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Being addicted to smoking is one of the hardest habits / addictions to break, some say harder than heroin. Nicotine being one of the most addictive substance in the world, We saw the need for an effective stop smoking herbal supplement to help you permanently quit smoking.

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V-Tight Gel

V-Tight Gel vaginal tightening

V-Tight is an all-natural vaginal tightening gel and exercise program that can help women reverse the loss of elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging. Be tighter than ever naturally, without surgery or drugs.

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Raspberry Ketone Pure is a great product that supports rapid weight loss. clients have seen results in as little as a week. This product allow the body to burn fat more easily, without changing your diet or exercise. Raspberry Ketone Pure is perfect for managing weight loss.

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Resveratrol has gained a lot of momentum lately for its truely amazing anti aging and disease combating benefits. Resveratrol has an amazing "anti ageing" compound found in red wine, grape skin, Japanese Knotweed, peanuts and some berries. Resveratrol+ is a daily health supplement.

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HGH Plus - Growth Hormone Releaser

HGH Plus - Growth Hormone Releaser

HGH+ Releaser - anti-aging supplement. Increase your hgh levels naturally. HGH is our revolutionary Anti ageing supplement, made with 100% natural herbal botanicals, that supports the body's natural production of human growth hormones, which will slow down, and even reverse the Ageing process.

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Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv ™

Accelerate your natural collagen production in just 84 days. Kollagen Intensiv includes the very latest medical breakthroughs in natural collagen renewal, encouraging your skin to naturally increase collagen production for a visible reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and more. Skin regains a more youthful appearance.

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December 18, 2015

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Anti Aging for Mature Women

December 19, 2015
Looking for Best Anti Aging Products? Read our products reviews before you buy any anti aging product. i1
The Anti -Aging Analyst

January 1, 2016
Holistic Doctor, Functional and Anti-Aging medicine, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko has been helping patients throughout his career. We also offer treatment of lyme disease... i2
Aging Skin: 7 Habits That Make Skin Age Faster

December 26, 2015
Groundbreaking anti-aging scientific research helps us prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimers, and diabetese to live a longer and healthier i3
Anti-Aging Reviews - Anti-Aging Products and Prices...

December 22, 2015

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Anti-Aging: 4 Food Habits That Age You - The Huffington Post

December 24, 2015
Your guide to anti aging skin care, diet and lifestyle solutions. We have done the research so you can benefit from products and methods that really work! i5
Dr Shah Daily Beauty Habits Anti Aging - Refinery29

December 23, 2015
From top product picks to stop-the-clock tricks, we've got the latest on anti-aging cosmetics and skincare that will help shave years off your look! i6
Anti Aging Hacks

December 20, 2015
Anti-Aging Secrets of Top Dermatologists We got the scoop on the supplements they take, the skin care products they slather on and more. by Kristen Oldham Giordani... i7
Ways To Look Younger: 7 Everyday, Anti-Aging Habits For...

December 27, 2015

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Big Dreamer Aging Gracefully To Live Balanced Life For Happy Living... +91 900 800 3456.

How to Use Anti-Aging Products in Your 20s. | Daily Makeover

December 21, 2015
After researching the best science-based solutions to common anti-aging problems, Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Reader's Digest, determined that every woman... i9
Anti Aging Solutions

December 30, 2015
Anti Aging product reviews and information. Check out the #1 resource for anti aging creams and wrinkle creams on the web. i10
Anti Aging Information, Nutrition, Skincare, Exercise...

December 31, 2015
Want to avoid aging skin? Learn which lifestyle choices cause aging skin, and what you can do to create an anti aging skin care program. i11
Anti Aging Skin Care - Anti Aging Skin Tips and Products

December 28, 2015

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Hormone, Holistic doctor nyc | Lyme disease, anti aging...

December 25, 2015
Save $24.80 off the full price with our pack discount. The Anti Aging Pack contains these 5 carefully selected downloads: i13
Hormone, Holistic doctor nyc | Lyme disease, anti aging...

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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
Maxelder Argan Cream (w nyarganoil c) is very nice light face cream. My face just soaks this up and looks brighter and more youthful. I love how this feels on my skin.. +Ann Lozich My skin feels refreshed then ever.. I have an overly sensitive skin and it is a perfect product for me.... Cand am citit numele acestei notificari am stiut cu siguranta ca tu esti autoarea, de abia astept urmatoarele clipuri. helpful, as always! you are such a great person, on so many levels. I feel like thanking you on every occasion!. I'm in my mid-twenties and I'm using the derma-roller, oils and natural products to prevent wrinkles, but some extra help will be required soon. I would love to learn more about botox, so a video about that would be great. I really enjoyed this video, great pieces of advice (I am actually struggling with sleeping on my back's impossible. Haha). Also, your makeup looks so good and goes so well with your new hair. +Alina Croitoru thank you for your support my love! Sounds like you're doing a bunch of great things!! xoxo. eu sunt foarte happy ca ai inceput seria aceasta de clipuri. foarte utile sfaturile. multumiiimm ca esti atât de generoasă si le împarți cu noi..
+Monica Adela awe, Monica, imi esti tare draga, multumesc frumos iubire si ma bucur mult sa aud, thank you!!.
Loved this video! I've been trying to train myself to sleep on my back but am failing.. Argh! Look forward to the next vid in the series 😘. +Carla Wilson-Berg last night I tried again but this time I propped the pillow up a little bit. I actually managed to fall asleep that way, but of course I woke up on the side in the morning 😂 At least there's some progress I guess... Silk pillow will help! Thank you for your support beautiful Carla!!.
+Georgiana Ichim your kind words and presence here mean a lot to me Georgiana, thank you so much!! lots of love to you!!.

10 Anti Aging habits to keep your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

November 20, 2015
What you eat impacts everything from your skin to your bones to your cognitive abilities. Here at the Huffington Post, we've written about foods you should... i1
Top 10 Anti-Aging Nutrition Habits - Women Fitness

December 14, 2015
Anti-Aging Eating Habits for Weight Loss. As we age, it becomes harder for our bodies to maintain a healthy weight. Our energy levels decrease causing us to skimp on... i2
Anti-Aging on Pinterest | Bad Habits, Carol Alt and Stem Cells

November 6, 2015
Thanks for the list of anti-aging ideas - these will make you feel at your best and give you more beautiful skin too ! Keith i3
The Best Anti Aging Habits - Men's Fitness

January 9, 2016

Comments about this video:
Thanks for the update. I make a smoothie everyday with Pineapple, Celery, Beetroot, Turmeric, Lime, Lemon, Orange Juice, Ginger, Frozen Berries... tasty!!. As I have spondylitis i hope this smoothie helps in the future. Check out Dale Pinnock (medicinal chef) if you have time :-). +Allotmental I will definitely check him out. I had not heard of him. Thank you. :) I had a client that has spondylitis. He had a live and dry blood analysis done. It was eye opening! His blood was the most acidic I had ever seen! Might be interesting for you to have your blood analyzed....

5 Wrinkle-Forming Habits You Need to Ditch - Buy HGH Now!

December 22, 2015
Want to achieve younger looking skin? Adopt these everyday, anti-aging habits, from having regular sex to getting more sleep. i5
Anti Aging Secrets - The 6 Healthy Habits

January 14, 2016
Thanks for the list of anti-aging ideas - these will make you feel at your best and give you more beautiful skin too ! Keith i6
4 Food Habits That Age You | Anti Aging, Food and Html

December 23, 2015
Anti-Aging Habits Helps to Reduce Disability. Posted on Nov. 11, 2013, 6 a.m. in Anti-Aging Cardio-Vascular Lifestyle Vitamins. By exercising regularly and not... i7
13 Everyday Habits That Are Aging You -

January 12, 2016

Comments about this video:
The title is misleading: Saburo Shochi was 98 when the documentary was shot. Note that Dr. Shochi passed away in 2013..
I read on a website that he died last November, however when I tried to find another website to back it up I was unable to..

He is 106 now. From Guardian (look it up): "According to government data released on Friday, he is one of more than 50,000 Japanese people aged 100 or more." That country sure has something to teach the West..
hahaha I'm pretty sure you just do cook hahaha and none of all that he does haha I love that man!. 98! No way. Realy scary to see that my family pased away all under 85 and have been sick at the end.... 2 meadechandler1: Great! We can do much more than we think we can. And most important: Enjoy doing it. Just like this 100-year-old British man, completing the Toronto marathon in less than 9 h some days ago. (Info: Stay healthy and happy! :-).
Yes the chemicals in foods do kill lifespans. Organic is the way to go, but dont trust big corporations that claim they are going organic. Trust the smaller ones more..
Astonishing at how he lives, most of us only wish to be anything near his level at that age, that is why I love the eastern culture so much they perceive live in a sort of different way a better way...
well he's 103 now, and his oldest child would have probaly been 80, and its possible they died in their late 60s and early 70s.

usually at 95 people cannot even decide to hold it and this man decided to learn chinese.Wow all I can say is wow..

pesticides, adatives, radiation from different eletrical appliances, lack of exercise, lack of sleep. All those are very common nowadays and drastically shortens your life and life quality..
i love the small sounds he makes when he does the exercises :P any case old people like him is who me and many others look up to=D Stay fit stay healthy Stay young. The man is fricking right. I need to excersice i dont want any diaper or with old people in a care center. I wanna live alone if i am old and do anything else myself. You are welcome. :-) YouTube doesn't allow me to post links, but if you Google "Saburo Shochi" you should be able to find a story in The Japan Times titled "Guinness names 106-year-old oldest to circle globe".. OH! HOW OLD WERE HIS KIDS WHEN THEY DIED They couldn't have been that old! My dad is in his mid 50's and his dad would have been like in his early 90's. My grandfather died from Gangrene at the age of 80, ARGH!!.
Yes, he is alive and still going strong! Recently he completed round-the-world trip using only public transportation. He is currently 106. What an amazing and inspiring man!.

He's going to live until 125, at least. Flexible and healthy body, with language learning to keep his mind sharp..

Yes, he did. Jack was a great man! And has some wise advice, e.g. "Jack LaLanne tip: Nutrition advice " on youtube..
This is truly inspiring. This man has got the right idea. It's never too late for anything. I feel everyone should aspire to be like him..
ANZO89, ur dad is ten times better than this old man because hes like 40 years younger im saying this man looks like an average 60 year old on average, 60 year olds are more worn out than this.

You should feel honored and blessed if you ever get a wife to be able to fulfill that 'woman's job' so you don't go starving and dying on us..
Take note guys he reads a lot - look at his shelf. Good luck to the kiddies and the facbook/smart phone/xbox generation. . 2 livonwed23 you dont know what you are talking, my father is 59 and he is ten times better than this old man, may be 70 does he seem to be but no way 60.. 2 ZUPERCURTIS: True. He might still care for these children at the Shiinomi Gakuen Daycare Center (しいのみ学園) in Fukuoka city. Maybe his secret is this: He has found his Ikigai (生き甲斐). May all of you find it, too!. us young people have noo excuse not to do something im thirteen and i dont excercise everyday i know i should im just complacent he is in great shape nd looks great i think more people need to be like him. While in the meantime, American men are watching football with beer and chips and bellies big enough to hold the food tray.. The pesticides in the food are one major factor. Organic foods have much less to none of those pesticides. It also depends on lifestyle and such.. wow, it must be heart breaking how you outlive your wife, and kids, and all of your friends. Its basically starting a second life almost, knowing no body from the past. BUT ITS SO AWESOME at the same time. .
The secret of this man's success is that he has never stopped learning and living. Certainly people can die of other things like cancer, and have lived a busy active life, however, if one does not catch these deadly diseases, certainly we may be capable of living a long life as this man and a person named Buster Martin in England..

2 livonwed23 NO, the people you are talking about look like they are frickin 98, LOL!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!.

Anti-Aging Habits Helps to Reduce Disability | Worldhealth...

January 19, 2016
Bio-ready anti-aging formula for beauty inside and out. 15 g of quality pre-digested collagen. i9
13 Really Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles - Good Housekeeping

December 2, 2015
Seven Everyday Anti-Aging Habits: Daily practices to help you look younger, slimmer and happier - Kindle edition by Neal Hoffman. Download it once and read it on your... i10
Healthy Habits | Product Categories Anti Aging

November 3, 2015
Disclaimer: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. i11
Good Habits Lead to Good Health | Anti-Aging Tip of the...

October 28, 2015

Comments about this video:

10 Anti Aging habits to keep your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

November 5, 2015
13 Really Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles. When it comes to skincare, less really is more. i13
Anti-Aging Habits To Start Now - MOTHER

November 2, 2015
ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage... biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant's anti-GMO menu i14
Anti-Aging Tips | 13 Everyday Habits That Are...

November 24, 2015
12 Surprising Ways You're Aging Your Skin You'll be shocked by what seemingly harmless habits made the list. i15
The Anti-Aging Guy - Anti-aging and clues to a long...

November 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
Once you've passed the initial purging stage, your skin will stay EXTREMELY CLEAN as long as you keep using the system. If you go on their website, they'll have a picture of a study they do comparing how clean your skin is when someone uses a Clarisonic to wash their face and someone without. It's amazing. It keeps my skin so clean and clear. Ever since I started using it, I need less facial products. I don't even use facial masks any more :). You probably will yell at me like most people, LOL!!!! But I don't use any SPF. Simply because I'm a workaholic and I'm indoors for many many hours almost everyday. So, I don't feel the need to use any SPF. And on my days off...I just don't like the feeling of SPF on my skin nor the look of it. The only time I use SPF is when I go swimming durinng the summer for long hours. And I only apply it on my face too. For my body, I just use coconut oil :).
I see :) Hopefully you found or will find something that works for you. I know how stressful it can be searching for something to work for your skin. It took me months to finally settle down on my Derma E after I stopped using the Aveda cream. .
Hi Darl, l havent heard much about the Clarisonic system here in Australia but am very interested in purchasing one. Does it act as a dermabrasion machine or deep cleansing exfoliating system Thank you, l would love a little more more insight to its purpose. xx :). Absolutely! Most of their products are great. You can always ask for samples first too. And they have a great return policy! If you still have more than half of the product left and you don't like it, you can return it! :).
I got my derma e microdermabrasion scrub for $8 at tjmaxx today!! It smells soooo nice. Can't wait to use it!!.
Hi! I still use the DMAE facial cream and the Microdermabrasion facial scrub :) I think they're amazing! . will love Clarisonic! Just keep in mind that you might go through a purging stage at the beginning like most people. Don't give up on it and think it's making you break out ^___* It's the best investment I've ever made for my skin!!! And Derma E is great!!! Go check out the reviews people have on iherb's website. Amazing! :) Don't forget I have a coupon code too!!! KET787. Thanks for your update! I loved your first skincare video! Very thorough and helpful due to same skin issues and I like Aveda too. I had just purchased the Green Science moisturizer when I found your previous video and I kept trying it cuz you liked it so much but it was so heavy and it broke me out you say it was new formula! No WONDER!!!. No problem! I'm so sorry I didn't do an update sooner. I should have made a note in my last video, I apologize. A few months after I made that video was when the cream started to go missing from store shelves. Then months after that they changed the formula. Now I'm going to go make a note in that video! I'm so sorry you ended up trying the new formula based on my old video!!! The new one is a BIG NO NO for me. It's so upsetting! I'm sure you were upset too because it made you broke out! :(. Hi You still using Derma E. I want to try some product from that line. I used Origins now. But is to high in prize.. I didn't mean to make you feel bad! :) I had already purchased the products then looked for anyone on YouTube who used them and found you! yay! so I stuck with it a little longer than I might have but not your fault! anything makes me break out I should just stay away! . Hello! I would say the Clarisonic system is more of a deep cleansing exfoliating system than a dermabrasion. It doesn't take of a layer of your skin as dermabrasion does. When you start using Clarisonic for the first time, most people will go through a purging stage where your pores will open up and all of the dirty build up will come out of your skin. So it will look like you have pimples for a number of days..

How to create an anti-aging skin care plan | American...

November 26, 2015
Wrinkle creams, eye serums, and other anti-aging skin care products can help diminish signs of aging. To create a truly effective anti-aging skin care plan, however... i17
Anti-Aging Eating Habits for Weight Loss

December 10, 2015
Discover and save creative ideas More to explore: Anti Aging Food Html i18
Anti-Aging: 4 Food Habits That Age You :: Info On Aging

January 5, 2016
You don't need anti-aging cream or anti-aging products to look younger and have clear skin when there are anti-aging... 9 Habits That Make You Look Older Than You Are i19
Seven Everyday Anti-Aging Habits: Daily practices to help...

November 15, 2015

Comments about this video:
Contact Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology for the latest in anti-aging treatments! Schedule your consultation today!.
When you want the best skin care treatment, give Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology a call and check them out..

how lovely Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology offers really great anti-aging treatments! Check them out today!.

10 Anti Aging habits to keep your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

January 21, 2016
What you eat impacts everything from your skin to your bones to your cognitive abilities. Here at the Huffington Post, we've written about foods you should... i21
Top 10 Anti-Aging Nutrition Habits - Women Fitness

January 8, 2016
Anti-Aging Eating Habits for Weight Loss. As we age, it becomes harder for our bodies to maintain a healthy weight. Our energy levels decrease causing us to skimp on... i22
Anti-Aging on Pinterest | Bad Habits, Carol Alt and Stem Cells

January 15, 2016
Thanks for the list of anti-aging ideas - these will make you feel at your best and give you more beautiful skin too ! Keith i23
The Best Anti Aging Habits - Men's Fitness

December 11, 2015

Comments about this video:

5 Wrinkle-Forming Habits You Need to Ditch - Buy HGH Now!

January 22, 2016
Want to achieve younger looking skin? Adopt these everyday, anti-aging habits, from having regular sex to getting more sleep. i25
Anti Aging Secrets - The 6 Healthy Habits

November 30, 2015
Thanks for the list of anti-aging ideas - these will make you feel at your best and give you more beautiful skin too ! Keith i26
4 Food Habits That Age You | Anti Aging, Food and Html

January 24, 2016
Anti-Aging Habits Helps to Reduce Disability. Posted on Nov. 11, 2013, 6 a.m. in Anti-Aging Cardio-Vascular Lifestyle Vitamins. By exercising regularly and not... i27
13 Everyday Habits That Are Aging You -

December 1, 2015

Comments about this video:
+hernando quiroga hola hernando. Es para mantener por más tiempo la juventud física y mental. Que tengas buen día!. ahah when i used this video in my CP mix ppl kept on telling me i couldn't be 27 years old on daily basis ~ usually ppl think i'm 17/18 but from starting this i notice ppl really insist on this point ~ they give me from 14 to 17/19 maximum ~ i'm a baby. Thank you for this! Can I please request skin allergies (insect bites, eczma etc) I always get mizquito bites and also lately my under eyes have had more bags/redness/darkness/lines/dryness (PH different) and my skin isn't looking as good as usual. I get heyfever. I think I'm allergic to my make up because sometimes they go red (like I've been crying) underneath.. please make a video for define jawline and perfext face shape like taylor hill, please i'll be thankful help me .
Whole channel is fake. Nose video made my nose worse. He's videos have ads so he does it for money..
Please do one on how to get a define jawline. :) ( in some parts of Asia it might be called the v chin).;_ylt=A2KLj9ESADhVXXYAi07tFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTI0bW1qcGNqBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMwZGZjZTY2OTljYzFkYjI4YmFmNTc5YmFlZmFjNWQ0OARncG9zAzM0MgRpdANiaW5n.origin=& If a corpus video could do this i would be overwhelmingly happy.
+CorpusPerfectum, Will it work if I download the video Because I plan to watch your videos when school is either canceled or on break, or on vacation. Also, thank you for putting so much hard work in these videos. Another question, how long does it take to make these videos. Hi Corpus! Thanks for all of your videos! They really work! I'm starting to notice changes! I know that you have a looot of requests, but if you find the time, do you think it would be possible for you to make a video to get white hair It's okay if you can't, I understand that it may not be possible, I just want to know :).
Hi corpus thanks for the video! But does download the video affect the results Thanks for the response.

Anti-Aging Habits Helps to Reduce Disability | Worldhealth...

November 11, 2015
Bio-ready anti-aging formula for beauty inside and out. 15 g of quality pre-digested collagen. i29
13 Really Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles - Good Housekeeping

December 26, 2015
Seven Everyday Anti-Aging Habits: Daily practices to help you look younger, slimmer and happier - Kindle edition by Neal Hoffman. Download it once and read it on your... i30
Healthy Habits | Product Categories Anti Aging

December 7, 2015
Disclaimer: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. i31
Good Habits Lead to Good Health | Anti-Aging Tip of the...

November 18, 2015

Comments about this video:

10 Anti Aging habits to keep your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

December 13, 2015
13 Really Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles. When it comes to skincare, less really is more. i33
Anti-Aging Habits To Start Now - MOTHER

November 7, 2015
ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage... biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant's anti-GMO menu i34
Anti-Aging Tips | 13 Everyday Habits That Are...

January 20, 2016
12 Surprising Ways You're Aging Your Skin You'll be shocked by what seemingly harmless habits made the list. i35
The Anti-Aging Guy - Anti-aging and clues to a long...

December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
David Sinclair's discovery must pose a threat to the monetary objectives of the Pharmaceutical companies, who are the greatest producers of synthetic toxic medicines on the planet which in turn contribute to rapid ageing..
+Portable PlatypusDotCom I'm afraid you're wasting your time. Most people under 35 think that if they want something it should be given to them and have no understanding of the concept of value or market economics..

You would think humans would be a little more concerned about the greatest threat to their well-being: DEATH. But it takes guys like this to raise awareness to an otherwise sleepwalking population resigned to degenerating into a pile of wrinkles and misery..
+Bodhi I must have misunderstood your comment then. It seemed to me that you were advocating not trying to extend our lives using science (mainly due to this: "It is unwise to fight against nature").
..Hello people..I' ve only been using maxelder argan cream (w…..nyarganoil..c ) for about 8 days, however, I can see the difference already! I bought this cream actually because I'am 38 and was suffering from acne.I was able to see a remarkable difference My skin looks healthier, more radiant, smoother, and the redness is going away. I love this and can't wait to see my results in 30 days!..
+Twilla Watson The results I saw from just 3 days using maxelder argan cream was nothing short of amazing!.
Old news. There's a lot of peer-review on pubmed that actually demonstrates that Vitamin D deficiency heavily contributes to age-related diseases (especially on a mental level - cognitive decline, bone issues, immune problems, muscular problems, etc.) Keeping people healthy in their 'old age' isn't really difficult with what we know without synthetic drugs. A plant-based diet (vegan) also has peer-review data correlating overall cardiovascular health for people in their 90-ies... coupled with exercise, etc. The RDA for Vitamin D was miscalculated to the point where it ended up 10x lower compared to what it should be - an article was published earlier this year on Sciencedaily and PubMed. The RDA for Vitamin D3 should be in the range of 10 000 IU DAILY (for some people, it would be double - depending on their age, weight, etc.) What I'm more interested in extending the Human lifespan beyond the 'paltry' potential 150 years of age. But then again, Humans might not have a fixed lifespan. The oldest known person died at the age of 122... and these numbers seem to be rising. Peer-review on pubmed also seems to correlate longevity with high glutathione levels in the body of people who live past 100 and 120. Intracellular glutathione levels can be raised via supplements using Alpha Lipoic Acid... though R-Alpha Lipoic Acid was stated to be more potent. On an overall basis, NAC seems to have the ability to restore glutathione levels in people in just 2 or 3 months at doses of about 6 to 9 grams per day. Combining that with Vitamin D3 - at least 10 000 IU daily (I do 20 000 IU daily) and curcumine inclusion in vegan diet with regular exercise should be ok. Vegan diet also according to peer-review can easily provide your body with everything it needs in abundance (B12 included - Nori/seaweed). Most/all minerals can be sourced from almonds, brazil nuts almonds, flaxseed, microalgae oil and chia seeds. No need to chow down on these all the time though... just include them to be part of your regular diet at least 3 to 4 times a week. Out of most supplements, Vitamin D3 remains one of the cheapest ones... so if NAC is not an option for you, you can improve your glutathione via healthy vegan diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Combine it with Vitamin D3 supplementation, and other food stuffs included, and see if it makes a difference for you. As for extending life beyond the paltry potential 150... could conceivably be done today via stem-cells alone. It could be doubled... which means youth, vibrance and health (physical and mental) at an age of 500 (probably well beyond that) - well, basic principles apply in terms of body maintenance, so you will simply need to be careful that you ingest the things that are beneficial to your body. Also, by 2030 or 2035, nanorobots will enter the picture which in combination with regenerative medicine (in the next 5 to 10 years) will likely enable biological immortality..

I highly recommend Maxelder argan cream … I use it twice a day and I love the way it makes my skin feel like it’s refreshed… I feel that it has helped my facial skin to stay younger looking … My mom even stated that she thinks I look younger than my twin sister. I was upset when. I’m sure if you try it you will like it!! you can find it at w..…nyarganoil.….c.

Being a fairly skeptical person, I tried Maxelder argan cream with some reservations. However, having been on this for many months, I'm very happy to report that this product works - and works as promised. It only took a couple of days for the product to start working and I'm amazed at the results. You'll be happy you did w...nyarganoil….c.
TED Talk: Gratuitous swipe at GW Bush w/ accompanying audience pleasure Check! Incantatory use of the word science Check!. Who the fuck wants to live to be 200 years old surrounded by imbeciles like the people who give talks for TED. Think about it; from age 50 or so you start getting sick & everything will chronically hurt no sleep at night every night with brain damage as consequence. You simply get no rest even at night... Then you miserably get to age 80 & then you have 40% chance of getting dementia.. Life is truly about survival & old age takes up a big part of life..
Leave it to the government to blame old people for a rotten economy. Who set the retirement age Who signed NAFTA Who"s stolen the Social security.

The last thing in the world pharmaceuticals want is cures for diseases. The bottom would fall out of their profit machine. If we cured cancer The American Cancer Society would disappear and those Doctors and scientist would be out a job and broke. Just one example. Pharmaceuticals want all Americans sick and on drugs. With plenty of profit. Pharmaceuticals HATE people like this man..
+Vince Cyril He also mentioned that his theory on resveratrol was definitively refuted. Yes, there are tons of "anti aging" supplements out there. The problem is, none of them have stood up to hard science. At the very most, you'll find personal testimonials like your own from people who "feel great" or who "take no meds." Or maybe you'll find a couple in vitro studies, suggesting that certain compound effect muscle tissue a certain way in a pitri dish, with no science whatsoever supporting the results of the compound in a living blood stream after having passed through the digestive system. Not a single supplement, pill, creme, elixir, super food, etc has been show in trials to reduce, reverse, or even slow aging in an actual living human being. Yes, vitamins acquired from food are beneficial to health, but not even multivitamins in pill form have stood up to scientific trials. Be careful how you spend your $$..
I wonder what eternal youthful, immortal human beings would do their life long. Doesn't life include death.
Whole-food plant-based diet + High-Intensity Strength-Training will keep your body and brain strong. Work & play hard, like a young person, and die "young": at 100 years old.. I have found the method most effective anti-aging today from this book >>> Anti Hope help!!!. We can't stop but we can extend Human Life cycle up to 200 years then will plan to 500 years through Natural complex Medicine, for eg, double the life cycle of microbes and some animals in in vitro condition, but it will take some time to Human being. Human- Ageing is complex process but complex come to one end that is dead. now our task is one. so easy.
Why live longer Is longer better Everything ages. Everything living dies. There is beauty in age and decay. Live with it. Who wants Doanld Trump to live forever Or Putin The talker seems to want everyone to die healthy. As Woody Allen once said, when I die, I want to be damned sick. I want a bloody good reason to die..
Neither here nor there Somehow I don't think these treatments will be used to keep beggars alive...or the working class...or even the middle class. Just the rich...those unwilling to let go of their possessions. The nice people. Realistically I think all we can do is eat healthily, exercise and hope for the best...curing diseases which shorten our lifespan if we can, of course, but not looking for ways to unnaturally extend our lifespans. Being mentally prepared for death is, I think, necessary for a happy life..
How about a dating service for people from long lived families. No I'm not kidding! Just think about it. I have an agricultural background and selective breeding works wonders in animals! But it has to be an individual choice and not something the government gets involved in..

It's simple why little is being done about aging, TOO MUCH MONEY IS BEING MADE OFF OF IT! When an older person falls or has a heart attack and has to be airlifted, you're looked at about a 10 thousand dollar bill. I've been around several older ppl who have probably spent MILLIONS of dollars just in health care. If ppl didn't age, doctors, hospitals, health care places, etc would lose a fortune!.

Sorry to break the news, but we are not physical beings we are spiritual beings and are already immortal. Living forever in a physical body, takes away the opportunity of the spirit to learn about the physical world from numerous perspectives. It's how we learn as conscious beings. Make living healthier longer possible with the understanding that we are improving the living experience, but spirits don't need to extend our physical lives, cause we are already immortal. If we weren't we wouldn't be alive today. If you are conscious today its because you've always been conscious..
+Bodhi when you say "starbucks was created by man. we know it exists and we would know if we put one on saturn" you're implying that you know there's no starbucks on saturn. So how exactly do you know it to be true Your gut Doesn't sound very defensible to me. .
Drug companies don't publish studies that fail. Drugs go onto market and we hear nothing until patients are injured and decide to hire lawyers. Side effects that are supposedly rare actually affect 40+%. So for a pharmaceutical company to reveal a study that failed tells you something about big pharma. This guy is a potential threat..
+goda161 exactly... so the older you remain and in good health means you can remain longer in the workforce and the retirement age will be raised, therefore you will have to work more and pay more taxes to your government, whichever your gov't is. .
I am skeptical about this theory. I do not like the idea of having to take a pill in order to live longer. What kind of side effects would this come with I am not aware of a single pill that does not come with some kind of side effect. I believe there are alternative ways to try and increase quality of life such as getting enough sleep, staying active, and making good diet choices. There are also numerous ways to keep your brain healthy with old age. If we take away all the diseases and make all of our body parts function with the same amount of efficiency at our old age, then what will we eventually die of Will all of our organs shut down at once Also, not all diseases are age related. There are very young children diagnosed with cancer and various diseases every day. How long is he expecting this pill to prolong our lives I am just unsure that taking a pill every morning to prevent these diseases and aging is the right thing to do. If no one is dying, how will this affect our population growth and available resources.
So wait, I'm confused. Was his theory debunked Or is it back on the table Did he debunk the debunk.
+IVXCLD I know there is a lot of work currently being done on resveratrol, I'm more just trying to understand the purpose of this TED talk. It seems like the thesis is this > "My theory has been proven completely false, but it's still a very promising theory. The end." lol.

+IVXCLD Well said. Wanted to make sure I'm not the only one who realized he's campaigning for the funding of a project with no legs whatsoever..

Vegan WHOLE FOOD DIET, LOADS OF FRUIT + VEGGIES + WHOLE GRAINS, eating organic, doing a consistent exercise that you love, Mindfulness, believing in your self, building a community and caring for all living beings, finding truth in the lies we've been fed, not giving a fuck about what people think and DOING WHAT YOU LOVE you will have a happy life and when you do you die then you die.. who cares what age.. our spirit lives on and go's back into the earth..and who knows into another body form.. once you realize were all interconnected then you will be at peace.

That matters to me so much, i don't want the big house, big typical family life, big car.. I simply love eating a vegan healthy diet, using my bike as transportation, spending my money on meaningful experiences in nature, living minimal and only having the essential material things, house shares rather then getting in debt with my own place ! whose with me :).

I completely agree! Look at all the famous suicides in the past years. There is no true happiness in fame or wealth..
+Russ Kane Yes, click on More and the drop down menu allows one to choose the transcript. It is also close captioned.. Aging is the largest cause of disease. There can not be a cure for disease unless we cure statism first. Its the centralization of power of the government that enables the state created entity called the corporation to wield this type of junk science against us. You see the unintended consequence of big pharma is for David to dig in and prove them wrong. In the end they can't win but in the mean time we all suffer.. +CorpseCallosum Countries with socialized medicine don't seem to have a 'big pharma' problem. You sound like an indoctrinated neoliberal; These sort of videos are not for you..
David coming up against the evil of the medical mafia. If something looks like it will make us healthy, happy, and think straight, the oligarchs will come down hard on them..
A Scientist is not always a good Speaker. Sinclair wasted a lot of time talking nonsense about his daughter, grand-mom and so. However less than two minutes of this video is about the work of Genes, where he is clearly FAILED to explain and confused me. when he talked about Red, Green and suddenly talked bout Liver! IF anyone understood this part oof video at 10 to 11 minutes; please explain it for everyone in a simple language. Thanks.
I used to run the MIT track as a little girl. There is a diet called the MIND diet. It's a Mediterranean diet based on plants legumes whole grains wine and fish. Mostly plants real vegetables and fruits. That makes sense because there was once a saying -"let food be thy medicine" .
I would love to see a lavishly funded international life extension/immortality research and development program similar to the Apollo Program. We do not know what we are capable of. At the very least, my guess is that we can likely extend both the average and maximum healthy human lifespan, and that would be good.. Governments, and pharma companies will fight this - state pensions will be a problem, and so they raise the retirement age, and try to reduce pensions of valuable workers - teachers, firemen, nurses etc.. The answer is for people to live more "productively" as they age - I don't mean "work", but rather that they can "follow their dreams" - maybe a trip to the orient, run a marathon, do the ironman triathlon. All of this requires excellent health, obviously. Some people at 50 -60 are more or less static, and can really only watch tv comfortably. I am glad that these things are changing.... the longer we live the less need there is to procreate,we would have 50 billion people on this planet in a short number of years.
Government sad secret... Probably... So they probably do have a way of immortality well not that but at least keeping your cells longer than usual as in slowing aging. But no, the government is probably hiding it because of overproduction and food. Idk it's just things I keep in mind when my grandpa is going to pass... Just hurts me :P.
He says that these enzymes are stimulated by exercise, then he's like "Eureka! We need a pill that does this." I say we let the rewards go to people like me that are willing to put the hard work in. Eat right and exercise dumbass! There's your fountain of youth.. Once again a large pharmaceutical company {FDA backed} steps in. The scourge of the world. Once we find out who these rulers of mankind are we will cut the head off. These people hide in the shadows like cowards knowing what we will do to them. Hopefully one day we can cast them out to their private islands and force them, never to return to mankind. This company and the FDA I hope will be put on public trial one day. How to ride the world of this scourge To bad God won't do it for us..
I take his supplement it's working great, it's called Niagen. I made a video about it, because it changed my life. I lost 20 pounds in 6 months and I feel like I'm in my early 20s. I'm almost 40 years old..
We could solve the world hunger problem and eradicate old age simultaneously by feeding the elderly to the young (in liquified form obviously - like in the Matrix). If you make it to 40, congratulations, you get to be turned into coca-human-cola..
+IVXCLD Good points. Man will not bow down to any other animal, you're right. But he will bow down to another man with the will and the power to subjugate him. We've seen human enslavement throughout history... slavery is enough to humble any man. To know that your very life has a price, and is property of another man to use, abuse or destroy as he sees fit, that's humbling, humiliating and demoralizing all at once. Prisoners of war also suffered a similar status. POWs in Japanese camps were occasionally cannibalized. That's the type of humbling experience I'm talking about. Every human who eats animals should be exposed to such fear... soylent green time baby!.
+IVXCLD Whether my words have been serious or in jest, yes, the driving force has been a vegetarian agenda. The hubris of mankind sickens me. But I know it's a lost cause... as poorly as we treat animals, many sectors of humanity treat fellow humans just as poorly, if not worse. If we have no empathy for others of the same species, then it's a dream to expect it for a "lesser" species. I suppose I should speak out against human cruelty before animal cruelty, it would certainly make more sense, yes. The difference, however, is that animals can't speak for themselves, so every single one of us (vegetarians) feels compelled to preach on this matter. We're an annoying group :p As for man's lack of wonder at the vastness, complexity and beauty of the cosmos... yes, we do seem to suffer from a sever case of tunnel vision. We only see what we're programmed to see... man's biology programs him to see and seek beautiful fertile women... and of course, food, shelter and resource acquisition... too few of us step out of that little survive and procreate mentality to progress the human race in other, more higher departments of thinking. But considering our short life spans, it's to be expected I suppose. I'm just as much a sheep as the next man in that sense.. Is this the same Ted 'X' Talks where Bill Gates promoted his vaccines to wipe out 15% of the world's population Don't you people know that Ted & all his elite-globalist-bankster cronies are part of a secret agenda to bring about a 1 world totalitarian dictatorship And yes, I'm aware of the army of internet shills hired by the globalist to down play these facts..

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Comments about this video:
I LOVE this! I've been following Mimi Kirk for a while, especially after she published her raw food cookbooks. Lots of delicious ideas in her books!.
Whatever you eat, eat less of it, say cut down by 40%, exercise 45 minutes a day, drink plenty of water, eat raw vegetable and fruits as part of your daily food intake. Remember, we have many mussels, use them or lose them!.
+Bait4State It is impossible for your body fat to start to melt down if you do less that 30 minutes. I do agree that some may need around 15 mins but the majority who are very overweight, won't get anywhere with 15 mins a day.. +mastermind It is not impossible for my body fat to start to melt down with only 15 minutes. Interval sprinting. All-out sprint for a minute, rest for 3 minutes, repeat 3 times. This has been proven to be better at burning fat than jogging for 30-45 minutes. Of course it's not meant for everyone, which is why I said "some need as little as 15..." "SOME" incase you missed it again....
It's not just their looks that make them appear younger than other women their age, it's their demeanor and attitude and the way they move, like someone much younger. If you followed them down the street, you'd think they were much younger from behind. The opposite is true for people out of shape. How many times have you walked behind a woman, generally overweight, and been surprised to see she was much younger than her walk would have you believe Mimi, the blonde, looks the same age as her out of shape 20-years younger boyfriend and will probably outlive him. None of these women look or act like a typical woman in her seventies..

+Homeschool Learn and Earn resveratrol has been found to be not as wonderful as once thought, and it's not a plant .
+The Anti-Aging Analyst (Eliza) Eliza, I love your Channel here and Knowledge, But I as well do not care for S.H. after I witnessed him making Fun of Handicap people! And I Love Everyone... I'm also a Firm Believer in weight training. I Loved the Last Lady Body Builder! God Bless her and her Grandson! I'm not as healthy now as I was years ago because I stopped training! For it Benefits our Mind and Body. I hope it's not too late for me to start back! Thank you so much for this video!!!!.
These women are Amazing,I'm 50 and people still think I'm in my 30's and a dated younger men but I don't look for younger men they want me,Men my own age are boring and old,lol age is just a number! and my heart stays young.This was a fun show..
Beautiful women, unbelievable healthy lifestyles + daily regimen, diet.. that their age does not reveal with their looks. i admire them. +JAKE AWAKE Anything is possible. But only if you believe. You are what you eat for example... they are health and beauty like the food they eat. Everyone else is cheap fake crap, like what they eat. It is scientifically true that our food influences the way our genetics behaves, whether people believe or not. . Aging is all down to genetics. My grandparents are from Alabama and didn't have the diet. But they didn't have the best diet. Regular southern diet. But they are in their 70's and look no older than 50. My mom is the same way. she's 47 but looks like she's in her 20's. I myself am 26 but people think I am 13 years old. I'm not saying you should eat junk. Bur aging isn't just based on healthy eating. it is also down to genetics..
Black women never age...they have better skin than white...maybe it's more thicker or something...they do take longer to age...totally :) Hate people who use botox and have surgery they always look worse!.

wow, i'm 43 and people often tell me i'm 19. but these women made me wonder if i will look as young as they're when i'm in my 70s....
Beautiful women, unbelievable healthy lifestyles + daily regimen, diet.. that their age does not reveal with their looks. i admire them.
TBH I would NOT have put any of those ladies in their 40's or even 50's at all. From a distance they look in their late 40's but up close that is another matter. Yes they look younger than their years BUT not as young as was said and the oldest one (the blonde lady) looked a lot younger than the youngest lady (the body builder) I would have said the first 2 looked in their early 60's and the youngest one looked in her late 60's. Must admit it did make me laugh when it put up what the audience thought their ages were obviously it was from a distance and not a close up picture the audience saw The one thing I must admit they were all very fit and their bodies did not look their ages and could have got away with being the ages mentioned but certainly not their faces x.
I love all 3 ladies so very much and Steve Harvey is a crack up. I've done so much research on this topic and what I have found time after time is raw food, juicing, and weight training I'd indeed the Fountain of Youth ♡. +Stephanie Meyer you're welcome you're free to invent a name for the male version. i just answered a question with common facts. i don't like people dating with much younger people. i'm pro equality. +steve hall A cougar is what they call an older woman who "preys" on younger men. A wolf is what they call a man who preys on younger women. Of course, their "prey" volunteers to be with them so there are no victims.. For anyone interested in true anti ageing this is a must watch as it decisively and comprehensively deals with the root cause of ageing namely damage at the cellular and molecular level - it also need support Indias are vegetarian, even those who are meat eats al so eat we should be youngest looking people in the planet Genes also has a role to play. bait4state: May be enough for blood circulation, but not for losing fat. if the person is fat and wants to lose weight, only after the 30th minute of aerobics, your body starts losing the fat.. They dont look like the age that the audience said if people were able to look at their lines and sagging skin and the demeanor of their personality and character and other features of their face. Far away or non-face to face picture is hard to tell for sure. I am good at telling age and if I saw them in person would definitely look different that picture.. all the women are amazing! i've been following mimi kirk for a while. her raw, vegan lifestyle is inspiring. i know i feel a lot better since dramatically reducing animal products and increasing my raw plant intake as well.. i love how one of the ladies started body building at 40.It just goes to show, age is just a number and not to follow the social norm.. Sugar should be avoided. As for the minerals etc in the maple syrup, you can get those from other sources..
There will always be "outliers"...but eating, working out...and doing what "you're meant to do in life". Genetics has alot to do with their' outcomes...that's just life...other than is paramount...McDonald's food...just don't do it's poision...period..

+BoracayADMIRER Be sure to research and get tips from those who have been raw for years. Not everyone does well on Raw diets. Some people are not able to digest certain raw foods, cruciferous vegetables can cause thyroid goiter and believe it or not some people put on weight at first when beginning a raw food diet. Juicing helps but eating to improve digestion is recommended. For those on Traditional diets: Remain active & exercise, Drink lots of water and getting plenty of Sleep; it's best to cut back on meat and eat MORE Vegetables & Fruits, Include Juicing, Eat lots of Seafoods & Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, Eat lean meats/Poultry, Cut out the Bleached processed Flours and Refined Sugars, Fast Foods and Junk Food... and you will look exactly like these ladies at 72-78yrs old. (A Great anti-aging skincare regimen with natural ingredients will help keep a youthful glow).

No culture on Earth ate raw. Look up Daniel Vitalis to see how he felt after 10 years of eating raw. Put it this way, he's now eating meat again. It's not a long term solution. Juicing and exercising are good for you but don't feel you have to follow the raw foodt cult. But I'd love to see more of their tips. You ladies are definitely doing it right..
I get the first lady was very pissed off with being called 55! I can see Linda is her age when I take away what working out does to the body and face..
Well duh! That's why Linda doesn't look her age; she works out and lifts weights! The first lady with the blonde hair actually looks her age, but the other two look fantastic..
WOW they look phenomenal! Their attitudes are youthful as well - I think that makes a huge difference.
This doesn't explain anything about looking young. I'm pretty sure these women had plastic surgery done there's no doubt about it. Lies....

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Comments about this video:

great video! I completely agree! what are your thoughts about carb cycling ie depleting glycogen stores and then having a day where you restore glycogen by eating a lot of carbs does it help with weight loss.
I completely agree. Lots of people don't understand the sugar and grain issue. But it's totally true. It's VERY difficult to avoid the pesticides though. I ONLY choose USDA organic produce, but I think that's a bit of a scam now too. I've read they spray pesticides also, just at night time. Who knows... I would love to grow my own food..
You shared such a great information, fortunately I'm already aware of all this but it's always good to keep listening to other nutritionists, dieticians, doctors for their views so thank you.

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Thanks for the list of anti-aging ideas - these will make you feel at your best and give you more beautiful skin too ! Keith i46
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13 Everyday Habits That Are Aging You -

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Comments about this video:

Anti-Aging Habits Helps to Reduce Disability | Worldhealth...

November 22, 2015
Bio-ready anti-aging formula for beauty inside and out. 15 g of quality pre-digested collagen. i49
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Seven Everyday Anti-Aging Habits: Daily practices to help you look younger, slimmer and happier - Kindle edition by Neal Hoffman. Download it once and read it on your... i50
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Disclaimer: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. i51
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December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
I stated aging after 55. After 60 it really start to show. I'm still strong in my breath. I can walk for hours untill my arthritis kicks in. I feel healthy sometimes. I know the reasons why it only sometimes, and that is sugar and toxins in house and no harmones...This year I'm giving it my all.. I absolutely love maxelder argan cream ( website w...nyarganoil..c ) my face feels rejuvenated! It leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturizd and fresh. It goes on very lightly not greasy and no breakouts. My skin looks and feels great !. The best meditation of all is reading your Bible, Preferably KJV. My mother is 83 years old and doesn't have one wrinkle. I think the fountain of youth is asking Jesus into your heart, gets rid of tons of stress, because you can pray your worries away, with faith, that Jesus will answer your prayers and he cares about your health mentally, physically, and spiritually. Try it! :). What type of meditation do you practice What do you actually do during your meditation sessions What does meditation involve. 1) Sit in the lotus position, half or full whichever you can manage 2) Recite a mantra or follow your breathing in a style as taught by Ajahn Brahm or Thich Nhat Hanh (I recite Om Mani Padme Hum) 3) Recite the name of Amitabha Buddha to be reborn in the on the west Pure Land if aging and death truly disturb you, after rebirth upon reaching the Land of Ultimate Bliss you will have attained infinite life and can reach Buddhahood in the most nurturing environment without experiencing the sufferings of Samsara, Namo Amituofo 4) Eat as much as plant-based foods as you can, take tonic herbs, superfoods, practice qi gong and tai chi to gain as much time in this life to progress in your meditation practice which will keep you young 5) Sorry for all this I felt compelled to share it!. Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream… My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c. +Andressa M. _Lonely It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it..
+Andressa M. _Lonely The cream is hydrating but not too thick or oily. I’ve noticed my eyes don’t look so tired in the morning and I have a natural glow..
+Global Healing Center Hi & thanks for your video it was extremely informative. I would very grateful of your opinion on the Amino Acids L'Arginine & L'Ornithine as an-anti aging supplement.. +James Henry Hi and thanks for watching. I am glad you are thinking about detoxifying your body. I believe that all illness starts and ends in the gut. We are constantly hitting our bodies with millions toxins everyday from our food and environment. If you are thinking about cleansing I suggest you start your journey here Here is a list of several different resource, scientific, and clinical studies related to cleansing As always I suggest you do additional research on your own. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy cleansing!. +James Henry Wait..."Dr." Group wrote all those """""scientific""""" studies! Hahahahahahah There are no references in his """""scientific""""" studies, no graphics, no numbers, no evidence of real research, experiments. Smells like fraud. Keep your eyes open..
Man !!I thought you was 26!! I'm in shock! I thought what this young boy is taking about aging he's to young for talk about that..

+Cesar Morteo Thanks for your prompt answer. He looks amazingly young! No wrinkles! A very intelligent man - it's the least I can say. .

what do you think of puritan's pride Probiotic I was told by my therapist ht that was a good one and it's affordable. What do you think.
You're 50! Thats insane. Most if not all young looking 50 years olds look like a better version of 50 but don't actually look younger; you actually look younger. What is there right now that we can take or do to reverse aging Is NMN available what are the findings so far.
This is truly amazing. I will definitely adopt some of these, since I can see that my health declined in a matter of a year. I can see on my face, and on my skin. I believe everything has been due to a lot of stress at work, and my personal life (toxins and toxins). I am hoping I can undo some of the damage by following some of these tips. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!.
Also, how much of a ratio of distilled water/apple cider do you suggest I hope it's a small amount because it's doing to be very difficult to down that! ;*).
+hdangelo1 I usually suggest at least 2 teaspoons per 8 ounces. I encourage you to increase the amount once you have become more accustomed to the taste..
Holy crap, young man, I learned here more than in my 12 years of college! Actually, listening to pervert professors ages you faster than fast food toxins! One more thing you need to define is what is "stress." That word is very misguided and non-english speaking people do not understand this crazy word. The "stress" word is too general and should be voiced as "worry" ,"fear", "trauma", "wrong beliefs", all without the hope that is described in the Bible. For example, sometimes, the Israeli soliders would lose a battle if they went out to fight with fear because of focusing at the more equipped & bigger enemy and not believe the prophet's message that their God will be with them..
I'm very grateful for this very interesting Theseus about our health protocols... I'm 63 years young and I intend to live to the time God gave man found in Genesis 6:3... My major disappointment is to learn that many won't even reach 100 by the toxins developing in their bodies... Science says when someone dies around 80 that they died from natural causes. I also know the FDA traveled to Japan to witness their claim they have developed a machine that cures diabetes. After witnessing this first hand they decided NOT to endorse it because it would disturb the drug empire's money that actually controls our countries budget...This is nothing short of murdering many people for the almighty dollar....
I love his videos but wow 10 min into this, just giving facts and no solutions and what anti aging solutions you have,.
how many mintues in the video does he stop giving reasons and backstories When do you get the solution.
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to keep youthful looking skin try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (do a search on google ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got great success with it.. 22:00 Dr. Goup mentions stress as one of the major factors of aging He never mentions the difference between good stress and bad stress. As those do exist.. Thanks for this...exactly my thoughts. My friends all around me are aging faster than I can even count-no dissing any one though. You put everything I know in correct perspective. Aging is a programming at a cellullar, subatomic level. Complex but it all comes down to individual choices...attaboy!!. This is packed with the latest info about aging. Your brain is so sharp to remember all this awesome stuff. I'll have to listen to it again and even take notes. I can see why you have so many thumbs up - of course nobody wants to look unhealthy with aging. Thank you!. he's not a real doctor. he's a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathic doctor. a physician at absolute most.. 58 years old...and told frequently that I look like I'm still in my thirties...still feel as good (and even stronger now) as I did in my twenties. HOWEVER: you remember how old you are when you look at a video like this...and you've noticed all the doctors, cops, and lawyers now look like kids!!! LOL.
I'm sorry but...blah, blah, blah, blah and no back-up to his statements. Skin turns over every 24 hours Good your sunburn should be gone in a couple of days. How about a couple weeks. Trillions spent on cosmetics How about the estimate is under 100 billion world-wide. The skin has 7 layers How about 4-5 depending on the area. That's all just in about 5 minutes. Go elsewhere for real knowledge..
You mention good and bad cholesterol 1 hour 12 minutes and 52 seconds into this video. But there is no such thing as bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol is produced naturally by the body to respond to injuries. When the cause of injuries are chronic and sustained LDL stays on the cite forming plaques to prevent enlargement of the injury. As such, these LDL plaques may clog arteries and other cites because the cause of the injury such as eating foods high in processed sugars, wheat flours, vegetable fats, refined salt, chemically treated animal meats remain in the diet..
+Rachel Aspögård But aging well provides many advantages: including quality of life of those later years..
I have been living a fairly healthy life, I eat most of the foods you mentioned. I've been eating organic or locally grown foods for many years. I oil pull as well and use only flax seed, hemp seed, olive and coconut oils in my salads and cooking. I limit my milk intake because I do like greek yogurt for the probiotic live enzymes. Here's my question: You mentioned not eating whole wheat because of the gluten. White flour, white bread is very unhealthy also and I like to buy my bread organic or freshly made. I usually get breads that are high in grains, cracked wheat, oats, etc. Are you telling me that they are not healthy or is it just ones made with whole wheat flour What should kind of bread should I eat And are grains good for you I love your videos and think you are giving us very good advice..
Hi how much water can a person on dialysis drink and how can he lower his creatinine thank you i like all your videos have a bless day.
Dr Group how do you think about astaxanthin it is said that astaxanthin is number one antioxidant, and it's effect is 800 times stronger than coq10,how do you think about puting it into your supplement. All those product advertised are all the same more or less just read the ingredient..they work but it takes a long time to see the difference a year and more a bit everyday.. and it is never that visible just that there is a difference but it is so subtle...I have not try this product I couldn,t see what is in it.. . The fact is, eating a staple diet of factory processed manufactured foods does cause premature aging. Add living in a toxic environment and premature aging is sped up further. Add a life of daily native stress and fear and premature aging soars..
Thank you for such great info... would taking all these recommended supplements put even more stress on the liver My TCM doctor has actually advised against taking any supplements so as not to over tax the liver... any thoughts on that would be really appreciated... :-) Thanks again!.

I am going to be 49 this june and im the one on the right in my pic. i just started not eating meats trying to eat raw whole foods nothing Dead and my skin is looking younger. the reason im doing this is for my heart i have bad genes so im trying this new way of eating. alls i do is watch all these videos on how to eat healthy. im watching your videos and learning a lot about a number of things! i will keep watching! thank you for helping all of us who need it! it is Greatly appreciated! thanks, Sandra.

Since the reprducttive systems stay fresh, we should use as a TEST to use VERNEX that is on a new borns skin to be bottled, harnsessed, and lets use it on our skin, or drink it, and see if IT WILL MAKE A DIFFSRENCE, TO GIVE US THE YOYTHFULL TAUGHT SKIN ! WHAT ARE YOUR THIUGHTS, OR TRY SPERM. OR FEMALE HORMONES PRODUCED IN ORGASISM ! USE THE FLUIDS TO PLACE ON OUR SKINS AS TEST ! I AM BEING VERY SERIOUS, WHAT TO YOU THINK .
Man, did he really say "respirating" Now, even if that were a respirate means to assist someone to breathe, artificially. Geez, I knew I shouldn't keep listening. He is raising My stress level. :). solution & food for hypo thyroid ,hyperthyroid & fibriods.please i need ur phone number & address. . Thank you Dr. group! I found you through Alex Jones' Show. The iodine and Super vitality products have changed my life and the lives of people I have turned on to them. One friend jokingly said she can't tell anybody her baby weight loss secret... Iodine! What should some one who has been through chemothereapy do to detox. You should consider being a guest on the ihealthtube YouTube channel along with the rest of naturopathic doctors and MD's that have appeared on there. It's a good channel!. Figures, ignorant comments on educational information. Coming from the barrel of either anti aging companies or people too calcified to open up their minds and look away from CVS and your big pharmaceuticals. The fix is eating healthy among other things. Great, now where do I get more Telomerase or Telomeres... You are now my best new friend... Help, me....
Hello. Very interesting information. I've practiced almost everything you've said here for over 2 yrs now, including going Gluten free, organic, non-gmo, juicing, as well as fasting each day from 9pm to 2pm the next day (calorie restriction). My question for you is how are we supposed to eliminate "corn" from our diet if we are Gluten free Almost every product on the market that is gluten free has corn in it. And, the problem is that it's difficult to find products at the grocery store that are both gluten free as well as organic and non- gmo..
according to aubrey de grey diet really isn't going to extend life or at least extend the "quality years" but rather will extend the elderly years. As a mma fighter approaching in my early 30s I would like to keep training into my 50s (ie bernard hopkins in boxing). What do we have now that can accelerate recovery from getting hit and allow one to recover like someone younger than 25. Also, why does the body start to break down in terms of v02 max, lactic acid production, etc., from the age of 26 And is there a way to counter this effect.
Some really great information. I love your delivery of the information. Very easy to listen to, and absorb what you are sharing. Thank you. I was recently introduced to the information concerning telomeres and I am fascinated by some of the science going on right now with the development of anti-aging supplementation. Very promising stuff..
Trying to get my health back. Had breast cancer in 99 and went through chemo. I'm now 59 and just had part of my colon and lower intestine removed. I also have Lupus and Sjogren`s syndrome. What should I take. Thank you for your words and asking him ill start adding you to my prayers i got sle lupus and they just found nodulars on lungs i also got barrettes esophagus i just found this man on line he seems to know what hes talking about but i didn see him answer anything concern I this wished he did i guess the best thing is start detoxing the system did you also see his video on castol packs its very interesting Hope ur doing well god bless you. This Guy is exciting to listen to.. His provides a wealth of very helpful information that gives insight and understanding to the listener. Here"s to Hope and HEALth....

10 Anti Aging habits to keep your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

December 24, 2015
13 Really Bad Habits That Cause Wrinkles. When it comes to skincare, less really is more. i53
Anti-Aging Habits To Start Now - MOTHER

October 25, 2015

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Hi Vicky thank you for all your posting could you tell us the ingredient that you are using like the vegetables and fruits are biological and GMO free. Very nice & usefull videoss... your blender is very nice... which brand is this... i want to buy...

Anti-Aging Tips | 13 Everyday Habits That Are...

November 27, 2015

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I should comment on this, because I just read a scientific American article on vegetable and fruit consumption. He is right and wrong at the same time. How can this be It's because there is a benefit from eating fruits and vegetables for your body, but only up to a point. So, what this means is if you eat too much vegetables (usually over time) what will happen is that in vegetables and I believe this applies to over consumption of fruit as well there are certain chemicals that can actually poison the liver over time, amongst other problems. See vegetables are grown from plants, and a-lot of plants have a bitter taste to the tongue. The reason this is the case is because plants as a defensive measure against insects (to keep these little buggers from eating them) developed certain natural chemicals to let insects know that they don't taste good to them so that the insects will learn to stop eating them. These chemicals that we as humans also taste when we eat vegetables and I believe also exist in some fruits in large dosages in our bodies can actually cause harm to the body. This is new though. They just really recently discovered this. As I stated earlier I read this in a recent Scientific American article and thus this is a very new find. So yes, eat vegetables and fruit, but you should do so in moderation. Meaning you should only consume a bit maybe every 2 or 3 days, so that you try to avoid the chance of these bad plant chemicals from building up into your system. If I had the magazine in front of me I could tell you what month it was from this year, but I don't sorry..
+Stephen crowe In my experience what you're saying is simply untrue. I've been eating 100% raw for over 14 years now. Did you know the foods with the lowest levels of toxins in them are raw fruits and then greens are number 2 And certainly I've been eating a ton of greens for 14 years + now and am doing just fine. Beware there is are TON of lies and misinformation in the world of nutrition. And there's a reason for that. The US government for instance really doesn't want us healthy. Because they're in bed with the drug companies and the Medical Mafia. They only make money if we are sick. Sickness is big business and therefore nutritional authors are paid big money by corporations to lie to the unsuspecting masses. It doesn't take much brain power to figure out that nature is the healer and that all wild animals with no access to human foods eat raw foods. Certainly chimpanzees eat a LOT of greens daily. Should they then stop doing so because of this misleading information in the Scientific American Science these days is all about political agenda and very little about searching after the truth.. Fruit is sweet because of glucose. This is how it works: Glucose > glucolisis > Acetil-CoA > part of that goes to fat. The more glucose the more Acetil-CoA- the more fat. Its not about eating raw fruits and vegetables..its keeping your caloric balance negative..spend more energy than you can whatever you want. If you spend every day say 3000 calories try to limit your food input to about 2500 as easy as that..
+savcob Many foods cause terrible imbalances in intestinal flora that definitely have a link to depression and mental inefficiency. Google "gut brain axis" and check the Wiki article..

What is your guys opinion; do you think he has aged well for a 44 year old person The question is, what did he look like at 34 when he began the raw food diet..

This "boy" is right on the money on this hot, controversial ant-aging topic. Anti-aging is almost a cliche, oxymoron when one thinks about it. Another "secret" on Roger Haeske's "secrets" is taking care with one's sleeping patterns. In the stressed-out on the west world sound sleeping is almost a mythology. Yes, 8-hr sleep is recommended but one get by with just 5-6 hrs of deep sleep where body-mind-spirit repairs/heals itself as an integrated package. Find your own combination-it's really like a black art/science. Look around you tube for sleep inducing pure tones to achieve the most desired states of various sleep stages: (see more below...).

elieve it or not I'm gonna be 42 in a month. And I don't look over 30. I'm tired that I always get carded to buy lottery and most people think I'm in my 20's. My wife and daughter thinks that I look in my 30's. So my daughters made a test. to ask 20 random people at the mall, how old do I look. the range was from 24 to 35. mostly in the mid twenties. I think it has a lot to do with me. I decided many years ago to look and stay young. I try to reduce the amount of stress, eat healthy, be active and other things that I choose not to share because I know that I'm going to last until I'm 150 years old..
roger your great example for other men to follow.why is it always women who have to mantain their lookslove watching your tips on health ,your look great.keep going..
Well he does have a 20 year old looking body that's for sure, he look's better then most teenager's out there..

Why is unusual in the title These suggestions (vigorous exercise, raw fruits and veggies, joy) all seem like no brainers - very powerful effective no brainers. I guess it's unusual because it makes sense. And we prefer crap. I wish you'd elaborated a bit on your savory veggie stews instead of trying to sell something. Although, I suspect, your product would be worth buying. I just like to see more good for free - maybe I should make some videos..

Can you count jump roping a vigorous exercise I read quite a bit about jump roping and I've found that it gives all the benefits of sprinting or interval training but alot less stress on the joints and alot quicker exercise as well..

nice...but you live in haWai!!! this means you have amazing fruits vegetables etc and FRESH COCONUTS!!!!!!!!!! Can someone do the same nutrition if living somewhere else.
I still the diet is very different in where i live.. light foods don't adjust well in colder countries. I love Ketosis, and i returned to eating some meat again. Most fruits contain too much sugars to me, and haywire my hormones. And can you tell me some more what your method does for different bloodtypes I have 0 rhesus negative for instance. The body does not only excist of nerves, muscles and tissue namely but also blood, meridians which ask for a different approach than a true mindset, sports and light foods. Love your work Roger and would be great to hear how you see this..
Americans in particular are preoccupied with a fantasy of looking like they are living in a state of arrested development. That and being wealthy. Don't fear aging, embrace it. If you look younger than your age that is a bonus but there is more to you than looks alone. Men shouldn't have to dye their hair or wax their chests to fit in or to attract a mate. .

A normal human being loses about 2% of his lean muscle mass after 25 yrs old, when he reaches 40 years old, his heart muscle will start to deteriorate...the way I see it, only way to reverse ageing is to recharge ur Ageloc! .
Can't do anything about the negative thoughts or negativity period but I can do the exercise and food, which I'm currently doing but not to the extent I should be..
This is a great video...I am on an extremely high raw food diet. I eat raw wild fish, raw eggs...but I I do steam potatoes...not that many...but I like buckwheat that is raw...and sometimes I have quinoa...what do you do for carbs.

I'm with you on sprints, going as hard as you can. But the diet, not so sure. Most professional athletes don't have your diet. But they do incorporate your training method..

where u live is freaking awesome if i could go out side and see what u see id go nutz im in california in a city its ehhhhh.
Aptly named (44 yo teenager). Looks like it's working! Obviously, you can work up to sprinting up hill, if you're overweight or out of shape or injured. You just inspired me to get some vigorous exercise in. I like it all - you're in control of your emotions, don't let your kids annoy you (laugh).. I got a better tip, MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle. If you let yourself go after 25-30, there's no coming back..
Usually headlines and titles like that are quacky, and involve spotty logic, but these are actually really good..

Eat lots of rice and vegetables and fruits to stay young. Don't eat meat. Meat will speed up your aging look real fast. My nephew is only 28 and looks much older than me at 45. His age appearance matches the majority of caucasians age appearance, which is much older looking than most Asians at the same age who are used to eating bucket loads of rice and very little or next to no meat. My nephew eats a lot of meat like a caucasian. Well, you can't blame him because his mother believed meat is nutritious like every uneducated people out there, and forced him to eat lots of meat ever since after weaning from milk. He has been conditioned to like eating meat now as an adult. Boy, he looks old. Even his grandma told him he shouldn't eat so much meat because it makes him look so much older for his age, as she judges his appearance against what Asians at his age should look like. His reply was that his mother has always forced him to eat lots of meat. Anyone who eats a lot of meat, don't have the space in the stomach to eat lots of rice and vegetables at the same time and that's the major cause of aging besides alcohols and cigarettes. Meat ages people due to the animal growth hormone that is in it regardless of whether it is grain fed or organic and grass fed. The more meat a child eats, the earlier he/she will start their puberty. This also means faster aging and shorter life span overall. So start buying rice in 25 kg bags like most Asian families do instead of 1 or 2 kg bags like all caucasians do (ie, if they eat rice at all to begin with!). Replace more vegetables and fruits in place of meat or better still to get rid of meats altogether. Antioxidants protects you from aging and there are loads of it in vegetables and fruits. Meat has almost no antioxidants but full of acid-producing proteins and growth hormones that also helps to grows cancer cells and promotes aging, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, strokes, dementia etc... Eat right, eat rice for your energy and vegetables and fruits for your much needed antioxidants and fiber !.

You forgot the fourth anti-aging tip. LIVE IN HAWAÏ! I live in Quebec, Canada and it is cold 6 months a year!.
(2.59)...whether you're in prison or... Alaska! LOL! Seriously, though, I agree. I am a 40+ "teenager" and cardio-exercises (HIIT) AND getting enough SLEEP (which Roger didn't mention) seem to be the main secret. I have a few habits generally considered nasty or at the very least unhealthy but it seems keeping fit or at least not letting myself go does the job. I guess good genes don't get in the way, either. As everybody is different you may prefer Yoga or Tai Chi but whatever it is you decide to do it will have made you feel "right" and happy. And the funny thing is - you need around 20 - 30 minutes, 3 - 5 times a week to maintain it. Peace!. He's right about the sprinting...just turned 30 but many guys who don't know my age think I'm 19-25 age range...some guy thought I was 17 or 18 yesterday because I shaved...anyway I used to sprint as a kid for fun before joining the team and before recently injuring my leg I sprinted randomly nearly daily just for fun. Running fast makes me feel free, always has, plus if I could have a super power it would be similar to the flash's. I'm naturally very fast anyway above the average person my age and even younger guys. Also I have a friend, he calls himself the flash, he's 3 years older than me. I met him when he was 29 and he was complaining about getting old...I thought he was 19-21 until he told me his age. I saw him again recently, he's almost 33 and he still looks the same, like a man in his early 20's and he still sprints around. I need to heal my legs so I can sprint again...but I ride my bike vigorously and after any vigorous exercise I notice that I look younger the next day. Vigorous exercise makes you sweat hard and increases blood flow so you are circulating highly oxygenated blood through the body and releasing toxins. Too bad most people find exercise too they rarely push themselves into that vigorous zone. I have loved being active since I was 5 and gym class was my favorite class. Be active if you want to look younger. Know your limits though because if you push your body too much, as in distance running, you are stressing out your body...stress is the biggest cause of aging.. +da_gr8est Agree 110%. Sprinting releases those all-important growth hormones which are vital to staying a part of the youth movement. These days I limit my sprints to 40 yard dashes for maybe an hour or two twice a week. It's something people may or may not do.. Maybe he don't quite look like a teenager, but he has a better body than most of the teenagers of today. He's in great shape!.
People say I look younger than my age. My grandmother still looks the same ever since I was born. Sometimes people thought my mom was my older sister because they say she looks like a teenager..
Hi. What about the snugger in fruit I think eating only fruit (and veg') but alot of fruit would make you fat or at least struggle with body fat percentiles Your thoughts .
Also I am a very positive person. I am more of an introvert so when I am socializing I often don't smile too much...I admit that I must continue improving my social skills...however others think that because I am not smiling that I have an attitude or that I am in a bad mood so they usually annoy me with questions like "what's wrong" or tell me to smile, when they aren't even smiling...ugh. Check out some videos here on youtube to understand the annoying situations introverts deal with. However internally I am usually always in a positive mood and I even encounter people who purposely try to upset me due to my calm nature...yeah. That's some bs. Anyway. Stay positive to also look youthful and that doesn't mean you have to be walking around smiling like a stepford wife or the cheser cat from alice in wonderland. Positivity is an internal state of mind. Also when people try to ruin that state and they will try...remain positive because their words and actions have no effect on you unless you give them permission to effect you. But on a positive note smiling does make you feel better and develop a sense of humor...watching funny stuff puts you in a positive state of mind. However I just don't like when others try to force me to smile or make the ridiculous assumption that automatically, if I'm not smiling then I must be in a bad mood or if I don't laugh at their unfunny attempts at humor all of a sudden I don't have one. No...sometimes a person's jokes fall flat...I'm not going to be fake and laugh if it's not funny. .
I'm totally with him on the notion that super long drawn out exercise is not nearly as good for you as shorter more vigorous stints. The long stuff literally wears you out!.
That's what I do before I saw this thanks for emphasizing it I stopped running long distance and stuck to vigorous dancing instead .
Hello Roger. How long have you been sprinting for stamina after the age of 40 And have you had a period where you stopped sprinting and then resumed sprinting, what was your experience I used to sprint in my 30s but lets just say a bit more challenging after not sprinting or working out for many years.. My papa looks much younger also... Now he is 56... He always wake up at 4:30am and work in the garden before go to work at 8:00am... And he takes vitamin c pills... He eats red meat a lot... But my observation tells me the source of his youth is bcoz he is so good at letting his anger out on my mom and kids and driver... He get so angry at us for nothing and within 3 minutes he will forget everything... My mom looks like his mother even though she is 8 years younger than my pa...Yes just let out your anger and negative feeling on time don't delay it... But plz do it in a right way... . he looks so young that the whole time I'm thinking "why would I want to learn from a youngster".
lemz Annette is black and black race as long healthy and intact DNA remain youthful particullary till 70 due their higher cellular integrity most of the white people have damage to their DNA. Some people should not eat meat it will age them faster other do require some animal protein .

hey man you remind us of old troy Donahue from the 60's. ha ha! great video we're going to make sure to follow your advice. Peace!.

Im 27 still get ID when i buy lighter fluid only time I dont is when i grow some beard, did even grow facial hair until 26...even then it still takes like a month...No drinking and No Smoking and eating shit loads of good and bad.
+13x60 Whoa! You do things the way I do. I'm 48. I feel like a teenager. No pain anywhere in my body. I try to eat healthy also, but at the same time I do not deprive myself of cravings. I'm 5ft 9 and I weigh 150. Full head of hair, and I hike farther and longer than anyone I know. Non smoker. No drugs. Very light alcohol consumption, and I chew my food into oblivion when I want to lose weight. Three cheers for people that know how to live life through common sense. Moderation is the key to a happy, healthy life..
+ZeusHelios Hi Zeus. Your question popped up just today, so I'm not sure when you asked me what I eat. Nothing to write home about really. I just consume more fresh greens, tomatoes, fruit of all kinds, and certain spices that I have read that are very good for health, such as Turmeric and cinnamon. I read that completely emaciating your food before you swallow, is one of the best things you can do for your digestive system. The book was called the Master Key. It was an old book, but it made sense to me, so I started doing it, and I saw and felt the benefits..
Doing those sprints at a high altitude would work even better too for anti-aging because of the higher hydrogen count in the atmopshere. Thanks for the video.. Controling your thoughts is the most frustrating thing you can do. That does make me any younger. lol.. I am the daughter of American relief workers in Central Subsaharan Africa (and previously pre-revolution Sudan). I grew up seeing a lot of starvation, hunger, poverty, and tribal violence. Even though sometimes we felt helpless, hopeless, and utterly broken down, the one thing my parents reinforced was that we should be joyous and positive whenever we could. Your last tip has a lot of unbelievably positive implications. Thank you so much for spreading the word. you have a fruit film, fruit is the most toxic food on earth, so if you like to die fast and stupid eat more fruit. Meat is the right food for human not fruit. What some people have to say is only bullshit!!! Folks dont listen to this shit..
Meats that in the on the west world are Mass produced pumped with Steroids, hormones,Antibiotics and GMO corn. The first sign of unhealthy people is weight gain. More and more people are coming down with Heart problems and Cancers. Keep eating meat my friend. .
Well, That's Great News, But what about the Chem-Trail's & their Spraying... What about Monsanto & their Spraying most of our Raw Foods & etc... Did I forget to mention, "Stress, Fear & Anxiety" in most of our Lives...! You got it down & look good on the outside, but you are "Dying" on the inside. There is "No" Way around it, I run into people like him, they look great on the outer-side of their Bodies, but are truly Dying, like all of Us. Don't get me wrong, his methods are good, but you have to considered the "Factors" that "Face All Of Us"...! They Spray very heavy in Hawaii Too, in all Heavy populated Area's. May God Have Mercy On Us & what lies ahead...!. I don't find your tips unusual, they make total sense and common sense would have us live as such, sadly sometimes we get sucked into the unhealthy ways of living but our minds are powerful and once we can stick to looking after the body mind and soul with the exercise, good foods and be peaceful and happy, we do indeed look and feel much better on the inside and outside.x.
Here is my take on this from my own personal experience. Exercise, yes! No need to go crazy about it. Just do what feels best to you, but you must exercise. Do some stretching's very important. Don't exceed your food intake and watch what you eat. No need to go raw either. By the way, I never watch my calorie intake. There is no need for that (it's retarded, I think). You should know how much you're eating and when exceeding the limits. Now, the most important thing to keep you young, I believe, is rest AND your attitude with yourself and life in general. Don't be a slave to your work. Take time off, take lots of it and enjoy it. I'll usually quit a job if I want time off but they won't give it to me. Be in charge..
This is what i call the first world, privileged white man concerns! Plus how are you contributing to the betterment of all beings with that young teenage body of yours Are you using that young body to contribute to community work or growing gardens every where Have you actually considered helping out elder or disabled people with that young body What good is a young body if its only being used for looks and ego boost No matter what, one day, your body will also end up in a grave, rotting, all that remains is your karma and soul. How much work have you done on keeping your karma and soul pure and youthful Anyways... as for raw eating its easy for you to say and do cause you live on a island where fresh food grows every where. What about people who live in concrete jungles or what about people who cant afford to by optimum raw food and are stuck eating food that is ultimately swayed by Monsanto Dud you really need to grow up, get out of your teenage body mentality and begin looking at the bigger problems of our planet! .
It always amazes me how people will look at a video that they have no interest in only to leave negative comments. Roger IS helping people by giving them his insight into something he has tried and succeded at. If there are people that live in concrete jungles then they have choices, humans are free thinking and can come up with solutions if they put there intention into something ( The law of attraction). There are many organic allotments and farmers markets around as this is a growing industry. .

The Anti-Aging Guy - Anti-aging and clues to a long...

January 16, 2016

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How to create an anti-aging skin care plan | American...

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Anti-Aging Eating Habits for Weight Loss

November 4, 2015

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Anti-Aging: 4 Food Habits That Age You :: Info On Aging

January 3, 2016

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i just found your channel and it's absolutely amazing ! love it ! i can't find a pacifier like that one in your video and wondering if the face slimmer will do the same job if i'll just hold it in my mouth like u showed instead of pacifier xxx.
+lucy s So sorry! It was not pacifier, but baby bottle cap. It's philips Avent. but face slimmer works too. Just Don't make wrinkles while holding it..
+StrongandWomanly I find this type of pacifier in Asia, but I thought it was EU brand... not sure. will make another video to mention the brand name if I find out!.
+StrongandWomanly Hi! I think it's it the pacifier that's used for babie's bottles. You can find it everywhere..

Interesting video! I always saw in the Internet a special gadget to put it in the mouth but was way to expense, thanks for this alternative, bless always 🙏.

+VanityVain1 The great thing is that pacifier is chemical free, which is safe enough for baby :).
+Koko Hayashi must be a blast to hang around you. Would have been fun if we could get to know each other but I live in sweden xD. +Koko Hayashi And what's your point Just because you use something doesn't mean it works.. +Georgina Ivette Hurtado Hi Georgina, sorry but I don't remember the brand name of the pacifier I use. But the point is to find out the best size for you. My pacifier might not be the best size for your mouth, because my mouth size and yours are different. Sorry for extra work, but please try several to find out the best size. not too easy to hold. not too hard to hold! Good luck to find the best size! The reason that pacifier is good is that it's chemical free for baby :). +Riuoetta Hi Riuoetta, I got this pacifier at local supermarket. I think regular supermarket or any baby shops sell pacifier. Please try several, to find out the best size for you. It took time for me to find out the best one, but once I find it, I keep buying the same size, and one of them is so yellow... as I keep using it. embarrassing... lol but I don't care!.

Seven Everyday Anti-Aging Habits: Daily practices to help...

December 30, 2015

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Had to come and find this again.. I am a home worker outer too.. Last year I was hit with a Serious Setback... On the mend.. And getting back into my routine again.. I do have a designated room... This is so helpful.. Thank you Angie!!!.
Hi Angie, I'm a High School student who just came across your videos and I've been really enjoying them! I don't need to lose weight as genetically I'm in good shape and grew up generally eating healthy foods, but lately I've been noticing that my increase in processed foods have led to me having acne (something that's usually rare for me), not being able to sleep until 1-2am, I often have to take 3 hour naps right after school, and the obvious- I've been gaining a little weight. I'm a Senior so the stress is prevalent, however, this really isn't the way I want to be living especially not at my age and I don't want this way of living to become a habit that sticks. I've been trying to work out but I can't get into it, even though I feel motivated! However, whenever I do work out (which isn't often at all), it's after school and I can barely get through an entire workout because I feel a need to take a nap. I was wondering if you think I should look into working out in the morning I really want to be in good shape once I'm older and I know that I need to start now. Great video and thank you!. Questions like yours make me wish I knew more about fitness and health than just what works for me... I'm not an expert, but it seems like eating less processed foods would give you more energy, clear up your skin, and help you sleep better at night. The school food doesn't help, but try to choose salad or a sandwich over pizza or chicken nuggets. My daughter takes individual serving hummus, carrot fingers, and rice cakes with peanut butter to school for lunch on days she doesn't want to eat what they're serving. Adding in a morning workout seems stressful, especially if you're up til 2 am. I'd try eating a healthy energizing snack after school and then working out (avoid getting under a blanket in front of the tv with a bowl of ice cream... you'll never get off the couch!!). A granola bar or handful of nuts, or even a small bowl of pasta or half a bagel will give you enough energy to complete your workout! Hope that helps..
Hi from New Zealand - brilliant - loving ALL your vids :-) Already following your eating plan and doing well. Will be checking out your work-out vids too. Thank you Angie - you are an inspiration..

Have you tried Charleene Prickett! She's so fantastic! Low impact high intensity is a great one. Check it out.

Angie! To have a body like that is unreal, and to have it at 50 is beyond my understanding! You're a goddess!.

I would like sharing my breakfast everyday! A cup of Chia seed with yogurt and blueberry. A bowl of oat with chia seed. .

Love your videos and your honest and frank sharing!!! Absolutely wonderful. You look fantastic…can't believe you are anywhere near 50! Very inspiring. I'd be interested to see you review skincare devices like Dermawand, Nuface, Tria… all the rage these days… Also, my friend has gotten me to start colouring my hair at home (with salon highlights 2x per year) and after 20+ years of regular highlights (I'm a blond), I can't believe it took me so long! My hair is in better condition than ever and it frees up a lot of time which, having two young kids, I take when I can get!! I also love that I can do it myself and at my convenience, Saves money too! I bought the Frieda blowdrying brush on your Reco just arrived but I can see how it will also save time and make styling easier. Thank you for your videos and please keep it up!!!.
Angie, you look fantastic!!! I love your diet and workout videos and find them very inspirational! I have recently started working out regularly but I do get a lot of pain in my knees. What kind of knee brace do you have Would you recommend a specific brand or do you have any tips for purchasing one Thank you!!.
Love love love your channel. I, too, have high cholesterol and (unfortunately) have to take the drug to control it. I wish I had your discipline to manage it with food. I'll keep making my way through your videos for inspiration. Way to go! You rock. .
Angie Love Love Love your channel. Thanks sooo much. I have looked on utube for fashion, hair and makeup for over fifty girls and wow what a joke. Your channel is perfect !! We still want to look and feel sexy at our age. What an inspiration you are. I am a 54 year young recent empty nester Ramping up for the second half with help from your channel. Thanks again.. Would you ever consider saving someones life :( I have NO friends here Ang. I was traveling and working on 'locations' so often, that I never really established relationships with people here at home..then when I took custody of my grandson and was more grounded.. mom and dad died, and I pretty much... became a bit recluse. I know hardly no one here; I DO have a ton of vids AND equipment and a large area right in my living room in front of tv. I just dont do it. I wonder if you would ever consider Webbing with someone (me!) via webcam..when you work out..and guide me. You out together I guess. But I dont even know where to start for my level of sedateness..which is..major. I have 110 lbs to lose( :( ) most since mom and dad died. As of NOIW, I am still healthy inside..but its not going to stay that way if I dont get this damn weight off. Would you ever consider being someones 'trainer' via webcam You wouldnt believe it if you saw me today..and knew me just a few short yrs ago. I was epic athlete in high school and all through out college. (obviously no athletic program in beauty but I coached college cheerleading over at WSU and was a cheerleader my entire school years. Track star till my knees started filling with water...etc. I have it in me...I just...lost it somewhere along the way and now Im CRITICALLY overweight and out of shape. . Oh, Jules... if only I was in any way qualified to train you or anyone else. What would be better is if we lived closer together so we could hike every weekend! So many people have asked me to make a workout video, but as I say, I'm really not an expert and wouldn't want to have anyone get hurt because of me. I feel your pain though, and I'd love to save your life. Can I kick start you with a suggestion It sounds like you have lots of nature around you, so instead of riding all those rec vehicles, take your little man out for a nature hike once or twice a week... slogging through snow and hiking up hill is a great workout and he'll be tired and ready for bed earlier.. thats actually a great idea with my lil man!! lol...Gawd knows I WISH I had just a fraction of his I really lived this video. You are really inspiring. I also appreciate your openness with your fitness secrets.. Hi Angie! You look great and you are so disciplined and it shows. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Colleen xox :).
Thank you for the inspiration. I am 48 and just now trying to get into a workout routine. I was hit by an SUV last December while walking my dog which used to be my main exercise. 6 mos. of physical therapy (broken leg-shattered ankle) taught me a lot of exercises... but I am having a difficult time making the commitment to a routine. It seems I always believe I have something "more important" to do. Thank you for sharing that despite the keep on going...I need to do the same..

I got really hungry just listening to the list of what you do not eat and had to get a snack. I won't say what. You are inspiring and I liked seeing your home workout area. It shows that it's not about finances to stay fit! Good thing to share, Angie! Now if you could just bottle some of that self-discipline and sell it on Etsy. ~ xoj.

My top 5 are: Jari Love Ripped to the Core, Paul Katami Kettlebells Skills & Drills, Tracy Long Defined Lines, The Firm Complete Aerobics & Weight Training, and The Firm Punch, Jump & Jab..

Thanks, Nicki~ I used to do yoga too, but it hurt my wrists too much and didn't offer enough cardio. I do have one short yoga DVD that I do on occasion when I want a good stretching!.
I'm in awe of people who get up at 5 to do those 6 am bootcamps!! I'm not an early morning person... Hopefully your trainer will be back in action soon, and so will you!.
Dear Angie, Thank you for sharing..But don`t you sometimes feel like leaving out one week or two how is it working when you go on holidays. Don`t you ever come out of the exercise routine When yes how do you motivate yourself to get back on track...look forward to your answer, xxx.

I just came across your videos a week or so ago, and I am really enjoying them. You are so disciplined, interesting, and inspiring. I am in my 50's, and have been feeling really frumpy. But I think watching and listening to you has helped me decide I need to get up and start feeling better, cause "I CAN! " Thanks, .

Thanks for all your comments! I hope your injury heals up quickly and you're back in your workout room happily doing (slightly lower) impact aerobics!.

Really enjoyed this video! I too am a home 'worker-outer' for the past 20+ years and love it. I love to eat healthy and my kids have never known me to NOT have worked out on a regular basis. My only wish in my next life is to be born with the skinny gene as you mentioned you have... =)))).

You don't have to work out alone. You can always workout with friends online. If you need the extra motivation, I'd be glad to give you a hand :).
I've been taking glucosamine/condroitin for 5 years... I hope it's doing something in there!!.
Forcing yourself to workout after work is the absolute hardest. You're tired, and hungry and still have a few chores to do so something's got to give and it's usually your workout. If you can try to plan which days you'll workout and have takeout or prepared soup & salad for dinner then you can spend the time you'd normally use to cook for working out. Just change right into your exercise clothes when you get home, eat an apple and GO! You'll be so proud of yourself when you're done!!.

Hi~ Great questions! Yes, I absolutely feel like taking a vacation from workouts from time to time and I usually do take a week off over the holidays, but I start to feel sluggish after a few days, so if I'm traveling I have a mini-routine I can do in a hotel room, or guest bedroom (there are 2 mini routines for travel on my blog if you want to go see them... the link is above). I just love how much better my body feels and works when I workout regularly, so I'm always ready to get back at it!.
Hi Angie! Thanks for sharing your workout and eating routines. I'm a bit older 54 but you and I look like we could be sisters, (you being the younger, more attractive sister!), so I can truly relate to you. You're so refreshing, and you're an inspiration!. Your so good, I cant make myself do this, was doing boat camp at 600am for one hour, did this for 3yrs. My trainer had surgery in May, so have not worked out for 3 months now and I miss it, dont miss waking up at 5am. Wish I can do what you do, but not good working out alone. Your look great and have wonderful spirit, thanks for sharing .
I've left you several comments today since I discovered you. I have to say I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm a home exerciser as well. I have dozens of DVDs and was actually IN the FIRMs second infomercial. I have a workout room in my home and have had to workout in tight spaces in the past too! I'm injured right now from going too high impact right now. No more for me. I'm 38 and it's not the same. Thanks for this vid!.
You have a darling figure. I'm 55 and work out everyday, but menopause is not being kind to my weight situation. I'm trying to lose 10 lbs and nothing seems to work..
You've inspired me to add bike riding to my workout routine- I hadn't ridden a bike in many years. I thought I was in pretty good shape but could barely make it around my neighborhood the first day lol. Have you retired from your career or do you work from home Would love a video tour of your home sometime! The BeFit channel on You Tube has a new workout every Monday-Friday. Also, the young girls Blogilates and Tone it up have good workout videos on YT..

All your hardwork has paid off Angie you look really good and have the lean body of a woman half your age - three cheers for anti-aging..

So true about aging skin! Staying active is SO key-especially as we get older. I work out at home too. Taking daily walks is a great way to start. Build up gradually, adding more elements..

I can't believe you worked out in that small space in the guest room! Proof that anyone can workout anywhere. :-).
Pink so foxy has a GREAT lighting video, just an FYI. YAY for your super commitment to health and thx for the video!. Stick with it and you will have arms like mine... probably even better!! Keep up the good work, and protect those knees! xo ~angie. This was a great video, Angie!!! A perfect room to exercise in! Same here with the knee issue. I don't know how the weather is by you, but it is a scorcher today! So, so hot!! Blessings, Rose. Wow! You look amazing. I hope you are proud of yourself. I love to workout as well and can appreciate the time and effort it takes. Have a great evening!.
I hope your issue gets resolved soon and you can get back into your workout routine! I had plantar fasciatis last year (painful foot) and had to really do a lot of modifying to be able to work out. My workouts suffered, but I did enough to keep at a baseline of fitness. Good luck!!.
Great info! Don't they say: "Use it or loose it!" Well, you haven't lost a step! Looking like a teen there GF! xx. Angie, have you tried working out on a mini-trampoline/rebounder I just got my first DVD for mine, and I'm not crazy about the DVD, so I'll keep looking. But using a rebounder is great because it's low impact on the joints. You might want to give it a try!. Watching this video has brought to mind that up until 4 years ago I used to exercise like you, in part. I would do a whole body work-out for one hour, 3 times a week, with an hour of cardio after. Lack of motivation, and a painful tailbone problem has made exercising most difficult, but hopefully a recently diagnosed reason for my pain has given me hope to getting back to exercising after a small operation is done. Love the weight lifting as it can transform the body and strengthen bones..
Angie I love your videos!! You are wonderful inspiration for women over 40. I would love to see more healthy recipes. : ).

I really love that you have your components in your closet. I know I should be complimenting your physical fitness but that is obvious anyway. It's that I've never seen things hooked up behind the wall like that. I have a perfect spot for that. It's a, "you learn something new everyday". Thanks! Oh and I love that you manage to do all of that and don't spend money on a gym membership, that;s great too..

Angie, if you havent found her on Youube, you might like the barbiewithmuscle.She does beauty and excercise videos and is in her 40s too.Thanks for this..

Make sure you don't put too much stress on your body, especially after an accident like that. Modify your workouts and listen to your body. If you would like to ask any questions at all, I am more than happy to help :).
Hi Lori Ann~ I'm so sorry about your accident, but glad you're mended... just try to remember that your health is more important than just about everything else, so making time for you should be a priority. All the best~ angie.
Thank you for posting Angie! You are such an inspiration. I have weak knees and wrists as well so i've been keeping away from working out as much but your video reminded me that there's lots of ways to keep fit with low impact and eating well. You rock!.

10 Anti Aging habits to keep your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

December 9, 2015

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Top 10 Anti-Aging Nutrition Habits - Women Fitness

November 23, 2015

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Good. I've been taking care of myself since I was a teen, now I'm 41 and I still get carded when I get lottery. Most people think I'm in my early 20s when I'm 41 :). Surprised that you didn't mention sun exposure, as most experts seem to agree it's the top cause of premature aging.. What is the science behind smoking depriving oneself of vitamin C Is it the carbon monoxide, or is it the nicotine. Someone said you had an annoying voice I don't think you do. I think it is just the sound equipment needs something smooth and softer next to it. But your voice is fine. . Thank you very much as the information is so much of important to me and my family.Have a great day!. Hi Barbara, I love your videos - I always learn something! What's your take on melatonin as a sleep aid I have no trouble falling asleep but I often wake up for 2-4 hours in the middle of the night, I usually fall back to sleep for an hour or two but wake up feeling tired and groggy. . I don't love melatonin as a sleep aid for a bunch of reasons... Have you seen the video on sleep I have I would take a look at that and see if there is anything you can do that I recommend on particular attention to food/drinks at night. Hopefully that will help. Also, look into the concept of First and Second's interesting and might be helpful. There was a recent article about it in MORE magazine this month. I am sure you can google it :). Yep, eat that avocado...half of an avocado on your salad *becomes* a dressing if you mix it with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar...great stuff! No other oils needed for that salad! Nice video Barbara!!! ♥! .
Start with half a beet and see how it goes. Beets have a lot of sugar and can sometimes affect blood sugar, so keep it to half and see how it goes~.

Anti-Aging on Pinterest | Bad Habits, Carol Alt and Stem Cells

November 14, 2015

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Looking young is MOSTLY about GENES. Luck of the draw. Then there are the other factors. But mostly GENES.. Roger is the closest to physical perfection I have seen in a man. Although not the most handsome of guys he has a body like a Greek sculpture of Apollo. Forget about those pumped up body builders - this is how man in his primeval state as a hunter-gatherer is supposed to look. Just look at the remaining bush men in the world today to see what I mean..
actually, I think you look like you were 30something, not a teenager... no offense meant, just saying..
You can probably eliminate a lot of joint issues - stiffness, arthritis, etc. by weaning yourself off of WHEAT!!!!. I guess I'm seeing your point now. You're making a technical point. The wheat industry as well is using this point to defend their products - that modern wheat has NOT been technically a GMO - that is not the product of gene re-sequencing or insertions. Modern wheat is a product of hybridization - crossbreeding with other strains of wheat and/or grasses - which actually might be worse.. +flexbrat On Jan, 18, 2014: 116,995 people who have high blood cholesterol are studied. Among them, 16 (0.01%) have Dark Circles Under Eyes..
I love the adverts of recently retired guys playing golf, stiff grey haired fat and ugly...does it really have to be that way, that comes from my old man !!.
I love people who look younger than they look. Diet and health have effects on your age, genetics to..
Actually recent discoveries in epigenetics show that there are methyl and ethyl groups that CONTROL genetic expression rather than the other way around. The methyl and ethyl groups are controlled by metabolism, which we have the ability to affect by our diet, exercise, and thoughts..
The lighting his low to high so it will make him look a bit older as it shows more detail to the face that would not be obvious from above.. 2 RogerHaeske not all are toxic. Safe cosmetics database rates them. Most are, but not all. zinc oxide is a mineral, is no toxic on the skin. I would not eat it tho. So tho your generalization of not putting on your skin what you would not eat is not always true. Some of us fair skinned people cannot "get as much sun as possible" in the summer as you suggest without a suncreen on our faces, for example.. he has his own formulas to avoid aging...congratulations! everyone must take what is useful from his words to create his personal formula. . 2 tommixoft you are an idiot. the sun is good for you. It provides vitamins to help keep you happy and going strong. The chemicals you put on your body cause the harm. do research before you make lame and ignorant comments. great video.
Hi I like your video, I hae a question about hymilayan salts. I Heard as a clense you can drink a tablespoon a day for 30 days. It's supposed to give you more energy. Is it different then normal salt, Or do you have any ideas Yes no, Maybe moderation .

biggest anti aging is psychological health. you can see it on peoples skin, their eyes, their posture and so on if they're psychological ustable, had psychological breakdowns. this is probably why women age faster, because they tend to be psychologically unstable ESPECIALLY if they've had children.
I don't believe this things at all, since the presenter is trying to get me to visit a site to see the rest of the video part 2. Pretending that he found the youth fountain. Dude go get a job and see how fast that you are going to age. By the way, I don't believe he is 41, looks more to me like 21 with make up on to make him look older, especially when he was walking out, couldn't face camera so that his make up would be revealed..
The bones in the face/skull shift as we age. This is why he might look like he's 30-35 instead of 20. You can't do anything about that. But if you put a bag over his head, you would have no idea how old he is. Most importantly, I bet he looks young at the cellular/tissue/organ/metabolic level...all the invisible stuff that really matters..
why dont you say what you have to say...why do i need to enter i dont know how many sites..dont get me wrong, i support your ideeas...but, why becoming so comercial. yes most teenagers look nothing like this guy. they are usually 2 or 3 times his weight and look older..
Don Tolman has a series of 8 videos on here explaining exactly what you are talking about. Watch them and let me know what you think .

i use spray on high concentrate aloe vera w/o alcohol. i also have been running biking daily for most of my life. i'm 58 and look 35..

thanks roger, your comments on this video reveal the depths of your knowledge on this issue. thank you..
Don´t Eat, Don´t Drink, Don´t meet even dont talk to women, Do Sports, Don´t Work-> Thats it.. You must take Astaxanthin to avoid getting sun burned...just a theory :D You look damn great for 41 (well, you're probably close to 43 now :D) I hope to look as good as you or better by that time- it's only 5 years away for me! Must lose the weight, about 100#s; I know, it's a challenge, but I'll get there!. 27/28 your just starting out as a 'developed man'. Surely the peak is mid 40's and then a slow decline.... Hey Roger, I got a similar compliment last year. I was sitting in a restaurant talking to a stranger about the school I used to attend, and he seriously asked me what I thought of my PRESENT tense. I was shocked, I too actually pass for a teenager still, and I do alot of the things you talk about. Those are always cool moments.. Stop eating... stop aging. If we cut out about 30-40% of our normal caloric intake, the aging process slows to a crawl. This method has been proven with many species from yeast to worms to fruit flies to mice to rhesus monkeys. But the few calories you do take in must be LOW glycemic... like green veggies, nuts, lean protein, good fats (Omega 3, Olive Oil).. Sun will do that to you too though. It's good to get some early morning sun or evening sun, but not a lot. And being in the sun during the day, no matter how much sun screen you apply will age you prematurely..
my aging secret is hibernation did work for me i look 15 less of bio age. i look older when i was 20 but i transmute that..
I've seen your video number 2 on your website. Thank you very much for the advice on your video!. Thank for the perspective some people just think its all over when your older and that you should look older,what about telling a 20 somethin and say what are you gonna do when your in your thirties, but the secret to aging is no exercise at all and eating badly. some people are afraid of those numbers what if you where 100 and just looked like 50 at least you gave something more positive here don't make bed here thanks.
Hi Roger! Regarding your comment about salt. I agree with not consuming table salt, sodium, but what about Himalayan Sea Salt or other sources of raw organic sea salts that have a lot of minerals .

There is no known way to prevent aging. But you can certainly slow it down and prevent a lot of the disease that often goes with it. .

i wuld say mid 20s lol not a teen tho. Lets not exaggerate now haha jk. Still very impressive :D. Eternal youth is one my dreams and goals haha.

Lol. Yes, your body needs protein, sugar, and saturated.. However you can get all of those, in the quantities you need. The only exception is vitamin B12, ( supplement that). (also anyone out there saying it's in meat only, NO, it's in the bacteria that is commonly found on meat.).
2 tommixoft I live in France and i have noticed that women are way more beautifull in the south up until their late 40s(where there is more sun) compared to the north where they start getting ugly at 25, and once they hit their 40s they are disgusting.. 2 RogerHaeske talking about your hair, please do something about youre hair style, fringe doesn't fit you, you could look much handsomer without the curly fringe. (Like your stomach muscles ;-).
he looks good for his age or any age. it is more of a "pitch line" for his product which is looking good and healthy for one's age..
Hi Roger, what do u think about tea i drink 2-cups per day.I have stopped drinking coffee about 1 year ago..
2 bladdan I dont know about Nordic people...but in Australia if you want to stay young you should stay out of the sun...I get burnt within 5 mins here and that's with 30+ sunscreen covering every inch of my body....

Yur video is interesting haha ur birthday is 5 days after mine...i am 36yrs old and people keep thinking im 24 thats good i guess for the last 10 years ive stayed in that range..well i cant pass as a teenager but as a woman thats pretty good.

Hey Rob, im 6 foot one 21 years old, extremely atheletic, how many calories should i consume a day thanks bro, love you.

I looked much younger up to about 44 or so but i went downhill fast.My reasoning is STRESS,we hear a lot about stress,i can tell you it is true.Stress causes chemical reactions in your body that are simply no good. Prior to stress,i can tell you that i was extremely healthy,the key was constant exercise,i worked hard all my life and still played sports almost everyday after work.That is the simple truth,i could literally eat anything i wanted just by exercising a lot..

Roger - I also became really interested in anti-aging and natural health when I was 12-13 years old. You are definitely one of my heroes! Keep it up. :).

wrong. genes are responsible for 10% of aging. the rest is up to the individual. and NO looking 'good'' is easy, looking healthy is the key. and nuts, as well as fruits/veges. .

2 tommixoft I have to agree withthe Vid host about the sunshine thing, though Vampires are definitely an exception in this case.
the body looks like in its 30ies...40 tops... and some faces just look younger from a distance - depending if they're rounder or square or narrow. but the skinnier you get, the more crumpled up the face will look like..
2 tommixoft idiot, no UV light can not be made ​​vitamin D without vitamin D, there are various forms of cancer, he also says that overkill is bad. 90% of people have vitamin D deficiency. unlike you, he advises. you do not provide any actual science reflection on reality..

I have to agree that the sun in itself wont ruin your skin or age you. It'll only do so if you dont have robust skin. The key isn't avoiding the sun. You need the sun to build Vitamin D in your body. The key is builidng robust skin. I myself am 43 and people always mistaken me for someone in his mid to early 20's. I havent gone to the site this author advertises as I have my own health protocol for staying young. My point is it is possilbe to stop aging..
2 healingdragon wake up man, anyone on a raw food lifestyle with some basic daily exercises can look like this guy... stop eating crap like meat, dairy, carbs and you will look like this in a few months. He looks like he is younger than 40, I guess. I don't know anymore, I am too old friends. But here in Australia there's a lot of sun, so it's easy to age very quickly. The sun is the biggest aging factor, I believe. That's what my medical doctor told me anyway..

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04 April 2016

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Anti-Aging Habits: 137 smart and sassy ways to add years...

06 April 2016. Mistakes That Age You - (,,20788790,00.html) Anti aging heart health. Heart is a strong muscle about the size of the palm of your hand. Just like an engine makes a car go, the heart keeps body running.

April 30, 2016

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Natural Anti-Aging Habits | Healthy Lifestyle | Nutrex Hawaii

May 01, 2016. Book review of Anti-Aging Habits - Readers' Favorite: Book... ( habits) What you eat impacts everything from your skin to your bones to your cognitive abilities. Here at the Huffington Post, we’ve written about foods you should never...

Skinception Argan Oil

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Skinception Argan Oil. Cold pressed cosmetic argan oil. The moroccan anti-aging miracle. Skinception argan oil can reduce skin aging, moisturize, fight acne and even heal psoriasis.

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Dermology Anti-Aging Solution

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Dermology Anti-Aging Solution is a complete anti-aging formula that uses only the finest natural ingredients to reduce the appearance of aging and restore the vitality of your skin. Its contains: hyaluronic acid (to firm skin with moisture-infusion at the cellular level), Argireline (to relax muscle fibers and remove surface wrinkles), Matrixyl 3000 (is proven to promote healthy-looking collagen in the skin).

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Venorex is a professional strength formula that provides a natural alternative to expensive laser procedures. It contains a highly concentrated botanical complex, active plant extracts, anti-aging peptides, vitamins and other specially selected ingredients to help reduce the appearance of varicose, spider and thread veins on face and body.

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Resveratrol Ultima

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Resveratrol Ultima is the most amazing anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle product.

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Hard Man is an all-natural product made from a selection of exotic fine herbs. Hard man contains one of the most powerful erection boosting herbs known to man, Tongkat ali. It will support erectile function while enhancing your sperm quantity and quality for increased sexual pleasure.

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Is winter on its way? And are you're looking for a natural flu remedy, with out the jabs? DEFENCE is the natural choice that should be considered. Studies have shown DEFENCE is a powerful immune booster. That has a strong antiviral action against influenza A and B, bird flu, herpes, and even HIV.

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Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), is a potent antioxidant, its known as the worlds most beneficial super food, acai berry has recently taken over the world with its amazing health benefits that include: increased energy levels, improved digestion, detoxification, it will help by improving your skin.

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