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Videos and pictures

  1. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Nice video. I'm a guy and watch most of your videos even though I have no interest in beauty products..

    11 Korean Beauty Products That'll Transform Your Skin... - Allure
  2. January 1, 2016
    4 days ago... South Korea now holds the most secrets for getting perfect skin, here's one reason why... 30 Cult-Favorite Asian Beauty Products You Need. i1
    Splash Masks Korean Beauty - Blithe Splash Masks - Marie Claire
  3. December 24, 2015
    Performs company the 90 recommends happy 1 anti wrinkle treatments belfast best anti aging korean products Phytoceramides effects official. i2
    Age Anti Wrinkle Treatments Belfast Best Anti Aging Korean Products
  4. December 31, 2015
    Jul 3, 2015... Despite its name, whitening products can more accurately be described... Korean readers chose a different favorite anti-aging serum as well. i3
    2015 K-Beauty Awards Skincare and Makeup Winners | Soompi
  5. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I have SO MUCH to do this month guys..I'm so sorry in advance if it seems like I'm spamming u all like hell lol T.T..More halloween tutorials to come next week x. First of all, I would like to add that maxelder argan product ( w nyarganoil c) is excellent! The price is reasonable and the product works like a charm. The first day I used it, I was highly impressed as it really moisturized the wrinkles and provides an excellent shield.. +Lauren gunderson haha yeh T_T im jus weird like that..i am really blind so thats the first thing i have to put on cuz i wont be able to see a thing >_. I love you so much. you are so refreshing to watch and your voice is so lovely ❤ Please do more videos like this.. also I need a quick tip for chapped lips.. thank you ! a new subscriber from India🎈. Hi Sharanya!! I'm so happy to hear that u r enjoying my videos! I also suffer from flaky chapped lips too so I know how u feel! I recommend u to exfoliate ure lips once in a while and after doing so moisturise them with chapsticks 😆 my current fave lip exfoliater right now is the 'Sugar Lip Polish' from fresh ! It helps exfoliate and condition ure lips in one go 😊 hope this helps!! 💕. +TaYa Sunaz awwww tqsm !!!! so sweet of you..!! will surely give a try ❤😍 thank you again ! God bless you gorgeous❤.
    I would love to hear more about the Etude House products. I'm currently looking for anti aging products.
    +MissRahRah207 okay!! ^_^ as soon as I've used it for a while I will make a full review for sure!.

    Can anyone recommend me a Korean anti-aging face and neck...
  6. December 21, 2015
    Korean Anti-wrinkle Cream, Buy Various High Quality Korean Anti-wrinkle Cream Products from Global Korean Anti-wrinkle Cream Suppliers and Korean. i5
    Korean Anti-wrinkle Cream - Alibaba
  7. December 23, 2015
    Mar 2, 2015... Korea is at the forefront of the beauty industry these days... also offers five collection kits designed to tackle brightness, anti-aging or dryness. i6
    Korean beauty products: Glamor, Gangnam style - Fortune
  8. December 26, 2015
    Feb 6, 2015... Deep sea skincare: South Korean face cream which is made up of 70 per cent STARFISH is the new must-have anti-aging product... cream's main ingredient, Mizon adds that the starfish used in its products are completely. i7
    South Korean Mizon Returning Starfish face cream is the new must...
  9. December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    where can I buy this I live in the USA and can't seem to find this product anywhere on the web to purchase.
    I am using Maxelder argan cream My drowsy skin freshened up and stretched. Works brisk and gives you the best results. This cream makes my skin look amazing. It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it. Check it w...nyarganoil…c.
    Great video,thx..I love Maxelder argan cream! ( I bought from w...nyarganoil…c ) I have really dry skin, and this cream leaves my face feeling smooth and soft. Diminished fine lines is visibly noticeable!.
    A fistful of various nuts,10~20g per a day, is perfect. Maybe 3~4 walnuts, 10~15 peanuts and 10 almons will be enough for a day. There are probably food enterprises that sell packages for daily amount of nuts!.
    Hey Eunice, i have a question :) What does whitening really mean I live in austria (west) so not in asia. And i already had skin 79 vip gold edition bb cream and i loved it! But i read that this bb cream (and all the others from asia) do whitening. So does it mean my skin becomes more "white" so that the skincolour changes on my face So far i really really love the bb creams from asia, but i just dont know what whitening really does to my skin, if i can use it even if im not asian and if my skincolour changes Would be so nice & helpful if you could answer my question or maybe talk in a video about it :).

    Products have no frontier. It doesn't matter you are Korean or Austrian. The important aspect of choosing a perfect cosmetic is suitability to your skin. Actually I didn't use the skin 79 bb cream, but the whitening function means that products have ingredients that helps your skin brighten. However, the most important function of BB is to hide facial blemishes and make your skin looks gorgeous. The whitening function of BB is additional so if you want to see the real effect of whitening, it's better to find the whitening skin care products!I hope this will be helpful for you Q!:-).

    +WISHTrendTV thank you so much for answering my question! :) So i can use bb creams which does have whitening function in it cause it does not change my skintone - they just brighten my complexion :) Thank you so much eunice! :).

    #Eunice what anti aging serum is good for Senstive Skin also the person is 31 yrs old. Luv your videos 😊 luv #WishTrendTv 👌.
    When shall people start having anti aging products Im 19 and I want to prevent wrinkling as much as possible so when I become older in future I would look younger than others of the same age... Any suggestions.
    +Cindy Hu Im 19 too and I use some anti aging products (especially eye cream). I heard its best to start early..

    Great Video, the tips seem very useful :) For a future video, would it be possible to talk about some tips regarding plastic surgery (double eyelid and rhinoplasty) I do not mean this in any negative way, but rather was wondering about the different types of procedures, after effects, and things to watch out for someone who is interested in any cosmetic procedures..
    hi eunice...i always look forward to ur videos, they give a lot of info plus they are pretty easy to follow. wish u could make a video on hair washing too n wat are ur views regarding dermaroller, scar treatments...wish u could give some tips on removal of deep scars formed due to acne.. Thank you for replying me. Btw, are those skincare products oily I have an oily face and i wanna try 'em out! .
    MAUME products are very fresher than other sticky 한방 cosmetics, so they are not oily that much. But if you have an oily face, do not use all the line at first, just try one product of MAUME first. That must be better for your worry. Thank you. :-).
    Wishtrends new products look very tempting that is for sure! I am only 21 but even at this age I have noticed the quality of skin starts to show signs of aging which is why I have become such a skin care enthusiast :) Great informative video! Love wishtrend tv!. +Syndra loves Well...Actually when i was in teens, I use that kind of products as well. Redness means lack of nourishment and moisture in your skin. MAUME products will be helpful even though you are young. Facial oil will be helpful too. Thank you :-).
    Thankyouuu for these tips! I'm 20 yo but i feel my skin show signs of aging because of stress and lack of sleep :'( thanks.
    omg i actually need this (I think) I'm turning 23 this year but I already have wrinkles around my eyes since few years ago and my neck looks bad TT^TT thanks though for making a vid like this. I'll definitely try getting my hands on oriental eyecream in Korea when I go there :). I am 28, and I feel my skin sagging already. I also have very large pores on both of my cheeks. It is those empty pores there's nothing inside. Very different from nose pores. I hate it. Everyone notice it at any time of day. Please tell me products or show me how to shrink it. Thank you!! .
    Thank you for this video! Now I want to know more about the oriental medicinal herbs! That's look to be very great for the skin! This is very interesting and new for me! This video is really helping, thank you again!.

    please visit any cosmetic dermatologist and share the trends that most korean women do to their skin especially the instant whitening and treatment of acne & hyperpigmentation.

    Eunice congratulations for your video. I really like your english, it is well structured and so clear and easy to understand. Another fact that I like is that I note that you really know what you are talking about. Please keep posting so profesional videos!.

    This is why it's great having a more mature MC as well. Especially one that embraces her age the way you do! I enjoyed the video! Can you talk about how to minimize dark spots and/or acne scars.

    ..that was a great vid!!! i will follow your advise about neck...i always put cream there just in a random way((..but you touched the botox theme, can you please tell more about When it is good to do, is it pricy in korea Or is there any other trend of antiaging by unnatural way It is really interesting, as i know a lot of korean girls tend to make plastic surgery... ..Thank you for great vids Eunice!!! ^^.

    When should I start using anti aging product because I'm 16 and I already have fine lines under my eyes and deep wrinkles in my neck with the wrinkles around my mouth.
    The time to start anti-aging is different from individual to individual. Although you are 16, you have to prevent wrinkles. Do a regular exercise or stretching and eat nuts! Nuts is very good for anti-aging. Detailed cleansing and skincare are also needed. As though your skin type is easily wrinkling, these little effort helps you reduce aging procedure. 화이팅!. Yes, eating nuts is superhealthy. I also eat a lot of veggies and fruits, because they're great for your health and skin too! ^.^ But I've a question Eunice: I've very pale skin and my dark circles are always visible because of that. Do you maybe have some advice of how to get ride off my dark circles ;___;. Really great videos :) please can I have some advice. Can you recommend a product that works in the same was as Cure Aqua Gel but better :) thank you so much. Ps you look brilliant . The wrinkles around your mouth are called "laugh lines" sometimes it good but a lot of people don't want them :) .
    Great tips, I never thought steady exercices could do anything for anti-aging^^ For anyone wanting some organic anti-aging, I recommend organic argan oil : it contains fatty acids and omega 3, so it makes the skin very elastic, moisturized and therefore less likely to get deep wrinkles. That's why people with dry skin get wrinkles faster: cos they don't have a supple, "elastic" skin..
    A famous Korean dermatologist said that skin is like a wrap of body. The wrap covering decayed meat, it looks bad and stinks. As that context, if a body is unhealthy, the skin is bad too. Omega 3 is a perfect recommend. Thank you so much!:). Please do a video on fast skin whitening! For example, how did Hyuna get so pale fast from her Bubble Pop days. Oh yeah... Hahahaha! Did not think of that! Although, I think it is a natural tan because in other videos leading up to Volume Up her tan was fading!.

    Here's What Happened When I Tried a 12-Step Korean Skin Care...
  10. December 25, 2015
    A breakdown of the Korean skincare products that keep Korean women so... contain avocado extracts (containing tons of antioxidants) or Vitamin E (anti- aging). i9
    The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine - Into The Gloss
  11. December 30, 2015
    Nov 13, 2014... When Korean BB cream, a hydrating, anti-aging foundation with SPF... This year , Korean beauty products reached another level of market. i10
    Inside The Booming Korean Skincare Market - Fast Company
  12. December 20, 2015
    Anti-aging korean mask purifing enough liquid beauty mask skincare... and spot removal products moisturizing acne treatment exfoliator anti wrinkle skin care. i11
    35jnhkw - Anti-aging korean mask purifing enough liquid... | Facebook
  13. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Missha's anti-wrinkle products recognized - The Korea Times
  14. January 3, 2016
    Oct 29, 2014... Skin care products from South Korea are finding a strong following in the... at the Korean line Amorepacific, whose Time Response anti-aging. i13
    Images for anti aging korean products
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  16. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - TotalBeauty
  17. November 13, 2015
    Our anti aging cream uses Korean skin care technology to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles. i1
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  18. October 31, 2015
    Memebox Anti-Aging Products Unboxing| Korean Skincare!... The BEST Korean Face Products! - Duration:... My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine... i2
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  19. January 6, 2016
    11 Korean Beauty Products That'll Transform Your Skin Here's a sampling of products representing the best of what's happening in Korea right now. i3
    South Korea anti-aging skin care - Alibaba
  20. November 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    korean cosmetics in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  21. November 29, 2015
    South Korea Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti-aging Skin Care Suppliers and Manufacturers in South Korea Directory - Source a Large Selection of Anti-aging Skin Care... i5
    Baby Snail Best Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream for Face Korean...
  22. December 23, 2015
    Memebox Anti-Aging Products Unboxing| Korean Skincare!... The BEST Korean Face Products! - Duration:... My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine... i6
    Korean Skincare and Beauty Products - Marie Claire
  23. December 13, 2015
    Contains all reviews of skin care products available online | See more about Anti Aging Cream, Anti Aging and Eye Serum. i7
    Korean Skincare and Beauty Products - Marie Claire
  24. November 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Dear Aden...I love buying lots of samples from Ebay in almost bulk before trying full size products...and because I do buy a lot...I also get a lot of samples:)...cheers...lIly.
    I got a few HOW samples, the Hwa Hyun Balancer and Lotion. They don't appear to be anything special, but they both seemed a great deal lighter in texture than the products you mention here. The balancer is interesting though. I've never tried a toner-like product that was quite so moisturizing. However, I really prefer doing double-duty with my essences lately, using them both as a toner and essence. My favorites right now are the Missha Time Revolution Essence - per your recommendation, and the Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence. I've been wanting to try the HOW CC cushion, too. Not for any other reason than the packaging looks so elegant. =).

    +iamabeautyjunkee I find the Soybean essence works in a very similar way to the Missha essence. (Hoversjelly has a good review on both and several of the popular Korean essences.) The Soybean essence definitely smells better, not that that's really an issue for me. Also, just speaking personally, I believe I had fewer skin issues using the Soybean essence. However, I do enjoy alternating between the two products. .
    Dear Cldcollector...thank you for letting me know...I think I will try to get some samples before purchasing full size:)...cheers...lily. Wow you have so many samples! Where do you get them from Do some online sites bundle them with your package when you buy full sized items, then you save them and add them to your collection of samples Or do you buy them in bulk.
    First and foremost, LOVE that you love Korean skin care! Isn't it just amazing I love Sulwhasoo and WHOO. You are right that WHOO is much denser, thick and rich in terms of consistency and application. Sulwhasoo absorbs SO FAST, and you definitely see results immediately. One thing I had to figure out with WHOO is like you mentioned, really REALLY massage and pat the lotions and creams into the skin. From what I've learned, all the ingredients in Sulwhasoo and WHOO are nano-sized, so however long it takes to absorb, the herbs will have already reached the deepest epidermis of the skin when applied. WHOO uses modern technology (i.e. vinyl crosspolymer for adherence and tightening) to allow some lifting particularly in their anti-aging serums, but all the creams work equally in terms of the herbal extracts getting into the skin. Sulwhasoo is just lighter and absorbs faster which is more convenient! Lol. The Seol Whitening line from WHOO is fantastic in brightening, I'd highly recommend it. And the Bichup Ja Saeng Essence from WHOO is phenomenal... it has strong amount of human and bioactive peptides to reduce large and deepened wrinkles! I'm glad I stumbled across your video! Many blessings. Xox!.
    +mizz Lebanese Dear Mizz, thank you so much for the lovely letter! many of my viers have recommended to me to get the Seol Whitening line from WHOO and Bichup Ja Saeng Essence from WHOO I am absolutely buying these very soon! Thank you again for confirming these products for regards..Lily.

    Best Anti Wrinkle Cream, South Korea Best Anti Wrinkle...
  25. November 22, 2015
    Our anti aging cream uses Korean skin care technology to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles. i9
    Best Korean Skin Care Products
  26. October 26, 2015
    The Skin House Anti-Aging Wrinkle Collagen Set Nutrition Replenishing Korean in Health & Beauty, Skin Care, Anti-Aging Products | eBay i10
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  27. November 3, 2015
    This Korean Skin Care Innovation Is *Perfect* for Lazy Girls... Follow Marie Claire on Instagram for the latest celeb news... Skincare Products; Beauty Tips; i11
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  28. December 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I just got one of these from a friend who went to Korea recently and I have to say that I am absolutely hooked! I agree with you in every word you say. Best hand cream ever! =D.
    I've always wondered about the Tony Moly products...especially the peach stuff! Thanks for this!.

    I am 69 years old and though I have good skin, I was getting the laugh lines from nose to chin and my ear lobes were getting longer (sign of old age) which I did not like. I have used Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment off and on for about 1 year. I now use it 3 times a day. It has eliminated all the deep laugh lines and most all the fine lines. I order it from w/arganlife/net.

    5 Anti-Aging Korean Tips - The Chriselle Factor
  29. January 25, 2016
    Hints of Best Anti-Aging Products. Increased daily water consumption is one of the most effective ways to look (and feel) your best. Water is needed for nearly every... i13
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  30. December 30, 2015
    Skin Care: Korean Skincare Secrets: The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine For Baby-Soft Skin... Skin care essential oils, Skin care products, Anti aging secret... i14
    Korea | Best Anti-Aging Products
  31. November 20, 2015
    Skip to main content. eBay: Stores i15
    Skin Care: Korean Skincare Secrets: The 10 Step Korean...
  32. December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    the model is 40+! u r kiddin' me, right! :0 no waaaaaay, why can't i be asian too cries bitterly.
    How awesome is this! Great tips to sharrreeeeeeee. It's interesting to heard Korean's aspect of beauty..
    +Helmi Caster That would be a waste... Don't ever wash your face your face after using mask UNLESS the direction said so.

    His skin is amazing! I'm 20 and I don't look that great! Could you do a dewy makeup tutorial for oily skin.
    Hey Ivan & Steve, great collaboration! Steve looks younger than his stated age. Tnku 4 the useful tips Ivan. :)).
    SKii products are so expensive! I had a difficult time understanding your Grandfather's english...
    The sponge you're using, is very great. Did you soak it in water before using it It's very recommended to soak the sponge for half an hour and remove the excess (not too much, you want it a bit wet) water before applying makeup. It makes my makeup dwell into my skin quite well, moist my skin and look more dewy yet feeling light and the makeup look a bit more natural..
    the shirt is so cool ^ ^ i'd love to have one soon... btw Ivan, how could I have a dewy skin look I am a Filipino and i have a tanned skin tone. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and more power....
    omg Steve looks younger than his age but now we know his secret thanks and you looked handsome and you voice is attractive .
    Love how healthy it looks! So gonna try it on my mom! Maybe i should start trying to get these steps into my daily routine because i rarely moisturise my face...
    Your video has been shared on Thank you for your services!

    Anti Aging Cream | Korean Skin Care | Racinne
  33. January 13, 2016
    Here are 5 anti-aging Korean tips and products! 1... Seriously great tips~ As a fellow Korean, I totally trust their anti-aging products. Quick question... i17
    11 Korean Beauty Products That'll Transform Your Skin...
  34. January 11, 2016
    antiaging, Search for antiaging products, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters i18
    13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - TotalBeauty
  35. January 1, 2016
    Our anti aging cream uses Korean skin care technology to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles. i19
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  36. December 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I know but like I said - Josie Maran is a brand I admire and trust. All of her oil comes from co-ops of Moroccan women who make a living from deriving her product :) .

    I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!.

    Thank you so much for this video!I’ve only been using maxelder argan cream for about a week, and my skin looks nice… I’m using it as a preventative measure for no wrinkles so I haven’t seen major results because I don’t have wrinkles yet… It doesn’t dry my skin out and there is no weird residue on my face the next morning. It’s a decent product. Highly recommend w..…nyarganoil….c.
    So I used to be addicted to the Josie Maran Argan Oil. I recently purchased their limited edition one during a sale at Sephora and it made me break out really bad :( I don't know if it was the limited edition 'scent' or what! Makes me sad lol.. You should try the white packaging of the Glamglow. I am not a fan of the black on either but the white one works great at clearing out skin. Also the blue one I leave on overnight. . There is no need to spend $50 to get a bottle of Josie Maran's argan oil. You can buy the same organic, pure, cold pressed oil at Wholefoods, or most other natural stores for less than $15. Josie Maran is disgustingly greedy, unfortunately.. I have to agree with the BM Cream Cleanser. I have a tube that I have had for at least 1 1/2 years, it is almost gone but you only need a tiny amount. It's great & a great value!. Loved ur video it's amazing can u also make an video like what all to be use in day/night cream/Serum etc step by step 👍🏻.
    Is she over 20 Then this is the exactly right time to use anti aging products! Prevent Prevent Prevent :).
    I have a Clarisonic but I only use it about once a week because it dries my skin out really fast! So I use my hands for cleansing..
    I have that same oil! Now, I know what to do with it!! Your complexion is very clear! Thanks so much! Ms. M.

    I'm 20 and I have dry skin. I hate that skincare for people under 30 is always supposed to be for acne prone oily skin..

    I'm the same way about buying stuff from amazon and eBay - especially skincare! But recently I just switched from Josie maran Argan oil to's Glonatural 100% Argan oil and comes in the same dark colored eye dropper bottle (obv Josie's bottle is more quality) but the oil itself is the same! You should try it ! :) loved your video - thank you! .
    It's honestly almost never too young to start taking care of your skin. My mother told me at 11 "take care of your skin and stay out of the sun". I'm 63 now and can pass for late 40's. So take care of your skin ladies - I wish the technology was available 50 years ago that is out today - there are so many excellent options now and so much more research. There's options for all skin types so start early and you'll be thankful later!.
    +Gypsy Laine If that's you in your picture then you definitely look young and fresh. I'm glad your skincare is working well for you. Although I would be careful about using anti-aging products at a young age, my cousin tried using anti aging creams and serums at 17 years old and it triggered a severe allergic reaction that caused her skin to produce severe cystic acne that she suffered from even though she's almost 40. She had to spend a lot of money on dermatological procedures to get of her hypertrophic and icepick scarring and hyperpigmentation from her years of cystic acne..
    I can't find the firming eye cream anywhere... the only thing close is a firming eye treatment :/.
    The hydrating mask you can wear for ages! I always do! you can also use it as an overnight mask! :) xo.
    Thank you for making this video! I am obsessed with skin care ;) I love that Josie Argan Oil it's does make such a big difference. Hope your having a great school week so far... Mine is loaded with tests :(. Do you wear the argan oil by itself at night or under a night cream. I use the origins drink up over night mask every night because my skin is so dry. Would the oil work under it. The green glam glow is for removing makeup not a mask, you apply it to your face when you have makeup on thats why it turns into an oil after and then you wash it all off.
    Hmm, I don't think I would use it that way. Seems like a waste On the Sephora site it says to apply to clean dry skin..
    Don't watch you ever before!! but your amazing! Love your happy voice and im happy about your bareminerals videos! Subscribeeeeee! 😜😃😅. I bought the trial size set of the Bare Minerals Elixir line because of your suggestions and I am SO pleased with these products. They are so nourishing and work really great alongside my trusty Murad products. I have also bought so many other products because of your suggestions (Tarte BB Primer is one that I especially am loving right now), and am so happy with all of them! Thank you!. I want to go out and try all of these products now! Thanks for posting! Were you able to find that girls channel that you mentioned in this video .
    So many chemicals you're putting on your skin, scary! Try all natural skin care and you'll get even better benefits..

    Great video on skincare. I just bought the Josie Moran Argan oil this past weekend and already see a difference in my skin. .

    Great suggestions! And it's never too young to start caring about your skin! I have my own skin care routine that I love and swear by (philosophy/Lush/Bare Minerals/L'Occitane), mostly because it's nice when your skin feels nice, but I always remember what my dermatology attendings have said- be a vampire and wear sunscreen every single day. Am still working on that one; I feel like the majority of the wrinkles I have now were from all those days jogging in the hot Texas sun saying, "I'll remember sunscreen tomorrow!" I mean, I know it's common sense, but it always bears repeating :).
    I totally agree with you about splurging a little on skincare as I really do believe proactive action is better than reactive when it comes to anti-ageing! It also means that we don't have to wear as much makeup and can feel more confident in ourselves without having to pile on a lot of foundation & concealer! Great video as always Shelbey :) Much love xx.
    I agree about the bare minerals skin products. I use the cleanser, eye and neck cream. I also use the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum and Pure Transformation Night Treatment. I am going to to the Mix It Cleanser too. Remember to use upwards motions on your face accept for your nose. It helps push up the skin. If I have eye makeup on I use olive oil. I learned a tip from Tati to coat your lashes in it to get off all the mascara so your lashes are totally cleaned off and the olive oil nourish your lashes. I also do use a tone. I just use Witch Hazel. I get it at Wal-mart in the Pharmacy section by the rubbing alcohol. It only cost a 1.44 and it works great. I do use Josie Maran oil cleanser in the morning. I have a lot of people guess my age as early to mid thirties and I am in my mid 40's. I do have good genes but the products help a lot. .
    Loved your video! I also have dry skin and at 25 I can start seeing wrinkles on my eyes! I'm definitely trying some of the products you're recommending. Do you have any recommendation for undereye dark circles I've ALWAYS had undereye dark circles and feel so insecure without makeup - so going out without makeup is a no-no! I would love to see your recommendation!.
    Idk how you don't have more followers. I always look forward to your videos! Thanks for this off to slather on some Josie Maran Argon oil. :) .

    I follow glam glow on Twitter and they have mentioned that it's totally fine to wear the thirsty mud all night or all day! I think it was designed to wear before getting on a plane. I'm sure I read that somewhere lol.
    Shelby, I actually sleep with the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud about every third or fourth night. It's soooo good!! .
    Yes, I've heard of several people doing that. I'n not sure I could though - I would feel weird haha picky problems.
    Check the description box and I listed her value sets on QVC :) Sephora also has trial kits for her argan oils. Hi Shelbey! :) How do you use the Bare Minerals Mineral Elixir Cleansing Oil to remove mascara I am waiting for this cleanser which I have just order, however I do have another cleansing oil that is supposed to be very good as well. I have tried removing my eye make up with it, but I don't feel like I get it all away. And I get the oil into my eyes leaving me half way blind for half an hour :-P Thank you for many great tips!.
    I just massage it gently into my lashes. It does leave a bit of oil residue in the base but it wipes off immediately with a towel!.
    +Shelbey Ashburn Thank you so much! :) I am really excited about trying this product out - hopefully it will arrive soon! I hope bareminerals will launch more skin care products, that's always needed!. Hi i wonder if u hv tried bobby brown soothing cleansing oil. I hv super dry skin that can turn to dry patches around my mouth and cheeks too. I found that bbrown soothing cleansing oil just melts away makeup n dirt without stripping moisture from my face. I tried boscia( the green label).. and bodyshop oil cleanser that amelia liana raved about... It dried my face like a hoo...i.have nvr tried bare mineral oil cleanser. Sounds wonderful. I am a huge fan of jose maran argan oil too. Sometimes i use it on its own..sometimes i mix a few drops with my moisturiser or body cream..heaven....
    Maybe try a cleaning balm rather than oil if you don't get on with oils I personally love The Body Shops cleansing oil and have no probs with it. I follow with a cream cleanser though so maybe it is drying my skin out slightly but I don't notice Lol.
    Emm hmm...guess i m gonna use the bodyshop on my body instead of face. I suspect it is the fragrance that may be harmful to our .
    You should try Murad skin line there very good and its created by a incredible Dr ,I'm a certificate Aesthetician soo i got a lot of knowledge on skin and yes you should always be very concerned about your skin and aging just make sure you use the right one.You skin looks really good for what i can see in your videos..

    I have tried Murad before but a lot of their anti-aging products contain glycolic acid, which my skin can only handle in VERY small amounts. Any recommendations from the brand that don't contain GA.
    Try the Resurgence line and the glycolic the whe use in the products the we sell its minimum, we only used the most in our treatment room. Go to any of Massage Envy and get a facial, the will tell you which one it's right for you type of skin.I lived in Las Vegas NV if was closer to you i will give a facial and i could see under the mad light exactly what you need. But I'm pretty sure you will like our Resurgence line it's all about anti-aging and the toner it's wonderful to. .
    Great recommendations; I have combination skin and I am all about the oils and heavy creams. Don't forget to apply a cream to your neck and décolleté as well! Never too late to delay the aging process. I wish I would have started when I was 22! :).

    I also wanted to start anti aging skin care (I'm 22 !) but my dermatologist told me it was not a good idea since your skin is going to get used to it and the product will not be as effective when your skin will really need it at the age of 30, 40 or 50. .

    Was she talking about retinol/retin-A Shelbey for the most part is just mentioning hydrating products. Hydration is obviously very important to reduce aging signs. I believe you can "overdose" on retin-A though to the point where it does more harm than good. I'm not a dermatologist but I've done some amateur googling trying to understand retinoids. Just do as much research as possible and get lots of opinions. Everyone's skin is different :).

    Best Korean Skin Care Products
  37. December 4, 2015
    11 Korean Beauty Products That'll Transform Your Skin Here's a sampling of products representing the best of what's happening in Korea right now. i21
    South Korea anti-aging skin care - Alibaba
  38. January 28, 2016
    Anti-Aging/Wrinkles;... Are Korean Beauty Products the Next Big Thing? 6/23/2014... First, people in Korea do not use only Korean products. i22
    korean cosmetics in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  39. January 7, 2016
    South Korea Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti-aging Skin Care Suppliers and Manufacturers in South Korea Directory - Source a Large Selection of Anti-aging Skin Care... i23
    Baby Snail Best Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream for Face Korean...
  40. November 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Live Chat with The Paula's Choice Research Team: Korean Beauty Product Craze (Snail Extract, Sleeping Masks and More)! Thursday, October 9, 1.00pm – 2.00pm PT Is snail extract the answer for your anti-aging concerns What’s a sleeping mask Is there a benefit to using a skin-care routine with 10+ products In today’s Live Chat, Paula’s Choice staffers Bryan and Nathan discuss the topic of Korean beauty products, the research behind their “unique” ingredients—and how different they really are from beauty products sold anywhere else in the world! Have questions Post them NOW on our YouTube page and we’ll answer as many as can during the show! You can also share them live during the broadcast, too. #PaulasChoice #BeautyTalk #KoreanBeauty .

    I secretly hoped Nathan would have said, "No shit"! That would have tickled my funny bone. ;-).
    I'm planning on moving to Korea soon and I have acne prone skin. I've been using the extra strength Clear line, If I switch to the 10% Azelaic acid product only available to Korea, will it keep my acne under control Also will Azelaic acid help with acne as well as hyperpigmentation.
    +Laurin Carmichael While we can't say with certainty how your skin will respond, azelaic acid can help reduce acne, and there is also some research showing it to be effective for treatment of skin discolorations. You can read up more on it in our Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary:
    Let me just say, I like the long names because of the fact that it gives me a WAY more thorough idea of what the product does! But I'm sure shortened it'd be fine, haha. Why is the pitera in SK2 but not Olay Duh, PG made people thing pitera is expensive, and how can they differentiate product tiers if you can buy the same ingredients for 1/5 of the price from the same parent company.2 paulaschoice. That's really interesting about having to formulate different products for different countries- I was just watching Lisa Eldridge's "My Current Skincare Routine (Updated)" video where she raves about Paula's Choice's "Resist Anti-Aging Multi-Correction Treatment w/ Azelaic Acid" which does't seem to be available on the US website. Is there an ingredient in that that makes you unable to market it in the states And does it do something that the US products don't Thanks!. +Pistachios36 Oh wait, just saw the comment below about the azelaic acid- looks like it's prescription only in the US. "save it for the bedroom" haha i enjoy watching the dude in red, Seems like a funny, honest dude. More of him in future videos, please!.
    You´re right. In the south europe people tan and think that is an healthy thing. In the past, people use to look at me as if I were an alien, just because I use 50 SPF sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses when I was at the beach...But this is changing. More and more, women are becoming more aware of the sun's effects on aging. Besides that the increase of skin cancer among the young people are changing the way people think about tanning..

    I know this is an old video, but I thought Avon purportedly spent the most on cosmetic research I don't remember where I heard that..
    Lol the story for sk-II sounds similar to fresh creme ancienne, except fresh says that monks still make it Folkloric and destined stories work really well for beauty products it seems..
    ive watched most of your skin care videos but honestly it made me think nothing is actually good for your skin, i dont know if its just me but it made me so confuse what to put on my skin and what not to put on my skin anymore, of course you guys know better cause you all are the researchers anyway but i watched other skin care vids from some estheticians and i was like "so should i wear honey as a mask or not!" i wish you could simple things down T.T.
    This was all well and good, as far as general info goes, but I wish Beautypedia would do actual reviews of individual products. I am attracted to Korean beauty products, not only because I hope/think they will be beneficial, but also because they are fun to use because of the interesting names, cute packaging, and formulations that feel good and are appealing to the senses.. I have tried many many different types of skincare it's a bit of a hobby of mine. I also lecture clinical sciences. I decided to test quite a few South Korean skin care products and some of them are incredible. They have used Hyaluronic acid for maybe 15 years way before any where else. They are also way way ahead in delivery systems to get the actives to the skin and into the skin.They don't use harsh acids on the skin which have been proven to inflame the skin and make it look plumper. The USA etc is only getting into Nano particles, different types of Hyaluronic acids and growth factors these are old hat in Asian skin care. I'm British and my skin has been transformed by using just a 4 step Korean skin care routine with the incredible addition of a sleeping pack which adds hydration and not loads of oil. Whitening can be done using Transenamic acid which is only catching on in the rest of the world ! And it works like no other ! In the lab the products I tested were just phenomenally constructed :) so the rest if the world Needs to catch up :) .
    What happened to time lapse details in the information box. I love you two but it would be helpful to include the section where you cover what you guys talk about in each time frame so, I can listen to what I need to hear for my concerns quickly. Thanks! .
    I look forward to your live chats every week! Please can you consider a series of videos on antioxidants - don't feel like you have to lump all antioxidants into one live chat, but a series of videos would be very interesting. . I am guilty of having a 10+ Asian skincare routine, but maintaining good skin goes beyond skincare alone. It's a lifestyle! Having a healthy lifestyle is the most important part of skincare. And I think that is the biggest different between Asian and on the west skincare. The Asian skincare routine is not only what products you put on your face, but also what you eat, how you treat your body etc :) I love going to the supermarket and choose fresh vegetables and drinking tea everyday, because I know it benefits my skin. And I spend at least 1 hour a day on skincare (cleansing, massaging, treating my skin). Oh...and yes, I "gently" slap the products on my face XD NEVER ever rub... hahaha and I use the Foreo Luna Mini, the clarisonic is way to harsh for my skin. Love you guys and this topic was so much fun to watch! Keep on the good work! xxxx.
    Is it okay to use a Paula's Choice toner after a liquid exfoliant instead of using it before Does it matter which goes on first.

    +Peter Vuong Hi there! That's perfectly fine, and you can apply your toner in any step you like (before your sunscreen)..
    I have been using two brands of Korean BB creams, and they are great - the consistency, the color, and the ingredients. Lots of antioxidants and good coverage. I agree that when over-applied, they can cause a greyish skintone - but the point is to use sparingly. Love the extra sunscreen benefit.. I'm surprised I didn't see this channel before! This was very helpful and informative. Thank you!.
    First live chat that i've watched and I loved it! You guys are so funny, haha. Can't wait until the next one. xx.
    Are korean products somehow better suited for Asian skins Could you guys discuss if different ethnicities have different skin concerns. DIY! Please please..i am always unsure about the DIY beauty which mostly will unclude lemon..some kind of an oil..yogurt.. oatmeal and honey honey makes my skin red and itchy...but can you please let us know if these DIY home remedies are worth spending any time on.
    Loved the chat guys :) I always get fascinated by other cultures beauty products and routines and have definitely been drawn to some korean products. Just wondering if you could do a review or quick chat clip about sheet masks I guess it`s just another delivery method for product Worth the hype Also I don`t think you guys got around to discussing SK-II. :P And as for further topics I like the topic Nathan suggested of DIY beauty! Keep it up guys :).

    I'm also thinking you should persue the Paula's Choice Intensive Botox at Home Serum. I'm just throwing that out there..

    Hi, can you mention again the product u mention. The advanced... which you thum up at minutes 31.55. Thanks.

    I believe they were referring to the Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner from the original resist line. .
    Omgosh, you guys have three stores in Korea I totally wish we had Paula's Choice stores in the U.S.!! :-) Btw, will there ever be PC stores in the U.S. Or will PC ever sell their products in stores (As far as I know, PC is currently just sold online in the U.S., right).
    So glad you two are back my week felt empty and just not the same without your chat. I'm so happy to see this topic because I've recently gotten a few meme boxes & I've been afraid to use some of the products. Thanks so much & please don't skip a week again. hee hee .
    I love this topic! I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. I had to google that thing about the monks hands to make sure you guys aren't just pulling our legs! It's almost as comical as that "placenta" face cream my mom got in Chinatown a few months ago.. I hate the skin care and how it feels, but I think some of their makeup techniques are on-point, and of course you guys are missed, you guys are so adorable.
    Missed you two last week! Glad you're back. Hoping to request a live chat about retinols and anti-aging/anti-wrinkles..
    Now I'm fond into korean beauty because their formulas usually avoid irritants more frequently than in this side of the sea, as a normal/dry skin tipe, most wester () products are designed for oily skin or to achive matte finish wich were bad for me or I dislike. Have been easier to find road products with good formulas there, and even importing is cheaper..
    I don't care if "snail extract" took away all my facial imperfections... That's gross!!!!! Nasty. Nasty nasty. Snails and slugs are my worst nightmare. I would rather have spider, snake, or anything else crawl on me... But slugs/snails absolutely never. Ugh!!!! .
    So glad you guys are back!!! Always very informative discussion. Please hold a live chat targeted towards sensitive skin.. You guys get better and better everytime! Great info and really funny. I would like o see the diy video, and a video dealing with rosacea (and sensitive skin, makeup for it to cover and be gentle). Thank you so much, I look forward to fridays and will kiss you next week. Have a blast in Australia!.

    Korean Skincare and Beauty Products - Marie Claire
  41. December 8, 2015
    Contains all reviews of skin care products available online | See more about Anti Aging Cream, Anti Aging and Eye Serum. i25
    Korean Skincare and Beauty Products - Marie Claire
  42. December 31, 2015
    13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products From creams to serums and powders, these are the anti-aging skin care products our readers say are so worth the investment i26
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  43. November 26, 2015
    Our anti aging cream uses Korean skin care technology to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles. i27
    Best Korean Skin Care Products
  44. January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Thanks for the tips... Maxelder argan cream is a great product. I use it reduce my wrinkles and moisture my skin. I had a rapid increase in wrinkles and dryness about nine months ago and this is the only product that will give me both moisture and wrinkle reduction. I suggest w….nyarganoil…..c.
    +Ashli Walker the L'oréal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother is great for puffiness since it has a metal cooling tip that relieves puffiness. I love using it in the morning before I apply under eye concealer. hope that helps!. I'm only 17 and I always have dark circles and puffiness, but every eye cream I see helps preventing this, but is also an anti-aging product.. Is it okay for me to use a product like that even though I'm not really old enough for wrinkles and stuff like that and I don't need anti-aging. +sanne hemmings It's never too early to start taking care of your skin, but since you are only 17, I would focus on products that are geared towards moisturizing (vs. anti-aging) to keep those wrinkles from forming. The Kiehl's avocado eye cream is a popular one among the younger crowd. For puffiness, you can reduce that with a product that has a cooling tip (let me know if you want specific recs) or simply taking a spoon and gently holding it underneath the eye area to reduce puffiness. As for dark circles, those can be genetic or the skin underneath the eye area is thinner, so I would focus on hydration to build up the thickness of the skin (or getting more sleep!). hope that helps! :).
    thanks for the tips! i'm going to try the SK-II this week. if you get a chance check our my channel :) I post travel and recipe videos.
    I'm drooling over the SK II eye cream. Can you believe I have never tried the Bobbie Brown one! .
    Maxelder argan cream is amazing ( official website w...nyarganoil….c ) I bought this product for my daughter who has had dark circles and fine lines under her eyes for years. The difference that this product has made in a short amount of time is definitely noticeable She told me that she has used it every morning and also at night before she goes to bed and it reduces the look of those little wrinkles and the puffiness too...
    i've tried two of the eye creams mentioned in the video. I really enjoy the Kiehl's one, and not very happy with the L'oréal one. im currently using shiseido bio-performance eye cream in my nighttime routine, and i think it works nicely for dryness and lines under the eyes..
    thanks so much for the rec! I'll have to give the shiseido one a try too :) I really enjoy the Kiehl's one too (I use the oil too - if you haven't tried the oil yet, I highly recommend it!).

    SkinCare Products on Pinterest | Anti Aging Cream, Anti...
  45. January 17, 2016
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    Hints of Best Anti-Aging Products. Increased daily water consumption is one of the most effective ways to look (and feel) your best. Water is needed for nearly every... i31
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  48. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Korea | Best Anti-Aging Products
  49. November 17, 2015
    Skip to main content. eBay: Stores i33
    Skin Care: Korean Skincare Secrets: The 10 Step Korean...
  50. January 10, 2016
    This Korean Skin Care Innovation Is *Perfect* for Lazy Girls... Follow Marie Claire on Instagram for the latest celeb news... Skincare Products; Beauty Tips; i34
    Anti Aging Cream | Korean Skin Care | Racinne
  51. January 5, 2016
    Here are 5 anti-aging Korean tips and products! 1... Seriously great tips~ As a fellow Korean, I totally trust their anti-aging products. Quick question... i35
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  52. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    전 Hey joie님 한국 사람인 팬 '황세련'이라고 합니다! 댓글을 남겨보기는 처음인데 Hey joie님 동영상 올라왔는지 매일 꾸준히 들러본답니다! 비록 한국 사람에 나이도 어려서 뭐라고 말씀하시는지 못알아 듣지만 정말 재미있는 동영상들이에요, Hey joie님이 올리시는 동영상들은 전부! 앞으로도 계속 재미있는 영상 기대할게요 😊💕.

    13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - TotalBeauty
  53. January 14, 2016
    Our anti aging cream uses Korean skin care technology to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles. i37
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  54. January 23, 2016
    Memebox Anti-Aging Products Unboxing| Korean Skincare!... The BEST Korean Face Products! - Duration:... My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine... i38
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  55. November 25, 2015
    11 Korean Beauty Products That'll Transform Your Skin Here's a sampling of products representing the best of what's happening in Korea right now. i39
    South Korea anti-aging skin care - Alibaba
  56. November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    First comment, yay! I am loving your series; as someone who just recently started using Korean skincare, every bit of information is GOLD. Thank you so much!.

    korean cosmetics in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  57. January 9, 2016
    South Korea Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti-aging Skin Care Suppliers and Manufacturers in South Korea Directory - Source a Large Selection of Anti-aging Skin Care... i41
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    Contains all reviews of skin care products available online | See more about Anti Aging Cream, Anti Aging and Eye Serum. i43
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  60. January 18, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Joan! I love and appreciate all the editing that goes into your videos and of course the video itself! Can't wait to see the face masks video 💕.

    I have that little pudding bottle that you keep your cotton swabs! now I have an idea of how I can use it lol.

    The Honey Black sugar scrub is more hydrating for very dry skin and has a more gentle exfoliation. The Strawberry scrub has strawberry seeds and strawberry seed oil(smells delicious) and is perfect for any skin type. The regular black sugar scrub is a deeper exfoliation and seems to be most people's favorite :) I used to work at Skinfood.

    been to Korea this year.Love the Korean products. I'm subscribing you now. Like the way you speak English :).

    isn't exfoliate 3 times a week is too much im I'm just curious bcs my face is very very very oily, but so many beauty guru said you can't exfoliate your face more than 2 time a week..
    Honestly I'm just wondering why I didn't find your channel sooner! Your content is amazing!. Out of curiosity, what kind of nail enamel did you wearing I love the colour hahhaha its looks good on you. hi there, i've been obsessed with korean skincare products for the last few months and just started following you. thank you so much for your videos and reviews! they're super helpful. i was thinking about getting the etude house moistfull eye cream and then came across a review for the Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream on thewanderlustproject. it's a little pricier, but i tried it out and i love it! it's in a pump bottle that dispenses exactly the amount you need for both eyes and more and super moisturizing without leaving that oil sheen that blurs your vision when you wake up in the morning. if you haven't tried it yet, you should check it out!.
    Hi!! uh.. I just want to ask what would you recommend I use cause I have oily skin but I sometimes peel off >.< Thank you !! ^.

    hi joan! i notice how korean women love to do face massage as a part of skin regimen, can you do tutorial on face massage thankss😊.
    Can't wait for your favorite sheet masks video ^^ Also love the backround music. Zion.t is life. I'm not sure what skin type I am.. Sometimes I'm oily during the day but after shower I'm dry. Would this routine work for a guy Don't wear makeup haha. You probably have combination skin. And this should work for men as well. I mean, skin is skin! Just adjust it as needed to fit your skin type. And you will probably want to skip the oil cleanser since that's mainly for dissolving makeup.. Yay, nighttime routine!!!!\^0^/ I can always trust the products you use.☺ The editing was so on point in this video, great work!☺👌. I'm so happy you did this video! It must have been a lot of work and I appreciate all of your efforts! You've come such a long way, your editing and video has really improved 💕 Thank you so much for keeping us up with your daily videos. ☺️. I have like 3 or 4 steps in my skin care routine and I'm a lazy ass and you're super duper neat in taking a good care of your skin, good job!! you go girl!!!!.
    Good results beauty equipment skin care machine dermabrasion machine skin rejuvenation machine

    It's a mist! It's supposedly good a good treatment for irritated and damaged skin. Also, to set makeup! I first got it as a gift and loved it so I just continue to use it. :).
    finding your channel here in youtube is helping me a lot right now because i have rly dry skin, too! thank you for your videos :).
    Hi Joan! Have you tried Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softner from Aritaum I'm interested to try it but can't find much reviews online :(((.
    I have been watching your videos from the "makeup for sunglasses" video and the quality of your videos increases with each video. Really enjoyed watching it.
    So happy for the new video. Love your new editing effects you added to this video. Can't wait for Thursday's upload😍.

    +joankeem awwww no worries! I understand~ The wait is totally worth it because your videos are great. 화이팅 on your busy week! 😊.

    I can't wait to see the video about the korean sheet masks. I've never used them before but am really keen to get my hands on some. Also the toner review, I'm looking for a good toner..
    I apologize. I should've explained, but it's very simple! I use a slice of lemon and apply it all over my face, leave that juice on for a couple seconds, and wash it off! Make sure you don't get any of the juice in your eyes it'll sting for like a good 15 minutes. Haha! Also, if you have new scars, it might sting as well. Hope this was more clear :). You can definitely tell you put a lot of effort into the editing on this video! 👌 Also i'm really interested in the Beauty Water 😊. Hey Joan! This video is soooo cute! Love it~ May I know much is the Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub 2X Mask Wash Off Thanks! -xoxo.
    Yay skincare!! :D and omg I love sheet masks too! I like using them after I do a clay mask, and the next day my face is just so beautiful~.

    Hi Joan! I've recently included a chemical exfoliant into my routine (COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid) and I try to avoid doing any scrubs before. Do you do the lemon step if you've already done the black sugar scrub.
    +joankeem Sorry. I just realised that you mentioned it in your video. I think I was slightly taken aback by the lemon because I've always thought that lemon is too acidic for our skin. In fact, I came across this article many hours after watching your video and it reminded me of your video: Tell me what you think :). Woah! That's interesting... I love the results that I'm seeing though. I only leave it on for a couple seconds so I don't think it's that bad. Haha!. Yey! I actually included the jojoba oil in my routine because of you haha but I mainly use it as a cleansing oil because one time I noticed some breakout around my jaw area when I use it as a moisturizer anyway still workin on my steps and I applaud you good job! Thanks for sharing! ^^. I tried all of the scrubs. I like them all! I especially like the strawberry one because of the smell. Haha! & Aloe is seriously the best!. +joankeem hopefully I would get use to it coz I love how it makes the skin baby soft and smooth...I tried to be gentle as my hands tends to be heavy sometimes haha and added a bit of water = less redness. Oh men that aloe sure is amazing I never thought I'd love it that much coz I didn't like it the first time.. FINNALY ITS OUUUTTT yassss. Your editing skill become's better now 😍😍 I interested on that banila co cleanser tbh 😍. wahh I really love the way you edited this video! I mean I love your sit down and talk videos but this was super quick and nicely edited (and short so it was a welcome break from exam revision! thankyou💕) my skin has been awful for ages because of senior yr exam stress aghhh. I have the same skin type as you so hopefully I'll get to try some of these, esp the lemon tip! 😊😊. Awesome video!! Very informative, I'm gonna look into the products you're using and try some of them! ^_^~...yess, mask sheets review!. do u not apply vaseline on ur face im a dry dry skin girl and i apply it on my face... (even in summer...yeah i am really dry).
    I DO apply vaseline on my face! It really helps the dryness! Darn, I should've mentioned that in the video 😔.
    I love skincare videos, thank you for making such a good one!! 💖 Love you, Joan! Will definitely modify my routine hahaha 😋. You have no idea how glad I am for this video. Thank you so much. I'm struggling with my skin and skincare. You just literally saved me. Just when I was about to give up, I saw you upload this video! I thank you so much!.
    i think u use First active serum right after u wash your face.. it supposed to prep your skin and boost other skin care product u layer after..
    Yayy! It's finally up~! I was planning on purchasing Korean skincare products, but I didn't know what to get. Thank you for making this video, it was very helpful ^u^.
    love this video, cant wait for your next one ^^can you explain how you use the lemons I have been wanting to try this one out but I'm too scared it would irritate my skin. thanks Joan :).
    Yay! I should've explained that a bit, but it's very simple. I use a slice of lemon and apply it all over my face (like the way we tone with our cotton pads), leave that juice on for a couple seconds, and wash it off! It can sting if you have any scars so be careful..
    No worries :) I didn't know it was simple (\\\-\\\) thank you I'm going to try this once a week and see how it goes :) Thanks Joan.

    Thank you Joan for another amazing video! I've been itching to get that Banila co Clean it zero, seems amazing! I see that you use lemon to lighten your pimple scars I tried to do that but it almost never seemed to work on me so I resorted to scar serum which is honestly kinda a bit expensive for me as a student... Is there any other way you would recommend to lighten scars.

    You should try the clean it zero! It's seriously the best. I would recommend skinfood's rice mask wash off! It's cheap and it has a brightening effect. :).

    Best Anti Wrinkle Cream, South Korea Best Anti Wrinkle...
  61. December 2, 2015
    Our anti aging cream uses Korean skin care technology to reduce the appearance of line and wrinkles. i45
    Best Korean Skin Care Products
  62. November 12, 2015
    The Skin House Anti-Aging Wrinkle Collagen Set Nutrition Replenishing Korean in Health & Beauty, Skin Care, Anti-Aging Products | eBay i46
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  63. December 22, 2015
    This Korean Skin Care Innovation Is *Perfect* for Lazy Girls... Follow Marie Claire on Instagram for the latest celeb news... Skincare Products; Beauty Tips; i47
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  64. November 24, 2015

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    5 Anti-Aging Korean Tips - The Chriselle Factor
  65. January 15, 2016
    Hints of Best Anti-Aging Products. Increased daily water consumption is one of the most effective ways to look (and feel) your best. Water is needed for nearly every... i49
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  66. November 4, 2015
    Skin Care: Korean Skincare Secrets: The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine For Baby-Soft Skin... Skin care essential oils, Skin care products, Anti aging secret... i50
    Korea | Best Anti-Aging Products
  67. November 21, 2015
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    Skin Care: Korean Skincare Secrets: The 10 Step Korean...
  68. December 20, 2015

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    Anti Aging Cream | Korean Skin Care | Racinne
  69. December 14, 2015
    Here are 5 anti-aging Korean tips and products! 1... Seriously great tips~ As a fellow Korean, I totally trust their anti-aging products. Quick question... i53
    11 Korean Beauty Products That'll Transform Your Skin...
  70. January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - TotalBeauty
  71. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Forgot to mention that I use Dermalogica microfoliant daily which has rice powder in it (a very gentle exfoliator). This concept comes from Japanese skincare. Tatcha is a beautiful brand that has some great information about rituals - Unfortunately it is very pricey.. +Jackie Fugate What's amazing is that if you find a product you're interested in you can google it and likely a blogger in Asia has also done a review. A lot of the brands provide details on ingredients and what they for your skin. And the price point isn't bad so we can try different products or brands without a huge financial commitment. Let me know what you get and what you think, if you go for it. I did put the list of items in the video on my blog with the link to it in the description. I can see a difference..
    I find skincare to be a very calming ritual which I enjoy. Massage is very important and using masques a couple of times a week is very beneficial. The steps you describe are also used by many on the west women as well. The one step that is now becoming more common is the use of the softening essence as it has been scientifically proven to maximise the benefits of products used after this step. The 2 step cleanse process at night is often referred to as double cleansing and, again, this is proving to be more popular and is recommended by many beauticians. I look forward to your upcoming thoughts on the brands you have discovered which work for you. Are you considering bodycare as well.

    +Megan Jones I used to have regular facials and my beautician explained many things to me including the need for massaging the face, neck and decolletage (massage is always and important and luxurious step in a facial). I also read about skincare, particularly with all the technological advances and massage is still considered a vital part of a good skincare ritual. Lisa Eldridge of the UK, makeup artist extraordinare, also has discussed the importance of massage on her blog and channel. You can also use miscellaire water as the first cleanse in a double cleanse - Bioderma is the one I use and Garnier brought out one this year but I haven't used it..

    +dvoted4life I'm really liking the products. Let me know what you think if you do try them and have time!.

    Thank you for your thoughts, research and recommendations! I, like you, am a skin care fanatic. Would love to know the websites/ebay sellers you used and the names of the products you mentioned in this video. I would be interested in a box of must haves. Will wait for your next Korean skin care video. Happy New Year! ~Kim.

    On eBay I've bought from cosmeticmarket2012, bringbringshop, beautynetkorea and rinishop. All were great. The products were genuine, unopened and new (meaning they didn't expire soon). I also buy from Memebox. They sell things no one else does but lately have been seemingly dumping older products and there pricing is all over the place (so I check eBay before buying but Memeshop can have some great deals). In the next day or so I'll put a list of products on my blog (the youtube description is already almost too long) and a link at the top of the video description below the video. Give me 48 hours. I'm still testing and trying products but definitely love the ones in the video. Thanks for the feedback!!!!.
    +Megan Jones Thanks so much for the info. I will definitely check them out. Looking forward to your next video! Have a good one!.

    SkinCare Products on Pinterest | Anti Aging Cream, Anti...
  72. December 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I don't always say a wrinkle cream is amazing... unless it is amazing. I received a discounted sample of Maxelder Argan Cream in exchange for an honest review. My immediate reaction was that this anti-aging cream delivers its promise of firmer and tighter skin. My face felt cool in a refreshing way. My skin felt instantly tighter and firmer I'm excited to see results of long-term use and benefits of using the cream. Recommend w...nyarganoil.….c.
    u mean these products could work like a placebo causing people to think they have changed and maybe that could give them the confidence they need .

    Best Korean Skin Care Products
  73. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Brianna, Thank you for this awesome video... I ordered the ,Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor 30ML... And I LOVE it! It's so luscious and feels amazing on my skin. I'm planning on ordering the clinicians Complex hypotonic serum too. Thanks for all the awesome videos you offer. Love the segments with your sister. Toni P.s. Hautelook is my favorite shopping site too! The best app on my phone. Lol. thank you so much I am taking all of your recommendations im 27 and now researching how to balance my skin scare after years of wearing makeup I need some of these products in my life asap.
    Hello Brianna! You are magnificent. You are my skin care mentor! I appreciate all you teach us! What is your skin care regime for AM and PM How do you recommend using these products in regime on daily basis Could you do a video on this.

    +Christine Frandrup Awe thank you! I have many skincare routine videos if you scroll through my videos ;)) Big hugs! XO.
    Will Retin - A help with forehead lines and deep crows feet I have Lyme disease and don't think my doctor would approve of any kind of injections as Botox has aggravated the illness in many Lyme patients. Thanks, Elaine.
    Hi Brianna, Love your videos, thank you for sharing!! Does the Obagi Tretinoin/Retin-A help with broken capillaries :o).
    Hope you can really answer this.!!!!How long does it take to see results using retin-A at night once a week . Can you use all this at once Like do you put them all on at night or rotate these products I am so going to try these I'm 48 and I really need to start using some good products thanks!. +SheRam Yes you rotate them...serums before moisturizer. Alternating days...they are wonderful ;) XOXO.
    Also these products are backed by science growth hormones send the message to our cells to repair and regenerate...
    hi, i'm 25 and under my eyes i have dark circles. under my eyes were the dark circle appear, were the skin is sensitive, it looks like for the last 2 years i have lost that tissue that makes it look fuller and healthy and now it looks more drained and unhealthy. what can i use to rebuilt that tissue that i've lost .
    Start taking collagen internally. As well as Vitamin C. Use an eye cream with collagen and peptides..

    Hi Brianna, I recently purchased Obagi Retin-A 0.05% cream from your website. Will I get the same benefit if I mix Retin-A with my moisturizer and apply it after my serum Or should I use it directly on my dry skin to get the benefit and take my chance with possible skin irritation Your expert advice will be greatly appreciated..
    +Karineh Lalaian Hi, I want to buy the products online. Was it long before you received the product Thanks. Hi Julie, No it was not long before I received the products. It took maybe 3 or 4 days. Karen . To get the retinA I need a prescription Or can I just buy it from your links You said we wanted to get it from a Dr....
    Can I asked you something about this product How long that your skin looks different and have better skin What're the product help your skinand How'swork I really want to know. Thank you..

    Hi Brianna just love you and all the infor you bring us here on you tube! Please don't ever stop making videos ! Quick I never used a retinol or retinA product before ! Honestly I don't used much of anything and I know I should ! I'm 52 yrs old ! I just now bought a vitamin c serum!!! From skin medica ! Where do I start ! Should I first buy something over the counter and slowly ease my way into some kind of retinol or should, I just buy the 0.25% least amount of retin A from obagi ! So confused HELP LOL .
    I have a question, is it possible you could take the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C with ester and your favorite face cream add those three products together and wouldn't it work together or does it have to measured out correctly, to be beneficial to the skin .
    Hi Brianna fantastic video. I hope you could make some recommendations for me please I am 34 years normal/combo skin. I am just thinking about looking after first signs of aging now. Want to try refissa perhaps.ore worryingly due to a big amount of Weight loss I am struggling with a bit of loose skin on my neck giving me the look slightly of a saggy chin. Sounds worse than it is I promise! But being quite conscience of it, is there anything you could recommend Thanks doll xxx.

    How do you use them all together First layer, second layer, etc. Are there any you shouldn't mix together And what about the eyes Are all of them safe to use around the eyes .

    Question, I'm a guy and of color, medium to lighter brown complexion with a bit of hyper-pigmentation especially on the side of my face, would the "Obagi Tretinoin" be of help in my case and do you recommend any other products that may be of help as well.

    Hi Beautiful !! I meet Dr Obagi when I was in my early 20ths at he's Chula Vista California office my older cousin used to work for him, So I star using he's creams, I was so young !! I remember he give me, Accutene whoww my face turn so beautiful, So now he is very expensive for me, And I used Dr. Nowak creams, but they also selling Skin Medica, but TNS Essential Serum I star used for the last 2 week and I got pimples..Ohh Noooo I don't know what to do I 'm so clean, my face look's ugly now What should I do Please help me !!!.
    my skin is very sentive would this work for me I'm 63 years old & trying to mantain what i have what are the 2 best i can start with that work well together and by the way the info you give was amazing.
    + Briana Stanko can i use the retina cream, i have very dry senditive skin plz let me know. Thankyou..

    +Anusis Aman You can. We carry one called Renova, its the lowest strength and made for sensitive skin and if you start slow like one night a week you should be fine ;)) XOXO.

    Hello Brianna- I am new to your videos and I only wish I would have found you sooner! I have spent so much money and I feel like I am only getting older looking!! (I am 39) I recently finally sought after the help of a dermatologist. It seems like I got one thing right because he put me on the Tretinion cream. (low dose) but he also put me on DCL glycolic cream and that was it None of the other stuff you mentioned. My question is 1) do you think the glycolic cream is good to add to the routine you have here. If so, where would you add it At night After Tretinoin cream Before Tissue growth factor cream It seems like I am missing a tissue growth cream and also a Hyaluronic cream Also last question, have you ever considered doing a "budget skincare video" or are there no good ones out there thanks so much for your response!!.
    Hi, you are not afraid to buy from this website I mean it is known that most of this product are prescription only so this can be fake. . Brianna, I just discovered your youtube channel and think you have amazing looking skin and was overwhelmed with the amount of products you use. You look great though. So, your website sells all these prescription facial products...I was just wondering how are we able to purchase your products without a prescription .
    I have prescription Retin-A in a tube from a dermatologist... should I get the Obagi instead I am 21 but concerned about aging and moisturizing since I have dry skin except in the T zone. I actually use the cheapy Pond's cream as my day cream since it's super thick, combined with Neutragena SPF 50 in the morning. Is this okay to do or should I get a different moisturizer that combines the SPF Also, I do the same thing at night except applying the Retin-A and no SPF....

    Hi Brianna, I have tried SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum and loved it, but its pricey. How is Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor in comparison Thanks!!!.
    +Krista Krom Hi Krista! Its very good but not as potent as the Tns serum. Have you tried the Neocutis Bio Serum Its a little less then the TNS and still very potent as well ;). Thank you so much for your fast response! So informative and your skin is beautiful.. You are! Can I use the renova on my neck, also I will be going to your site for the renova:))). Thank you!!!. Hi Brianna. I am so thankful for your video. My concern, as is others, is very dark circles, some dryness & irritation around my eyes. Could you please recommend a eye product I'm 43 and African American, so fortunately my skin is soft and supple with only one wrinkle on my forehead and very little large pores around my cheeks 😂😂... Thank god for that. And thanks for this great video. . +sensleep Thank you! I would use the Neocutis Lumiere RICHE eye cream. It made for very dry under eyes and will help fade dark circles with continued use as well ;)). I just received a tube of Refissa and I love it! I have only been using it for a few days and I see such an amazing difference.. Between the NEOCUTIS Hyalis 1% Hyaluronate Refining Serum and the pure marine collagen which one would be better . Hmmmmm that's a hard one cause they both do pretty much similar things so it's up to you. I have used both and both are amazing :)). Hello Brianna, I'm A New Fan Of Your Videos. I'm fixing to be 40 This Year. Could you please tell Exactly On Where To get all the products that you are talking about in this Video & How Much Do I Need to apply on my face. Hi and thank you so much!! Glad you joined me ;) All the products are linked if you open the description box or can be found at ;) XO Bri. Brianna, I've just discovered your channel and am enjoying a total marathon. Ok, I am really trying to take excellent care of my neck. I've started to see some aging and am not happy. I have the Nectifirm and love it. I swear I am seeing a difference. Can retin a be used on the neck or should it be I have received a script from my MD for Retin - a micro.. I've not started yet and am concerned about sensitivity because I have red hair and fair skin. Is there benefit to just using retin a even twice a week Thank you! Love your channel:) . +Bonnie W Hi Bonnie and thank you so much!! Yes there is for sure a benefit to using retin-a even twice a week! Also, with you being sensitive you should be using the renova. It is on my site, Its a retin-a made specifically for more sensitive skin and you start out with one night a week. Do that for 4 weeks and then go to 2 nights a week and so forth like that ;) But for sure look into the Renova ;)) XOXO Bri. Thank you!! Always serums before creams. And like the retin-a that is just at night and only like 2 nights a week to start. So you pretty much use most of these day or night with the retin-a JUST at night ;)) XO Bri. Thank you for your quick response. Would the Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE the only item you would recommend.
    +Liza Conway Sure :) I would say that and the Neocutis Hyalis for sure! You would want to use the Neocutis Hyalis first then put the Neocutis Bio Cream Riche on top ;)).

    Hi Brianna, I just watched your video and love your recommendations. I just wanted to ask, I am using a prescription strength bleaching cream (due to sun spots) and am over 40. I have naturally dry skin and with the bleaching cream/tretinoin use my skin is super dry. Will these products work well given my dryness.

    +Liza Conway Hi Liza, yes they will! The Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE is amazing for super dry skin, I would recommend that for you over just the regular Bio Cream but yes these all are hydrating ;)).

    Yes all the time. I sell it on my site premier look. It's one of our top selling's amazing stuff.
    +Brianna Stanko Fantastic! I'll look for it on your site. Thanks so much! :) .
    Hi Brianna, I am new subscriber of yours and I have a question for you. What can you recommend for freckles and hyperpigmentation Thanks for your informative videos..

    +Nalini Maraj Retin-a is amazing or your skin but it doesnt do it all...other products are a must to ;)) XO Bri.

    South Korea anti-aging skin care - Alibaba
  74. January 12, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I love the video and the background music is so lovely and relaxing. Can you please tell me who that is. What cd Thanks. Your voice is so pleasant to hear! And great tips there. I love the Nivea lotion as well! Don't stop making videos! :).

    korean cosmetics in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  75. October 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    omg FINALLY ive been waiting for the review on that kiwi mask forever... I really want to try the gold one, very interested in this product..

    Baby Snail Best Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream for Face Korean...
  76. December 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Nisha I have a bit of a problem and wonder if you can give me some advice please. Like you I have normal to dry skin and last week my foundations started being very patchy with some clinging to my eyebrows, some of my hairline, at the outer corners of my eyes and between my eyes above the bridge of my nose but between my brows. As I do every morning I wash my face before applying Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum and let that soak in for 5 minutes then I apply my moisturiser which is Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream as a moisturiser. After I have let all this soak in for about 15 minutes while I get dressed. Then I start applying whatever foundation I fancy wearing that day. This is where my problems start asi mentioned before. Up until I started on this Olay Regenerist range there wasn't any problems when I put my makeup on but now I dispare. Just out of curiosity I only applied the serum this morning with a different moisturiser to see if the problem was with either the serum or moisturiser. My foundation today went on ok no problem. Tomorrow I will not use the serum but I will use the Olay Regenerist moisturiser again to see if the problem is with the moisturiser that I have started to use. The problems only happen if I apply both the serum and the moisturiser from the Olay Regenerist 3 Point treatment. Any ideas on how I can get both to work with my foundation as I do not want to get rid of any of it if I can. Could you try using both the serum and the moisturiser under your foundation and see if you get the same problem please. +Christine Hulmes I don't use any of the Olay products, but I know they are great skincare, but sometimes good skincare products don't work so well under foundation. So my advice would be to try to use some sort of foundation primer after you have applied the Olay products.xoxo. You know Nisha..I'm always changing my skincare too. Not because I don't like something but just that I need to change !!! Glad I'm not the only one. xoxo patti :). I have been away and oh my goodness!!! You are looking gorgeous..I need to go back and catch up!!! But starting with your lastest skincare routine!.
    Hi Nisha! Thanks so much for sharing your routines! Your skin is beautiful, my friend! Much love, Colleen xox :-).

    Hi Nisha, Firstly, I love your T-shirt. You look fantastic so whatever your doing, it's working. My goodness though, it takes an apothacary, doesn't it. LOL Take care..

    Nisha, it might be a good idea to stick with products that you know work while going through these hormone changes on the peri menopause. I say this because with the hormone changes going on you need to know if its a product that upsets your skin or whether its your hormone changes. xx.
    The name for the product is Advance Night Repair Serum from Estée Lauder. Try the one for your eyes, and see the reviews here on YouTube for this product.. Love your videos, you always look brilliant. I was wondering if you have tried the product, SKINN by Dimitri Jacobs. He is amazing, I've been using him for almost 2 years both make up and skin care but I don't solely use just his make up although it's lovely. If I could recommend one thing to try is his Am, Pm skin care. I too wear a lot of make up and it literally takes everything off especially mascara like nothing yet so gentle and nourishing to the skin. Just amazing line and rather inexpensive but not cheap for sure. You can use the Pm cleanser as a mask as well which I do often. I order it primarily through evine on line because I can always get package deals but I can order from his side as all. There are other products I use in my skin routine strictly from him and I just can't rave enough. Anyway thank you for your videos and sharing with us. Britt ;-) . This vid was appreciated,thank you...I can't keep up with all the stuff on the shelves these dayys.!!!!! The only thing which I'm a bit dubious about= How do we know if anything is working to maximum effect if we don't stick with it for at least a month .
    Hi, Nisha. Do you ever tried from Estée Lauder the Night Recovery for eye I'm like you, have bags under my eye, and use this product for three weeks, and I'm in love with it, this reduce my bags also I'm using the Night Recovery Serum for my face and it's a fantastic product. Have a nice week, and thanks for share..
    I just ordered the microdermabrasion crystals on eBay. So glad you recommended them - they look super interesting and I'm anxious to try it out!! -Susan. I love skin care vids...always looking for something new to try!! Love you eye look!! Thanks Nisha...Cheers!. I'm so happy to have found you. Just discovered you yesterday also! I absolutely love your routine. You are beautiful! Thank you so much for all your great advice! XO. Hi Nisha! I love videos, thank you for sharing your experience! I was wondering if you could do a video with the new Bravura London glycolic and salicylic acid! Ou might have done a video on it already, sorry if I'm being a nuisance! Thank you só much! xx Marta.
    You are so lovely. I enjoy your advice and I love that you run through your thinking process of deciding what you like and why. Thank-you for your words and your willing to be vulnerable. Best..
    Hi Nisha. I have discovered a site which sell Milani and LAgirl its called Beautycrowd (formally the Elfuk distribution site) They have a good selection. Love the video and please do a tutorial on the eye look. . I really love your eye make Nisha,I hope you will do a tutorial on this look. I look forward to you experimenting with a different eye cream and hope you discover something wonderful, if you do I will be trying it too. xoxo. +Elaine James Thanks Elaine, I did a similar tutorial about 2 years ago, but I might do it again as a lot of people liked it.xoxoNisha.
    Always a delight to see your updated skincare routine from one of my most beautiful you tubers!! I like how yours is simple quick & to the point not like some here that has so many items it'll take an hr to do all the For eyemakeup removal I love the Sephora brand works amazing! I've got to get that vit c e & ferulic serum asap I know you & Angie swear by it! I'm still on the hunt for an eye cream or serum that will actually make my late 40's eyes look better but still haven't found anything that I think is good enough. Loved that you shared this with us & it's working for you cause your skin looks amazing Nisha!! Big hugs xoxo Denise.
    Hi!! I am a new subbie and just wanted to say I love your videos! You are so beautiful and classy! Also thanks to you I got the LM Ritual and love it!! Have a great weekend :D. Hi Nisha, I LOVE your necklace !! I also love your hair up, looks so youthful !! I love all your videos!! xoxoxo...Carla. Hi NIsha, loved this vid as always, would you do a 'get un-ready with me' using the things you've talked about to remove your makeup and ready your skin for night... not all of them of course, but the things that you'd use in your normal regime Please xoxo.
    I love your channel. The info you give has been extremely helpful.. I saw you talking about the Salvere vitamin C serum and purchase it from Amazon and absolutely love it, however I just went to order more and it is unavailable and they indicated it might not come back. Is there another site that I could order it . I do live in the states. Thank you for all you do..

    Hi Nisha, great video as always. I love seeing what other women use and love for their skincare. I love the entire Cera Ve line of skincare; I've been using them for a couple of years now and am quite happy with them. Thanks for sharing your goodies. XOXO, Annette🎀.

    Hi Nisha,Really like the look of CeraVe am moisturiser. It seems all the decent face stuff come from other countries xx.

    Hello Nisha! Thanks for sharing this. I tried the CeraVe AM a little while back. The pump was faulty, which was annoying from the start, but as far as your comment on the suitability for skin type, I agree with you. I have normal/dry skin and it was OK for my skin type use in the summer, but it would not have been rich enough for the colder months here in the UK. xx.
    Great video Nisha, as you are always on the lookout for new products to try you may be interested in checking out Caroline Hirons here on YT, she is a skincare expert and also has a good blog. X.
    Hi Nisha! I found your videos about a month ago and I love them! You have been so helpful to me. I'm 52 now and I use to be the girl that would not leave home without my face done. Well in the last 6 years or so with back pain and depression due to that fact, I quit caring about myself. now I'm off depression meds I have found me again and also your YouTube channel a month ago. I too have hooded eyes and just needed to know how to do and apply makeup again. My skin care product that I'm in love with is dermalogica. Have you ever tried this product I highly recommend it. Thank you for your time and honesty in making these videos. You are a doll! Just so you know, I'm a southern girl who lives on the gulf coast of Alabama, USA. .
    Thanks for getting back to me Nisha. Latest in the saga of my skincare with Olay. Yesterday I applied the 3 point super serum then a different brand of moisturiser, then primer then foundation. Everything was ok and the foundation went on a dream. Today I did not use the 3 point super serum but user the 3 point moisturiser, primer then foundation. Again my foundation went on brilliantly. My problem is when I use both the Olay 3 Point Super Serum together with the Olay 3 Point Daily Moisturiser. When I use both sparingly my foundation (whichever one I apply) clings to every dry spot and I have one heck of a time of it to use my beauty blender to go over these spots to get an even base. It does not matter if I use a high end or a drug store foundation the result is always the same. I have decided to keep using both the daily and the night time Olay moisturisers but find a different serum to use. Can you recommend a drug store serum or a high end serum that I can use with my moisturisers I am pulling my hair out with this as I have not come across this problem before. Oh incidentaly I need to use a moisturiser every morning and every night but I also need a serum to tackle the wrinkles and fine lines that a 57 year old lady gets.. What are your thoughts on the moisturizer that is in a jar packaging. I have read that anything packaged like the neutro that once u expose all those great ingredients to air and exygen they start to disentegrate. I am asking this for the second time, it's about your necklace, could you please tell me where you purchased it from, I would greatly appreciate it. Love, Pat. +Trishanaclo You should always look in the description box. it says in there where my necklace is from-
    Hi Nisha, I love your make up in this video, looking very fresh and light :), I have a question. Are you applying your Vit. C Serum & Retinol Fusion PM under your eyes area Have a great day :) Gosia.

    +Gosia Mikolajczyk Yes I do, not right up to my lash line, but definitely over my eye bags.xoxo.

    Nisha need help! I am looking for a waterline eyeliner. Nothing stays on...nothing! The Avon supershock liner is it waterproof Any suggestions.
    +BJ LIVIGNI I don't know if the Avon is waterproof, but it stays on me OK, If you have a problem with your liner staying on, try to smuge it in your lower lashes as well as the waterline, so if it wears off the waterline you will still have some left in your lashes.xoxoNisha.

    Korean Skincare and Beauty Products - Marie Claire
  77. October 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I bought Maxelder Argan Cream ( w nyarganoil c ) after I noticed some things I didn't like due to getting older, it does work! Don't expect surgery results, but I noticed results immediately after the 1st use. I noticed the smile lines around my eyes weren't so noticeable, the laugh lines were less defined..
    Maxelder Argan Cream has been the best thing I have ever put on my face..the serum makes my skin feel so smooth and soft it has helped eliminate wrinkle around my eyes and that is eliminating a lot since I am 47 next month and made me feel fabulous. I found it at here w nyarganoil c.
    Hello people....Maxelder argan cream is a wonder product. ( check the website w…nyarganoil….c ) within a week the thin lines around the corner of my eyes have diminished my face is smoother and have soft touch to it... I will try out the entire bottle to see what other changes i will see....
    not my business or critisizing just asking, you have botox on right, your forehead ohh love your videox and you look good and great thanks.
    +JunIFaith hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    +Ash T hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. +Jovana Lazic hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    +ChristinaThePooh hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    I just started with the face massage and I think it's working already thank you for sharing you're lovely and please do not get botox you don't need it..
    +loodjinie felizor hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    +Vivian Lever hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. oh my God i always get relaxed and live in a dreamy world when i watch ur videos, the music relaxing, ur voice, siplicity, u know i really enjoy i wish if i was like u so calm am so stressed girl :), keep up the good work. +Thedarakht nono hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. +simplestyle888 hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    you are sooo nice :-) you really seem like a wonderful and equilibrate person, and I like your videos a lot. Keep up.
    +Chrono S. hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. +GRACELYN FERGUSON hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    +Monika Thomas hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it..
    +pinksocks115 hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. Thanks for this video :) would you be able to show us how to make your Chinese soup to drink Thanks so much. +Quynh Tien Nguyen hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. +Baanu Shams hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. Thank you so much for this video!! I didn't know we could use nivea for the face but i'm definitely going to give it a go. May i know what the bottle looks like The one that i have is like a blue box but im not sure if thats the one you're referring to.. This doesnt apply to those of us with skin problems that have nothing to do with the way we eat. Diet doesnt solve every skin problem!.
    Wow, what a great video! I'm only 20 right now but i'm looking to take the best care of my skin that I can. This video was such a great help! thank you so much!.

    Thanks so much for sharing these valuable information...Really helpful.. I wanted to ask you if you have any information about whitening facial skin..I tired many expensive creams but they didn't help...Now I see Iovry Caps..and other pills and capsules..Do you have any thing want to share about whitening skin Thanks Again....
    +Hien Minton hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a search on google ) Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.. Thank you zoo much for sharing your skin looks solo good ! AWESOME VIDEOOO! My name is Yuena! I literally just subscribed and I'm actually doing a giveaway of the glamglow mask which is about $69. I saw you that you like skin care stuff and I'm giving a glamglow supermud mask away. Anyone can enter and participate! Come check out it out! I would love for you to enter if you get the chance! TY.

    Korean Skincare and Beauty Products - Marie Claire
  78. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    good for me! Anti-aging. I have already started to think of anti aging in my late teens. LOL! after so many years, I guess I need to level up my anti aging routine.. +WISHTrendTV not enough! How I wish I can stay young forever until the day I die.. like vampire. hahahahhha!.
    Thanks for the massage tips! The one for around your eyes is so relaxing too. I added that Jeju recovery cream to my wish list 😁 P.S. Euni you always look cute. I love your edgy style.
    i think u miss something! sun screen, having sun protection is an important skin care routine for anti aging too!. I'd really like to purchase the eye cream you mentioned but unfortunately I can't since I don't have a credit card of my own, I can only purchase products from sites that allow Cash on Delivery. The site I use carries brands like Etude House, Lioele, Skinfood, Skin79. Do you recommend any eye cream from those brands I really need to use this type of product because I have a LOT of fine lines under my eyes.. Eunice, this style suits You so well! and the background colour is super beautiful:) Can please do a video on how to grow hair faster I had a hair cut in a silmilar time as You and now they aren't even half of Your hair lenght :(. I am only a young teenager however I have been to a specialist and she said that I have some scarring on my chin They look quite dark and appear underneath my skin.. any tips. This video was very helpful. ^o^ But I had a question about where skin devices fit on the anti-aging timeline, devices like cleansing tools (clarisonic and foreo luna), microdermabrasion (PMD), facials and masks, chemical peels, anti-aging lasers, clarisonic opal, nuface, etc. For the most part, this video covered things that you could do yourself without having to buy expensive skin gadgets but I want to use both methods ^^. "It already feels like winter in korea" :( we still have temperatures in the 80s! (oh farenheit lol, yeah americas weird...).
    Hi Eunice/Wishtrend crew, I'm planning to add the facial treatment essence into my routine. I've been using avtives (AHA, BHA, Vit C). How should I incorporate this into my routine and which should go first I'm using the COSRX toner, AHA and BHA. Hope you'll reply. Thanks..
    Can you say something more about forehead wrinkles and smile wrinkles I am 21 but I can see wrinkles in these areas. I use moisturize and massage but I don't see any changes..
    i have really bad inner eye wrinkle that looks like Itachi from Naruto and I have no idea how to improve its elasticity. Do you have any recommendations for that type of wrinkle I have tried a few eye cream already but with no results. ) :.

    how old is she she sounds like she's in her late 20's also her hands and face's skin tone don't match lolol..
    I'm 30 and my skin is super oily! i think i can't use any of elishacoy's skin rapairing nail stuff because its say is for dry skin. What products can i use i'm very worried about aging.. Hi my name is saira and I live in New York City and I wanted to know if the products you mentioned are available anywhere in the city .
    +saira rodriguez Hi Saira! Thank you for your comment. All the products mentioned in this video are available at We provide worldwide shipping, so you'd be able to get these products easily!.
    the cocoon mask sounds good but are they cruelty free meaning are they tested on animals or made with any animal bi product. +Raven Von Krieger Hi Raven! All products sold on are cruelty free, and the Cocoon Mask contains extracts of cocoon proteins. Hope this helps!.
    Hi I'm 14 and I have under eye creasing right where my tear duct is. I switch off with different anti aging, evening primrose, oxygen cream and lavender oil and I even use the under eye patches, but I see no difference. Do you have anything that might help.

    +Luxluna von Rettberg Hello Luxluna, thank you for your comment! Wrinkles are usually the result of a loss of moisture and/or elasticity in your skin. Hydration is key, so I would firstly like to recommend that you drink lots and lots of water! Also, the skin around your eyes is very thin and weak, so please be extra gently when you are wiping away your eye makeup. As for products, I suggest you check out the following eye mask and eye cream. The Berrisom Placenta Eye Patch contains collagen and placenta, which are the hot ingredients when it comes to wrinkle care. It also includes hyaluronic acid, which will make sure that your eye area stays hydrated. Here is the link: The Berrisom Hydra Firming Eye Cream contains 15% collagen, so that should help in preventing and reducing your wrinkles! Here is the link: Do keep in mind that you should keep up a skincare regimen for at least 2-3 months to see the maximum results! Hope these help.

    +Paola Vidro Hello Paola! I would say if you are under 20 years old! Then you don't necessarily have to start using anti-aging products yet so I suggest that you always make sure to keep your skin moisturized and make sure to keep a good condition to protect your skin barrier! Hope this helped:).

    I'm turning 20 in February and I'm already planning my anti aging routine. thanks for the video ~~.
    Hello Eunice ! :) Question, It is the winter & my skin gets super dry very easily but I have problems with my pores. So sometimes some creams are to heavy & it causes me to grow acne which I don't want. So what can you recommend me for this winter, also a face cleanser that would be good for cold weathers Thank you!!!. +Giselle LovesKpop Hey Giselle! Good question! Even though our skin feels really dry during this time because of the cold weather and probably all the heaters, it's important that we use a cream that has rich moisture in it. Sometimes we feel like we should use an oil product or something more heavy, but it's good to use a cream that has rich moisture in it. My personal tip is I put a very thin layer on and then I put another layer on for more moisture! And cleanser I want to recommend Klairs Charcoal soap! for especially the mornings! I wash my face with water lightly and then I use the soap for my t-zone only! I hope this helped:). +Gabrielle Alderton Hey Gabrielle! I'm wearing Beige Lipstick No.101:Azalea Red! Here's the site for it:) Eunice, what a great video, thank you for your advices. I thought dragging your fingers while massaging streched the skin, correct me if i'm wrong. Please upload more of massaging videos. I love them :).
    Do you really give all these products a try If yes how long do you actually use it before seeing any results.
    +Asyh Isml Hi Asyh! I tried every single one of the products that I mentioned~ And to see results it really depends on each individual. But, I would say you might be able to see results within 1-3 months. One another thing I want to mention is that anti-aging care is basically more of preventing the fine lines and wrinkles! I hope this helped:).
    hi wishtrend, i have a Question, should i keep the mask sheet in the fridge all the time or its okey to keep it in my room .
    +Rahaf Hammed Hey Rahaf! Good question! It's fine to keep them in the fridge but for extra cooling I keep them in the fridge mostly. BUT, these days it is getting a bit chilly so even if I do put them in my room, they are chilled enough for my sensitive skin:) Hope this helped~. Wow Eunice looks younger every vid! Hope everything is going well with the WishTrend store at Skin Garden in COEX.. thanks for the tips, no offense but the sound of the zippers in your sleeve was a bit annoying. unless it was the mic..
    +Rara Andawiyah Hello! All our products are available for worldwide shipping :) If you have any other questions, refer to our shipping information page: or email your questions to cs2 (Customer Service). Thanks!.

    Best Anti Wrinkle Cream, South Korea Best Anti Wrinkle...
  79. January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Great video!! (: If anyone has time to enter my GIVEAWAY ON MY CHANNEL it would be awesome if you did so! :D!.
    Sounds Nice, but the price is a little much!! Paula's Choice has just as Good products and No where near this expensive....

    Best Korean Skin Care Products
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  81. 06 April 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Skin Care Products From South Korea Catch On in United States...
  82. 04 April 2016. Why are Korean Skin Care Products Best? - FutureDerm ( -products-best/) Oct 5, 2015 I get asked a lot why Korean skin care products are the best... This cream contains antioxidants and features anti-aging properties such as skin.
  83. May 02, 2016

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    CFROMK - Korean Skin Care And Beauty Products
  84. May 01, 2016. Korean Skin Care Products - Tagged "anti-aging" - Peach & Lily ( ti-aging) Biotherm luxury skin care for face and body. Sun protective moisturizers, facial cleansers, body lotion and fragrances. Men's skincare and anti-aging products for women.

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