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Videos and pictures

December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

It is not RIGHT the way America is going. 23 and a dad. I pull 50 a week. Can't buy my kid a bed. THAT IS NOT RIGHT. If I worked harder i would be dead. .
+ahepperl Hope things are going better for you now. Best of luck. It's not right for someone who works hard to not be able to get by. I work 45 to 50 a week myself and we're in the same boat. People on welfare gaming the system are better off. Plus they don't have to pay for medication which is costing me $600 a month. Makes me sick that people work hard and still can't provide their families with a decent life.. Come on bro, I'm mexican. I'm not trying to take y'all's jobs. I just happen to love farming alot haha.. Union City survived this. Another tire company came in and set up shop there, and they are not union..
I was waiting to be called in for an interview and the guy that was after me was a veteran, 24 years old, I'm 35 ,I started talking to him and he was telling me about how he had applied before for this position and was denied because of lack of work experience, he talked as if both of us could get the job, ( i knew this was not true) I went in he wished me luck. Once in I started thinking about him and I asked the interview agent how he felt about our service men. He replied" I'm very proud of those people" I said good, the man out there waiting is the one for this position, not me, I boasted about him and the agent thought we were related, I simply replied "he stood up for me and my family and he will stand up for this company. hire him, " the fellow got the job and moved up quickly, not taking credit here, but I could not serve in the military, but I think I helped at least one of our soldiers, bless you all! .

as a veteran spouse god bless you! there needs to be more ppl like you my husband served many years suffered many knee injuries got out went to college and still cant find a decent job works 13 hrs a day 6 days a week just to make ends meet n said he would rather go back active duty than live the civilian life because it is hard for vets to find jobs. god bless you and god bless our troops.
Just got laid off from a crane operating Job in the oil fields of 5 years, this song hits home to me. ive been in his shoes, 50 hours a week, sometimes 60. we do what we have to, for our kids, and family.. for those who never have put in 60 or 70 hours a week, try it. it aint easy. to make i what we get paid.. don't be a slave to your boss. u have the power to be your own boss and that is the truth.only thing to fear is fear itself ! do u need that big house that nice car to survive be yourself hell with wht everyone else has, be ur own person.simple life DEBT free right here an im a poor man. if i dont want to work that day. i dont have to. u all can make ur life this simple..
Thank you Obama. You have sold out this great country. I did not vote for your sorry A**s. I did not think a half breed Muslim could be a leader. Somehow you fooled a lot off lazy A**s freeloaders with all of your Free giveaway stuff. I am so glad you will be gone soon Just sign me a proud American Vietnam Vet. 173rd airborne brigade.
Living in California. Life here is always wounded by works because everything is expensive!!! From housings to gas! Everything! And the drought hits us Californians hard as well so prices will be inflated in a drastic pace. Cost of living is high anywhere, but in California, it's even higher! Just letting y'all know, California is not so much of a paradise like the media intends! It's a land of jobs, but soon you will find no times to do anything else because jobs will need to be your main focus! . I'm not able to understand how stupid a person has to be to dislike this video...I'm not even american, I'm from Spain, and I can feel that pain...I dropped some tears first time I watched it.... Dang just when you think you have it rough listen to this song. Remember life was never promised to be easy, but chin up and keep fightin. Those who don't give up are more likely to find what they're lookin for. God be with y'all, that may not help much but God is worth way more than money will ever be. Ronnie speaks the truth and i looooove this song to death much better then that shit music jamey johnson version of this song. Ronnie speaks about work and the struggle Jamey speaks about meth and cocaine.. Most haunting and inspiring music video I've seen in a looong while. I use it to break me away from my mental pauses in life. Depressed Look 2 this video and remember who you are and what is worth struggling for. Study the faces of the older men, the little girl in the store and the middle aged lady looking for work in the paper. Misery loves company and there is plenty to go around.. i served in the army an poured sand outta my boots!!!!and the us sucks we have a nigger in office and all i wanna do is work but mexicans here in texas have them all!!. It has been two months since I posted here what do you think of your government now people Nothing but a bunch of old fools who need replaced due to their lack of giving a shit about anyone. When something happens and it involves them they hire someone to shoot up a school just to keep you from seeing the truth WAKE UP PEOPLE PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS FOR 1 MINUTE AND SEE THE REAL WORLD.. This song hits way to close to home. I remember being the little girl in the grocery store with her mom not too long ago. Except I wouldn't have even picked it up. I would be too afraid my mom would feel so bad that she actually let me get it and then there wouldn't be enough money for the bills or the food we really needed. my two sons that made 17 dollars hr lost their jobs my son that earned 22 dollars hr lost his job my son that made 30 thousand per month lost his job all oil related never count on someone else when it comes to it family and love its all we have in the end. I keep hearing this song and had to comment i live in tat town where the plant shut down and it affected everyone my dad worked there and the man that tallked about the plant shutting down lives a mile down the road and him and my dad are good freinds they both have stable jobs now but i want to thank Ronnie Dunn and the song writer for this song every time i hear it it makes me tear up because that was a terrible year for our town . Too bad this video doesn't consist of real labor... I got laid off from the coal mines earlier this year. There's oil riggers, truck drivers, construction workers... all of the real jobs, not this cash register shit.... sorry bud...but I work at a gas station. and it requires specific skills. every job requires the right person to do it. so don't you say ppl working at a cash register don't work. there's more to that job than just serving customers. yes that's a big part of it. but not all of it. gotta know what you're doing on any job. so you can take your comment else where.
+JCB Work is work and it's much better than waiting for it to be handed to you. Never denigrate the job someone else does. At least they are working..
im not a big country music fan but this is a great song!! I live here in the town where good year closed down.. This piece of shit government does not give a shit about people who make sure they have a pay check why don't your people see this.. Ronnie dunn you are the best singer by far,keep on keeping on ,your best fan Joey Turner powder springs GA. Then everyone is saying this and that about how politics are playing a huge factor. Then maybe this is all for the best MAYBE THIS WILL MAKE EVERYONE GET INFORMED AND PARTICIPATE IN VOTING AMD HAVING YOUR VOICE HEARD. Cuz as a wounded veteran thats all i want. My generation what like 12% voted last election im 23. Its very sad and i hope that more people will see this and recognice hey in 2016 i need to vote..
you will never leave the money is too good. theres work here for 250 years we are short 100, 000 ppl to fill jobs think im full of shit look it up.

everything to know about is written on this page the number kroger can reach me. i rarely call in sick i work weekends nights and holidays if i have to cost of livin is going up. yesterday my folks all burnt to hell.
It breaks my heart when the little girl cant afford the bag of candy,,,oilfield is bad here in LOUISIANA right now,,i feel the pain,, dont want this to be my 7 yr old daughter... i work for Union Pacific RR they hired so many people and now are furloughing alot of us as if we are no longer of any use.. It's happened again here in Minneapolis/St.Paul. It was bad enough after Northwest was bought out by Delta now Target laid off 1700 in their Minneapolis HQ. . This song sums it up. I bought my house at 20 years of age, had a brand new truck, two snowmobiles, and a motorcycle, paid all my payments. It's been shit down hill since. I now have a 14 year old truck, sold my bike, sold my snowmobiles, can't afford to buy shit paper. Work the same job, live in the same house, make more now, but it doesn't go far. I'm going to be thirty..
I heard this song while shopping at Piggly Wiggly in Warrior, Alabama and didn't know its title. I googled it when I got home. I'm not a country music fan, but this song has a very powerful message. It's about hard times and hope. It's about what's wrong with our country. Our business leaders and politicians should be ashamed of what they have done to our economy and the lives of hard-working people. hey will answer to God one day for it. But we can do something about this problem now - shop wisely and spend your money in small businesses and thank God everyday if you have a job and can provide for your family. Small business people built this country. Reward them by patronizing them. And don't vote for incumbents..
THIS IS WHAT OPEN BORDERS AND ESPORT JOBS MEANS !!!!! DEAD AMERICANS!!! LOST LIVES LOT HOMES LOST COUNTRY !!!! (F) YOU WHITEHOUSE WE KNOW WHO YOU WORK FOR!!!!. Even when I love heavy metal,, l can't hold my tears when it comes to country songs.. I work in a place where one guy didn't know how many years I knew all this good people, he said: there's nothing to do but bitch work, I didn't say nothing,, l call that opportunity And they are glad when l show up.. they did the same in our town a lot of people who were there for a long time lost their jobs and some their only paycheck.
I just lost my job as a feed mill operator due to company try to save a dollar. Have years experience and worked permit night sift just to get the job. They owe me tickets from there that are paid for. Killed myself for this job. Mean while the boss is on a company paid vacation and not all but a lot of the staff a about as lazy as you could be. It's not the first time I have been in this spot but it suck to know you have done more than enough and you still lose. .
Your Song can make a real difference when i was in Canada in 1972 The Little Honda Accord was already loved by The Youngsters BV American and you will solve The problems of unemployement and be proud of your American Products! .
My friends Patriots and citizens “Each of our lives’ is a separate and precious journey. No matter how happy, sad, painful, tragic or confusing it may by, it is unique and beautiful. No matter if we hurt others or if we ourselves were hurt, it happened and it is part of our story. If we think we can have complete control over this journey, our journey will wake us up… usually with a very unpleasant surprise. More than genetics, money or education, it is our journey who defines who we are. It defines what kind of person you are. Not the experiences you encountered nor the happy or traumatic events you may have endured. But rather how we dealt with those events and how we continue to deal with those events; when we evaluate ourselves and how we treat others. Your journey is part of your story. But it is not the complete story of who and how you are. You are a soul, a spirit, who has traveled through this life and along the way; you learned and gathered bits and pieces from here and there. And you, yourself, have woven together a soul, a spirit. And that is who you are today. You define… you. Oh, and just in case you thought your journey, your story was over… surprise, its not. So keep weaving. You are not finished yet. It is never to late to define who you are.”.

great song and video, until the broke woman in the video drove a Honda car. Should have had a Ford or a GM car instead. This should be an eye opener to people around here...they cause their own problems. Buy American.

+AllAluminum these days a GM car is more foreign made than the Hondas built right here, but I couldn't agree more.
+Jody Upp I own two American cars made in America - but I'd rather drive an American built Toyota with an American built engine, transmission, frame and axles than a Mexican built "american" car with engine and transmission made in Korea/China/Japan..
You want this country to be a better place pay more attention to politics and for got sakes people STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN!!!!! The rich are getting richer ,we the people built this country,we build the roads drive the trucks we turn the wrenches ,produce the food and the goods too keep this country moving. WITH OUT US THE BUST ASS HARD WORKING BLUE COLAR WORKING MEN AND WOMEN OF AMERICA THIS COUNTRY WOULD STOP MOVING!!!.
I live in a small town not too far from this plant. It impacted everyone. Many of my older cousins lost their jobs, and it only got worse. In my own town, most of the industry has rooted up and went south to Mexico or over seas. Everything's drying up. Obama wants to help this economy, but how in the hell is he gonna help the economy by increasing minimum wage That's only another incentive for companies to ship out of this country. Fuck him. He don't know shit about us and our struggles..
Joshua, did you not take economics as school or are you just ignorant Raising the minimum wage has been shown to not increase inflation and in fact boosts wages all around and revitalizes the economy. If you are working 70 hours a week just to survive, then you shouldn't be supporting ideas like not raising minimum wage. I get that you don't know much but you're supporting the very things that keep you having to work like that just to get by..
The part when the guy oped his garage and put his hand on the hood of his old truck always hits me in the gut, I look down out my window and look at my 2001 F-250 with 200,000 hard miles. bought it with a blown head gasket and destroyed transmission,I didn't know it at the time but it was the best decision i have ever made. I've had the truck for 120,000 miles and I drive it everyday. The bond between a man and his truck is just redblooded american badass to me. I feel sorry for those who lost in this recession and closure. Here where I live we have been paying around a dollar thirty per litre which adds up to around seven bucks per gallon, we sit and watch the gas company tankers waiting just off shore until prices are highest then they bring them ashore so the highest price can be charged. never think that companies love people. They would like to have robots or scared people. That is how Government work. Keeping the people scared broke and in debt. That way no one says I quit. We pay eight thousand dollars more for food than most places in north america. Milk is six bucks bread is two fifty. it is all greed and cheaper labour my friends. Stand together and you can win but companies don't like unions or people who are mad over high prices simply because if you stand together outside the store in a group ( get a permit to meet first) cause you can when you stand together make ever business change prices cause if no one buys from them due to high prices they will reduce the prices until you go back in and start buying again. That is what made your country strong when it was first built by your forefather's. People control what is happening around them but only together can you ever hope to win. That is why they keep people scared and broke and sell cheap booze to those who don't have money to eat or care for their kids. They want everyone to beg and give their money to them. Stand strong and fight every businerss you can. Big ones not country stores. Big grocery stores. Go to your farmers and buy things as groups and form co-ops so you can buy things cheaper, just don't get afraid of these people as they will become afraqid if you don't spend your money on them. Make the farms strong again and maybe it is time to return to grass roots and take it back.
I'm not saying I like Obama but let's be real here. Its the CEOs cutting our hours and pay and then sending our jobs over seas. But yet they never have to sell their yachts, weird huh .

My father, grandparents, and everyone worked in Flint Michigan for 31 years. (General Motors, plants everywhere) It was the most desirable place to live in the US in the 60s because you could find a job with a living wage. Now it is the least desirable place to live. We build nothing in America anymore. When will the 99% wake up from this nightmare and take back what our founding fathers fought to create.

I will say this, It started with Pres. Regan. and his IDEAS. And every pres and congress has ran with the idea that the ENTIRE U.S should be serviced based, not production based, OUR lawmakers gave companies free rule to move over seas, with this shit for shinola free trade. We can't compete because the machines that help us make things are now in another country, not to mention the wages the workers make as SLAVES. And the top company members make in the millions of dollars. they should be flogged publically. Then after flogging to death the ceo's we should flog the old congress members that fucked us..

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December 21, 2015
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
Set up a free screening of any of our films in your community! Plus free resources for educators: Every single time I was looking at Lee Scott's face, or every time I heard Lee Scott's voice, I wanted to go straight through the screen. I thought I hated Walmart BEFORE I saw this film... IMAGINE NOW!!! Thank you, Brave. Bravo!. +George the Skeptical I absolutely agree, most people are as dumbed down as you are. However you have no problem crediting Bush to Iraq you silly child. But to expose the fact that a progressive democrat is truly a war monger is too much for your fragile mind. How old are you . +Grey Winters Gee, maybe that's because Bush invaded Iraq unilaterally And Cheney and Rummy said we wouldn't be there more than six months! If you know anything about Republicans you knew that was bullshit. Republicans believe in unending war....
As I watch this 15 minutes in I ask the world, What have we done, everything our parents and grandparents built. Destroyed by these bastards..
+Ifk 1899 Ya' think "greedy" is really the word when one is a few bucks from losing electricity or skipping some meals - despite working 40+ hours/week.
Watch Brave New Films on your TV! If you have a smart TV, cable box, Apple TV, or newer gaming console, you can watch our channel in the device's YouTube app!.

I am working at Walmart, and every single time I think about what I'm indirectly doing to the environment and people in general I feel an unshakable guilt. I'm quitting tomorrow morning. Just the fact that a whole hour of training was dedicated to persuade me to not join a union should've said everything I needed to know..

+Raymond Castellano There are companies that do that... Publix is one. That needs to be the new normal!.
As a newly former employee of Walmart, I can say that what they are doing to their employees is unimaginable. More importantly, what they are doing to the hard working mom and pop stores around the country.. i like how they are like 'i vote republican! then whines about lower than livable wages and no medial coverage..
7:50 says the country shouldn't be socialist and then proceeds to talk about socialist measures to regulate mutant capitalism in favor of the common good. This is how uninformed Americans are and still they keep cutting on education, well played corporations, well played..
"where all worked together for the common good without any state or authority." That's just fine with me but I don't understand how thats different than capitalism I'm all for discarding the state but when you say "authority" I'm not sure what you're referring to Just an aside; I live in Canada. We don't start earning a living until June 10th: That money isn't being taken by corporations its being taken by force from the government..
+Gri sha For someone who doesn't like corporations and governments you seem to wholeheartedly buy into their line of bullshit about what capitalism is..
Wal-mart is such a huge monopoly that you can not even boycott them...They have totally taken over...Big corporations have taken this country over !!. +mikecorbeil Although I agree with your statement, its important that its clear by which method we control corporations. In a "free market" it would be the people that control how big or powerful a company becomes via purchase power...however the US hasn't been a true "free market" for nearly 100 years. The government via regulations and taxes can, and is currently, dictating what companies succeed/fail and how big they grow.. American & international oligarchs learned that incubating a growing gullible, trusting, vulnerable & desperate underclass is the best way to fleece people. A small few have learned this game of competing for the ultimate selfishness of owning several homes, supercars, gobs of stocks, and yachts that they measure as the size of one's yacht like the size of one's penis. In tribal societies like the North American Indians had, this behavior would result in expulsion & likely exposure to elements that the tribe could only in collective power defend itself from. Why do we tolerate that greed now in more urbane settings Shouldn't we all agree that rampant greed should be strongly discouraged By widespread united political & economic activism, we can turn this corrupt system around without destroying ourselves in the process; if we hesitate or vacillate, we'll be destroyed. The choice is techno-feudal slavery or techno-savvy freedom. Shouldn't we all be discussing this here on YouTube & other social media Shouldn't we be getting the word spread around to resist in greater numbers Shouldn't we question the motives of the media to present more propaganda than honest news Shouldn't we develop our critical thinking facilities, then using them Shouldn't we stand up for justice There's a better way than feudalism under a modern oligarchy! Bernie Sanders knows how!. In a righteous America, these kinds of walmart assholes would never wake up. In a righteous world, those who harm for financial gain should be beaten in the public square. The new world needs some old school justice.. Every state should tally up what Walmart owes them in foodstamps and medicaid by not paying their employees a living wage and send them the bill.. I have no idea how the Walton's can live with themselves, I couldn't. Then again, you don't get where they are by treating people fairly, and with respect. WM says they donate so much money to charity, but it's not WM donating, it's the employees who are forced into giving their hard-earned money, and giving WM free labor(as unpaid) overtime. They're saving billions by not paying the overtime that's legally due. I better stop now, as I'm getting too pissed off, and this comment would be a mile long if I continue about all the shit that they get away with..
+Jeff Gogo Their hearts are cover with steel(steal) hard greed from Krypton, so you can forget about empathy, compassion, or any other decency from the heart..

+Jeff Gogo The Walton's need someone to beat the living shit out of them and make them face everything they have done.

You think these people have it bad at Wal-Mart. This is nothing compared to their over seas sweat shop workers..

I say we round up all the Waltons and their board and send them to China as enemies of the state and if they return we execute them for treason. We should burn down all their stores..

Follow the example of Cleveland, what Dr Richard D Wolff, Noam Chomsky and Gar Alperovitz are saying, COOPS, the can do any industry, in fact in the world COOPS are doing every industry. With COOPS you don't need Unions, workers and customers are owners and control democratically the enterprise..

All we have to do is stop using them. Get your food at local grocery stores. Find another pharmacy, garden shop, whatever. I live in a tiny community, and even though I can't buy what I want immediately, since I cannot find it, I don't use this store..
Walmart is the epitome of what the US has become. Low wages, high profits, cheap goods made overseas, oppressive management that doesn't care about workers etc Fuck Walmart and fuck those that abuse capitalism.. idc too much about the employees. don't have 4 kids and work at wall mart and wonder why u need Medicaid, but the pollute spill was fucked up and so was the china factory worker, who tf shops at wall mart anyway shits gross af they don't spend money to maintain, really tho that lady who turns her check right back to wall mart with 4 kids and so many excuses she cant keep track so people half to come up with racist strys to file lawsuit and pull money from them and lie in court to let them win is the reason why America isn't a country anymore, just a bissness. get a real job stop going to wall mart. All these libtards getting on Wal-Mart for their legitimate business practices makes me sad. This is capitalism guys. Unless you want Soviet style communism back-this is the price we must pay.. WAL-MART does not give a rip about their employees. I have WORKED there for 8 months and only paid $9 hr. and can't pay my bills. I was awarded cashier of the month with a $5 gift card! I should be able to collect Foodstamp's but refuse to add to the country's debt problem. WAL-MART after all has the highest number of EMPLOYEES ON FOODSTAMPS!!!.
+Gabby Games They are so important to their employees, yeah the ones who work yet still have to get food stamps. WalMart used to NOT be this way. But they have changed, and NOT for the better..

Sam Walton knew what he was doing. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He had a plan to sell lower then every one else, and then push them out. He then past his greedy idea on to his children, and they, too, know what they are doing. They are puppets of the Chinese Government, and as long as they are filthy rich, the Wantons don't care nothing about America..
The irony of having to watch a commercial for Walmart's credit card when watching this documentary...thank you Google. (sarcasm off). I'm boycotting Walmart. I've been doing this for three months now. I only go there if there's something that's not sold in my small town. Such as a neutralizer for my fish tank water as the local fish store's brand kills my fish. Or for a passport photo or eyeglasses covered by my insurance. But this is hard as they have taken away all the local businesses. About four stores closed in town this year. Anyway, they are selling a book there against God. When I asked the manager about it, he said I'd have to contact Corporate. So, Corporate told me that they will continue to sell the book as it is a best seller. want to sell out your immortal soul for money, haaaaaaaaaaaaa...let's see how that works out for you. Even Walmart can't take on God..
+Will lowry LOL that's good as "Allah" is just the Arab word for God. The same god as the Jews and Christians. And per the prophet Christ, money is the root of all evil. .
Corporations are the new government...accept it or fight it...that`s up to you!The Walton`s,more evil than the Rotschildt`s.. It's easy to blame businesses and we should, but what needs to be fixed is ridiculously high cost of healthcare.. Walmart Owners you cheep f#ckers, you sit on your golden toilet seats while the world starves. enjoy it, Your time is Short!.
i apologies for just making a purchase at the wal grocery. knowing i shouldn't..only reason i did is they were open at 5am...its harder than i thought...been conditioned. i will break it..this is my written vow...and no i don't need a hug.

the "26 million sq. ft." of empty "walmart" stores... THERE IS A REASON IT'S ALL VACANT!.

is the problem Waltmart or people choosing to go there to do their shopping we can push further, are people the problem or the economy and low wages that don't leave you any choice Is the problem the low wages or the globalization and the outsourcing while exploiting the poorest all around the world Is capitalism the problem of course, this system is flawed, a majority are exploited while a minority live a cosy life and these are the shareholders and crooked politicians who receive bribes and are directly and indirectly involved which makes me sick, all this corrupt system.

All these local mom and pop shops are complaining about Walmart. They are hypocrits, because they, themselves sold '' Made in China''. Walmart crushed the competition because, yes, money is more important to them, then their employees. It's all bullshit. Most of the people complain about the economy, but they buy foreign products and in doing so they ruin their local economy. Ask an American to buy local products and he's gonna spit in your face. When JFK said,'' Don't ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your own country'', people were cheering, crying, fainting, ejaculating and aplauding. If he would had said,'' Well what you can do for your own country is buy products made in usa''. People would had stop cheering and aplauding and start booing and swearing at JFK, '' You're just an asshole JFK'' they would had crucified him on a cross. Welcome to the reald world, a world of me, myself and I..

Speaking of busting up ma bell… Originally a phone call from a public phone would cost 10 cents….. After the government got involved (for our own good)……. phone calls from these same phones went to 25 cents…… At one point some years ago they tried to raise it to 50 cents....

Imagine if wal-mart gave employees benefits and a living wage: they would still be enslaving workers in other countries. Also you can tell the effect its presence has (3 in my city, and a casino!), but it seems to have a smallish area of effect. The area around a wal-mart becomes deserted and dehumanized in a few years. I don't patronize. Why would I cross the freeway pass some empty fields and a huge fucking parking lot, and I don't even have a car Do you think it will cost more to tear down an abandoned store than it did to build it, considering the subsidies they got to build in some places.

Ronald Reagan's and the GOP dream company,destroy the working class and give handouts to the rich !.
I worked at Wal-mart for 5 years, I WILL NEVER WORK AT A WAL-MART AGAIN!!!! Anyone that works at Wal-mart...GET OUT!!!!.
Coz u dnt care abt had u been running a business dat had been closed due to wallthereassmart den u wd be intrested.
Surly there is a special place in perdition for the Walton heirs and their evil minion, Lee Scott. Radix malorum est cupiditas.. Have you ever noticed that the Walmart corporate logo is a stylized a**hole. Talk about truth in advertising!.
At 01:55... "Our citizen ship as a good employer." Horse droppings. Wal-Mart is a crap employer. Ask anyone who's worked there. They even treat their top paid staff (such as Pharmacists) like utter crap. I rarely buy there..

+Mario Mario BS! The red state take more Fed dollars! We blue states pay for their deliberate ignorance!.

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December 23, 2015
Stolen credit card buy clindamycin phosphate topical gel Italy last week stepped up naval and air patrols with four patrol ships, long-range helicopters and unmanned... i5
Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 28, 2015

December 28, 2015
1. lPWkkPenmsOpW: Free medical insurance order tricor The story of Romney having driven with the family's Irish Setter on top of his car, inside a dog crate, was... i6
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December 19, 2015
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December 26, 2015

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+cheezwhizvids +Brandon Campbell a squat rack like this is for life, you better make sure you like the look of it! :).
I went the opposite route and just got the cheapest stuff i could get away with, €150 squat rack, €820 for 245kg of weights, 2 shitty oly bars, a curl bar and 2 oly dumbell handles and thats about is haha.

The best thing about all of this is it's tax deductible because it's featured in your Youtube videos. So that save you about 15% of the cost in Social Security and Medicare taxes, another 28% of the cost in income taxes and whatever the state income tax is in your state. So you basically got it for about 50% off over a 5 year depreciation schedule..
+xAZAZELx13 and in the case he wanted to sell all this stuff he could... and the regular gym member couldnt... it's like buying a house vs renting..
I don't know what kind of hours you work but if your putting in 60 hour weeks or more not counting commute then a home gym is usually the only practical option. Especially if you work nights like I do with no real 24hr gym available close to home or work. Home gyms even ones that costs thousands of dollars make up for that price in time saved. Time is the most important thing in life since it can't be bought and all of us only have a finite amount of it before our end. When you look at it that way home gyms make absolute sense..
People can't stand when someone has nicer things than they do so they feel a need to pick it apart. It's his money and he can spend it on whatever the hell he wants. Dumb ass comments. Nice gym man, enjoy!. Some of these comments are making me go crazy hahah. I 100% agree with your decisions. It's such a big difference in quality, longevity and consumption of time to do these things yourself. Anyways, I hope to see some gnarly PRs on your new equipment! Looks pearled!.
+blrsycth Seems it's always easier to comment on money/decisions when you're not the one making them lol..

This guy's shit looks nicer than my college's athletic complex for varsity athletes. Hopefully he's getting paid or scholarship money cause otherwise this shit is a waste of money.
I feel like all this home gym and cross fit is a reaction to the corporate fitness industry and its shity vale. When you attend a gym you have to put up with over crowding, disgusting people and just plain over pricing. . Brandon will most likely live longer than another 200 months but if he doesn't-then he lost money.. Such a great investment! This would pay for itself in like 4 years with the money you would save on gym memberships!.
As a welder im telling you those are some awfull looking welds. Even tho they are painted over. I mean its def gonna do the job you want it to but damn. Also shortening it 200 dollars You just need an angle iron a grinder and 1 hour..

Newbies buy this kind a junk...use it for month.. then it becomes a dust collector's.. but your not a newbie...hummmm... Let me know when u sell this on craigslist...
Just out of curiosity why didn't you go with Pendlay elite bumper plates from MDUSA They are less expensive and just as good if not better quality wise than Rogue. Not to mention sale codes they give out and the free shipping would've made them a much better deal. The plates are used by California Strength and the MDUSA weightlifting team which beats the shit out of them regularly. If they can hold up to that you using them for squatting, benching and deadlifting is nothing in comparison. I'm not knocking rogue because I own some great products from them (except the chan bar and Spud Farmer Walk Handles...don't ever buy them) just curious why you didn't get Pendlay plates instead..
+Cody Austin I looked at them, but they were priced higher outright (didn't see any codes at the time I ordered either). Since I was already getting a bunch of stuff from Rogue, I had already paid for the shipping fee as well. The Rogue ones have a higher durometer rating as well (which I doubt will make too much of a difference in the long run for myself), but overall I think it would have ended up being fairly similar in terms of overall cost..

awesome gym brother! great quality stuff, great investment. check out my home gym on my channel. I'm not even wealthy, and still blew 9-10k on my gym, and plan on spending more when i buy more calibrated Ivanko's lol. so let no one make you feel bad for your awesome purchases..
do you really need a gym like that at home though I got a bench station for about 300, a set of weights was around 300 a dip station was 100 not top of the line stuff but...does the job..
People here are bitching about the price but underestimate the quality which is important in terms of usage and durability. I mean this is a lifetime power rack; will last you probably you a very long time when cheaper brands will not..

You can do deadlifts, Pendlay rows, floor and standing presses, cleans and front squats with just a barbell. Those will work your entire body. Buy used and you will see Cost.

+nustada Craigslist here doesn't have anything I'd want. I've been actively looking on it for 10 years. I also have horse stall mat in place, cost $30 a piece. I also showed some fat grips here :).

+Brandon Campbell Yeah, looks like I got ripped off on the mats. At that price, I am tempted of covering my entire basement floor..

Not sure if I would buy that many plates but overall it's a pretty damn nice "mini-gym" you got there..
Best homegym you can build with cheap price: A bench, a pair of Powerblock Dumbbells, and a cable crossover, you can work on most of the parts of your body with this setup aleady =). Damn….B. B stands for broke ha ha. I think most of my home gym came together for the price of your rack..
+MotivatedResults Like it a lot so far, trying to decide if I should go for the tune and pulley upgrade to get it closer to 400hp.
If you're into speed go for it. Easy upgrade for sure. Probably voids your warranty though. .
That is just too much money for a squat rack. Maybe you are just trying to sponsor Rogue because they give you free stuff, but it's your money. No pun intended...
I think the money you spent is well worth it. I only went to the gym a few times a month due to it being too crowded and traffic to get there was a huge pain. Now I wake up, load up on carbs, and walk a few yards to my shed that houses my Sorinex XL Rack. It's all peaceful and quiet so I can focus on making precision gains! The only time I use my cheap ($9/month) 24Hour gym membership is for emergencies or for when I'm out of town. But I miss the quality and state of my equipment every time I do.. +BenDoverman I hear ya! While this isn't much equipment, def some of the best I've trained on!.
+Brandon Campbell should've been, based on the sheer amount of stuff you got from them and the number of viewers. Basically free advertising for them.
+Logical Order Which goes to show personal preference plays a huge role. To me, the $3k you spent on your truck is a waste of money as I would have no need for it :). +Brandon Campbell you don't have to defend yourself here Brandon, I'll take the nice gym AND the shitty truck haha. those 5 lb, 10lb, and 15lb dumbbells are life changers man!! I am so jealous you were gifted those!!! ARGHHHH.
Sport gym membership = $30/ mo = $360/ year. $6000/ $360 = 16.67 years to break even without tax and shipping. Add 8% sales tax and its 18 years. No cardio equipment, no pulleys, no machines, no dumbbells, no sport facilities. Nice setup but gonna have to stick with gym membership on this one..

Wow, you did dat lol. My home gym has a squat rack with dip attachments, pull up attachments, b&r bar, curl bar, 2 dunk bells, deadlift platform, 2 weight trees, about 600# of weights cost me about $1600. Of course bench also.

+Brandon Campbell absolutely! If I had the money I would done that also. It looks awesome. I would definitely prefer those plate to the iron also.
Awesome looking home gym. Even though may look like a lot of money just getting ready to go to the gym and driving there you're killing 30 minutes depending on your drive having your gym at home it's a great timesaver. Not to mention waiting on a machine. so every penny spent on your home gym is well worth. You got great quality equipment.. spend 400 € on my rack so about 450$() and its fine it holds weight up to i dunno highest weight might be 500+ kg.
ur rack is nice no doubt about it but im only 18 years old and used my whole pocketmoney to buy mine ^^. can u tell me why there are saftyband instead of bars is there a advantage u get of them.
I totally understand why you'd go for a home gym. But I think that many people misunderstand the words "high quality" and I think THAT is one of the many "cons" of a home gym. You can totally go for a decent/really great home gym with Strength Shop (on the internet) for about 1500 average box, maybe 1600 at most. People are more like they want so called "high quality" stuff just because it's fucking fancy. Imo Rogue is like Kanye West selling a fucking short and a sheety white shirt for 320box and use "high quality" as an excuse. Not hatin at all tho that's a great home gym, and if you have the money for it why the fuck would you want cheaper Keep it up bro..
$6,000 is a kind of a lot...hopefully you can write it off as an expense, etc. I have an R3 welded, Lifestyle commercial flat bench, a TPB, and some used weight plates. Cost for everything was like $1300 tops....
+Brandon Campbell Props to you, you only live once so may as well enjoy. And at some point equipment is just as much hobby as it is necessity. When I bought my R3, Rouge only sold matte black so I do like the color. Cheers,enjoy.. Amazing home gym It would be nice to own something like this But way to expensive for me! Thats like 5 all inclusive trips. +Brandon Campbell nice setup though :) my dad works out at home so he would be very happy with something like this.
Would have gone for mostly the same, except the rack, I would have just gone for a squat stand (I do Oly lifting so benching isn't really something I train) and would have gone for kilo plates instead of pounds. Pretty nice set up!.
I think it's a good investment, plus the most valuable part is not having to see insane people at the gym. I'm thinking of getting the SML-2 squat stand with arms. Probably never going more than 350 squat 250 bench so I think it'll be sturdy enough. Any input seeing as you researched it so heavily. +mdamiano88 I don't think you can really go wrong with Rogue. It's a bit pricey but the quality is top notch..
+Brandon Campbell I have OCD. So now I won't sleep as well. Looks great (otherwise) by the way. ;).

Although it does look beautiful, and i will almost certainly make my own gym at some point... this costs out to over a decade of gym membership at my powerlifting gym...fuck me.
lolz...the people commenting about it being cheaper to buy a gym membership clearly aren't taking into account how much they value their time....

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December 31, 2015
1. lPWkkPenmsOpW: Free medical insurance order tricor The story of Romney having driven with the family's Irish Setter on top of his car, inside a dog crate, was... i9
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December 25, 2015
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January 2, 2016
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December 27, 2015

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holy balls I'm moving to the county side in Japan, average rent around here for a two bedroom is £700 which is something like 125000yen..
Here in Hawaii we pay about 1902£ or $2700 on rent in our military townhome. it's not worth it, and rent keeps getting raised. however, we're being moved by the military soon so we won't have to worry about it much longer. Average rent on oahu is $2000 - $3500 per month, depending on how close you are to waikiki and if you have a/c or live above your landlord or if your house is crud. we like our home but we hate how much it has cost us because it is worth way less in the condition it's in and the basis of what's in the house..

+rainisrockstar that's because you live in Hawaii, you're not only competing with your neighbours but your competing with people wanting holiday homes too.
Compared to what we were paying in NYC...I could find rent in my sofa cushion.LOL Thanks for the video!. Is it possible for you to share the app that you use to track expenditures?:) also WHY IS PASTA SO EXPENSIVE!. Hey, just discovered this Youtube channel. Congrats to the young couple! I am originally from Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...) and have lived in Japan for almost 13 years. I live in a small city in Hokkaido, and I have discovered no matter how much money we have, my Japanese wife can spend it! Do you two also follow the Japanese custom of the wife being in control of the family finances It really stinks. I always wanted to live in the "inaka" but my wife insists she is a city girl. A neighbor gave me her garden where I can live out my fantasy of living in the countryside. I grow lots of vegetables but my wife gives them away as fast as I can grow them, something to do with the Japanese gift giving culture. Oh well, I'll have to watch all your videos now. Tootles (yes, I have had a glass of wine)..
+Stuart M. Haha your story sounds really cool! Grace is not really in control of our finance though! Living in the inaka is the best I would say~ :D.
The cost would be around 1,019 in British Pounds and 1,453 in US Dollars. (For those interested in knowing) Edit: This is for the SINGLE person's expense. 170,000 yen conversion only. Thanks 2 Tudor Sike. +Neo Getz I feel the same way! That's so cheap! But I guess they are out in the middle of no where. I'm in a large Canadian city living downtown :S.
You always talk about the expensive fruit, have you ever tried growing some yourself If i recall, you have a small backyard and there are also things to grow inside :).
+kees Steen haha yes we know. We've been ripping out the small bushes every year since they spread so much :) .
Ahhh the things you find on YouTube at three in the morning. You two were so damn cute. Please if you get a chance convert your monthly expenses into a dollar amount. Just for laughs as I will never get the chance to live in Japan but were I too it would be in the country..
Thank you for this, it has been really informative! I'll be in Japan for about half a year in Wakayama on student exchange which is apparently a rather country area. Always loved the countryside in Japan.. Hi can you make a video showing when to use ga ,wa and ha Cause that is a great confusion. And also on internet there is no exact answer.. +Mayank Behl ga is the subject marker. wa (written as ha) is the topic marker, and ha is not a particle. "wa" is written as "ha" in hiragana, but there is no "ha" particle just fyi. The basic rule of thumb for wa and ga is that the verbs "iru" and "aru" default to ga and all other verbs default to wa. The only times you use the other one is when you want to emphasize something. ex. normal: kanojo wa kyoushi to shite hataraiteimasu. (She is working as a teacher.) emphasis: KANOJO GA kyoushi to shite hataraiteimasu. (SHE is working as a teacher. [and not the other people we are currently talking about, or any other people who might be logically related to our conversation]) ex. normal: kouen ni kodomo ga imasu. (Children are in the park.) emphasis: kouen ni KODOMO WA imasu. (CHILDREN are in the park. [but not the other people you originally thought would also be in the park]) For the most part, the emphasized usage is not used randomly out of the blue, but rather is contextual in the conversation. Like someone might say "I thought all the parents and children walked straight home Where are the parents" then someone who said something about "well, the CHILDREN are... xyz" would use wa with iru but ga with any other verb (if they were saying "the kids are playing" instead of the kids are there (iru)) 日本語の勉強頑張って下さいねー. Why did you apologise Thank-you for this video! Very helpful! I'd love to live in the countryside. We're paying 80,000円 at the mo :(. Currently, 100 Japanese Yen = about 85 U.S. Cents. So ¥ 10,000 = about $85, and ¥ 20,000 = about $170. And so on..
I am assuming that it is per month I psy 300 per week for a shitty dark 2 bedroom no wardrobe mould probe house and that is in tasmania australia.
I hope this isn't inappropriate to say but I think you guys would have EXTREMELY beautiful children and I hope we get to see it someday!! >.< I know married couples sometimes get annoyed when people bring up kids but I couldn't help it!!. Would love to move to groan countryside, ah maybe one day. Hope that surgery went well for Grace and that she is on the mend and feeling much better very soon!. +JayFoxFire I know, it was so sad but I'm also very happy that they are living something that Martina has been dreaming about since she was little!.
Being a university student in London, I just realised how badly we have it here lol, even when compared to Tokyo.. Uncool UK, uncool :'( I'd have to pay around £1400 minimum for a studio apartment if I move out... Japan here I come! In like 3 years.
man, you guys are an adorable couple, and your videos are really good, fair opinions, no silly drama with other expats, not making videos while driving. thank you for that. have you guys considered doing some vegetable gardening while living in this rural area or are you traveling between here and Tokyo too much for that to work it'll definitely save you a lot of money on expensive supermarket produce. roots like ginger or the cut off base of veges like spring onions and chingensai can grow back easily if you throw it into a pot or mason jar and left on a sunny window sill.. idk if that's expensive or not...xl I wish they would've put how much it is in US dollars.
What is the average cost to buy a place in Tokyo similar to what you rented there ( like a 1 br condo) Is there less of a desire in Japan to own property there than there is in America.
You guys make me happy. I was in such a shitty mood this morning and I watched you guys...poof bad mood gone. thx for being you.. I found sort of a three-floor mansion for 650 dollars in the countryside. Food is not as expensive for us even thou we cook. Maybe 15000 yen less than the Texans lol. Air quality, as well as the amount of people who stares at you as if you are a expensive, never-before-seen monument, is fantastic.. I'm having a hard time finding prices in Japan that are competitive to what living expenses I pay now, unfortunately. In the US, there's a lot of expensive regions to live in, but also a lot of inexpensive regions. I happen to live in the latter, and the total living cost they mentioned is a good $400 more per month than I currently pay =/ not that I'm unhappy with my current living situation haha, but I'd like to live in Japan someday.
Grace, how did you get those cheap contracts for your phones 1500¥ sounds like a real discount! I just moved from au to ymobile, but still paying about 4.500 a month....

You think your internet is expensive! ~€43/month is cheap! In Belgium we pay about €100+ for internet..

Yeah.. Belgium is one of the most expensive countries for internet. That's because we only have like... 2-3 ISPs. And none has the guts to offer cheap packs..
to follow that max 30% of income on rent rule here in Vancouver, BC i would have to be working a $35/hr job.
living in England and I have some spare cash. I would love to buy a property there and rent it out to people there.

i like your videos! its kinda nice to see and hear japanese, english both communicating without any miscommunication..
I laughed at "poop hat" and "I am married." Great video, thanks, you two make a cute couple..
Oh wow when I compare this to what I spend on living alone in Berlin Germany as a university student (all in all I spend around 800 Eu a month living in a single apartment)... Im shocked how much more you need to spend in Japan. My beloved is living in Japan atm for a study year abroad and we have talked about moving over when we both are finished studying ( only if he is getting a job there of course! for me its much more difficult to find something because I hardly speak japanese, english is not my first language and Im a geologist)... I guess we have got a few things to figure out unil then ^^ especially how to get used to paying so much more than in our home country because we both are economical people who always look for special offers and stuff to save money. On the other hand I know that the wages are higher than here so if we had more money than we have at the moment maybe it would not be so hard to spend it ;-).
thx for answering :D (feels a little awkward to write in english but for the sake of everbody understanding me... ^^) I have absolutely no clue if its possible for me to find something in japan because my subject is science related (I am a palaeontologist currently working on my bachelor thesis about climatic changes in a certain period of time and I analyze pollen for that) I know that japan has some really good museums and there are lots of geological facilities for volcanism, geophysics and stuff but palaeo I have to find out more. Dont get me wrong... I love Japan and I dont think I would have a problem living over there but I love my job too and I want to make sure I still can do it before I discover whoops - I have to work as english teacher (which wouldnt be bad at all for a start but its not what I really want to do) btw - Ich hab dir mal ein Abo da gelassen, deine Videos sind echt großartig :).
+TheFalloutBunny I totally get what you mean! I'm still in university but I'm not studying for 4 years to get my B.Sc. and then work as an English teacher with a crappy salary (it's good for the start, definitely not a longterm solution) If you have any questions (except palaeo-related) you can always comment on my vids or send me a message :) and thanks for the sub (#^.^#).

I'm curious; what should someone expect as an average income in comparison [I'm in the game design field and was thinking of moving to Japan because it's booming in comparison to America's but I'm not sure because ~yay~ student loans.../s].
I love sitting seiza! In zen they also call in nihonza, and while it can be uncomfortable at first, it becomes easier with time. Especially after a few months. It's much better for people who have back problems - as it allows one to sit folding periods of time :) a cushion helps too.
Thank you for this! I am moving to Japan in March, to Himeji. I'm expecting my expenses to be somewhere between your Tokyo and your country estimates. :) I'm also going as a married couple..
Its about £1500 in pounds, for a couple. It is cheaper to live in north england where me and my partner need around £1000 per month..
Thanks for a really informative video! I would prefer to live in the countryside more than the city. I hope Grace is doing well~.

Hello Ryosuke and Grade:I hope you are doing well Grace and get well soon! WE ALL MISSED YOU AND RYOSUKE!!!I am physically disabled and had been abused by my own family all my life. My mother passed away 2013. I have a very toughed and sad life but whenever I watch your videos it makes me laugh. Even for a short time I forget all the negative I have been thru, THANK YOU GRACE AND RYOSUKE. Now I am living by myself and the things I do most of the time (when I am awake) is watching your videos. I love every single videos you have. I am saving money so I can purchase your books! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK. YOU AND RYOSUKE MAKES BILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAPPY!.
These videos are so much fun to watch! There's no pretentiousness and it just feels really down to earth and fun. Thank you, and I hope you're recovering well!. Thats really nice. In my family too, my parents put importance on good food since we eat at home most of the time. So a large portion of the paycheck goes for just food.
When I go to Japan in May, I'm going to look for a poop hat. Lol. At least I know that it would make it through customs. This was really informative and if I ever moved to Japan, the countryside is lookin' mighty fine. :).

Y$250k is about HKD$16,666. But renting a normal 2LDK in HK is maybe about HKD$17k, at least, in a more normal part of town (ie. not too far away from anything, nowhere super convenient traffic-wise). So the entire living expenses of a couple where you are is less than what rent itself costs in Hong Kong. I want to go to Japan~~~~~.
In Porto, Portugal 600 euros ~77000yen for a one-bedroom apartment, well located, well furnished and quite roomy and sunny + bills + gym + pets + diesel But most people here earn 500-900, so it becomes expensive!. talking about vegies... here in montreal (south shore) coli-flower will be around 7.00 a piece. this is MAD !!!. LOL I saw you in some scholarship add to study in Japan i saw your face and I was like wtf is texan in tokyo doing on a wall at my school. you were in a train in japan haha Forgot the name of the scholarship though :/.

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Due to the economy it's hard enough to live in Greece, but exorbitant burial costs, limited cemetery space, and endless bureaucracy make dying almost as difficult.. +laxjoh "Capital controls" - not being able to withdraw money freely from ATMs and the like was implemented to stop people from withdrawing all money and bankrupt their banks..
+yumi mango​ trolling, totally over YOUR thick skull you primative cuntsniffer from hell, much love from this "primative cocksucker". Have a lovely day you useless, manipulatable idiot.
So they're opposed to methods other than those in line with Christian traditions because of their faith. I'd feel more sympathy if it were over, y'know, a good reason..
+A Witty Username Because of their faith.. yeah right.. the clerics are charging for any funeral service, so the cremation means loosing clients and money. It is quite amusing how the church blessings are only for the rich....

+zuldo /there s nothing wrong with vice news, is there i suspect they re talkin about something else.
+1Piecer yeah but you really can't blame the EU for societal problems that existed in Greece LONG before the Eurozone was created. The chain reaction effect that would occur upon Greece's departure from the EU would have devestating, global consequences..if Greeks think its bad now, wait till they see what'll happen if ans when they default...they won't be able to get loans, industries will crumble and small businesses will be non-existent...the few rich people that remain will gobble up all the scraps and you guys will be worse off than before...the only upside is that the Drachma will be reinstated and the price of goods should go down...but inflation will be out of control for at least 5 years, probably more...Greece will turn into a bigger version of Bali; where rich on the westers go for a really cheap vacation.
+QUEENSNYCKID Will God help them then. I heard from the news that Greece recognize Palestine as a country now. I think that is to done to attract some Arab investments to Greece, and I hope it works and improve the economy. .

i'm feeling thankful being in Kuwait, where death only cost you around 30-50 USD fee including everything, the government takes care of everything from birth to death for free, and the religion here does not require an expensive coffin and expensive marble for your grave, when you die you will only be wrapped in a white cloth and buried 2 meters deep with only small stone above your grave, its disgusting how traditions or religion in the west is only to make companies make profit from you even when you die..
+sk8guy36 we lived 7 months occupied in 1990 with no income or oil yet we paid the world to start a war to get our small country back, 773 oil were destroyed and millions of oil barrel were destroyed by the Iraqi invasion causing the biggest environmental disaster in history and spent 9 months putting fore out of our oil wells paying the best fire fighting teams in the world it's all was from investments money not oil income .
Just donate your body to research purposes. Or burn the body. Problem solved :) we don't need a billion graves..

+John Lawn that literally makes 0 sense lol human bodies are made of the same stuff of any other creature, and they decompose just fine. you are retarded lol use your stupid fucking human hating head.

I know Vice has gone to shit but there are still a few nice one's. I actually enjoyed this documentary. Before this I didn't even know they used to ban cremation in Greece. And I really like the reporter, very down to earth..
+Mahtlahtli No! It has gone shit. They produce a lot of garbage videos. I used to watch every video they made nowadays I hardly watch one or two videos..
+Mahtlahtli Nope. Talking about quality and diversity. Covering interesting things that couldn't be found in other media. Today I rarely see anything that I can't watch pretty much everywhere else..

When ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope was asked how he would like buried, he told that he'd want his body to be thrown outside the city wall so wild animals could eat it. When asked if he minded this, he said, "Not at all, as long as you provide me with a stick to chase the creatures away", to which he was asked how he could use the stick since he would be dead, replying "If I lack awareness, then why should I care what happens to me when I am dead" Modern day Greeks need to get their shit straight..
How come Germany always gets a pass for bankrupting Greece for a 3rd time in 100-years What gives VICE!!!.
+Cosmo1093 you are not good in history aren't you either intentionally or not, you are short sighted to say the least. Everything in Greece is controlled by foreign agendas and always in the last 200 years they had the last word in economic affairs. This is their game, divide and conquer, offensive banking overtakes, resource proxying and various other procedures that exist in their arsenal of enslaving sovereign states. Trying to conclude, I can not going teach you history nor economics as I am not an expert, you have to walk the path yourself, but plz avoid mentioning GERMANY in this dispute. Germany and its hegemonic false ideals are the sole reason for the worst atrocities in the last century. (and beyond) Exterminating hundreds of villages, killing pregnant women by butchering them like animals, stealing all assets/resources, bank scamming, offensive takeovers... I can continue for ever for my fellow Europeans. There is a reason Germany can be directly compared with their same kin brothers... the turks. Their savagery is noted through time. Despite all of this, I personally though believe in the union (EU), I believe that people can be better by collaborating. We have more to gain than to loose. Still, stop mentioning Germany, it is the Pandora box for hundreds of millions of people..
1st.All of the Vice production is a piece of shit,because it shows things and facts around the world,through a directing view that only serves the production team goals. 2nd.The situation about dead people in Greece is not what this thing(called "journalism") wants to show us. 3rd.Greece is an orthodox country in 99,9% where all orthodox people want to be buried and not to be burnt. 4th.Everyone has the right to produce a show about anything.But when it comes to Greek society of 2015 with the economic crisis alive,you easily understand that a thing like this,is a "hot potato" for every fkin american producer of Vice or else to make money through a bunch of shit. Honestly This episode required,1 cameraman,1 stupid idiot greek to pretend that he is someone important ON camera,1 sound technician,1 guy to montage the whole trash and the people with the right answers to make it look realistic. The orthodox church might not be correct in everything,but when it stands out for people not to be burnt its for a FUCKIN purpose. The mayor of Thessaloniki (Boutaris) is Jewish,so for him it's right for people to be burnt. But for us,being orthodox,it's wrong and it is opposite of our beliefs. So stop trying to make it look REALISTIC and please VICE,go do some REAL journalism and not that piece of SHIT we see every other day uploaded. Please you have such a huge budget for what you produce. Go do something useful and don't waste everyone's time.. +George Pitoo that's right run with your tail between your legs and take your "statistics" with you. +George Pitoo Vice comments sections are full of idiots like you. 'Why did they do this in Greece Other countries have this problem! Waaah!'. You can't report on every instance of somethng, the story is about Greek problems with burial, so they just show problems with burial in Greece..
+Fabrizio Aldonne Basically, when vice makes a video about something people don't like without adding subtitles along the lines of 'THIS IS BAD, ITS BAD, THEY ARE BAD PEOPLE, WAAAAH' its taken as tacit approval..
+Dozier Games That's what I was thinking. Sure you may want some place to remember your loved ones but are you really going to pay 1000 euros every 3 years and deal with all this bullshit so they can have some fancy headstone Just find a nice spot in the woods.. +Todd Harris Ya this is what happens when religion holds you back. it's really sad and pathetic. .
we have the same problem here in Malta, no crematorium so graves cost a fortune. But at least there's the excuse that this is like the fourth most densely populated place in the world so land is in short supply....

When your graveyards are bursting at the seams and your economy is garbage,the church should have no say in the matter..

Surprised Vice News fails to do an article on 'too poor to die in America'. There are hundreds of thousands of bodies which are abandoned at morgues across the USA and several articles written on the subject because unlike previous generations the cost of burial in the USA is astronomical. People are forced to incinerate bodies which still costs on average $1,200 and of course is against Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Since the majority of Americans self identify as 'Christian'... most aren't comfortable with the idea of cremation. Death is a multi billion dollar industry and the USA is NOT short of any space to bury the dead. America is the only industrial nation which fails in honoring it's dead. Read the articles Vice and talk on that subject..

You guys should see some of the crypts here in NYC. In a crowded city, you have cemeteries filled with giant crypts that look like big luxurious mansions for the deceased. It's scary how even in death, people want to show off status....
Those are too be blamed is politicians, soon they will apologize for everything, and you shit propaganda media centers should say the truth in deeper and not to do this to earn viewers and pass your propaganda!. awful that this happens. once a person is buried they should be left there not dug up countless times and the families made to pay money constantly, that will be such a burden for anyone, financially as welll as emotionally. i really hope this changes tor the greek people.. Greece is continually devolving. With the increase of migrants it will speed up this devolution I fear for this holy land..
Why you think The Turks hate Greece. Greece is full of corrupt people and they only think of theirself.
+jamakasis18 No, that's actually not true. I think the problem comes when you have the Greek government being overly involved in t he deaths of its citizens. After all, the Bible says, "All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.".
A little thought for everybody who may find it interesting: Death has become a business like any else. Around the world exist doctors who have little interest in double or tripple checking if a person who is clinically dead is really dead. There are numerous cases where people came back to life after death. Their little problem was when they woke up they were at that time buried 7 feet under. What do you want to do Old, helpless, burried and slowly you realise what is going on until the inevitable happens. As death has become a source of profit there are doctors paid by funeral companies that if death occures he will call them to arrive at the scene and arrange the funeral. They mostly do not care too if the person may eventually awake and in some cases and just to make sure they expedite the whole process to get the (maybe) dead person as fast as possible under the soil and cash the check. Not everybody is like that but what do you know who is going to be your company of trust Like if anybody ever wrote a review on how good he was buried or how well he spent his time in the coffin. Then there is the aspect of money. Some people should learn that money is not a thing of life. It is a thing of taxes. Check yourself how much money a single bank note generates throu a day. You`ll be amazed if you already didn`t know that even the smalles bank note generates in one day way more money to the state as it`s actual value printed on the front and back. But that is a different story. I mean you cannot measure values by money that cannot be measured with money. If you feel bad about yourself for example not being able to pay for the most expensive funeral then you need to restart your view on values. A person who you lived with and cared about has left for good. What can money do to help that person after death What good is a piano black and gold deluxe 1st class coffin to a dead person Nothing. It is the memories you keep. Every person will live after death as long as there is at least one person alive who can remember the one that left. No money can buy that. Now some reasonable facts. If you have to move. You get evicted, you find a new job far away or whatever reason. What do you do with a grave Do you move the dead with you No. Will you feel bad if you cannot visit that grave more often because of the distance Probably. If you keep the ashes or disperse them into the ocean, river or plant a tree somewhere and fertilize the soil with it or whatever you please then you have little to none attachement to a specific place. Except that tree thing I mentioned. That may be a dealbreaker. But that is not the point. It is all in our head only. In fact we are a bunch of micro organisms. Our true "self" is only our mind. Our body is just a visual representation of our mind. We have bacteria inside our body, outside our body, lots of organs work for no particular reason and we do nothing in our power to control them. We don`t tell lungs to breathe, we don`t tell the heart to beat, liver to filter, stomach to process food... that is at least what we call it. Heck we know what our stomach would rather call food. We never asked :) all those organs just work on their own. But lets get back to the point - People need to talk about death with those who mean something to them. People managed travel to the moon, magnify up to millions of percent and what not. But dealing with things like that seems sometimes like an unsolvable problem. It is hard the first time but it gets easier. In the end it becomes "sorted out". It won`t make it easier when the time comes, but it definetly will make you prepared. Ready. Ready to accept and deal with the situation. ...And as far as the church goes I have nothing to say because I could not care less what the church has to say about it. Those people are so detached from real life... pffffft it is not even worth the free and unpaid comment space on Youtube. I mean if you belive in whatever it is totally fine by me untill I don`t have to deal with it. Bottom line - I did not mean to offend anybody. If you don`t like what I wrote then just skip it. All this was just a little something to think about and start your own process of evaluation. Maybe this can help somebody to start thinking differently and maybe this can lead to a first chat about the toppic with those that should be the partners in communication. Wish you all a good one..

No matter the opinion of whom he is questioning, he should stick to the unwritten rules of journalism. He was not nice to the archbishop..

Greece worked better 2000 years ago than it does now XD Oh and look who is blocking progress once again, humanitys biggest frien, the church....

Other religions have caused humanity strife as well but ALL religions have done more good than harm..
"That's not gonna be my future. I'm not gonna be buried in a grave. When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash." -Frank Reynolds.
I don't want to cremate or a conventional grave, I want to be buried under a small tree (like a few weeks old) and the longer I am dead the bigger the tree would get. Also something pretty to look at..
Bury them in biodegradabe shrouds underneath trees. It's so selfish to deny mother nature your body when she gave it to you.. +Wayne Peterson I'm not joking. Why hide your body in a box What does that achieve It's just selfish.. graves are simply a waste of fucking space, think of the stuff you could build on the huge spaces that cemetries take and with the money they gobble up, you can make a hospital to prevent at least some of these deaths. The Christians believe they need their dead bodies whole so that when Jesus comes back they will rise up from death and idk wtf after that.. Fucken RETARDED. Just fucking cremate. Problem solved. WTF come on people... Of course what is to say that the bureaucracy didnt make another mistake and put the wrong person's bones in that box Personally I think the issue of death and dying would be better handled if they got away from the Christian idea of putting someone in one spot in the ground for all eternity. Cremation is going to have to be the end result as the population worldwide continues to get higher and higher. Either that or do what they do in New Orleans with several bodies in one crypt space..
+Quade Axford Is it religion that digs up peoples' bodies, because the families of the deceased can't pay the government Is it religion that placed a socialist party in power, which refuses to allow for the privatization and expansion of cemeteries Is it religion that hurt the Greek economy Is it religion that won't approve the building of crematoriums Wait, IT ISN'T!!.
Damn, Greece, the lands where the very foundations of modern civilization was set on is in deep shit....
This price is cheaper than the one in Hong Kong. Here, the box are so limited such that some people did buy the box long before they actually die. Some other even trade these boxes and earn a great deal of momoney..
Why not just give your body to medical colleges People would appreciate and remember you in a better way. And you will die knowing your body was at least used for a better cause!. +Adam S Chabane Nope, YOU are wrong. They do use bodies for years; sometimes parts are kept indefinitely (with consent). Body donation isn't as simple as people think it is, and even when you register to donate your body upon death, there is still no guarantee that it will be accepted. If they can't get your body quickly enough after dying, they won't accept it. If the coroner or ME is involved, they won't accept it. If your your organs aren't intact (think cancer), they won't accept it. If you have an infectious disease, they won't accept it. If you're obese, they won't accept it. If you die in a traumatic accident or by suicide, they won't accept it. Everyone donating their body to science isn't a viable solution. I'm a funeral director and have had individuals ask for advice on body donation, thinking it's a guaranteed solution. Not so. Look up some body donation programs and you will see that it's not as simple as you think.. +50sacrifice That is an option I guess. Many people like knowing where at least a part of their relative is buried however. I guess especially if you are religious. It gives people some small comfort sometimes.. Bernie Sanders will greatly increase the quality of life for the average american. He is a democratic socialist he will protect the working class and at the same time reach out to the poor and downtrodden of American society and help them integrate into the work force making America a better place..

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Comments about this video:
Pretty interesting that most of the doctors look pretty natural in comparison. Maybe they see the flaws of their society better than the general population..
I know I went there and people keep judging me base on my look and I heard black people couldn't get a job as an English teacher because korean don't think they don't speak "proper" English..
Oh, so the doctor says she close her eye because of a psychological reason F-U-C-K-I-N-G-B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T YOU HAD ONE JOB, ONE JOB. ONE. JOB.. +vernon0051 I'm looking for a new job since I'm about to lose the one I have now, in such a situation I'd hate to live in Korea, especially now I'm 47 years old… In other words, I'd much rather being hired for my professional qualities than for the looks I never had anyway :).
This just made me sad. Feel sorry for all these people... The woman who had the surgery and said she couldn't close her eye I couldn't see anything "wrong" with her, she seemed quite beautiful to me but I felt very sorry for her because she is so devastated by her own appearance. All that pressure to look perfect it's just sad. Even if it makes someone feel good it's a short lived beauty, a fantasy and won't last. What a toxic culture. Not that on the west cultures are doing any better hmph.

+Sheldon Pooper 1 Sadly, it is true that people sometimes disregard the positive benefits of plastic surgery. We have to remember that South Korea is a completely different society and they may not hold the same stigmas towards cosmetic procedures. As they said in the video, many employers look at appearance and more often than not, they have to send in a headshot with their resume, so they have to be attractive in order to even function and be a part of society :/ I believe, that when they say, "If your desire is to be more beautiful, then you'll forever think that you're ugly" means that if you want to become beautiful, your idea of "beautiful" may not even be achievable in real life. Unfortunately, it is very common that people can become "knit-picky" about their appearance and be unhappy with the slightest flaw or sometimes it isn't even a flaw, just their normal features. There is also a possibility of people going overboard with plastic surgery. You can change your appearance hundreds of times, but you may never be satisfied if you don't have confidence in yourself and not give into pressure. I think that giving high schoolers plastic surgery as a gift from their parents for graduating may have negative consequences. They aren't even fully matured yet, so they may regret it in the future or their face may change as they become full grown adults..
i guess i would be considered pretty ugly with my square jaw, how sad, people are so shallow, and this is where my daughter wants to live.
It might sound great living there but trust me it's horrible. One day I go get coffee and heard two girls started talking trash about in korean thinking that I'm a foreigner idiot they say that "she's pretty in shape for a foreigner" I'm like you don't even know me and by that you mean if you are not korean you are fat. Show your daughter some video like this and see how shallow they are judging on other people by their look..
+Hanh nguyen i have tried, believe me. she is so obsessed with the culture and Kpop it is kind of disturbing actually. i hate the culture. People have to think about this, if everyone there has to be perfect in order to even get a good job, their existence is actually based on what you look like!! what a very sad place this must be, how can you possible enjoy life if this is a constant issue You simply cannot! Beauty is only skin deep. What about genetics People are meeting each other and partner up with the most perfect person they can find and then have children, thinking they are marrying them for their looks when in reality they are all plastic and then they have imperfect children There will be an epidemic of children being left to die on the street or worse!.
stop all this surgeries, learn to love yourselves... i think asian eyes are attractive tbh, they look very different... natural asians are more attractive, cos when u have surgery you kinda get this "mold" look, its hard to explainn xD....

+tom ato it's a cycle, the offspring they brought out will under go to the same process, and then the next, then the next....

Lo self esteem is the cause of this. You can graduate with a PH.D. And still be ignorant and uneducated interms of the real world..
The only permanent way to have those features naturally is to copulate with Europeans. Asians know this. That's why they have anchor babies, so their kids could have a chance to breed half Asian hybrids. This has gone way beyond a simple fetish..
These Koreans... Talk 'bout homogenous, they trying to look all alike when they're already alike. WTF.

I guess it really is just about comformity and the exposure/advertising. Hence, the ultimate truth to why it's so common. :/ I can't believe they think it's a natural and normal thing to do. It's frightening to know that they are aware about the negative aspects but what's scarier is the fact that they disregard them. :c.
I think the reason why asain tend to get alot of surgery is because you live in Korea you walk out and all you see is pictures of women with big eyes and look like dolls and kpop idol who they look up to look perfect and they just want to change the way they look so that they can feel happy about themselves and maybe there's a part of them that it doesn't suit them for example I have monolids and I don't like them because the way my face is like my mom she has a sharp jaw like and a high nose and double eyelid but I don't so it doesn't fit with the way my face look so I want to change it. It's not that I hate myself but because it doesn't suit me I know some people who look goofed with mono lids but I don't . I'm Korean and hate so much these miserable situations... what the f** is going on this country... With the endless and strong obsessions of distorted physical beauty standard... there is no hope and future for us and next generation in Korea. Because ppl only care about superficial and material aspects. People just avoid thinking of side effects from this ridiculous culture and only keep talking about how this industry makes tremendous amount of wealth in and out of Korea... or how women with surgeries can b happier...blah blah... There is no critical discussions and it seems not possible idea for next decades.. or forever idk...just I horribly hate this culture .
I hope this level of beauty obsession doesn't spread across Asia. It's so unhealthy and the idea of beauty is too narrow. Even here in Hollywood you have different body and face shapes. I know this cookie cutter idea of beauty is already in a lot of Asian countries, but not to this level. I'm Asian American and I'd be scared to live in S. Korean for fear that people will make me feel like crap pointing out all my imperfections..

The presenter's so-called wrinkles don't need any botox and/or fillers and the girl with the botched surgery sounded suicidal! What an intriguing doc and well edited..

Ok... the woman with the botched plastic surgery still looks good. I do sympathize with her complaints of the medical aspects of it, no one wants someone to cut up your face and leave the wounds open. And it sucks to have your body change and do weird things against your will (I guess, for some people they're ok if their face change to look "prettier"... ew). But she's crying about having asymmetrical eyes. They don't even look that different. Thom Yorke isn't crying. You didn't lose a leg. You're not going to starve to death if you have asymmetrical eyes. I get it, it sucks living in a country where everyone including your parents thinks you're ugly unless you look like another pop star clone, but these people's problems are SO PETTY..
I know, I'm almost laughing at her. She's totally brainwashed, it's so sad. In North America there's been so much reverse education to help women unlearn the crap the media tells them. Korea seems pretty desperate for something like that!. I am okay when people get a nose job and a double eye lid surgery that isn't too dramatic. I'm from America and I have a nose that has a bump and then droops down. I've been bullied a lot and even the "ugly" weird guys have called me ugly. So I would get a nose job but I probably would just remove my bump so that I can have a curve. I would never do something too dramatic. Even I don't like the concept of doing plastic surgery so far that I don't have a single facial quality as my mother.. So much self-loathing and unacceptance. It's really sad to see what lengths people will go through.. they want to make they pretty...not all people pretty with their real face they will want to make their face shape to be like V. omg she was so pretty why did she get surgery... this is all a scam making people think one type of look is what is considered beautiful :/ this is soo sad.. Dating or marrying a South Korean is like a box of chocolate you don't know what you'll get until the child come out looking nothing like the other person.. The woman with the asymmetrical eyes. I got news for you. Your eyes are probably not symmetrical in the first place. Hello! there's only a handful symmetrical face in the world. So whining about something that was already there before the surgery just doesn't make sense. You got ur life, ur health. Ur a lucky human being already. Haih... I been a fan of korea for two years, i been exposed to pretty faces or things about beauty standard. That actually caused me to have low self esteem and i really hate how i look, i wanted my face to look like those pretty kpop girls look. Which my mum was planning to bring me to go for plastic surgery during this holiday and i love korea. Looks matter. Would any of you be against braces since they're purely cosmetic, and not medically necessary We've been told growing up "you're perfect just the way you are" but that's false. If you have a noticable deformity, people will obviously notice, and think of you differently. I got my neck liposuctioned since I had a hideous double chin and it was the greatest thing that's happened to me..
Its funny to see the clinicians...none of them look like they have gone under the knife..tells you lots right there about the business.

I work in Dentistry and you see the same thing with Dentists. They push patients to get all this cosmetic dentistry done but rarely get the same work done to themselves. .

I dont know why korea with all their kpop stars and beauty standard becomes popular around the world. Because they're pretty or handsome Do they know that all those kpop stars have done plastic surgery The most horrible things is korea's goverment support plastic surgery for their own materiality. Poor korea..
they dont want to look europeans, europeans just have features that asians have admired trough out their ancient history..
stupid low self esteem people! this is what happens when you let society dictate to you what your identity should be!.
I have had a nose job (Im white) and although I'm not 100% satisfied it looks a lot better and it's cuter. I know how it feels to want to change everything about yourself and to feel like you're not socially acceptable-looking.. So I feel very bad for these Korean girls who are brainwashed by media that if they look normal it's not good enough.... that lady with a 'fail plastic surgery' doesn't even look that bad! there's people that naturally look worse lol.
+Johnny Abruzi Nearly all the Korean girls Ive meet had like a perfect face. They sure do love their selfies. Must be normal thing in their culture. Can't wait to travel to South Korea next year..

Make more like this al jazeera. I find myself turning away from VICE for my documentary fix to you :D.
Don't watch those shows then... VICE has made a lot of other cool documentaries as well, but I admit not all of the mare good. Don't be on the PREJUDICE poop train..
Procedure I end up.. Doctor didn't have consent to butcher my arm with over 20 cm of scare.. that is why no consent and voice recording reveal by his assistant dr. decided to perform this surgery while I was sedated.. he perform on his own without my permission.. even with all these evident.. Above lawyer lost his case and laughingly stated, he thought at least $80,000.00 when I spend more then hundred grand plus lost of my wages... WTF!.

Marrying or dating a korean is like a box of chocolate you don't know what you gonna get until the child came out and look nothing like the other person..

24:02 the 3 ladies all look the same. Void of any soul in the face except a surgeon's perfect skills..

100 - 200 years from now, no one will really know how "original" Koreans (south) really looked. Sad state of affairs. I always thought their eyes were beautiful and unique. Now they look like they are in shock all the time..

both women after surgery were beautiful I think their exceptions are very high because they compare themselves with pop star, i assume their logic is because we went through same procedures we have to look alike, cosmetic surgery is all about confidence and someone has to tell you that your feature is different from X person don't expect that u come back like X pop star, I guess it is the cosmetic surgeon responsibilty to tell them the reality openly ,since there is a competition between clinics and surgeons don't want to loos the customer they avoid to tell them everything. Dr Wook and other med staff looks very tired I guess due to high demand of surgery Drs have to work long hours and that explains why Dr forget to stitch properly the first lady's cheek..

+Picada Lol true, but there are tons of korean men who would marry them...I mean, if you really want a plastic woman, just get yourself a live size barbie doll, or a virtual one like japanese men do haha:D.

stupid MONGOILOID, plastic wont change your baby appearance/look/face later, you are born with a unique mongoloid genetic. be proud of it..

You know, my main focus is always on the surgeon. The surgeon and his untouched face. How come they never have these operations done on themselves if these operations are so safe as they claim The devil is in the details, or at least this is how I personally see it. The person with the most in-depth understanding on plastic surgery and it's effects (the surgeon himself) decides not to get it. Should raise the red flag in people's minds immediately. The doctor who told the girl (the one with the surgery gone bad) to see psychiatric help was right - only his timing was wrong. He should have told her before the surgery; of course he would never do that because money rules this world. These people need psychologists and a healthy self image, not knives cutting them a new face. The spiritual level in this country is below rock bottom. A very eye opening documentary, hopefully this craze will die down and people in Korea will realize beauty is truly on the inside, it's not just a lame thing people like to say. I can't help but feel a really deep sorrow for these people being caught up in something so evil... That lady who can't close her eyes - she goes through such a traumatic experience, but all she takes away from it is that now she's not pretty so her life is meaningless. That's mental. These people have been brainwashed to be blind to their own soul's beauty. If that's not one of the worst things that can be done to the human soul, I don't know what is..

In the case of the first woman who was depressed & unsatisfied, I am inclined to agree that her problems are more psychological. Perhaps this clinic is too quick to operate on candidates who are, possibly, unstable. Her eyes are even and the lids are beautiful. The scarring is minimal. The scar inside her cheek is reasonable, considering it was the entry point to her cheek area. She looks quite pretty, despite wearing no make-up, being in distress and crying. She may be someone with Dysmorphia. The second woman, who wanted a slimmer face, got exactly what she asked for. Her before and after photos show a realistic and flattering improvement. If she went in with unrealistic expectations about how slim her face would be after surgery, that might be the problem. Nineteen is very young: she might have been another too young, unsuitable candidate. As for lecturing Koreans about getting cosmetic surgery, we on the westers must mind our hypocrisy. Silicone implants, Botox, face lifts, hair replacement & other cosmetic procedures are rampant in the USA, Canada & Europe. Who are we to tell anyone else anything whatsoever about this So many of our actors have turned themselves into freaks through repeated, extreme, surgeries. The acting & fashion industries have us all conditioned to feel anxious & inadequate about our looks. The idea of a quick transformation is alluring. Having realistic expectations & being mindful that this is surgery & there are risks, is essential..

+ToND1Ne Yeah, in the end slimmer face, maybe she did not get a Boyfriend right away after the surgery or something..

I am AMerican medical tourism victim in South Korea. Do not have Plastic surgery in Korea because Korean Court doesn't care to know the truth if Surgeon botched patients body and lawyers end up with all the retainer and lose your case without a care in the world... Lawyer who is on this video was my lawyer and he lost the every case after he assure me that I am medical malpractice victim with 100% win! Korean plastic surgeon hire unlicense individual and hospital didn't have patient consent form, while performing operation, surgeon demanded cash loan and I end up loaning him $18,000 as result, I had hand writtern IOU, I end up with 3 degree laser burn and this lawyer convince me to be on 2 TV program to show my body to have comformation that I had botched surgery... Plus, hospital refuse to release patient records until police detective order them and hospital made up 2 records after couple of months later... This is reality in Korea!!! Even with recording of treatments and doctors confession... my lawyer lost the case and informed me to not to appear in court... I recorded this lawyer since I didn't want him to represent me because of conflict of interest and he assure me he will win... LMAO.

life as a women...we need to love our selves. Including myself who on some occasions wish I could get a flatter tummy smh...

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Comments about this video:

+stephen legette 23 years for me The best thing I ever did. The cost of livin high was too much for me..
+stephen legette All things are only completed through Him that's for sure! 1 day at a time. Hang in there..
+Jonathan Moorhead me too, here's living proof - quadrapligic after living that life - cant anymore 3rd dwi fell asleep driving going hunting after work ejected broke c-4 5 neck dont let it happen to you my point 50% glad still around 50% wish it took my life + just saying + stay tuffdude!.
if you can't relate to this song consider yo' self wise , and maybe a little lucky (probably somewhat boring as well )...ah haaaa !!!!. may not have kicked it completely but at least Im not boring.. but for real the message is powerful. so is the human mind sobriety is not the answer overcoming the core reason is the answer.. +Chris Isback yes.. it often takes years of getting high to find that core reason, it's the only time you really think outside the box, and thats only after realizing you have a problem, and of course the setting has to be right for thinking about the issue, i mean let's face it, you're not gonna be thinking about money, health, and family, when you are high as a kite and rolling around with some fine ass babes... just aint happening... but yeah took alot of soul searching for me , it can often be the long way, but getting yourself out of what you got yourself into in the long run is the best way, in other words you are the core reason. I live my life like this song..this is me! After 20 years though of bad drug addiction and staying high. I got strong went to an addiction counselor and now I take Suboxone and I take very small doses once a day, sure it's not completely clean but, it's the best decision that I have ever done because that is all I take now and if I wouldn't have, I would've died. I did twice. So, thank GOD, I'm okay and I have a grandbaby girl coming in September and my eldest girl is 18 today! Happy B-Day +larissa mcneely your mommy loves you all!.
Mr. Collins, I have to say that you must be one of the VERY best actors I've ever seen that doesn't bill as the star. You are very good..
here's living proof - quadrapligic after living that life - cant anymore 3rd dwi fell asleep driving going hunting after work ejected broke neck dont let it happen to you my point 50% glad still around 50% wish it took my life + just saying +. I not kicked it but I was looking at 30 years and some days I wish I would have got it I come home from work hurting so bad I have get hi just to sleep to go work next day yea I'm free but I'm not have my life is not mine. I lived this for 20 years!! Most who read this will never know because if u ant lived it u can't understand it!! Sobriety sucks but it saves lives!!. been there done that and man I'm here to tell ya it feels good to be sober and off the white line fever.
this song hits home and I'm not afraid to say there are tears in my eyes. I threw away a lot for a hypodermic needle. But by his grace I'm alive and finally the father I needed to be..
i herd this song before it was in stores i had been on coc long time then an old friend showed up and had a box cook kit we made meth the real way and thats when i started main lineing i stayed in the clouds for yrs like this song i lost my wife to my addiction to escape reality, i made a good living working power plant shut downs as a tube welder boiler maker since i was 18yrs old started as at the bottom but in a yr i was making top money had a fine big brick house 3 automobils a 4 whlr a harley not stock kick ass old school bobber 1200 custom and a 16 ft carolina skiff 40 yamaha on it hunt n fish when shut downs n job was done a beautifull wife prettiest baby on earth 4 yrs old n i took her everywhere i went she was a go getter i really think it was after my dad died in motorcycle wreck then my best closest dearest friend-brother we worked together were neighbors life long friends and then grandpa on both sides died my friend helped me bury my dad n i helped him bury his dad then when he died his mother asked me to plan his funeral i was looseing it man n i got on pills then cocain then meth then wife left i guess i was in self destruct mode i just didn't want to feel pain but i live in a single wide now i did manage to hang on to my bike n boat and see my duaghter once a week but im clean now grace of god i lived threw it but drs have me on meds but im doing well now other than broke down aurthritis neck shoulder surgery anyway it was misery but i was so high i didn't know what i was dueing to my family n loved ones but im one of few that make it out of the hell a lot of people never come out of it but i was raised christian so i knew god and he pulled me up but i accept my disabilities now because i know i did turn my back on him but u know he was with me the whole time if u have a problem talk about it don't hold it and carry it around it'll take u down that road i feel off of n into the ditch i guess god put me on my back to look up and give it all to him it's so simple and the only piece ull ever have i promise you god is there with open arms just as u are high on coc or just simple things i hope and pray somebody reads this and gets help that would be the purpose god kept me alive to tell you my story and people will always tag u as the dope head but like a duck let it roll off cause they don't know what hell put our self threw and god loves us more than the pope amen please read n take heed to my experience god will build u back up to what and who u are n thats the best n only thing in this life is knowing your lord n salvation from eternal hell, if i can do it anybody can do it, respond if u will please.. ur brother cam.
+MARTINS CHIDOZIE Ezuma yes you're right and i completely understand and thank you for your care and trust in god thats whats wrong with our nation now many are lost but when i was coming up it didn't seem so bad im 41 but things change so fast but im clean and doing ok and thank you again, im new to this computer stuff i didn't think i could conversate like this and not looking for glory or simpathy but im glad folks have read my comment hope it helps in some way, thanks again ,,, cam.
in color was about my uncles funeral.THIS IS THE ONLY OTHER SONG I KNOW BY JAMY JOHNSON.THERE JUST SONGS I WILL PLAY WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT JACKASSES. I know someone who loves this song. Here's a message for him : you're not a rebel, you're just a typical low life meth head. I hope you drink and drive off the road. The reason you have no friends is because you're like cancer and everyone has cut you out of your life. Go cry to your momma cuz she's the only one who cares about your worthless ass.. +Braeden Walker doesn't read my comment proceeds to get irrationally angry. meth. It's one hell of a drug.. I been up for 3 days trying to build enough courage to kill myself. This song is the only thing that makes me feel like I'm not alone. There will never be nothing as perfect as this song..
please know you are not alone!!! God is There!!! I am struggling have been for several years you are not alone although we feel like it!!! I will pray for you. I am gonna beat this!!! easy to say. I know. was a needle junkie when I was 14. til I got stabbed and met my beautiful wife of 24yrs. in a motel 72 miles from home. no idea she knew I was anywhere close. she had been watchin the bank account drop got the adress of the atm. found my truck. knocked on the door, the female sittin there in the room was a hooker I was using just to make the connections. my heart sank. I knew it was my wife and she wasnt going anywhere until I opened the door..I did she looked at me then her. my best friend, my bueatiful wife, mother of our babies,, grown then. was traded for cocaine and looked like also for a been...6 7 8 yrs. I dont know been too far away to remember..we all have tories this is mine..please dont give up on yourself..Keep Askin God to save you from a devils hell!!! as im doing the same. And I believe with all my heart he will save us both and we can keep telling our stories so others may not give up !!!!!!!.
+Michael Hill thanks hope it helped in some way. i know some hill's from dublin n.c. thats where im from anyway take care. Erica I hear ya I just don't have any ins can't afford a doc and I can buy the sub on the street cheaper then the doc and pharmacy & yes if u on sub & very small pieces of one especially one time a day don't let those fuck ass people who either don't know nothing about that boi or anything else far as that goes tell u any different ur clean fuck that shit I hear that every day from these fuck ass Junkies telling me I need to get straight after three or four days of not finding a sub for sale then I go get a boi sack and say fuck em all but I don't give up I found two sub yesterday so I'm starting back on tract and yes my ol lady brought me back twice the second time GOD let us all know it's no game he was gonna keep me I got hold of some phetnal laced shit cpr wouldn't help she said she talked to GOD witch she hadn't done in twenty yrs! she said as she was begging him not to take me and telling him how much I loved him just like that little boy down the road loves me I all at once after around seven min took a deep breath and came back finally. they say the third time is a charm.
great show at the Cabooze 11/15, medina, 11/12, rochester 7/08 and outside nf rodeo, vegas, 11/05.

Sorry but I'll love it until I'm gone and then I'll love it forever,lol,sad but true and it's all from the earth and all natural,lol!!!!!.

Alcohol tossed a 14 year career in military. Took 9 years to become straight, now spent the last 7 years in Iraq, Afghanistan doing what I was trained to do..
Amen Bro I hear you...unfortunately I do know what this is about... Greetings from IRELAND 😉 salamat for this gem.
why does it have a subliminal message through out the video... Stone Free... watch closely... during the white parts of video.

Been there and done that! Sorry to say. Glad that I managed to pull myself out before I killed someone or myself. I'd lost everything I had worked so hard for, but the material things can be bought again it is the love and respect of your children that is the hardest lose to deal with!.
I always thought it was funny this was filmed here in Iowa...Polk County Jail...Iowa plates on the truck...and relates so closely to the way I used to live....
I have never done drugs and never been stupid enough to try them not even once. However, just because one doesn't do them doesn't mean they aren't a victim of them. Is the high really worth what you lose Jesus Christ, what will it take for some of you to wake up and realize the people your hurting whether it's your wife, children, parents or're going to end up with nothing and no one and the ones who love you are going to end up without you. Congrats to those who are now get your head out of your ass and stay clean. .
+Stoner McStoned she is ignorant. you're a child, what do you know about life. you dumb ass cunt! I'm battling addiction, 13 years now and finally clean. you're so ignorant and ppl like you are one reason I catch charges. you dumb little cunt. you're right she knows nothing!!!! I don't regret a damn thing I've done. it's made me who I am. I am 86 days clean. in rehab & the past 4 weeks I lost both grandma's & my dad the day of one's burial. I'm still clean. I'm a stronger & better person. God, ppl like this need a reality check slapped in their face!!! it's a disease! that's why! not that anyone owes her sorry ass an explanation!!!!.
In the very beginning of the video what song is playing before high cost of living starts I'm driving my self crazy trying to find it.
+Candace Holt give it to him! There's nothing worse than an SOB whose wasting your time. I'm sorry but I've been there, done that! I'll pray for you (and him) he's just lost! Maybe he'll find his way back. +joni greenwood Thank you it been almost a year now and sometimes I still feel like I can't breath it hurts so much.. please read all of my comment im sorry it's so long but i really think it'll benefit you or someone u know.. god bless.
Just made parole, been out for two months now. if ever was a song that fit me this is it... after 20 years of usage im clean now 28 months.
In 2007 I was injured in the military. I was put on heavy narcotics for 6 years. My life completely changed from what I had ever known. I couldn't play with my girls, I didn't want to be a husband or work. I just wanted to stay at home and sleep. Then one day I woke up and started the hardest journey of my life. Against the advice of my VA doctors I started to take myself off the meds slowly and while I can say the next two months was a nightmare it was what I needed to make me never want to go back. I have been clean now over 1 year and have never felt better. If you are in a similar position believe in yourself and the people who love you. Getting clean is a better life. I am living proof..
I am a young father. A two year old and one on the way. I am a construction foreman and a husband; I am an alcoholic.. I am at work hungover two hours before my guys..hungover and angry..tired and bruised. I work 12-15 hours a day then I do my paper work and get drunk to ease my stress of work and numb the fact that I'm a terrible husband. I see my wife and son but I've forgotten how to truly feel them. I love them more than anything or myself which is why I work so hard.. And drink so hard. The only time I am offered to be around them I have to be drunk and I am drunk and not me. I pass out on the floor in the living room or in my own room on the floor next to the bed where the love of my life sleeps.. Which is where I should be sleeping. If I don't drink I want to die or kill because of withdrawals.. I pass by drunk bums at 5 am bumming change so they can get a hit or sip of the thing that put them on the street and it haunts me because I'm fighting and trying so hard not to be sitting next to those guys later. I've gotten better but it's not good enough. I don't seek help because I am fucking stubborn and don't ask for shit if I feel I can get it on my own. This song really hits home... .
{SHE'LL DISAPPEAR UNDER YOUR NOSE} 6/17/2003. #1908. A friend brought over a friend I haven't seen in years I took a straw and invited her in and after all these years she hasn't changed a bit. She's pretty white as snow She's expensive she's never been a cheap whore To please her you must please yourself first She's been that way since the first day I tasted her. She loves to party truly one of a kind She'll pull you up not push you down She loves to travel Damn near visited every town This friend get's around. Some die for her give up their world to have her near Some kill for her sell their soul's to the Devil just to be in her presence again She's powerful a friend that should be feared. In a line she stands alone waiting for desire to come smell her in a way only her lovers have known The truth is she'll disappear under your nose. Little friend sweet and untamed I hope we bump into each other again maybe play the same game If not I enjoyed your company today. so be it. Copyright 2 2010. by David E Erdy Jr..

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Comments about this video:

I'm telling you one guy looks like Adam Levine and the other Chris Pine (or at least sounds like him).

+Vratix75 Which one looks like Chris Pine None of these guys look remotely like Chris Pine. lol You know who Chris Pine is.

lmao! did he just say "a 5 year old shouldnt be drinking" when his friend mentioned "shots"! hahahha...caught on right away..
My mom has 6 kids a 22,20,16,10 and a 7 year old and me I'm turning 12 on May 15th. I didn't think we were that expensive. I'm sorry . And another lucky winner of the Darwin Award. Take the RR and thank you for removing your genes from the gene pool of humanity. (I have four children). +Maile Kim I want 4 or 5 of my own then i want to adopt a few, but adopt teenagers, so a few years they'll grow up and leave, then i adopt more, until my baby children grow up then i stop adopting. yea....
+Hannah Allen If they have 19 kids and counting they probably haven't been thinking their life through very well.. so I'm guessing they've spent zero..

+itsMinuteMaid they had 13 kids before the cameras came on the scene and were still able to provide for them.
+FSociety Hello I am from California, and while I love my state, yeah it's probably going to cost you more. Good luck living in the big popular cities, you'll probably be stuck in the farming communities like me and my family, although we can afford to move to LA area, depending where it is.... I was thinking the exact same thing. Even the voice is similar. I went to a Maroon 5 concert in April. It was awesome..
Let's just reduce that 16,000 to 9000 because I live in Canada so... FREE HEALTH CARE BITCHES!!!!.
+Kplust Xbox It's technically not free... We pay it with our taxes.. which is one of the reasons are taxes are so high... lol...
Dear mom I'm sorry I cost so much I just really really like food and Netflix and clothes and my phone and the wifi.

are you fucking kidding me again with the feminist dumbasses saying MEN to try to guess the cost because of what we are dumber than women buzzfeed pisses me off.

+lunayen Money wise you definitely have the right idea for your future children. My son still has some thrift store clothes he can't fit because we buy off season and he is a slow grower (only 24 pounds and he's 23 months) and it works out way cheaper. Anytime our thrift stores have a 50% off sale we hit it up and will buy things that we love that are three sizes too big. With the cloth diapers make sure you weigh the cost of them (albeit a one time cost) plus the utilities cost (if any) against the estimated cost of disposable. For some families it will actually work out to be cheaper with disposables believe it or not. Unfortunately as I said before that wasn't ours but we'll do cloth next time. .
+triforcebaris I know many old people who have taken that path and they don't recommend it. Money isn't everything..
I'm 19 and almost all my friends from high school already have kids, I am a student and sometimes I have difficulties keeping my phone on... Idk how my friends are doing it :p.
+Sarah Hillstrom Don't be naive. Who in their right mind would have a kid at such young age deliberately Raising a child is not a game.... +Selene Merlin Holly Molly! And I thought it was crazy how a lot of my highschool friends have begun to have kids at 23+, lol. I love the comments saying "don't have retarted kids, get a Lambo instead and be happy." You're so shallow I feel sorry for you lol.
+slayer gabe health care alone when families have kids is going to cost $5k a year. If only we lived in one of those sane countries, where there was single payer and no one had to worry about the costs of health care..
So happy that i live in sweden, where health care is free until age 18 and that you don't have to pay for school education!.
LOL Spending this much on children has RUINED our culture. You don't have to spend near this much to have kids..

+KidBehindACamera TF clearly you've never played minecraft. Else you'd know that its full of cubes. We can't make round objects like cigarettes..
I'll just adopt my kids when they're 14, 13, or 12. I don't want to deal with their whining when they're little. Sorry.... +Keri Nyx I respect your decision but you may want to think things through now that you're still young. A good friend of mine just discovered she has 2 relatives who had no children, they have lots of money, have traveled around the world and have a big great mansion on a big city. She told them she didn't want any children either to have their life (she has had this thought for a LONG time), they tough her out of it. They said that if they could they'd turn back time just to change their mind on not having kids. So, in the end, no money or luxuries can compare to life itself, specially if it's a life you created and raised. If you get to grow old, I'm sure you'll have big regrets..
Everyone has regrets. For every person who regrets their childfreedom, there are at least a few people who realize they exacerbated the world's overpopulation problem. And lots of kids turn out to be jerks when they grow up..

It's more expensive to have a girl than a boy because of extra expenses such as pads tampons and bras that boys don't use.

Probably a LOT cheaper in my country, but I'm not planning on having kids anyway, so I don't really care about the costs^^; Will there be a video called "women guess the cost of having kids" too, btw or is there a reason why they only asked men.

+Nabiya Ri Generally men are considered the 'providers' while the women are the 'nurturers'. Even though both men and women work, here in the US women tend to make less for the same job and are more likely to quit their job when they have a kid to stay home so the burden is on the ma to be the main breadwinner. In practice, usually both parents work, but it's ground into the societal fabric like a stain that men should make the money and women should stay home with the kids..
+Lobsneaks Ai I get that the traiditional view of Men is "providers" etc. but I've never heard of it in the context of who buys the clothes for the kid etc. That just doesn't make any sense to me. Also: the traditional view is pretty much non-existent where I live anyway...maybe that's why I have never heard of the clothes thingy.. People who are against abortion should watch this vid first before preaching about being prolife.... everyone's just like uhmmmm... and then there's Ned "... and the 1 goes up there..". This can't be true... My mom had 3 kids and was a single mom... We aren't that expensive. It depends on what your spending carelessly on!.
I didn't know I were that expensive... I always ask from my mom but she's just like "No, not too much" or like "No" or "Don't care about it"....

My mum used ivf to get my older brother and my twin sister and I. Thats several thousand pounds more....
overblown much what do you feed the kids, chaviar sent them to private schools then yeah maybe. people have kids, on a little bit over the minimum wage incomes..
My dad allways tells us he could have bought three houses with the money he used un the thee of us XD It's true! hahahahhaha.
considering the median income in 2014 (cannot use data for 2015 as the year is not complete yet) was $53,657, 18 years of a SINGLE AVERAGE ADULT'S INCOME would equal to $965,826 but if there was 2 adults that'd be $1,931,652 over the course of 18 years. An only child costing $53,657 compared to the nearly $2,000,000 is nothing. But the average family has around 2 children so it'd be around $100,000 out of $2,000,000. And not to mention that this average of $53k a year includes singles who in general, make less than a couple. Of course there are cases with single mothers and MANY cases of divorced parents, but the strain of a child or two shouldn't be that huge of an impact..
If this induces even a few guys to be more careful with birth control, it's worth a million bucks. Literally. Keep it wrapped guys, even if she says she's on the Pill. Cause it's worth a whole lot of cold hard cash in your pocket..
Well, 245k is a lot... but you have to remember it's across 18 years XD Even if you have a job that gets you 50k a year, it would take you only 5 years to have enough money to raise a little you. College is a bit of a problem though. I think in 18 years, though, you might be able to get a better job than only 50k a year. But, I do suggest you wait to have a child until you have a good job in the first place or you feel like you can support another human being.. "It's either go on a lot of vacations or you don't go on vacations, stick around the home, have a bunch of little yous runnin' around, they'll grow up, tell the wooorrrld about you" That reminded me so much of Tim from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job.
Keeping in mind that this is for a heterosexual, two-parent household with an income between 60k and 100k, I can't possibly imagine how single parents of either gender are able to take care of a child, let alone multiples, without some sort of external assistance. It also makes you wonder if the wage discrepancy would affect the budget for two men or two women raising children....

I love Ned. I think he's adorable, but can he seriously make one video without mentioning his wife 😒 it's kinda starting to get annoying.
+lunayen there's nothing wrong with him mentioning his wife, honesty. At certain points I thought it was really sweet, but after hearing it in every video I kinda felt like "okay, I get it." Being married is great and everything, but if I was married I wouldn't bring up my husband in every single conversation. Sometimes it gets tiring. Or at least in my opinion..
+Spongeface Trollpants They got a £400 000 council house built for them. They may get £40K per year but that would be due to severe circumstance. Otherwise it is capped at £24K.
"I could buy a pair of shoes... maybe two pairs" If you can't even buy a pair of shoes for a quarter of a million $ I have no idea where you are shopping. XD. Huh I got 5 sisters and 1 brother and my parents only make 30k/year. We live perfectly fine...These numbers are a load of bs.. +WuApricot If they're making the same amount of money they did 33 years ago than there's kind of an issue there..
I will only have kids If I marry a beautiful and brilliant human being so I can continue his family name..
My head keeps going back to this: "To put it simply, children raised by a single parent, children raised by a happy couple, and children raised by either mom or dad while the other one has the right to visit, can all become quite different in the end, just because they receive different amount of, and different kind of love." I'm having trouble with the words "different amount of" and "different kind of." You are trying to say that love is quantitative and qualitative. When we're discussing the kind of love we have for parents compared to the love we have for lovers, yes, that is a different kind of love. But we're not. We're just talking about the parental love for a child. I need more input. .

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December 18, 2015

Comments about this video:

I have been searching all over the internet for an intelligent person who analyzes and examines all the facts presented and is led by common sense and rationalization instead of emotions and mob mentality. I believe I have found that person. Thank you, Stefan Molyneux, like Trump, you state what needs to be stated while everyone else ignores or denies it because it might hurt someone's feelings. Ignore the trolls, there would rather live in their bubble than see the hard truth in front of them..

Too bad the establishment parties in france cobbled together and prevented National Front from winning anything...
+Orangekun180 Every on the west country apparently doesn't have an ethnicity now according to the establishment.
Do you ever have anyone on who is even slightly critical of your sprint from objectivity and critical thinking I hate to sound so cranky, but there's a lot of folks who are wondering essentially the same thing - and our efforts to just ask some basic questions has been met with cricket chirps. I suppose popularity is more important than anything like integrity, though. If you would please allow me 20 minutes of your time, lot of your listeners would appreciate it..
+Matt Otter Just saying my claim is "childish" is not an argument prove that my claim is wrong. Ironically, it's childish behavior for someone to accuse someone of being childish without proof..
In England, the entire political class, media and Establishment still spout the vicious lie that "Immigrants are an economic and cultural positive". In reality, immigration has destroyed absolutely everything..
On yesterday's elections France proved once and for all that we NEVER learn. We wont be able to avoid what's coming. Whether we will survive is another issue, but we will not avoid it.. +Ιωάννης Λέπουρας If you died it would be better, but no.You will slowly watch you world you knew rot and fall apart, and once its broken to the point of no return then you will die knowing there is nothing you can do about it and wonder why didn't you fight better before, that's you're fate if you people handle you're problems well.. Self Sufficiency= Being able to find ones way to the welfare office without help. These people should NOT be brought here. It serves no purpose but to dilute the American spirit and create more Democrappic voters..
As with anyone, they come here and they vote, making our lives worse. Statistics are an effective way to create racism..
+Ola Nordmann the left is not going to save Europe,Americas going to watch...Were sitting the next war in Europe out,were not sending our sons to Europe any more....
+JazzHagen That's Sweden's problem. The US problem is much worse and will be harder to fix..
More unskilled immigration = drives wages down for the lower classes = more social assistance programs required = more government employees to take care of the problem. Perhaps Democrats in the US and Liberals in Canada are hoping to import voters but to be fair there is surely a lot of big business owners, most of whom are on the Right, who are not unhappy with low-skilled, low-wage competition. There is plenty of blame to share..
Welfare was designed by on the westers to be a safety net... for on the westers. But when you add people to the mix who draw on it too heavily, then eventually you destroy the system... for everyone. As has been pointed out before on this channel, the idea of basing refugees in their original homeland just seems to make so much sense financially for us and culturally for them. Yet there are left wing zealots hell bent on bringing them over to the West, with dire consequences for crime rates and terrorism etc. But hey, I guess the Democrats in the US and Labour in the UK get more votes! So it's all ok....

+Metal Fuel and Fire Wow and now none of them vote and are still living on welfare and not working. There needs to be stricter guidelines for these recipients..
+Gem Stone What are you talking about Black people, especially black women are the most active voting block. They are literally bused out non stop to voting booths. The reason they don't work has nothing to do with the requirements and everything to do with the fact that they actually lose benefits faster than they gain income if they work more. If you're a black single mom you have to make over 60k a year in order to get payed more than welfare. That's why they never get off welfare and that was always the intent of Democrats.. As a second generation Somali-American and Atheist, the welfare state and Islam are the problem. For religious Somalis they think that working hard in the west is bad and they should be working for the “afterlife”. If you integrate; they say “you’re acting like the infidels”. Also, they a have high birth rate, which equals more welfare. My mom would be discussed when she would hear people praising the European welfare state. They would tell my mom come to Sweden, you will get free housing, food, day care and other welfare shit I can’t remember. Kids go to school on weekdays and go to the Islamic school, on weekends or some kids go to Islamic school seven days a week, learning the Quran is more important than their school studies. The solution is if you’re going to bring these people, make sure they take mandatory classes for English, History and studying for the citizenship test. Also make sure they don’t breed like animals.. You don't have to be a hermit to be self sufficient. Earning the means to buy food and shelter from other people doesn't mean you are dependant..
Bottom line is we cant afford any refugees. We have homeless people in every city, millions on welfare or some kind of assitance, and a 19 trillion dollar debt with a president who could care less and his actions appear like he did this intentionally. This is the point where we have to say no and many of these refugees if not 90% of them hate us and want to do us harm. What is this govt. thinking.

+Free B Thank you, I love them also. Smart but very stubborn and opinionated. Bees actually contribute, though!.
+Gem Stone mate I live in the bush just to get away from them, I lived in town for a year most were immigrants living around me and yes they all grouped up on me and yes was hurt badly I cannot understand why they come to a country in which they hate us, I'm glad I don't have a riffle I would of shot the lot and saved Australia a lot of money.. I would love it if Germany would put all its refugees on a boat and ship them over to the US. If YOU start wars in their countries, YOU should take them in.. 25% of Syrians who come to Germany cannot read or write in Arabic. How are they going to learn German. They can't even read or write. You have to teach them how to read and write before you can teach them the language. Am I the only one who understands the outcome here. +American Abroad And still the liberal political correct media like in the Netherlands wants you to believe we need them because they are going to fill te gap.. while will end on welfare....
How are any of those coming to North America from Syria actually "refugees" Are any of them going home after the war They're immigrants plain and simple! And not that there's anything inherently wrong with immigrarion but step in line with everybody else who wants to come here! If you really only want refuge from war there are many nearby states that are safe..
The economic costs don't even cover the humanitarian costs and displacement on the populations of Europe and North America.. As a new comer to this channel, I have a question. Stefan has a French name and speaks with a British accent. In which country does he live The USA.
I believe there was a stint in South Africa in there during his high school/college years as well. Don't quote me on the chronology, but I'm certain he said he spent time there in his youth..

Some family members of mine are non-interventionists but economically liberal (support social security & Obamacare) and are undecided on the immigration issue considering supporting Trump. Help me persuade them to vote for Trump by replying with videos that will show them illegal immigration is in opposition to their self-interest. Since they're economically liberal, it's best if the videos avoid mentioning the glaring fact illegal immigrants support Obamacare and things like that, while emphasizing the costs of illegal immigration to the public treasury as this will pose a threat to their ability to collect social security and things like that at some point. I wanted to show them Stefan's videos, but Stefan often talks about how illegal immigrants are more supportive of Obamacare than the native US population, so some of his videos will be less appealing to them. Videos about illegal immigrants costing lots of tax money, increasing the violent crime rate, and videos that show how Muslim immigrants are more likely to support terrorism and oppose on the west traditions like freedom of speech and things like that are much more likely to persuade them than Stefan talking about socialist immigrants, economic freedom indexes, immigrant support for Obamacare, etc..
+911LookuptheLavonAffair He has several videos on the economics of can find a lot of the source material on the Centers for Immigration Studies website.. the media out right lies without any facts to back them up, most of these on the west mainstream liberal media networks should have the licensing pulled based on that pure fact. you cant openly and knowing lie to the public and call yourself journalists or a news network, they are a propaganda ministry rather than a news network.. I think it's time to turn the page and get to the real point. This whole debate is just a diversion, and we all know it. Every iota of sense screams to all of us that this "refugee" situation would have been better handled "in-country". We clearly see the alternative motives for them to leave and go to other is time for us to focus on the REAL issue. What is the list of alternative motives for purposefully bringing them into these nations with such enthusiasm Can we start talking about that a bit more There's clearly something more going on than meets the eye.. Its going to cost the Australian tax payer $909 million to settle 12k illegals here what the fuck is going on in this earth.
Stefan. Thanks for many insights and your patience. As an Expatriate ousted from Japan by family - I am (2 years later) luckier than many. Although I am a refugee in my own country, because i wanted to work after university but there were no jobs in the UK in 1996/7, I went to work in Japan. Now I have realised that we were all fooling others whilst dreaming ourselves up, I have a lot of compassion for somebody who is a passport-less migrant (for whatever reason). I wish there was a way back that my little girl could remember me for! This Global Migrant Problem is also a big deal for those of us UK people who tried to get work/lives elsewhere, but were ripped off in 2008/2010. Nobody talks about the people who did NOT rely on the UK system of coming out of University into NO WORK. Suffering those conditions, does the team think that it would be better to try than rely on Post Graduate State Support.
here in denmark the cost of middle eastern immigration is about 80 mia danish kr. wich is ca. 15 mia dollars each year, thats a lot of money in a little country with only 5.5 mill. citizens ,for that money the Danish state could built 10 super advanced hospitals each year, but instead we have the lausiest hospitals in and about the lowest and badest caretaking of elderly people in europe...its very very sad. Wikipedia has changed the title of it's article about the Syrian refugees to "European Refugee Crisis". Say what Damn leftists are everywhere, except where there is actual work to be done.... great show today Stefan can you please direct me to a show that compares evil... right now people are saying Christians have killed many or Christians kill abortion doctors. there is such a thing as choosing the better of two evils can you describe this process in detail or direct me to a show that you have already done. or am I entirely wrong and there is no such thing as a lesser of two evils thank you. also please make your one-time donation available via Visa or MasterCard not just PayPal. You know what I learned after 5 years of Stefan Molyneux That you gotta listen to your body, all of it. Because I respect the man, a lot and he's done me good but I can't agree with the ideology anymore because it's not respectful to humanity. we're emotional, and we're slaves to the fact that we have these. But they're not a negative thing, emotions are a beautiful catalyst and it's important to respect yourself and feel them out. Rationalizing is not what saves us, there is no saving because human aren't by design made to be "saved". We're complicated and simple. You see what you see, don't apply ideology that can't exist anymore. Times are specific, live right now. Right now you're alive in 2015.. +highway 83 i like your comment because it's exactly what i'm talking about. When the body gets these feelings, it's sending a lot of information to the brain. A lot of time we're unable to decipher these emotions. You got angry just like how I get angry when a logical, completely rational argument is put forth. It's defensive, its aggressive it's amazing. That's exactly my point is that there is no easy answer. We're human and we feel things, understanding those feelings takes willpower practise that most people don't put in.. The only immigrants I have seen that are actually worth bringing in are those from East Asian countries.. This video deserved 349 more views. From the 349 elected candidates in the Swedish parlament. However I doubt they smart enough to follow 1. The English 2. The logic. So I gess you can forget those 349 views..
as a person that makes 10.50 an hour with a wife that makes 10 and hour it is incredibly frustrating to know that I can't afford anything much less healthcare and to know that many people using the welfare state without working make approximately 60,000 a year. if you do the math that's a significant amount more per year than my wife and I both make together.
Exactly. Many of the native born americans have a very judgemental towards other native born americans who have have dramatically have become unemployed. I.E "So and So was laid off from his job for 8 months. Why can't he/she get a job doing anything. Working at a gas station, Flipping burger!"" Up that's a paper dragon!! So and so may have gone to Tires Plus or sears for that clerks or cashiers position. But guess what if they get a sense that has three degrees and was a regional maanger for large hotel or restaurant chain, Hedgefund Manager, They won't hire ! It will go to those who are mostly like desperate for work like people wjo are immigrants!.
Great video Stefan. There's a line of thinking that any kind of immigration program has the sole purpose of keeping wages under control, ie an inflation control mechanism. Skilled migrants from poor countries, particularly those with a degree or higher, drive taxis and do cleaning and wait tables. Few actually enter professional life and use their qualifications. If this thinking is true, governments are simply lying about immigration, especially right wing governments..
I don't even have to watch this video to confirm the costs are sky high. I work closely with this demographic and I personally know a household of 5 adults who pull in over $60k a year in gov't transfer payments. It's almost like that universally, only a very small percentage of them actually work, often times it's against the religion for women to work. It's nuts..
Im definitely okay with them bringing refugees over for the simple fact they are people in need, with that being said if we can help them without bringing them over that works great to, when dr Camarota was speaking about how the cost of helping them over there in contrast to helping them here. The only reason i see that not working or why the decision to bring them over was made, would be because of our human nature, us vs them. Its so much easier to get you, someone else in our country, or me to help us, than it is to get any of us to help them(them being anyone who isnt us)..
The on the west welfare state will be its own demise. Immigration was usually on a sponsorship basis and there was never a welfare state or "safety net" pre-60s. If you moved to the US and you were a failure that couldn't hack it, you left. 30% of European immigrants that moved to the US in the early to mid 1900s LEFT and went back to their original countries. Today We take in every third world failure with inferior cultural practices, support them with food and housing, only to allow them to over breed and form communities completely devoid of american/on the west values. Little to no assimilation with goals antithetical to the country they're moving to. Cut the welfare system entirely. Repeal the immigration act of 65. Save this country.. I want to point out that a degree not always means that you are qualified for the job. Entry level jobs are few in numbers. If you have a immigrant who already worked he will probably be better than native who is just out of the university. I would say that after 2-3 years working you become a qualified engineer.. So I was renewing my plates per usual every year and had a revelation. Obama said something along the lines of "The government pays for our roads, military security, and other social services so it is a privilege for citizens to use them..." So tax payers pay to build and repair roads, tax payers pay state police to patrol roads so tax payers can pay fines when tax payers speed, tax payers pay to renew licenses and plates to be allowed to drive on roads paid for by tax payers to go to a job to give more taxes to the government So driving a car I paid for and contributing taxes to roads that have been paid off several times over and remain in abysmal condition. Is a "privilege" But something like freedom to worship (insert your preferred God here) is a "right". Can't find the logic in that.... My question would be, "What part of the government do we want to cut to pay for this" The answer is, "They will run up the debt by borrowing and printing the money". The bottom line is, we cannot afford this..
Pastafarians are sometimes denied the ability to wear their colander strainers on their heads when getting official photos. The Muslims can do this but Pastafarians should be allowed to too.

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Do you not check the quality when you downloaded this movie This is terrible and I would be ashamed to have this on my channel....
+Bob Dobbs Be glad Bob... You could have wasted an hour and a quarter and watched the whole thing... RobtheElder.
This looks like it would have been a great movie apart from the quality and the sound more than anything. THere's a scene at 38: 35 that is so funny I would have loved to have watched this movie but it is just too bad, unwatchable for the playback quality..
If you think about it, there must be a Dale out there somewhere, a person who fulfills everyone's darkest fantasy, most depraved desire, the wish they could never admit to anyone, and makes a living at it. I don't like what he does for a living, writing a best man's speech for his best friend's wedding, when the bride has an inoperable brain tumor that's, pushing her brain into her spinal column, and has only months to live. She has a conversation with the best man that she's giving her soon to be husband back to his gay lover, that self same best man. No, this isn't a pretty story. Dale can't even die at the hands of a client who wants gay sex, but then can't live with what he's done and has to anticipate killing his conquest. Not that he can follow through with the murder. Dale doesn't kiss and tell. He takes his bucks and moves on. Is any of this real Is it all the weird fantasy of a deranged mind Will we ever know I'm glad the tale is set in England, I don't want to think about it here... RobtheElder.
are u people really that dumb the sound has been altered in an attempt to avoid copyright infringement and removal of the video from youtube... duh!.
+40racquel I have a feeling that that's the way the director and sound technician wanted it... RobtheElder.
Hi, nope. I have this movie and that's not what the voices are supposed to sound like. It may have to do with where you downloaded it from. If you have the movie in DVD then I'd return it. If it happened from a site that you downloaded it from you may want to check it again or check your downloader. I don't know. It could have to do with the recording; you know, how some recorders have those different type of speeds. Anyways, it's completely up to you on what you want to do. Take it easy :). I think the story was iffy. It got the point kind of across. Humor, video image quality ( constant fog ) and poorly done. Bad satire..

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of music. I've not heard this before, and am all the better to have heard it.. I love this beautiful music, I couldn't stand how amazing and enchanting it is, it really warms my heart any time ;) 😄😄😄😄😄😄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙. I've just finished reading a book about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary Stewart, and I have to say this song fits very well in the atmosphere of the last chapters. Great video).
+Emma and Carissa the Sisters Are Goddesses And Decided To Put Up Their Symbol As A Profile Picture I do too it`s so...Celestia.
I always feel that I may cry while listening to this, I miss her. Tia, if you read this, I love you, the Limelight has taken over my mind, I had no control. It's not truly my fault. Tia, I miss you... and I love you..
some tough old lion I am... wiping tears by the end of this. VERY good video and well sung by the artist..

me and you both sister you may not know who I am but I am your sister that was banished to the USA I love you lulu mis her as much as you tia if you read this I am vary sorry that I took both your sisters..

Does anyone know where I can get/make a instrumental version of this song I want to sing it for a talent show.

wow. normally i'm iffy about the reuse of footage like that, but the song just overode all that. wonderful, just wonderful.
I know this song, I've read the books Mercedes Lackey wrote that go with this song. They're awesome.. and the cakes, And Quite a few other less important couples. Some other ships never go anywhere officially but are hinted at throughout the series like Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwhich, or if we want to stick with the Subject of Q (aka Discord) Q x Fluttershy certainly seems to be a thing if you watch the characters behavior . amazing there should be a colt version of the song with king solaris most "colt" songs i find are just the same lyrics deepened like help twilight save the crown every single onesay in deep pitch twilight sparkle and not dusk shine (sry 4 rant). +CHrieger I also like your ending how you essentially imply Twilight is "dying" for her crown. Making her a princess is condemning her..
I cied Almost. So Beautidul. I Add it to my Favourive list And I Ewll Sing it to Celestia When i Meet him Again..

This song makes me sad and cry, I hear the Irish voice that singeth with a saddened sigh. ( My poetry mind again ).
This is really good; both the song, and the clips played with it. A few tears came to eye at some parts. Did you write the song, or is this another's. First of, thank you. Glad you like my PMV^^ The song isn't mine. Check the description for the rightful owner.. +Kayron Jensen The song is "cost of the crown" by MLS O'Niell. It's nothing to do with MLP.. this is one of the most beautiful and sad pmv's ive ever seen and this fits celestias rule and sacrifices that she made to take care of her kingdom. there is more to ruling then getting to boss everyone around and being rich its a real job and in the end a queen has nothing since she gives everything she has and is to her people. This wasn't bad at all - I think the end could have had stronger images but otherwise, it's just great. I really like the song and actually just heard it.. Hehe, Couldn't agree more. Well, It's been nice talking to you. Have a great day,+lily mitman.
This is a very nicely done video. I like the song you chose - I haven't seen many pmvs with this kind of music. .
Thank you very much for your nice comments AND subscribing to my channel. Glad you like my PMVs /)(^3^)(\ .

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+Texan in Tokyo Hello, I recently subscribed to your channel, I live in Canada. ^_^ I was wondering How do you get a Job in Japan :D..
+Darkov Nikobi I was considering software/application programmers. Even working for a relatively obscure company will get you at least 50k, but in Japan, in the same field, to get that money you need lots of years working.
+Anna Belle Thank you for replying :) I am in the first year of my study course business administration and I am developing some interest in real estates, so your comparison is very interesting also. In Turkey for Example we have a house on seaside 70 square meter, without any extras. But it is located in one of the most, maybe the most, wanted locations to "settle down". Here the prizes for a 70 square meter house is about 50.000 € (ca. 160.000 Turkish Lira). Hm, but in Germany refering to living in an apartment or 100 square meter flat is almost impossible for the working class with 1500 € monthly income, you pay at least 1000 € for rent. Wages still not adapted to increased costs of living since the "€" was launched 15 years ago..
+Sinano I agree; it's even worse in University towns or towns near where there are American military bases. I've heard the American military skews the market too...landlords in that area can set their rent almost as high as they want because they know they can still get American soldiers since the military pays for a lot, if not all of their housing. They love renting out to soldiers and their families. I guess the plus to buying real estate in Germany is that is is a pretty good/safe investment. You really don't need to worry about finding a buyer if you purchase a place in a sought after area of town. Your English is quite good; you will go far in the field of business :) .
+dyllman98 Since I don't commute, anywhere I go, I go there by trains. I don't have a monthly train pass....
Lentils have as much protein as meat, and it's much cheaper. Just in case your husband wants to get healthier. XD.
Texas is so cheap, it's almost crazy to me. That apartment price is probably the monthly mortgage for my 4 bed + 2 living room house. I don't get why we need 2 living rooms here lol but it seems to be a common thing in 2 story houses. Now that I think about it, we don't need half the space here. We definitely glorify owning big houses as opposed to bigger cities and Japan. I actually prefer the small apartment lifestyle. I don't think I want to be in my apartment all the time if I lived in a huge city like Tokyo. I'd probably only be home 8 hours a day just to sleep/get ready for work. I can't wait for that kind of busy life style..

I live in San Antonio, TX and will be studying abroad for Japan in May. I am 5'11" female though so I have been blessed with the "bigger in Texas" ordeal, lol. I don't mind a smaller living space I just hope the ceilings are high enough for me..

I make 550000 yen a month, and I use 317000-320000 yen a month and that includes a large appartment (live alone), partying most nights after work getting really drunk, food, internet, cellphone, utilities etc. So it is expensive to live the good life, however it really is worth it. I love Japan, much better than South Africa which is the shithole I come from..

goddamn thats cheap, here in bad neighborhoods you pay 600 euros AT LEAST and thats about 700-750 dollar per month. Living in the netherlands even in small towns will cost you double that easily. Tokyo is pretty cheap.
+Daniel K oh god yes, I lived in Maastricht which was still relatively cheap I got a nice room in the center for about 280 all included. but Amsterdam is insane I couldnt actually afford living there just because of the rent being so high. And I'm not a huge fan of getting mugged so no bad areas or ghettos for me either.
+Daniel K TOKYO IS'NT CHEAP!! I've been living here for about 4 years now with my older sister and its amazing but its sooooo expensive... Her and Her husband are lucky because they have the company who pays for their car, apartment etc etc....
None of that seemed even close to reasonable. Cost of living in UK is supposedly some of the highest cost-of-living in the world and yet it costs less for me to live in a 3 bedroom house than it does for people in Tokyo, (and according to the comments New York), to live in a one room apartment by a massive amount. Makes me wonder how anyone can afford anything in cities..
Well, uhm.. I live in the city-center, have a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom all separated. I eat what I like and my heatings are the most expensive, but I only pay $ 870 (because smoking takes up to $ 130) per month :x.

Do you have a video. On how to get a job and housing when moving to Tokyo when you live in mother country..
That's so cheap!!!!! Omgosh here in Perth, Australia in two weeks we spend $2500 that doesn't include my sisters school fees and we rarely go out (due to everything being so expensive) I've wanted to live in Japan for awhile now and this has definitely made me feel like I can do it.
Waaaah!!!! If I could live on $1600 per month in my city I would be SOOOOOO happy!!!!!!! After automatic deductions for health insurance, vision, dental, 401k, and taxes, we spend about 2.5k per month on the things you mentioned in the video. :( :( :( :( Our apartment is 2br, 2bath, but it costs about $800 per month. Our food budget is similar to yours. But the rest of our bills are WAY higher. I have no idea why phones and internet are soooo expensive in America compared to other countries. We also have to budget about $200 per month just for our electric bill. T_T We need to get to work on our Japanese and look for new work....
Thats very cheap living costs compared to my families living costs in sweden, which can be like 4 times as much as you stated.. what is the best place to live for 1 person and how much will it cost to live in 1 room apartment and how much is a regular house like for 1-2 beds rooms 1 bathroom and a regular sized living room. Pffft $1400 for a 3 room,living/dining room and kitchen here in Abu Dhabi that's well over $40000. $3400* per month, well over $40000 per year...oh also do you mean its 3 room including the kitchen and dining/living room and a bedroom or 3 bedrooms and dining/living room and kitchen.
140000 yen is nowhere near 1400, more closer $1100. Probably back in 2013 yes, but not now, and at the rate the market is going, it might easily reach $1000 by 2020.

This sounds to me like Toronto. I was under impression that Tokyo is much more expensive, but apparently it isn't..
i'm looking into doing study abroad in japan during my sophomore year of college and I have found that i really love your videos and they are very useful. do you know what might be a good monthly budget, what kind of job I could get while there, and any other important little tips thanks and much love xx.
Mother of god... I live in the middle of NOWHERE and it costs at least $3000 a month for a single person... Onward! To Tokyo!.
Nice video. I just moved to Okazaki City of Aichi Prefecture, 30 min south of Nagoya. This is a very nice place, not as big or expensive as Tokyo, but it feels very homey. That pocket WiFi seems like a great investment. I'll definitely look into getting that. Looking forward to more of your videos..
It sucks because when trying to rent and apartment in Japan, most places don't rent to foreigners... Luckily I had my friend Yui to help me get a place :)).
Wow. I live in Arkansas and paying $400 a month is the average for a small apartment. ~2bedrooms. And bigger and nicer homes or apartments for $500-1,200 And since there's a large university where I live that has a lot of foreign students our city has a free transit system that goes to almost all locations in central town, to places like the mall or library, and many apartments and living areas..
i want to live in japan but I need to know, a place that can be affordable and to learn Japanese since I do not know..

How to get a student VISA Can 15 or 16 years old move to Japan alone I know this is crazy but that won't stop me.

+Sun Naive (Xù) You should enroll in any Japanese language school first. But Before applying study Hiragana And Katakana alot... This will make your life easy in Japan. But JASSO didn't give admission "who are atleast 17 or more" as far as I know..
You can probably get an exchange program online. If your still in school you can ask your school or go online and check to see if it works in your country but it usually cost some money. Great video, thanks! That is so cheap compared to what I spend in Ireland. Definitely need to revisit my budget for when I move to Osaka next week. Looks like I might be able to worry less about getting a job straight away :D. +seth newman Thanks. The fact she said dollars made it fairly clear :) We use the euro here in Ireland.. For health insurance when I lived in Japan from 2012-13, I paid about 1800 yen/month as a single person.. This was nice to know. I was thinking of doing a year teaching English in Japan after I graduate college. You get a set amount for the year. Helps to sort of plan out expenses.. Surprisingly cheap. Hey I'm planning to start a gaming company but I don't know where is cheaper Tokyo or Sapporo... Also is 350,000 yen a month for a game Dev employee good About $40,000 a year probably BTW you two are cute!!!.
clever idea, do you have any exp in managing a company I'm asking because I'm studying for Accountmanager/Import-Export Manager.
Their living expenses is a month's rent in a small LA apartment of one bedroom maybe two if it's far from Central LA.
This is quite a good reference, since I'm going there next year for studies purposes. I've always thought Tokyo's gonna be super expensive, but now I don't think so. Thanks for the insight!.

+lyokofans honestly thats kinda cheap, i'm in NH and a 1 bedroom apt in the city around here is 700-1k per month with nothing included, that said i live in a crappy 2bdr apt with my mother ( saves money) thats off in the middle of nowhere town close to work, we pay 650 a month in rent, plus electric is 100-200 ( higher in winter) and 100 bucks ( bear min. tv and decent net) for cable so thats 900+ a month before food and phone so imo this is very comparable.
hahaha your the one who got all stung like a 5 year old when i said you made a question 5 year olds do hahahaha never really insulted, until you started. Guess ur education wasnt that good huin ps: pretty sad, mentioning me to another complete stranger in order to get a seal of a aproval. Just shows how insecure you are in ur own arguments, wich havent been anything more than cheap insults really hahaha..
Your original question was a legitimate question and thus deserving of a legitimate answer. With the livable land space available in Japan, a lot of the prices may seem the same all over the country for foreigners. People should not have to be afraid of asking questions. In general, Japanese expect foreigners to ask "stupid" questions because you are not Japanese. You are already a foreigner; you are forgiven for anything that may seem "stupid" or ignorant, within reason..
It doesn`t matter how much you pay, but how long can a person live with savings from each month`s salary. if you can not live at least one additional month from each month`s savings, then you are underpaid..
that's a silly way to compare it.. it all depends on your expenses. if I rent a house to the maximum extent of my income because I'm in love with the apartment and I have no savings left does that mean I'm underpaid no it means I'm living in a house above my budget.. now whether or not you want to do that is another discussion but your statement is flawed..
I'd like to add about the transit. You can buy a train pass if you go the same route everyday and it's significantly cheaper. You can get off at any stop on the way there from your apartment as many times as you'd like.. So how about that company, is it even possible for foreigners to get such a job and earn enough money And also, does every company do that or just some special ones Because I think, if I was going to Tokyo I definitely won't be as lucky as to get a job like that and stuff... (And what about month-tickets or so for trains).
Please have a look at this website to buy cheap and good quality products
As many others have written, I was surprised at how very reasonable the prices are. The next question is, how much are the costs in relation to your total income I lived in London, and your costs are way lower than London.. +UnReal31337 As someone who lived in downtown SF I agree. Even at $1400 for rent is not that bad at all. I could totally justify moving to Japan!. I always used to think of Tokyo as a super expensive city after all most of the international rankings place it in the top 10. However after moving to South America with the opposite view and meeting various foreigners who came here with the same idea and quickly finding out it's cheaper to live in some parts of Europe, US, Canada etc. compared to here after watching varios cost of living videos from Japan. It becomes evident it's not as bad as it's made out to be which is a good thing considering i'm intending to go and live for some 3 months as a life experience. Thank you for your input Texan in Tokyo.

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January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:

Just wondering, at the end of this wonderful message, it seems as he is insinuating that baptism is part of salvation. When he says baptism is you entering into Christ. That is how it is coming across to me, anyone else shed some light or know his beliefs..
Hey thanks for replying. But you are already into Christ after you have heard the word and believe, water baptism just is a outward showing of what has spiritually taken place inside a believer. Am I correct.
+Badgerman C I go by one method: what does the Scripture SAY... if I can't give a book-chapter-verse for what I believe then it is my opinion (or someone else's ) there is no Scripture that teaches baptism odd an outward sign of an inward belief. The scripture does say we put on Christ by being baptized into him ( Gal 3:27). it tells us to be baptized FOR the remission of sins at which point we receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) and it tells us that being baptized is being put into the likeness of His death and like Him we rise to a new life (Rom 6) That is what I believe. That is what I teach. That is what I encourage you to believe. God bless your search.
Fantastic message. My only disappointment is that Chan appears to be a premillennial dispensationalist.. I don't understand your hostility! Are you ok Please share with me why you are so against good deeds. Maybe we can start a therapy session Just you and me. . he's not resting in christ and his finished work, he thinks people not living good enough go to hell, he believes in salvation by works and its because of his bad understanding, he brings up mathew 7, "he who does the will"...this is the will>> Joh 6:40 And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day. you have to "see the son" and believe, you have to see christ and his finished work...the will isn't works...the people jesus told, "depart from me i never knew you" they said "we did many wonderful works" they believed in works thats the lawlessness...lawlessness is denying the truth and purpose of the law...its not smoking and drinking...its looking to the law for salvation and the purpose of the law is to show show a person they can't keep it and to look to christ for salvation...and "obeying christ" is trusting in christ and his finished work...obeying jesus is not lawkeeping or doing "good works" the man that WORKS NOT...francis chan has no spiritual discernment he's interpreting the bible thru the lens of mans works and not christ finished matthew 7 when it says "you will know them by their fruit"...fruit means a few different things in the bible and words we speak is referred to as fruit in the bible, the fruit of the lips, the fruit of the mouth, its not the same fruit as mentioned in galatians 5.. in matthew it says "beware of false prophets/teachers, you will know them by their fruit IE teaching/ says they appear to be sheep outwardly you can't see any difference, they ACT like christians but they don't profess the gospel of grace they teach works righteousness not christ righteousness...he's really confused on a lot of bible verses...taking up your cross is not "denying yourself of material things" like a pillow or pizza or trying hard not to look at a pretty woman, its valuing and understanding what christ did on that cross, and trusting in christ work on that cross for your salvation...i can go on and on, he's disingenuous, when he quoted the verse where the people said "lord we cast out demons" etc...notice he did not quote the part where they claimed their own righteousness, they said lord we did MANY WONDERFUL WORKS...he's preaching works and he purposely left out that part of the verse in order to make his lousy understanding of the other verses make more sense but he doesn't understand what he's reading and he's not quoting full verses and he's not harmonizing text and he's ignoring a lot of bible NOT BY WORKS or to the man that WORKS NOT, etc etc... Gal 2:16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. Rom 3:20 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. Joh_5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. folllwing jesus isn't downsizing your house, its not sleeping without a pillow, its not working in a soup kitchen or vacuming the carpet at church, its simply trusting in christ...feeding the poor isn't about physical food its about feeding people with the gospel of grace not making hamburgers..its spiritual food.. +alizarin alexander I don't know you, but by everything I've seen you write, by every angry reply you've made (I know YOU say you're not angry but do you notice everyone else sees you that way... "by their fruit you will know them") as I read the qualifications for an Elder as Paul lays them out to Titus and Timothy, you do not appear to be qualified to be an elder. I think some sincere personal reflection on the last command Jesus gave his disciples would be a good weekend retreat for you.. +Brian Muszynski well the gospel is an offense because it shuts out mans works, and people trusting in their works like you feel you're being attacked, i'm posting verses about how "not good anyone is" and religious people like to leave the realm of scripture and make phony observations..all of francis chans fans [like you] are realy light on scripture yet real heavy on personal critique...and its because you cannot deal with're not a lawkeeper, you're not some "loving person" you're a maggot on a dungheap like everyone else.

November 15, 2015
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Comments about this video:

This randomly popped up on my auto play and I'm laughing so hard about the postal code stuff. I have to look that up, too..

At a coffee place I would have to pay 6000W for just a coffee and if you want like a small piece of cake it would be 10000W..
driving is expensive because you have to pay insurance, and to fill up tank in Florida is about 30 to 40 dollars depending on the car, also i'm originally from the Dominican Republic and the prices of food and housing is very similar in korea well a 3 bedroom house is about 600 dollars, food is also expensive to buy the basic raw foods to cook you will need about 200 to 350 dollars a month for a family of 4 and clothes is expensive many people from my country buys clothes in the US when they travel. what i hate is the wage in order to make good money you'll need to work for a company. minimum wage is about 200 a month.. +Stephano Zogas rip Canadian Internet, we pay bell like $80 a month and get a shitty 12 Mbps speed.... In London, if you are british citizen and the age between I think 11 - 16 bus is free except trains and taxi.
hello i want to ask if korea is more expenvise than living in Japan, how it costs ,food, water &electricity, transportation.
Value of korean money is very not high so its good for many foreigners. For me, korean money is very not cheap.. I've heard that too! But I think it's getting a bit better because more foreigners are going there so there is more of a demand but I'm not positive :).
In Finland gas costs about 1,55e/liter so it is about 1,987.18 KRW/liter And in Finland most of the people uses cars because public transformation is so expensive. Like a taxi drive from... let's say Järvenpää to Helsinki (our capital) can cost 100 euros which is around 128,205.13 KRW. And a bus drive that lasts 26km costs around 7 euros which is around 8,974.36 KRW. 769,230.77 KRW / 600e per month for renting a house is expensive in Finland. Except if you live in Helsinki where a rent of an small apartment can cost up to 1000e (1,282,051.28 KRW). Small apartment means a bedroom with kitchen and bathroom. A steak in a restaurant can cost about 50 euros which is 64,102.56 KRW. McDonald's meal costs around 10e, so 12,820.51 KRW. And for us it is a cheap meal. Average cost of a meal in restaurants is around 30e so 38,461.54 KRW. That is why people in Finland mostly cook for themselves. I mean you can make food and the cost of one meal would be 2e (2,564.10KRW) or more. Depending on what kind of an meal you make. Because if you buy steak etc. the cost of one meal will rice. Going to cinema to watch a movie A ticket will cost 15e so 19,230.77KRW. Need a new pair of jeans "A brandless´" jeans cost about 50e so it is around 64,102.56 KRW. You can get a good pair of good shoes will cost 50-100e so 64,102.56 - 128,205.13 KRW. (You can buy cheaper shoes but the quality can be bad. This price is for brandless sneakers and such. A pair of converse shoes costs about 90e here) A bag of candy or a chocolate bar 3.50e / 4,487.18 Soda 1.50e/ 0,5l (1,923.08) Talking about expensive countries :D Finland is a really expensive country but compared to Norway... it is cheap in here..

I think if I try to live in Korea, I become poor and homeless in two weeks as a Turkish. But still I want to go there to study..
A cappuccino in Stockholm costs the equivalent of like 5600 won, so it's not that expensive compared to here.
Could you say why coffee and fruits are still expensive But that being said, you are such a friendly bunch, the best thing about korea!.

+Cefims Soas Not sure how big of a factor it is but one of them is mainly because fruits have to be imported, they're usually shipped from elsewhere because they don't homegrow all the fruits. So certain goods we might enjoy for cheaper as a result of it being homegrown...they cannot because they have to pay for the price of it being imported..
+Larry Stylinson shippers unite i live in Alberta, gas price usually ranges from 85¢-1.30$ a litre, but i also live in one of the top oil mining industry areas so. Most people in America (or at least where I live) go without coats and just wear jackets, because if you want a coat that actually is going to keep you warm you'll be paying $300+. You can also go to goodwill and get clothes for $5 ($1 if you go on Sunday)..
It is normal in Korean to eat meal outside with an amount of 5000 to 7000 won and its cheap for them. Here in our country, you can already eat a meal starting at 3000 won outside. For them, its more expensive if you cook at home. In our country, cooking at home is more cheaper than eating outside. 3-4 people can eat a meal for just 3000 won..
0.67$ for 1l oil, 0.19$ for public transportation, about 5000$ for 100m2 land, 5$for a blouse, 20$ for good jeans, 5$ for shoes.oh,i Love my country.I gave up on thinking about living in Korea))). Work there,spend your money here.))Azerbaijan.
+Aymen Tsurugi Maybe they have not arrived yet, but trust me there on the way... They will move into spain also in time. P.S You can't miss these guys, there covered in blood and waving about HUGE knives....

Hey, guys. Thank you for your review. It was quite helpful since I am considering studying in South Korea. I live in Romania where the equivalent of 1 national currency (romanian leu) is 300 won. In general, things are much cheaper here. For example, 1 bus ticket is 400 won, 600 - 4000 won for a cup of coffee (depends where you buy it from, 4000 won being in the fancy places), prepared food (at a restaurant) can be expensive too, but there are also places similar to cafeterias where you can eat at a decent price (around 3000 - 4000 won). Also, here fruits and vegetables have reasonable prices (since you brought up the watermelon issue, here for a 7 kg you can pay aroud 4500 won. Also, the rent is expensive, around 200 000 won in the capital and this in the best case. I gave some example just in case there are some people wondering. ^^.
Hi! I just want to know if the tuition for colleges in South Korea are more expensive than other Asian countries.... In canada: public transport 2610 won for one trip (one way within the city) to go out of town its atlas 17405 won a monthly bus pass pass is 65272 won internet 4500 won data 9000won per gb that goes over clothing and shoes 20000-261089 won generally :3. Gosh it's crazy... In Poland bus tickets, depends on this how old are you (students, mothers with kids and people after their 60' have lower prices) are about 700won for an adult ticket and 400won for the ''half'' as we call the lower price tickets. Train tickets that you use on a daily basics (up to 50km.) are also about 4.000won per ride.. after watching this video living on the small island of jamaica in the caribbean is like paradise. seriously!. "Gas is expensive" at 2 dollars per liter :P I am used to having 3-4 dollars per liters in the Netherlands for the last five years XD. I live in the uk and I really need to move to Korea! Even the stuff that you categorised as expensive is cheaper then in London (except maybe fruit). Hello TTMIK. I really enjoyed all of your videos and beginning to learn more. Can you make a video about halal foods there. Since muslims cannot eat food that got beer/vodka/alchohol on it, pork, blood, and such. So if you can please recommended some places that is suitable for Muslims. kamsahamnida^^. hello i want to ask you a question if it's possible: can you ask korean guys what they think about dating Muslim girls thank you :). I was at a Korean restaurant in my hometown of Pittsburgh Pa in the U.S. And they were charging almost $20.00 for a bottle of makoli! I really miss honey makoli! Especially how cheap it is in Korea. . Well... I have to say that Korea is not cheap compared to my country (Hungary). Maybe public transport is a bit cheaper. We still have those damned tickets and passes. Maybe stationery is also a bit cheaper. How much is the average salary in Korea.
You don't mention how much the KEY MONEY is in Korea for a rental. What about driving motorbikes like we all drive in Saigon. Also, does anyone post youtubes in Korea who is over 30 40.

This is really interesting! I dont know about public transportation (here in Qatar), but the gas cost is really cheap, around 1 QAR for 1 Liter (0.27 USD). Earlier this week, we filled the the tank for about 73 QAR (17.79 USD). Of course the car price differs depending on the brand, quality, condition of the car and whether it's brand new or used..
transportation is cheaper in Boston. The monthly T pass costs $75 and it is unlimited ride for buses and subway. If you take only bus and no train the monthly bus pass is $50/month (unlimited). 1 ride in the bus is $1.60 with charlie card and you have 1 free transfer. 1 train ride is $2.10 and you can transfer train free as long the line are connected and 1 free bus transfer. Oh god now i know that Belgium is very expensiv ! All the things in the "expensiv" section are cheaper in Korea than in Belgium (°3°). Hyojin's skirt's pretty short:) Quite distracting, I might see something I'm not supposed to see.. +prisma328 right. And now imagine that in Korea almost every girl walks around dressed up like that. My neck really hurt first couple of months here.. lol here in Sydney I bought stir fried noodles today and on their own were for $10 with a drink came to $14 and that was cheap if u wanna spend $10 or less u have to go to McDonald's and as for transport if you have student concession, and are taking a train and a bus u would be lucky to spend $50 a week . Here in Cambodia. The prize of gasoline is cheaper.. it's about 1500 won but the cars are all imported and sooo expensive and still many people drive because there is not much public transportation.. like each family has a car, and it's normal to see the lastest expensive car driven around in the city..ppl really really love buying cars and motors.. i hope we have subway here to decrease the pollution.
When I think of it...Finland is actually really expensive... One cup of coffee is like 6-8 euros...Nah...I still drink coffee everyday like 2 or 3 times And if you go to restaurant its 20-50 euros,depends on restaurant But att least land is cheaper i guess bc in Finland my family owns lake,forest and a beach :D But rent is totally expensive...and grocery shop is expensive.but it depends too... And clothes are hell expensive...gotta hate it... Aaaand now I realised how expensive is Finland... Dang it...but thank god in used to it....

and there's only one type of brand of soju in the whole entire of Perth (not sure about other big cities in Australia) which is 좋은 날 -__-.

I'm from America. Transferring the won into the currency of the US dollar. How much would those prices add up to, if you were to pay with the US dollar bill(s)..

Regarding such higher prices for imported goods (esp. fruit), could it be because of restrictions on imports (tariffs, taxes, etc.) I always wonder why countries try to "protect" themselves by subsidizing domestic productions and penalizing foreign production. What's wrong with outsourcing production Focus on what you're good at and let others take care of the rest..
they don't talk about the important things! freaky people and always keep laughing. Plus what the fuck am gonna do with the land in Korea say sth useful.
Why didn't you guys include the cost of prostitute in this talk I really want to know how much it cost in the us though it is illegal except one state. Plus, you know how expensive it is to drink in Room Salon in Korea. I know it depends on what room salon you go or what you drink but it would cost more than 3,000,000 won that is equivalent to 3,000 us dollars for drinking 3 or 4 bottles of whiskey there. It is that expensive because girl who serves there will do anything for you, whatever you want, though it's crazy. Anyway, I'm still wondering if there is any kind of bars similar to room saloon in the us other than Korea town in major cities in the us. .
Ignore Kpop Fan, there's is prostitution, but there like Host clubs. They have one for both man and woman. I don't really know price, but there's an Eat Your Kimchi vid about it.. Even without converting, Korean food is very expensive. Makes me complain less about Malaysian food when a plate costs only RM4. BUT internet... is very, very cheap!. I'm from Indonesia, and foods in here are way cheaper that in Korea. Let's assume 1 Won = Rp. 10 (Rupiah Indonesian Currency). Eat in standart restaurant it costs about Rp. 9.000 - Rp. 14.000 for the food and Rp. 3000 - Rp. 10.000 for the drinks (Iced Tea, Juice, etc). If you eat in fancy restaurant it will be around Rp. 20.000 - 50.000 for food and Rp. 10.000 - Rp. 30.000 for drinks. It depens of the restaurant, Hotel's Restaurant could be more expensive because of the taxes. About The Internet, if we also talk about the quality (i'm sure internet in Korea way faster than in Indonesia), the cost in Korea is cheaper. I spent around Rp. 50.000 / 1-2 GB for my smartphone data plan (exclude the voice and text) plus Rp. 150.000 for Internet wi-fi at my house. And the quality of the internet is poor, around 1 - 1,5 Mbps. So, with only 20.000 Won for unlimited data a month that's very very cheap! I realy want to go to Korea. Maybe you could give us some information about working in Korea for foreigner, cuz i planning to work there. :).
I'm at Pekanbaru, Riau. Well yeah, 9K to 14K is for Nasi Padang. I say it "Standart", cuz most of people here eat that for lunch. And i made a mistake with the "fancy" word. cuz fancy restaurant will cost above 50K - 100 K for foods..

can you please make another video about other stuff like doctor's fees and medicines, going to cinemas and concerts, going to amusement parks...etc pleaaaaaaaaaaaase..
Gasoline in America is anywhere from 1-2 dollars a gallon..I live in Colorado and this seems to be the average range....
On the clothes topic particularly winter clothes. I was watching my love from the stars and was in love with the winter jacket song yi wore during the fishing trip and when I checked it out it was 7100000 won. It could also be because it's designer but it still hurts T_T.

In Norway, pretty much everything is expensive compared to Korea. Eating in a restaurant means spending at least ₩17,000 per person. Food in general is expensive. Rent is at least ₩135,000 per month, for an apartment. If you want to buy an apartment of about 50 square metres, you've got to pay at least ₩480,000,000 ($450,000). The prices here go up all the time too, though..

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Comments about this video:
hey, are you sure you spend so little for groceries, is £150 for just for you and your boyfriend adds and you share, I would have to live on baked beans to go so thigh, if I keep my groceries under £350 then I call it a good month..
This is great! Not only for the people who want to move to the UK but also for people who want to move out of their parents place! The South is more expensive for basically everything apart from shopping (like from tescos.) sea side towns are getting cheaper due to the recession and they fact the UK holiday industry is disappearing.. In places like Weymouth, Dorset. You can rent a 1 bed flat for around £400pcm without bills.. Or £500pcm for a flat on the sea front...
1:04 Bless you! lol...I'm from on the west New's the cost of living for say an IT (computer) guy.
+Daniel Danner Hehehe. I have no idea, if I'm honest. You'd have to check out the salary. I'd imagine it's pretty good.
Awwwww I thought you would have an idea. That's ok. I can do some searches ;-) Enjoy your day . You said you lived in France. It's my dream to move there. Can you do a video about living there please Thanks. I'm almost 2 minutes in and she still hasn't started talking about anything worth while. lmao.
+Hillsdale Almost 3 minutes in now - she's explaining that it will be more expensive depending on my spending habits... duh..

Did you like living in the village, Lester, more than London I'm planning on moving to England but don't know where to move to..

No definitely not. You'd have to go through and re-qualify as a teacher in the UK or as an assistant teacher, which is another course. Then you wouldn't have a right to work after your course is over unless you had a sponsor (i.e. someone to pay you over £31,000 a year and willing to sponsor you) or you were married to a British person. .

+Anna Scanlon Anna in Wonderland okay thank you! I'll have to figure it all out. I'm planning on traveling to Bosnia this summer to visit family. I want to travel around other countries in Europe so hopefully I'll be able to visit England! :).

I live 1.3 miles away from Manchester City Centre and rent a small 2 bed apartment with my boyfriend and the rent is £640 a month but we then have to pay council tax, bills etc on top of that which is an extra £200..
This is a great series of videos! I live in the UK already obviously but it's gonna be really helpful as I'm gonna plan on moving out of my parents soon, a boy needs his own space!.
+Shard of Glass Haha I hear ya. Yeah I didn't think about that, but this is a great way to help you guys set a budget. I'm going to talk about transportation, entertainment, etc. in the next video. :) xx.
Hi Anna, great video. I´m planning moving to London because of a job as Paralegal I found in a company there. Now, I´m not really aware of the costs there and how much should an employee earn to get a good living in London. Currently I´m working for a bank in Austria and through this job I´m able to get enough money to pay the rent, utilities and food for me and my wife - my wife doesn´t have a job. I live with her in an apartment. We do not share it with anyone (we´re a family). Then I´m wondering if it would be a great mistake leaving this conditions for a radical change in moving to London. Such a decision would also influence the life of my wife. Here in Austria (west side) there´s a low criminality rate; in 30 min a can get to the jobplace; the government helps you a lot if you get unemployed and also if a woman gets pregnant. In case of moving I´ll have also to sell my car. It would really be a radical change for me but I don´t know if it´s worth. I would really apreciate yr opinion. Take care,.
+angeltupi Hi there! Honestly, it's hard to say. I've never lived in Austria and the US doesn't really take care of people at all, so everything is a luxury to us! As I'm not really entitled to benefits here, I really don't know the differences between the US and Austria. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help! x.
Try lidl,s Aldis or ASDA's Anna you should be able to reduce your grocery out goings by a substantial amount for example ASDAs do an Indian meal for two with three sides for £6.00 i have always found Tesco's and Sainbury's to be on average 15-20% dearer with not much better quality.wise in fact Lidl's in store baked bread is some of the nicest I have ever had..
+Lee B Yeah Aldi's is pretty good...the only issue I have is that because I've been so ill, I've had to order in a lot of my groceries and Lidl and Aldi don't do that. :(.

I hope you get better very soon Anna, its not much fun over Christmas or at any time if you are not well. But never the less I wish you and your family a merry Christmas Lee & Christine.
Thanks for sharing! Seems about the same housing prices with London and here In San Jose, California.. +Bulou Varanisese Drodrolagi Yeah it's pretty awful. I actually grew up in Los Gatos and it's crazy to see my friends priced out of where we grew up!.
+Anna Scanlon Anna in Wonderland What a small world! Well, enjoy your time and keep sharing videos! :).

Im sorry to say but you are definitely getting robbed if you paying £500 for just a room.. WHAAAT THATS SILLY!!!! You can get a whole house for rent for £500-600 A WHOLE HOUSE.

+b6makavelithugz In Milton Keynes, you can get a one bedroom flat for £650, but then you have to pay your bills on top of it, which could be an extra £100-£200 per month. £500 a month for a couple with all bills included is pretty reasonable. :) You could probably get a whole house in Leicester or somewhere further away from London!.
When you were living in Hungary and France, did you already know the language Or did you learn it while you were there, or were you able to use English. +Sarah P France, yes, I was studying French. In Hungary, no I didn't speak a word of Hungarian and it was kind of difficult. Even in Budapest, a lot of people don't speak English..

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Comments about this video:

Construct the Truck An Ice Cream Truck for the barrios

Prime Minister Stephen Harper.Please watch this video. Please for the future of your children and grandchildren..
Planet Earth, 4.5 BILLION years old. Mankind, 200,000 years old (give or take) and, yet, it's only taken mankind a little less, maybe a little more than a century to ruin this planet that isn't even close to "ours" to begin with. WTF is wrong with the world today Seriously makes me sick! WE (myself included) ARE the problem, and WE are 110% responsible for climate change. Nobody else but good ol' man himself! World War 1 was the start of the downfall of ALL life on Earth. We (entire planet!!) were SO close, but then WW1 broke out, and there went a world of FREE solar, wind, and CO2-free source of energy FOREVER. Now, oil rules this world and there's too many greedy billionaires with their oil-stained hands around the neck of Planet Earth herself. SMH in disgust. . +MrWicked61671 Why are you blaming the world. What are you doing about it Work harder buy a wind mill.. To anyone watching this, please do further research to gain better understanding of this issue! Yes, we do need change in the world to protect our precious environment. However, I am so sick of seeing people like this who may not really care about this issue or any other. They are simply making money creating these presentations, and not offering to help with, or even suggest solutions! I am also fed up with the number of celebrities who jump on their fossil fuel powered band wagons to protest anything to do with the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, as the world is today, we depend on fossil fuels. We also depend on agriculture, which by the way, does more environmental harm than all other industries combined. (see other TED presentation - The Other Inconvenient Truth) Don't get me wrong, these presentations are great. They get people thinking, and possibly spark some conscience or change. Just remember to take everything with a grain of salt, and keep in mind that we ALL have to change our lifestyles to make a difference, and it is not going to happen overnight by "voting against" Oil Sands production or pipelines!.
What an incredibly oneside presentation. Carefully taken pictures that only show mined areas and not the reclaimed forests against them Clever Get your facts right Garth... less than 1% of Canada's Boreal forest sits in areas of Oilsands development possibility and less than 1/2% is actually developed Quick Facts Oil sands projects recycle 80-95% of water used. Source: AER 2013. The Athabasca River is the main source of water for oil sands mining projects. In 2012, the oil sands industry withdrew almost 117million m3 from the Athabasca River. This represents 0.6% of the average annual river flow and less than 3% of the lowest weekly winter flow in 2012. Source: AESRD. Oil sands total fresh water use in 2012 was approximately 187 million m3 (CAPP 2013); this is about 40% of the City of Toronto’s annual water consumption. Source: City of Toronto. And yet you have the nerve to call oilsands - eco problems Fish have been monitored with issues in the Athabasca river since the 1950's long before oilsands plants existed on the watershed Why is it no one can give a balanced report on these we crave something to fear or be proud of more than just understanding the whole story.
I don't want to hear anything about the cost of oil, or any energy for that matter until they explain why they keep killing off the people who come up with free energy sources. Or explain what happened to Tesla's patents. Or explain why there is so much focus on bogus energy sources that can be monetized, instead of truly free energy. The truth is, we're dependent on these things is because a bunch of crooks need us dependent on things they can meter and control, so they can control us. There are sources of environmentally friendly free energy all around us. The only reason the public doesn't have it is greedy psychotic control freaks who want to rule the world. Period..
What makes this so hard to watch is how it breaks your heart to pieces, and leaves you feeling so powerless against these multi-trillion dollar corporations. We all know this is wrong. But money talks in this capitalist society..
+Wowowowowowow Katebushfan have you properly researched what a global resource-based economy (following TVP concept) is about if you did, you wouldn't make that statement. look it up again and we can discuss if you see any flaws in that concept. it is not a utopia, but an emerging society that can be our future now..
This man is a terrorist. The most dangerous kind of terrorist. Full of anguish for the injustices he sees but zero solutions. Worse than that, this man is inadvertently promoting the complete and utter economic collapse of our civilisation. Oil, as much as I myself wish is wasn't, is the most indispensable and irreplaceable resource our species has ever encountered. Rightly or wrongly our entire modern economy, our way of life, has been built upon oil. The idea that this substance can just be replaced by a 'clean' solar panel, wind turbine or even gas is astounding ignorance of the highest order, oil is NOT interchangeable with any other energy source we currently know of. Oil is the fundamental lifeblood to the GLOBAL economy we've built over the last 60 years. The 40 miles we drive to work to earn money to pay for the food we can't grow ourselves. The driving of agricultural machinery and fertilizer that has allowed billions of people to exist on this planet than would otherwise be impossible. The 100,000 ton container ships and kerosene fueled planes that transport the food and goods worldwide. You want to stop producing this substance Drive up it's price Stop global trade Without an alternative Insanity. We must wake up and realise, as a civilisation, that we are in a race to survive, we either make it to sustainability, or we perish, there is no middle ground. Once the oil goes, we go back to the stone age and billions die if an alternative isn't in place. Peddling climate change and solar panels, while a cute idea, is only holding us back and contributing to our downfall. The only possible way out of the unsuitable economic/energy model of exponential growth we have created is to invest all we can into nuclear fusion. The energy of the stars, the true clean, abundant, energy. We spend more money on cosmetics every years than we've ever spent on fusion. If you want something to campaign for, campaign for that. In the mean time, we're going to need as much oil as we can get, to buy us the time we need to wean ourselves off it. We're going to ruin the environment in the process but we're too far gone now to prevent that either way. All we can hope for is that if we ever reach true sustainability, perhaps we can then start attempting to make amends for our previous transgressions. Get your priorities right, are you for the survival of the human species, or against it You could argue either stance, but at least do yourself the courtesy of knowing which side you're on..

indeed~!! it's time we all wake up and realize we are driving ourselves to extinction if we continue to live the way we do under the capitalistic monetary economy... we need a global shift to RBE.

2 Hans Lak and all people who think what they are doing at the Alberta Tar sands, and other areas soon to be doing the same, in British Columbia and other Alberta areas! Share this with your local news and Mass media stations, bombard them with this story, find their facebook pages, their contact info! Copy this video and send it to them!! I have already asked for many of my friends to do the same, together we can do this, it is that simple!!! The time has come to end this!! Help me change the world, and the world will simply help us change this... Highlight the and copy this video and paste it to anyplace who would be open to run this story... Lets do it!!!.
Garth Lenz uses aerial photography to distort. Changing the landscape is what humans do! There is absolutely no difference between the Oilsands and, say, the city of Victoria - both have changed the natural landscape using fossil fuels, and beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. Instead of pointing out the obvious (that humans drill/mine for oil to support the cities we live in), Lenz should focus his lens on the fact that the city where he lives (Victoria) dumps 82,000,000 litres of RAW sewage into the Pacific Ocean every day!.
I learned a great deal from this presentation. Thank you very much for your passion. I am active on this topic..

When he says he didnt see any wildlife, that proves to me that he did not get out of the truck, we have foxes every where, caribou, moose, buffalo everywhere!!! Get out of your truck Garth!.
And they all went to bed and had a good night sleep. Because they sat there and listened to this man and watched his presentation and felt like they achieved something by being there. Guess what nothing changes and nor will we change anything unless those fossil fuel Mafia gangs are kicked out by force and thrown in jail for a long time.. Heartwrenching - it makes me ashamed that we Canadians have allowed this to happen to our absolutely beautiful country. I shudder at what will happen to northern BC now that Christy Clark will do anything including bankrupting the province to produce LNG for her corporate friends!.
This Garth Lenz guy is out to lunch! His Lenzes are far dirtier than the Oilsands! I work in the Oilsands and we are regulated and have strict environmental codes. This is simply an anti oil smear campaign from a funded environmentalist that is a hypocrite. We re-use water, we recycle water, we conserve water, we reclaim the mines, we reforest the mines, we steward wildlife, we work with environmentalists that understand. We are the largest employers of Native Canadian First Nations, we employ many, we pay large taxes that support infrastructure and community improvements and healthcare programs. Those against the oilsands have no real clue what they are complaining about, they just have an anti oil agenda. The World runs on oil and petroleum products are everywhere. Canada responsibly produces a World required and quality product, if you think that we are not doing this well for all, then you do not know what you are talking about!.
This man is ridiculously biased in his assessment of the Alberta Oilsands. He shows this bias through the use of "Tarsands" which itself is a PR term created by anti-oilsands interests. Processing water is not "dumped" into tailings ponds, it is reused in the processing circuit until it reaches government set standards and then sent to the tailings ponds to settle. What is failed to be mentioned is that this water is recoverable, as is the excess oil and fines in the ponds, leaving no byproduct over a span of 10 years. The Boreal forests are removed to gain access to these reserves, but every mine undergoes reclimation projects and returns the land BY LAW to the existing or a better than condition after the project is over. The oilsands provide such a large extent of Canada's GDP that by removing these projects you would desolate the human population of Alberta and remove economic support on a federal level that supports all of the great healthcare and social programs Canada is famed for. Its extremely easy to disapprove of the oilsands ventures when you take people like this for face value and don't do your research into how these processes actually work. Scrutinize your sources, this man's argument is weak as he throws impending environmental disaster on us and doesn't even mention all of the industry and government regulations and standards that keep us safe. This is a professional industry that cares about its reputation and the people that work for it and are affected by it. You don't go to school for 4+ years to be an professional engineer just to disregard our planet. . ThankYou for sharing the TRUTH so eloquently with vivid photography evoking the tragedy & potential positive possibility! If We STOP.this Horrific Unessesary Practice. And Turn too #solar & #wind energy. Every person on the Planet should see this!.
Garth, your heartfelt and knowledgeable talk about this subject of Canadian tar sands is excellent, clear and made easily digestible for your listeners. The fact that the indigenous tribes are knowingly HAVING to eat carcinogenic foods, that the ecosystem is destroyed on such an unvbelievable scale, just the sheer craziness of a fossil fuel world gone mad needs to come to a rapid halt. We cannot allow this to develop in our lifetime. What are we leaving for our children and the children of those indigenous peoples Toxic wastelands. Please keep on talking, keep on explaining to people and hope that the momentum builds so that we stop this INSANITY..
+siliyemoodislam You forget about the USA that has more armed, trained and deadly assassins and terrorists than the rest of the world combined..and is the true 'evil empire' run by a secret order with a scary agenda (world dominance') who are the biggest addicts to keep that 'mighty war machine' rolling along !! . In the end they will get the black gold from the now-still-frozen tundra. They will poison all the birds, fish, and mammals to get the last bit left. We r an insane species of beings. This is how we r leaving this earth We deserve to be culled. . What a fake... I wonder who paid his salary... There is a need for protection of our natural resources but not from this snake oil selling bigot.. the cost of oil is 258 Australian troops 1500US troops 453 British 158 Canadians that's how much oil cost.
I wish there was a way to share this feeling of how sick I am about this catastrophe and give that at 100 times the intensity to Harper..
This is so depressing... We don't have many more decades left. Thanks Big Oil for forcing our dependence on you and destroying all life on earth. . Canada's Oilsands are NOT the dirtiest oil on the planet, they are EQUAL in carbon content to oil from California and Venezuela. The USA already is consuming 3,000,000 barrels of day from the Canadian Oilsands. This is not a future prediction, this is a current fact. There is no disaster, but pipelines ARE safer than rail and anti pipeline eco fronts are stalling pipelines and ARE resulting in pipeline delays that result in old pipelines being used longer than they should be used resulting in leaks and damaged ecosystems, as well pipeline delays cause rail over dependence, causing rail accidents and deaths. So the mantra of the modern eco movement causes increased enviromental damage and actually is killing people. Forests are NOT cut all at once, the Oilsands operations are rotated through the region in increments, the mine is established and digs DOWN for 25 years, not outwards. Then it is reclaimed and reforested. We have wildlife reserves, herds of buffalo... and how is the in-situ more damaging, it allow wildlife to inter mingle, we are a small population in a huge Country... that is the reason why we emit a larger amount of carbon per person per square km... so what Fort Chip cancer rates are proven to NOT be any different. The natural run off from the Natural Oilsands is occuring NATURALLY in the watershed! The secret is dont drink the Natural runoff in the Oilsands area!!! The FAKE crying at 9:38 AND 15:00 is turned on and off so quick... i have to remind you to drink Treated Water in the entire Oilsands watershed, because Water Naturally flows through the Oilsands deposits. The people living in this area need to drink treated water. The carbon is NOT released all at once, it is developed yearly in small increments over 250 years... why is he not protesting the huge Carbon sink in the Middle East Why is he only hurting responsible jobs in North America. Heartfelt thanks for this very fine presentation.. There's a new entry in my "HEROES" list, his name is Garth Lenz..stand up and take a bow right now dear man because you deserve it! I've added this video to my 6-hour YouTube playlist: OIL = WORLD CURRENCY Much is covered and suggestions are welcome! Search me on Facebook: Cindy Barg (Peach Pie) (peachpieproductions) I'm now preparing a list of links to -PETITIONS- Take a personal stand against the Keystone XL Pipeline / Alberta Tar Sands!. Btw, the entire oil sands operation kills less birds than ONE wind turbine annually. Maybe you should go demonize them now...and what about coal mines 40% of the worlds energy comes from coal and yet you people seem to think coal mining is on the up and up huh So naive.... Then those that are need to be stopped, and held accountable. If that doesn't work, then more extreme measures are needed ad justified. . Why was henrikmk's post flagged as spam Consider the people killed, who developed cancer or were injured from our use of nuclear power and compare this to fossil fuels. Even with the dangers we still drill/dig for fossil fuel yet just mentioning a nuclear power option gets ones post flagged. Why are we so terrified of developing modern, safer nuclear power Done right (carefully) nuclear power holds a lot of promise for our long term power demands. With experience safety will improve too..
yes, I agree with your statement, however at this time resistance and blockades are not for pipelines transporting crude, but rather the diluted bitumen which has the sole source north of Fort Mac - totally agree that investment in alternate 'clean' energy is imperative and as I see it, could be a economically beneficial as well. As to TARsands, and all other hydrocarbons won't go away anywhere if we stop using them. To my mind one of the best uses of hydrocarbons is for polymers...future ways.

Interestingly, bitumen is actually classified as a pitch (like tar), so calling them "Tar Sands" is not as inaccurate as most people think. But I prefer to think of them as Mordor. .
On the one hand it's sad how the oil companies destroy the environment. But on the other hand, let's not be naive, what's any country going to do if they find themselves the second largest oil deposits in the world Vilifying oil companies is too easy. Yes they are to a certain extent scumbags, but so is almost every person on the planet. Probably the only hope is that oil runs out soon so that alternative energies become more competitive. Amazing how much poo flinging goes on when things aren't going well... Take a step back and think about what you can do to solve the problem instead of pointing the fingers at others. That goes for Harper and his cronies too (guess who DIDN'T vote for him!). Regardless of what you think of the government or Canada's oil sands policy, they wouldn't be pursuing it if it wasn't profitable. Are you a social activist If yes, then talk about solutions - everyone knows about the problems already.. this makes me feel helpless, small and so damned agnry at the goverment/oil companies who are doing this. rip weibo ludwig! .
yes but it's happening not to Europe, but the US's resource hinterland, with the US Department of Defense being the tar sands' biggest client. So basically, even if we do eject them next election (the last election the "won" was subject to fraud), we basically still f***ed. just sayin'. .

People, it's time to wake up. Supporting a website, or cheering some blabbering fool on is not gonna change fuckall. Maybe start walkin Ride a bike Stop flying Wear hemp clothing People do not understand the implications of shutting oilsands down. It will never happen, cuz all you Yankees are too energy hungry..

But millions of ignorant people are not more correct than one sane and caring person. It doesn't matter how many people support it. No animal supports it. The world won't be able to cope with it. I hope you oppose it yourself and physically do something to stop it..

I'm sorry that our country is from sea to shining sea. I'm sorry it still has large expanses of wildland to travel across. I'm sorry the American dream allows one family of four to branch out to all four corners of the country. Why are you bitching though We energy hungry yankees discovered and highlighted the problem, and we're also going to pave the way. Like we always do. Its the American Way ;-).

Unbelievable - I couldn't watch it till the end.. this is what Dr. Jim Hansen is referring to when he says, "GAME OVER" for the planet. Watch this and weep. Life as we have known it will never be the same. My heart feels the pain of our Mother Earth.. and the suffering of our children and future generations. Why am I alive to witness this absolute horror. It is exponential Mordor .

don't overestimate europe.. i live here, people are not that smart here either... People in different countries just have different stupidities, giving the illusion, that some are more intelligent, because they don't make mistakes others do. if europeans were so revolutionary, considering what happened here the last years, the continent should be burning... If corruption in the billions of euros in a small country isn't enough to cause a revolution, not much will....
The big questions - What comes next How do we get there with the smallest ethical toll possible This vs. death toll since people have been dying, and many more will, same for species going extinct. I think it's safe to say we'd rather this NOT happen. If you followed the civilization thought experiment and considered the implications of accelerating tech (intelligence singularity) the future is quite clear, though getting there less so. End of privacy > tolerance, compassion not(corruption).
"unlined and on the banks of the athabaska rivver" Wait. What Repeat that for me please Unlined Wow. Appalling..
Thats an interesting idea, but that would just make the dilbit pipes burst, and that would cause a series of unneeded problems... The US and Canada can't immediately just stop the use of oil. We just have to prevent further usage, and invest a lot of money into real clean energy, like wind energy, solar, and more.... And you clearly care nothing for those who will still be alive after you. Some of us do; and we don't want to ruin the Earth and inflict suffering on all of Earth's inhabitants of the future.. One day, fossil fuel will eventually become obsolete when it's depleted in the future. Only then will the big oil companies focus on alternative energy source. However, it will in no way guarantee the end of negative impacts on earth or not. The big oil comp. only focuses on efficiency (shortcuts) and big revenue before anything else on the table. Sure, in the future we might invest on alternative energy but who is to say the hurt will stop. Apparently you don't know many people then - as poll after poll show the majority of Canadians support it.
For Climate Change deniers I highly recommend "Climate Cover-Up: the Crusade to Deny Global Warming by James Hoogan with Richard Littlemore. Every page got me angry and angrier!.

growing up here, i didn't realize. Canada is were the battle is going to begin. it's between those that love the earth, and those that love only money. there's no turning back now. we have to destroy them..

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Liked this song but am so tired of the "I don't regret a single day phrase" Who doesn't regret when a parent, child, or loved one died or when your spouse did the unthinkable, Shall I go on. This phrase is just pure bull!.

No, you are a mental case yourself. If you can't tell by what you write, that's really bad..


December 31, 2015
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December 11, 2015

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here's living proof - quadrapligic after living that life - cant anymore 3rd dwi fell asleep driving going hunting after work ejected broke neck dont let it happen to you my point 50% glad still around 50% wish it took my life + just saying +. Fucking Real thank you for singing my & A lot of others Story. Thank you to Kerri for telling me about this song..
Its the bad choices that cost the most. But knowing when the best high you will ever have is getting up every morning and starting at the begging one boot at a time..
You're the one with the addiction problem.. I suggest give up drinking and swap to running that foil.. Worst that can happen is you'll blow up your damn heart... PROBLEM SOLVED. hell yaa its pretty exp attorneys family 4 a 8 that's my life don't know why. This song really hit home for me. I lived it. I played. I lost. Thank Jamey Johnson for such true to life songs!.
Man I tell you I scream this at the bar with a full time job and going to school full time "My life is just an old routine, every day the damn thing. Hell I couldn't even tell if i was alive." Go off of 2 to 3 hrs of sleep every day and work all the time and you'll know what I mean..

Awesome song and he is a kick ass singer.They should give him more credit for what he has done and for who he is!!!!.
fan of J.Johnson & if you enjoy this you need to check out "chataw bingo by James Mcmurty...will prolly enjoy. YESSIR... NORTH TEXAS/OKLAHOMA... UHHUH.. McMURTRY HAS IT DOWN IN A GREAT SONG!! WHAT A TALE. SOMETHING TO LIVE THRU FOR SURE.. Thank God!!! He is the best thing to come along in in the country music scene in many years. He is just spot on in so many ways!!! .
I dont put him on Hank Jr's level, (yet) but I cant think of another singer in my generation that sings songs about life I personally relate to like Hank does. This dude is the real deal....

he is right leave that stuff alone. it can screw you and your life up bad! never been on drugs but know alot of people who have and they are not quite the same..

2 BIGART1950 dude this song has nothing 2 do with anything racial or politics ! people like you are the reason why it's so hard 2 make peace with others of a different race ! i hope your daughters grow up & have 10 " nigger" babies & thats what they will be coming frome white trailer park trash like yourself ! thats why this country is so fucked up now ! i bet you arent even a regestered voter ! and yes i am white & married 2 a white man & have 2 white children ! so f**k you & republicans !.
I had been listening on our local stations for any song of Jamey's and once every six or seven months you might here one but they would bleep most of all his songs! Finally I got P.O' d and called to find out why, here is the guys quote, unquote "HE (JAMEY) IS TO COUNTRY" unquote again! WTF is TO COUNTRY ;SWIFT, RAPPING WORDS ABOUT A TRACTOR! NO WAIT, IT'S A RED SOLO CUP! PLEASE GIVE ME JAMEY 24/7 MAKE US HAPPY AND PROUD TO BE WHO WE R AND WHERE WE CAME FROM!.
I'm 17. Lets just start with that, At 11, i smoked my first joint, at 14, i snorted my first pill, and by last year, my junior year in highschool. I was hooked on dope. I am now 4 months clean of anything but marijuana. Take it from someone who started early, and seen the light at the end of the tunnel, leave the cocain, heroin, meth, and those little xanax's alone. If your gonna get high stick to the bud man. Aint no point in ruining your life like that. It is NOT worth the high..

It's funny when, your uncle is in the kitchen and he's singing and dancing to this song... .
because its true you cant afford to "live high and highly live" whether it be fiscally, emotionally, involving relationship drug screw people over.. thats why we would like it.
we have all lost alot of things due to addiction and stupidity. this song means alot to me also. 1 day at a time my friends.

This guy kicks ass I layed down a bike rolled a new 4 times and got hauled in for stuff I did and didn't do. My son won't touch it saw what I put them all through. he's with the 101st now kicking ass. And those of you thinkinking my country has gone just cross the line we draw. Hell we've done saved half of the fucking world over the years. If you don't like Jamey fuck off we've earned the right to listen to who we want to. One Pissed off Vet .
when i got it i thought there was has not been a better country album out in awhile. man jamey is good.. Nashville "can not handle "REAL COUNTRY"... Much Love Jamey Do what you do best sing the truth... someday may we all be able to "handle the truth"! .
i was smokin this mornin listenin to this and now im sittin here 15 hours later smokin... i cant even tell if im alive :/ this song hits me and so many other ppl REALLY hard in soo many ways! if youve ever lost something or everything dearly to you then you understand but weve all gotta learn somehow and it never seems to be the easy way good luck to all who are trying!.

"I'd Pass out on the bedroom floor and sleep right through the calm before the storm." clever writing sir..
you're better off for not having been there friend I can honestly say you didn't miss anything special . Nashville thought they had stomped out country music completely when they finally ran Hank Jr off. Im sure theyre contemplating on how to run this guy off for being too good. . with my back agains that damn 8 ball, i didnt hafta think or talk or feel! damn this is a great song!.

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December 27, 2015

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You didn't offend me. I was just being a jerk. Sorry about that. It's just I get that question all the time... I'm Just tired of answering it over and over again..
When u said u didnt smoke, literally i was the happiest person here lol so many people waste money on smoking ❤️🤘🏻🤘🏻🖖🏻🖖🏻. I know my currency is still different to what you're using but holy shit around $2 for meat products wow that is so cheap! In my country the cheapest is around $9 and that's for a very small portion to!.
+Alejandro Acosta lol we get 2 dozen of eggs for a dollar in india.. 3 lobe of bread for a dollar. you can travel 70km on bus for a dollar. but depend on city or rural traveling.. 1 medium dominos pizza costs around 5$. branded cloths very expensive in India also. you can get 2 to 3 kg of potatoes for a 1$ depend on seasons.. sometimes you can get 5 to 6kg sometimes 1 or 2 kg.. 1 kg of ready chicken costs 2.5$. meat costs four times the chicken.. fish also not cheap in inland areas whereas in costal region they cost less. 1kg of good quality rice cost around a dollar. 2 litre of package milks costs a $...tea pockets costs around a 1$ for 250gm based on brands... sames goes to coffee... and house rents vary so much depending on place you live...or the area you live in the city... 1 litre of petrol costs 1.2 $ and diesel less than a $.
Wow, it's amazing that the cost of living hasn't changed very much at all since I was there like 20 years ago. I think it's because Japan has just been going through one long ass recession the whole time. I heard that wages haven't increased at all either. A lot of people think everything is expensive in Japan, but prices have been skyrocketing in the US while Japan has stayed stagnant for decades. Now it seems more expensive to live in the US.. Thanks for your vlogs, I'm travelling to Tokyo next sept 2016 so this has been informative, you are cute ;P.
CowboyInJapan is it expensive or hard to live in Japan if so can you please help me with how you can get a job and live in Japan please answer my question.
:') Oh no Stoooooooooooooooooop i won't go i won't. That's more than 1000 $ and the video still hasn't come to the end..
However in Canada we pay twice as much for alcohol and smoke than you do. We have free health care though so a lot of what we are paying is taxes which is fair. Food is not taxed unless it is prepared!.

It's same price as here in Belgium depending on where yoou buy it. We have your average Belgian store where things are more expensive, you have on company in the country that has cheapest stuff of all your typical Belgian supermarkets, and then you have the German stores like Aldi, Lidl, Action etc. where things are crazy cheap (compared to the others). But I think you should include taxes, price for rent, health insurance and all your other insurances. Because you have countries with really cheap supermarkets, but everything else is over the top expensive and vice-versa..

Stupid question: You pay your rent every month or In my country apartment rents are paid every month hence I ask...
+Toxicgamersftw I disagree. The quality is much better in America. and this is coming from a japanese person.
Are you able to bring your own bike to japan if your from America or will the plane company not allow it.

+Michelle Brovey From the description " i was being quiet due to my neighbor's grandfather visiting my neighbors".

Well sir, I am sad to say but the cost of living in the wonderful country of Japan are pretty much the same as in my awful country - Romania -, and our minimum wage is $200 !!! Btw, our cigarettes are more then $4 and the rice is way more expensive here, but I kinda get that. Anyway, great info, really enjoyed the clip..
good video! its interesting how expensive food can be in Japan. I am also half Japanese, but also half german. Your english is quite good! Go on with your vids! you,re doing it great :) Greetings from Germany :).
us - pay 7 dollars for a pack of smokes. cereal is anywhere from $3 to 5 dollars a box. our dollar stores suck since most stuff u would get there falls apart or breaks. A two liter is over $ 2 dollars, you spend 1.50 to 1.75 for a regular size pop. Everything is overpriced in the us..

how about the important things. like house rent, foods, cloths. how much all estimated guess per month..

People kept saying: Living in Japan or London is expensiv, you can't afford to buy anything there, haven't lived in Germany. Especially munic, hamburg, coloun and berlin. It is soo much more expensiv. But stuff like meat is very cheap over here. Apartment rents are sooo disgustingly high. For example 1 room apartment is around 500-1200€ per month, depending on the location..
This is my first time watching your video and i thought what the heck is lee kwang soo from running man doing here 😂😂.
A $100 bike ANYWHERE is darn good. Bikes in the U.S. go for that rarely, and most are bad. Reasonable bikes cost around $500 or $600. A really well constructed bike will cost you around $1000..

OMG... your voice !!!! i can listen to you every day to sleep, it is like ASMR so calming and Hypnotising.
hi, im at high school right now, And im having a high chance of going to japan for college. is it expensive to live there in japan how bout the colleges the rent place, any rent place below 200dollars i wanna know how is it in japan. pls do contact me. sorry and thanks to take ur time. Dude you are epic, if I had some loose money around, I'd find a way to send you some to help you out with rent and stuff, but I am currently helping my great grandfather out, he recently retired and had some serious cancer, retirement income isn't enough, so I like, send him 170$ every paycheck. But, I will sub and like the video... done.~. Wow, it's pretty cheap there. Especially the bus. We pay like 5 or 8 Euros for a 20 minute bus ride. Also the snacks and alchohol is more expensive here. The other things are about the same price. But I heard that DVD's are expensive in Japan. ( My dad lives in the Netherlands and my mom in Germany). OMG, Rent is so cheap in Japan. I live in Sweden, generally everything is kinda expensive here. We pay minimum about 30 % Tax, but it demens because we Pay wealth tax so depending on how much you earn you pay about 50 %. So yeah pretty expensive. well im going to be visiting in a year or so and its good to know the prices of some things as people were saying it can be expensive - so ill just get snacks to sort the pricing out ^_^ as well as a nice meal per day xP whats the best tourist sites in your opinion Akihabara is on my list (maid cafe's) lol mt fuji would be another but hours to Climb and get back down and having to drag food up with you and all double clothing at higher points sweating and such - kinda turning me off that 1 xP but if you happen to see the comment please let me know ^_^.
That was a cool video and thanks for taking the time to share that information. It was nice that you were respectful of your neighbor's grandfather :). It's interesting how in the U.S., that women's clothing is so much more expensive than guy's clothing. I definitely think I'd love to go clothes shopping in Japan..

I saw a $600 rice cooker in Big Camera in Japan. In fact, all the rice cookers there were couple hundred dollars. I guess Japanese people really value the quality of their rice..
Wow! Japan, where ever you at in Japan, is so much cheaper than New York City that it's almost ludicrous! Where in Japan are you at Certainly not Tokyo I wager.. i am so going to get my hair die from Japan now cuz in California its like $12 for a really small bottle.
This was really helpful it's a lot cheaper than I thought! Do you know anything about "key money".
+lash beazer uuuhhh yea there is, its called dollar tree lmao and its a dollar store franchise. hence the name dollar store and the slogan "were everything is a dollar"..

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November 23, 2015

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I want to let you know that your managerial accounting videos helped me a lot to pass the BEC section of CPA test (I got the test result yesterday!). You are the best! Thank you very much!.

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January 27, 2016

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You explained cash flow assumptions in less than 25 minutes, while my teacher barely made sense of the information in an hour and 15 minutes. So thank you!. So that mean, under the average cost method, the flow of costs through the accounting records will exactly match to the physical flow of goods through the business. +Priscila A Under average cost, whenever a good is sold (and thus flows out of the business) it will be assigned a cost that is the weighted average of the purchase costs of the goods that are in the inventory. If a company wants to have the cost of each item exactly match its purchase cost, it would need to use the "specific identification method." However, to use specific identification it would need to know the exact purchase price of each item so it can assign an item this exact price when it sells the item. Since it is difficult to keep track of the cost of individual items (for example, a large grocery store might purchase multiple cases of soap throughout the year, at different prices) it is easier to just pool all the purchase costs together, take the weighted average, and use this weighted average to assign a cost to an item when it is sold. Hope this helps! . In gist, it is Total Cost Price divided by the Total Units Purchased. In getting the EI, first calculate as mentioned earlier, and multiply it by # of inventories in hand. Is my understanding correct . WOW that is a really good way to explain way more better then my teacher in school, i cant even compare you with him he sucks though keep it up :).
Finally a video that explains it very simply thank you this fifo and Lifa and average stuff was driving me crazy.

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December 22, 2015

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Hi, perfect and extremely useful video! Thanks At the moment I am dealing with something very closely connected with Moving average of perpetual inventory - Invoice Price Variance and Average Price Variance... I am not very sure I know what exactly they are (how do they occur and why is it important to analyze them)... could you please explain or recommend a good source. It would be very appreciated..

holy cow this was helpful. My professor at the University of Washington couldn't even remember how to do this. I didn't even know it was called the moving average so it was impossible for me to find websites that could teach me how to do average cost weighted perpetual.
Thank you! Moving average method had me confused ever since my first Accounting course. Please continue to make these videos! I look forward to viewing your Managerial Accounting videos during the Fall semester when I take it. Your video cleared all my questions up. .

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December 4, 2015

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my wife has been looking for something like this but had a hell of a time trying to find it. There's bunch that don't do anything except take your address..
This is soo helpful. You should make more videos. I've been looking for something like since I start shopping for my windows. Thanks.. I've been shopping for windows and I've been looking for something just like this. I got see how it works..
i luv how there are so many different options my husband found something similar from some place else but it really didn't give an accurate estimate because you could select all the different features like glass type, etc.

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December 12, 2015

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January 19, 2016

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