web, watch videos and movies is about all that I do. What should I get from the choices about.
Xperia z2 tablet all the way ! Perfect in gaming (no lag) waterproof(surfing in web while you in a bath tub)trillunious x reality display !.
Hi! I really love your reviews. Please make a review of the newest samsung tablet which is the samsung tab s2. This way I can decide if I will be getting the tab s or the tab s2. Thanks a lot and more power!.
I need ur opinion: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 White with gold trim, or Titanium Silver with silver trim (the Titanium silver version is available in europe).

Hi sir please reply me as soon as possible.. i have tab s 8.4 lte and i have some issues with my tablet 8.4 tab s lte version and note it sir this is not duplicate or cloned version tablet.. this is genuine original tablet and also with (2 YEAR SAMSUNG WARRANTY)when i sign in my gmail acconut in playstore in tab s 8.4 and i got message you have signed in TAB S 10.5 this is my problem i have 8.4 tab s but i get mail from gmail your signed in 10.5..Y this tell wrongly Pls reply as soon sir thnx...
Hi, someone has noticed a kind of grey scale in shadow areas ( when sliding on home screen) My amoled screen has some pb or its normal it looks like weird when i take a picture in dark by putting my hand on the photo hole, on apps like netflix, the home screen is so over black colored, the dark circle is so bright, looks like a screen malfunction. If only the smaller Samsung tablets had s-pen capabilities. Perfect size but missing something so desirable. Hopefully future models include that feature..
That's the same thing I'm wondering. If I should wait for iPad mini 4 or for iPad Air 3 to come out so 2 is cheaper or buy this, especially with IOS 9 coming out soon! I have an iPhone and love it but I would really like to try an Android product and I like how I can have more space on this tablet for $30+ more verses having to pay $100 more for space on an Apple product. This is a hard decision 😩.

Hello Could you please review the lollipop update in galaxy tab s 8.4 in the same way as you did in galaxy s6 edge. It was fantastic. I heard some folks saying that lollipop update in galaxy tab s 8.4 doesn't use octa cores efficiently as it did in kitkat. Please help me out with these and all other suggestions you have about that lollipop update. Thanks :-) .
Hey when I turn off my tab 4 this preview stars playing its like the product preview and I dont know how to remove it help!!! .
I hope soo i mean i feel so sad for being an idiot i mean why did they even make something like the Tab 3 My brothers RCA $40 tablet beats mine in every possible way..

Not the fastest tablet on the market but good lord the amoled display looks so good. Perfect if you primarily use tablets for movies/videos when you have a meal. .
+cheechwizard1000 Thanks I'm looking for a tablet for watch netflix when I'm in my bed and read comics This is the one I was thinking in iPad (just for the screen) but I'm not sure looking for this I think so. Is amazing for comics Because I really thinking on get it :).
Give both a try and see which you like more. For comics I would definitely give the tab s 10.4 a try. it's very light weight, so your arms won't start aching. I like the 8.4 as it's easier to carry around. I'm also running TWDetox v.3.0 rom which is like the firmware on the galaxy S6. basically all the bloat ware is removed so it's really zippy.. the screen is really beautiful, but try a few different tabs and see which suits your needs more. I did that and decided on the tab s 8.4.
I love this tablet, runs smooth. I mainly use it to play games and watch Netflix. Goes great if u get one of those notebook sorta cases with it to prop it up..
which is better tab pro or tab s please reply quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!.
Great video!!! gave me a great insight into Samsung galaxy tab s. Ordered mine can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the advice .
Hi, Do you have some feed back dealing with the burn in display issue on this tab Thanks for the answer.
buying my first tablet. will this model allow me to get a data plan from lets say Rogers and run that.
As an apple user, I'm honestly getting a little bored with it. But I keep going back to it for their apps, iTunes (especially now with iTunes Music. I buy music a lot and it's useful to just have all the music I want for $10 a month), and I like generally like Apple products but I'd like to explore more. I've had two ipods and one iPhone (which was a gift). Is it worth it purchasing this over an iPad Mini I like both and they're basically the same price (I'm referring to iPad mini 2 32gb which is about $370 online. This is $397 on Amazon) but I'm already used to apple and I love iTunes music and could sync between iPad and iPhone which would be very convenient. I'm not planning on having wireless data. Just want a wifi version. I'm also considering getting a refurbished Samsung tab 4 for $89 as that could be a nice trial run for a tablet. and I've been interested in it since last year. Edit: I want something portable for reading, using a bluetooth keyboard, playing games occasionally. Nothing big, occasional SongPop or Candy Crush..
If you root this device and activate developers options and check mark, ''mock locations'' and you can also turn off animations and its VERY FAST and especially if you dump Touch Wiz and install Nova Supreme, NO LAG whatsover and scores over 50k in Antutut..
DetroitBORG can i ask you please: where do you get all the money to buy ALL the phones and tablets O_O.
+Drn Montemayor well its a different case. Its a case to case basis. Or maybe DetroitBORG is just really that rich. The fact that he has a Dodge, a Lincoln and a big house says it all.. Good Day DetroitBORG! How was your experience on the tablet Is the battery life good enough Did you experience many lags or should I say is it a lagger tablet. I am very curious why Samsung put the speakers at the lower sides. I have used GT 10.1, GT 3 10.1, Nexus 10, GN Pro 12.2, and all of them had speakers at the upper sides. What possible reasons could there be Did the designers just forget where the power button was I wish Samsung and other tablet manufactures would pay more attention to speakers. Some say "just use headphones or a Bluetooth speaker" but headphones hurts your ears and getting the right stereo position with a Bluetooth speakers is difficult if you constantly change your positions (e.g, holding the tablet over your head, etc). Sound quality really makes difference whether you are watching movies, YouTube, or listening to music, or even playing games. I would say, it is one of the most important aspect of a tablet. Among the tablets I have used so far, iPad 3 had the best sounding speaker. The only downside was that it was a mono speaker. That was worse than you might think, because when you watch a movie, the sound sort of comes from one side, as if one of your stereo speakers is broken..
+Jeong-hun Sin I have the iPad Air 2 and it has nice speakers but the sound resonates throughtout the entire tablet so the whole device vibrates when i try to place any videos. The Nexus 7 (2013) is one of the best tablets for the buck imo.The Nexus 9 or 10 is better if you can afford it but you cant beat the price on the Nexus 7 (2013)..

I ordered 1 of these on Friday and the delivery guy dropped my parcel off this morning! I opened up the parcel to find a Galaxy Tab 4 in the box!! Damn you Vodafone! Now I have to wait till Thursday for them to correct their f*** up 😠.

I own an iPad mini 2 now but I'm wondering if I should get the tab s. I'm using note 4 also..

picked mine up yesterday. one of the best tablets on the market at the moment. the gorgeous screen will take your breath away..

+Fazrie Azrai Yes and I have 128GB USB stick that I use for big files. I have 32 GB micro card but many things I don't like to keep on TAB so use the USB stick./ Also a 500 GB on the west Digital HD works with the OTG cable..
Had been using this and i said its so amazing.the size, the resolution and its android.battery last longing.and i can read manga like a real manga book.the white leather is beautiful and the sleek design is just fantastic.nothing to complain about.i had other tab too but this is so far the best.Best of all its a phone too.i can still conference when my colleague when phone battery die, while working on my project using the tab, using multi window to acess my work and the chrome.and if i really wan to complain something i would say theres no pen.but easily solve by buying a third party pen.. The Tab S, it is much more powerful and has a better display than the Tab 4. But i do think do Tab S is more expensive than the 4..
I use TWDetox v3 It give you that pure Galaxy S6 experience.. basically minus all the samsung bloat. super fast and stable. :).

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Comments about this video:

I need help please. I got a Tab 4 10.1 as a present, but I took it back because of two faults and two issues. When the brightness was set to low or lowest, I noticed a slight flickering which was irritating when using in a dark room, and the sandisk card kept dismounting with "damaged sd card" messages. The two issues were: I found it awkward to hold as my thumb ended up being on the screen when I held it, and I also found the return button difficult to find in a dimly-lit room leading to several prods in trying to find it (it was the black model). Anyhow, I was going to pick my own Tablet, but my Mother insists I have to get a Samsung :-/ Seeing as I have a book cover for this device, I might go ahead and order another one of these. I will put up with the non-lit return/recent buttons, and the awkwardness of holding it, but I would like to know if anyone else has noticed the brightness flicker when set to low. If that's an issue with all the Tab 4's, I won't want one. Please could anyone let me know if you too have this annoying flickering when set to low. Thanks alot..
+Dave Thompson well my tablet seems to work perfectly for me i havent notice anything flickering because i had it for almost 2 years and always use it in the night and but i will check it on 0 brightness to confirm what you told me. Finally decided to buy a tablet, so I won't have to carry the laptop to meetings and other events. Should be here by tomorrow and can't wait to see how the experience will be.. I have a question. I have a lot of saved emails in my email account, if I connect my account to Samsung mail, will the emails be taking up space on the drive And also, how much space do apps like Netflix and Spotify consume Thank you. :). Netflix and Spotify don't consume that much memory in the tablet (each is less than around 500 MB or so anyway). If you're talking about RAM, not much either. I still ran it smoothly while I used Spotify, Google Chrome and Google Sheets at the same time.. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. So what do you do about space if the tab starts to lose space for apps.
Could i ask how secure USB port cause i have a Kindle fire has a bad USB port fell off it's so weak hooked up to the motherboard after while rendering Tablet useless..
I bought this for Christmas and I'm having one little problem. Everytime I lock the tablet it gives me an Samsung animation and it's taking up my battery. If anyone knows how to turn this off can you please help me out..
I am using the Samsung tab 4 10.1 and it is really good! the only problem is battery and resolution (for me).
+Γιώργος Πατσέλης Does yours flicker slightly on lowest brightness setting Thinking about taking mine back and hopefully getting the next model up that has the 5mp camera, as 3 is just too low..
AHAHAAHAHAAH I have a nook tablet from. I'm 16 and gonna save up to get this when I get a job..

When I went to the camera settings, front cam says it 1.2mp (1280x960).. It was supposed to be 1.3mp right :(.
+Anja Radic No,you don't get a pen.If you want a pen buy the Samsung Galaxy Note Series.(Not the phones,the tablets). today I went too Bestbuy and pick one up Samsung Tab 4 10.1 believe me or not it cost me only $275. why is getting so cheaper is something coming out better then this I like it and all.
+Raghda Obeidat SUre, if you like to watch movies, there is nothing better at this price! You can see on that website (FR) that she is one of the best under 300€
Invest in an iPad I owned one of these androids tablets from Samsung and I can assure you Apple has better tablets...wayyyy better . is the tab pro 10.1 worth the upgrade since its like 100euro more or the tab 4 is good enough. I have this tablet in black color and thats also 10.1 inch this tablet is very good the price are good and this is very big.
This peice of crap keeps restarting itself...and its definatley not a VIRUS because I scanned and there was none...I personaly think its their crappy battery! I cant even watch a video or browse the web before it FREEZESES up and RESTARTS is going on I SHOULD OF STUCK WITH SONY!!!!.

I'd recommend the 7 inch version if you're into buying the Tab 4 products, because it has the best pixel density compared to other Tab 4', so reading is more pleasant..

+Maria D. Ts. I have one, excellent for reading, don't buy 7 inch tablets for reading, you will regret, trust me.

+Karl Official​ just kidding +Vince penamante/ pinkypoop444 in minecraft​ I was just kidding everyone.
hey detroitborg i have a quick question i have the same tab as this. one but i dont have the shortcuts option in lock screen do you why .
It only works if u put on swipe for unlocking your lock screen.It probably doesn't come becuz u have a pin lock or password lock or yea.

Getting me the samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1 Thursday got mines at game stop for $179.00 plus tax and shipping total price $189.00.

+Oscar Banks sorry but it does not have a touch id if u want touch id den u need a samsung galaxy tab s.
uk price is £189 thinking I will Buy this large screen good for watching films and tv thanks great Review..
Hey buddy, very good review! I was thinking on buy this tablet just for edit some documents meanwhile I'm out of my house, so what about the performance Is good enough for docs edition Thxs, I appreciate any info ;). Greetings from Colombia! .
I just purchased one of these. I was told to erase the tablet and load "Cyanogenmod 12". Should I do that They said it was better than the Samsung interface. Thanks..
Does it heat up very quickly How about games, is this tablet good for it or will i have some issues with it Im debating between this tablet or a lenovo yoga 2 wich one should i buy .
Hey Mike, I just wanna say that I really love your videos 'cause they are detailed, sophisticated, informative and professional. You're like working for TechnoBuffalo, PhoneArena, AndroidAuthority, etc. P.S: Will you be doing a review for the S-View Flip Cover for the Note 3 because I'm deciding to get it for my Note 3..
Thank You Juan! I am planning a review of the S-View for the S5, but I'm afraid the Note 3 is a bit of old news now so I am not considering a review of that cover at this time. .

Yea, I have this tablet and the sound is excellent, the screen resolution could be higher tho, but it's still not bad :).

+brian tylor You're not understanding though. It may not be important to you. BUT it's going to be important to someone else. .

Just saying... There's a sticker on the home button too. I got this exact tablet 2 months ago AND JUST realized after watching this video there was a sticker on the camera... -_-.

How do i get samsung tab 4 to read out text for example email, text message or a website. i normally use iphone which is possible can this be done on android.
Great review. I have this tablet and looking to use in to travel to Europe. Can you tell me if this table is compatible with a 3G modem. Why do the never surf the web on these dumb things like that isnt the most important thing with a tablet, if I just play around with the homescreen, same homescreen as All the other tabs what does that really show me, they dont attempt to open multiple pages, loads videos/multi task or show you anything about how well the tablet handles thi gs.... +Jay Ben Me too I got it and connection to wifi and internet was easy,but actually mastering the touch screen is all new so I need a guide for that.Real basic typing,swiping etc. I can do very little just out of the box.What do you recommend to learn how to use the galaxy touch screen Thanks.. The most ridiculous part of all these unboxing videos is the review insist to show you the pointless paperwork and the charger/usb cable. Why The prolong the pain. Seriously how many people are expecting earbuds with tablets.
Don't waist your money on this product I have owned one the screen flickers charger takes away charge and doesn't charge sometimes cheap build save your time I already have 9 pages of documents for it so get a iPad much more better.

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Comments about this video:

+Dallas Dal Only a moron buys a tablet solely to watch videos. A tablet is much more than that. Not to mention that Apple always used such aspect with success..

+Charles Alden I know about remix OS, its amazing. But as far as tablets go, I picked up a surface 3..

+MobileTechReview I'm not sure if you know the answer, but is the tab s2 oled display as good as an oled TV display, of course it's smaller, but does it have the good refresh rates and depth I think oled phones are great, but never would I say an oled phone looks as good as an oled TV.. Not even close actually. But tab s2.
+david simpson Well if you can find a TV with a OLED display and for under 10 grand it very well should be.. I agree, it's a wonderful Android tablet. I now have an 8" Samsung Tab S2, 32GB with a 200GB SanDisk Mini SD card, Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB and a Lenovo Thinkpad 8 4GB 128GB with a 128GB SanDisk Mini SD Card. I also just got a new Xiaomi MiPad 2, it came free with the purchase of my new phone, The Xiaomi MiNote Pro, Snapdragon 810, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 5.7" 2K display. Which by the way is just a fantastic phone for 450 dollars, so much so that I would even take it over say a Samsung S6. Anyway, I was pretty sure I would be selling the MiPad until I got to use it, it's hands down the best 8" Windows tablet out today, not only is it surprisingly quick, Atom Z8500 chip but the 2K display is really just gorgeous, even gives the Tab S2's display a run for it's money which is hard to do as it is hands down the best display you can get right now in a tablet, yes, even the iPad. I highly recommend Xiaomi products in general, their well built, look great, lot's of add-ons and are well priced.. MY God those bezels. Were they that big for the last generation because I do not think so nor remember.. Ouch 4:3 is so horrible for anything video... god dammit.. aren't people using tablets for video like 80% of the time. Possibly the best tablet Samsung ever made. The change in the aspect ratio was also a great change, because it makes it more functional, since you're not watching videos all the time and it makes web surfing, gaming and working much more natural..
Not crazy about gigantic tablets so I'd probably opt for the 8. Also, Samsung is wrong about battery life. What's the point of having a mobile device if you're chained to a power outlet.
And yet my Tab A 9.7 averages 14-15 hours of screen on time (100% - 5%), as a "budget" device. How disappointing that the "premium" device can't even stay powered on for HALF the time. As I type this, my Tab A is currently only at 60% after 6 and a half hours. I also noticed that the speakers are worse (quieter and slightly tinier) than the Tab A as well. Maybe this whole "thin & light" trend isn't what it's cracked up to be. You're sacrificing function for form just for the sake of keeping up with the Apple-dashians.... +mark choletti The battery can last longer than that. This is as long as you monitor the WiFi on your device..
Unfortunately the Tab A looks and feels to cheap for us TAB S2 owners to compromise. My little Tabs S2 8" constantly gets 12 hours of battery so I can with go the extra 2 hours of battery for what I'm getting with the Tab S series. It's just a better tablet all way around, especially the display in which I honestly couldn't use the Tab A because of how bad the display is and that resolution of 1024 x 768 with it's paltry ~132 dpi feels like it went the way of the dinosaurs but some scientist figured out how to bring a few back to life. Spin it which ever way you want my friend but no one here wants your tablet, especially one with a Snapdragon 400 CPU. You would be better off buying the Samsung 7.7 from 5 years ago as it's a much better tablet. Samsung is notorious for releasing absolute crappy low - mid end tablets. You should return it and buy a Xiaomi MiPad 2, not only is it much faster, has a 2K display, much, much better build quality but it is also cheaper at 200 dollars..
Great review! Can you use the IGN app on landscape mode I would like to see if there's a difference with the Tab S 8.4 that being a 16:10 one you just can use said IGN app in landscape mode. Thanks!.
I've had a Nexus 7 2013 tablet for almost 2 years and plan to upgrade. After watching this review I don't know what to think. The bad battery life and the 4:3 aspect ratio seem like a big turn off. So far my tablet is looking pretty nice by comparison. I hope the galaxy view is good. I might soon be looking for an android tablet with great battery life, fast and smooth performance, a 16:9 aspect ratio, a micro SD card slot, a great design. Any recommendations.

hi Lisa nice review as always. slightly off topic but I wandered if you could answer a couple of questions & steer me in the right direction. I've been using the note pro 12.2 since its launch & use the note 4 phone. I'm thinking of jumping ship to apple because I'm getting frustrated with android with nowhere to turn for help. problem is I use s note everyday as my diary on my phone but I can't share them on my tablet. I can't share my notes via email with friends because it keeps asking them for a password & I don't know it. I've tried clearing the data but it didn't work. now I want to learn to draw. I use my tablet for movies (can't streem them onto the TV as it's so hard with Samsung ), reading, surfing, taking notes & writing & YouTube & now I want to draw. what do you recommend I do latest apple or Samsung tablets how can I seemlessly share my files from 1 device to another like s note. I hear that anything I start on 1 apple device would be waiting on the other device. is this true & why can't samsung do this could you do a video about these questions for me please I'm sure there's loads of people who have these same questions but are afraid to ask. many thanks.

The problem isn't with the tablet it's self but with TouchWiz. TouchWiz is the greatest culprit for those jumping ship to iOS. Before you go off and buy an iPad try replacing TouchWiz with another Android version like Cyanogmod 12.1. I'll post the link at the end to the site that can help you do this. CM 12.1 is a fantastic OS and will breath new life into you Tab Pro 12.2, which by the way is still a fantastic tablet. Not only will you get back more than a gigabyte memory as TouchWiz just gobbles that stuff up like it's an all you can eat Buffett but CM 12.2 will also remove all of those useless Samsung apps. I also recommend installing a new launcher called Smart Luncher Pro 3, it's absolutely fantastic and will improve you experience 10 fold. As promised -> and this
Whenever i need to buy new gadgets, I will come to this channel. Lisa do help me to buy my HP Spectre x360 and now I am considering to buy this tablet. How does the first one compare to this Seems pretty cool, but I don't know if it's worth the money when the first one seems quite good.
+Miguel Alejandro Vergara Performance-wise, the S2 is much better, with no lag or slowdown, no matter what you throw at it. The S can't match the performance of its successor, obviously, with its newer processor and internal architecture..

Hi. In terms of speakers sound quality and loudness which is better between this and the iPad Mini 3 or Asus Zenpad S 8.0.

I will tell you that the tab s2 is better but no one buys Samsung tablets because they are laggy and bad when you use them for a lot of time I would say buying an iPad is better 📱.

Hi Lisa is this tablet worth buying i just bought this tab s2 my first tablet i wana know is this worth it.
hate how anything bad with it she says ipad air is better. Why not say what areas it beast the ipad in Why not tell us the iPad does not have an SD slot Isn't storage one of the most important things Why not say you can get a 128GB microSD card for about $15 on ebay Only when it falls short to ipad to you compare. This is so slanted. Unfair. People can't trust you. How about saying it's impossible to navigate with ipad air and ipad mini No matter what aps you use. I just returned my ipad mini 4 because no navigation. All Android devices memorize the route so no wifi needed, or use hotspot. Can't do that with i-anything..
I just got one. I came over from Apple. I like my galaxy. It's nice and light, and has a great picture. I prefer it over my ipad air.thing makes my ipad air feel like a weapon, it's so heavy and sharp edged. Im glad I discovered android because now I'm not stuck chained to apply and thir bullshit..

For the specs and performance it'd definitely great. I just got one today which is great. As for battery if it's getting you close to 7 hrs that's pretty good. If someone needs 14 hrs sitting watching Netflix you need a better hobby lol. Overall pretty good tablet.
Hey Lisa, excellent review as always. Everyone seems to be overlooking some of the negative issues with this tablet though. The camera flash has been removed (the Tab S had it last year), the IR port has been removed (last year's featured it), the NFC has been removed (last year's featured it) the Wi-Fi model lacks a vibration motor, and the AnTuTu test I ran on the 8.0 didn't even manage to surpass the OnePlus One let alone last year's Galaxy Note 4. I'm somewhat curious as to what your thoughts were about these things. While I personally didn't care, the fact that Samsung is charging such a high price and actually (in some cases) providing less than the original Tab S is something that came across as cutting corners yet not passing any of the savings onto the customer. I had actually thought Samsung might have a real premium tablet up its' sleeve for IFA, namely a Galaxy Tab Edge. In reality, the Tab E is the Galaxy J series, the Tab A is the Galaxy E series, and the Tab S2 is the Galaxy A series. So where is the true S-class product : ( Anyway, great job as usual. I always look forward to watching your new reviews!. +Matthew Benson It's a tablet. Virtually no one cares about NFC, the IR blaster, or camera flash on a tablet. They don't define the "S" category, in the same way that the note 5 not having IR blaster is no less of a Note. The market leader does not have it and it doesn't matter. A display that no one else can produce, not even Apple, matters, along with finally smooth performance that previous year's Tab S didn't have. And yeah, I'll gladly pay $200 extra. It's fine if you think it's not worth it... but I do. That's pretty much the definition of a premium product. You cannot really compare the Tab S2 with anything Asus produces for cheaper.. +Matthew Benson... I totally agree with your argument. In many ways, the tab s2 is a downgrade from the original tab s. However, many of those features like infrared, aren't used on a day to day basis, or sometimes at all in a typical home. Maybe Samsung was trying to save money by avoiding putting all these features into a tablet. But still, the missing flashlight in the back is a huge disappointment..
The placement of the speakers is silly. It should have been placed on the longer side of the tablet so as to get a wider sound when one is watching videos, instead of it coming out from the side. Other than that big error, this tablet is definitely tempting. i'm gonna toss aside my first and last iPad for good. Can't stand the absence of a memory card slot and not being able to watch my own videos whilst storing it in its limited memory. And you need to pay much more per gig for internal storage on the iPad than a memory card as well. Thanks for the review. Very comprehensive. :).
Are you able to connect the s2 to a mobile hotspot Say, my phone So I can just use the data plan on my phone Someone told me this feature isn't available on the S2....
I didn't know she did the note 5 review, I guess I'll skip this video and go check out the note 5 review.
+liandriunreal Depends on what your goals are, if you're planning on using the tablet as productive machine. Well I would get the Tab S2 with it's keyboard case accessory as well as a 128GB Mini SD Card. If my goal was strictly content consumption, well the iPad Air 2 all the way. However mark my words, iOS as a work computer just absolutely sucks. First, iOS doesn't allow it's users to change the default apps, next deal with files in iOS is horrid, just absolute horrid, any OS that requires it's apps to manage their own files and doesn't store it's files in a central area is not is not a professional system. You cannot run 98% of the apps in the Apple Store in the background and only about 100 apps support dual app view. External display support is probably the worst I have ever seen from any laptop or computer on the market today. IOS cannot display it's desktop in either the native resolution or aspect ratio of your monitor, iOS doesn't support extending the desktop...contunued.
+Charles Alden...the DPI is huge on the external monitor and looks comical without any means to change it like in ANdroid. Which does support you monitor's native resolution and aspect ratio. Does support extending the desktop, does support adding a USB external monitor, can change the DPI to reflect that of a normal desktop, etc. Don't be fooled by someone who tells you that the iPad is the ultimate tablet, it's not. It has it's strengths and weekness's like anything else or Apple would be absolute and people would never buy a Tab S2 at the at the same price. Also don't be fooled when these people say they're aren't any apps. I'm running the exact same apps on my Tab S2 8" that I'm running on my iPad Mini 4, they even look the same. With over a million apps in the Google Play Store, people who say there aren't any apps, are lying to you! All of the main stream apps are available and are optimize for tablets. So it all depends on what your goals are, I would go for the Tab S2..

I bought the 8 inch mainly for Real Racing 3 since IPad getting cranky and has to be erased about every 2 months. S2 poor on game. Lots of broken line on Indy track. AnTuTu at 3 up from bottom in comparison. 3d Mark very poor. My Note 5 beats S2 in every test big time. Very disappointed in S2.
+Chris Devine I enjoy holding my Tab S 10.5 very much. Never thought that some cheap aluminium would improve it. In the end, I only care what the device does for me.... same processor as in the note 4 couldnt they of at least of given it the one in the note 5 or galaxy s6. Most people don't like the out dated 4:3 format, can't watch movies properly on that format. Looks like I'm not replacing my Asus Transformer TF701t for a long time and will only replace it if it stops working..
Don't be ridiculous, there are still plenty of Android tablets that use the 16:9 aspect ratio. The Sony Z series for instant, which consists of the Z1, Z2, Z3 Compact and new Z4 are fantastic tablets. Also, 4:3 is not archaic, it's just an aspect ratio, not actual technology. 4:3 is also great for a lot of purposes, your's seems to be more in line with someone who likes to consume media. Which is fine but saying that 4:3 is archaic because you don't see the value in it is just plain silly. If you read more, especially magazines, 4:3 would be a better respect ration for you, if you worked more with MS Office or other productivity apps, 4:3 is great, etc. Actually, the reason why more and more manufactures are going with 4:3 is that 16:9 is really only good for one thing and that's media, games don't need it, apps in general look better in 4:3, so buy a 200 dollar Nvidia Shield for your films and than grab a much nicer tablet for everything else..
Samsung has a huge fail here in the Tab S2. Worse battery life, horrible 4:3 screen with lower resolution (ugh, really), and uses last year's Note 4 processor and graphics (Adreno 420). This all equals laziness by Samsung. Their gamble failed and they lost a lot of their loyal customers this year.. whats the best newest tablet for a 1st time tablet user who wants to use for photography / you tube / movies and just general browsing and can put my 3.0 2tb hard drive in... please help I am photographer not a cpmputer geek.
Should I go for the Tab S2 8" or 9.7" Want to use it for a little bit of everything but mostly for reading ebooks. "PPI doubts". Help, please... ☺.
Go for the 8", you'll absolutely love the size. I would also look at the new MiPad 2 from Xiaomi or Asus ZenPad 8 (the one with 4GB of memory and 2K resolution) both of these tablets are cheaper and just as good as the Samsung, even better in a lot regards..
I like the Samsung tabs s2 but because it's very light and portable it's not quite powerfull. like when I search something on the Google play store it takes so long to load the pictures of every app..
That's TouchWiz, not the tablet hardware. I installed CynogenMod 12.2 on mine and couldn't be happier. Over 1GB of memory was freed up for apps and everything now runs virtually lag free. Loose TouchWiz it will be the best thing you do this week.. Wish it came with adaptive fast charger that my Note4 came with. My carrier said not to use fast charger with the S2..
I think that the black bars might sometimes add to the experience. If you look on the bright side,its like watching a movie so... yeah I'll definitely get used to this, might take a while but hey its still cool! :D.
I have the tab pro 8.4 but want to upgrade to tab s2 with amoled display. my s6 edge plus has a beautiful amoled display and I miss that on my tablet. I also think it's less strain on the eyes.. +Ed Tamez Super high res displays on pricey smart phones is overkill they're more suited to devices like the 9.7 inch S2. The display on the S2 is brilliant..
Lisa is the best tech reviewer hands down before any major tech buy I have to have her stamp of approval.
Headphone Jack at the bottom was a big mistake. I cannot stand my S2 tablet in portrait mode with the headphone connected. Samsung probably did it on purpose so they have an excuse to make a new "S3 tablet", so we pay again for a new tablet next year.. Wow, I mean just... Wow. I mean it doesn't matter how you hold it as it's a friggen tablet with a 360 degree rotating display. Really dude..

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November 7, 2015

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Maybe ask samsung if there will be an option to calibrate the screen or get profiles. The default torch mode of all AMOLED that Samsung offers are pretty much eye cancer for me..

How can you ever ask if it better than a SP 4 - 4GB Ram - Core m - Shitty stand - Only one port It's more like a iShit pro 2.

Intel Core M Dual Core and 4GB RAM How is this better than a Surface Pro 4 with 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7 Strange...

+¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the battery on the SP4 drains faster because of the higher resolution. USB 3.1 Type C can also power Dockingstations with Ethernet, several USB Ports, Hdmi... And you don't have to buy it from Samsung. .

+Apfel Schorle Again, can't break physics. 1 USB 3.1 port, while new, doesn't compete with on-board video out and the far more versatile and backwards compatible usb 3.0 port on top of docking options. What Samsung is offering competes with an ipad and is not appealing to prosumers..
+BaalMan96 Samsung Tablet: 12 inch 216ppi display, 6,3mm thick, 693g, 40 Wh battery, no SD card slot, LTE optional, pen optional, keyboard included, no kickstand, USB 3.1 Type C with fast charging... SP4 core m: 12,3 inch 267ppi display, 8,4mm thick, 766g, 38 Wh battery, SD card slot, no LTE optional, pen included, keyboard optional, kickstand, Fullsize USB 3.0... Both tablets have advantages and disadvantages..
+DEATH I think its bcoz Samsung want to make it thinner. Core M processor doesn't need a fan for cooling. of course, you cannot compare it to i7 in term of performance..

Stop trying to make touch screen on anything but a tablet/phone work..Just stop. It adds a lot of cost and isn't functional..

My surface pro 3 has better specs than this, let alone surface pro 4. It's a shame you're resorting to clickbaiting..

ONE PORT. "No thanks" doesn't do this justice. I think the more appropriate phrase would be "fuck off, Samsung.".

+Omer Anwar Samsung Tablet: 12 inch 216ppi display, 6,3mm thick, 693g, 40 Wh battery, no SD card slot, LTE optional, pen optional, keyboard included, no kickstand, USB 3.1 Type C with fast charging... SP4 core m: 12,3 inch 267ppi display, 8,4mm thick, 766g, 38 Wh battery, SD card slot, no LTE optional, pen included, keyboard optional, kickstand, Fullsize USB 3.0... Both tablets have advantages and disadvantages..
+paradoxdesigns Sexy If you think huge bezels and poor performance is sexy, then I think samsung's going down the right path..
Until Microsoft can fix Windows' shitting scaling beyond 1440p, it's asinine to put 1440p and especially 2160p or TRUE 4k ( 4096xwhatever) on a sub 25" ( for 1440p) or sub 32" (for 2160p) screen. You have to raise the dpi scaling to AT LEAST 175% or more JUST to be able to read text regardless of how good your vision is and even if you're eyes are fucking 10 inches from the display.

Samsung and Apple... adding 'pro' to their shitest most over priced devices since '96'.

I really like the Surface for a more extensive use compared to other tablets. It works extremely well for me. I would like to hear more about how Samsung can compete with Microsoft at this..
I'm not so sure about this. Dual-Core Core M 4GB RAM One USB type-C It sounds like a Windows version of a Ipad. Sorry guys, but this device seems only for Basic Internet Users, nothing more..
for an average use i think this does the job for browsing web writing documents and light gaming. my only concern is how you place it on your lap. please make a more in depth review..

The Surface kickstand is just awful. It rarely pops out straight, and it feels very flimsy after a few days of use. I do not recommend Surface..

Yes, please review it. The surface pro has an outrageous price here in Brazil and if this one follows suit to the note pro, maybe I'll think about getting this one instead. Great video, as always..

"Demetri had a fun time" demetri did anyone notice that p.s. I'm sorry if I messed up your name.

This seems to be more like an Android tablet with windows slapped on than a real Windows tablet like the Surface..
+AHS No. Why Samsung Tablet: 12 inch 216ppi display, 6,3mm thick, 693g, 40 Wh battery, no SD card slot, LTE optional, pen optional, keyboard included, no kickstand, USB 3.1 Type C with fast charging... SP4 core m: 12,3 inch 267ppi display, 8,4mm thick, 766g, 38 Wh battery, SD card slot, no LTE optional, pen included, keyboard optional, kickstand, Fullsize USB 3.0... Both tablets have advantages and disadvantages..
I can't see a single way in which this is better than a SP3 let alone an SP4. Am I missing something.

+Filip Stokic I used a Surface Pro 3 i5 4GB RAM for university. It's not that bad. I don't use photoshop but lightroom. There is always a device with better performance..
+Apfel Schorle It's not bad, because it's i5. I blew it out of proportions a bit, 4GB and 128GB SSD is usable, but it can get tight. My current laptop is sandybridge i7 with 4GB of ram and 120GB ssd, but 4GB of ram is getting a bit tight for something like Unity3d, and I use my PC as network storage because there is not enough space for everything on that ssd. I get that for casual users something like m3 would be perfectly fine, but I would go crazy with it.. Another Apple AD. Every commenter noticed that it's a crap iPad Pro copy. Even the keyboard connection is from iPad. Well played Samsung..
I dont like android on anything bigger than a smartphone. This would be a good option for an at home laptop replacement for streaming and web surfing. Would love to see this in a full review..

+toteu000 Samsung Tablet: 12 inch 216ppi display, 6,3mm thick, 693g, 40 Wh battery, no SD card slot, LTE optional, pen optional, keyboard included, no kickstand, USB 3.1 Type C with fast charging... SP4 core m: 12,3 inch 267ppi display, 8,4mm thick, 766g, 38 Wh battery, SD card slot, no LTE optional, pen included, keyboard optional, kickstand, Fullsize USB 3.0... Both tablets have advantages and disadvantages.

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December 17, 2015

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thank you kester for referring me here. well is me weak with laughter. I look forward to more episodes. big up to the girl who said we were rediscovered in 1992. lol.

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November 17, 2015

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2 mymarkis666 I wouldn't blame you if I found it hard to understand your British accent, for that's essentially English. I speak American English b/c I was raised here. Anyhow, what I meant was the accents other than Austrialian and British such the Indian, Jamacan, etc.. What's worse is, these people often think they can go full throttle when no one understands a word they say. .

2 trinidadparaminman Honeycomb was made for devices that have larger screen then 7in however acer did figure out how to put honeycomb on 7in. If Acer share how did did it then all offical 7in tablet might get honeycomb or ice cream sandwich when it comes out..
America always robbing us. Euro gets phone calls on theirs, but we dont. NVm its not even worth buying now. Mindswell getta android fone.
2 ConceptVBS Because the os was designed for a tablet. The browser is better, the email client is better and the youtube experience is better. Also, the screen of the galaxy tab is just weird: you cannot carry it in your pocket but it is too small to be as fun as the Ipad's..

Ibotta is the best app ever…u can actually earn money on it!!! 1.They pay you everytime you or your parents buy one of your favorite products 2.You actually get paid $10 just for trying the app since its pretty new 3.To sign up just go to your android or iphone’s web browser and in the url section and type bit. ly/earnsome (without any spaces) 4.IMPORTANT!!! u must also download ibotta and log into your account after signing up to receive your bonus 5.Once you try it youll be hooked .
I think this Galaxy Tab will be widely adopted more than the iPad for corporate use. But it is silly it doesn't have ability to make calls. I can see this being taken up by courier and logistics services world wide.... does anyone know if you have verizon if this counts as your phone, or if you have to pay month to month.
So whats the point in buying this and paying for a data plan if u can just get an iPad Id rather have WiFi only connection for free than pay an extra $30 a month for internet. .

So from what I can see, this is basically a smaller version of the iPad with a camera and Flash use. So if I'm looking to buy a tablet that's a little more portable than the iPad, would this be the best one .
i really like her delivery and knowledge of her products. Thanks for the video. I'd like to see someone put android 3.0 on this tablet then that would be super awesome..
I just got this andriod tab. after having several long hands on experiences with the ipad i would say this tab is the first tab to put a large dent in Apple's Ipad. I will not say it is "better" that is for the user to judge however it does everything my computer does and more. As for the "no calling" with it i got the unlimited data from tmobile (40/mo) and equipped it with VOIP (voice over internet protocall) and now i CAN make calls with it (something the iphone can't do too easily ;) ).

2 TheCody013 you probobly wouldn't hold it to your ear, but use it like you would skype on a computer.

2 shyguylover1102 For the WiFi version, you don't pay carrier anything and can access the Internet free over your own WiFi. For the carrier versions, you pay a month fee for use of their cellular data networks..

2 willjon100 She's fine. I don't think anyone would have a hard time understanding her. Have you seen some of the reviews with Indian accent Try those..
2 123phobia123 bulloney it's not that it is apple's idea, so some company came up with the idea of making phones other companies arent allowed to copy it it's not about who copy who is bad, it is about which phone has the most features, if some company makes a super phone that has all the best feature and the best build design, are u gonne tell me iphone is still the best cuz they "copied" multi touch dun be a closed minded idiot.
Hey Lisa has this tab been upgraded the os To ginger bread or is it still froyo because im suppose to buy a Verizon one from a guy today but he knows nothing about it Thanks.

I have this, advice for all buyers. I am more than satisfied. But, if you are buying this instead of notebook, buy it. If you are bguying this instead of phone don't buy it..

2 brooklyn0978 you get all the video games first so we (uk) get a phone on the samsung galaxy tab its only fair....
Oh and according to Verizon I can make phone calls from my Galaxy Tablet as well as send text messages! Also, this can be your phone if you are willing to add voice and text.. Good device, but it's so hard competing with recent apple product's, because they got the first step on that field, especially iPad, iPhone and iPod. and who knows what's coming next.. I got this when it came out 2 years ago, It was awesome and a fine companion to my Epic 4G at the time, now have the ZTE Optik which is very comparable considering the Galaxy Tab was $299.00 and the Optik is $99.00 and yes indeed they do work well in the way of replacing a laptop on the road or at home, not for everything but yes for a lot of things.. what if i buy that galaxy tablet but i don't want a contract with any service plan, can i still download an application through wifi. 2 XxHardcorexxGamerxX are you kidding me... go check samsung focus, any galaxy s phones, htc evo, motorola droid x go check them out before u talk shit. No HONEYCOMB. Galaxy Tab is obsolete rubbish. No response from Samsung support. Samsung is a coward.. Not sure about the sim, it depends on the carrier. Verizon says theirs works and I have sent texts from the tablet myself.. 2 8livelovelaughRide8 yes. you can get it with tmobile's even more plus plan on a payment plan of $30.00 for 20 month's! of course you're paying full price but 30 dollar payments ain't bad at all! the data plan is included in the even more plus plan..
i can't decide on what to get a iphone or a galaxy tab what do you guys think i should get thank you.

2 pawpaw2514 You could use a capacitive stylus but that's not very precise like active digitizer pens used on the HTC Jetstream, HTC Flyer and Lenovo ThinkPad tablet. Doodling sure, but serious drawing isn't too easy. .
2 erger95 Android is a mobile operating system made by google. Look it up on wiki. It will give you more info..
Are they going to make a 10inch tablet. No offense but 7 inch is to small to be called a tablet. It is more like a huge phone that can't fit in most people's pockets. .

January 9, 2016

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All are saying that this looks like iPad 2 !!!!!! U think so its not !!!! it has many features along the iPad's some feature but the decline of this item is jsut bcoz Apple is the Company which gives features But in turn with a Lot OF MONEY that's why 7.7 is released its $ 555 in U.S. nd 345 pounds in U.K. so that people with a couple of rupes saving can buy this at low cost than iPad 2. Hate Apple Forever now.If one is enhancing some features of another one then it's wrong this Apple has Proved. 2 6SEGI6 Who's going to take photos with tablet In what cases To put some quick shot at Facebook I suppose. Then 3 MP camera is totally enough..
2 Xehanortheartless SO IS YOUR COMMENT! wow we're so impressed by your ability to type in all caps and not even include something REMOTELY intelligent to try backing it up with. fail. move on..

Why would you want fancy widgets like those showing moving pictures, playing videos, showing the weather and telling you the time Do you honestly spend time actually noticing those But I guess thats all you can do really, with only a small handful of Apps optimised for Honeycomb....

Samsung is really showing off great new hardware! The 7.7 has a really impressive look to it, and it's thin! Also, Android's really getting better. Honeycomb with TouchWiz looks great. It's got nice, fluid animation and just looks really usable..
2 colinpetersofficial It's because it's not even the final release. Of course it's going to be buggy....
imma get 1... but im not sure.. some1 email me which 1 is better bb playbook or this tab thx i'll be waiting :).
2 xtacee1990 It turns out the one's i tested might have had issues. I tried another dealers shop and was much more happier second time around. Much smoother more responsive. Also tested the galaxy nexus ics and whilst i like it its something i will learn overnight to use with ease.. That tablet looks alot like iPad. Even the charging cable looks like iPads,,, no wonder Apple sued Samsung..
I'm confused! Why is the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7 coming after the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1!!.
2 xray174 um i know im talking the samsung skin they put over android like every other andriod based cell phone .
2 TrickyEmu I don't prefer iPad 2 over this but in the next iPad they will be putting a retina display in it which puts the Super AMOLED to shame.
Samsung really deserves being sued by apple, they even have to copy the power/data plug! I can understand a company that copies the good stuff, but it gets really obvious when you copy the bad stuff. 2 jjoeshaw No worries, just checked and they are selling it but with a estimated delivery time of 5 to 8 days!.
I think I'm gonna wait for the 7" amazon tablet. In needs to announce soon though! I want to add a tablet in my car dashboard!.

I have Ipad2 and are so happy with it, BUT i would really want that one =) Maybe it is "better" than my Pad..
Korea are going to dominate the technology market. Wait till they develop commercial and affordable OLED TV's, yeah, compete with that Japan :P. I'm looking at my next tablet. Apple is officially non existent to me. Unbelievable job by samsung here. JUST WOW. amazing stuff.. It has 7.7 inch super -AMOLED display. The only tablet to have it. And it has a 1.4ghz dual core processor. Everything else is the same as galaxy tab 8.9.
I'm not a Apple fan but damn that looks like a iPad! Damn Samsung can't come up with ur own design!!.

Will it have a barometer as the galaxy note it would be pretty cool for the paragliding community :D.

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January 5, 2016

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Is this all supposed to be the same woman They change her hair and clothes so much, and her features are so generic anyway, it's confusing. Is this one (scifi) mindsticker...or a troop of them.
Commercial is from 1969. Tab's "Mindsticker" campaign was very short-lived as many found it superficial and degrading even in those days.. Yeah I agree with Aaron. That wife Better stay thin and pretty or he is gonna fuck that 22 yr old bitch in the secretarial pool. That weight better come off now or that bitch is joining him on that business trip to the Bahamas! Lol!!!. What a marketing strategy: Hmmm. You're looking fat. You might want to lay off the soda. I mean, you want to look your best, am I right If not for your own sense of self worth, then surely for your man. If you don't stay thin and pretty, who knows what might happen Why, at this very moment he could be debating whether or not to fuck that 22-year-old bitch from the secretarial pool. You know, the one with the enormous tits... If you're not thin and pretty, he's gonna fuck that bitch from the secretarial pool with the enormous tits and leave you and the kid. Hey, I'm just looking after your best interests... Here, drink this Tab. It's sugar free! You're welcome.. What sticks in my mind are the fat girls driving scooters in the supermarket because they're too God damned fat to walk to get more food. At least people in the 1970s had self respect, not those blobs!. i used to drink tab (like 2 years ago, lol) but i gave up on fake sugar around then so tab is out. still my fave soda tho. Yes it had gotten rolling, but hadn't penetrated Madison ave very far yet. When it did they used it to sell cigarettes. :(. "Keeping your shape in shape... has its rewards." What's the reward The kind of guy who hides in the bushes in the other Mindsticker commercials will take you upstairs from his badly lit rec room and nail you good and proper. So the fact that they apparently have a kid together doesn't make her a "mind sticker" Even if he leaves her, those monthly alimony and child support payments will certainly stick in his mind..
"Keeping your shape in shape has its awards." What, the wood panelling at the end No thanks..

This is how commercials *SHOULD* be. Instead we get blaring music, sound effect and voices without so much as a split second patch of silence (except between commercials), CGI text and graphics wizzing, flashing and bouncing all over the place, and did I mention they are TOO DAMN LOUD!.
I want an ice cold tab out of one of those bottles! Damn things changed, ads were trippy in the 70s.. LMAO. Remember the scene from Back to the Future inside the cafe: "Just give me a Tab." "YOU WANT A TAB YOUR GONNA HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING.".
Scary part: I believe this ad was from 1969.Hadn't the Women's Lib movement began Women do have brains,you know. .
To each his own. I guess it is an aquired taste. I seldom drink corbonated beverages and stick to clear tea..
I actually like the ad and the singer's voice. It's feminine and soft. Is it politically correct by today's standards No. But I still find this commercial quite charming..
She sings in eery dulcet tones, "Don't you want to have a good shape" and the women and kids are freakin' blonde like some sort of sick lebensborn fantasy psychodrama. WEIRD!.
Does anyone remember the old diet pepsi commercial from the 60's that proclaimed its girl watching season..

I so wish I could have tried this when it contained cyclamate - my mom said it was better than any normal soda. Hell - 55 other countries still use it - Canada too. Time to lift the ban!.
Well, initially it was intended as a "kinda diet soda" by Coke (at least if I understand the "tastes better than any *diet* cola"-emphasis of the commercial correctly), but I believe that now it's now surfaced as an energy drink as opposed to a diet soda.. Shave with Tab Tab still exists (and still with saccharin). Now it's energy drink!! "Be a mind-sticker...who can now kick the crap outta that cheatin' bastard!". If I'd have to guess, I'd say from between 1969 to 1972. Yes, you can still buy Tab. At least I think you can.... The clearest vintage commercial I've seen. And this is older than you think - six pack bottles were all but gone by 1970. I'm betting this is from at least 1967.. Don't be a fat cow after that first kid, drink poison and get rail thin, or your husband will have affairs. Have we progressed at all since then. I love how quiet this commercial is. Modern advertisers should adopt that same practice. Very hypnotizing. In fact, I'd like a Tab right now.. God, grow some ARE always on the prowl! And let's get another thing straight, he won't have an affair if she gains weight while he's gone, he'll just dump her fat ass!.
Also, this would be a great candidate of a marketing class on what not to do in modern times. 1950's aspirin commercials that were 10 seconds long got their point across in that little time. TV commercials that are longer aren't necessarily better. TV airtime was cheap back then I guess. :P.

"Don't you want to have a good shape" I can't recall ever hearing those words sung before. To harp music no less. I was aroud back then but I don't remember this one. Weird stuff..
OK, sex has diminishing returns after a certain age. At 57, I'm more interested in potstickers... :-). Can you blame us Its SOOO great to be seen as property, only valid if a man finds you attractive. Of course its going to piss people off. Mind you, I think this bit of flotsam from the dustbin of history is hilarious. But I have a sense of humor. Although I'm glad most people see this as the ghastly mess it is..
WTF! Is the lyric: "Don't you want to have a good shape He want's you with a good shape." Wow. If I had to guess I'd say this commercial came on weekday afternoons..
I don't see the Tab ad with Carla Borelli. BTW, Flooky, the voice does sound a lot like HAL. LOL . Tab did and still does taste just like Coke Zero or a diet classic coke. When it was developed Coca Cola thought no one would buy a Diet version of Coke so they gave it a different name. Diet Pepsi changed that. This ad is sexist, but funny as hell..
Cool commercial retro wise, but not a very effective one. It dragged on too much without getting its point across clearly. It could have been really been edited from 1.00 all the way down to :15.
Hard to believe this is serious. I'm a guy, and I HATE feminist cunts, but this is just absurd...did they have light Beer ads for guys telling them to drink it so she'd keep loving you No! The voice-over sounds like HAL from the movie 2001, which is pretty cool, or maybe even could be a voice from THX1138.. Well, I think that these commercials are aimed at married women who most likely have a child or children, the idea being that if a married woman with children lets herself go, her husband's wandering eye may fall on "those girls in the office." Hence the idea of staying in shape to ensure that doesn't happen, and drinking Tab instead of, say, a competing "fattening" cola like Pepsi.. "wouldn't have it any other way" ARE THEY THREATENING ME! waaaiitt a sec, just what kind of "tab" are they talking about. Man, I was really thinking she was dead for the first, I dunno, 45 second of the commercial. She was alive only his memory... Until she shows up on the stairs.. MindSticker Dont you want to have a good shaaapeeee... You want to, the Good Shape Shape with TAB!!! PRICELESS. Now tell me, who the hell will take that shit seriously and dont laugh I think I know thy Tab cola is dead!.
It's still made, but pretty hard to find. I only see it in 6-pack cans or an occasional 2-liter bottle..

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October 26, 2015

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Install iOS 8 on your iPad Air and you will have lags as well... I'd rather get laggy Android then... And again it's Android there might be actually countless processes running in the background with full multitasking, unlike iOS. If you will keep your Android clean, killing apps you don't need,it will run better then iPad..
Amoled on tablet is a pretty bog deal u idiot ,had it been apple product then u wouldve said its so innovative ,sheep. +llamaman Good effort for trying to brand me as a sheep. I use a Galaxy S3 and a Nexus 4. Just because I criticized Samsung, doesn't mean I like Apple. Stop being a SSheep (samsung sheep) and know that there are more than 2 companies in this world. And nope. Amoled displays have been used for ages and it's only a matter of making a bigger one for a tablet and it's anything but "innovative". PS: Please also learn to use proper punctuation.. Think am gettin the 8.4 model. Waaay better and fits right in my hand. Okay guys, are you goin for it too ^______^ And anyone noticed what I did there. Notice the video chopping/lag at 2:44 mark... with all those processors and RAM the video still chops/lags. "Around 250 pixels per inch" Surely that just sounded wrong when you said it hey Its 288ppi...a significant difference especially when in that 250-300ppi territory..
i dont understand why a phone/tablet has to be made so thin. whats the point of it doesnt it take away from the battery size .
please tell me which one is better because i am going to buy one of these and tell me why if you reply i would subsvribe you i promise.
a couple of lags is ok ummm no on an 8 core processor with 3gb ram no lag is tolerable at all these devices should not lag especially when its aimed at competing against the ipad, samsung need to stop trying to compete with apple cut down on models because 4 different tabs with 2-3 different screen sizes per model is just ridiculous concentrate on fixing that god awful poorly optimised touchwiz interface or give us vanilla android! .

Its not an 8 core processor...its two 4 core processors, one high power and one low power, they don't work together to make the device faster its only meant to help with battery life....
Since when was 'a couple of lags' okay In 2014 it's not okay to have lag on a premium $500 tablet. How is this still happening Especially with all these Samsung products. . +Jide Onabote I don't work for Samsung so why ask me All I know is my S5 is mostly lag free and it works perfectly fine for me. . Welcome to Touchwiz, and it's why I went with LG this time on my phone. Love LG right now!.
Not interested in Touchwiz bogging these things down. I have been a pretty die-hard Samsung fan for 4 years of phones, and finally decided to try an LG G Pro 2 here in Korea... love it SO MUCH MORE. Nothing against Samsung's quality hardware, but their software (Touchwiz, mainly) just sickened me. The "lag" described is exactly the concern I have with Touchwiz, and why I won't purchase this tablet..

Ipad needs serious serious serious update in interior and exterior its over lame now, just a bunch of stupid icons floating around no real type of customization or fun to it.iphone- ipad- itune- iwatch I this I that what a bunch of waste.😝.
460 grams is "way lighter than iPad Air" The iPad air weights from 5 to 18 grams more, has a bigger screen (in terms of square centimeters) and is not made from plastic. I'm going to buy this guy but the claim about the iPad is ridiculous. .
No S Pen Samsung why are you being an idiot Your UI needs to lose some weight and you need an s pen for this big screens. I hope they don't add the ugly ass dimpled plastic on the note 4 or I'm official done with this company.
good but next time please make No wide version tablet like ipad both are gut but I like vertical use. A $500 Android tablet that lags, give me a break Samsung ! Make 2 tablets of 10.5 inch, one priced around $350 and the other $450-$500. Then stick with them and give 3rd party provider time to build an eco system for them. Samsung brought out 10 tablets in the past year and only the Pro is worth anything but is way overpriced. Most people don't want to change tablet every year. Ive had my Nexus 7 since it first came out in 2012 and I still have no lag even after my last Android upgrade to 4.4.3 at half the price of your 2014 "Flagship" tablet. It's ironic that your Samsung overlay is killing sales of what should be a perfect tablet ! I would fire your software engineers. You had a great opportunity to take even more market share because Google is just not coming out with a new 10 inch tablet and is not telling their customers when they will either.. Meh, samsung are releasing tablets just for the hack of it to keep up with apple. Like could of swarn they have had 3 tablets released in the pass 6 months. That's why I can't get into their electronics because when they release something 8 months down the road the next version is way better than the last so you feel like you wasted your money.
I don't have a problem with that. I do have a problem with their lack of updates though. More devices means they cost more to support..

Yea I think they should slow down on their releases. They are in fear of htc gaining more market if they take a break let alone apple.

TrichoZed -

January 13, 2016

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Great review! You definitely deserve more subscribers and views for the effort and quality of your videos. Also I love your Lego Star Wars collection! :D. I like the Tab A. The resolution is pretty good for what people make it out to be. The text isn't too bad, the screen is clear and nice to look at but it won't wow you. It's more then usable in my opinion. If you are looking for a cheap tablet with decent to good specs this would be a good buy. I'm not the most tech guy but i don't go by the numbers i go by how it feels, runs and looks. Again, I really like the Tab A!.
I just bought my Galaxy Tab A 9.7 inch tablet about a month ago and I love it. So far it's fast, TouchWiz looks much cleaner and nicer, and I love the screens 4:3 ratio since I read things online and books. I bought the one with the S pen because it comes with 2 GB ram whereas the one without the S pen only comes with 1.5 GB ram. I am pretty sure the Android OS uses about 700 MB on start up so I felt like 2 GB ram would be a much better choice. The screen resolution to me is fine. When I read books I do notice the pixels more making me have to zoom in a bit more. I think Samsung should of at least put a screen in the tablet with a 1920 by 1280 resolution making it at least HD but it won't stop me from loving this tablet. One huge reason why I bought this Galaxy Tab A 9.7 inch tablet over the Galaxy S2 9.7 inch tablet is that the Galaxy Tab A has a better battery life since it's processor isn't as powerful and the screen isn't a 2K screen. Overall I think the Galaxy Tab A is a good buy as long as screen resolution don't matter to much to you and if you don't plan on play graphicly intensive games..

I agree with this review wholeheartedly. Decent tablets until you get to the HORRID screen resolution issue..
u cssant compare the Tab A with an iPadAir 2 tab a is a budget tablet its gonna feel cheap but iPadAir2 is more sophisticated better u compare a samsung galaxy tab s with an ipad air then we talk...
yes I also prefer for galaxy tab s mote than tab a but I would like to get s pen too. So what do think how it is possible to get tabs specification with s pen anybody think about this !!!.

Two different worlds, android - ios. well, the samsung galaxy tab 8 is perfect and it is now expensive cause it is new, in several monthfs it will drop the price and will finish with the sells of ipad. The only reason a lot of people buy ipad, is for format 4:3, even me incluided, cause it is better to read and see documentos and works. Now, there are no excuses. IOS is very closed and always thinking to take your money, with app always speaking out of usa, there, fanatics ios will buy apple even worth 2 thousand dollars.

u cant compare the Tab A with an iPadAir 2 tab a is a budget tablet its gonna feel cheap but iPadAir2 is more sophisticated better u compare a samsung galaxy tab s with an ipad air then we talk...
u cant compare the Tab A with an iPadAir 2 tab a is a budget tablet its gonna feel cheap but iPadAir2 is more sophisticated better u compare a samsung galaxy tab s with an ipad air then we talk.
for the fact that I can use One Note and TAKE NOTES with the S PEN, record the lessons and simultaneously multi-task opening a pdf of the book of interest and being able to highlight the important chapters.. i couldn't care less if it's made of gold... not even to mention that i can't write with my fingers... I think it depends on the usage you give and the consumer's needs.. .
+jeronimo garcia can you record lecture via the one note in the tablet im in need of a tablet for lesson recording and note taking ):. Yes you can I have the old note 10.1 version with s note and it's great all my lessons saved and record and organized plus all the books in pdf. I can only imagine the software improving plus now it has one note . Samsung's budget tablets have always been really poor in my opinion, there are loads of other tablets that do a much better job at either the same price point, a bit more or even in some cases a bit less.. Make a video of gaming on this device I want to know how great it works on Samsung galaxy tab a 9.7 inch.
u cant compare the Tab A with an iPadAir 2 tab a is a budget tablet its gonna feel cheap but iPadAir2 is more sophisticated better u compare a samsung galaxy tab s with an ipad air then we talk.

This Samsung galaxy tab a models is a good for gaming good for all the stuff on this Samsung Galaxy 9.7 inch even on 8.0 inch is good for gaming this tablets are assume and cool and good tablets.

My nephew got a Samsung galaxy tab 4 not so long ago and the expandable memory was quite disappointing. It only works to store pictures and media but as for apps only part of some apps could be stored in the sd card and the tablet was easily full and no more apps could be installed. Do you know if it is the same issue with this tablet.

+Jose Gonzales In lollipop you can "partially" move apps to the sd card, but it'll never fully happen until new technology comes out. Accessing the SD card for active storage (continuous read/write cycles which comes from app use) is terribly slow and will never be implemented until way faster storage technology comes to light..

Wow Coming from a guy who owns apple products, samsung looking great all around...the phones,tablets,computers and smart televisions, just Amazing!!!!! I don't think this is a fair review....

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January 1, 2016

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I have one, but I'v lost its pen. Could you please help me to get an orginal pen. I'm waiting you..
A friend of mines just bought one, it works just like a regular laptop, you can use a wire or wireless Bluetooth, by the way dude can you download any pc software to a nexus 10 or a ipad, I don't think so but this baby can do anything a pc can I even use it to jailbreak my friend ipad, need more resolution you gonna end up paying over $800 just like the ipad.
+William Timm wtf r u saying Asus is 120€ more expensive and it's only adv is the quad core cpu that can't reach the single core performance of the higher dual one. Z2760 1.8ghz hits better results up to dual core usage than the Z3740 1.3ghz.
So it's the Windows version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Same size, same shape, same plastic, squeaky back-panel, same just noticably low-rez/pixelization. Only difference is the location of the camera, the ports, and the S-pen slot..
Phonearena, can you get people who can speak proper english i really can't enjoy these guy's reviews..
Yeah, the Samsung Active Tab look better, faster, smarter, easier, cheaper BUT WHY NO POPULAR as an iPad Some one tell me about this please, I don't see any of this tablet in Cambodia, but every where is iPad, iPad mini....

My question is now: What is the difference between the other Ativ Tabs now... I mean the processor is slightly faster, but that was everything already....

They're paid, that's why the talk highly of Samsung devices. Look how fast they got the latest galaxies for Hands-On videos..

Nice preview. I would have liked seeing you put it with a Samsung ATIV 500T to see the different in the size of them since that is Samsungs 1st gen Atom Windows 8 tablet. Maybe when you get a review unit, you can do that. .
This guy is probably someone who's working in samsung company who gets the phone way earlier for review purposes. . Tab designers need to get there act together. 64GB is just not enough memory for a computer you get that on a phone..
The WI does 8 logo on the back of the device would also help in differentiating it from a Samsung Galaxy Tab as well lol..

One thing to say objectively that this is a better offer from a different kind of sells toys with Android..
Well, Bay Trail still won't come out till near the end of the year... Even Windows 8.1 RTM won't come out till Sept/Oct. Besides, a new product now helps clear stock to get them ready for Bay Trail. While this Tab 3 at least is 200 grams lighter than the 500T, thinnest present 10.1" Windows 8 Tablet and about 100 grams lighter than the full size iPad, comes with Office Home & Student 2013 (new MS promotion for 10.8" and smaller tablets), and improved S-Pen apps and better all around drivers.. Why don't they make tablet display like a phone display with a high pixel density why do they think all tablets have to have dad displays I would love to see a tablet at least with the PPI of the galaxy s3 I think on a tablet you shouldn't be able to see any pixels at all you would think they would go a step further than their phones I don't understand how a cell phone can cost more than a tablet the only reason I haven't bought a tablet yet is because the crappy display. Reasons are cost, performance, and power consumption. High PPI cost more, require more powerful back lighting, and put a higher load of the system. Besides, this isn't a tablet running Android or iOS but rather full Windows 8... making it a PC tablet and not a mobile tablet. Until W8.1 comes out, desktop still works better with lower resolution on small screens and present ATOM is limited to 1366x768 anyway. Next gen Bay Trail tablets is when you'll see up to 2560x1600 displays!.
Stuttery 1080p What is Samsung and intel trying to do when mobile processers like tegra 4 claim 4k playback.
2 PhoneArena how does the split screen feature work on here As it was a key feature of the other Note devices, is it just the usual Windows split screen Could you watch YouTube and browse the web at the same time Thanks! . he stole it.. :D.. no but really, he probably gets it so "quick" because the company gives him the device becase it is kind of good advertisment.. s. It's last year ATOM but it can handle just over 20Mbps bit rate Blu Ray files. So 1080P would only be stuttery if they either didn't properly set up the player or it's streaming, because Flash doesn't support the GMA & thus it's left to CPU rendering for things like Youtube. While no Tegra 4 devices are still not out yet, so timing is a factor but Samsung aren't releasing just Intel based devices, they got a whole line up & most are using ARM SoCs!. It comes with full Windows 8 and also includes MS Office Home and Student 2013... Just go to Excel and File → Options → Customize Ribbon, and in the Customize the Ribbon (Main Tabs) window pane, scroll down to the Developer option and check it to enable developer tools... or use ALT+F11 for quick access!. Please Samsun make a tablet with a cell phone display you would crush all competition that's what people want a great resolution. Pricing could be lower but remember that this comes with the Keyboard cover, and anything with a S-Pen/WACOM usually adds a premium just like having 4G/LTE, meaning just those two add close to $200 to the cost... Also, it comes with Office Home & Student 2013, along with Samsung's suite of S-Pen apps and drivers (enables pressure sensitivity), for added value. Besides, like the previous models it'll sell for less after release!.
They're not pushing that yet... Probably wait for the Bay Trail updates, will be far less limiting than the present ATOM SoCs and easily offer twice the performance... Along with pushing for lower pricing than what they're offering now... But have to wait till the end of the year before they start showing up, on through next year before Merrifield comes out for Smart Phones, etc... Mind that Windows 8.1 won't come out till Sept/Oct as well... So won't be pushing too much yet....

Can you take piriton tablets with diclofenac - Doctor...

January 16, 2016

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can i know whether this device can be installed a sim to get the internet facility cz i dnt have a wi fi connection. give me an answer #Phone_arena_guys. pretty tablets 99% of them with a 10" display look exactly alike from 20 feet. they have to follow a rectangular shape. except the boring ipad air with it's almost square footprint. the EVGA tegra note 7 is ugly, but it kicks ass. i'll go for usefulness from a tablet over the aesthetics EVERY TIME. thanks, however, for a killer review..
I keep getting an error message that unfortunately the Samsung link has stopped. I have reset it several times and when it says that I have an update, it also gives me that message. What else to do.
+charnita barnett Thank u! I bought the Tab 4 a few months ago and its perfect.. great tab! but I'm amazed that the price is so low!! I got a good deal at the time for £249.99 then it reduced to £220 within a week after.. then it reduced again to £199! If anyone is looking for a great tab.. the tab 4 is amazing value.. Seeing the screen and playing with this in store i'm impressed - just can't justify $800 US. .


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