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December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:

I should comment on this, because I just read a scientific American article on vegetable and fruit consumption. He is right and wrong at the same time. How can this be It's because there is a benefit from eating fruits and vegetables for your body, but only up to a point. So, what this means is if you eat too much vegetables (usually over time) what will happen is that in vegetables and I believe this applies to over consumption of fruit as well there are certain chemicals that can actually poison the liver over time, amongst other problems. See vegetables are grown from plants, and a-lot of plants have a bitter taste to the tongue. The reason this is the case is because plants as a defensive measure against insects (to keep these little buggers from eating them) developed certain natural chemicals to let insects know that they don't taste good to them so that the insects will learn to stop eating them. These chemicals that we as humans also taste when we eat vegetables and I believe also exist in some fruits in large dosages in our bodies can actually cause harm to the body. This is new though. They just really recently discovered this. As I stated earlier I read this in a recent Scientific American article and thus this is a very new find. So yes, eat vegetables and fruit, but you should do so in moderation. Meaning you should only consume a bit maybe every 2 or 3 days, so that you try to avoid the chance of these bad plant chemicals from building up into your system. If I had the magazine in front of me I could tell you what month it was from this year, but I don't sorry..
+Stephen crowe In my experience what you're saying is simply untrue. I've been eating 100% raw for over 14 years now. Did you know the foods with the lowest levels of toxins in them are raw fruits and then greens are number 2 And certainly I've been eating a ton of greens for 14 years + now and am doing just fine. Beware there is are TON of lies and misinformation in the world of nutrition. And there's a reason for that. The US government for instance really doesn't want us healthy. Because they're in bed with the drug companies and the Medical Mafia. They only make money if we are sick. Sickness is big business and therefore nutritional authors are paid big money by corporations to lie to the unsuspecting masses. It doesn't take much brain power to figure out that nature is the healer and that all wild animals with no access to human foods eat raw foods. Certainly chimpanzees eat a LOT of greens daily. Should they then stop doing so because of this misleading information in the Scientific American Science these days is all about political agenda and very little about searching after the truth.. Fruit is sweet because of glucose. This is how it works: Glucose > glucolisis > Acetil-CoA > part of that goes to fat. The more glucose the more Acetil-CoA- the more fat. Its not about eating raw fruits and vegetables..its keeping your caloric balance negative..spend more energy than you can whatever you want. If you spend every day say 3000 calories try to limit your food input to about 2500 as easy as that.. +savcob Many foods cause terrible imbalances in intestinal flora that definitely have a link to depression and mental inefficiency. Google "gut brain axis" and check the Wiki article.. roger your great example for other men to follow.why is it always women who have to mantain their lookslove watching your tips on health ,your look great.keep going.. This "boy" is right on the money on this hot, controversial ant-aging topic. Anti-aging is almost a cliche, oxymoron when one thinks about it. Another "secret" on Roger Haeske's "secrets" is taking care with one's sleeping patterns. In the stressed-out on the west world sound sleeping is almost a mythology. Yes, 8-hr sleep is recommended but one get by with just 5-6 hrs of deep sleep where body-mind-spirit repairs/heals itself as an integrated package. Find your own combination-it's really like a black art/science. Look around you tube for sleep inducing pure tones to achieve the most desired states of various sleep stages: (see more below...).
What is your guys opinion; do you think he has aged well for a 44 year old person The question is, what did he look like at 34 when he began the raw food diet..
elieve it or not I'm gonna be 42 in a month. And I don't look over 30. I'm tired that I always get carded to buy lottery and most people think I'm in my 20's. My wife and daughter thinks that I look in my 30's. So my daughters made a test. to ask 20 random people at the mall, how old do I look. the range was from 24 to 35. mostly in the mid twenties. I think it has a lot to do with me. I decided many years ago to look and stay young. I try to reduce the amount of stress, eat healthy, be active and other things that I choose not to share because I know that I'm going to last until I'm 150 years old.. Can you count jump roping a vigorous exercise I read quite a bit about jump roping and I've found that it gives all the benefits of sprinting or interval training but alot less stress on the joints and alot quicker exercise as well.. Americans in particular are preoccupied with a fantasy of looking like they are living in a state of arrested development. That and being wealthy. Don't fear aging, embrace it. If you look younger than your age that is a bonus but there is more to you than looks alone. Men shouldn't have to dye their hair or wax their chests to fit in or to attract a mate. . nice...but you live in haWai!!! this means you have amazing fruits vegetables etc and FRESH COCONUTS!!!!!!!!!! Can someone do the same nutrition if living somewhere else. Why is unusual in the title These suggestions (vigorous exercise, raw fruits and veggies, joy) all seem like no brainers - very powerful effective no brainers. I guess it's unusual because it makes sense. And we prefer crap. I wish you'd elaborated a bit on your savory veggie stews instead of trying to sell something. Although, I suspect, your product would be worth buying. I just like to see more good for free - maybe I should make some videos..
I still the diet is very different in where i live.. light foods don't adjust well in colder countries. I love Ketosis, and i returned to eating some meat again. Most fruits contain too much sugars to me, and haywire my hormones. And can you tell me some more what your method does for different bloodtypes I have 0 rhesus negative for instance. The body does not only excist of nerves, muscles and tissue namely but also blood, meridians which ask for a different approach than a true mindset, sports and light foods. Love your work Roger and would be great to hear how you see this..
Well he does have a 20 year old looking body that's for sure, he look's better then most teenager's out there.. A normal human being loses about 2% of his lean muscle mass after 25 yrs old, when he reaches 40 years old, his heart muscle will start to deteriorate...the way I see it, only way to reverse ageing is to recharge ur Ageloc! .
Can't do anything about the negative thoughts or negativity period but I can do the exercise and food, which I'm currently doing but not to the extent I should be..

I'm with you on sprints, going as hard as you can. But the diet, not so sure. Most professional athletes don't have your diet. But they do incorporate your training method..

where u live is freaking awesome if i could go out side and see what u see id go nutz im in california in a city its ehhhhh.

Aptly named (44 yo teenager). Looks like it's working! Obviously, you can work up to sprinting up hill, if you're overweight or out of shape or injured. You just inspired me to get some vigorous exercise in. I like it all - you're in control of your emotions, don't let your kids annoy you (laugh)..
I got a better tip, MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle. If you let yourself go after 25-30, there's no coming back.. This is a great video...I am on an extremely high raw food diet. I eat raw wild fish, raw eggs...but I I do steam potatoes...not that many...but I like buckwheat that is raw...and sometimes I have quinoa...what do you do for carbs.
Usually headlines and titles like that are quacky, and involve spotty logic, but these are actually really good..

Eat lots of rice and vegetables and fruits to stay young. Don't eat meat. Meat will speed up your aging look real fast. My nephew is only 28 and looks much older than me at 45. His age appearance matches the majority of caucasians age appearance, which is much older looking than most Asians at the same age who are used to eating bucket loads of rice and very little or next to no meat. My nephew eats a lot of meat like a caucasian. Well, you can't blame him because his mother believed meat is nutritious like every uneducated people out there, and forced him to eat lots of meat ever since after weaning from milk. He has been conditioned to like eating meat now as an adult. Boy, he looks old. Even his grandma told him he shouldn't eat so much meat because it makes him look so much older for his age, as she judges his appearance against what Asians at his age should look like. His reply was that his mother has always forced him to eat lots of meat. Anyone who eats a lot of meat, don't have the space in the stomach to eat lots of rice and vegetables at the same time and that's the major cause of aging besides alcohols and cigarettes. Meat ages people due to the animal growth hormone that is in it regardless of whether it is grain fed or organic and grass fed. The more meat a child eats, the earlier he/she will start their puberty. This also means faster aging and shorter life span overall. So start buying rice in 25 kg bags like most Asian families do instead of 1 or 2 kg bags like all caucasians do (ie, if they eat rice at all to begin with!). Replace more vegetables and fruits in place of meat or better still to get rid of meats altogether. Antioxidants protects you from aging and there are loads of it in vegetables and fruits. Meat has almost no antioxidants but full of acid-producing proteins and growth hormones that also helps to grows cancer cells and promotes aging, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, strokes, dementia etc... Eat right, eat rice for your energy and vegetables and fruits for your much needed antioxidants and fiber !.
You forgot the fourth anti-aging tip. LIVE IN HAWAÏ! I live in Quebec, Canada and it is cold 6 months a year!. (2.59)...whether you're in prison or... Alaska! LOL! Seriously, though, I agree. I am a 40+ "teenager" and cardio-exercises (HIIT) AND getting enough SLEEP (which Roger didn't mention) seem to be the main secret. I have a few habits generally considered nasty or at the very least unhealthy but it seems keeping fit or at least not letting myself go does the job. I guess good genes don't get in the way, either. As everybody is different you may prefer Yoga or Tai Chi but whatever it is you decide to do it will have made you feel "right" and happy. And the funny thing is - you need around 20 - 30 minutes, 3 - 5 times a week to maintain it. Peace!. He's right about the sprinting...just turned 30 but many guys who don't know my age think I'm 19-25 age range...some guy thought I was 17 or 18 yesterday because I shaved...anyway I used to sprint as a kid for fun before joining the team and before recently injuring my leg I sprinted randomly nearly daily just for fun. Running fast makes me feel free, always has, plus if I could have a super power it would be similar to the flash's. I'm naturally very fast anyway above the average person my age and even younger guys. Also I have a friend, he calls himself the flash, he's 3 years older than me. I met him when he was 29 and he was complaining about getting old...I thought he was 19-21 until he told me his age. I saw him again recently, he's almost 33 and he still looks the same, like a man in his early 20's and he still sprints around. I need to heal my legs so I can sprint again...but I ride my bike vigorously and after any vigorous exercise I notice that I look younger the next day. Vigorous exercise makes you sweat hard and increases blood flow so you are circulating highly oxygenated blood through the body and releasing toxins. Too bad most people find exercise too they rarely push themselves into that vigorous zone. I have loved being active since I was 5 and gym class was my favorite class. Be active if you want to look younger. Know your limits though because if you push your body too much, as in distance running, you are stressing out your body...stress is the biggest cause of aging.. +da_gr8est Agree 110%. Sprinting releases those all-important growth hormones which are vital to staying a part of the youth movement. These days I limit my sprints to 40 yard dashes for maybe an hour or two twice a week. It's something people may or may not do.. Hi. What about the snugger in fruit I think eating only fruit (and veg') but alot of fruit would make you fat or at least struggle with body fat percentiles Your thoughts . I knew some shit was going to be sold. First off, aging is part of life, stop this crap of I don't want to get old. Been happy and think positive has nothing to do with anti-aging, 44 teenager. Dude, seriously.
People say I look younger than my age. My grandmother still looks the same ever since I was born. Sometimes people thought my mom was my older sister because they say she looks like a teenager..

It's all good. Yes,,, being a negative troll on You-Tube certainly can make us old, very old... If he wants to call himself a teenager no problem. Have a sense of humour, lighten up ! It is not a crime to not want to get old, and it never has been and never will be..
Also I am a very positive person. I am more of an introvert so when I am socializing I often don't smile too much...I admit that I must continue improving my social skills...however others think that because I am not smiling that I have an attitude or that I am in a bad mood so they usually annoy me with questions like "what's wrong" or tell me to smile, when they aren't even smiling...ugh. Check out some videos here on youtube to understand the annoying situations introverts deal with. However internally I am usually always in a positive mood and I even encounter people who purposely try to upset me due to my calm nature...yeah. That's some bs. Anyway. Stay positive to also look youthful and that doesn't mean you have to be walking around smiling like a stepford wife or the cheser cat from alice in wonderland. Positivity is an internal state of mind. Also when people try to ruin that state and they will try...remain positive because their words and actions have no effect on you unless you give them permission to effect you. But on a positive note smiling does make you feel better and develop a sense of humor...watching funny stuff puts you in a positive state of mind. However I just don't like when others try to force me to smile or make the ridiculous assumption that automatically, if I'm not smiling then I must be in a bad mood or if I don't laugh at their unfunny attempts at humor all of a sudden I don't have one. No...sometimes a person's jokes fall flat...I'm not going to be fake and laugh if it's not funny. . I'm totally with him on the notion that super long drawn out exercise is not nearly as good for you as shorter more vigorous stints. The long stuff literally wears you out!. That's what I do before I saw this thanks for emphasizing it I stopped running long distance and stuck to vigorous dancing instead . My papa looks much younger also... Now he is 56... He always wake up at 4:30am and work in the garden before go to work at 8:00am... And he takes vitamin c pills... He eats red meat a lot... But my observation tells me the source of his youth is bcoz he is so good at letting his anger out on my mom and kids and driver... He get so angry at us for nothing and within 3 minutes he will forget everything... My mom looks like his mother even though she is 8 years younger than my pa...Yes just let out your anger and negative feeling on time don't delay it... But plz do it in a right way... .
Hello Roger. How long have you been sprinting for stamina after the age of 40 And have you had a period where you stopped sprinting and then resumed sprinting, what was your experience I used to sprint in my 30s but lets just say a bit more challenging after not sprinting or working out for many years..
Maybe he don't quite look like a teenager, but he has a better body than most of the teenagers of today. He's in great shape!. lemz Annette is black and black race as long healthy and intact DNA remain youthful particullary till 70 due their higher cellular integrity most of the white people have damage to their DNA. Some people should not eat meat it will age them faster other do require some animal protein . hey man you remind us of old troy Donahue from the 60's. ha ha! great video we're going to make sure to follow your advice. Peace!. Controling your thoughts is the most frustrating thing you can do. That does make me any younger. lol..
Doing those sprints at a high altitude would work even better too for anti-aging because of the higher hydrogen count in the atmopshere. Thanks for the video..

I am the daughter of American relief workers in Central Subsaharan Africa (and previously pre-revolution Sudan). I grew up seeing a lot of starvation, hunger, poverty, and tribal violence. Even though sometimes we felt helpless, hopeless, and utterly broken down, the one thing my parents reinforced was that we should be joyous and positive whenever we could. Your last tip has a lot of unbelievably positive implications. Thank you so much for spreading the word.

Well, That's Great News, But what about the Chem-Trail's & their Spraying... What about Monsanto & their Spraying most of our Raw Foods & etc... Did I forget to mention, "Stress, Fear & Anxiety" in most of our Lives...! You got it down & look good on the outside, but you are "Dying" on the inside. There is "No" Way around it, I run into people like him, they look great on the outer-side of their Bodies, but are truly Dying, like all of Us. Don't get me wrong, his methods are good, but you have to considered the "Factors" that "Face All Of Us"...! They Spray very heavy in Hawaii Too, in all Heavy populated Area's. May God Have Mercy On Us & what lies ahead...!.

word to that.. f!! me 43 yo teenager... you kick as!!!... the happiness and creativity are my super miracles.. (((( cant get happy sing your favorite song )))) imagine body as a mean super-machine.. that can handle anything... then it will... !! THanks for the video.. and good luck to the future.. im sure you will be the 88 yo teenager.. ( for reals ).
Here is my take on this from my own personal experience. Exercise, yes! No need to go crazy about it. Just do what feels best to you, but you must exercise. Do some stretching's very important. Don't exceed your food intake and watch what you eat. No need to go raw either. By the way, I never watch my calorie intake. There is no need for that (it's retarded, I think). You should know how much you're eating and when exceeding the limits. Now, the most important thing to keep you young, I believe, is rest AND your attitude with yourself and life in general. Don't be a slave to your work. Take time off, take lots of it and enjoy it. I'll usually quit a job if I want time off but they won't give it to me. Be in charge..
You look great and your advise is spot on. I switched to a plant based diet and the results were more than i expected. I am 67 and keep my weight at 145 and cycle, run, swim and gym like a very fit twenty something..

you have a fruit film, fruit is the most toxic food on earth, so if you like to die fast and stupid eat more fruit. Meat is the right food for human not fruit. What some people have to say is only bullshit!!! Folks dont listen to this shit..
Meats that in the on the west world are Mass produced pumped with Steroids, hormones,Antibiotics and GMO corn. The first sign of unhealthy people is weight gain. More and more people are coming down with Heart problems and Cancers. Keep eating meat my friend. .
I'm getting back on the wagon eating all Raw Foods & my workouts definitely consist of sprints. So I'm up early here getting motivated and staying inspired. Thanks for the inspiring video. I'm going to be logging my 30 to day. Congrats on completing. :).

Everything this young man (yes, 44 is still quite young) says is true, and overall good advice. However, some people just look young for a long time, at 44 I looked closer to 30 - at 59 I am taken for someone who is around ten years younger than that. Some of it just has to do with genetics - I try to watch my diet but to just exist on vegetables and fruits wouldn't be easy..
hey you are sprinting on a hard cemented road that might tear away tendons and ligaments in the longer run, what you say about it please update.

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December 16, 2015
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I started using anti-aging cream at around 30, because I thought I might feel grateful for it when 40. This has constituted my only beauty ritual so far, apart from... i2
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Comments about this video:
Looking young is MOSTLY about GENES. Luck of the draw. Then there are the other factors. But mostly GENES..
Roger is the closest to physical perfection I have seen in a man. Although not the most handsome of guys he has a body like a Greek sculpture of Apollo. Forget about those pumped up body builders - this is how man in his primeval state as a hunter-gatherer is supposed to look. Just look at the remaining bush men in the world today to see what I mean..
You can probably eliminate a lot of joint issues - stiffness, arthritis, etc. by weaning yourself off of WHEAT!!!!. I guess I'm seeing your point now. You're making a technical point. The wheat industry as well is using this point to defend their products - that modern wheat has NOT been technically a GMO - that is not the product of gene re-sequencing or insertions. Modern wheat is a product of hybridization - crossbreeding with other strains of wheat and/or grasses - which actually might be worse..
actually, I think you look like you were 30something, not a teenager... no offense meant, just saying..
+flexbrat On Jan, 18, 2014: 116,995 people who have high blood cholesterol are studied. Among them, 16 (0.01%) have Dark Circles Under Eyes.. I love the adverts of recently retired guys playing golf, stiff grey haired fat and ugly...does it really have to be that way, that comes from my old man !!. The lighting his low to high so it will make him look a bit older as it shows more detail to the face that would not be obvious from above.. I love people who look younger than they look. Diet and health have effects on your age, genetics to.. Actually recent discoveries in epigenetics show that there are methyl and ethyl groups that CONTROL genetic expression rather than the other way around. The methyl and ethyl groups are controlled by metabolism, which we have the ability to affect by our diet, exercise, and thoughts.. 2 RogerHaeske not all are toxic. Safe cosmetics database rates them. Most are, but not all. zinc oxide is a mineral, is no toxic on the skin. I would not eat it tho. So tho your generalization of not putting on your skin what you would not eat is not always true. Some of us fair skinned people cannot "get as much sun as possible" in the summer as you suggest without a suncreen on our faces, for example.. he has his own formulas to avoid aging...congratulations! everyone must take what is useful from his words to create his personal formula. . 2 tommixoft you are an idiot. the sun is good for you. It provides vitamins to help keep you happy and going strong. The chemicals you put on your body cause the harm. do research before you make lame and ignorant comments. great video. Hi I like your video, I hae a question about hymilayan salts. I Heard as a clense you can drink a tablespoon a day for 30 days. It's supposed to give you more energy. Is it different then normal salt, Or do you have any ideas Yes no, Maybe moderation .
biggest anti aging is psychological health. you can see it on peoples skin, their eyes, their posture and so on if they're psychological ustable, had psychological breakdowns. this is probably why women age faster, because they tend to be psychologically unstable ESPECIALLY if they've had children.

I don't believe this things at all, since the presenter is trying to get me to visit a site to see the rest of the video part 2. Pretending that he found the youth fountain. Dude go get a job and see how fast that you are going to age. By the way, I don't believe he is 41, looks more to me like 21 with make up on to make him look older, especially when he was walking out, couldn't face camera so that his make up would be revealed..

The bones in the face/skull shift as we age. This is why he might look like he's 30-35 instead of 20. You can't do anything about that. But if you put a bag over his head, you would have no idea how old he is. Most importantly, I bet he looks young at the cellular/tissue/organ/metabolic level...all the invisible stuff that really matters..
why dont you say what you have to say...why do i need to enter i dont know how many sites..dont get me wrong, i support your ideeas...but, why becoming so comercial. yes most teenagers look nothing like this guy. they are usually 2 or 3 times his weight and look older..
Don Tolman has a series of 8 videos on here explaining exactly what you are talking about. Watch them and let me know what you think .

i use spray on high concentrate aloe vera w/o alcohol. i also have been running biking daily for most of my life. i'm 58 and look 35..
thanks roger, your comments on this video reveal the depths of your knowledge on this issue. thank you.. Don´t Eat, Don´t Drink, Don´t meet even dont talk to women, Do Sports, Don´t Work-> Thats it..
You must take Astaxanthin to avoid getting sun burned...just a theory :D You look damn great for 41 (well, you're probably close to 43 now :D) I hope to look as good as you or better by that time- it's only 5 years away for me! Must lose the weight, about 100#s; I know, it's a challenge, but I'll get there!.
27/28 your just starting out as a 'developed man'. Surely the peak is mid 40's and then a slow decline.... Hey Roger, I got a similar compliment last year. I was sitting in a restaurant talking to a stranger about the school I used to attend, and he seriously asked me what I thought of my PRESENT tense. I was shocked, I too actually pass for a teenager still, and I do alot of the things you talk about. Those are always cool moments.. Stop eating... stop aging. If we cut out about 30-40% of our normal caloric intake, the aging process slows to a crawl. This method has been proven with many species from yeast to worms to fruit flies to mice to rhesus monkeys. But the few calories you do take in must be LOW glycemic... like green veggies, nuts, lean protein, good fats (Omega 3, Olive Oil).. Sun will do that to you too though. It's good to get some early morning sun or evening sun, but not a lot. And being in the sun during the day, no matter how much sun screen you apply will age you prematurely..
my aging secret is hibernation did work for me i look 15 less of bio age. i look older when i was 20 but i transmute that..
I've seen your video number 2 on your website. Thank you very much for the advice on your video!. Thank for the perspective some people just think its all over when your older and that you should look older,what about telling a 20 somethin and say what are you gonna do when your in your thirties, but the secret to aging is no exercise at all and eating badly. some people are afraid of those numbers what if you where 100 and just looked like 50 at least you gave something more positive here don't make bed here thanks.
Hi Roger! Regarding your comment about salt. I agree with not consuming table salt, sodium, but what about Himalayan Sea Salt or other sources of raw organic sea salts that have a lot of minerals .

There is no known way to prevent aging. But you can certainly slow it down and prevent a lot of the disease that often goes with it. .
i wuld say mid 20s lol not a teen tho. Lets not exaggerate now haha jk. Still very impressive :D. Eternal youth is one my dreams and goals haha. Lol. Yes, your body needs protein, sugar, and saturated.. However you can get all of those, in the quantities you need. The only exception is vitamin B12, ( supplement that). (also anyone out there saying it's in meat only, NO, it's in the bacteria that is commonly found on meat.).
2 tommixoft I live in France and i have noticed that women are way more beautifull in the south up until their late 40s(where there is more sun) compared to the north where they start getting ugly at 25, and once they hit their 40s they are disgusting..
2 RogerHaeske talking about your hair, please do something about youre hair style, fringe doesn't fit you, you could look much handsomer without the curly fringe. (Like your stomach muscles ;-).
he looks good for his age or any age. it is more of a "pitch line" for his product which is looking good and healthy for one's age..
Hi Roger, what do u think about tea i drink 2-cups per day.I have stopped drinking coffee about 1 year ago..
2 bladdan I dont know about Nordic people...but in Australia if you want to stay young you should stay out of the sun...I get burnt within 5 mins here and that's with 30+ sunscreen covering every inch of my body....
Yur video is interesting haha ur birthday is 5 days after mine...i am 36yrs old and people keep thinking im 24 thats good i guess for the last 10 years ive stayed in that range..well i cant pass as a teenager but as a woman thats pretty good. Hey Rob, im 6 foot one 21 years old, extremely atheletic, how many calories should i consume a day thanks bro, love you. I looked much younger up to about 44 or so but i went downhill fast.My reasoning is STRESS,we hear a lot about stress,i can tell you it is true.Stress causes chemical reactions in your body that are simply no good. Prior to stress,i can tell you that i was extremely healthy,the key was constant exercise,i worked hard all my life and still played sports almost everyday after work.That is the simple truth,i could literally eat anything i wanted just by exercising a lot.. Roger - I also became really interested in anti-aging and natural health when I was 12-13 years old. You are definitely one of my heroes! Keep it up. :).
wrong. genes are responsible for 10% of aging. the rest is up to the individual. and NO looking 'good'' is easy, looking healthy is the key. and nuts, as well as fruits/veges. .

2 tommixoft I have to agree withthe Vid host about the sunshine thing, though Vampires are definitely an exception in this case.
the body looks like in its 30ies...40 tops... and some faces just look younger from a distance - depending if they're rounder or square or narrow. but the skinnier you get, the more crumpled up the face will look like.. 2 tommixoft idiot, no UV light can not be made ​​vitamin D without vitamin D, there are various forms of cancer, he also says that overkill is bad. 90% of people have vitamin D deficiency. unlike you, he advises. you do not provide any actual science reflection on reality.. I have to agree that the sun in itself wont ruin your skin or age you. It'll only do so if you dont have robust skin. The key isn't avoiding the sun. You need the sun to build Vitamin D in your body. The key is builidng robust skin. I myself am 43 and people always mistaken me for someone in his mid to early 20's. I havent gone to the site this author advertises as I have my own health protocol for staying young. My point is it is possilbe to stop aging..
2 healingdragon wake up man, anyone on a raw food lifestyle with some basic daily exercises can look like this guy... stop eating crap like meat, dairy, carbs and you will look like this in a few months.
He looks like he is younger than 40, I guess. I don't know anymore, I am too old friends. But here in Australia there's a lot of sun, so it's easy to age very quickly. The sun is the biggest aging factor, I believe. That's what my medical doctor told me anyway..

Geo Girl: Eco-friendly Cosmetics for 8- to 12-year-olds

December 11, 2015
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of two things: Articles about aging women that shout about being
Age and Sex Composition: 2010 - Census

December 17, 2015
Walmart is rolling out Geo Girl, a new line of cosmetics in recyclable packaging for tweens (8- to 12-year-old girls) in March 2011. Walmart has hit all the cosmetic... i6
Overview Seniors and Vitamin D | Vitamin D Wiki

December 19, 2015
Background for understanding and possibly repairing the molecular and biochemical damage known as aging i7
Ageing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 14, 2015

Comments about this video:

Anti-aging drug? No thanks | Strobel | Toronto & GTA...

December 7, 2015
3 New Truth to the Fountain of Youth: The Emerging Reality of Anti-Aging Medicine Theodore C. Goldsmith Contents Introduction... i9
How Early is Too Early to Start Using Anti-Aging Cream...

December 8, 2015
You May Also Like. How to Care for 50-Year-Old Skin. Anti Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30 Year Old Woman. As your skin ages, you may find that your... i10
How to look younger - all about anti aging

December 9, 2015
The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging. The mitochondrial theory of aging (MTA) was first proposed in 1972 by Denham Harman, the
Gerovital GH3 Gold -

December 15, 2015

Comments about this video:
Great video! I'm 39 and my skin has been super finicky lately. I used my own concoctions for a couple years (i.e. oil cleanse, oil serums/creams, shea butter, etc). Recently, I started breaking out in my T-zone AND dry flaky skin on my cheeks. Ugh! So I started cleansing with Andalou Naturals aging cleanser (which I love!) and moisturizing with oils at night. My question for you is for a good daytime moisturizer recommendation. I'm trying Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Day cream right now but my skin still feels a little dry. I'm perplexed... oils, creams, serums... nothing is working during the day. My oil mix that I use at night doesn't work in the day since it's too heavy under makeup. My makeup is simply concealer & mineral powders too. Help please :).
Great to see over 40,s rocking it on you tube, I am glad there are so many on here to, love the banana mask tip but I really hate bananas unfortunately x .

+Laura Brooks Not liking bananas could make this a little difficult. I did this video so long ago (can't remember everything I have talked about) but you could do a oatmeal and milk facial. Mix enough of each together to make a thick paste, apply to skin, let it dry (30 minutes is how long I leave it on) then take a damp wash cloth and start removing using upward motions then splash with cool water. Your face will feel so soft and smooth. Or do a egg white and honey facial. Beat one egg white with a teaspoon of honey to from peaks, apply and let it stay on for 20 - 30 minutes, remove with cool water. Just a couple options for homemade facials. Thank you for watching. Have a great day. Take care!!!!.

Youtubers over 40!! I love it!! You ha have my support! Just started my channel and having a blast!!.
do You use a retin A on Your skin I have in the passed I got scared because my skin on my face is already thin I felt I didn't have flesh when using retin A! I'm 41 and its been so depression looking in the mirror how I look now aging really sicks plus being sick on top of it doesn't make things better 😢. +CYndibabI I have only tried Retin A a few times. My skin did not react well. After each time I applied it my face would get so raw and the peeling was horrible. I don't need that. I have evaluating a product that was sent to me for possible review. I want to use the product for a month or little longer before I do a full review. That video should be up in the next week or two. I am sorry to hear that you are sick. Being sick always takes a toll on my skin. Take care of yourself. . Also I know like I said my two videos are very bad not only did I use my cell phone but I look horrible and I definitely look 48 my age and that's what I'm trying to fix so can you watch them and please give me some tips and help me and help me get started on this to do with the right way when I started a couple years ago they started off good and then my depression kicked back in but I'm not let it happen this time so can you please watch my videos and forgive me for how bad they are and just give me some tips on what to use I'm on a budget.
Love love your channel. I'm starting to start up again I'm looking horrible.I DON'T WANT TO LOOM MY AGE.I NEED TIP S. I MY LAST TO VIDEO S I JUST PUT UP ARE BAD I JUST USED MY CELL PHONE.SO I CAN'T KEEP thinking about it. Now I have to.but I'm going to start using my laptop next time and do it right. But again I love your videos I love how confident you are and it gives me inspiration.
Here is an excellent skincare line for women over 40. Natural anti-acne, anti-aging products-No Carcinogens or Harmful Toxins. A great. Video. It's nice to see youtubers who are the same age as me. I love doing a banana mask most nights, it's great for mature skin X .
It is great to hear someone else appreciate the banana mask. It does work and if you have dry skin it can be a great natural moisturizing mask. Thank you for watching. Have a great day!.

It has been a great makeup remover for me. Coconut oil melts my makeup for easy removal with a facial wipe. From everything I have read women use it to moisturize their face and seem to be very pleased. I don't use it to moisturize my face since I have slightly oily skin. Now I do use it all over my body as a moisturizer and for shaving. Thanks for watching. Have a great weekend and take care!!!.
I will always take requests from you. In fact I have a video uploading right now because of you. I need to do a more in depth skincare for the 40's and 50's. Yes, I can make some recommendations. Let me know you thoughts. Thanks Amy.. I should have searched your videos again before my request. Hehe looking forward to watching this video this evening. :).

Category:Skin care - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 21, 2015
Walmart is rolling out Geo Girl, a new line of cosmetics in recyclable packaging for tweens (8- to 12-year-old girls) in March 2011. Walmart has hit all the cosmetic... i13
Exercise Can Help You Age Gracefully -

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December 20, 2015

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Skincare companies want individuals to try their new products to demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever seen the skin care section set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well you must check out this website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Paste this in your browser

High Glutathione-GSH levels may prevent diseases of aging

December 8, 2015
4. Smoke Out Stroke. Cigarette smoking is a major, preventable risk factor for stroke. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduce the amount of oxygen... i1
Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30-Year-Old Woman | eHow

December 24, 2015
Walmart is rolling out Geo Girl, a new line of cosmetics in recyclable packaging for tweens (8- to 12-year-old girls) in March 2011. Walmart has hit all the cosmetic... i2
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

January 11, 2016
Pensioners could be as healthy as 50 year olds in the future if tests on metformin perform as well as expected Photo: ALAMY i3
Aging Bodies

December 9, 2015

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Don't know if it's a YT thing, but this is the second of your vids I've watched tonight and the sound is steady while the picture stops and stutters. Not where you skip a bit on purpose, but truly out of sync. Just a heads up..
I was searching for beauty gurus who are around my age and I am so happy to have found this video. I went to each site on your list and I subscribed to several including yours. Thank you for sharing the information. Happy New Year!.
+Gloria Martinez I am, and I filmed a 2 year retin-a update yesterday.. I'll probably post it this weekend!.
Thanks Angie just noticed I'm on your list - I'm 67 and have loved makeup forever and am living as a dialysis patient, and makeup makes me stand out from the other terminal patients - love your channel as you know xxxxx love and hugs xxx Suzy. This is so nice. I started doing videos about 6 years ago and I stopped. I am not in the beauty niche, but I am over 50. Woudl love to start videos again. I just need some encouragement and find something to talk about.. Hi Angie, Thanks for taking the time to put this list together. I'm over 40 and proud of it! :D.
Thank you, Angie, for putting this list together! I'm sure it was time-consuming, but it's very useful and very much appreciated!.
Thank you Angie for this list! You really inspired me and I started posting more videos for women over 40 and 50 although I've had my channel for a while I decided to jump in! Please check it out Dawn Gallagher and subscribe. Luv your videos! XO Dawn.
Just saw this, however I subscribed to your channel about a month ago. I love your comments about women and coming together. I am sad to say that so far I have not found any channels by women over 50 that are NOT beauty channels and are targeted to the over 50 audience so I am glad you recommended some, I will be checking them out..
Hello, I have been enjoying your videos for some time. I just now realized that I was not subscribed to you, so I took care of that. :-) Anyhow, I started watching your videos last year when I was searching for make up for more 'Mature' skin, as my skin started to change in my late thirties. I am tickling 40 now with a birthday in July and have finally decided to begin making YouTube videos more regularly. I loved this video, because it really highlighted a lot of talent on YouTube that I had never heard of before. I would love to be a part of this community of 'Over 40' YouTubers, even if I have to wait until July to keep it honest. Do you girls have a formal group or do you just keep in touch with one another Thank you for your help. I look forward to your reply. .
New Subby, just found you watching Nisha 2 SugarPuffandFluff who I found by accident and happen to love!!! What an amazing community of mature beautiful women! I am excited to subscribe to your list of beauties and watch watch watch! I wish I can create an account just to keep you lovelies on an account away from the young and norm. I'm excited to watch, THANK YOU!!!...the way I'm 53 young and like Nisha will not age gracefully, why!!.

Hello Angie, it has been only some weeks since I started watching videos on skincare etc, I have been really enjoying your videos with all the info, and this is a great idea thank you for sharing all the other youtubers! I cannot yet seem to find the same quality of information from italian women 40 and over, still searching, since I am living in Italy and cannot find a lot of your products, but it is still lots of fun and I am learning a lot! I do have a question about acne at a more mature age, I have never had any problems when young, and started having some acne flare-ups around my 30's with some really bad moments. Now (am 43) it seems to be much better, but I still get some flare-ups that take forever to leave, have been to dermatologists to no avail, am trying to check what I eat, etc. I will be checking on your videos for more info, but do you have any good advice, or even the links to other videos as I may be missing some what would you say are the main points that could help me, my skin is very sensitive and combination and lots of products are too aggressive for me. Thanks again, take care and all the best! .

+Bluesy Jay What really helped me was to cut out a few of the exfoliating steps in my routine (clarisonic and glycolic acid), using an alcohol-free witch hazel toner, and switching to a mineral sunscreen for daily use..
Hello Angie, thank you so much for replying, yes I agree with avoiding the alcohol in the toner, although it seems to be everywhere especially in astringent toners! Even in the "super natural bio" ones! Still working on my holy grail search of sunscreen :-) Euhm, wow that is just the opposite of what I was thinking to start doing! I just bought a clarisonic and have been using it sparingly - since my skin is very sensitive - to acclimate to it, with the cashmere brush only once in the evening to really help with make-up removal and not everyday. So far it seems ok, but I will keep in mind your experience. As for chemical exfoliants I haven't yet done any (always for fear of sensitive reactions) but I was reading about how BHA especially can help with acne and pores and I really want to start working on my first wrinkles before they sink in more...I was thinking about trying some Paula's choice products, which I can have shipped and starting off with a very mild 1% sparingly and also to alternate it with again a milder AHA... still pondering. thanks again all the best! . Hi Angie Just wanted to say that i put your videos on every morning while i do my make up to get ready for work Feel like i know you☺.
Hi Angie, Had to revisit this video and add it to my favorites. I'm hoping to check out all the added names on the see if I have missed anyone in the past months. Really have enjoyed getting to know most of these ladies! Thanks for listing so many! Happy New Year! .

Hello! Ive only just found you Over 50 here ~ You are so beautiful, well-spoken and refined. You are such a lovely and needed presence here. No matter what age you will find yourself you will be beautiful. Thank you!.
I don't know how I missed this Angie. It made me tear up. Thank you so much for this...the women you listed are women that inspire me also. You made this a year was a fast year!.
I'm 18m but I love watching your videos, Angie! Thank you for showing us we can look amazing over 50! Also, thanks for suggesting other channels, I'll definitely check them out..
Thank you so much for this info, was actually looking to see how to find all this in one spot. Kinda new to YouTube videos, you're one of my favorites, along with Kathy A, Nisha, n a younger gal Emily Noel I believe. Thanks for all you do. I also enjoy the humor, Nisha and Kathy A are a hoot 😅. I'm am so impressed in your presentation of these wonderful ladies. I was looking through channels and searching for ladies who speak my language. Thank you.. Just caught this vid. Love IT! Maybe time a for an updated list I sometimes think I'd like to start doing some video for us mid 40-nearly 50 crowd. I'm an RN who is obsessed with skin care and anti aging. How did you get started on YT, Angie.
Thanks for doing this Angie in the spirit of true sharing. At your invitation, I'm a retired 68 year old professional master makeup and hair artist and have focused my latest efforts on the niche market - the gray haired gals. I concentrate on fast, easy looks that are constantly adjusting as our faces and hair changes along with embracing our age. I'm about classic, chic, less is more, yet with optimum effects for the busy beauty that wants to look her best at any age. I've kept my websites up for reference to my work in TV, Film & Bridal. You can find my channel at and for those embracing their gray hair and need information, inspiration and fabulous support, come join us at Thanks again Angie - Bravo. .
2 debbiAnn2 Thanks Debbi - its great when we can all share our skills with view to helping each other..
So happy I found you!! And thank you for this video...I wondered if there were more women like you, over 40..
Thank you for this video and for all of the links! It's so nice to know there are beauty gurus doing makeup tutorials on YT who are in the over 40+ age group. I just sub'd to your channel. Great job!!.
New Subbie here! So glad I found you. I am an over 40 beauty and lifestyle vlogger as well. So lovely to have finally found my people!!! Thanks for this video..
This is fantastic. I've been watching a lot of the "young'uns" and their videos, and I love them, but being over 40 myself, I've wondered if there was a set of gurus for our older demographic. So fantastic to see that it indeed exists. I've subscribed to a bunch of these ladies and have favorited this vid of yours and will come back if I simply don't have enough. ;).
+joesther Be sure to check the comments below the video for many, many more over 40 you tubers!.

Hi Really enjoyed your list of over 50 ladies on YouTube. I just found and have been watching (Patti) rxstrmom on YouTube because she is closer to my age. I think she started doing videos when she was 69, and she just turned 71. Southern lady and I just love listening to her when she talks about her life, her make-up, etc. Thanks again for the list, very helpful..
This is great and thank you for taking the time to put the list together. Also, thanks for the video's that you put up. .
Thank you so much, Angie! I really appreciate being mentioned with all of these beautiful, sweet, fabulous women! This was really nice of you to do thank you! xoxo Lisa.
Well hello there. I'm over 40. And very happy to be spreading my own special brand of crazy on Youtube. Pleased to meet you :-).
thank you so much for that list !! I follow you and like you a lot... I was looking for more and you make a video about it !! great !! I'm having make up lessons here in Belgium and want to take care of mature women only ! I'm 47 so thanks thanks !! take care....

I subd your channel,and I see one of my favorite subs here she is sweet anyway, love your video and was wondering if u could sub me back I am in my early fourties and I whats in my bedrm is not my # one but,u know anyway plz sub me back and I have another question...I am 43 Dayna T please check me out 500 videos.

You really need to get off the competition kick! I do not compete with anybody else for subs! I am a small part of You Tube and am 60 and I like a few of these people...but lisalisad1 is a train wreck!.
I agree!! No need to compete for subscribers. It's not like people can only be subscribed to one guru..
New scriber - I am so glad I found you. I am over 50 and looking for women who are doing the same thing as me! Just started my channel. Great Video - thank you so very much for all those links. Greatly Appreciated!.

Angie, thank you so much for your generous links. You are by far my fav you tuber. Thanks again....

that wonderful video! it isn't easy found a very beautiful woman that encourages other women channels! thanks for all links, you're a very graceful lady!.

Love all the information you share. I to have a blog for women over 40. Please check it out at www.theeleganthousewife.blogspot.

Thank you for this video. I stumbled upon your channel and really wanted to see more you tubers 40+. Very helpful!.

Hi Angie, I am new on YouTube and 51 yr old. I have done an intro video and my first video was on some new hair care products that I'm trying. I also mention about some nail polish that I'm trying, and my surprise skin care tote bag that I got from a Beauty Store here in Australia, called, Priceline. they recently had a really good bargain, and if you bought about $69 of skin care, you then got a tote bag filled with a mixture of skin care from their store of various brands (mainly drug store) worth $340. I was so happy to get that. I plan to show the products that are in the bag a bit at a time and give my opinion on them as I try them. I have watched some of your video's and I think I commented on the Menopause video you did... : D so if anyone would like to take a look I would much appreciate it. It looks like a fabulous community to be a part of. Two of the lovely women on YouTube have been so kind to me already and welcomed me... hugs and take care, Linda x.

I needed your channel. I love that we can be beautiful both INSIDE and out til 100 if we have the right mind set, cause we are dangit!!!!.
Awesome... I just turned 40 & started a beauty channel... I was wondering if there was anyone else out there & there are all these beautiful 40+ yay!!! .
Hi, Angie! I recently discovered your channel and the "Mature Women of You Tube" video, in particular. I wish I had found the video sooner, but better late than never. I just started my own You Tube channel in May. I wanted to find other gals 50+ who were You Tubers, with no success, until I found you. Thanks so much for doing this kind of video, and empowering the "mature" ladies out there, who are fellow Vloggers, like myself, and the subscribers. Koren XXOO. glad I found this. I'm 37 and can't find any makeup tutorials for ME, not teenagers. Thanks!. First timer :-) and what a first video for me to stumble upon... Wow! A plethora of women to check out! Woohoo! I too am over 40 (42 to be exact) so this is wonderful :))) thank you for sharing:)). FYI: The link to LisaLisaD1 in your info, actually goes to some video at "Oh Carol Show". Just wanted to let you know. :) . GREAT!... almost 52 here & I'm so glad to find some referrals to woman who know a thing or two about what is really important ;) and also enjoy the artistry & colorful fun that is makeup. Holly Midcoast Maine USA.

Anti-Aging Pill Metformin to Be Tested Next Year

December 15, 2015
Classification and external resources; OMIM: 502000: MeSH: D000375: Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the process of becoming older. i5
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and...

December 2, 2015
Around the age of 40, most people begin to lose about eight percent of their muscle mass per decade. But research has shown this is not an inevitable effect of aging... i6
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

November 1, 2015
I started using anti-aging cream at around 30, because I thought I might feel grateful for it when 40. This has constituted my only beauty ritual so far, apart from... i7
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray - Sephora

December 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

So it doesn't make you look young but instead it improves e cells inside your body... Not bad but I'm not sure if I would buy this. I got different alternatives..
By just eating the right food at the right time, staying hydrated, exercising, and sleeping well is all I need for a long long life. :) Don't need no "magic pill" for this.. +D Teaderman Great source you are referring to..., as if it can't be bought, or it can't be "fixed", or it can't be biased. You just discredited yourself....and no, I am not wrong. I appreciate your effort for trying. Trying harder won't lead you to the truth, however, if you can't see clearly in the first place..
I really like the point you make about lazymanandmoney because a guy calling himself lazy man is surely a vault of well researched information. .
After taking Protandim for two weeks, both my migraine headaches and my insomnia came to an end. That's all I need to know. My primary physician looked at Protandim and gave me the ok to take it. I can't thank him and the Lifevantage family enough!!. Oh, he existed, just not as the story tellers would have you believe he did. Of course they are selling you a version to gain control over the planet. They love to use the name JESUS CHRIST allover their buildings and make giant statues to promote the worship of a false being claiming to be God. The God of Religions. The true creator doesn't judge and loves unconditionally just as the sun shines on us all. But this universe will destroy you by it's natural laws if you choose to experience that..
And He was the embodiment of the True Creator. Also, everyone forgets and neglects the feminine aspects of the Creator like our planet Earth. As above, so below. Yes, the "Son" or Sun gets reborn every year and sacrificed, but this being, the Creator itself has walked this planet many times, in many forms, just like us to experience it's creation. People are all confused because their is a being claiming to be the God of all things which is just preposterous! It's insane. Truth is not that way. .
for the named medical conditions, living a healthy active life with all that this includes such as healthy eating gives you the benefits that this pill promises to possibly do. start today and see the results :D. Reminds me of the old snake oil claims when no one regulated such things. There is nothing at all in this product that is beneficial to migraine headache and if you would like to debate that bring it (fake doc and all). These are real health issues not an opportunity. In one of my editorials I playfully stated that smoked Gouda cheese can cure athletes foot (an example used to exemplify truth vs perceived truth; a true absurdity)...perhaps I was on to something. Are you in ABC Wake up people.. I have been taking this product for a year and a half. I cut out all other vitamins even my arthritis medicine. It am not saying this is a miracle cure but it works. It does not mean you don't get sick but I can fight the cold and flu off faster. I can focus better and I feel I rest really well. Of course I do try and exercise and eat as best as I can. It is not the cheapest vitamin but I just cut back on some of my extras which I really don't need anyway. It works for me. .
I think Jesus, or an aspect of ONE lifetime of the Creator would totally love it if we consumed these beautiful sacred and ancient herbs to prolong our health and our lives. You think death will bring you closer to heaven and Jesus I wonder what your perspective on Jesus is Strange Strange Strange perspective you have. Life is the most important thing, period. .

funny how the many personalities of this crap product prefer to talk religion over medicine in reference to a supposed 'medical product'; no more than blindly grabbing a handful of vitamins and saying, 'package it nicely and tell them they deny God's will by not buying it...ever heard of Martin Luther and indulgences sometimes i think you guys prefer reverse to forward motion. .

Historians and educated people have known for centuries that jesus himself never existed...just another version of the same story sold to countless uneducated peoples. jesus=horace=mithra and on and on and on...Ever heard of Constantine (not the Kenau Reeves character LMAO) He did exist. If there is a God I would imagine he/she/it would have the biggest problem with spreading of lies and support of the most brutal and Godless organization on the planet...the christian church..

There are no less fallacies in your logic than that found in arguments put forth by Goebbels ministry of propaganda. ABC, and the sadly inept and intentionally deceitful ploys to capitalize off the suffering of others and perpetuate the self-centered image driven BS forced down the throats of ignorant Americans is no less appalling than the caliber of 'real' news they try to pawn off on us. Seek out real news won't find any here..

I have heard of Protandim helping with many thing, but not constipation. I have been using Protandim for 2 years now, and I use the True Science face cream. Protandim helps me recover faster from intense work outs and exercise..
So then you must know, nfr2 activation is no breakthrough, protandim only has one nfr2 activator which is curcumin which is poorly absorbed and in very small quantities in protandim which would give insignificant effects. Also you must know then you can't make more of something you don't have the building blocks for. Like glutathione. Where is the cysteine delivery system There isn't one, so there isn't a noticable increase in glutathione production. They play with words, ie. a scam..
I would never do that there are much better things. the product is a rip off. it costs them a $1.20 a bottle to make. lazymanandmoney. c o m/lifevantage-protandim-scam/ on there you can find a tonn of info about how decietful this lifevantage is the product the bad science, the recall of the product, the conflict of interests and lists goes on. it's all bs and there actually are breakthroughs in suppliments like cellgevity, active H-minus, zeolite, bio energy C to name a few..
Look at your standing point. You're drowning in a very limited perspective and not understanding the bigger picture of life. What do you stand for You're incredibly pessimistic and acting self centered yourself. Keep telling people to wake up. They're not going to listen when you treat them like shit. No one wants to listen to someone like that. Treat other how you'd like to be treated. Open your own mind and listen to yourself right now. Take care of your own ignorance, pal. . you should do your homework and stop advancing the numerous absurd statements you sadly believe and attempt to sway others to believe. In that one simple statement you show christianity to be polytheistic (which anyone who knows the meaning of the term would be forced to agree with) and that you base your medical belief on lies from governments long past...truly brilliant.
You must be a microbiologist, a Doctor or some sort of scientist, to discover that all the major university such as Ohio State, Department of Medicine, University of Colorado, Department of health and exercise science, Colorado State U, and the couple of dozen accredited universities that have done and are doing studies reported 2 The thousands of testimonies of people helped, oh and lets not forget ABC Primtime, so what your saying is that there all in on the Scam. laughable....
We can not pick the time we will go to our real home to meet our Saviour, but we can choose how healthy we are going to live here till He takes us home. Protandim is all made from His natural herbs, so of course it is good for you to take because you can't avoid getting oxidative stress (you do eat ,breath, and the sun hit your skin and age) Protandim reduces oxidative stress. Aging is not a disease, but we can age healthier by taking God's created herbs..
Looks like waterspoutsofthedeep is an distributor for maxone/cellgevity, he is downgrading protandim to promote his product. Stop downgrading products, at some point it works differently on each individual what works good for you it might not work for someone else. .
JESUS is MY HEALER AND MY PROVIDER of EVERLASTING LIFE!!!! :) This stuff sounds like it will merely make me have to stay HERE longer- instead of going to my REAL Home in Heaven sooner!! :) Thanks...but No thanks! :).
Ignorance has your face on it. If you knew anything about their studies on Pubmed you'd see there is only 2 with any relevance. Furthermore the only human trial they did showed placebo had more of a beneficial effect than Protandim did and they've never done another one to date. If you knew anything about how it works also you'd know it's a scam..

there is better stuff like maxone/cellgevity which increases glutathione production 75-200% first dose. protandim increases SOD 30% after 4 months. glutathione is 100 times stronger of a antioxidant than SOD and has a multitude more benifits also. So it is easy to see which is a clear winner anyways. Nothing special about protandim or new or breakthrough. The company and history of the product is shady too..
A scam This statement is coming from someone speaking in ignorance! My entire family is taking Protandim and the results have been nothing short of amazing! Look at PubMed and Google Scholar for accurate information. . but the problem is you don't know how glutathione is even made. nfr2 increases the enzyme that makes it but that is like putting the buggy before the horse. you can't make more of something you don't have the building blocks for. how do you not get that lol. cellgevity has NFR2 activators like curcumin/broccoli extract, and bioperne to absorb it better. AND riboceine which gets the cysteine in the cell. its like upgrading a factories machinery with no raw materials to make the product..
Nope, don't sell anything. Looks like your another gutless MLM Protandim scumbag. I do know how it works and it's garbage and a scam. I looked it up the quality of the ingredients even are so low that it costs them 1.20-1.50 per bottle. It's garbage no matter who it's for or who is using it going by what is in it and what it says it does..

It is just a place where one can easily read spefic information about how the product is a scam. Weren't you ever told as a child don't judge a book by it's cover The fact is it is a cheap cellgevity ripoff. It has less nfr2 activators and at lower doses. It has no glutathione support nutrients, it has no cysteine with a delivery system which means there will be no noticable increase to normal glutathione production. It's only nfr2 activator is curcumin which is poorly absorbed. John try harder.

New Truth to the Fountain of Youth - Azinet

November 6, 2015
Headlines and briefs with links to full news reports on news about aging and longevity for senior citizens and boomers i9
Population ageing in the United States of America...

October 18, 2015
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and Disease Prevention The personal blog of Erika Schwartz, MD. The leading authority on natural hormone therapy, anti... i10
Mechanisms of Aging - BEN BEST

November 30, 2015
Disclaimer. Although we at Aging Bodies by Family Money Enterprises, L.L.C. attempt to present timely and accurate information on this site, the site and its contents... i11
High Glutathione-GSH levels may prevent diseases of aging

December 18, 2015

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30-Year-Old Woman | eHow

October 14, 2015
Walmart is rolling out Geo Girl, a new line of cosmetics in recyclable packaging for tweens (8- to 12-year-old girls) in March 2011. Walmart has hit all the cosmetic... i13
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

December 19, 2015
Pensioners could be as healthy as 50 year olds in the future if tests on metformin perform as well as expected Photo: ALAMY i14
Aging Bodies

October 20, 2015
4 Introduction What is the nature of human aging? Is it possible to devise therapeutic agents and treatment protocols that generally delay the aging process? i15
Anti-Aging Pill Metformin to Be Tested Next Year

December 7, 2015

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Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and...

October 30, 2015
Around the age of 40, most people begin to lose about eight percent of their muscle mass per decade. But research has shown this is not an inevitable effect of aging... i17
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

November 24, 2015
I started using anti-aging cream at around 30, because I thought I might feel grateful for it when 40. This has constituted my only beauty ritual so far, apart from... i18
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray - Sephora

November 8, 2015
Background for understanding and possibly repairing the molecular and biochemical damage known as aging i19
New Truth to the Fountain of Youth - Azinet

November 26, 2015

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Population ageing in the United States of America...

October 29, 2015
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and Disease Prevention The personal blog of Erika Schwartz, MD. The leading authority on natural hormone therapy, anti... i21
Mechanisms of Aging - BEN BEST

November 13, 2015
Disclaimer. Although we at Aging Bodies by Family Money Enterprises, L.L.C. attempt to present timely and accurate information on this site, the site and its contents... i22
High Glutathione-GSH levels may prevent diseases of aging

December 25, 2015
4. Smoke Out Stroke. Cigarette smoking is a major, preventable risk factor for stroke. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduce the amount of oxygen... i23
Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30-Year-Old Woman | eHow

October 15, 2015

Comments about this video:

So nice to see a mature model who really is mature, so often they are about 45! This is far more convincing for those of us over 50. Thanks a lot for the tips..
+Nanny Oggins glycerine & olive oil, ill try anything. To wouldnt trust these products shown on 30 year olds, if they think that age you need it then I must be past it at 64 lol though I'm very privileged t o look young for my age. Just wish I could find a cleanser that didn't sting my skin afterwards, any suggestions. At night, First Aid Beauty has a creamy cleanser that is very gentle and lovely. I like to follow up with a micellar water (the Simple brand is nice). The water cleanses off any remaining products and oils and also add lots of moisture to your skin. In the morning, you can simply use the water again to cleanse off any other products that you add to you night routine. I talk about all kinds of things like this as I am dedicated to mature women and having fun. Hope this helps you out. xo Donna. This made me so happy, I love the way that she isn't afraid to smile. I know that a lot of my clients have a hard time accepting their wrinkles, but wrinkles are a sign of a well lived life. Embrace them!. The model looks lovely! You showed honesty that we don't see too often...the use of a variety of makeup -not just one brand. Now if we could get a good line of makeup for skin over 60. Everything is made for the young. It gets tiring to constantly see wrinkle products on television and magazines that are advertised on young women. Makes no sense. There are beautiful older women who would be much better at demonstrating product results on actual wrinkles. But then, the manufacturers would actually have to prove what their ads all claim.. I love how Lisa uses the bare minimum to just even out and add a few hints of color and shade. I'm getting a bit fed up with all the cakey mask builders on youtube. (to each their own) Lisa is a TRUE artist. Skin is beautiful. Just even it out, liven it up and let it show. This lady is the living example. Not a microgram too much on her. I don't think older people look 'worse' at all. The only thing that makes people look bad is tons of product and clownface covering, especially with tons of shimmer and glimmery highlights and jetpaint strength lipsticks in bold colors. Not to mention extreme face lifts. Not too flattering. I personally have never seen a person with little to no make-up whom i found ugly or unattractive. Don't we all look at people and immediately find their most attractive features and focus on that, or am i the only one here There is so much unneeded confidence struggle out there. That makes me sad. Mostly caused by people who always feel the only perfection out there is someone who knows how to skilfully HIDE! EVERYTHING! Lisa, you are incredible..
Your subject has a natural beauty! Also at any age you can soften lines. You go plant-based eating, no tea coffees and eat lots of ripe and local water-rich fruit or soups. Eating with liquids help moisturizes the skin from inside!.
I came here because my mom likes me doing her makeup, I'm 17 while my mom is in her mid 50s, so I wanted to find a way to do her makeup without making her look rundown, and I must say, this has given me some ideas and also inspired me as well..
2 4.00 hooray I was right. I'm in my 60's and use tons of eye makeup - always have done but now need it more than ever.
She's a beautiful model in her own right, but she reminds me of a mature Kate Winslet in a way... just lovely. Beautiful make-up too. Thank you!.
what a beautiful others have said it's refreshing to see a real mature woman being used rather than a 45 year old...thank you for a wonderful tutorial....
Beautiful! Blush has to be the most amazing makeup product ever, on everyone, when used lightly! I love the light brush of bronzer you put over her blush, it looks very natural. She has a great tone to her skin without any makeup..
Wonderful vieo. Thank you. It's refreshing to find a demo using a real mature woman. I am her age and will use these tips...she looks relaxed, fresh and her true beauty comes through./.

The model has Garbo like features, very attractive and likely drop dead gorgeous in her youth. I love the methods the artist prescribes to - very natural strokes in highlighting and color control minimizing all while playing up on her natural features to do the rest. Lovely ! I've subscribed : ).
yvonne is incredibly beautiful... i don't even have undereyes that naturally bright or cheeks that gorgeously flushed and i'm 18.. Lisa, your model is so lovely and this shows that mature women are still lovely. I agree and try to spread the message; we rock!! LOL Thanks Lisa. xo Donna.
She is so beautiful to start with, has great facial traits and the make-up artist really knows what she is doing. Thumbs up both of you..
She kinda looks like Uma Thurman! She is obviously beautiful with or without makeup. However, i think applying coconut oil before going to bed will greatly help with the wrinkles. In fact her neck and shoulders still look great.. Yvonne is lovely, she has a beautiful smile...The makeup you applied is lovely as well. Thanks for the tips.. Такая красивая женщина!!! Смотрела на неё и любовалась!!!Это живой пример того,как надо стареть красиво!!!.
Lisa, could you do a tutorial for mature women with rosacea I have a difficult time finding the right foundation because anything with enough coverage for my redness will also settle into wrinkles and lines, accentuating them. It's very frustrating! I would love to use this Bobbi Brown balm, but it contains many known skin irritants and my face is so very sensitive..
+Amy Eades - I'd also like to see this. I've looked at one of Lisa's videos on a lovely looking girl with rosacea, but she was very young and had no other issues other than covering the redness. Trying to find a foundation with enough coverage, but uses Zinc oxide and / or Titanium Dioxide as the sunscreen, and doesn't sit heavy on the skin or sit in lines is certainly a bit of a challenge!!.
+Amy Eades I too have rosacea and wrinkles and find it difficult to find the right foundation but it can be done. xo Donna.
I'm so glad there's no music it's so annoying if some one is talking the last thing you want is noisy music.
She is a beautiful woman to start with, but then you worked your magic. She looks amazing with the makeup you applied. I am 59 years old and appreciate you site very much. I am always trying to learn different technique's with my make up. Sometime I get it right, but then some times I do my brows like Joan Crawford {1950's movie star}. Joan Crawford is some one you do not want to look like. She was known for really big Caterpillar eye brows. LOL.
That is really lovely! I have the wrinkles between my eyes on the top bridge of my nose. My forehead is also slightly (ha, ha) wrinkled. Lips have lines also that when I wear any lipstick, it'll bleed. Sad...but I'm learning how to use my makeup as an older lady now. A must learning curve... Thank you for this tutorial!. +Michelle Lewis Yes, as we age, we have to learn new ways of application to keep things in place. LOL xo Donna.
Very much enjoy your tutorials. I'd like to compliment you on your work. Very, very nice.Joy..USA.
Isn't this wonderful. As I novice I could see how beautifully Lisa prep the skin to glow. how lovely she lifted and open her eyes chosen the perfect light shadow to match Yvonne!s hair. she chose simple natural colours on the lips. The model was shy at the beginning than she beamed with a big smile when she saw the new look. 👍💕. 64 Dang, I can only hope to age as gracefully as she does. She looks around her 30's with just very defined wrinkles ö.
I wish Hollywood would take note of this. They won't allow lead actresses to show their real, aging faces. They undergo botox, facelifts, lip and cheek implants etc but always look waxy, frozen and unappealing to me. Men are suffering from a form of agalmatophilia when they fantasise over those weirdly deformed faces. Grow old gracefully, ladies, there is nothing wrong with an aging face... real faces are wonderful. This lady looks lovely..

With or without make up, she is very, very gorgeous. What a wonderful Beauty. Wish looking like her, when same aged!!! 😍.
What a lovely lady!! I feel so much better about aging! I am 54 and I refuse to stop wearing makeup and feeling good about myself! Thank you for this look and these tips!! Very helpful!.
I love the way you list every product with all information to order or shop. I seem to have slowed down in the last few years. So many are quite excellent make up artists but speak so much faster than I hear! And wave the product too quickly to get a good look. I'm mentioning to you because you did a lovely job. Maybe some will read my message who need it. I can't bear for people to write snotty hurtful messages, so if no one reads this who needs the suggestion, I've given you a compliment. Your model is so beautiful also!.
+Jeanelle Ray You are a sweet person and I agree with everything you said about hurtful comments. Sometimes, slower is better. Younger people want to rush through videos because it is hard to keep younger peoples attention. xo Donna. +Ey El I would set with a light powder and use a ton of moisturizer prior to applying foundation. However, if you use very very little foundation, like here, probably no need to set it. xo Donna.
I am mature and follow makeup trend and tips. This makeup is very very nice. I like that you put on a more evening lipstick on in the end of the video. I would have liked a little more "party" makeup on the eyes too, if I could wish for anything more. Especially for those of us with glasses, since it tends to hide our eyes a little. The model is absolutely stunning! I googled her and found out she has a twitter account I will follow, as 2 misyvon..
Thank you for this Lisa! I'm doing my grandmas makeup today for her wedding and I had no idea what to do until I saw this! 💕.

Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

October 23, 2015
Pensioners could be as healthy as 50 year olds in the future if tests on metformin perform as well as expected Photo: ALAMY i25
Aging Bodies

December 14, 2015
4 Introduction What is the nature of human aging? Is it possible to devise therapeutic agents and treatment protocols that generally delay the aging process? i26
Anti-Aging Pill Metformin to Be Tested Next Year

December 5, 2015
Classification and external resources; OMIM: 502000: MeSH: D000375: Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the process of becoming older. i27
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and...

October 13, 2015

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Anti-aging method best today >>>, I feel very effective after 3 years of use it Hope help!!!.
Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream… My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c.
Maxelder Argan Cream (w nyarganoil c) is very nice light face cream. My face just soaks this up and looks brighter and more youthful. I love how this feels on my skin..
I am sixty years old, I am married since 32 years ago and have two grown men married as well, I am a grandma now I look like forty years old with neither yoga nor wine.
+Magda Kamel You won the genetic lottery, or you eat healthy, or maybe both. I'm going to guess you don't smoke either.. ..Thx for tihs video.I love maxelder argan cream. I have combo acne prone skin & it doesn't break me out. It has smoothed out my wrinkles & my skin feels plump. Try it you will see difference w...nyarganoil…c.
Yep dats my name sake well her name sake cause I get it all the time I dnt look a day over 12 nd Imma b 28 next Tuesday. Us Dana's r the bomb diggidy. I love it GO DANA GO DANA GO GO GO GO.
I love her statement ' I woke up this morning, and im happy' 😍 Adore her! yes! somehow to be always young, u shud make ur life happy, ignore all negative things. Chill 😝.

Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

January 2, 2016
I started using anti-aging cream at around 30, because I thought I might feel grateful for it when 40. This has constituted my only beauty ritual so far, apart from... i29
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray - Sephora

November 7, 2015
Background for understanding and possibly repairing the molecular and biochemical damage known as aging i30
New Truth to the Fountain of Youth - Azinet

January 5, 2016
Headlines and briefs with links to full news reports on news about aging and longevity for senior citizens and boomers i31
Population ageing in the United States of America...

October 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hi Michelle~ I'm afraid YT's made it impossible for me to reply directly to your question, so I hope you stop back and see this. Anyway, the answer to your question is yes AND no. Retin-A actually thickens the dermis which is the deeper layers of your skin where collagen is made. But, in the top layer of skin (the stratum corneum) it causes more cell turnover which makes old dead cells flake and slough off resulting in a thinner layer of dead cells which makes skin look more youthful..

I am a fan of your videos and loved the new Botox video. However I was wondering why dont you try organic make-up instead of the products which contain so many bad ingredients.And which damage the skin! I know Botox is extreme for some but I do it too.( and love it) However I would never put all the junk non organic products on my faceI mean why eat well, exercise and do all but put junk on skin direcltly Just asking.

+HotandFlashy Thank you for your reply. I meant products like Isopropyl lauroyl sarcosinate, Cetyl alcohol or Peg100 stearate and all the parabens. and many many more, minerals oils etc etc etc Plus to me it is important whether or not companies test on animals. I agree not all organic ingredients are good for the skin. But surely organic cosmetics are safer and kinder to the skin. Thank you again for taking the time to reply..
+beyamama I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for how to keep your skin younger try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (do a google search ) Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got cool results with it.. I notice that you use a few Maybelline product around your eyes..(referring to your cleanout videos)..I quit using May., a long time ago because they, and especially the mascara, really made my eyes burn, tear and itch..I wondered if you had any of these issues. Since it has been yrs. maybe they've cleaned up the crap in their products.. +BarbaraAL46 I haven't had those issues with Maybelline products, but I do have sensitivity to certain ingredients and definitely try to avoid those.. You do your make up the same way I do, but you look lovely and it is starting to look a little harsh on me. I gave up the satin eye shadow and that helped also I don't tight line any more unless it is "party" make up. I can use a very dark gray or dark brown eyeshadow to rim the eyes and a little sparkle on the center of the eye lid but i am still adjusting to the matte eye look. I am in my mid 50's and now what worked for 25 years no longer looks good. Thanks for showing us mature ladies we can still look amazing..
As a woman in my fifties I am starting to hate the catch phrase 'Look Younger'. Having said that I think it is important moreso to embrace our age and stop the madness that younger is better LOL. I like to think of makeup and skin care as a regime to look better, more refreshed.Looking 50 something is not a bad thing. We have a responsibility to change this perception. Your makeup look and technique is great. Keep the videos coming..

Gorgeous before and after. Finally someone who can explain in a calm and experienced manner how to apply decent make up..

I love your videos! I'm 33, but I have so many "skin issues" (wrinkles, fine lines, etc). Thank you for sharing this tutorial, and using (mostly) drugstore products in it..
+Dee A Me too! I'm 35 and I have big pores and wrinkles (not those fine lines) under my eyes, her advice is very useful to me!. Hi, thanks for your videos, I have 2 questions, one if you only powder your Tzone how do you set the foundation on the rest of your face mine is gone by lunch. And two, any advice for us older ladies that have dark eye lids now thank you so much.
+lynn Hi Lynn~ I usually don't set the rest of my face, but I try to find long-wearing foundations that last. You could easily use a big fluffy brush to put a light dusting of powder everywhere to set though, or use a setting spray. I like ELF Mist & Set. For dark eyelids, I'd recommend an eyelid primer in an opaque flesh tone like Mac Paintpot in Painterly or Soft Ochre to return your eyelids to a lighter skin tone..
You make me laugh :) I love how open and honest you are. I find your video's so amusing. Keep up the Good work.. i looooove this video,thanks is so complete and thanks for writting all the products. i am glad i found you.. New subscriber here. Happy to find a 'channel' where I can see a normal person using normal products to look normally beautiful. I am a total makeup newbie at 50 years old and it is so hard to understand the lingo when people start talking about water lines and straight lining and primers. But I have decided that if 15 million 14 year olds can learn to use makeup, I can too. Thanks for the great tips. Keep up the good work.. +Alli Kat LOL, you're cracking me up! Us old dogs can learn new tricks!! Thanks for subbing! xo ~angie.
I enjoy your tutorials very much. It's good that the products are well known so I can easily buy them. You always look great. I saw your cat behind you and anyone who likes cats is a nice person. lol..
I've learned a lot about products that will do a better job for me by watching your videos. Well done and thank you. If you keep them coming, I'll sure keep watching. So far your concealer video especially led me to choose a product I wouldn't have otherwise thought of, a good thing. I'm 59 and I appreciate it..
love this tutorial. i have been watching videos for days now trying to find a very natural foundation routine and something not too harsh that will help disguise the fine lines and wrinkles. i wear glasses have since i was eleven and now forty so i have squint lines some crows feet and lip lines along with forehead wrinkles from squinting and aging lol ty so very much and it was very comforting with your soothing voice..
You wonderful woman! Thank you for your videos, I'm girl from Ukraine..)) I like your information and cool videos!...). Love your videos ,, i'm probably older then everyone here,, and yes it's so important to where makeup descretley at our age. I feel that it's more important to where products that enhances our natural beauty with a few tricks and tips to play down the things that we're not as happy with. I love using mineral all mineral based products. I also feel it is so important what we use below our cosmetics. I always use a freshner, moisturizer and a face primer. I see how much you enjoy sharing your knowledge, tricks and tips with other women. I totally relate. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help other women feel better and more confident about themselves. We all need that, right :) Thank you again.
Nicely explained and not rushed. Loved it. Angie, I liked how you looked with your hair clipped/up. Pretty!Thanks for this vid!.
Most significant tip I've learned from your videos lnvest in well made brushes...and I thank you!.
I'm always so overwhelmed when trying to pick out a foundation color, and have never found a good match. Any suggestions.
+Angie Perkins Have you tried the Color IQ system at Sephora They scan your face the then the machine color matches you for just about every foundation in the store! They'll even email you the results. If you go to the makeup counters, have the SA match you and then ask her for 3 samples… the one she thinks is your match, the next lighter, and the next darker. That way you can try them at home and see them in different light. Drugstore foundation is so hard, the only thing to do is buy it & try it… Good luck!!. Love this::: it's nice to see tutorials and tips for older beauty bloggers/vloggers:) thank you:) great video to xx.
It is well know never, ever rub or pull the skin when applying makeup. You definitely pulled your skin throughout. It seems to be doing a disservice to people watching looking for a correct way.
LOVED this video! The big 5-0 will arrive at my house the end f August. I am trying not to freak out! This feels so different than 30 {which I had a minor melt down about :) }. Your tutorials are helping me see that this is just another number and can be met with grace and beauty. work on getting this 50 year old body healthier...step #2! Enjoy.... Another great video- thanks for sharing this! Just wondering if you've tried Physician's formula Mineral Airbrushed pressed powder foundation I am concidering purchasing it, but would love to hear your opinion on it,since I just turned 40, I can no longer just rely on what the 20 something Youtubers recommend, since my skin is different from when I was in my twenties.. Just found your videos as I'm preparing for my son's wedding on July 4th. Felt I needed some new make-up hints. I was thrilled to watch your serum evaluations. I found Timeless a year and a half ago, and love it. Works well and very affordable. I've used some of Skin Ceuticals and Skin Medica in the past, but find that less expensive products work just as well. I've been using Paula's Choice products, her Resist line, but find the serum very greasy. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your videos..
When you use Instantly Ageless the little bags and puffiness under the eyes are gone. Also wrinkles and fine lines just disappear :D. Works perfectly and lasts 6 to 8 hours..
+Ageless het Gooi you don't look old enough to have those issues. I have found NO product that gets rid of wrinkles. That's why I have a table FULL of product. I buy what I think is pretty good stuff. Not cheap. Put a website on here so I can check it out.
:), That is my website, Luminesce serum gets rid of wrinkles, age spots and other aging affects on the skin. Check out Dr. Nathan Newman.. his work is phenomenal and he is the man behind the serum. Instantly Ageless is the product that helps you instantly but temporarily. I do invite you to look at my page and the product information :D. And Thank you for your reply, means a lot to me .

Hi angie, Your demos have helped me so much. Got a compliment on makeup today. Thanks for skin care tips..
First time viewer. Just saw the Foundation Tutorial. You identify each product before applying, except the one under your eye and also used as a "lid primer". It looks awesome. What is it. Good video. You look great, your tips are fairly simple, and I like the combination of drugstore and department store products. I really like the way you apply concealer and just a bit of foundation. Very natural and beautiful. Gonna try it today.. I think your make up looks soft and lovely. I am going to do the patting motion for putting foundation on because I don't like a ''masky full made up look'' either! Thank you so much for your tips!.
Oh my... this is so unfair! I thought you`re about my age, maybe 3 years older... Over 50 Ahhh! HOW do you dooo that!! :`( ;-) I shouldn`t work shift no more... Totally blown away... You look soo lovely!.
This is the most natural lovely looking tutorial I have ever seen... I can't afford all the products but will take note and see what I CAN do...was esp. glad to see the results of Neutrogena foundation as I had looked at it but am tired of losing money on products. .
I know I probably dont have any room to speak since I am only 16 but...! You dont HAVE to spend money on products, i promise you..some are soooo beyond pointless and not even needed! So forget those products and save that money girl!.
I really like your technique! You are so right about powders taking the dewiness are smart to not have powdered your cheeks! You seem to be natural at this.😃. I have tiny veins on my nose and chin. Is there an all in one foundation that just does it all. I use to like the Elizabeth Arden Day Wear Plus, but they have discontinued it sadly..
Estée Lauder double wear is a great full coverage foundation, but I'd say that if your skin is otherwise good, just spot conceal and use a lightweight foundation or be cream to even out..
I like the way you apply the finishing powder. I notice you didn't powder your entire face but just the T-zone. I need to try that. Thanks!.
Hello from Switzerland, I just found you. I think you did a beautiful and naturally looking every day make-up, perfect for your eye color and skin complex. You look so young with your ponytail on! How come that you haven't any lines, not even fine lines on your forehead Did you take botox and if yes when did you start I am just wondering how you feel and deal with it...because to accept your youth disappear its a process which I am still going through...sometimes I feel I age from hour to hour, it is so so painful when your wrinkles do let you look older than you feel...but on the other hand I am so thankful for not having breast cancer or any other kind of illness which is far more important. I believe it is difficult to find tutorials 45 + on youtube..I was even thinking lately to start my own. have a good day..
Hi Angie! This is my first post to you. I started watching you about six weeks ago and was astounded at the in-depth research you have done on so many products (I am going to make a prediction and say you are going to outgrow your UTube channel). I watched the above post (loved it, easy to follow) and wanted to purchase the Olay Total Effect 7-in-1 Eye Cream. I've only been able to find it at Wal-Green's in jars instead of the very cool applicator tube and there are two different formulas. One is $19.99, (transforming cream) the other is $23.99 (CC cream). Also, as this video was done in 1/2013 - have you found anything you like better since then Thanks for your time and all that you do for us!.
Brilliant! one of the very best tutorials on natural looking make up. Thank you for taking the time do do this video. Olivia UK.
New Subscriber ,thank you for your tips at 50 I find myself covering up my flaws more.What is the concealer that you used under your eyes. Great job. But oh my I have no time to be putting on so much make up. I am going to be 56 years old this year and I think I should start making some of these videos. With all my secrets!.
Hi Angie, can you use prime time primer with estee lauder double wear make up.Or will it still sink in the lines.wanting to use double wear what is a good primer that will work with it. Thanks.

Mechanisms of Aging - BEN BEST

December 13, 2015
Disclaimer. Although we at Aging Bodies by Family Money Enterprises, L.L.C. attempt to present timely and accurate information on this site, the site and its contents... i33
High Glutathione-GSH levels may prevent diseases of aging

October 16, 2015
4. Smoke Out Stroke. Cigarette smoking is a major, preventable risk factor for stroke. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduce the amount of oxygen... i34
Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30-Year-Old Woman | eHow

November 29, 2015
Walmart is rolling out Geo Girl, a new line of cosmetics in recyclable packaging for tweens (8- to 12-year-old girls) in March 2011. Walmart has hit all the cosmetic... i35
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

December 17, 2015

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This is one of the most amazing makeover I've ever seen...anywhere!! Even my husband was awed and he doesn't watch Youtube, I forced him to watch it haha. Not only was this an amazing tutorial, I am sure it made Nora feel pretty and beautiful, and sometimes we desperately need that when we are going through hard times. Kandi, all I can say are AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing your talents with the world..
Oh Kandee - You are just darling... God was showing off when he made you!! Kisses and HUGS from San Diego, CA!!. wow she has beautiful skin to begin with.. but the make up really enhanced her already beautiful looks~!!. You want to look good young and healthy for real. Now you can with safe and affordable age defying youth enhancing technology. Welcome to my website . I maybe alone, but I think the wrong person was giving the makeover! I feel it should have been the other way around.
Am I the only one who thinks that she looked more beautiful in the beginning, without make up She's gorgeous..

Nora you look amazing, well done Kandee :D Thanks for this video, it has given me some great tips for myself xxx.
I accidently found Kandee last Thursday and I've been OBSESSED with her ever since. Went out today and bought $87.00 worth of new make-up...attempting to do a Nora-type makeover. Kandee, you work magic. And you're sweet and gorgeous.. Kandee, I have never ever seen your videos before, but today I saw four of them: your teeth whitening one, Your Plastic Surgery video, the April Fool's "How to Look Younger with Makeup" video, and this one. You make me so happy. Your spirit and energy are just so contagious. You literally glow around people! I feel like you're my mom! (And by the way, you are a great one). I love that you always say you want to hug your viewers: I really believe you somehow! Haha. It's rare to feel that kind of genuineness through a computer screen on YouTube. You were just so kind and welcoming in this video and I love you and I'm subscribing and can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing yourself and your life with us. You're a ray of sunshine!.
Looks fabulous, I'm 52 and have never been shown how to put on make up and have never put a false eyelash on either. I wish these videos could put up a list of the items you're using, it's hard for me to understand what the words that are being said; on my side not yours. And when to put on when 1st, where to put light colors 1st etc... thank you. :).
This video makes me smile so much! You can see that she feels like a different person and she just looks so much more confident, I think. This video is so wonderful!.
Wow, Kandee you're just amazing. Not only are you an amazing, talented makeup artist, you make others smile. Nora really deserved and she seemd so happy that you did this for her. You both are truly amazing.

Kandee, You are awesome! I'll bet the companies who own the products you use would pay you to put a link to buy their products online. I would love to sit here and buy them online..
i love it OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):).
Here it is...2015...and I have tears in my eyes from you going out of your way to make someone feel better...Bless you young lady...You truly shine in this world..
Woow Kandee, she looks 10 years younger! This is so amazing! Im gonna show this to my mother :) Too bad I live in the Netherlands and we don't have all the products you use :(. +Tanya Vd Bosch je hetb best veel online winkels die palettes verkopen en internationaal verzenden. hier in de winkel valt het tegen maar er zijn er genoeg die het betaalbaar versturen! weet ff niet waar ik de mijne vandaan heb gehaald sorry. You are amazing in every single way you made her look like a super model she was beautiful so you just proved that everyone can be beautiful i love you.
Oh wow, Nora is beautiful! Kandee, you did a great job. Like Nora, no one has shown me how to put make up on. I am so inspired by this...I am going to follow the steps you laid out on this video and start making wearing makeup (properly)..
Thank you so so much, Kandee. Just watching your happy videos (plus some wine haha) has really helped me feel better after I left my boyfriend. Thank you!!. This is the most beautiful makeup video I have ever seen. You are not only beautiful outside but inside kandee! I loved the transformation on your beautiful model and the explanations where amazing. . +Ívan Skelfilegi Well to Kandee it was worth it because the lady deserved something in return. So I don't think the time mattered.... I love this video...and Nora already looked young before the make up what an exceptional woman. Love to see women sticking together and helping each other feel good...just Beautiful!! You have a beautiful caring heart Kandee. Glad I stumbled across your videos recently! Loving them all:).
I know that I am so late to the party, but this warmed my heart so much! I wish I was the artist that you are so that I could do the same for my mom! She would absolutely love it! You do wonderful things!.
Kandee I love your spirit and your kindness. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion on inside makeup tips and tricks, products and applications. Also I love your shirt in this video. Will you share where you found it. Urban Decay doesn't make these Lip Liner colors any longer, AFAICT. Any other good Lip Liner duos (or trios) that you can recommend, Kandee Johnson.

Aging Bodies

October 19, 2015
4 Introduction What is the nature of human aging? Is it possible to devise therapeutic agents and treatment protocols that generally delay the aging process? i37
Anti-Aging Pill Metformin to Be Tested Next Year

January 8, 2016
Classification and external resources; OMIM: 502000: MeSH: D000375: Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the process of becoming older. i38
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and...

December 4, 2015
Around the age of 40, most people begin to lose about eight percent of their muscle mass per decade. But research has shown this is not an inevitable effect of aging... i39
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

November 2, 2015

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Imagine if you were a man in your 70's and that was your wife. You would be pretty pleased. Just saying..
Wow this 77 yr old WOMAN, looks great!! I think a lot of people half her age (me included), don't have half the body she has! Keep up the good work, this definite proves that exercise does a body good!! :).
..Hii everyone!...Maxelder Argan Cream leaves my face soft and silky smooth... I apply it after using my toner each morning before adding my makeup. and again before bed after washing my face. Absolutely best recommend for try w nyarganoil—c..
I agree. I can't do everything perfect, but I would never want to go back to a life without regular exercise. Whether you live 70 years, 90 years, or eternity, it's the quality of that existence that makes it all worthwhile. IMHO, exercise improves the quality of our existence..

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray - Sephora

November 19, 2015
Background for understanding and possibly repairing the molecular and biochemical damage known as aging i41
New Truth to the Fountain of Youth - Azinet

November 4, 2015
Headlines and briefs with links to full news reports on news about aging and longevity for senior citizens and boomers i42
Population ageing in the United States of America...

November 5, 2015
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and Disease Prevention The personal blog of Erika Schwartz, MD. The leading authority on natural hormone therapy, anti... i43
Mechanisms of Aging - BEN BEST

December 1, 2015

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High Glutathione-GSH levels may prevent diseases of aging

January 12, 2016
4. Smoke Out Stroke. Cigarette smoking is a major, preventable risk factor for stroke. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduce the amount of oxygen... i45
Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30-Year-Old Woman | eHow

January 14, 2016
Walmart is rolling out Geo Girl, a new line of cosmetics in recyclable packaging for tweens (8- to 12-year-old girls) in March 2011. Walmart has hit all the cosmetic... i46
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

November 27, 2015
Pensioners could be as healthy as 50 year olds in the future if tests on metformin perform as well as expected Photo: ALAMY i47
Aging Bodies

December 10, 2015

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Anti-Aging Pill Metformin to Be Tested Next Year

November 15, 2015
Classification and external resources; OMIM: 502000: MeSH: D000375: Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the process of becoming older. i49
Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and...

October 31, 2015
Around the age of 40, most people begin to lose about eight percent of their muscle mass per decade. But research has shown this is not an inevitable effect of aging... i50
Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

December 3, 2015
I started using anti-aging cream at around 30, because I thought I might feel grateful for it when 40. This has constituted my only beauty ritual so far, apart from... i51
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray - Sephora

December 30, 2015

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Great video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about - Scarlet Superior Body Formula (should be on google have a look) Ive heard some decent things about it and my old buddy Taylor after many years got detailed Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of weight with it..
Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried - Scarlet Superior Body Formula (erm, check it on google should be there) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend at very last got really defined Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it. .

New Truth to the Fountain of Youth - Azinet

October 26, 2015
Headlines and briefs with links to full news reports on news about aging and longevity for senior citizens and boomers i53
Population ageing in the United States of America...

November 22, 2015

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Mechanisms of Aging - BEN BEST

November 25, 2015

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I have been taking this for almost 2 yrs now along with insulin twice a day for my diabetes.I wonder does this refer to just taking the drug orallyI am wondering because my sugar is way out of control but I feel better now than in the past.I have talked to my doctors about it but they just shrug it off because they think as bad as my sugar is I should not be feeling better but worse.So maybe the metformin is working on more than my sugarWould be nice if it was. Can you tell me where this study came from I need to look into it more.Thanks.
+Hogon Ahonda (FROST0050) hi, no problem! I'm not sure about the drug itself, you seem to know more about it than me - they said that people with diabetes, who were taking the drug, were healther than people without diabetes - anyway, here is the link to where I got the infomation for my video:

High Glutathione-GSH levels may prevent diseases of aging

November 9, 2015

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Skincare companies would like people to try their new products to demonstrate their effectiveness. Have you ever seen the skin care stand set-up in your neighbourhood shopping plaza offering free samples Well you must check out this website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) You can get them here

Facial care companies want everyone to give their products a try to demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever noticed a beauty product section set-up in your local mall offering free samples Well i just found a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) Paste this in your browser

Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for a 30-Year-Old Woman | eHow

January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hi beautiful! Great video! You are a doll! thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoyed the video! I just subscribed! I have a channel as well! Take care! Hugs xo. Loving the house you are beautiful !!I am 38 and working on my skin so thanks for the tips, just subbed.
+carolyn1301977 Thank you so much, Carolyn!! The house is always a work in progress, LOL!! Thank you so much for subscribing! XO, Cathy.
+JESSICA SOTO I do still use it, just not as much when I'm using the Retin-A. Not giving up my Studio 35 yet! XO. I just bought the studio 35 3 weeks ago just curious to see if people still use it because it been raved about so much i had to try it out i can blame YouTube made me buy it lol thank u so much for replying back to me. I wanted to let you know for me I used the obagi Clear, blender... the whole line. I used it for a year along with peels... I have since stopped it because I would go to a medical spa and spent so much money and it barely helped...I actually found a serum that literally taken the hyperpigmention off faster then the obagi and then also gave that rentinol...after I used it she told me that they changed it cuz it was causing it to come out more. I just turned 46 and I will try that cleanser and moisturizing cream...I am going to subscribe to you videos... thank you. I'm 48 , my skin and teeth are the number one thing I work on daily, A lot my youthfulness may play into genetics but l work very hard at it as my mother and grandma do as well. your tips are dead on..and I wear sunscreen like foundation. +Theblackbumblebee ! I agree, genetics do play a lot into our youthfulness but you can never wear too much sunscreen! LOL! Hope you're having a great weekend! XO, Cathy. I don't know you but I really feel that you're a nice person and the words you speak come from the heart. :). Hi! My name is Mira, and I make beauty and motivation videos here on YouTube! I believe that beauty should come from the inside, but you should share your self-confidence on the exterior! If you have any time, it would mean the world to me if you looked out my channel! Thanks :). New subbie, and I am going to have a "Denim Vixen" day! Great video's. Thanks for sharing your skincare routine..
+Moira Stride Thank you so much for subscribing, Moira!! I love to binge watch youtube! LOL! Hopefully there's enough there to entertain you!. Have a wonderful week! XO, Cathy.
+Assoma muhamed Proactiv is a skincare line that you can order online. For some reason it was the only product that kept my acne under control when I used to break out a lot. Here's a link to their website for more information. Thank you Cathy for sharing!! I noticed you don't use a vitamin c. I use the obagi 15% got it from brianna😊.
+sabrina salerno I might start using vitamin c in the future, but right now the blender and the clear seem to be working. I probably won't use the blender and the clear forever so maybe when I stop using them I'll switch over to the c. XOXO.
I am 45 also and love your videos, I make my own exfoliating scrub with sugar in the raw fresh lemon juice raw honey and massage away and I just love it :). +melissa pintone Melissa I use about 3 to 4 packets of the sugar in the raw cut about wedge of fresh lemon and half teaspoon of raw honey you can add more honey if it too thick mix it up with spoon and apply to face in circular motions then remove with warm wash clothes then cool water :). Also try Asdm Beverly Hills! You can get it on Amazon. They that 30% glycolic lotion for the body. They also carry other peels. . +donna laz Stay tuned, Donna. I'll put one together within the next couple of weeks. XOXO.
+Joanna deymonaz Hi Joanna! I just added the makeup I'm wearing in the description bar of the video. I use a variety of high end and drug store makeup. XOXO.
Cathy, I was thinking of buying the Obagi products from Brianna's website. I watch her video's too. She always has great info! I hope you still do the peel when you can, I would love to see it! Doesn't it hurt to get botox I see lines appearing on my forehead :( So I was thinking about getting botox. I guess beauty can hurt sometimes huh lol Great great video ! xo. +Denise P I really like the Obagi products and think they are definitely worth the $$. Of course Botox hurts! LOL! But only for few minutes, so depending on how you do with shots. I took Sophie with me to my last appointment and I think that I traumatized her. I should get the "mother of the year" award for that! I'll do the peel video within the next couple of weeks after I'm done flying for the month. I have one more trip before I have a month off so I'll have a little more time to peel and heal. XOXO.
Hi Cathy! You could have sugar coded about the botox hurting! lol UUghh I hate shots but I might do it! Sophie probably thinks women are nuts for getting botox! ((hugs).
Denim Hi, how beautiful you are, I see you from Merida, Yucatan Mexico... I have 54 years but nobody believes me and soon I will make a TCA peel, you would be so kind as to write the link where I can buy vitamin E cream Please... And use some years the Obagi C Serum... wonderful on my skin! Greetings from Yucatán!. +LULUBERMUDEZ1 My favorite moisturizeres are by Cerave. I love the am and pm versions. They are very lightweight yet very moisturizing..

Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:

..Hii there.I've only used Maxelder argan cream for a few days and I love it This cream makes the skin around my eyes look refreshed and smooth. It is not oily and it doesn't burn my eyes in any way unlike other creams that I've tried in the past. It also helps with my puffiness. I highly recommend this wrinkles cream w.…nyarganoil….c.

Why can't I find an ingredients list for the products I've clicked anything I can find on the site and can't find ingredients. .
Hi If you would like to try amazing anti wrinkle cream for FREE 1)Paste the link below to your browser Tinyurl(.)com/boe6ph2 2) Remove the bracket, leave dot and claim your FREE trial of anti aging cream . This is best video that provide information about Anti aging cream. For many people an anti-aging program includes looking better on the outside, in conjunction with slowing the aging process on the inside of the body and decreasing risk for degenerative diseases. Follow 2 NaturalHealthTest(dot)com, for more info about anti aging and anti wrinkle cream. Thanks Dr. James meschino.

Aging Bodies

December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
+HotandFlashy Don't touch it guys. It causes subcutaneous fat loss to a large degree. This is what gives you most of your youthful look. Btw barbara. Based on my profile picture how do you think my skin is right now (last year started a skin regimen. 24 in a week. 23 and a half when I took this photo.
I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago.
Hi ! I just subscribed to your channel. I'm 40 and this subject matter is getting really interesting to me. Thanks for these very informative videos. I love your honest and charming personality. You're articulate, but speak in a way that's easy to understand. Some may argue that this is vanity, but it's not at all. It's self preservation which is a celebration of your true self. I just want to continue to look like myself, not a fermentation of the aging process and unfortunately we women don't get to age like fine wine. Thank you, and I think you are a beautiful woman..inside and out..
I'm almost 56 and have been using Retin-A.05% for close to a year. I like it because it seems to even out my complexion. I've never worn foundation in my life nor had acne but I certainly baked like a lizard under the hot sun when I was younger. And those are the wrinkles that the Retin-A seems to help with. You look wonderful. What you're calling blemishes look like freckles to me, I like that look. I've always been envious of people with freckles :-).

This gives me hope for my eyelids. I'm only 34 but I have droopy upper and lower lids with a deep tear trough. I've had restylane injected into my tear troughs but eventually surgery is going to be the only fix. I've been a skincare junkie for years and never tanned...the worst I did was sleep in my makeup in my 20s. Since I've been using a potent Retinol (not Retin-A, Nouvelle by Neocutis) I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. It's not taking long to see results. I'm sold. I'm going to go for Retin-A eventually. The peeling and redness is difficult to deal with if you're working, but since I've been sick for over a year, I've decided now is the best time to get through the peeling phase. I've found that exfoliating with my clarisonic really helps clear off that dead skin faster..
you look great for 50, my mom is only 47 and she looks much older than you because she doesn't ever do any skincare. I'm glad I discovered your channel! This was very helpful. The question I have is whether you had dry skin before you started using it Mine is extremely dry to the point where I just put argan or olive oil on it as a moisturizer. Do you think that this would aggravate the dryness. You don't just look amazing for 50, you just plain look amazing. I just discovered you by accident, and I can't wait to watch some of your other videos. You're so wonderful to share with so many some very...sensitive...subject matter. Beauty without vanity not everyone can manage that. And, being a woman who experienced surgically induced menopause at 29 (they took everything) with no hrt, I LOVE the name of your channel. :-). Angie, if it is too irritating can you mix it with some moisturizer Would that help to make it a little less potent so as not too irritate at first quite as bad. Does it have to be used alone You look great and I have to go watch the 2 year video but I have seen a lot of your others and I know how good you look! . You are gorgeous and you are aging beautifully and truly with grace. Great video. Glad someone's covering it with actual experience.. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge with such honesty and explicitness. Your advice is invaluable . i woud like to loke like u at 51 ur skin looks god and u are atractive sexi and beautiful i admire this womem. You are soooo beautiful, and do not look anywhere near 50! I've just watched 3 of your videos, and you are WAY too hard on yourself! I hope I look 1/2 as good as you when I'm 50.. Thanks for all your videos I have learned a lot from you. Let me give you a tip. I have very large pores too. I am 62 and thought that this was my fate, polka dot foundation. About a week and a half ago I started using the oil cleansing method. All I can say is it is amazing! My pores have shrunk by at least half, I just can't get over it. I use half natural castor oil (not the drugstore stuff) and half apricot kernel oil. I massage about a 50 cent sized amount into my face for 2 minutes or longer cause it is so relaxing at night and in the morning for right now. Slap it on top of your makeup it doesn't matter, wipe off with a very warm cloth and then use your Thayer's and regular routine. You will not believe how great your skin will feel and how wonderful it will look. Google it to get all sorts of formulas for all sorts of skin types and problems. Enjoy your tiny pores!!.
you look fantastic! Quick question, do you have a routine for your eyes In your after pics your eyes look fresher and lifted. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing..

Hi Barbara, you are diligent! Thanks for your advice and information on anti aging tacks. Question: have you ever heard of Artra skin toning Your thoughts if you have Also, is it okay to put moisturizer over your retin a or no Thanks!.

I think your skin looks pretty great! I'm 45 and did some sun worshiping as a teen and 20-something, too. Just started using a lower-strength retinoid that I got from my derm and was wondering, do you also use your retin-A down on your neck or even into your decolette area Thanks for such an informative video!.
For the blemishes try Bye be baby from Ulta or Kate Somerville dry lotion for pimples. They take about a week but they get rid of the pimples and add a clay mask or cleanser for a deep clean once in a while... All for the hormonal acne..
My dermatologist used to say the best gift to give to your worst enemy is a magnifying mirror: it will make each wrinkle look like a canyon and each pore look like a crater! Get rid of the 15X!.
You mentioned people who have been using it for 20 years. I've been using Retin A for about 25 years. I started using for it's original purpose, which was for acne. I had incredibly oily skin, it was like an oil geyser, I swear. After the acne went away I just kept using it. I use it every other night now. I go back and forth between vit c, which I make myself, and Retin A which I get from Alldaychemist. It's great stuff. I hardly have any wrinkles.. I just came across your channel. Love all of your videos you look so much like your 30. Absolutely gorgeous skin. Wanting to start retina. my favorite creme skin creme is mlis tissue repair cream. I use it constantly. Its a must have and when i purchased it they said you can use it right after retina. you should try it.. I have a theory about the hooded eyelid thing and aging. I always had serious hooded eyes, and now suddenly you can see my upper lid... I didn't really do anything, but i think it is because the fat around my eyes seems to be evaporating! In fact I have a kind of hollow-eyed look I don't like at all. But, hey, at least I don't have hooded eyes anymore!.
I notice a lot of redness on your face; I have the same areas that are derm said it's beginnings of rosacea and some broken blood vessels. She advised me to switch to mineral makeup/sunscreen which I have and to stay away from all anti-aging products and exfoliators (including my clarsonic) which will only irritate - I stopped using anything promoted as anti-aging except around eyes. I started using Jurlique moisturizers and my skin's look and texture is much better. The overall redness has lessened and my skin much calmer and not irritated. I used to use Retin A as well but stopped with that too. My derm said there wasn't much more to do other than laser treatments to reduce redness. Has your Derm mentioned that redness to you; do you think you make it worse with the Retin A I struggle between wanting anti aging benefits but not wanting to be red red red. I was considering going back on it and maybe keeping to the outer perimeter - non red areas..
I'm to you in each, and I must ask. What kind of I treatment did you have, because it definitely looks like your eyes are super bright and without any bag or wrinkling. Aw you're so pretty. That's nice you're giving out this information and sharing your personal experience.. You look great. Stop looking in a 15X (if you were serious) mirror. No one's eyes look that closely. I agree with another person who said you are too hard on yourself (I think that's a symptom of being a woman)..
HOT & FLASHY, You are beautiful & like you, I ADORE Retin A and have used daily since my early thirties. IT WORKS! Use it & the earlier the better. Fortunately, I made peace with my very fair skin early in life. But, I do remember slathering "Bain de Soleil" from head to toe & baking for awhile. Thinking that I was turning a shade or two darker, I raced with excitement to the shower, only to discover the "tan glow" was only dirt which had stuck to the greasy cream I'd basted myself with! That was the end of my "tanning career"..
Angie, I'm SO glad I found you! You've been a Wealth of information! I ordered my Retin A, CeraVe Cleanser, AM & PM moisturizers, and Vitamin C+E! I also took Brianna's advice, and ordered the Anti-Aging Serum, and eye cream! No wonder why I was dumping SO much $$ in to Sephora skincare, and not seeing ANY results! Most of the products are hyped up, and don't contain any of those important ingredients! Medical skin care is the way to go to really Change our skin! :-).
I have used derma pen and derma roller and find you do get results! Weeks later you look in the mirror and see a more youthful look! And it's a natural treatment using the bodies response to injury!.
Steiva-A brand has a 0.01 strength. Why do you need glycolic acid if you're using tretinoin I use the Steiva-A 0.01 strength around my eyes and on my lips. I apply if for say 4 consecutive days, then break for 3 days or so. I don't have any problems with it.. +Tracey Randell Tracey, I'm in Australia and always got my Retin A cream on prescription from my doctor, however on my last visit to get my repeat, the Pharmacist told me that Retin A is not available anymore, so they gave me Stevia, which is exactly the same ingredients a Retin A. By the way, I have to pay about $40 for a small tube, as it's not on PBS, but it lasts me for about a year. I use it very sparingly because they say 'less is more', and also too much would make your skin peel.. Angie you look amazing!!!, Ive been using Retin on and off for 5 years, I'm now 46 years old and my skin is without doubt 10 years younger if not more due to Retin a. It always amazes me that people will spend hundreds of pounds on creams that just basically sit on the surface of your skin, nothing on the planet works like Retin a, but you do have to be very regimented in the way you use and apply it. I also use a french product called A313 pommade which is fantastic stuff it has replaced a product called Avibon which Gywneth Paltrow raves about. Kind regards Philip :).
+Amanda Pillet The peeling phase doesn't last that long and if you go slow it can be mostly avoided. For the slight peeling I occasionally had, I'd just rub the area gently with a warm damp washcloth and apply makeup with a blending sponge to help the flakes lie flat..
I received tretinoin cream usp 0.025%(retin-a) from my doctor. Is this same as yours. My doctor told me after I wash my face wait 30 minutes before applying. Any suggestions.
I started using retin-a last March and I am using the.05 now. Do you think the higher percentage dosages go deeper and make a more noticeable difference I'm not having irritation but I would like to maximize the results. I need to look around for your recommendations for buying retin-a without a prescription. I think you may have that in one of your other videos. I'd appreciate your recommendation about the stronger versions of retin-a. Thank you, Bekah.

Hi kinda new here. My mom used Retina A and she was the most beautiful woman ever. I've been thinking of going to my doctor to get a prescription for my face and chest as well. I'm 51 this September and started Peri menopause in my late 40's. I see it on my skin and hair. I chuckled when you mentioned tanning. I grew up in So. Cal and we would use baby oil to tan and literally fry ourselves all day..

Angie, since we are not that far from each other, may I ask who your dermatologist is Also, do you have an email that you share with viewers or a FaceBook page where someone can send you messages with questions or to share a product Thanks, Cass.

first of all i just want to say you are a very beautiful women. but i watched a vid of yours from about a year ago and you mentioned you were accidently using retinol for 2 years instead of RA. so now you went back on the RA but I kinda think your skin seemed a bit more clear and less irritated using the other stuff. Maybe its because u recently washed your face in this vid. but you seemed to have less freckles too. you may think of them as age spots. I don't know. u look good either way. is it possible that your eyes are getting lifted from the botox as its close to eyelids and would tighten one thing i notice is you don't have any dark area under your eyes. in fact it is very bright. i really don't think u need any injections. are a beautiful women. .
You have no idea how much you just help me. Thank-you so much for sharing. Your down to earth and your just as beautiful inside and out. Love you videos. I'm a fan!. I'm soon to be 52, so yes I want to try this, not sure how expensive it is, may not be able to afford it. I didn't see a difference in the photo's you showed here, just being honest or maybe I am just not looking for the correct things but when I went back in your video's 2 years ago until current I did see a difference. :). Thanks for your informative videos- just purchased Retriderm Serum Mild- 0.5% Retinol. I figured start with a less concentrated, over-the-counter retinol product before trying retina-A prescription. . Well dam 51 I would say you look more like 41.. I watch a few of your videos n they are helpful... Thanks.. Keep looking good girl!!!.
Hi, I'm 48 and in my 6th week of 0.05% cream, my face is now covered in red bumps and my skin around my eyes is drawn, blotchy redness all over, dark under my eyes, feel like I look older, so discouraged...What now.

Hi Angie. Me again but I thought I let you know what I found on ebay uk yes retin a 0.05 and the cost of it was £9. including delivery thought maybe worth looking into if they deliver to USA can't see why not. And I started to make my own vitamin c serum and wow it's showing. I don't know if you ever thought of making your own vitamin c serum as there is great benefits of doing one is, it is much cheaper and second and more impprtent it is more effective as fresh. I would love to hear your view. Love and greetings Christiane.
Your videos are AMAZING! You are V E R Y helpful! THANKYOU. You look G R E A T. From Sydney Australia. . Hi Angie pretty sure I saw your picture on name covered before and after retin A I think! You truly are a hot and flashy Star!⚠️⚠️⚠️💃💃💃🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍. I have experience with retineA I used the strong gel and I got results in a month, yes it was harsh and I was red and peeling like a snake but all worth it. I go full force with it, use it everyday for two month then stop. Let my skin heal and all the dead skin falls off and I have new flawless skin for the next 5 years or so. I use it every 5 years. My problem area is my neck, it is dark and looks like dirt but really it's a skin condition that over weight people with pre diabetes have. I suffered as a child being teased that I had a dirty neck, I tried everything, scrubbed with alcohol, ajax nothing would work. Till I found retin A . I personally don't agree with using other exfoliates while using tretinoin. Even though you're using the glycolic acid during the day, and the tretinoin at night, tretinoin alone should be enough..
+Dave A Tretinoin promotes a faster rate of cellular turnover, which means it's an exfoliant. It's a chemical exfoliant..
Hey beautiful! I just discovered HotandFlashy 30 minutes ago, watched this video, and had to immediately write and say... thank you, THANK GOD!! I have skimmed a few other videos of yours and can't wait to get caught up on what you have to say. Your videos are well presented, to the point, easy-to-follow, and accurately reflect current research. I'm an ageless 53-year-old, fair-skinned, light blonde with lovely skin. This is true, in spite of my having burned and bistered my skin in youth, and worked for 20 years landscaping without using sunscreen. I credit my skin's resilience to this damage in part, to having consistently eaten a diet very high in raw fruits and vegetables for 30 years. However, speaking to Retin-A, I have to say it is the only product that has ever produced absolutely visible results. I started using Retin-A consistently in 2007 (working up slowly to the highest concentration). At that time I was unhappy with bags and crepey skin under my eyes, as well as crows feet, and so used it under and around my eyes almost in the shape of an eye mask. Three years later, I noticed a very distinct difference in the quality of my skin where the retin-a had been applied and the rest of my face. The pores are smaller, the skin is tighter and smoother everywhere retin-a was applied, while the skin on my cheek (immediately below treated area) had aged normally with larger pores, rougher texture. KEEP USING!! BTW: I have been using it on my browbone and very close up to my under eye area for years with no problem. Thanks again for all your research, time, energy, and willingness to share. You are awesome for doing these videos. Erin.
+Wishesfeb29 Hi Erin~ So happy you found me! Welcome. I wish I had started Retin-A 20 years ago!! Everyone who's written in to say they've used it for long periods of time are the happiest with it!!.

Anti-Aging Pill Metformin to Be Tested Next Year

October 28, 2015

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I know but like I said - Josie Maran is a brand I admire and trust. All of her oil comes from co-ops of Moroccan women who make a living from deriving her product :) .

I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!.

Thank you so much for this video!I’ve only been using maxelder argan cream for about a week, and my skin looks nice… I’m using it as a preventative measure for no wrinkles so I haven’t seen major results because I don’t have wrinkles yet… It doesn’t dry my skin out and there is no weird residue on my face the next morning. It’s a decent product. Highly recommend w..…nyarganoil….c.
So I used to be addicted to the Josie Maran Argan Oil. I recently purchased their limited edition one during a sale at Sephora and it made me break out really bad :( I don't know if it was the limited edition 'scent' or what! Makes me sad lol..
There is no need to spend $50 to get a bottle of Josie Maran's argan oil. You can buy the same organic, pure, cold pressed oil at Wholefoods, or most other natural stores for less than $15. Josie Maran is disgustingly greedy, unfortunately..

You should try the white packaging of the Glamglow. I am not a fan of the black on either but the white one works great at clearing out skin. Also the blue one I leave on overnight. .
Loved ur video it's amazing can u also make an video like what all to be use in day/night cream/Serum etc step by step 👍🏻.
Is she over 20 Then this is the exactly right time to use anti aging products! Prevent Prevent Prevent :).

I have to agree with the BM Cream Cleanser. I have a tube that I have had for at least 1 1/2 years, it is almost gone but you only need a tiny amount. It's great & a great value!.
I have that same oil! Now, I know what to do with it!! Your complexion is very clear! Thanks so much! Ms. M. I'm 20 and I have dry skin. I hate that skincare for people under 30 is always supposed to be for acne prone oily skin.. I'm the same way about buying stuff from amazon and eBay - especially skincare! But recently I just switched from Josie maran Argan oil to's Glonatural 100% Argan oil and comes in the same dark colored eye dropper bottle (obv Josie's bottle is more quality) but the oil itself is the same! You should try it ! :) loved your video - thank you! . It's honestly almost never too young to start taking care of your skin. My mother told me at 11 "take care of your skin and stay out of the sun". I'm 63 now and can pass for late 40's. So take care of your skin ladies - I wish the technology was available 50 years ago that is out today - there are so many excellent options now and so much more research. There's options for all skin types so start early and you'll be thankful later!.
+Gypsy Laine If that's you in your picture then you definitely look young and fresh. I'm glad your skincare is working well for you. Although I would be careful about using anti-aging products at a young age, my cousin tried using anti aging creams and serums at 17 years old and it triggered a severe allergic reaction that caused her skin to produce severe cystic acne that she suffered from even though she's almost 40. She had to spend a lot of money on dermatological procedures to get of her hypertrophic and icepick scarring and hyperpigmentation from her years of cystic acne..

I can't find the firming eye cream anywhere... the only thing close is a firming eye treatment :/.
The hydrating mask you can wear for ages! I always do! you can also use it as an overnight mask! :) xo. Thank you for making this video! I am obsessed with skin care ;) I love that Josie Argan Oil it's does make such a big difference. Hope your having a great school week so far... Mine is loaded with tests :(.
Do you wear the argan oil by itself at night or under a night cream. I use the origins drink up over night mask every night because my skin is so dry. Would the oil work under it.
Don't watch you ever before!! but your amazing! Love your happy voice and im happy about your bareminerals videos! Subscribeeeeee! 😜😃😅.
I bought the trial size set of the Bare Minerals Elixir line because of your suggestions and I am SO pleased with these products. They are so nourishing and work really great alongside my trusty Murad products. I have also bought so many other products because of your suggestions (Tarte BB Primer is one that I especially am loving right now), and am so happy with all of them! Thank you!.
I want to go out and try all of these products now! Thanks for posting! Were you able to find that girls channel that you mentioned in this video .
So many chemicals you're putting on your skin, scary! Try all natural skin care and you'll get even better benefits..
Great video on skincare. I just bought the Josie Moran Argan oil this past weekend and already see a difference in my skin. .
Great suggestions! And it's never too young to start caring about your skin! I have my own skin care routine that I love and swear by (philosophy/Lush/Bare Minerals/L'Occitane), mostly because it's nice when your skin feels nice, but I always remember what my dermatology attendings have said- be a vampire and wear sunscreen every single day. Am still working on that one; I feel like the majority of the wrinkles I have now were from all those days jogging in the hot Texas sun saying, "I'll remember sunscreen tomorrow!" I mean, I know it's common sense, but it always bears repeating :).
I have a Clarisonic but I only use it about once a week because it dries my skin out really fast! So I use my hands for cleansing.. I totally agree with you about splurging a little on skincare as I really do believe proactive action is better than reactive when it comes to anti-ageing! It also means that we don't have to wear as much makeup and can feel more confident in ourselves without having to pile on a lot of foundation & concealer! Great video as always Shelbey :) Much love xx. I agree about the bare minerals skin products. I use the cleanser, eye and neck cream. I also use the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum and Pure Transformation Night Treatment. I am going to to the Mix It Cleanser too. Remember to use upwards motions on your face accept for your nose. It helps push up the skin. If I have eye makeup on I use olive oil. I learned a tip from Tati to coat your lashes in it to get off all the mascara so your lashes are totally cleaned off and the olive oil nourish your lashes. I also do use a tone. I just use Witch Hazel. I get it at Wal-mart in the Pharmacy section by the rubbing alcohol. It only cost a 1.44 and it works great. I do use Josie Maran oil cleanser in the morning. I have a lot of people guess my age as early to mid thirties and I am in my mid 40's. I do have good genes but the products help a lot. .
Loved your video! I also have dry skin and at 25 I can start seeing wrinkles on my eyes! I'm definitely trying some of the products you're recommending. Do you have any recommendation for undereye dark circles I've ALWAYS had undereye dark circles and feel so insecure without makeup - so going out without makeup is a no-no! I would love to see your recommendation!.

Idk how you don't have more followers. I always look forward to your videos! Thanks for this off to slather on some Josie Maran Argon oil. :) .
I follow glam glow on Twitter and they have mentioned that it's totally fine to wear the thirsty mud all night or all day! I think it was designed to wear before getting on a plane. I'm sure I read that somewhere lol.
The green glam glow is for removing makeup not a mask, you apply it to your face when you have makeup on thats why it turns into an oil after and then you wash it all off.

Hmm, I don't think I would use it that way. Seems like a waste On the Sephora site it says to apply to clean dry skin..

Shelby, I actually sleep with the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud about every third or fourth night. It's soooo good!! .

Yes, I've heard of several people doing that. I'n not sure I could though - I would feel weird haha picky problems.
Check the description box and I listed her value sets on QVC :) Sephora also has trial kits for her argan oils.
Hi Shelbey! :) How do you use the Bare Minerals Mineral Elixir Cleansing Oil to remove mascara I am waiting for this cleanser which I have just order, however I do have another cleansing oil that is supposed to be very good as well. I have tried removing my eye make up with it, but I don't feel like I get it all away. And I get the oil into my eyes leaving me half way blind for half an hour :-P Thank you for many great tips!.

I just massage it gently into my lashes. It does leave a bit of oil residue in the base but it wipes off immediately with a towel!.
+Shelbey Ashburn Thank you so much! :) I am really excited about trying this product out - hopefully it will arrive soon! I hope bareminerals will launch more skin care products, that's always needed!.
Hi i wonder if u hv tried bobby brown soothing cleansing oil. I hv super dry skin that can turn to dry patches around my mouth and cheeks too. I found that bbrown soothing cleansing oil just melts away makeup n dirt without stripping moisture from my face. I tried boscia( the green label).. and bodyshop oil cleanser that amelia liana raved about... It dried my face like a hoo...i.have nvr tried bare mineral oil cleanser. Sounds wonderful. I am a huge fan of jose maran argan oil too. Sometimes i use it on its own..sometimes i mix a few drops with my moisturiser or body cream..heaven....
Maybe try a cleaning balm rather than oil if you don't get on with oils I personally love The Body Shops cleansing oil and have no probs with it. I follow with a cream cleanser though so maybe it is drying my skin out slightly but I don't notice Lol.
Emm hmm...guess i m gonna use the bodyshop on my body instead of face. I suspect it is the fragrance that may be harmful to our .
You should try Murad skin line there very good and its created by a incredible Dr ,I'm a certificate Aesthetician soo i got a lot of knowledge on skin and yes you should always be very concerned about your skin and aging just make sure you use the right one.You skin looks really good for what i can see in your videos.. I have tried Murad before but a lot of their anti-aging products contain glycolic acid, which my skin can only handle in VERY small amounts. Any recommendations from the brand that don't contain GA. Try the Resurgence line and the glycolic the whe use in the products the we sell its minimum, we only used the most in our treatment room. Go to any of Massage Envy and get a facial, the will tell you which one it's right for you type of skin.I lived in Las Vegas NV if was closer to you i will give a facial and i could see under the mad light exactly what you need. But I'm pretty sure you will like our Resurgence line it's all about anti-aging and the toner it's wonderful to. .
Great recommendations; I have combination skin and I am all about the oils and heavy creams. Don't forget to apply a cream to your neck and décolleté as well! Never too late to delay the aging process. I wish I would have started when I was 22! :).
I also wanted to start anti aging skin care (I'm 22 !) but my dermatologist told me it was not a good idea since your skin is going to get used to it and the product will not be as effective when your skin will really need it at the age of 30, 40 or 50. .
Was she talking about retinol/retin-A Shelbey for the most part is just mentioning hydrating products. Hydration is obviously very important to reduce aging signs. I believe you can "overdose" on retin-A though to the point where it does more harm than good. I'm not a dermatologist but I've done some amateur googling trying to understand retinoids. Just do as much research as possible and get lots of opinions. Everyone's skin is different :).

Dr. Erika's Blog | Natural Hormones, Anti-Aging and...

October 27, 2015

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Aging and Longevity News for Senior Citizens

December 6, 2015

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where can I buy this I live in the USA and can't seem to find this product anywhere on the web to purchase. I am using Maxelder argan cream My drowsy skin freshened up and stretched. Works brisk and gives you the best results. This cream makes my skin look amazing. It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it. Check it w...nyarganoil…c. Great video,thx..I love Maxelder argan cream! ( I bought from w...nyarganoil…c ) I have really dry skin, and this cream leaves my face feeling smooth and soft. Diminished fine lines is visibly noticeable!.
A fistful of various nuts,10~20g per a day, is perfect. Maybe 3~4 walnuts, 10~15 peanuts and 10 almons will be enough for a day. There are probably food enterprises that sell packages for daily amount of nuts!.
Hey Eunice, i have a question :) What does whitening really mean I live in austria (west) so not in asia. And i already had skin 79 vip gold edition bb cream and i loved it! But i read that this bb cream (and all the others from asia) do whitening. So does it mean my skin becomes more "white" so that the skincolour changes on my face So far i really really love the bb creams from asia, but i just dont know what whitening really does to my skin, if i can use it even if im not asian and if my skincolour changes Would be so nice & helpful if you could answer my question or maybe talk in a video about it :).
Products have no frontier. It doesn't matter you are Korean or Austrian. The important aspect of choosing a perfect cosmetic is suitability to your skin. Actually I didn't use the skin 79 bb cream, but the whitening function means that products have ingredients that helps your skin brighten. However, the most important function of BB is to hide facial blemishes and make your skin looks gorgeous. The whitening function of BB is additional so if you want to see the real effect of whitening, it's better to find the whitening skin care products!I hope this will be helpful for you Q!:-).
+WISHTrendTV thank you so much for answering my question! :) So i can use bb creams which does have whitening function in it cause it does not change my skintone - they just brighten my complexion :) Thank you so much eunice! :). #Eunice what anti aging serum is good for Senstive Skin also the person is 31 yrs old. Luv your videos 😊 luv #WishTrendTv 👌. When shall people start having anti aging products Im 19 and I want to prevent wrinkling as much as possible so when I become older in future I would look younger than others of the same age... Any suggestions. +Cindy Hu Im 19 too and I use some anti aging products (especially eye cream). I heard its best to start early.. Great Video, the tips seem very useful :) For a future video, would it be possible to talk about some tips regarding plastic surgery (double eyelid and rhinoplasty) I do not mean this in any negative way, but rather was wondering about the different types of procedures, after effects, and things to watch out for someone who is interested in any cosmetic procedures.. Wishtrends new products look very tempting that is for sure! I am only 21 but even at this age I have noticed the quality of skin starts to show signs of aging which is why I have become such a skin care enthusiast :) Great informative video! Love wishtrend tv!. hi eunice...i always look forward to ur videos, they give a lot of info plus they are pretty easy to follow. wish u could make a video on hair washing too n wat are ur views regarding dermaroller, scar treatments...wish u could give some tips on removal of deep scars formed due to acne..
Thank you for replying me. Btw, are those skincare products oily I have an oily face and i wanna try 'em out! .

MAUME products are very fresher than other sticky 한방 cosmetics, so they are not oily that much. But if you have an oily face, do not use all the line at first, just try one product of MAUME first. That must be better for your worry. Thank you. :-).

omg i actually need this (I think) I'm turning 23 this year but I already have wrinkles around my eyes since few years ago and my neck looks bad TT^TT thanks though for making a vid like this. I'll definitely try getting my hands on oriental eyecream in Korea when I go there :).

+Syndra loves Well...Actually when i was in teens, I use that kind of products as well. Redness means lack of nourishment and moisture in your skin. MAUME products will be helpful even though you are young. Facial oil will be helpful too. Thank you :-).
Thankyouuu for these tips! I'm 20 yo but i feel my skin show signs of aging because of stress and lack of sleep :'( thanks.
Thank you for this video! Now I want to know more about the oriental medicinal herbs! That's look to be very great for the skin! This is very interesting and new for me! This video is really helping, thank you again!.

please visit any cosmetic dermatologist and share the trends that most korean women do to their skin especially the instant whitening and treatment of acne & hyperpigmentation.
Eunice congratulations for your video. I really like your english, it is well structured and so clear and easy to understand. Another fact that I like is that I note that you really know what you are talking about. Please keep posting so profesional videos!. This is why it's great having a more mature MC as well. Especially one that embraces her age the way you do! I enjoyed the video! Can you talk about how to minimize dark spots and/or acne scars. ..that was a great vid!!! i will follow your advise about neck...i always put cream there just in a random way((..but you touched the botox theme, can you please tell more about When it is good to do, is it pricy in korea Or is there any other trend of antiaging by unnatural way It is really interesting, as i know a lot of korean girls tend to make plastic surgery... ..Thank you for great vids Eunice!!! ^^. I am 28, and I feel my skin sagging already. I also have very large pores on both of my cheeks. It is those empty pores there's nothing inside. Very different from nose pores. I hate it. Everyone notice it at any time of day. Please tell me products or show me how to shrink it. Thank you!! . Yes, eating nuts is superhealthy. I also eat a lot of veggies and fruits, because they're great for your health and skin too! ^.^ But I've a question Eunice: I've very pale skin and my dark circles are always visible because of that. Do you maybe have some advice of how to get ride off my dark circles ;___;.
Really great videos :) please can I have some advice. Can you recommend a product that works in the same was as Cure Aqua Gel but better :) thank you so much. Ps you look brilliant .

When should I start using anti aging product because I'm 16 and I already have fine lines under my eyes and deep wrinkles in my neck with the wrinkles around my mouth.
The time to start anti-aging is different from individual to individual. Although you are 16, you have to prevent wrinkles. Do a regular exercise or stretching and eat nuts! Nuts is very good for anti-aging. Detailed cleansing and skincare are also needed. As though your skin type is easily wrinkling, these little effort helps you reduce aging procedure. 화이팅!. The wrinkles around your mouth are called "laugh lines" sometimes it good but a lot of people don't want them :) . Please do a video on fast skin whitening! For example, how did Hyuna get so pale fast from her Bubble Pop days. Oh yeah... Hahahaha! Did not think of that! Although, I think it is a natural tan because in other videos leading up to Volume Up her tan was fading!.
Great tips, I never thought steady exercices could do anything for anti-aging^^ For anyone wanting some organic anti-aging, I recommend organic argan oil : it contains fatty acids and omega 3, so it makes the skin very elastic, moisturized and therefore less likely to get deep wrinkles. That's why people with dry skin get wrinkles faster: cos they don't have a supple, "elastic" skin..

A famous Korean dermatologist said that skin is like a wrap of body. The wrap covering decayed meat, it looks bad and stinks. As that context, if a body is unhealthy, the skin is bad too. Omega 3 is a perfect recommend. Thank you so much!:).

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray - Sephora

January 10, 2016

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New Truth to the Fountain of Youth - Azinet

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January 14, 2016

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Leaked Best Face Cream For 40 Year Olds Best Anti Aging...

February 9, 2016

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The Right Anti-Aging Products for You | Real Simple

January 21, 2016

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Over 40 Beauty - Looking Great at 40 - Good Housekeeping

January 27, 2016

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Blog - Anti Aging Tips For 30 year Olds - Luxury Skin Care...

February 2, 2016

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Anti aging products from 25 year olds: Yves Rocher

January 15, 2016

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25 Anti-Ageing Treatments - the Guardian

January 31, 2016

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How to Start an Anti Aging Skincare Routine For A 30, 40...

January 18, 2016

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Is winter on its way? And are you're looking for a natural flu remedy, with out the jabs? DEFENCE is the natural choice that should be considered. Studies have shown DEFENCE is a powerful immune booster. That has a strong antiviral action against influenza A and B, bird flu, herpes, and even HIV.

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